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34 reviews
P.O. Box 25050
Glendale, CA 91221-5050, US
Tel: 800-688-8057

34 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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Cant make the payment on the 5th of the month due to fraud in bank account. Called corporate they asked me to call the store where im currently have my unit and speak to the Manager to waived the $20 dollars late charge, i went in person respectfully brought her to Ms Karen att. She said pay the reg amount and let me bring it to my managers att and will called you and let you know the outcome. Last know she called to tell me they rejected when i have never been late. What a unprofessional crew PUBLIC STORAGE HAVE. IN ADDITION THE UNIT IS FILTHY AS HELL I HAVE TO BRING IT TO THE MANAGEMENT ATTENTION TO SEE IF THEY CAN CLEANED IT AND FIX THE LIGHTS AS WELL. IN CONCLUSION YOU PAY FOR CHEAP PLACES AND YOU GET $#*! IN RETURN.
Alvin R.

1 review
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Do not use this company. I just received notice they are going to increase my rent by 25% on August 1st. It went from $170 to $212. I could understand 3% or even 5%. But 25% is just highway robbery. We all need to band together and stop these predatory corporations from taking our hard earned money.

1 review
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Colorado Springs Public storage on Astrozon Rd has been the WORST experience. In my 15 years of service, I have been using dozens of facilities and last month was the 1st time I used public storage( newest facility in Co Springs) and from there things seemed off. The Guy Robert who is an apparent manager has the worst customer service and lies to customers and forces them the buy the locks at their facility. The 1st locker we used in a crunch, had to unload a truck and I was told my personal lock was approved. When I went to pay they said I had to purchase their lock to use the facility...this is not supposed to happen according to other Public Storage Representatives. During our move in town, we needed a second locker where Robert told my wife it was their policy and she had to purchase their lock AGAIN! We were told by the employees that the facility access was 1st 24 hours, then we were informed that it was 10 PM. During our move in, we went to get our childrens beds after work and we accidentally got locked out. We called the AFTER HOURS NUMBER and was directed to a corporate person who claimed he would leave a note at the facility and ensured to us that they would secure my daughters mattress with the note showing it would be after 5pm. Robert called my phone that afternoon about one of my reviews, said my wife was lying but credited our account for next months rent...I wont be there. During that conversation we talked about the lockout and I would be there this afternoon to pick up the mattress. Once we arrived, the women staff gasped and we were informed that they threw it out. Then, Robert said he remembers our conversation about being locked out but doesnt remember the conversation about the mattress- problem is, that was the whole point of discussing being locked out I told him then he backpedaled. Once they showed us our mattress in the trash, he acted as if we could still use it saying it's not that wet or bad it's just damp. He again called my wife a liar and myself a liar and then said what I was claiming was bull$#*!. Once he said that I obviously was heated and said their facilities staff were rude and trash and filed a claim for my daughters mattress. We now have to purchase a new mattress. The one lady said they make people come back in and purchase their cylinder locks and remove their personal locks all because Robert would prefer the cylinder locks. When I told him over the weekend for about 3 days a gentleman left a snowboard and a pingpong table in the hallway. Robert said they got rid of that too, however I was there when the guy made room his locker and secured it. He is a habitual liar and a thief. Forcing people to buy locks even when they have their own is a dishonest and disgusting way to take from people in need. Terrible that even corporate we called after the incident ( some guy in CA) said that they would not have been able to leave a note and basically the after hours number we called was useless and was basically a buncha smoke blowing. I am shocked that such a large company would treat their customers in such a way. I will be raising the issue with my Garrison Command on Fort Carson about these issues and to make soldiers aware. Terrible place.That is our mattress in the picture at the facility. THANKS A LOT PUBLIC STORAGE!! NEVER AGAIN!!

2 reviews
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I had to move my stuff into storage a couple of years ago to Public Storage. I no longer need this service, but I just now noticed that I was paying $51.00 when I moved in and now I am paying $75.00. I am not a math major, but this appears to be a 47% increase. Nothing has changed, I'm renting a 5 X 10 room with no heat, no A/C, and no maintenance. As usual, trying to communicate with the corporation has been difficult. I'm very dissatisfied with this service, and hope to never deal with them again.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Samantha, your the best at taking care of Business! Thanks for solving my problems.Your professionalism and kindness is what stop me from taking legal action.

2 reviews
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was given a great and warm welcome from the moment i walk in until i left.Manager Carla walk me though step by step and answer all my concern before i even ask it was a great customer service

1 review
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Thank you ms.joyce...for help for any eveything is today..may 2nd i like that place from public storage n other thing stuff too..better great person n she is nice person own place...that great...i love it love it beacuse cheap up it than

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I want to thank Aliya for all her help and kindness. She knew her stuff. Didnt need any packing supplies but she tried. To be honest I didnt have the money for any extra items. So I promised Id write this review for her.

1 review
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Roger was so helpful and during my move-out. Although I'm thrilled to have my things again, I would definitely rent at this facility again if I needed to.

For property 21906; 16606 E. Smoky Hill Rd, Aurora, CO 80015

1 review
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I had to leavepublic storage due to increasedprices, however while we were there the excellent managment by Mr King made our stay remarkable.

1 review
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25995 Teresa was very sweet & helpful with finding the right size storage space for me at the right affordable price even gave me a tour very clean and professional business 4965 Gender rd. Go Steelers

2 reviews
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#22335 public storage on Howard st is the best ever and they are clean, easy to use, great customer service and the best staff ever. I always use them when I need to storage things or when I'm moving. I refer them to my family and friends because they are simply the best. Prices are affordable and storage is safe and secure. Thanks for being the Best in Chicago

1 review
1 helpful vote

I would like to thank Vivian and her staff at store #25963 Deerfield Beach FL, for a job well done, always upbeat, professional and informed. When ever my needs call for storage I will use Public Storage!!!
Thanks Again L Stuart

1 review
0 helpful votes

Your advertising on cozy t. V. Is pitiful. It is imperative that we have to mute the television when it comes on. I'm sure if we ever need a storage unit it would not be public storage. Regarding the one with young person screaming what's the point. Thank you. Ron Montei

1 review
1 helpful vote

We went to Public Storeage (Kakaako) to inquire about renting a space.

My mom and I were greeted by Mikaela as we entered the door and explained to us in detail about the various size of the room.

After deciding the size of the room she escorted us to the room for us to view and we were satisfied as to how spacious and clean the storeage was.

She was very attentive to our needs and explained everything in detail. I am totally satisfied with the service that we received and would recommend her to my friends and family.

In closing, I would like to thank Mikaela for the painless service that we received and do apologize if I've gotten your name wrong.

1 review
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This storage facility at 48 Thomas Johnson Drive is a small, personal site, well run and carefully taken care of by staff. In particular, the day manager, Lotus, goes out of his way to answer questions, identify the latest company promotions, and locate the best storage unit for his customers. We are long time users of this facility and would recommend it to anyone! It is ideally located for folks who work at Ft. Detrick (just a block away) or to any the many high tech companies in the Walkersville-North Frederick City area.

Tip for consumers: Very Friendly manager

1 review
1 helpful vote

Anji was great in helping me. I was moving from Portland to Bothell and tried to reserve a unit but I was10 days out and you only go 7 days out so I lost my spot and reserved another unit Anji stated that if one became available she would put me in and she did but wait that's not all when I couldn't get there before close she allowed my daughter to get for me, still more when I came the next day to get another unit as my first was not quite large enough she got me a promotion that was going on.
I was an assistant manager for a drug store for 10+ years so I know about customer service I was called a customer service she would have passed with flying colors she did and excellent job friendly joking laughing making it enjoyable to do business with. I observed her with another customer before she was able to help me, she treated him the same way!!! WTG ANJI THANK YOU SO MUCH

1 review
1 helpful vote

Do not trust these people with your personal property. Their employees steal it and their insurance policy will put the burden on you to prove it. Do not put anything of value in these storage lockers. It's not worth it. Further corporate is rude and inconsiderate. Find an alternative.

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I've had my storage unit since November and the only reason I was alerted to the fact that the Public Storage at 840 Hambrick Road in Stone Mountain, GA store #08050; had rats is when I randomly went to get something out of my storage and there was another tenant pissed cleaning out her unit b/c rats defecated and chewed on her belongings. I went into my unit and Lord behold there was rat droppings and urine everywhere. The attendant goes on to tell me "yea they've been treating it for a while now b/c someone left food in their unit" and I'm confused b/c as a paying customer whose belongings are now being damaged was never made aware of this! After I left for 2 wks no one from management contacted me. I had to call them. I was told to contact the district manager and the only thing he offered was possibly seeing about getting me a discount at another one of their facilities, but when I thought about it, why would I do business with this company ever again not mention there was no guarantee I was going to get a discount just "maybe a possibility he could see what he could do". I had to now start looking for a new storage and movers. I called blithe office back and was told since I was now into the month of May by 3 days I had to pay the full month of rent! Are you kidding me? Again I was instructed to call the district manager. I called left a voice mail and the next day I received a call asking for payment for their office. I call the DM who basically was like yea it's not our fault, we can't monitor each unit, just file a claim with your insurance and oh yea, you still have to pay a full month although your belongings weren't there a full month. I asked to speak with his boss and after he told me it doesn't matter she's going to say the samething I just said, well after she was briefed by him "Jessica" called and very unapologetically said there's nothing we can do b/c were a month to month lease. Forget that there's now bio hazardous rat feces and urine on mh stuff and who knows where else b/c rats do carry diseases, forget that now I'm being inconvenienced by having to pay for a rat infested storage unit, movers and a new storage unit. Forget all of that. It doesn't matter. The only thing we can offer is a discount at another facility. This has got the be the most ghetto, unprofessional non communicating, dismissive company ever. I will never do business with Public Storage ever again in my life! I asked why wasn't something like a letter or email sent to notify the ocupants and this fool said there was no need. So the rat feces just sitting aND simmering on my stuff is ok b/c you're supposedly treating it? Yea right. I will never and I will let everyone else know too. Plus, if you go the other storage places in the area I went to 3 before I picked one, they all said the samething that ppl were leaving due to the mice. Thats absolutely disgusting and poor management.

4 reviews
26 helpful votes

Storing property with Public Storage is risky. Their properties are dirty and staff unresponsive. My property was damaged by rain pouring in through the roof of the unit. Their customer service is so pathetic, I refused to file a claim for damages simply to spare having to deal with these people. Beware of this company.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Couldn't ask for better service or a nicer person. Samantha was wonderful

Reservation #126501178

1 review
1 helpful vote

So they were running a special and I wanted to up size my unit. They said ok and I came in to do the paper work and move stuff. I even left work early that day to make it on time. So I go in and it is only for new customers they tell me. So now I need to move to a new place. Not great customer service with that type of policy. John in Melbourne, FL

1 review
0 helpful votes

I rented a unit in Rosemount, Mn. Mary was so friendly and very patient and helpful with me choosing the right unit that I needed. We are very pleased with our unit, all the units are very clean and easily accessible.
Margo K.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I really like Public Storage they were a big help to me especially angel she really help me with some of the issues I had going on while I'm going through a rough time So thanks Public Storage for working with me. And she has great customer service skills

1 review
1 helpful vote

I got the $1 first month rent promotion and they told me I wouldn't have another payment until March. A couple weeks later they are calling asking for money saying I'm late.

I pay it on go on about my business. On the 1st of June I found a house to rent and we cleared out the unit June 3rd. I call to let them know I had emptied my unit and asked about my refund because I had already made June's payment May 22nd, they informed me they don't give refunds. I'm just out that money.

I spoke with the manager, customer service, & the district manager. None of them cared and wouldn't help get my money back. They just said that is what I agreed to signing the lease. The district manager was even rude to me and I was nothing but polite to all of them.

I was told if I had not have made my payment and let them know ahead of time that they would have prorated it for me, but since I paid it early that I was just out that money.

Terrible customer service for someone that pays them early. Don't use them!

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