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I appreciate the community efforts to inform on misleading and scam websites like the ones that are selling Facebook views and likes.

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Very useful addon, i use this for every site i visit, google integration is awesome.
The only addon that isn't manipulated by other companies and governments.

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i had recenty review they always rating poor only not knowing anything about us we did everything they always check guidelines

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NEVER register your site on MyWoT. They are a bunch of hungry trolls.

Everything is run by "power users" that dominate the voting. They decide which sites are branded "scams" with little or no evidence. Often just to troll an honest site owner.

NOONE listens to them anymore and they have the reputation and trust themselves of a TOILET SEAT!!

They also have no business model. So they depend on selling your browsing data from their browser apps to third parties that then use it for scams.

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8/26/17 team spend their entire time publishing FAKE reviews for all websites
mainly websites that provide service or sell something .
they do this to attract visitors, as when a person want to buy something
or a service he try to look for reviews about the products, and he ends visiting
their website as it has bad review.
I just want to aware people not to trust itself is a scam site

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Im not sure so far. I had to help my sis with an assignment for her writing course. I signed up, ordered the paper, and got a few responses from the writer. I think I chose a good writer. In the end I didnt need the paper, and I had to cancel the order. The writer offered me a full refund. Nice attitude. If I ever need such services again, I think Ill try that writer.

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== Been known for years, but until now nothing has changed ==

I run a blog about Internet fraud and other WWW rip-off and the 10 years. Until August 2016 I found WOT quite well and have often published some opinions about my articles. Until August, on the day when I wanted to have my website evaluated about the WOT Communitie. I can advise any web site owner, especially with a DE domain, of it only. Of because of the possibility that a huge user community then rated the websites. Firstly, the basic language in the forum is English, at least until it becomes unpleasant. And secondly, there is currently only one German evaluator with the pseudonym "Kraftwerk". Whoever deals with this person in the least has lost mercilessly. So I thought at least. I do what bloggers should do in this particular case, I make any experience with this pseudonym public. WOT itself is certainly not bad and most reviews are generally synonymous with my experiences. Only one circumstance I can not understand. For years it hails complaints about "power plant" and most even to right. Why does not WOT do anything about it and its reputation is so undermined. Power station stands for almost everything that is not permissible and nevertheless this person is not braked. But tapping the whole story now would be tiring and boring. The topic "mywot and power station" has become incredibly complex. I have set up my own category in my blog

We were able to collect a lot of almost slaying evidence, as the pseudonym "Kraftwerk" acts and that is doubtless criminal. In the meantime the support is no longer my contact, because this page is definitely nothing. According to our research, ads are reimbursed, lawyers switched on, massive complaints about power station every day, but where is the support? It may also be relevant that the market share of WOT in Germany is very limited. So limited that all complaints are simply "exposed". But what about the many web site operators whose existence has already been destroyed by Kraftwerk?

sorry my English is not so good

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My site received 1 troll review from WOT:
Results are a poor reputation and very poor child safety rating.

It is amazing because our site is child friendly and we have millions of positive reviews from actual customers. You can even read actual ratings and reviews from customers, which are all real. You can't rate or review a product or service unless you made a purchase.

WOT is very damaging to legitimate businesses and everyone should do everything in their power to put this website out of business.

Again, DO NOT USE!

JustAnArtist O.
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There was nothing bad they could really say about my site, so I imagine they are disappointed. What gave me my lesson was when I asked a SIMPLE QUESTION of their "friendly community." LOL

My 'scorecard' (what a joke) was empty. I asked, "I've read the documentation, and submitted the site for evaluation, and know not to request scorecard reviews, so what DO I do to increase my 'reputation?' " Here was the response.

"Submit your site for evaluation." Rather than say "can you read" I asked if that meant to submit a second time, because this person clearly didn't know how to read. Her response?

"Just once. RTFM."

NICE! And maybe you can learn to RTAFQ (read the actual F*****g question?) I didn't reply, I was done at that point, closed my account, don't care.

WOT and their crowd of elitist big mouths are irrelevant. Seriously. No one uses their software for very long, and no one cares about their opinion-based whining. The only reason I went there was a small minor search engine linking to my site made a mention of them. I figured, "why not." Stupid choice.

Think about the bullies that used to beat up the weak in high school and the cheerleaders that grew into miserable human beings, have five kids and hate their lives so badly they can't suffer anyone else to succeed. They all wound up working for WOT.

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as far i am satisfied, as all my search and everything is secured,
it gives clear idea which website is high quality and which is not

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Please never submit your business to this site. As it is a spam website.

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I tried to get a review of my site after acquiring the domain. I had people posting false information that had nothing to to with my company whatsoever. Everyone on the site pretended to be some type of expert but they clearly were not intelligent or tech savvy. There is no moderation whatsoever so anyone can literally post anything without any repercussions. There is definitely a herd mentality in action. I would stay away from this site at all costs. If you're a business just ignore them. Nobody takes anything on there serious.

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Their "Anti-Virus" concept looks great, their "consumer protection" does not. Simply don't like it. I posted a positive review about a product I liked. You see that I posted the review, the overall rating of the product is still 0. Don't understand how this site works! I stay on SiteJabber,com!

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The Web of Trust does not seem to protect people from dangerous sites but rather seems to have a forum with a few anonymous trolls who want to censor the web to say the things they want the web to say. In my opinion the internet already does this work really well. Online scams, untrustworthy links, and unreliable web stores are already outed in forums and with word of month in other communities across the web.

WOT in comparison looks to others like censorship on the web. One small group of peoples' opinion over the majority.

My site was labeled as one that scams people out of money. I'm one of the most successful online instructors on Udemy the market leading online learning site. I have 65,000 students who have taken my course would disagree and they have voluntarily posted over 700 positive reviews. This is the community's opinion.

We don't need a self-appointed internet police who claim to represent a community but actually act only upon their own narrow prejudices and flawed, misinformed opinions. The internet is already "self policed" by Google PageRank, Alexa rank, domain authority, etc., these are real matrices based on fact. Not misrepresentations of one or two individuals.

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Wot was a pretty good tool several years ago.
I have been a member for many years.
But now its very unreliable there are so many
Trolls and idiots that are members with multiple accounts
That have the power to rate it makes wot quite useless,
I dont use wot since a few years now.
And as the saying goes you get what you pay for,
Which is nothing. I would advise anyone that takes security
seriously to buy a Internet security software suite from a well known anti virus software company. Case closed

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these people have the tops power moderators at the top of their pyramid and the lowly ordinary real customers of a site at the bottom of that pyramid. therefore, one power member, who votes on 800 odd websites a day - can destroy the reputation of a site with out dated information, information that doesn't relate to the site. having a registration form to buy from a site- = privacy issues ( even though someone doesn't need to register to just browse . having google ads = "cookies" - even though the actual site has no cookies. having a product that one person , in 35 years, in 91 countries, complained about- ONE PERSON = "I don't trust" - even though the product in question is no longer sold by the head office, even though the company's HQ stopped making that product- ( it's like someone selling baby powder and getting blamed for toxic shock ) - They have no scruples. One even said "bad customer experience" - someone I've NEVER SOLD TO and can PROVE - the poor little distributor gets a " i don't trust". I checked my Alexa and I had ONE VISITOR in the 4 days these childish people were suppose to have evaluated my site- I had one visitor go to my home page only- no where else, Oh, and my site has a "contact us" page- about us page - yet I was told by Crazy Domains if I worked from home, for safety hide my details over the internet. So, I paid extra to have these details hidden, yet if you visit the website you can CLEARLY FIND ---- ( again, I'm accuse " I don't Trust" is left ) and I sell VITAMINS - I'm a carer for a 92 year old who broke her back in 3 places, I use this to have a "hobby" and a little extra. I have worked very VERY hard on my reputation and find this site MYWOT a DISGRACE.

. I'm now labelled " poor for children" and " I don't trust" I'm am going to check the internet for ANY SITE that had WOT and going to tell them of my experience. I contacted support- no response.
BUT - I can fix it- all of have to do is get 10,000 people to join MYWOT, this will increase their "membership" make them look good and give them credibility.
They hide behind the 3rd party law- But, in 2015 that wont wash in most countries. They MAY get away with it but the acutal moderators wont. I've checked. The moderators MUST (by law) produce up to date and factual information- if they are intrusted with a sites reputation. of course, to vote oor do 800 actions a day - a member cannot have a job and is probably on a drug like speed.. how can ANYONE make so many "assessments" in one day and not be on drugs or have a job? Not possible
so- these are the types mywot are entrusting the web of trust with and the company has been told and told - again and again. - yet they do nothing
I ask myself WHY and I find the only answer is they NEED these people, because they have no REAL members. Without them, they are nothing- AND THESE MEMBERS KNOW IT. Without these power crazy, immature, childish, trolls, mywot doesn't exist.
Not one moderator came to my aid- not one.
I was ATTACKED by 3 people and a 4th joined a few days later with " i agree"
didn't visit my site though!
didn't use my site- didn't join - didn't register- didn't TRY to register with fake email or something- but they have decided I am POOR and BAD site for kids.
Web of Trolls - don't use - don't join
Oh- and the MODERATORS have access to your IP and EMAIL addresses

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I trust this site. Safe and accurate,

1 review
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As a long term wot member and site owner I have experienced wot from both sides. I did have issues with my site, but they were quickly resolved.
There are sometimes problems with manipulation, but everyone is blaming the wrong members. If you check their ratings you will see that being active doesn't automatically give them super powers. The members doing the damage don't usually leave comments, they just rate sites. It does bug me that they have this ability and I believe their rating should be lowered if they don't give an explanation.
Wot doesn't pay people to rate, they don't have the money.
Yes you can buy ratings from other sites, but it wont help you as many of those selling ratings are known to wot staff and have no power, they are conmen.

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Here's my personal experience with MyWOT. It's a long review, but do read it before installing the add-on.

The idea of Web of Trust was good initially, aiming at preventing you from visiting a website deemed unsafe by WOT community members. But it has been misused by the moderators and owners of the WOT community.

How is WOT a SCAM?
The algorithm used by WOT is TOTALLY FLAWED. Here are a few reasons..

Suppose you and your 1000 other friends like a new website which gives much useful information about Children and how to take care of children. A genuine site providing useful information.
Now You and your 1000 other friends vote positive for the site in the WOT plugin.

But, Wait:
Now a moderator of the WOT who might be a children hater, or having some mental disorder sitting at some dark corner of the world, who has no love for children, votes the site negative. And BAM, now the genuine and useful site you and your 1000 other friends loved, shows as an unsafe site in WOT. Also the WOT plugin prevents you from opening the site.

Because a vote of a moderator or so called elite member of WOT has thousand times more weightage than yours.

WOT do prevents you from known spam sites but it cant be totally trust in case of business sites and personal blogs as the ratings are totally biased.. There are much more better unbiased security addons avaliable which is monitored by experts on their field

Would you support such kind of rating system with no equality among users??

Web of trust gives no guarantee about the browsing history and your other information which the plugin stores. WOT is a start-up company which plans for profit in future. It might seem free today, but with all your private data,


Reason #3: WOT is abusing the freedom of Internet
The internet is free, and the best platform to express the opinion of people. And thanks to projects like linux and firefox, we can be assured that it will always be..

But Sites like WOT abuse this freedom of internet. A bunch of freaks, rating websites, damaging hard earned reputation of brands, by the click of a button, thinking of it as a game. The more you rate the more score you get.. Stupid..

WOT would be good only if the rating system changes, and the moderators and owners realize that it takes effort to build a brand and gain the love of its customers... The moderators need to stop thinking themselves as some superheroes born to protect the world from spam.

This was my experience with facts about my WOT and how I feel it is not at all useful, unless they change their algorithm.. You can read more by doing a simple google search for Is WOT a spam? and you will get a million other reasons why not to use this add-on..

Rest your call.. God Bless!!

Read more if you are a site owner:

If you are a site owner:

NEVER EVER submit your site for evaluation on their forums. The site evaluation is just meant for known spam sites to try to recover their ratings. Its not for new blogs or brands.

The moderators having no idea of running any business will simply insult you again and again, and finally after all the insult you will always end up having a bad rating for your site for a totally unjustified reason, which is not given by people of your country, or people who love your brand.

It is totally biased on the moderators view of the world.. Your site might be country specific or you might be sharing your opinion an an issue on your site, which if contradicts with the opinion of the moderators, or the moderator is just a anti-social person, will result in getting a bad rating for you.

There do a couple of good members who will first point the defects on your site, and would give you time to correct those before rating, but overall you will definitely have a bad experience with people who have no understanding of your business and who are not ready to listen..


P.S: I had a really bad experience with my WOT both as a customer and as a site owner..

Do some more research and If you too feel that WOT is a scam aiming at dominating the freedom of the Internet, then do aware others about it...

23 reviews
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It's intuitive, easy to use and the chrome extension warns you if you open a dangerous site


Would be quite practical to have a toast notification giving you information's (score, most voted comments) that pop-up for few second after you open a new site, style "Ghostery".

-- BUGS --

When I click on "sort by agree" I don't get the right order of the comments.

Tip for consumers: When I click on "sort by agree" I don't get the right order of the comments.

I also noticed that writing a review about "", on mywot system, takes longer time to save (idle waiting time) than when you write for any other site, I hope is just a one time episode.

15 reviews
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myWOT is abusive and criminal. they allow multiple accounts so their rating system is unfair and harmful to your site. Here is a screenshot of a message on "request a site evaluation" PUBLIC FORUM. They claim to evaluated the 'trustworthiness' and 'child safty" of a site. Yet they are biased and judge unfairly. Pictured is the response from one of their demeaning and sarcastic power players..

Tip for consumers: don't even think about it

5 reviews
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This is a service where everyone can take part to make the web a safer place.

Tip for consumers: Rate any site that you had an experience with good, bad, or neutral. Use WOT wiki to know how WOT works, and most of all don't get it confused with

4 reviews
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Not a reliable review or rating website. My website got attacked by 1 person. When I asked why, he posted on a board on that everyone should rate my website badly. Which additional poor ratings came in once that was published. I then read countless accounts of how people on mywot do group attacks and gang up on you. I also went to (which will be the next website I rate) and had them improve my rating. It took about 2 months to get me from red to light green, so for that I'm happy. Don't trust ratings/review. It seems like it's mostly online trolls trying to bully people around but what they really do is try to unfairly hurt your online business' credibility. I'm not sure how they get away with this sort of thing.

13 ratings were submitted through the Sitejabber Browser Extension

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