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3250 Van Ness Avenue
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We placed a custom furniture order for a glider/ottoman pair for our baby's nursery on 11/7, and at the time we were told the items would ship between 12/21 and 1/4. We were calculated in our fabric selection, picking an option that was guaranteed to ship (or so we were told) well in advance of our son's due date. In fact, we changed our selection to secure that delivery window as our first choice of fabric would not be available until the spring.

Our original 2-week shipping window has now elapsed and despite 5+ phone calls to the Pottery Barn Kids Customer Service Desk, multiple emails, and a call directly to the Williams Sonoma Upholstery department (the PBK Furniture Department provided me their number directly, making this my responsibility to run down why they could not make that call is beyond me!), we've received no updated information.

We've been told each and every time that it requires 3 to 5 business days to receive updates from the 3rd party manufacturer, which I've come to learn is operated by sister company Williams Sonoma. That 3 to 5 day time frame has now come and passed multiple times with no additional input from any party. No one I have spoken with can tell me where my order is in the production process (I'm not certain the manufacturer has even acknowledged it!), much less when it will be delivered to my home. Keep in mind we've already been charged in full!

I've asked repeatedly to speak with a manager, and to-date that request has gone unfulfilled. I've asked repeatedly for additional contacts or avenues by which to retain additional information, only to be told no additional options or contacts exist.

We had a terrific in-store experience in shopping for and placing this order, but unfortunately Pottery Barn Kids has failed us in every aspect of this process since then. When the delivery window came and went, we had to initiate the follow ups we were never notified of any issues or bottlenecks resulting in delays. We've been charged in full for a custom product that still cannot be located. We've attempted to initiate the cancellation process in order to take our business elsewhere, only to be ignored or to be told that is not an option since this constitutes custom work. I certainly understand the premise, though we paid and entered into this agreement under the guise we'd be receiving our finished product no later than January 4th. We did not make this $1300+ purchase to have it fulfilled at PBK's leisure and convenience.

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I have had nothing but a bad experience with pottery barn. Every time I call I get a nasty representative that does not seem to understand how stressful this has been. I purchased furniture in Nov and if continued to get delayed multiple times. I then had to cancel with about 3 weeks left to go in my pregnancy. Now almost due and waiting on furniture from some where else. I have had to call about 30 times to get the credit put on the pottery barn card that I don't even need now, since I only got it for the rewards. Every time the rep tells me it will be done in 3 to 5 business days and then it never happens and I have to call again get transferred 3 times. So I asked Paula (rep)how do I know it will be done this time when if never gets done and She says if you don't believe me i don't know what to tell you, you can't wait for a lead but the wait is long. So nasty. Sorry it's hard to believe a company who has screwed me over for months now. Truly disappointed.

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The Pottery Barn Kids is a joke . The costumer service is so poor and not helping you at all.The quality of the product is cheap ,probably I will buy a better thing at Walmart now ;)
10 years ago the products was really good and you can see the difference.
I will not buy anything more from them anymore , it's a waste of money !!!

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I received a confirming email expecting my grandson's Christmas present December 17th. Crickets. Called to ask where it was. On backorder until after Christmas. No email telling me this. Was told to check my spam folder as if I was an idiot. Email came right after I hung up with them. Item came finally without the personalization. Called again. They will replace it after I put it in a box and take it to a UPS store. I have to do all the work. Asked for a credit for all the hell they put me through - gave me $9 on a $141 item. Never again, Pottery Barn.

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No shipment and repeated misinformation. Polite representatives do not equal good customer service. No notice given at time of purchase that items were on back order, paid for expedited delivery. Items failed to be delivered on first delayed date given, order delayed several times. One date is almost two months out. Who does this and expects repeat customers?!

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Where to begin! I had three incidences with them and I'm finished forever! I should have learned. Their customer service is the worse I have ever seen! It's feel like Pottery Barn Kids trains it's emoloyees to delay making a decision and keep delaying their responses and passing the problem off to different reps, even though at the end of every email they alll type the same thing, "I'm personally following your account."

1. Don't order the Nuna set from them they won't send you the attachments and they will keep delaying and blaming it on the warehouse. Six months later and the case is still pending.

2. Don't order something that needs to be returned they sent me the wrong mirror. It was too heavy to put in my car and drag to the store so I contacted customer service and it took them 2 months to get ups to pick up the package.

3. Don't order anything using a gift card online! I currently am going back and forth with them because I ordered garland on Nov 2 I knew it had a two week lead time. After four weeks I reached out to customer service they gave me the typical run around trying to contact their's now two months later and no refund or item I ordered! I'm going back and fourth with them and they keep saying they are waiting on a response from their vendor! I don't care about their vendor I ordered it from pottery barn kids not their vendor! It's alrwady passed Christmas I clearly don't need the garland now. There is absolutely nothing I can do because it was a gift card. They are total thief's!!!!

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I'm not sure what has happens to PB and PBK this past year. I have ordered furniture and holiday presents and the service was terrible!!!
I ordered a dresser back in the summer and the shipment was las 2 weeks late, then the delivery service never give me the 15min warning and I was not able to received my shipment, even do I spoke to customer service And told them
I was home 5min later after they called that they couldn't deliver my dresser!!
Then I ordered furniture and holiday accessories for my kids On Black Friday, the order was sitting there and they never called or email me to tell me they had issues with my cc, I had to called them to resolve this, then I got my confirmation email that the ordered went through, called again this week since I couldn't track my order and they told me my shipment never went thru!!!
I'm so disappointed!! It used to be so good!!

1 review
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Order a Santa present from this place on Dec. 4. Didn't get an email until Dec. 18th that the item was not getting delivered until the 26th. Called and asked why everything has taken so long to be handled. Just a bunch of lies. And then I asked if they could expedite the shipping, on them, so that the item could make it for Christmas. Since It was a really important present. They said they would do that. Then today the 22nd I get a message that they have shipped the item and then charged ME for $30 for shipping. I tracked my item, it still isn't getting here until the 26th. When I originally placed my order I got free shipping. This place has disappointed me immensely. Especially since I had an understanding that pottery barn was a well respected company. Will not shop here again.

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ordered a $1200 cameron storage system, came ikea style self assembly low quality, refused the delivery and now weeks later still have not received a refund after an hour on the phone and 10+ emails to customer service

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I ordered a glider and crib on 9/30/2018. The Gilder was suppose to be ready for delivery between 11/14 - 11/21 and I've called 7 times since then (when the status of my order never changed online). No one knows where they glider is...nor do any of the reps have engagement with third party vendors (So they couldn't give me information if they wanted to). It's also incredibly difficult to get a hold of anyone that DOES interact with the vendor to get me some kind of answer (say a supervisor and/or a department that DOES engage with vendors) In short - the baby is here...but no glider and no delivery date in sight.

I am giving 1 star for the process they have with vendors/the quality if their vendors - not the interaction I've had with customer service. They can't help that they have no access to ANY sort of information...Also - the vendor they are working with hasn't even responded for nearly 2 months now on a status.

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I ordered a baby doll stroller for my grand daughter, The item arrived with defective and missing wheels, After numerous calls to customer services we were told to ship it back for a replacement,
Getting a shipping label off PB's web site was impossible, the app asked for information about the order but would not accept any information we provided, included zip code and name. Never mind that the name and proof of purchase showed on another screen, which could have been easily used to populate the fields and get us the shipping label.
So after 2 weeks and many calls still no shipping label and we get yessed to death by incompetent support staff.
It;s the WORSE shopping experience ever, Stay away from Pottery Barn online shopping

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So I ordered four bean bags for my nieces in October and was guaranteed delivery by November 24 after the date past I spoke with Courtney Randolph from customer care who promised to followup with me and she never answered by phone call or emails. So on December 11 four big boxes were delivered and they had no slip covers which of course I ordered. I was told now they were out of stock. I will NEVER EVER order from them again. They treated me terrible as a customer who spend $443.00

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I ordered Snowman for Christmas and few days later they emailed me it's unavailable what a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!Really!!!!!!!

1 review
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Anyone who is leaving more than a one star review for Pottery Barn Kids has either been paid off, works for the company, or hasn't actually used the product yet because let me tell you- it is JUNK. Overpriced, poorly made, piece of garbage, complete junk. We received the Colton backpack as a gift and it frayed and disintegrated within 2 weeks. Customer service won't do anything to remedy it because I don't have the order number- it was a gift and I don't want the giver to feel badly that they wasted their money by asking for the order details. Very sad that they are coasting along on the "quality" Pottery Barn name but then don't even allow reviews on their website of their crappy products to warn other potential customers.

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I attempted to buy a Morgan Storage Desk which was on sale for almost two hours. I was able to select the item, but was either unable to process or disappeared from the cart. I waited for a customer service rep who then pushed me back into queue; called back and got another rep who replicated the problem I was having but couldn't fix it; she pushed me to a "furniture expert" who never answered. In the meantime, I was unable to purchase the desk I wanted to give my grandson for Christmas. All around failure from an eCommerce experience through customer service delivery.

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I ordered couple of items from pottery barn kids online store. A wrong item was delivered and I was instructed to either return to a local store or send back via ups in order to get correct item ship out. I chose former. And after days returning item to store, I received no info when the correct item will be shipped. Called customer service again and all in a sudden I was told I should return through ups and there is no note indicating i've made the return. I'll call store tomorrow and hopefully get this straight... Their business process is extremely inconvenien, not to mention terrible customer agent. I got transferred during the call without any reason, and has to re-explain the whole situation..

Should read all these reviews and stay away from pottery barn kids. Lesson learned

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I was thinking of ordering furniture, and hit purchase by accident on my phone--worst mistake I ever made. This was late at night so I called immediately the next day to cancel, was told that my order had gone to shipping to be processed, and so couldn't be cancelled with a regular customer service agent. Ok. Had to be connected to a different department and was disconnected THREE TIMES after a wait of 20 minutes or more. FINALLY got through on the fourth try and cancelled the order. Was told that the order would not ship and we would get a credit back to our card in 5-7 business days. Time passed, that did not happen. Had to call AGAIN, finally got a reasonable person on the phone who cancelled the FURNITURE portion of the order, and never sent a receipt notifying me of the refund, even though she checked my email on the phone right now for the millionth time trying to get the $299 shipping charges reversed since NOTHING EVER SHIPPED. You people need to get a better billing system to take this burden off of your potential customers. I had never ordered from them before and because of this I will NEVER purchase anything from this story ever again.

1 review
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WORST customer service ever. SHAME on you. BIG SHAME. This is the second time that we order a piece of furniture from you and never receive the item or any update from you until we call ten times and each time hold for like an hour until they find someone who can track it and even then the only answer is "it is in process"!! And on top of that playing with our nerves and patience and just keep escalating the frustration!! Big shipping fee for this bull$#*! service?!!! Had we not called to inquire about the item it would go unnoticed forever and you NEVER bother to do anything to compensate for all the trouble you make for your clients. NEVER SHOP AGAIN FROM YOU AND WILL TELL ALL FAMILY AND FRIENDS AROUND US ABOUT YOUR BAD SERVICE. YOU DON't worth the time and energy of anyone.

1 review
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Good luck talking to someone to solve your problem
After being on hold for over an hour to cancel my order and issue merchandise credit
They hung on me, when I called back they transferred me 10 times each time waiting for another 15 minutes each time!
I'd rather spend the extra money on restoration hardware where the solve your issue in minutes

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Probably the worst store policy ever! I purchased a $200 westport doll house for my niece. The house is less then a year old and she is 5 and prob played with it 4 times. the whole inside collapsed and is not fixable. I contacted customer service and they informed me that they have a 30 day return policy and there's nothing they can do. I asked to speak to a manger, was literally on hold for 20 min and got no one on the line. The phone got disconnected (how convenient) So I call the store from where I purchased and again they explain there's nothing they can do. I'm sorry but if you pay $200 or more for something it should last for more than a year!!!

I never heard of a company not honoring their products or standing by them. Clearly they don't believe in their products which is why they don't care to fix or replace a defective item. I highly suggest you don't buy anything from POTTERY BARN KIDS especially if you want your children to actually play with it and enjoy it for years to come.

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A link was sent to me for a registry of a baby shower. We were unable to attend so we thought this was a convenient way to send a gift. We paid the $6 extra for gift wrapping. A week later a package arrived at my door, not the recipient of the gift. I called and Pottery Barn said, oh, you can send that back and we'll get it to the registered person. While on the call I opened the box and, surprise, it's not even wrapped! You charged $6, know it's a registry, so go figure, I would have never known. Poor way to run a business. Cannot trust them.

1 review
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My baby registry was Pottery Barn kids. I buy all gifts from Pottery Barn Kids as well. However, I will not be shopping their again, due to my terrible and frustrating customer service. I had called customer service due to poor quality of bookends I received from Pottery Barn. The book ends were for my daughter's room. The tips of the noses fell of both bookends after falling a few inches onto carpeted floor. My daughter proceeded to pick these pieces up and put them in her mouth I would not have bought these bookends if I knew they were so breakable and hazardous. But even worse, the customer service I received when calling and trying to explain the situation was the worst customer service experience I've ever had. I would not recommend Pottery Barn Kids.

1 review
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Terrible customer service.! After 2 phones calls, the baby gifts I purchased are still on the gift registry as NOT being purchased days later. Yet they say they update it every few hours! Nothing but lies that they correct this and show gifts as being purchased! Tried to make things easier for my daughter-in-law, to not have to return possible double or who knows how many of the same gift! I am beginning to think this is a scam to get more money by having the gifts purchased AGAIN and AGAIN!

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Buy a book bag from pottery barn only if you do not mind it possibly lasting for only 2 months! For $60 this is insane! Customer service does nothing if past 30 days... very disappointed :( Keep in mind the tearing off of the strap occurred from hanging a kindergarteners book bag on a hook in the classroom that stores only a folder and a spare change of clothes. Imagine if he actually had books in there!

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I ordered a "boppy" pillow and a monogrammed linen cover for it. I paid $6 per item ($12) for gift wrapping with a message. The linen cover was on back order so I received it two weeks later then the pillow. When I received the pillow, it was not gift wrapped. After waiting 20 for a customer service rep because they were experiencing unusually heavy call volume, the rep credited me back with the $6 for the pillow gift wrapping. Today the linen cover arrived, and again, no gift wrapping. I have now been on hold for over 20 minutes due to unusually heavy call volume. I want to get my $6 back, but what about the time I have spent on hold, the time I am going to spend going to buy wrapping paper, bows, tape, etc.? Does Pottery Barn have any quality control? Does anyone review an order before it goes out? It does not appear so. If you do not have an incredible amount of time and patience, I would not recommend Pottery Barn Kids. This has been a totally frustrating experience.

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Hi Vicki: We are so sorry to hear about your recent experience when you inquired about your order. Please email our elevated team at and we can then reach out you directly. Thank you.

By Judy E., Rejuvination Representative
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