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15 reviews
1400 Fashion Island Blvd, 7th Floor
San Mateo, CA 94404, US
Tel: 855-993-1628

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1 review
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This company is not up front with their pricing. I was paying around $65 per month for services and after porting my number and being with them for 3 months my bill came to around $123. When I called to see why the rate has increased they stated that there were limitations on my minutes and amount of phone calls I could receive for the 2 extensions that were included in my package. So I decided to upgrade and get a lower monthly rate by doing a yearly subscription, after getting the quote and accepting their proposal for about $790, they hit me with an additional $79 for additional taxes and fees, which I advise everyone to read their taxes and fees section because most of that money is not taxes, but just additional fees the company charges and is not required by any level of government according to their own website. I requested for a refund on April 12th 2019 and it is now April 24th 2019 and after 8 hours of hold time on the phone I still have no idea if I'm even getting my money back. This is by far the worst experience I've had with a company. Not to mention the phone quality is not that good, I still get dropped calls and I live in Dallas Texas.

1 review
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We signed up for a trial of their fax services after reading all the great reviews on multiple tech review sites. We now question the integrity of those reviews because our 10% success rate with 7 failed attempts out of 8 over 11+ consecutive hours. Tech support was of no help whatsoever with scripted responses that didn't answer any of our questions or concerns. We wasted $14.99 for a month of service that we never used since the trial wasn't cancelled in time. Thankfully, the actual cancellation wasn't as bad as those experienced by some of the other online reviewers (so far) though it was a slight inconvenience to have to do it by phone despite a cancellation option on their website. According to their support documentation last updated March 5, 2019,
cancellations can only be done by phone.

1 review
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Customer service wasnt helpful enough, but at times it took too long to speak to someone. More critical issues always seemed to need escalation and resolution came slowly if at all and as soon as they determined the issue wasn't something on their end they were done helping.

1 review
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I have installed last week ago and our phone system went down and in a week they couldn't fix it. The tech team kept pushing me onto one another back and forth it was awful. They'll be constantly lying to you , making excuses to you. PATHETIC service !!

1 review
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We signed up for this service four months ago and have had nothing but a nightmare experience. The call quality is terrible, their customer service reps while polite waste your time running through the same "trouble shooting steps" but can never figure out how to fix a problem.

1 review
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I found the software bulky and inconvenient. From the desktop application to lead management and reports it was simply more complex than it had to be. Customer service was helpful enough, but at times it took too long to speak to someone. More critical issues always seemed to need escalation and resolution came slowly if at all and as soon as they determined the issue wasn't something on their end they were done helping. Overall for the size of call center we have (15 stations) and the type of dialing we do (predictive cold call) it just wasn't the solution for us.

14 reviews
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The business is good, service is good, support is great. Pricing is okay, but worth paying a few hundred per year for what we get as a business. The apps they offer are kind of buggy, but they do communicate and say that updates are coming. I'd recommend the company and service for sure.

1 review
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First let me state that the only reason I'm still with Ring Central is because I need the call logs for some legal issues I'm currently involved in. If not for that I'd be gone.

So much wrong with this company such as not receiving 90% of my emails for years and never knowing about it. When I discovered it by accident it took them months to resolve. Who knows how much business I lost. For that time they should have refunded me what I paid for the fax service but they only gave me a few months of free service.

Even then, they still took the money from my account and each month I had to contact them to get the money back. Each time took about an hour. If I hadn't been watching my account I still would have been paying for the service and never known it. This is illegal. They also tried to cheat me out of a month of that free service. This company is full of scammers.

Recently its been every few weeks I have a problem. Tech support is a major problem, particularly if you're a single line user. Then you only get support Mon-Fri 8a to 9p EST. Small businesses today with the internet may work in all US time zones and need later hours and may work weekends. I work both. I cannot be without my phone. There are plenty of other VoIP providers that do provide 24/7/365 support.

When you get the full business package it also becomes over priced. There are other VoIP providers that provide more reliable service at better prices. These guys keep ignoring the basics.

It seems lately every few weeks I'm having problems, further back every few months. This is way to often.

Most recently on my soft phone I lost date information on my calls. It just no longer shows. This is important for me to track recent calls that come in so I can respond to them. I called tech support to get help and they requested I allow them to share my screen. I agreed on the condition that I be informed of anything they do before they do it. They lied, literally.

I specifically said I did not want to update my soft phone because incompetently they had not done anything about migrating messages on the current soft phone to updates. If we don't delete those messages there's a reason for it. That reason is we need those messages. Twice he went ahead and tried to update without my permission. He lied about having a way to migrate messages. I'd had this discussion on 3 prior tech support calls. I had to catch him at it and stop him. He lied saying he brought me to one of the download screens saying he just wanted to check to see if it was there. Come on, they know whats there. Finally he admitted trying to do it. So he was going to update me and throw away important information I needed without my permission. He finally admitted he was trying to force his fix on me without my permission.

If you go online and search for Ring Central's financials you'll find they've lost money every quarter for the last 3 years. They waste money on useless/minor/unwanted things in development. The do not do many of the basics right and don't properly maintain them. It's next to impossible to find anything in their online help it's so poorly organized. I've gone to the online support for other VoIP providers and found my answers in moments. Tech support is not 24/7/365. If they had decent online support they wouldn't have so many people calling for live support, they'd save money and be able to afford to provide 24/7/365 support for all their users for when it's really needed. Tech support has lied to me on a number of occasions. This last time was most blatant when they told me they had a fix they didn't and tried to update me against my wishes and I had to take back control of the mouse to stop them.

These guys are liars and thieves. Do not use them, particularly if you are a small business with only one line. They don't really care about you and will try to get over on you. I wish I could post better companies to use than Ring Central. As soon as my legal issue is sufficiently resolved, hopefully in the next couple of months, I'm gone.

3 reviews
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You can send faxes from your email address and adding to your email address, and it is paperless. You can also receive faxes to your email address and it serves two purposes, the fax is scanned in and you can make a folder for it, and two you can access it from anywhere that you can connect your computer rather than having to be in the office to get the fax.

1 review
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I have a number of small business where the teams are separated across the country. The RC system is great with dealing with that scenario. It's easy to manage calls, voicemails, etc. Can transfer calls between mobiles for the team members. You can also tag different email addresses for different voicemails so that they go to the right person. Very efficient and comprehensive divert service as well. Has worked faultlessly to date.

1 review
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Ring Central is a very robust system and I like how they can easily get you an auto attendant which other companies cannot do this as easily. I also liked their integration with smart phones, internet faxing, and the fact you can get toll free phone numbers. The system the developed is pretty good. The only downside I think is the way they price it per user. The only plan that often makes sense for a business is one that has unlimited minutes and that comes at $49/month which is extremely expensive, especially when you consider the alternative options like google voice. Anyone interested in this service should also check out google voice and see if that almost free option fits their needs. I still like ring central but we cannot begin to afford their service.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I've heard rumors that their VoIP service has lots of problems, but I can't speak to those because all I use is their "mobile office" call forwarding features.

In my experience, those features have worked very well for me. It's a good fit for any home-based business that needs a call-in number without any special equipment.

4 reviews
23 helpful votes

This is a great e-fax system and is reasonable. You can send faxes from your email address and adding to your email address, and it is paperless. You can also receive faxes to your email address and it serves two purposes, the fax is scanned in and you can make a folder for it, and two you can access it from anywhere that you can connect your computer rather than having to be in the office to get the fax. There have been a few times when faxes have not come through due to size or just because. This is why I did not rate it 4 stars.

1 review
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Hi - I tried almost all systems out there.

Finally, I settled with PBX Plus. It works with my Skype, offers free speech recognition, voicemail and voicemail transcription, unlimited extensions and sub-extensions etc.

For a limited time, they are also offering a free PBX in US and UK. (

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I chose Ring Central because it was slightly cheaper, but, as always, you get what you pay for. I gave up after a few failed attempts at faxing. When I called to cancel, I felt like the village harlot, being passed around from person to person, and it took speaking to three customer reps and countless minutes on hold to finally close my account. As an alternative, i've also used eFax, which seems to be pretty decent.

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