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Overview has a consumer rating of 2.91 stars from 383 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. also ranks 7th among Mmorpg sites.

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Positive highlights

  • And also the customer support is absolutely top class!
  • If you use paypal they require a verification but then you can request for a phone verification.

Critical highlights

  • My son asked me to buy him some Fifa coins so we bought 400,000.
  • They then requested photo ID which was annoying but I did so.
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Top Positive Review

“Sortd at the end but a bit long”

Ergel H.

I purchased a licence and payment was taken but I was asked for proof of ID. When I complained, both online and d8rectly to them, they did respond within 2 hours and resolved my issue. Everything worked out well at the end. Just wish they didn't put extra hurdles in the first place

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Top Critical Review

“FIFA 19”

onurkan i.

After i buy 100 k coins just read the photo with support. Shame realyy shame. They say none stock then why did you selling that item right?

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fifa coins (57) customer support (12) photo id (12) customer service (13) paypal account (8) mule account (9) phone verification (8) phone number (9) credit card (10) 5 minutes (11) 2 hours (12) 10 minutes (11)
1 review
11 helpful votes
June 30th, 2015
Well i have got coins from mmoga 4 times and it all went ok but today i just purchased 3,500,000 coins and i paid by phone credit when i compleated the order thay sent me an email saying thay are being investigated for fraud so they wanted me to do an email verification but the form will download but wont open so that tells me one day thay are ok and another day thay are scammers sort it out mmoga or close you website!!!
1 review
4 helpful votes
April 28th, 2015
I payed for 2 million coins on fut and it didnt give me my coins but it took the money off me.
2 reviews
2 helpful votes
February 19th, 2015
Got a 3ds code from them earlier in the week no problem.

Don't try to buy psn codes from them though. They try and get you to send them your drivers license, a photo and some more details. Identity theft here they come?

Didn't fall for their little scam, will get a refund via PayPal and wait til my usual site has what I want in stock
1 review
6 helpful votes
January 17th, 2015
when i brought fifa 15 android coins it hasnt been given to me and its has been 11 hours and counting wwwwwhhhhyyyy!!!!!
1 review
8 helpful votes
November 13th, 2014
their only problem is that the live support is always offline and the verification thingy where u have to send them a photo of u and ur passport which is really bad and annoying which will not improve their business at all they could've been great but.......... :/

Tip for consumers: u can buy from them but there is a risk of having the same problem as every body which is the verification and the live support being off :/

1 review
2 helpful votes
September 19th, 2013
i Recently tried to buy fifa coins off this site, i paid for them in full and did not recieve them. I emailed them about it and a few days later got on the website and used their chat service. THat day they had increased the price of the coins exponentially and said that the only way i'd get the coins would be to get a refund and then repurchase at an economic loss to myself which is against their terms and conditions. They do not follow their legally binding terms and conditions. I WOULD NOT PURCHASE FROM HERE
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 3rd, 2013
I would not recommend this site, i bought fut coins and didn't receive it after 24 hrs. After I contacted the live support, they said i need verify my payments, as you can see in the link i provided below-
Here is the file i need to fill out to verify my payment -
I am pretty sure they are trying to scam me so i refused to do it. I asked for refund and they said it is gonna take 60 days to process. In the end though, they gave me the refund right away after i said i will wait 60 days. I suggest not to buy from this site if you don't want to waste your time.
1 review
8 helpful votes
April 22nd, 2014
You really ought to read my story...

Right, so recently I got into this bad habit of buying cheaper codes for steam games, so I was casually google-ing the cheapest website that had Xcom: Enemy Unknown. I found "mmoga" and they had it for like 6-7 dollars. Really cheap, much cheaper than other websites. Being hasty and and a sucker for such a deal I bought a code. The code was said to be delivered in 5 minutes and you know what... it was. Within 5 minutes I got my code... except it had already been used.


Oh well, mistakes can happen, especially in this business. So I casually went to their website and saw that they had live support... except it was offline.


Oh well they had e-mail support, which I don't really like since I much prefer live chat, but I sent them my situation in an e-mail.

In the meantime I was visiting their website from time to time just checking to see if their chat was live and when I finally got into a chat with a representative. I was lucky to get into a chat with someone who barely spoke English and probably didn't fully understand my problem. He/She was trying to convince me that I have entered the code wrong or that my steam account already had the game installed I just didn't realize it.


I understand that there are a lot of users out there that don't know much about computers but I am not one of them which I told the representative but she still insisted that I must have installed them already or that the code was entered wrong. After he/she finally believed me... YES I thought, finally I am getting somewhere with this... he/she told me they needed proof. Basically saying: "We believe you sir are lying!" and told me to send them screenshots of me entering the correct code and the error message I received. The e-mail response from them arrived to telling me pretty much the same!

... FINE! I did that! And I sent them the shots.

So again I waited. FYI it has been two days by that time.

So when I finally receive an e-mail from them they want YET MORE PROOF!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?? They wanted me to contact steam support, give them the used code I got from them and ask when it had been used, but not to mention that I got it of them otherwise I wouldn't get it.

By this point I was reaching my limit! I politely asked, shouldn't your customer service be able to handle this (I laughed as I wrote that) and naturally they said "NOPE" but all I heard was: "Blah, blah, blah you are trying to steal another code from us, blah, blah, blah, we don't believe you, blah, blah, blah, go on this wild goose chase".

GRRRR! But! Being the sucker that I am! I still did it. I went on steam support, opened a question and steam support responded saying that the code had INDEED been used on a different account but they wouldn't say when!

Print-screen *Click* I got yet more evidence that testifies my innocence.

I sent them the code and the next day (4th day) that time.

I received two e-mails from them.
The first one said... that they wanted the actual date.
ARE YOU F*****G kidding me? I thought, I was almost about to file a complaint on paypal but luckily the second E-mail had the code.

I guess after they sent the first E-mail they must have realized that maybe I wasn't such an evil thief.

So I finally entered the code and YES!!! THERE IT WAS!!! XCOM


ENEMY WITHIN (probably)... the expansion pack... which I couldn't install because I didn't have enemy unknown.

... by this point I didn't even care... I just sent them another e-mail telling them what happened with screenshots, even promising I wouldn't use the DLC code I got (and I really won't because I like to be as legit as I can).

They told me to wait. And finally the sent me the correct code just 10 minutes ago.

I have xcom now.

So how do you think mmoga hold up!

Well, I didn't enjoy their service very much. They certainly have the games you want and they certainly are cheap but unless you want to go thru everything I just went thru I really wouldn't do business with them
1 review
10 helpful votes
October 18th, 2014
What a carry on!! I ordered a £35 PSN code from MMOGA quite simply because ot was recomended by popular Youtubers such as WroetoShaw and KSIOlajidebt so I did so and i got told my code would arrive within 5-10 minutes... 30 minutes later NOTHING so i decided to get in touch with the live support who of course were offline and i eventually heard back 3 hours later where i got told by somebody i needed to take a photo of my passport and then i picture of ME HOLDING THE passport. I wasnt sure if i wanted to go ahead but i eventually did and 8 HOURS LATER they got back to me saying the picture was unclear... As you can imagine i was beyond pissed... Eventuallly however, 28 hours after i ordered i recieved my PSN code but the service was absolutely shocking despite getting there in the end. I would never recomend MMOGA to anyone looking for PSN codes ever. I wish i had looked at the other reviews before buying at MMOGA myself because i wouldnt have went ahead. WHAT A FARCE!!
3 reviews
2 helpful votes
January 24th, 2015
I bought a 60 day gamecard of eso online.
I am not pleased with the customer service at all.
I now have to wait 1-2 days for it.
When i bought it MMOGA guaranteed that i would get it in 5-10 minutes.
I sent a complaint mail and they said that they were only sorry. I wanted to know when my gamecard was coming. And said this: unfortunately, your purchased product is currently sold out. I bought the product when it was available.
From now on i will not buy things from MMOGA anymore since the lack of customer service and. They could have sent a mail to me that my product will be delayed.

EDIT: I have gotten the ESO 60 day code, I ordered it the 24 of January and I got it 27 of January. I got it 3 days after i ordered it. MMOGA is not a service i would use again, If you are like me and you want a 60 day gamecard for ESO. Instead of MMOGA use G2A.
It took G2A 5 minutes to get me my ESO code.

Tip for consumers: Do not buy from this site. Even FIFA coins shouldn't be able to sell here since you can get banned from FIFA.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes
January 29th, 2015
Used in past without an issue. Ordered the wrong game yesterday and cannot claim the code in my region(country). Emailed them to get a refund and it seems i was answered by an illiterate retarded ape. He tells me sure we can refund it if it wasnt claimed. I explained to him yes it wasn't claimed etc and i'm sorry to give him extra work. Next email i get says no we cannot refund it. I ask why and the next few emails said you have received the code. I know i have received the code you retard. I explain to him further why i cannot use the code(explaining the region issues etc on xbox store). Next email says maybe the code cannot be claimed due to region issues, NO $#*! SHERLOCK CAN YOU NOT READ!!(at this point i realised i was dealing with a imbecile who would struggle to beat a brain dead rat in a mental tug of war). The issue has been escalated with paypal and my bank, THANK YOU MMOGA FOR WASTING 3 HOURS OF MY $#*!ING LIFE DEALING WITH THE BRAINDEAD $#*!WIT YOU CALL "CUSTOMER SUPPORT". The only support i saw was the life support for his clearly dying/dead brain.

Will i use mmoga again......NO
Will i recommend mmoga...NO
Was their customer support of a semi decent standard.....YOU READ AND DECIDE



since the order has already been completed, it cannot be cancelled/exchanged anymore.
\"Digital goods\" are not suitable for a return due to their nature, so the payment cannot be refunded either.
Please have a look at our General Business Terms for more detailed information:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Bei Rückfragen stehen wir Ihnen selbstverständlich zur Verfügung.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Ihr Support Team

Verpassen Sie nicht die MMOGA Facebook Seite auf
Neuigkeiten, BETA Keys, Gewinnspiele und noch mehr erwarten Sie!

Falls noch nicht geschehen, fügen Sie diese Email Adresse Ihrem Adressbuch hinzu.
Somit wird sichergestellt, dass keine Emails im Spam Ordner landen.
Live Support:

Dieser Support wird Ihnen vom zuständigen Verkäufer bereitgestellt.

I HOPE PEOPLE SEE THIS AND STAY WELL CLEAR OF THIS $#*!TY WEBSITE. The only website in the gaming category that refuses to ever do refunds. $#*! YOU MMOGA AND SCREW YOUR $#*!TY 4 BRAIN CELLED STAFF

Tip for consumers: Do not use it especially if you need to deal with their inept retarded staff

1 review
1 helpful vote
March 13th, 2018
I placed an order for some WoW gametime since it was the cheapest option.

I made an account, placed the order, was billed through paypal, and after actually paying the money, they required extra identification through a phone call. While I don't liked the fact that they waited after payment to ask for this, I tried to do it, and their automated system failed a few times, until blocking me, and asking for a passport scan and webcam photo!

There's absolutely no excuse for this being needed, and off course I would never give a passport scan to anyone.

I emailed them about cancelling the order and refunding the payment, and indeed they did it within few hours, so its not a total scam. The whole identification system makes it completely unacceptable though.

Q&A (56)


I would NEVER send such personal data. When they asked me I refused and sent then a copy of my PayPal verification email, they immediately sent me a key # for the product I purchased. Unfortunately this key # would not work in my country, all requested for a refund were refused and thankfully I had used PayPal and they issued me a refund. Would not purchase from this site again.

By Thiessen E.
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yes you will have to buy a new membership or try and get a free trail to get the coins out of your mule account ps store offer a free 14 day one.

By danny c.

My experience is that they may take your money anyway. I threatened them with the EU banking code and my banks anti-fraud department and they coughed up my money. I would not order from them again. Take a look at all the negative ratings. You may make yourself wide open to identity theft if you send the identification documents that they required me to send.

By Stephen R.
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no you can do a mule account or a player auction

By William H.
See more answers (2)

I bought a download link and license key from them and have had no unauthorised activity on my card, so I don't think they're scammers and I would be happy to buy from them again.

By Peter S.
See more answers (2)

For me it took three days to do a mule account. But in the end it did arrive. There is a lot of people demanding coins as it it team of the season.

By Hugo L.
See more answers (2)

it is reliable but it takes quite a lot of time for it to come through]

By William H.

because ms want your money and will charge you more than you paid.

By danny c.

how did you buy them? mule account or comfort trade

By danny c.

If you bought with eBay tell them that you're going to open a dispute if they do not respond to your email and offer you a refund or the code.

By Malcolm C.

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