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Reconditioned-Engines UK has a consumer rating of 1.22 stars from 46 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Reconditioned-Engines UK most frequently mention trading standards, sunbeam street and elite engineering problems. Reconditioned-Engines UK ranks 408th among Auto Parts sites.

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  • I have contacted trading standards who I believe is getting a case up against them.
  • I have to be fair I took a gamble after Kevin was very insistent to get the car back -
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My cars been picked up and taken away deposit payed... quote was £2300 New bill sent £4008. What do I do Any ideas *******@yahoo.co.uk Looking for help.

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“Terrible unscrupulous people very nice to your face”

Peter F.

Send u photos of other engines ask for more money my camper I fetched it back after three months with passenger door lock missing door tied up side of van covered in grinding dust dash lights on jay said they would go out in couple of miles they didn't oil feed to turbo bad leak. They said if I repaired myself they would reimburse no will not answer phone. There are no words to describe these brothers and father Sam,!,!

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trading standards (8) car (20)
1 review
3 helpful votes
March 16th, 2021

Send u photos of other engines ask for more money my camper I fetched it back after three months with passenger door lock missing door tied up side of van covered in grinding dust dash lights on jay said they would go out in couple of miles they didn't oil feed to turbo bad leak. They said if I repaired myself they would reimburse no will not answer phone. There are no words to describe these brothers and father Sam,!,!

1 review
8 helpful votes
November 21st, 2020
• Updated review

I have just found that these scum are back trading on ebay yet again under the name equipetable. They have 1 feedback recently thats viewable that is for an engine supply and fit, which is most likely a relative who has just left the feedback. But all older feedbacks are for animal and pet supplies. So they are yet again using ebay accounts that already have established feedbacks to con yet more people out of their cars and money.

These people are utter scammers. Avoid! Do not use this company
June 8th, 2020
• Previous review

Family member recently contacted this company after needing repair, they collected the car and cash deposit, then said they would keep us informed. Had the car for over 3 weeks and we could not get hold of them on the phone.
So we tried from a different number and they eventually answered, trying to act at first as if they didn't know which car we were referring to, then said they would call us back within 5 minutes to give us an update. They never called back. So we tried yet again numerous times. To which the eventual reply was yes your cars here, we havent started anything yet, i asked what their actual unit address was as the addresses provided by ebay business information was just residential addresses, they gave me the unit address as unit 16 sunbeam street wolverhamton wv24pf, i then searched this address and found this site then the corresponding news articles about this defrauding family.
In shock i did more research and found that they trade on ebay under at least 3 accounts
Names of those accounts are


The top ebay name is the account i got the contact number from for the work to initially be carried out, but looking back on the account the high feedback count although kept private actually relates to items of furniture, nothing at all to do with cars.

Police have been informed along with trading standards, and going to be going to the express and star too regarding it, as it seems jaspal virdee is a criminal along with his brother prithpal. Likes to rob innocent people of their money and cars.
To make matters worse they called today to say they would be returning the car, yet they never showed up, and now yet again are not answering calls. They have sent me a reply on ebay now trying to say i have them confused with another company despite the fact it is off that account that we got the initial contact number from.


1 review
0 helpful votes
May 29th, 2021

Elite Engineering Group... Ranger needed a engine rebuild, 950 deposit, 1850 for parts 1769 final payment.
Still not returned my truck. They don't answer the phone or emails.
Please people don't use this so called business.
I paid a deposit into one account and all the other paid to a S Multani, apparently the owner!
Has anyone on here ever had their vehicle back! Or long shot got refunded.

Tip for consumers:
Do not use Elite Engineering Group

Products used:
Engine rebuild

1 review
8 helpful votes
January 23rd, 2017

13/2/17 - I have to be fair I took a gamble after Kevin was very insistent to get the car back - but fair play - they sorted it. Keeping me up to date twice daily, fixed the lack of power. This build was tricky, complete engine, two turbo's, inter cooler and much much more. But they got there in the end and I must say I'm pretty happy now. They got it wrong the first time, but got it right in the end.
12/1/17Use these fly by night cowboys at your peril. Kevin Jacobs is very convincing. 11 weeks to do a £5,700 engine rebuild and now i have to take the car to another garage to put it right. Turbo's not working, hoses cut from the top of the engine. Warranty isn't worth the paper its printed on.
Go legal, and they wave their contract at you. There are dozens if not more people affected by this company.
For your own sakes dont use them.

1 review
7 helpful votes
June 2nd, 2020

I had my 4x4 collected by them. £700.00 to repair a head gasket. Didn't have any contact with them for 2 weeks. I was told my car was in Birmingham. And there was more problems 9 weeks later I was told car was ready. The bill was£2300. 00. The address in Birmingham was false. Told to go to Wolverhampton. My car was there with on engine in it. Had to return 6 hrs later and settle the payment. Got the car back. 5 month later car died. Never again will I trust a garage. Not that one.

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 23rd, 2021

Scam send your vehicle never get it back overcharged, totally Avoid never do a bank transfer to these people I wouldn't even trust them too run a bath.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 30th, 2021

Dont do for this company engines UK!
Lie people care full with them...
They say 7-10working days will be ready dont trust them! My car there is iver month nearly twoo mont and still not ready!

Products used:
Recondition engine.

1 review
6 helpful votes
February 9th, 2021

This co adverts on ebay they are scammers you won't get your vehicle back unless you pay more than your vehicle is worth. They opperate from moorfield works uppervilliers st wv24nu. Their advert says Shropshire liars. There works is a grave yard for man of victims vehicles of their scams parked every were in there yard and near by St. Dont be another victim of these heartless scum

1 review
3 helpful votes
December 10th, 2020

I can't believe these criminals are still at it - The Virdees - Sunbeam Street in Wolverhampton. Crown Court trial in Feb 2020 let's hope they go down for a long time.

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 7th, 2021

Google the owners (Prithpal and Jaspal Virdee) and you'll find out everything you need to know. No Vat receipts either so further fraud.

1 review
2 helpful votes
March 11th, 2021

Can anyone help I've been scammed by these creatures to has anyone had any success with getting money or car back there both going crown court on 22 February 2022

1 review
5 helpful votes
February 26th, 2021

Sent my van for engine rebuild was quoted £1800 and a 10/12 day turn around. Waited over a month to be sent pictures of a totally ruined engine, on close inspection of the pictures I noticed it was not my van. Argued this and was told it was a mistake. Not a good start

Then a week later received pictures of my actual van and was told parts needed to be replaced. A few weeks later was then given a final bill of close to £4000. I paid the money and then fought for weeks to get my van returned.

When my van returned it sounded terrible and there was oil spots on my drive. Bumper also cracked in 2 places. I refused to except the van in the state it was in and had it taken back.

I was told it was the alternator and he fitted a new one at no cost.

Waited weeks trying to get my van back and after 90 days I lost my cool and sent him a blunt txt. He then got extremely rude and hung up on me and attempted to keep my van would not return it or give me an address to pick it up. I phoned the police and told him id reported the van stolen. After a while and many txts he finally gave me an address. The address was a religious center. I had videos sent off him of my van from inside his unit and managed to spot a parcel in the video with his real address Unit 16 sunbeam Street. I drove and found my van parked in a near carpark and he sent someone to deliver key. The key had been smashed. On driving the van back home the van now has electrical faults. I have paid them £4000 been without a van for 90 days, have a van with a damaged front bumper damaged key and electrical fault. Do not go near this garage its a scam all around the garage was cars dumped with no engines. Worst experience imaginable he is operating under elite engineering and has adds on ebay under mistpeakmedia. Review Feb 2021

1 review
5 helpful votes
July 3rd, 2020

Please stay away from any company run by the virdee brothers in Wolverhampton. Go by several company names. Dynamic automative engineering, now titan engineering. They will take money from you and will not repair your car. Then hold it to ransom.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 13th, 2021

These guys took my Jaguar XF for a engine refurbishment, asked for £3000 to do the job, paid £1500 as a deposit. That's it. They sent me a picture of a knackard engine that wasn't mine but said it was, then asked for another £4500. I said can't afford it so they said they would sort something out. Not heard from them since despite countless calls, emails and post. The West Midlands police and Greater Manchester police both contacted along with trading standards. The Virdee family are the scum of the earth and hopefully will get a prison sentence. Keep well away from Elite Engineering and any other company operating out of Unit 16 Sunbeam Street Wolverhampton.

1 review
13 helpful votes
March 25th, 2019

My cars been picked up and taken away deposit payed... quote was £2300

New bill sent £4008. What do I do

Any ideas


Looking for help.

1 review
1 helpful vote
September 19th, 2020

These disturbed individuals are conning people big time, I wouldn't trust them with my sons Tonka toy car.
Ryan is the front for this embarrassment of a company and I've heard they go by many different company names as well.
In short I got stung by their eBay advert at the time which was under ‘ Engines 4u' and surprise surprise it no longer exists. They obviously use false advertising to draw their victims in. I had a suspected Head Gasket failure. I spent approx £2800 with these thieves to refurbish my existing Ford Transit Custom engine. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE!
I then spent approx another £1600 sorting out their shocking unprofessional pathetic mistakes...
They originally promised turnover would be 2/3 weeks, it took these clowns 8 weeks to get my van back!
And that's only because I threatened them with legal action. But I don't know what clown they had who installed it back in, he did a proper cowboy job, damaged my power steering pipe, crushed my coolant pipe, wrong bolt placed with 3 washers around it!
Alternator bolt was not torqued correctly and became loose.
My A C pipe was hanging down and had not been attached correctly.
My AC is not working correctly and my heater is cold even when I put it on hot!
I will be reporting these rats to the Trading Standards.

1 review
1 helpful vote
November 20th, 2020

I have lost my campervan and 2762 pounds, after a so called engine reconditioned. I have been without my campervan since feb 6th 20 until now. Avoid this lot at all costs.

1 review
6 helpful votes
December 9th, 2019

The engine company based at Sunbeam Rd Wolverhampton. These people will cheat and con you, so beware and don't be fooled. My rebuilt engine was returned with the Alternator wired incorrectly, which discharged the battery and blew of the warning lights. The car was also returned with the wrong keys!
The AA were called out and once they got it going expressed concern with the engine, saying it sounded like it had piston slap. Drove the car carefully for the first 500 miles, changed the oil and filter, but during this time the engine smoked and breathed heavily. Driving back home having done about 700 the engine started to lose power and eventually came to a stop.
Car towed away and have been advised that the crankshaft has snapped in two with the whole engine destroyed.
I advised Jay (not his real name I've been informed) and his brother Manny with many calls and Whatsapp videos and messages. Totally ignored me!
Not sure what action I can take.
Please take heed and dont use these thieves.

1 review
5 helpful votes
February 28th, 2020

Just found weve been done over by these too. But trading as vehicle Maintinance Uk And Europe LTD
The garage we visited was NST Autos and also Select Engine services.

Found them on ebay with an engine supply and fit sale post.

Took my sprinter in for an engine recon quoted at 2100 and asked for 750 deposit. They then didnt start on it for a month. When they did i recieved pictures of the big end and crank showing they were badly damaged. Our van didnt have a knock on the big end. They wanted 4250 to fix it which i said no to.

Ive then cancled the sale and had to pay 1300 in labour and recovery only to get the van back with the engine in a thousand bits in the back of the van

It gets worse... i marked our cillinder head when i fixed the black death... this doesnt have any marks. To top it off, the engine block is from a totally different sprinter as the number doesnt match our log book.

So they basically charged us 1300 to steql our engine block, cillinder head, fuel injectors, numberplates and most likely more.

Reported to trading standards and police
Avoid like the plauge

1 review
6 helpful votes
May 10th, 2017

Top guys to deal with, took longer to finish the job due to delay in parts but other then that job is perfect, well priced, happy with them overall

Keep it up lads

God bless

1 review
6 helpful votes
November 27th, 2019

Conned by Engine Recon Ltd: Please everyone 90% cases of Engine Reconditioning or Supply & Fit there is fraud. Wish I could have read all this before becoming Victim of these scammers and the way they doing no one taking any action. It takes £30 to open a limited company in UK and such evil and devils have so many limited companies under various names but does the same things conning innocent public their hard earned money. Original quote was £1350 for reconditioning our Mercedes Engine and then asked £2125. £400 was taken deposit before starting work and after stripping engine then £775 more was asked for parts which we refused. They got gangsters sitting in their office which they either hired or part of same scam so people get scared and don't take it anywhere further. Stay away from all such characters. We were asked to pay £630 in total to pick up the car otherwise can't touch the car.

We done all recordings and due to that maybe they said ok take your car with £400 what you paid and no more we ask. Finally got the car recovered so lesson learnt: use trustworthy companies very local to you ideally get engine and get it installed by someone you know otherwise it's not worth this route. May these people be guided on right path. All the best!

1 review
4 helpful votes
August 14th, 2019

Was quoted a fixed price at 2,100-2,700 for either a new build or new engine as ours had ceased. Total bill was £5,000 and the vehicle still isn't running correctly. Was total would be done in 10 days and took nearly a month. Warranty is impossible to maintain as no other garage can even look at it. We live over 100 miles away so not exactly helpful. We will be taking them to court to try and get some money back but please do not use this awful company or you will be well out of pocket!

1 review
8 helpful votes
June 5th, 2019

Please I kindly advise anyone sensible to stay away from these crooks. They robbed me during broad daylight. I lost £1500 through these thieving bastards. I think guys we have to stick together and launch a lawsuit against these thwarts. People are working hard day and night to look after there families and scammers like this get away with it.:

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 1st, 2021

Sent my ford transit to elite engineering sunbeam street 11 week ago got collected from my home address, being told it will be ready within 2 week, 2 week went by i was told i would be updated with photos videos etc, NOTHING, tryed calling was told he would send me videos and pictures nothing, so i decided to do some research, and what i found was totally horrifying, prithpal virdee and jaspal virdee have been scamming an conning people out of there money and cars since 2010 changing there business name several times, later found out that they are due in court next year to over 20 fraudulent claims! I took matters in to my own hands an went down there an got my vehicle back! Please everyone do NOT send your vehicle here and if your vehicle is there! Then dont even waste your time ringing the police go down there an get back what is rightfully yours ITS THE ONLY WAY! There was well over 200cars there at sunbeam street all woth various parts missing and the the 200 cars plus that was there, there was 3 so called mechanics on site fixings the cars, the place is an absolute joke! Google prithpal and jaspal virdee all the info is on the internet... AVOID at all costs

Tip for consumers:
Do not use avoid at all costs

1 review
3 helpful votes
January 27th, 2019

Same story,
I had my land rover discovery 4 with them more than 5 months now.
No money no car.
Please help

Q&A (11)


Just had dealings with them got my car back but not fixed but after seeing the stories on here wished Id done a bit more research so if you need more stuff on them I logged my emails and calls and lack of replies from them

By Kevin H.
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Try 16 sunbeam street Wolverhampton thats were the scammers hide in plain sight contact PC Richard Potts from West Midlands Police also. Rob Bridges yet another victim

By Robert B.
See more answers (4)

These people scammed me years ago - they are in Wolverhampton crown court in Feb 2022 and no they have no conscience criminals through and through

By Debbie S.
See more answers (4)

I've just been stung by these rats as well, advert on eBay ‘Engines 4u' got me, they are Dynamic Automotive Engineering dependent on who they are conning. Ryan is the guy I dealt with with his father sat in the office hiding in the back ground.

By Nadeem B.
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