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Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000, CN
Tel: 86-755-83650148

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1 review
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I bought smart phone from pandawill on 29/10/2015 $110.00usd. My order number 100976668, they shipped on 31/10/2015, track no RF357974798SG, its arrived in my country Malaysia after 5 day. Items hold by customs for 10 days reason items unsealed. Then customs returned back to sender, till now I'm Waiting for new or refund my money back, I never get anything from pandawill, their said not responsible for items rejected by customs. I sent a lot of emails to customer care pandawill, their answers still waiting for parcel are was transit in Singapore now. I'm waiting for 7 month but didn't get anything. Their don't take responsibility for that and blame me my country. Pandawill really fraud and cheating me. I advise for those international consumers /customers don't deal with pandawill, don't take risks. Fraud..

1 review
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i brought a mobile phone from pandawill on 2 dec 2015(made the payment). took insurance, paid for special postage. With out my knowledge pandawill converted it a free shipment. when i contacted them they said postal service is not available in my place, But the fact is i live in downtown and we have that postal service.
When ever i email them they said" international postage it will take time". till date (almost 2 months)same reply. Now they are saying..they will investigate and it will take a bit longer and advice me to be wait.

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I bought a phone last year, on December 19th to be specific, and I still haven't got it. I've been contacting Pandawill's resolution center since January and all they've kept saying is "Please wait for a little more time, we will contact you when we have any information about the package". I'm pissed off, it costed me $77.47 and they haven't refunded my money or sent a replacement. I'm totally angry because I've needed that money many times and they don't want to give it back to me. I already decided I will never buy from the again and I ENCOURAGE EVERYBODY TO STOP BUYING FROM THEM BECAUSE THEY'VE STOLEN MY $77.47 and they don't want to give me a solution since more than 10 months ago.

Tip for consumers: Be sure yo go to Paypal's resolution center first instead of theirs. Don't buy from them if you can.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Please stay away!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Stay out of clearance items or bellow 100$ phones. They will break after very little use and panda will only give you 5$ for repairs. If it cannot be repaired you have to ship it back, pay for the shippment and pray to get your device back. Most of the times you will get the item back without any repair. Refund? Not an option. Bought a Cloudphone for 75$. After one week microphone failed. After 1 month touchpanel peeled off and stopped working. Very little use. It belonged to an old lady. Pandas response? Its a cheap phone, bad luck. Have to admit customer service was a lot better when they started. Had made a lot of purchases of them and did not have any problems but not anymore. The store has changed for worse.

2 reviews
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I don't work for the company, but they definitely stand behind their products. My shipment arrived broken and they were prompt in resolving it for me.

1 review
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They got the money from my credit card Jan 12,2015, according to them the package was in transit Jan 19,2019, they told me take 10'to 20 days more, 30 days later , lol nothing, and now thy say that they have 11 day holiday, no to much bull $#*!.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

After sell service is just a name and big joke
No service!!!!
Bunch of crooks
Bought cell phone (178us$)
Drop dead after 3 weeks
Send back for repair - after 3 month - no date for sending back repaired phone
Received other phone - drop Dead after 1 week
Now ask for new No new - only refurbish - why?
Received not OEM phone
I will not going to be rich or poor with those 178$
But be careful U put your money on deer horn
Garbage Chinese stuff
order # 100774372 Rma # WC0011294

Tip for consumers: It's a gamble to purchase from this site

goods are very poor

1 review
1 helpful vote

BEWARE!!!! they will Lie to you.

Someone updated my order status with a fake tracking number that after two weeks didn't return any information about the parcel. I had to contact customer support and then they gave me another tracking number which has just been posted by EMS which means that they had me waiting two weeks for a parcel that was not going to be delivered because the number was a FAKE.

Still waiting on the phone to arrive (if at all) I will definitely not be buying from this store at all in the future.

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs

1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought an expensive Android phone from Pandawill.

It arrived faulty, the screen was broken, and obviously I requested an RMA to return it for a refund.

They refused to allow me to return it, saying it was my fault, This was on the day it arrived broken.

After days of arguing with them and their AWFUL customer service ''department'', they eventually agreed to allow me to return it, but wanted ME to pay the return postage to China (which costs nearly 30!) and they also wanted a 20% depreciation fee (basically taking 20% of the cost price for themselves and refunding me only 80%)

This was obviously completely outrageous and unacceptable, as THEY were the ones who shipped me a broken phone.

So I opened a PayPal dispute to get my money back. After 30 days, PayPal gave me my money back.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXISTENT and AWFUL, they do not take nay responsibility for ANY returns or refunds, or any damaged stock.



1 review
2 helpful votes

Oh,I bought htm h9001 on price 124$,it took above 2 weeks to arrive,custom took 20euro so phone was quite expensive,it was work for few days,I couldn't here incoming calls,and second screen switched off,so I didn't tell to pandawill that happened like that cause I know that must to send video,and they will no replace or return money,just I will never order from them again!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a phone from Pandawill by confirming the price by asking their staff in live chat. Then got their letter asking for additional 85$.
I told with live chat again and now they are telling me they will cancel the offer if i dont pay the additional money.

Buy something from them only if you belive you are lucky enough and love the risk

2,444 reviews
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1 review
1 helpful vote

i ordered android phone neken n6
Order Date: April 14, 2014
shipping date :2014-04-18
received date : 11/05/2014

customer service is very good

i want order again from them

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I ordered smartphone w450,after few days it doesnt work,I sent it back and they promise me replacement for the new same model,I have proofs. Now they received my package and they told me that they send it on repairing. I told them that I dont want repairing,I want replacement because smartphone stopped in first month. They dont ansvering. Dont buy from pandawill,they are thieves.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Basically I used a zip of 10013 instead of 10014 which for some reason caused DHL to fail to deliver (I've never had any problems with deliveries before). support were completely incapable of tracking the package.

All they kept saying was "Check your local USPS", even after I'd been there in person and USPS had confirmed that they do not handle DHL packages. Then they said their shipping agency had taken the week off as vacation! A whole company on vacation for a whole week. That's great for the customer.

Finally now that it appears as though the package will be returned - BECAUSE I NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO CORRECT THE ADDRESS BECAUSE THEY HAD NO IDEA WHERE THE PACKAGE WAS FOR > 1 MONTH - I have to pay $15 in delivery costs. Wtf. Avoid.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Definetely Scammers, ripping you off your money with no intention of delivery .
Real piracy site

1 review
2 helpful votes

Do not buy ever at, except you can wait for your device sometimes more than two months, and if you expect the device to work forever. As when it comes to problems, they are unable to communicate and help you in your problem. I have ordered several phones from them, all of them had problems. And when I sent them back, they told me not all accessories were in the box, though I am sure I sent everything back. They will take your money and show the finger.
Ah, and they told me at the beginning of January that they will send back the item for repair at the end of February. THIS IS NOT A CUSTOMERSUPPORT. Pandawill is not a trustable company, do not ever buy from

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

People should be careful to buy on the interent,Maomaomal offer the best Chinese Android phones and tablets,include the brand ZOPO,THL,Lenovo,ZTE,XiaoMi,highly recommend the phone THL 100s,NEO N003,ZOPO ZP998,and the Xiaomi Mi3, accept the payment by paypal,it is the most safety payment methods,if some problems happened,customers can ask the claim and get refund from paypal,and also the provide 30 days money back warranty,that is great, Now use the Coupon: MMMNEWYEAR,customers can get another 8% off for the order vaule!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I purchased a smart phone (over $ 300). From the start things went wrong. It took 2 weeks for process the order (they said 2 days) it turns out they do not have the phone; long story short I received the phone after 69 days to be surprised that the Camera does not work and few scratches on the screen (clearly an used phone); And the emails marathon started;
- They requested photos and videos.
- They asked me to repair it in my country for a "reasonable amount" and record the process for their approval
- Finally they asked to return it only for reparation (which I refused! Will take 65 days to get there and another 65 days to have it back)
Up to now I have sent 30 emails (an email everyday) asking for replacement or refund; to receive the same response yet signed by different name ( clearly that Pandawill has only one person but with a million English names), their only response is SEND BACK THE PHONE FOR REPARATION; according to their policy they dont accept replacement nor refund..!!!!! In conclusion; if you want to waste your money deal with Pandawill, they are professionals at steeling you hard work money.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have spent well over $1000 on 2 cube tablets, mobile phones, bluetooth speakers, electronic cigarettes, shavers, halloween costumes and even seeds. Every single thing I have bought from them has been of inferior quality and has either been sent back (at my own cost) for repair which takes over 3 months each time or thrown into the bin as garbage. Pandawills customer service is truly appalling and I will never shop with them again. You have been warned !!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered two tablet PCs from them -- in 18 days still don't know what's going on with the order -- it's not shipped yet. DON"T BE FULL WITH THERE PRICES (10-15$ lower then in other China stores). They are selling what they don't have and then you are waiting for months for the order. Also, from other web reviews I understand, that often they are shipping used, broken or not according to the ordered specifications products. This store is Very, very bad choice for buying.

1 review
1 helpful vote

"Unfortunately I have no other choice than leaving a bad review here. I got the phone in a two weeks time and the item was as described but the back button stopped working after a couple of months. After contacting Pandawill I've been told to pay the shipping costs to send it back to them and they would then repair it. I don't understand why I would have to pay shipping costs if the product isn't working well nor do I know what I'm supposed to do all the time they will take to fix it. Sorry, it's probably not about the phone but about Pandawill."

139 reviews
1,314 helpful votes

I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this but this is the way I feel....

If you buy from websites based in China a good rule of thumb is don't buy technology (phones, computers, cars etc...) and food (baby food, formula etc...).
If you buy anything at all... textiles and cheap plastic things like cd holders and make sure they aren't priced over $5. This goes for palm reading too.

PS. Don't order more than one item at a time that way your never out more than $5.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought a cheap 7" tablet from PandaWill with a 1yr warranty. After four months, the battery started to drain completely dry when in standby and would last about ten minutes in normal operation. I emailed PandaWill's help line and was first told that I'd caused the problem somehow - I insisted I hadn't - they then offered me a 5% discount on a new one - I asked about repairs - they then asked for videos and photos - I sent them rather uninteresting photos of a dead tablet - they then tried to say that the tablet was over a year old - I sent them the order confirmation - they asked for a video again - I refused and insisted on a repair - they then offered a 6% discount on a new one - again I refused and that is the last I've heard.

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Is this a legit website???

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