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“if they have zero i woul give zero”

Problem is deactivate to program after i formatted my pc windows 10 now I can not activate the program. customer support is suck .i am looking for alternative program,DO NON WASTE YOUR MONEY , THEY ARE DIFFERENT NOW THEY CHANGED THEIR POLICY

R P.
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“Malwarebytes made me happy, Great support after you get a hold of them”
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So after a few emails from support ( I got this straightened out and I gave them the pft duh advice of putting support email on website for free. They thanked me, gave me a free year of MB and I got it all up and going again. All looks good now.

“Malwarebytes has no support. Period”
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Just paid another year but messed up email and now im screwed. No support number or email means i just wasted my money. I will never get this $#*! product again

George F.
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“Used to be good”

It used to be amazing when it was on V2. Now it interferes too much. It locks you out of harmless websites for no reason and throws annoying pop-ups that also interfere whenever you're gaming or working.

Crystal M.
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Ever since I have downloaded this app, I have been receiving scam phone calls with a pop-up that says "Malwarebytes stopped working"

ray n.
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Purchased Malwarebytes in May. It stopped working in July. Sent email telling them this: nothing - tried again - they tell me they have no record of my payment. I sent them the paypal screenshot - still nothing. Avoid.

Jacek H.
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“Support is ineffective, so product is inoperative”

Malwarebytes has reneged on my subscription. I have a Premium subscription, and it worked fine on Android for a period, and I was satisfied. Then, Android app stopped working, and support suggested uninstall/re-install. I did so, but app would not accept my app code. Contacted support again, and they suggested I repeat. I did, and so did app non-acceptance of code. Support stopped responding to my requests for help after saying the code was still valid. I then suggested that they just issue me a new code to get past the problem since they had my money for Premium. No contact ever since for over three months with me following up with them monthly. Save your money. Webroot is one of others with good performance and better support.

Robert L.
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“NOTE :, and .com are Two Different Places!”

I actually kno little about the dot org one except it's in Canada, and is in California. The later is the one I know and like, but this one has terrible reviews, and yet I see some of the same ones it Both Places!

That's the main reason for this review; to clue people that these two separate companies are being confused...And yes .COM has no phone customer service, but thru email I got fast and good service, while this .ORG one does, and from the reviews is useless.

Obviously they are Not the same, so check out Malwarebytes . COM, the one in California.

Richard D.
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“No Honor Among Thieves”

Kevin Goodwin
Director, Malwarebytes Consumer Support

This is the first, of many, posts to online forums where I will share my dismal experience with Malwarebytes. This will continue unless and until you honor your promise. Period.

You have a lot of pissed off customers. I am now one of them unless you correct this problem. It is beyond me why any organization today would risk their well-being with such poor service. Your product isn't bad, your customer support and lack of business ethics are the problem.

Should I keep posting? There are also other remedies available should you choose to ignore me hoping I'll go away. Your move.
Posted February 13, 2018

Where do I begin. As soon as I purchased a subscription, I started having problems with Real-Time Protection. I emailed, repeatedly, to no avail. At the time, you were able to call their support line, but only received voicemail, which they never monitored. Now they don't even offer phone support. I guess that tells you something about their claim to provide quality customer support.

I eventually was able to solve the problem - on my own - and then, magically, "Andy" with Malwarebytes contacted me to see about resolving the problem. I informed him I was able to resolve the issue, and he promised, in writing, to extend my license period for the amount of time I experienced problems, plus another six (6) months. This was last June 2017.

Now I am getting daily popups notifying me that my license expires (now in 11 days). I reached out to Malwarebytes including all of the previous emails so they could see the history of the problem, and that I was not simply attempting to get something for nothing. The only reply was from "Jeremy" who provided a list of "fixes" for the real-time protection problem. I replied and said the problem had been resolved, and that the primary issue was the license extension. No response.

I have sent several emails asking for a reply, and also addressed one to Kevin Goodwin, Director, Malwarebytes Customer Support. The response? Nothing. Nada. I even asked in my emails if they cared about their reputation since they seemed to have a problem providing customer support. Still. Crickets.

It is absolutelty pitiful they way they run their business. Anyone thinking about subscribing to their service; don't. Not unless you do not require any support.

Bottom line: good news travels. Bad news travels fast. I will share this story with anyone who cares to listen.

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“i got triple hosed by malwarebytes”

when i tried to complain about many different problems i was referred to con artists that didnt speak english and tried to charge me 300.00 to fix the problem..hosebags

Laurence W.
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“Poor communication about a glich in the software shut me down 5 hours today”

What a piece of junk stop my computer this weekend only found out through searching my programs. Apparently there was an error issued Jan 27 that ram was being eaten up by the program it killed my PC. Found this ;
Yah you dim- a- holes could have done an update or email to warn people about this problem , Then you shut down any conversation regarding it . COVER-UP..

Fred S.
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“Many Issues - No Fixes Except To Uninstall”

Had Malwarebytes Premium for many years on their auto-renew payment plan, but the past few months they have not fixed an issue wherein their real-time protection mode will not stay turned-on, causing the program to miss malware & virus attacks on my Windows 7 based desktop. Their tech-support was useless, would take an entire day to respond, and their email "solutions" would typically arrive at 3AM Eastern Time with no phone support capabilities whatsoever! My only solution was to completely uninstall their program and purchase another product (Norton). I have requested a refund as I had almost a year remaining on my subscription, but they refused saying it is against their policy. My recommendation: STAY AWAY!

Seija Q.
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“A fraud service!”

After one year, they will auto charge you again without any asking. When I bought a year service, I did not sign on anything that I want to continue the auto charge, neither they were clear about it when you hit to buy one year service. They denied returning the money, even I stopped using their service after the first year.

pedro p.
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Any Issue gets fixed pretty much immediately. Today a false positive made the application over use the memory, swiftly fixed.

Nan M.
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“Horrible "Service".....Cancellation was elusive at best.....”

Wrangled with "Stew" over cancelling automatic renew.
Claimed he couldn't find my account.
Wanted the license number and key.
I deleted it and the program long ago.
The website as NO WAY to contact a real person.
It was a shot in the dark that paid off.
I reminded "Stew" I now had email evidence for my credit card company to cancel all future transaction attempts.
Suddenly he found my account.
Cancelled everything per my request.
Stay FAR away from this company.

Paul P.
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“Poorly made product - Updates can take over your machine”

They really need to up their game. Recent update borked all machines for all users. Not Recommended.

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“Trial version of this program is a virus”

Using Windows 7. Causes a memory loop that uses 93% of my memory after the computer has been on for about 15 minutes(starts at 2 gig and goes to over 7 gig). After removing Malwarebytes my computer was back to normal.

e r.
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“won't stop harassing me”

they keep on telling be to upgrade when i cleary say no it is just horrible

found this from an ad and it is false advertising

Callista M.
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“Open all line to communicate.”

Yes I lost my account to real time protection turning off. There see no reason to help me. I have a free program from another vendor. Gave $ yesterday for another malware account worked yesterday it is tuned off today. No way to bring this to their attention.

Eric F.
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“Malwarebytes Premium is a rip-off !”

I purchased Malwarebytes Premium about 7 months ago. Lately, I keep getting a pop-up window every few minutes alerting me that Real Time Web Protection is turned off. However, I am unable to turn it back on !! Now my computer has been compromised by a virus and will cost me about $250 to rectify ! Of course, Malwarebytes does not have a telephone number for help. Hey, Malwarebytes: BYTE ME !!

Donna D.
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“well known bug”

Like many users I have the problem of "RealTime protection turning off.
I have jumped through all the hoops that tech has asked me to. I want a refund

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