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Mingle2 has a consumer rating of 1.67 stars from 99 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Mingle2 also ranks 205th among Dating sites.

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  • Here name is Dganne Istariray Tumacas Mauanay, guys stay away from asians women the are the most horrible people´s.
  • Also, beware that many women post fake photos and give out phone numbers that are only used for texting.
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Top Positive Review

“The Best dating site”

Priscillah K.

I have been in different dating but Mingle is really trying. It is here where i found my better half... my Mr right... We have been dating for a while and now we are planning for our wedding... we have set the date and everything is planned... I am a kenyan and i met my dutch man here. Thankyou so much Mingle... You will meet fake people, scammers but dont give up... really people are there... genuine people do exist... keep on searching.

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Top Critical Review

“Rip Off”

Stephen L.

This site is pathetic and a total RIP OFF! There thousands of profiles and as a paid member now going on week four, have yet to meet someone that is being honest about where they live. Also, beware that many women post fake photos and give out phone numbers that are only used for texting. I have been asked repeatedly for money and the site has no integrity or verification of members true photo, location or age. What a waste of my time!

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people (28) women (24) money (29) scammers (30) profiles (30) phone number (7) credit card (3)
1 review
17 helpful votes
April 21st, 2020
This site is pathetic and a total RIP OFF! There thousands of profiles and as a paid member now going on week four, have yet to meet someone that is being honest about where they live. Also, beware that many women post fake photos and give out phone numbers that are only used for texting. I have been asked repeatedly for money and the site has no integrity or verification of members true photo, location or age. What a waste of my time!
1 review
8 helpful votes
August 19th, 2020
This scam is run with military precision and they have gathered all the scammers from around the globe. Someone should wage war against them and shut them down for misusing ( stealing) photos of sexy women for fraudulent purposes. I lost count of how many times I have been asked for money. Women try to scam the men on Mingle2. Don't be conned into this fraudulent business!
3 reviews
22 helpful votes
April 1st, 2020
I have joined the site a couple of months ago and I immediately found that they're mixed photos, profiles men and women and I tried to delete my profile right away, but the site did not allowed me and I requested the site administration to delete my complete profile but they just played games and asked me to do it from my dead end regardless I was unable to do it at the first time. The site is the worst dating site. Stay away of this site because you don't find any good partner in there at all.
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 5th, 2020
I heard that Mingle2 was a scam but since I'm very stubborn I had to check it out myself. So I met bunch of scammers and I was asked for money 9 times in one month. Later on I started dating with a lady I met on the other site and I stopped my search. But I'm still getting "I will love you if you help me out with $200" emails from the women I met on Mingle2.
1 review
12 helpful votes
January 8th, 2020
Total scam! All the profiles of men are fake! Then out of know where they started billing me for $47.99. I have tried to get my money back from paypal and they won't refund it stating that it was a reoccurring billing and I have tried to get my money refunded from the site and they have refused to refund my money. In total they have charged me almost $200! DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE!
1 review
9 helpful votes
July 15th, 2020
Filled with scammers. No verification. You are drowned in fake profiles and matches that clog up your account and are difficult to remove. Superficially, the design is OK, but many features do not work well. For example, after one of the scammers is "deactivates" all of the winks and nudges still sit on your account.
1 review
12 helpful votes
February 11th, 2020
Watch for a Paul Schmidt he is asking for money. He claims he is in Dubai on a business trip and he is short money to have his ship ment delivered to some country
He was asking for help and said he would promise to pay back. He asked me to send money Ghana... beware he is a low life.
1 review
1 helpful vote
May 20th, 2020
I've been on this dating site for about 10 days now. It is nothing but fake profile pictures and people trying to get you to send them gift cards.the so-called women say that they have a child and need you to send them a Google play card to keep them busy before you come over. The best one I've heard is that a so-called woman said her sister needed tampons and asked if I would pick up an Amazon card. Of course they want you to take a picture of the receipt and passcode and send to them before they even give you an address. I'd be curious to know how many guys fall for that.
1 review
2 helpful votes
June 21st, 2020
I've met some beautiful women and they all want to go to the hangout app. Once your on the hangout app the problems start. They want you to buy Amazon or Ebay or youtube cards from Walmart with 100.00 balaces on them. So far every women asks and whats even more weird is the women all talk with (am) beginning in the sentence. Coincidence no lol.
Am loving talking to you. Am happy i met you. They talk the same or is it the same people with fake profiles?
1 review
7 helpful votes
August 7th, 2020
Total BS, mostly fake profiles run by the site themselves, DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS SITE. They are nothing but a bunch of low life scam artists.
1 review
10 helpful votes
February 16th, 2020
Beware if they ask for steam wallet delete there messages or phone right away. Don't give money it's a scam. Both girls asked for money within first week.
1 review
1 helpful vote
May 15th, 2020
So I just experienced first hand how horrible this site can be if it's not webcam scams it's people asking for money casue their hard up, and if it's not that it's people trying for a google voice number, maybe you can find love on this site, mostly you'll just find people trying to make a quick buck of the lonely and single
1 review
4 helpful votes
February 8th, 2018
Not the worst site in australia but not quite the best either, that accolade stays with wejustfit.com for a while longer at least. Thing with Mingle2 is it has the numbers but lacks the bloody cool people, you know? I may be in my 30s but I like to think im still down with sydney's cool crowd and EH just makes me feel a little conservative and serious. But like I said, the numbers are bonzer.
1 review
1 helpful vote
August 1st, 2020
I'm getting compatible clients from over 2 years ago when I tried the site, but no one for this week, this month, this year! What was the point of the profile? Don't waste your money.
3 reviews
22 helpful votes
November 26th, 2019
I was warned by forum moderator to stop posting and warning people about scammers that this site is full of, how ridiculous is that? This site is full of fake profiles and scammers fishing for emails. And lots of photoshopped images of teenage girls to make them look mature. Don't join and give them one cent!
1 review
8 helpful votes
July 10th, 2020
Full of bots, scammer, prosties and cam girls, a waste of money and time. Dont pay for it or you'll regret it
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 1st, 2020
Don't wast your time these people aren't honest... Scammers heaven
1 review
8 helpful votes
August 8th, 2020
I'm 68 and tried Mingle2 as it was advertised as a BBW site. I asked for someone 65+. The questions were good concerning myself but didn't at all question what type of person I was looking for. This same question if asked to the guys, would have excluded me as a match either because of age or because I am a larger woman. As a result, if I was matched at all, I heard from guys 35 years old and even younger, ones I could easily be their grandmother. I heard from guys who advertised that they took pride in exercising their bodies, which is code words that they would like that equally in a woman meaning the typical "thin, slender & athletic". So I found it to be amusing, frustrating, and a big waste of time. I also found many of the respondents were fake. Ones who said they lived in Iived their whole lives in America, but spoke as if they were from another country and obviously not an English speaker. For example, someone told me they were from Indiana and I asked questions about the town because I knew it. They could not answer any of the questions and quickly evaded. Several gentlemen immediately wanted to get off the Mingle2 site and asked for me to speak with them on WhatsApp or through email. But worst of all, it seemed that I was the oldest person on the site.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 18th, 2020
I would honestly say that about 98% of the people on here are scammers. Now the date site allows people with an account to go in and change their username and gender at will and post nude or disgusting photos so as a woman interested in men I have these "men" in their early 20's viewing my profile and then all of a sudden they have changed their usernames and gender and then post a womans picture. I DON'T WANT TO SEE WOMENS PICTURES! THIS DATE SITE DOES NOTHING TO STOP THIS ACTIVITY. This whole operation is escort services using Mingle 2 to run their business and again they won't stop this!
2 reviews
9 helpful votes
May 26th, 2020
Ill start my review by saying to everyone thats complaining they steal your money? You do all realize you can join and have a profile FOR FREE right? Trust me, i dont like this site but they are one of the few that offer messaging for free, which is why you join at all, im sry you had your account double billed or whatever happened but the minute you decided to pay you deserve it, a pop up even comes up saying WE ARE A FREE WEBSITE TO MESSAGE USERS, so, onto my review,

Im not mad that they have fake profiles, i've been using dating websites off and on since oh,... 2005? Im used to it, what i dont like about this site is the profile deletion and verification methods, it seems the mods really have NOTHING TO DO except scroll profiles, ask you to verify your real then delete you, then oops, try making a new account with NON OFFENSIVE HEAD SHOTS and they delete you after ohh, 11 seconds if your lucky to quickly make a profile, im sry, but if they are that concerned with fake profiles, just close the site, sell the URL, or dont let the mods do it 24/7, i think at 1 point i tried joining 5 times in a day, using the same pictures, selfies/smiling, a few with my body COMPLETELY dressed, unless being in flip flops is breaking the rules? Then i go to search users and i get the verification page, its not the fact that i cant verify my picture, i can easily take a picture holding my finger to my teeth going 'shhheeesh' my point is they keep the profiles with a very cute naked girl but delete the normal ones? Again i've NEVER PAID, but if they overbill you thats your fault, the sites free, and thats what its worth, nothing.
1 review
6 helpful votes
January 2nd, 2020
On the website mingle2, there are a lot of scammers who are trying to scam users by posting fake pictures and fake information. They always ask users for sending them more pictures... trying to collect it for using it by themself on mingle2 or another website. Most of them are men and from the middle east! Scammers trying to tell users touched stories to get the trust. They also say that they are from the US military and are deployed somewhere far and want to visit you so badly but are broken. They just need you to help them by sending gift cards or money. Another story is that they are US citizens but are living somewhere in the middle east and got some financial problems but they want to get back to the USA to be with you so they need some help and they will pay you back after everything is done. At the end they could scame a big amount of money from users. Many users got scammed and are feeling so helpless even though the mingle2 team knows about all these issues but still doesn't really do anything! It sounds like a big online business to get users money as much as they can?! Scammers could easily create many accounts or changing nicknames without having any difficulties. To all users, be very careful on the mingle2 website or online generally! Never send anyone MONEY and/or GIFT CARDS or whatever!
1 review
9 helpful votes
February 1st, 2019
Been using dating sites for years & like to think I have it down to a fine art. Sum sites give you dates, sum give you time waters & sum give you nothin but a pain in the arse. Personally I like Mingle2.com and find it rotates well with wejustfit.com (newer site). If your looking for love then you could do far worse than those too, at least they give u a fair chance!
1 review
2 helpful votes
December 21st, 2019
I didn't use the site very long, I was on there about a few hours. I did not meet any man of note but the impression I was given with what messages I got, the site was full of scammers. They only allow one photo, after a few hours mine was removed with the site claiming my face was not entirely in the shot. Not entirely true, the photo was a side profile shot with my right eye slightly covered by my hair but the rest of my face was quite visible. So I just deactivated, and that is the only option, Deleting the account is unavailable. So keep that in mind

I could have uploaded another photo but I'm not about to tolerate such harassment games from that site. Especially when they allow men wearing sunglasses
5 reviews
13 helpful votes
July 29th, 2019
No need to repeat what other 1-star reviews have said. It's basically 97% of female profiles with "Hi..." and always put "I'll tell you later" under the interest section. Feel free to create a profile, as it is free, but it's not even worth your time to create one, since you can't get your time back.
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 12th, 2019
When you go online, the scammers see you and then the nudges start. Usually i would get between 2-5 daily. All are from good looking girls, usually in their 20's.

Unfortunately, all are fake profiles, it is only people using stolen pics, who want your phone number, email etc, for the purposes of phishing information out of it.

You can spot these fake profiles fairly easily, look for descrepencies in their location, poor english in their profiles etc., there are many telltale signs you can look for.

I guess most of these people with these fake profiles are men posing as girls, so they can phish information from people.

I give it 2 stars only because i met the love on my life on mingle2, and she happened to be just a few km's away from me!@ so all we did really on mingle is just said hi to each other and set up a real date at a restaurant. The rest is history! -D we had a very happy few years together, she passed away suddenly from a genetic illness.( now after 3 years of being without her (in body) i have picked myself up enough to look for someone, as my dear wife wouldn't want me to be alone. (in body). In spirit, we are together!. Always! *true love!*

Q&A (21)


I had exactly the same thing happen to me, my profile was banned for reporting two scammers. They prefer to encourage scammers' activities, perhaps the management is up to their necks in it. Anyway, I left to http://J4Bride.com And I don't regret it because I have had a few romantic dates already. They have great choice of ladies, lots of them contact you first. You don't have to dedicate all your free time or put in a lot of money into yoursearch, it goes naturally smoothly.

By Robert S.
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I have been on mingle2 for 8 maybe 9 months not one girl replied to me what the hell?

By Miles P.

Yes, very much so. Do not sign up to this site, it's total bull$#*!.

By Danny E.

I chat with this person and after a while she gives me her number. I'm only able to text so I asked if I could actually call her and it didn't work so she says that there is a problem with her phone. Tells me that her father died 6 months ago in South Africa and she said she would have to fly there to claim inheritance. Now today she said she would not get the full amount unless she is married and asked me to contact her attorney in Africa so I did. He was hard to understand so I tell him that I haven't even heard her actual voice yet. So I said how about you get her on the phone so I could talk to her. He was busy for another meeting and said he would tomorrow. So then I email this person for a test saying that her lawyer did talk to me and he advised to tell you to go to the lobby where you can find a pay phone and call collect. She said she wouldn't leave her room because of to many black men.

By Jason S.

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