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Review of QSL Tenders

QSL Tenders reviews

33 reviews
Unit 7 The Point, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough
Leicestershire, LEC LE16 7QU, UK
Tel: 01858 468740

33 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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Total con! Not a free subscription service at all. Do not use this company. They blatantly lie on their website.
1 review
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A free trial seems to have been set up in my name from a service called Total Tenders. I assumed their emails were spam until they started sending me invoice payment requests for a year's subscription I don't want and haven't ordered.

I looked them up, to find very little information about them online (already a red flag), then I notice their trading address is identical to QSL, who of course have already been exposed as scammers.

I will be reporting this to trading standards.
1 review
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shocking, rude, con artists, should be closed down and pay back all subscribers
1 review
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We signed up for this tender website, then quickly realised that it sends you nothing that you can not find for free on the internet. We attempted to use their link to cancel the subscription several times but it never works. It also very puzzlingly says in their T&Cs that they will accept cancellations no other way (not email, phone call, written letter) bizarre - why ever not? Could it be because the best way to tie a company into giving you hundreds of pounds is to never let them cancel your service? Oh yes.
We are currently being chased by Debtco for £1500...
1 review
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What an absolute scam. From a 4 week trial to being stung for 2 full years of payments. The database hasnt been accessed by us since April 2012, yet the forced payment for that year, and now a second year because it 'auto renewed'. I have argued till I am blue in the face with them, written to them explaining I wasnt aware that we even had a subscription, and asked where their account management was, they record all log ins, so knowing we hadnt logged in since April 2012 is that not clear that we are not using the system and are unaware of the subscription until an invoice arrives, then a debt collectors letter with screengrabs. Had we been contacted to say 'look guys youre paying for this do you need any help' it would at least make it easier to pay this invoice, but nothing for two years. Aggressive people on the phone, awful service. Im now being told I cant exercise the 25% pay to get out clause, and I need to go online and cancel the subscription, thats the only way, they dont accept letters. Joke of an outfit, one of the worst cases of being tied to a contract that I have seen in my years in business - ADVICE - STEER CLEAR OF THESE PEOPLE LIKE THE PLAGUE
1 review
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This company in the nicest words possible should be shut down for ROBBING hard working people and fooling them into a so called contract I for one am not paying this and want others to follow me and shut them down or at the very least change there ways of carrying out there business
1 review
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Exposed in the National Press - QSL

The curse of the internet free trial offer strikes again. This time it's a company called QSL, which gives subscribers the details of UK and EU contracts that have been put out to tender.

South Shields family firm ­Architectural Entrance Systems Ltd, which makes steel security doors for shops, was tempted to give the site a whirl, found that it didn't suit them and forgot all about it.

That was until they got a bill for £795 plus VAT from QSL because they'd forgotten to cancel the deal at the end of the trial period.

"We wanted to increase our scope for business by looking at tender ­procurement sites," said Christian ­Ryan-Munden of Architectural Entrance Systems.

"We found their tenders to be not really related to our industry and, in any case they were available for free elsewhere.

"QSL would send emails every day regarding useless tenders but they did not contact me to discuss payment terms or warn that the free trial was almost over and we would be charged if we didn't cancel."

QSL is run from Market Harborough by director Gordon Hosie, 54, (above) and company secretary David Hosie and is notching up furious online complaints for its sales tactics, known as inertia selling.
We met Gordon, who denied that all the tender details that they provide are ­available for free on ­Government websites.

He also insisted that subscribers are warned that they will be charged if they don't cancel after four weeks.

Gordon: "When people sign up for this subscription we send them two emails saying when the trial expires."

Penman: "That's at the start, four weeks later it hasn't worked for them so they've forgotten about it - why not send the email at the end of the four weeks saying 'cancel now or you'll get an invoice'?'"

Gordon: "We could look at that."

Penman: "If your service really is that good, why not bill subscribers monthly rather than demand a full year's fee the moment the trial ends?"

Gordon: "That's standard subscription practice."

Penman: "There are a lot of highly critical online comments about QSL."

Gordon: "I've got no comment."

Penman: "How often do you sue companies that refuse to pay your invoices?"

Gordon: "No comment."

After we stepped in, QSL offered ­Architectural Entrance Systems a reduced bill of £238.50 - and the South Shields company told them where to shove it.
1 review
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QSL Tenders is an absolute scam - stay away. Their T&C's are specifically designed to entrap you, and the service isn't very good either.

I'm being sent letters asking for money relating to employees that had personal accounts with them, that haven't worked for my company for months.
1 review
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QSL provide a useless service and then have extremely contractual terms and conditions, specifically designed to trap you into paying for a year of subscription. Beware of them, many other better services available from others.
1 review
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We signed up to QSL Tenders in October 2011 on their 'free trial'. Having had a quick look at their site there didn't appear to be anything on offer that you couldn't get for free elsewhere.

One of my colleagues emailed QSL to cancel the subscription but the email was ignored. No response was received.

QSL then invoiced our company once the trial period had expired, charging us for a full years subscription at £695 (inc VAT). We objected to this as we had put in writing that we wished to cancel.

QSL continued to request payment, we continued to object and they eventually called in a debt collection agency called Debtco One Ltd, (registered office: Tiverton Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire) who added on a further £169 ($265) in fees making the total £864.

Through negotiation with Debtco we managed to get this down to £216 and paid off QSL/Debtco without taking it to court.

Having spoken to other QSL 'Customers'/victims it seems that the case has been thrown out of court (it goes to a County Court/Small Claims Court) in the past. One I spoke to said: 'the judge passed the case in our favour saying that the terms and conditions on their website were confusing and therefore not legally binding.'

So the lessons - don't get caught by this scam. It is probably just about legal but worth challenging hard and taking to court if you have the time and inclination. This is my opinion though and you should make your own decision!
1 review
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Avoid this company at all costs. They are purely after your money and once they have it they really do not care. Do not sign up for any subscriptions as they will have you with their terms and conditions!
1 review
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Signed up to 28 day trial and exactly the same story, they were not clear on telling you automatically signed up for 12 months, next thing I know got an invoice through the post for £695 inc VAT. Paid it with regret, asked how to cancel, no answer. Honestly forgot about the service as thought the service was diabolical and never used it. 1 month ago received another invoice for the same amount, rang and called and spoke with a very unhelpful, rude and quite abrupt. Told her that under no circumstances would I be paying the invoice and the next thing I know a letter from Debtco chasing £855.64.

I WILL be speaking to our legal team regarding this and also trading standards. Maybe even watchdog! PLEASE AVOID.
1 review
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Signed up for a free four week trial. No account information/credit cards taken. After four weeks there was no reminder email. Woke up a few weeks later to a £700 bill sent to my business address.

When I rang to find out what had happened the sales representative was extremely polite until I mentioned I hadn't signed up for a years membership and therefore would not be paying. At this point the sales representative lost the polite front and took delight in my upset and
1 review
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This company are a complete scam!!!

I sent them an email yesterday saying that I would like to cancel my subscription and that they should accept this email as confirmation of my cancellation.

I then received an email back saying that I had to cancel on their website. I went on today and cancelled through their website. But it was too late-The trial ran out yesterday and I had to cancel yesterday on their website. Even though I stated in my email that I wanted to cancel. I received an email today saying I have been signed up for a years subscription costing £695.........arrrrrggghh!!!!

I have managed to cut this down to £175 using their early cancellation fee conditions....but this is still a ridiculous amount of money for a website that is no good anyway!!!

I spoke to the accounts manager twice today, she was extremely rude and even laughed when we were putting our case across- how infuriating!!!

I spoke to trading standards and they said there is nothing they can do.....if this is the case then so be it. But if there are any suggestions on how to avoid paying the fee.....I would REALLY appreciate it!
1 review
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Free trial - A total scam, didnt pay for 1st year, told them many times i dont want to continue only used service once, - The following year another invoice for the 2nd year! how many times do we have to tell them that we dont want the service. Been 2 years now they have been chasing us, but its been about 6 months since we have heard anything from them so have they given up????? ignore the letters to do with Debt co. - All scammers.- very misleading site.
1 review
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Do not use this website it is an absolute scam, they are rude and rip you off i have seen loads of similar stories to myself
1 review
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We are a small company that have not made £100 pounds, only to recieve ann invoice and debt recovery letter that we should pay £892.10 for service we never used, This is heartbreraking. GOVERMENT come to growing business RESCUE
1 review
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I signed up for this horrible, useless and backstabbing website at the start of December and like all of your cases I received a huge bill to pay. I was given the option to cancel and pay £175 plus £1.97 I went over I had no way out as decided against the hassle for the next year of going to and from when they don't listen and are not sympathetic. I had to pay for this out of my own pocket as it was something that I had done and my company told me to make it go away...This was not what I needed after xmas...however it is done and dusted I just warn those to STAY AWAY from the site, they are rude, unhelpful and brutal!!!
Lesson learnt and am sorry that so many others seem to have had the same problem!!!
Its not fair business and definitely not how I do business!
I hope those who are fighting them do win and they don't get a penny!
1 review
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First off, I want to say that I am NOT an employee of QSL. I signed up for their service last week and I realised that you have to pay £579 + VAT if you do not cancel within the time given. I rang them up today and spoke to a pleasant woman on the phone and asked them about their pricing policy and any kind of payment plans and she sent me an email over immediately with all the details. I admit that their "don't cancel and we'll invoice you" tactic does seem quite underhand and overall it undermines the trustworthiness of business as a whole, but I have found that the tenders that QSL has provided my company with have been very useful and I am sure we will make more than the cost of the subscription back on clients. We are still debating whether or not to go for a full subscription after the trial has ended but it seems that we might. I think a lot of people here need to read terms and condtions a bit more thoroughly before getting themselves into this mess. I am not the most organized of people yet I saw that we have to cancel.
1 review
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2 reviews
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Are these thieving little bastards still operating? Have they been shut down yet. Would be nice to get the money they stole from me back.
1 review
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A year ago my friend and I had been recently made redundant and so we wanted to explore working freelance. To help us with this we set up a limited company in my freind's name. I subscribed to a couple of free website to receive tenders, whcih included QSL. None of the free e-mail bulletins that we received were useful, and so after a while we even stopped checking them. I completely forgot about QSL as their emails were going into our junk mail and I did not recall reading anything about having to pay a full year's subscription. Just a couple of months ago my freind received an email from them demanding for her to pay the £600 (the full year's subscription). My friend explained that we had not received any of their email and that they had gone direct into our junk mail.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, now QSL are taking my friend to court in October and demanding a payment of £900. I feel very bad about this, as I was the one to sign up for these e-mails, though neither of us have used their services. The company is in her name, though she has me down as her associate on the website, so legally she's is one responsible for payment.

They're obviously a ruthless and devious bunch of individuals who are using this misleading way of signing up for free e-bulletins to extort money from people. I feel so angry, but I do not know what my legal position is. I wonder if anyone who has had a similar experience would be inetersted in taking action against them jointly? We might have a better chance acting together. We need to stop these people from carrying on conning unsuspecting people in this way.

Please get in touch with me if you want to share any ideas or if you want to join me in taking action against them. My email is *****

3 reviews
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Signed up for the free trial and canceled on-line on the day as per their T&C.. or so i thought. Received more tenders the next day so phoned in and they confirmed i had canceled. Then received the invoice for £695.
They have no record of me logging on or phoning in to cancel. Should have got the name of the person i talked to!!!
Information we received wasn't helpful. Stay away
1 review
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Signed up for the Free Trial, as per the google link. Was impressed with the initial setup but this was just for research. Used the service for about a week to see if anything of interest dropped and realised this wasnt for us.

Hay presto the boss pulls me into the office wondering why a £580 invoice has hit the desk. This was after nothing from the QSL site to me warning that the subscription was ending and a charge would follow.

On calling the company (opening hours 9-5 but answer phone not turned off untill after 9.30). I spoke to a woman involved stating there was an issue only to receive a well prepared speach on T&C's. I will accept that i should have read a little deeper but again i don't think you can get any close to a scam than this, The option of a free trial is that you get to trial it then if you are happy you Buy the service. As per the people below i will be reporting this to trading standards and i hope that more people will follow in this.
1 review
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Yes QSL tenders is an absolute SCAM. Steer clear, do not pay them a penny, and note that I feel QSL staff have been directed to find forums like this and post false positive reviews so don't believe anything good about this lot as its either been posted by QSL Tenders themselves or by a complete nutter.

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