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ImpraGas.co.uk has a consumer rating of 3.27 stars from 23 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with ImpraGas.co.uk most frequently mention new boiler. ImpraGas.co.uk ranks 165th among Home Appliances sites.

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Positive highlights

  • The installation was completed in a day by Tim and Cameron, who made an excellent job.

Critical highlights

  • The company was hired to change and move the boiler.
  • First one is the actually installation of the boiler.
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Top Positive Review

“Pleased with the service”

mrs J.

The old boiler was cleanly removed and the new one is great. The chap who installed it was super and far too well trained for just fitting boilers. He left after our last service. They did expect him to drive miles in a day and still finish the job. Does my 10 year guarentee die with the company?

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Top Critical Review

“Don't go with this company unless you want unfinished work and poor customer service”

Ryan C.

I don't usually write reviews but if I did it would have to be really bad so I can help other potential customers avoid working with this company. There are 2 issues I'm still trying to resolve with this company. First one is the actually installation of the boiler. The installation was suppose to take two days to finish and it has already been three weeks and still not finished. I can understand that it's the Christmas period and extremely busy but there's been constant miscommunication where Impragas state that's it's been fully installed when it hasn't... Second remark about this company is the servicing plan. Initially I asked for this to be included in the cost I paid which wasn't cheap and now the company are accusing me of not having it in the final agreement. I am now having to fetch out with my own money to pay for it. Anyone considering doing business with them. Avoid unless you want an installation process full of headaches

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1 review
1 helpful vote
August 23rd, 2018

Did it on time and did a good job.
The after care was good and the team sent all of the paperwork on time.

1 review
3 helpful votes
December 19th, 2019

I don't usually write reviews but if I did it would have to be really bad so I can help other potential customers avoid working with this company.

There are 2 issues I'm still trying to resolve with this company.

First one is the actually installation of the boiler. The installation was suppose to take two days to finish and it has already been three weeks and still not finished. I can understand that it's the Christmas period and extremely busy but there's been constant miscommunication where Impragas state that's it's been fully installed when it hasn't...

Second remark about this company is the servicing plan. Initially I asked for this to be included in the cost I paid which wasn't cheap and now the company are accusing me of not having it in the final agreement. I am now having to fetch out with my own money to pay for it.

Anyone considering doing business with them. Avoid unless you want an installation process full of headaches

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 12th, 2021

The old boiler was cleanly removed and the new one is great. The chap who installed it was super and far too well trained for just fitting boilers. He left after our last service. They did expect him to drive miles in a day and still finish the job. Does my 10 year guarentee die with the company?

Tip for consumers:
so you take out a 10 year free service plan only to find you only get 2. sorry to hear they went under.

Products used:
vailient boiler

1 review
5 helpful votes
June 27th, 2020
• Updated review

Hi everyone,
Just want everyone to know that Impragas / Impra group/REL has changed its name to ROADWAYS, it is still the same crooked thieving con artist company but changed its name, l think we need to help protect any future prospective customers from buying from this company OF COURSE they will say to people that they are a totally different company and not ImpraGas, but just so people know its still the same company, the new owners bought over this company in November 2019 and still ran the same under the new owners, but they are now seeing how much bad reviews that they are getting hence the name change, FYI they have young sales people in the office who write fake EXCELLENT WORK reviews to make potential customers think they are getting a reputable company, l have actually been on a job and the customer get called asking if they deducted money off the payment would the customer leave an excellent work review ( l was actually sorting out one of their screw up jobs that one of their own engineers had carried out) they even told the customer that " THAT" particular engineer no longer worked for them but he was still working there and on another installation SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE avoid this company like the plague they have ripped off decent sub contractors ( myself included) and ripped off the customer, so seriously be wary about the excellent service reviews, and another thing l got smoke blew up my a@#e about from one manager Christopher Ruggerio was that we pay all our engineers and you will be paid, WE DONT WANT TO LOSE YOU, guess what still not been paid and ZERO contact from them LIARS LIARS LIARS.

Con artist company.
June 24th, 2020
• Previous review

I am wanting to make people aware to avoid this company like the plague... seriously, they owe me a lot of money for installations that myself and my son carried out for them, and after numerous failed attempts to get paid and ignored by the management l am now putting it into the hands of the courts and suing them they have not even had the decency to respond with any excuses or bull$#*!, their excuse first time round was they were waiting to get paid from HITATCHI FINANCE, just so people know l, m not the only one they owe alot of money too, they also owe quite a few employment agencies £25000. 00, £ 12000. 00, suppliers 1000, s and other subcontractors, their so called 10 or service plan does not exist, that's why so many people have bad reviews left about them, so AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 3rd, 2019

Will rip you off. Do a rubbish job. Will book you in for work them will not show up.
This company should close down.


1 review
0 helpful votes
February 18th, 2020

Excellent company, providing an excellent service. Boiler installation completed seamlessly and without any hassle

1 review
4 helpful votes
June 24th, 2020

Liquidation! Impra Gas did a name change then Petitioned to Wind Up (Companies) on 3/2/2020.
They put a fake companies reg number on my documentation and Gas Safe certificate last year. Contact number provided is never answered. Thus no intention to honour 10 year service plan. Please be careful and warned.
See Liquidation details below!
Appointment of Liquidators
Company Number: 07950661
Nature of Business: Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installation

Previous Name of Company: Impra-Gas Ltd

Registered office: Unit 8 Falcon Way, Eagle Business Park, Yaxley, Peterborough, PE7 3GR

Type of Liquidation: Creditors
Date of Appointment: 3 March 2020
Liquidator's name and address: Gareth Graham Self (IP No. 9706) of Restart Business Turnaround Insolvency Limited, Suite 42, Dunston House, Dunston Road, Chesterfield, S41 9QD
By whom Appointed: Creditors
Ag QG120969

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2019

The ImpraGas Staff have been great. They beat my 4 previous boiler quotes, and even managed to fit my new Worcester Bosch much sooner than originally expected. The boiler fitter arrived exactly on time and had no problem fitting my new boiler by mid afternoon, leaving no mess atall at any point in my flat. I am delighted with the boiler and on the first evening the team phoned me back immediately when I had a question about the brand new thermostat. Very reassuring. Do not hesitate to give ImpraGas a call. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 10th, 2019

Below is an account of my dealings with impragas. It's quite long so at the end I have a summary of the key points if you want to skip:

Early august:
- met the surveyor, outlined exactly how I needed the job to be done, he was very nice and professional. I asked him to guarantee that the work could be done on the dates I wanted. This was especially important for me because I had organised other tradesman to come after the boiler and radiator had been fitted. He assured me there wouldn't be problems.

The work was scheduled for monday and tuesday in mid August. On saturday afternoon 2 days before the work was due to start I got emails saying the job would have to be moved back, the engineer could only get there on monday afternoon but would still be able to finish by tuesday. In the end he didn't turn up until Tuesday.

Long story short:
- the engineer David didn't seem to know what was going on. Everytime I told him what I wanted he said the surveyor never told him that and complained about it being extra work. Whether this is the surveyors fault or the engineers fault I can't be sure. But either way communication between departments of impragas could be improved a lot. At one point he complained about having to put a pipe underneath the floorboards because it meant having to take the floorboards up. To which I volunteered to do it myself because I was sick of these excuses.

- the work ran on a few days later than it was meant to (this would have been fine if the job had been completed as I allowed myself 3 days extra for the job before the next contractor was due to come in). However it did mean that because I only scheduled the monday and tuesday off work I was unable to supervise the engineer later in the week.

- on the last day the engineer called up to say he was done and ready to collect payment. I said I couldn't pay as I hadn't seen the work and also the electrician hadn't come round yet and I was sure payment was only meant to occur on satisfactory completion of all the works. He said it was all done and I should pay. Again I said I would rather see the work myself.

- I came home and I was so dissapointed with what I saw and very thankful I hadn't already paid. There were around 10-15 issues/incomplete jobs with the work that had been done. I'll give you the highlights below:
- a radiator that was meant to be removed had been left
- a radiator that was meant to be installed hadn't been installed
- old pipes from the old boiler hadn't been removed and were instead left protruding from the wall
- the old flue hole hadn't been filled on the inside and on the outside had been shoddily filled in (impragas told me they would provide a brick replacement service where the mortar is shaped into looking like brickwork)
- the system hadn't been powerflushed
- pipes had not been put in the place I had requested they should be put
- rubbish hadn't been removed (impragas say they employ a professional waste removal service)

I couldn't believe my eyes. After being so incredibly clear with the engineer about what I wanted-I was certain to make sure everything was crystal clear to him after he appeared to know nothing about the job- he had done so much of the work incorrectly/not even done it at all.

I called up straight away to outline the issues and sent an email that evening to the installation department. I was told hopefully they could get a senior engineer to me the next day. I was told I would get a call the next morning. I didn't. It took me best part of an hour to get through the next morning. I was told to send pictures and they would call me back within 3 hours. I stressed the importance of the work being finished as I had plasterers coming in on the weekend. I received no call back later that day. I called back myself and was told the lady handling my case was in a meeting and would call me back as soon as she came out. I asked the person on the phone to please ensure this happened. She promised me but of course I received no call back and the next time I called up I was told she had left the office and gone home. Towards the end of the day it quickly became apparent that no engineer would be able to come and finish the work before the plasterers. So at additional expense I had to reschedule the plasterers and the flooring fitters who were due to come later. I also paid a plumbing company separately to remove the radiator impragas were meant to remove as impragas was unable to remove it by the time they had originally agreed to. This cost wasn't recovered from impragas.

Originally when complaining on the phone to impragas about all the jobs that were incomplete I mentioned the rubbish left behind and referenced there "professional waste removal service" in the quote they provided me. They said that rubbish would be collected within 48 hours of the completion of the job. To which I said ok thats fine. 2.5 months later and they have yet to provide this service.

After many emails and days of phone calls impragas finally sent an engineer out 8 days after the work was guaranteed to be finished to fix everything. This engineer was very nice and professional and fixed all the jobs. I was so relieved! He worked quickly and efficiently and was able to fix everything in under a day apart from the powerflush which he had to come back to do a few weeks later.

A few weeks later the powerflush was complete. The impragas team asked me to pay for the installation and assured me even though I was paying they wouldn't turn their back on me and would still fix the outstanding issues. I paid.

Another issue with the installation was the thermostat (nest) didn't turn on the heating. I went back and forth between impragas and nest with each side saying it was the others' fault. After 6 weeks and around 6 hours of calltime with nest and impragas, nest sent out a new thermostat. The problem still persisted. Impragas now admitted it must be an installation problem and agreed to send an engineer out. I asked could they please do it within the next 2 weeks as I am away on work for a month after. I called up around 5 times over those 2 weeks to make sure someone would be sent out. The engineer didn't come and now I'm away as of monday.

Another 2 weeks and impragas sent out an electrician. Turns out the nest thermostat was wired in wrong in the first place by the first engineer they sent.


- 2.5 months post start date I've paid in full and still haven't received my professional waste collection service or a reimbursement for it, my thermostat doesn't turn on my heating and I've paid extra to have separate contractors come in and fulfill work that impragas was unable to complete within the time frame they had initially guaranteed. Impragas refused to pay for these separate contractors.

- the engineer you get sent can vary a lot in standard, the first I got was awful (David), he left around 10-15 jobs incomplete/not done/done to an appauling standard. The second I got was fantastic (Michal Bienko). If I had been sent Michal originally I'm sure I would have ended up rating impragas 4/5 star despite the ongoing thermostat issue)

- if they guarantee work will be done by a certain time don't trust this guarantee

- the installation and aftercare team is bad at communicating, waste your time and seems to care a lot less after you've paid (save one person called Tracy who I spoke with recently who has been very empathetic and actually calls back when she says she will).

- in pursuing and fixing everything that went wrong I estimate I've wasted probably 5 full working days

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 26th, 2019

Very happy with the installation. The engineer did a great job despite the problems with the existing pipework etc. Quick and tidy.
There really were problems and the pipework we inherited when buying the house has subsequently been replaced by a local plumber - so all credit to the engineer who attended and installed the system which has run flawlessly since.

1 review
0 helpful votes
August 21st, 2019

Extremely disappointed with the customer service received and all I'm asking is that they complete my installation. I accepted a quote for a new boiler and decided to go for an electric boiler. Initially I was offered a 9k model which would have been insufficient for my three beds house. When I realised this they agreed to change it to the 12k model, which is fine. What happened next, the electrician came to complete the first part of the job and the heating engineer was meant to arrive the next day but he did not turn up. It was a Saturday totally wasted... I was phoned and told he was going to be a little late, then I was told by the office that they couldn't get hold of him. They sent an engineer to me the following Saturday and he then discovered asbestos in the old flu parts therefore had to stop the job and leave the premises, as couldn't touch it, this was overlooked and missed out during the initial survey. Impragas said that they would arrange for the asbestos people to come and take away the old flu as soon as possible
And then send the heating engineer again to finish off the installation, to date I haven't heard a thing. I have been promised call backs from the installation manager and these have never realised. I called many times and it is either an extremely long wait in the queue or they cut me off all together or they put me on hold endlessly. Not an update not even for letting me know that they are trying to sort a date out. I totally understand problems can happen on the way and they might not have any news for me, but customers should be kept updated and never ignored. They can do better.In desperation as I am not getting my calls returned, I spoke to Citizen Advice and have sent a recorded delivery letter seeking a resolution within the next 14 days I have the material in my house, pipes on the hallway floor and I'm still waiting for a date to get this completed. This situation is extremely frustrating. All I ask is that they finish off my installation, surely its in their interest as well as it is in mine. If they can turn things around and get this finally completed, I'll be happy to post a revised review, please Impragas, return my calls.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 7th, 2019

Great company, were unable to fit our new boiler on the day they said, so they gave us 3 free boiler services by way of compensation. The boiler was fitted quickly and efficiently, had no problems at all, would recommend Impragas for their brilliant service and reasonable prices.

1 review
2 helpful votes
March 27th, 2019

The company was hired to change and move the boiler. Engineer arrives on the day when was booked in. First of all the office/sales team have fail to informed him that the boiler need to be moved as per our agreement when we have accepted the job to be started. The engineer worked all day but have not finished the job (went home at 10pm). We were left with whole in the roof, unconnected pipes and water running down from the boiler. The pipes have not been covered the job was not done. The engineer mentioned that many of the required stuff was not on the list of the installation order. We have been told someone will come the same week. No one came we called again promised that someone will come, no one appeared. We have waited couple of days of work and money to call the company to find out where is the engineer. The company actually does not book anyone in. This is the third week and still nothing. The company takes no responsibility, this is the most unprofessional, chaotic and unreliable company I have ever came across. Please DO NOT USE THEM safe yourself time, money and stress go elsewhere as it is not worth it! I can recommend better sole engineers that will do a better job and provide you with a service expected. We still obviously not have the warranty or the certificate.

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 4th, 2019

Would certainly recommend Impra Has. The quotation proces was brilliant and everything was fully explained by Jason (surveyor). The pricing was much more competitive than British Gas. The installation was completed in a day by Tim and Cameron, who made an excellent job. They explained everything, made sure all our carpets were protected and after they left you would have known that they had been at our property. All the old system, tanks etc were taken away. If you are thinking about using Impra Gas, then I would suggest you request Tim and Cameron to do the installation.

2 reviews
7 helpful votes
March 27th, 2018

I chose Impra Gas as they gave a guaranty that they would price match any quote, this is also stated in there literature. Unfortunately I am still waiting after three months with no satisfaction in the wings.
I also had problems with the installation, they said it would take one day the first engineer although quite good he didn't have enough time as he had to travel home. I was told another engineer would come, this happened two days latter than promised, but I had to complete the electrical part of the installation.
They took a water sample which they said I would get the results (still waiting)
Their service from the office is abysmal and it is no wonder Lord Sugar drooped them. It now looks like I will have to take legal advice to get this sorted

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 7th, 2019

Good service and installation from word go, would recommend this company to everyone. My installation of a new boiler and radiators was in February 2017 and everything has worked perfectly.

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 23rd, 2018

Engineer did not turn up on day boiler was meant to be fitted. I had to call company and chase. No apology or contact from head office. Boiler fitted next day but electrician not available so electrician had to come back on a different day (without the part he needed to finish job). Boiler and thermostat finally fitted but boiler keeps losing pressure: F22 so have to boost pressure on daily basis whilst I wait for them to get in touch with me despite several emails. Closed for xmas now. But will contact again on 27th when they re-open. They seem to assume it is for me to do daily maintenance on a 3 week old Vaillant boiler. Really? My old boiler worked better than this. Why pay £3,000 for not hot water and lots of hassle. Not happy from Colchester. X

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 4th, 2019

Had a comprehensive survey carried out which was very thorough.
The installation was carried out completely hassle free. There was very little mess and the whole area was thoroughly cleaned up on completion.
The operation of the new boiler was fully explained.

5 reviews
4 helpful votes
August 15th, 2016

These guys fitted a new Vaillant boiler for us and it is really smart, especially with the Nest thermostat and boost button. Really impressed with how fast a tidy the fitter was, started in the morning first thing and was all done and dusted by end of day! Hopefully the new boiler will save us a few quid because it's super efficient compared to last one. I would not hesitate to recommend theses guys if you need a new boiler

1 review
1 helpful vote
October 3rd, 2018

Boiler broke down over the weekend and Impra Gas were the first to call us, gave us a good package and installed the boiler yesterday. Great work, easy to sort. Thanks

1 review
3 helpful votes
September 18th, 2018

This company is all sales and no service. The customer service line of their switchboard frequently timed out on hold after 2 hours while I dealt with the many issues with the boiler they installed for me. I only ever got through to the same one customer service rep. Who knows if they have more than one handling their national customer service. Of course the sales line always got through instantly to one of their many sales staff.

First appointment they made, they cancelled by phone at the time the were supposed to arrive at the door.

At the rearranged installation, the engineers in attendance barely demonstrated working knowledge of the kit they were installing, made a pig's ear of the brickwork they had cut through to install the condensate pipe, and left the installation lacking several of the promised features of the quote.

When I provided a signature to confirm which parts of the installation didn't require remedial attention, they copied it onto a "certificate" declaring my full satisfaction with the complete job and used it to bill the finance company the full quoted amount.

Efforts to make right any of the numerous problems with the job they did were stalled and stonewalled, and I had to go to court, where the District Judge agreed their conduct had been appalling, before I saw any redress for making the mistake of dealing with this company.

They like to use the term "5 star service" in a lot of their marketing materials. To say this is an empty claim would fail to capture how actively poor their service has been.

1 review
1 helpful vote
August 30th, 2017

I had a boiler fitted last year and although I was very pleased with the service at the time, I did not write a review as I wanted to see how the boiler was working after the first year. I am pleased to say the boiler has worked perfectly and I have just had the first years service. This was carried out by David, who as with all the other ImpraGas employees I have met, was polite and professional throughout the visit. I am very pleased that Joseph Valente has made such a success of his business and that he appears to be taking on employees who matche his own character.

1 review
1 helpful vote
November 8th, 2017

Booked them to install a hot water boiler and was told the job would take about 9 hours. About 3 hours in, the installer left saying that an electrician would call at some point to install the timer. No one called.
The company rang me the following week chasing payment and claiming the job was complete. When they eventually admitted the job was not done, they booked an electrician to come and finish it.
He turned up over 3 hours late and claimed it was sorted. There was no hot water. I rang the company and said another engineer would ring and conduct an over the phone fault finding. They would then ring me back to check all was ok.
The engineer called and, after a few unsuccessful minutes trying to get to grips with the system, claimed that he would go and have a look at the instructions for the system (!) and ring back.
Neither did he ring back nor the company returned my calls or emails

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