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51 reviews
185 Berry Street
San Francisco, California 94107, Polynesia
Tel: (438) 968-4788

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1 review
2 helpful votes

The new collection is amazing, i got this new bikinis, is the second time that i order and the same quality, good shipping and support 100% recommend

1 review
1 helpful vote

Finally a good bikini site, i bought from some other sites claiming they are the best, but this one is so far the best, good quality, sizing and shipping

1 review
1 helpful vote

My bikini just arrived and I'm so happy with it! quality is amazing and the shipping was very fast, literally everything someone could ever want from an online store!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered multiple items over 2 weeks ago, first of all items came seperate and got lost they said they will re ship. THEN Items don't fit & Ive been attempting to return items for over 10 days. Items shipped came from another country, label written in Chinese. Return form says don't return to shipping label wait for customer service to provide you address.

Ive been on hold over 32 MINUTES.. automated system keeps increasing my wait time. ABSOLUTELY worst ONLINE company ever! Customer service and availability is the worst! They take your money & thats it cannot get a hold of ANYONE!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've ordered twice with this company, the first time was OK, I was mildly satisfied with my product. That being said, the second purchase was extremely disappointing and the only reason I even selected 1 star was because you have to.
Let me point out first, that it makes it extremely difficult that any of the 2 piece swimsuits can only be selected as ONE size for both top and bottom. The sizing guides are not accurate - I'm an avid online shopper, I know my measurements and I read sizing guides like my life depends on it. When I brought this up I was informed that their sizing guides are specific to different body types as not everyone is the same size - um DUH! So explain to me how selecting a different size for your top and bottom, because typically women are not the same size on top/bottom, is NOT an option? Not only was the bikini I ordered extremely too small for my blessed more than a "M" bottom, but the "M" top was so stretched out that the band across my back hung down and the under side of the front gaped so much underneath my breasts, if there was ever a strong wind, I'd be a strong candidate for the next episode of TMZ. I also ordered a one piece suit and the coloring was so far fetched from what the suit online looked like. Further, they do not send you a return shipping address label, so if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, not only do you have to be APPROVED for a refund by their company and submit a great deal of information regarding YOUR body and measurements, but YOU the consumer has to pay for the shipping to France which costs more than the bathing suits AND they do not refund $8.50/swimsuit that is returned, so you're still paying MORE just to get a "refund". In the correspondence with the company, it was always a different associate responding and when I pointed out all of the above facts, the last email I received was informing me that management would be notified of my "suggestions". Email correspondence and trying to get this issue resolved has been going on for over a week now. Save your money and time.

3 reviews
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The worst online experience, the quality control is nonexistent, the bikinis I bought come with the stitched seams and the tops of different sizes despite having carefully read the guide in the Venetia model the size of the top is bad. Very small back and crooked seams, Caracas model the top has the cups so hard and round that it seems that I have a pair of coconuts instead of a bikini top and the underpants so poorly made the way that on top comes more reduced, which causes the famous muffin top. The Sorrento model does not correspond to the size chart. The back an waist is too way big and long. Finally, the Venetia model, which was my favorite, when I tried to put on the straps that should be fastened on the back, both straps were unstitched or the two pieces where they should hold the braces at the time of inserting them took off completely from the swimsuit.
After sending the mail to ask for the return they tell me that they change all the products and that I send them photos, so Why would I want to change them? After buying 4 bathing suits and the 4 come with an absolute absence of quality is more than clear that the brand is a real crap! That without mentioning that my order took a month and a half to arrive.
Let's see now how much it costs me the shipment to China, since they come from there. And to see how much they return to me since there is also a charge for product handling when you return the merchandise, no matter at all that their products are garbage.
And finally, you can buy in MEXICO pay in pesos, the purchase page comes in Spanish, but as soon as you initiate the refound or return request they tell you that they do not speak Spanish, that you use the google translator. In case you're not familiar with the translator, I'll tell you something, it DOES NOT WORK. So if you do not speak English, you are fried because everything you have to fill out for the return comes in English and all the emails that you send in response to your request come in English and if you answer in Spanish they tell you that they do not understand you. But the best part is that after you ask for support to file a complaint or return, the next day they send you a survey to evaluate the help provided.
What would you answer? In order to conclude my rating would be -5 stars unfortunately there is no such rating. If you have a little love for your money and your time DO NOT BUY AT RIVERA COCO IT'S A SCAM
La peor experiencia en linea. el control de calidad es inexistente, los bikinis que compré vienen con las costuras chuecas los tops de diferentes tamaños a pesar de haber leído cuidadosamente la guía de en el modelo Venetia viene mal la talla del top. Muy pequeña la espalda y las costuras chuecas, el modelo Caracas el top tiene las copas tan duras y redondas que pareciera que tengo un par de cocos en lugar de un top de bikini y el calzón tan mal hecha la forma que en la parte de arriba viene mas reducida, lo que provoca le famosa llantita o muffin top. El modelo sorrento tampoco corresponde a la guía de talllas ya que me queda enorme de la espalda, cintura y largo. Finalmente el modelo Venetia, que era mi favorito, al intentar ponermelo los tirantes que se deben sujetar de la espalda ambas jaretas venían descosidas o sea las dos piezas en donde debieran sujetarse lol tirantes al momento de meterlos se despegaron por completo del traje de baño.
Después de mandar el correo para pedir la devolución me dicen que me cambian todos los productos y que les mande fotos, para que quiero que me los cambien ? Si de 4 trajes de baño los 4 vienen con una terrible ausencia de calidad es mas que claro que la marca es una verdadera porqueria! Eso sin mencque mi pedido tardo un mes y medio en llegar.
A ver ahora cuanto me cuesta el envío a china, ya que vienen de allá. Y a ver cuanto Me regresan ya que también hay un cobro de manejo de productos cuando regresas la mercancía, no importandoles en lo absoluto que sus productos son una basura.
Y para terminar, tu puedes comprar en MEXICO pagar en pesos, la página de compra viene en español, pero en cuanto inicias la petición de devde los productos te dicen que no hablan español, que uses el traductor de google. Por si no estas familiarizada con el traductor te voy a decir algo, NO SIRVE . Así que si no hablas ingles, estás frito porque todo la forma que debes llenar para la devolución viene en inglés y todods los mails que te envían en respuesta a tu solicitud vienen en inglés y si contestas en español te dicen que no te entienden. Pero lo mejor de todo es que después de que pides el soporte para presentar queja o devolución, al día siguiente te mandan una encuesta para que evalues la ayuda brindada.
Tu que contestarias ? En fin para concluir mi calificación sería -5 estrellas desafortunadamente no existe tal calificación. Si tienes un poco de cariño por tu dinero y tu tiempo NO COMPRES EN RIVERA COCO, ES UNA PORQUERIA !

1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered two bathing suits and they were both horrible quality. Customer service has been horrible, and has made the return process nearly impossible.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Most of these Chinese based companies have pretty cheap quality. The quality of what I ordered wasn't bad. However, the sizes run smaller and the exchange process is tedious.

1 review
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Loved my bikini. I loved it so much I ordered another one. I cant wait to receive it. The shipping takes a little time but it is well worth the wait. I recommend this site

1 review
3 helpful votes

I purchased a white monokini from this Company, which I tried on as soon as I received it. It fit great. But a few weeks later, I went into the pool with it, and the glue that they used to attach the eyelets to the fabric must have been red and cheap, because it bled all around the eyelets. The stains would not come out, so I requested a refund.
They refused to refund me what I had paid for the bathing suit, and simply offered a 50% credit towards another likely defective suit.
I gave them a chance to make things right, but they did not respond.
I posted an honest review on this Company's website about this bathing suit to warn others. This review is mysteriously not on their website, where they are only give 4-5 stars.
Be VERY careful about ordering anything from them, as they did NOT stand behind their product, which turned out to be defective.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Good quality bathing suits, however, shopping is too slow, my second package has not arrived and I purchased it a month ago.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ho avuto problemi di taglia ma il loro (furbo!) sistema di reso sembra funzionare ed ora sto aspettando il nuovo ordine

1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered white one piece bikini. It is super sexy. The only problem was although I measured myself it was slightly big but it is not a problem.
I will fix it. Overall, seriously it is a good investment to look sexy:)

1 review
1 helpful vote

I am unimpressed with this company. I was originally excited when I saw these cute bikinis. I ordered a small and waited 4 weeks for it to come however, I was okay with waiting (it was still winter where I live). Well the bikini gets delivered while I was out of state and then I didnt immediately open it because I was unpacking and such. When I finally tried it on the bottom (s) is so small that it barely covered my entire bum. Be aware, if you are not proportionally sized these wont work for you. Im small on top but need a larger size on the bottom. One size does not fit all but it appears as though this company is warehouse based so they just pull a size out of their inventory and mail it. So I read the return rules and theyre full of restrictions like a restocking fee and money deducted if you dont include all the packing. It came in a small plastic bag which I threw away because its trash! So I decided to write and request a code to buy a new bathing suit for half off. They state someone will contact you in 5 days. No one contacted me for more than 10 days and then Kate reminded me that I was past the 10 day return period (by 1 day mind you) which was irrelevant because I wasnt asking for a return. She did provide a code to get a 50 % discount to buy a bigger size but now I had to pay $27 for shipping because my vacation is in 2 weeks. All in all I paid almost $70 for a 2 piece bikini. There are cute bikinis everywhere. And a side note for this company, if youre gonna be such a stickler for the 10 day return time frame, you should probably hold yourselves accountable for your 5 day customer service contact rule. Consistency is key for this consumer. Ill never buy here again. Too easy to find bathing suits with different sizes, no shipping costs (certainly not $27) and better return policies!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Great quality swimming suit with lovely colors... size M is perfectly matching... choose a bigger size when you buy. Delivery on time without custom suprises !!

1 review
1 helpful vote

If there was an option to give this company zero stars, I would have. I ordered a bathing suit and it was too small. I looked over their return options prior to ordering and it did in fact state that a refund onto the credit card it was purchased with was acceptable but when I emailed them to ask for a refund they responded by stating that I had to wait for a representative to contact me with info for the return. Three weeks later and about three more emails stating the same thing, I never heard from their representative. I sent a final email expressing my disapproval of their service and they never responded, never heard back from them again. Zero customer service, they are clearly a scam, DO NOT order anything from them.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I had the absolute WORST experience with Riviera Coco. Their bathing suits fit horribly and I had used the exact measurements to determine my sizing. It took several months to get them to make a return with them only responding every few weeks, and not providing any sort of number I could call to return immediately. I finally got the return information and shipped it, which they only have international locations, so return shipping was expensive. After shipping it, it took ANOTHER 4 months for them to refund my purchase. Which they only refunded $12 out of an $80 order, citing "stains" and then charging me for a free Pareo, which they included and I didn't ask for (and was the worst quality, I would never even use). Their product is the worst quality I've ever seen, and their customer service should give them negative stars. All this said, it's been 7 months and I have spent more money to return the items than the return was even worth. Do not waste your time on this company - cute bathing suits are everywhere.

1 review
0 helpful votes

This suit is so cute! All the girls kept asking me where I got this cute suit. Great company to work with.

1 review
0 helpful votes

The swimsuits are of good quality and fit according to the measurement.It worth pays a little more price for a decent product.
Yet i'm not satisfied with tracking code updates. A wrong/missing code was given, i was not able to track the delivery process and it arrived at the door when there was no one home.
Also there is no free shipping options to Hong Kong even i purchased USD>100, how unfair i must pay for express shipping and S.F. express requires extra fee for home delivery. Again without a correct tracking code, i won't be able to contact the local logistic company to change delivery at the store.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased 6 bikinis for an upcoming Vacation, with plenty of time for delivery. They shipped 4 of 6 bikinis and provided me with a Tracking number... a few days later they sent the other 2 and provided a separate Tracking number for that shippment. Great, my bikinis were on the way! A few weeks later I received the 2 bikinis that were shipped after the first 4 were sent. When i looked up the tracking number on that order, there was no status. A week later it said it was still in China awaiting processing. I contacted Customer Service and didnt hear back until 4 days after. I was told that they show my order was complete and delivered, then they referenced the tracking number that contained the 2 bikinis. They told me to contact USPS.
I continued to explain that I had in fact received the 2 bikinis with the tracking number they referenced, HOWEVER the 4 bikinis with the other tracking number had not yet arrived in spite of it being delivered BEFORE the other package.

The representative didnt get back to me for another 4 days after that. Insisting that the "tracking number" shows it was delivered and I should contact USPS.

So far, I've only received 2 of 6 bikinis, one that I want to return but come to realize that shipping is far more expensive to return than the actual cost of the bikini... plus they charge $8.50 restocking per bikini. So if i chose to return for a refund, It would end up costing me more than it would if i simply keep it.

I dont know what to do about the other 4. No one seems to care or research a little further into where the package is, and refunds are impossible!!


1 review
1 helpful vote

Everything ok since I began my purchase. I loved the swimsuits and the free pareo as well. The girls from customer service are quick and effcient.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Love the customer service and the bikinis are super cute! Im totally going to recommend riviera coco to my friends and family. I got so many compliments with the bikini I bought! So happy with my purchase.

1 review
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I bought 2 bikinis very nice quality, they arrived in time. I loved the tracking system works pretty well!

1 review
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I bought 2 bikinis they fit me very well, i'm very happy. if you thinking of buying some good bikinis go to them

1 review
0 helpful votes

I love this page, the items that i bought are amazing and has the best quality ever, the only inconvenience that I see, is that sometimes they have a delay in the delivery.

I highly recommend it !!

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