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3602 Gilmore Way
Burnaby, BC V5G 4W9, Canada
Tel: (604) 434-4307

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While these guys do provide a service, i.e., they don't just take your money and run, they do it in such a way that the service amounts to a money-trap, empting your pockets by sleight-of-hand and deception.

They make it difficult to contact them, they bounce your emails, they require strange forms to be filled in on exit, they levy extortionate exit charges... these sleazy practices have been well described by others.

Unfortunately their reputation is now so bad that it would seem hardly worth their while to try to rescue their name. I forecast that they will milk their customer-base for all it is worth by redoubling the sleazy tricks before the clientelle dwindles to nothing and they are forced out.

Be warned and stay well away.

Response from William W., Doteasy Representative
Thank you for your review and for bringing to our attention. We have reviewed your case and we see that we first received your inquiry through phone support on June 15, 2017. During the support, we have explained to you that since the 45-day refund period has already passed, we will only be able to issue you a partial refund. We also explained that you would need to fill out our refund request form in order to complete the refund request. Over the phone, we have confirmed your email address with you so that the refund request form could be sent to the confirmed email address. The form was emailed on June 15, 2017, but we did not receive any reply or actions from you until September 19, 2017 when you contacted us in an email support ticket to inquire about the refund status. We again explained that we
need the refund request form filled out in order to proceed the refund request. In the email ticket, you agreed to accept the partial refund offer and the case has been resolved.

In terms of getting support from Doteasy, we do offer Live Chat, telephone and email support ticket. We also have a call-back request service so that you can tell us when and where you want us to call you back.

Best Regards,
The Doteasy Team
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Building a website with Doteasy is so easy thanks to all the tools and easy-to-use applications they provide. They even have a website builder included without charge. Yes, it's prices may be a bit high for its capabilities but with all the extra features, tools and apps, it's definitely a great choice for small business like myself.

1 review
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This company has been a client with Doteasy since 2005 to current. One of the nuances about Doteasy is that they are based out of Canada. This works for us. They have great customer service hands down ONCE you understand that the tickets you place are done through their system. It's not a speedy system, however, it is a consistent and well thought out system as long as you articulate your issues with their support. Doteasy is not that great about phone calls but they are super at communicating through tickets. They will call sometimes regarding a matter, but it has to be super important to do that. I think over the last 12 years I've gotten three calls. We have never received bad service on my tickets once. They have a great team and will fully explain in great detail and great patience, how to handle any situation you are in, and even handle them on the back end. We have been in many, building situations over the years as a front-end and back-end developer. IF you are looking for a great Canadian Company, this is a good one to work with. Unlike some of the other reservation sites, you will never have an issue transferring your site to another site (of which we have regretfully tried). Just for that feature alone, hands down, Doteasy wins. We are still with them and will continue to do business with them.

2 reviews
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I was fed up with companies that promised 24/7 phone support but gives me nothing but a gimped phone system that didnt work at all! It was important for me to be able to connect with a real live person and I got that with Doteasys Live Chat. It just doesnt matter if a hosting company throws in fancy tools and apps, if I cant get the help I need easily and within a reasonable timeframe, youre no good to me. So far, Doteasy hasnt let me down and I will definitely be moving all my other websites to Doteasy.

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I have been using Doteasy for over 10 years now and it's the best. Doteasy provides everything I need for a website - domain, hosting, and email - all at one place and all at a very affordable price. $15 for a domain name that comes with free domain privacy. If you're lucky, you can pick up a bunch of domain names for just $5 with their domain sale. Just can't beat that!

2 reviews
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• Updated review

After being too exhausted by how difficult Doteasy makes it to do anything like discontinue service, I took a six month break from dealing with them. But this week I dove in again determined to figure this out and transfer my domains. First, I tried unlocking them, for which they have a handy lock-unlock icon. I kept clicking unlock, and was taken to a page that offered me locking service for $6.95 per domain. Well, if it was locked, why would I purchase the service to lock it? Another contact us form later, I found out that no, this service was not on my account. I would have to fill out a form, which would be sent to me by the billing department, before they could unlock my account. If I still wanted to transfer? They made me a $#*!ty offer to stay with them, but I said, no thanks. Three days later, I get an email, not from billing, but from another customer service manager, offering me a better deal to stay with them. Or, I could request the form from the billing department which they need in order to unlock my account. Holy hell, what kind of crazy are they? I am going to make it my life's work to tell the world to stay away from this awful company. They deserve to go under.

“Piss poor customer service”
• Previous review

While I never had problems with the hosting, when I need to consolidate my domains under one registrar, I decided to go with a different provider. I requested the authorization codes, which were not available to me through my account. To contact them, you must fill out a webform. A few hours later, I got a non-response, trying to get me to stay on as a customer. I had to use their webform to request the codes again. 19 hours later, no response. I've just sent in another request via my open ticket. It should not be this hard to contact customer service and get the information I need, and paid for.

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Asked about domains before I bought them and now they are trying to charge me an extra $15 per domain to transfer out when I have asked about all this well over a month ago and was put off apparently because all this is hidden in their terms.

1 review
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I love the Doteasy team, very friendly and knowledgeable. I have contacted them on a few occasions and they have been courteous and helpful and my email were responded to within a couple hours, and the one time when I needed immediate assistance, I was able to get help through their live chat. Too bad their live chat is not 24 hours. I have had my share of bad customer service with other hosts and so far Doteasy is one of the most responsive. I see that a few others have billing problems with them...that I don't understand because I've never had similar problems - Doteasy does send out enough renewal reminders with ample time to act upon before payment is due.

1 review
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I would give Doteasy NO stars if I could. They charged me when they shouldn't have. When I complained, GET THIS, the d-bag manager told me that they had no way of giving refunds. What kind of company doesn't give refunds??? That in itself should show people how shady they are. I asked for my money back twice to no avail. I complained with the Better Business Bureau but unfortunately nothing came of it. All I can say is NEVER do business with this company as I see I am not the only one to get ripped off by them.

1 review
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This company just stole over $600 from me without any authorization for services I cancelled in writing 4 times because their DOTEASY Commerce never worked. They operate outside of The U.S. in Brittish Columbia and are basically scam artists who prey on United States citizens. Report them to The F.B.I.

1 review
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Registered two domains, when it's time to renew, they don't provide auth code and told me to submit an application in writing and $15 to transfer each the domain. When a company tries to put down all the road blocks to prevent customers from leaving rather than providing good price and competitive service to keep their customers, you know something is wrong. I'll run from this company and make sure to never have anything to do with them.

1 review
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I have been using Doteasy for years now and I have yet to experience any problems with them. I have a few domain names with them. I had transfer-out a couple domain names from Doteasy and have had no problems doing so - Doteasy was helpful and the transfers were successful. They didn't hold my domains hostage nor did they charge me for the request - they actually helped me more than the other registrar.

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This company runs a scam, where they bait you for a promo period with a lower domain price and then prevent you from transferring domains out of them until the end of the promo, and then hit you with an inflated yearly charge. My opinion, this company should be taken out of operation, at least not be allowed to rip off the US customers. Oh, Canada! What scum of the earth you have too ...

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If you are new to websites and web hosting, Doteasy is great! Their support team is patient and friendly and have helped me resolved many problems (user-problems, due to my lack of experience and skills). I have had a few websites with them and have yet to experience any downtime to my websites. Feature-wise, their offerings are more then sufficient. I love how the also throw in a free domain name with their hosting packages and the domain is free for the lifetime of the hosting services (not just 1-yr free like other web hosts). I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for great web hosting services.

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LOVE Doteasy. Easy to install wordpress, plus plenty of plugins and features easy to install! They now also have a website creator included with all domains.

2 reviews
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I bought a 2 year plan with free hosting and then they charged me with 6 months left for hosting. They are rude and no help when contacting. I'm filing with

1 review
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I have been with Doteasy for years. No ads, no hassels. They provide what they say they will and are extremely affordable. They always give a "heads up" when they need to update things on their end. I highly recommend Doteasy.

1 review
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Doteasy offers a great service! They offer many packages as well and great customer service of needed

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1) I have been with DOTEASY for over 10 years but only two of my domains were ever developed. All of the domains were registered and renewed under the $0 basic hosting plans. One domain, which I had never developed, was converted as a "mandate" by DOTEASY. In 2011 thought I was paying my usual annual registration renewal fee because the sum for a year's worth of hosting fees was virtually identical to that of a domain renewal fee, but all I really paid was the hosting conversion that I did not initiate and therefore did not cue into. Ironically, DOTEASY managed to notify me that I needed to pay this hosting fee but for the first time in all my years doing business with DOTEASY the notice pertaining to the actual domain renewal failed to flag my attention. The domain expired. Upon contact, a support rep in March 2012 quoted the WHOIS record to prove I had lost the domain vs. had it hijacked, which is what I had thought took place. He stated that I was no longer the registered owner, but most of the response consisted of pointing out that the hosting cyle and the registration renewals are not one and the same. Fees linked to a single domain do not run on corresponding billing cycles, and this is what contributes to the confusion! I responded to state it didn't make much sense to disassociate the hosting billing cycle from the domain registration cycle because if one expires without the other, the website will go down. I never got a straight answer as to why DOTEASY can implement a mandatory conversion from no-cost hosting to fee-based hosting but set up the "monthly" billing to overshoot the term of one's domain registration. If one should intentionally release a domain and such a hosting service is running on an entirely different billing track they claim you can't receive a refund even on an UNUSABLE difference. I have inquired about credits, since DOTEASY doesn't offer refunds, and even this has been denied after paying THREE YEARS worth of hosting fees on a domain I was told by DOTEASY support I no longer owned years ago! This is shady territory, folks!

2) DOTEASY support in 2012 did not advise me how to go about canceling the hosting plan on the defunct domain, their only emphasis was on the fact that they do not issue refunds. I accepted the fact that somehow I got roped into a "bait & switch" going from $0 hosting to a fee-based hosting plan even though the website had never been developed and therefore never occupied server resources. But because someone else had now legally obtained my former domain and I could not develop it, let alone host it, I assumed I would not be on the hook for charges above and beyond the term I was in at the time I contacted DOTEASY support. I was wrong. After quoting me the WHOIS record to prove I had no rights to the domain, DOTEASY support nonetheless did not deactivate the hosting service going forward even though I had asked for a refund once I realized it was no longer mine to host! Fast forward now to February 2015: I AM STILL BEING CHARGED HOSTING FEES FOR A DOMAIN I HAVE NOT OWNED FOR THREE YEARS.

I feel like I have been the victim of unethical, if not fraudulent, business practices.

3) DOTEASY will use any payment method you have used to authorized a domain renewal to satisfy other service obligations associated with other accounts even if you have not configured a "master" payment method. I know this because after my previously-mentioned domain expired sometime in 2011 I was, at that time, not on an auto-payment method for any services. My payment method even managed to expire and yet DOTEASY continued to bill annual "monthly" hosting fees for the domain I no longer control.

4) DOTEASY in more recent times has added a check box stating that once you even attempt to update a payment method previously used, you agree to let them go on using it indefinitely. They do not make use of pop-ups or TOS alerts the way PayPal does or the way another website may do if you fail to login for a long while and need to click an "agree' button for new fees or service terms. DOTEASY does not plainly indicate how you can REMOVE services, not even services associated with a lapsed domain. DOTEASY does not indicate when they respond to support emails that if you wish to cancel the service you must do so in a particular manner otherwise the fees are perpetual, charged to your account whether you have logged in to view your account in the past year or not! DOTEASY does not offer a "remove" option for payments already associated with past domain renewals. If you wish to edit or update the payment at all to get there you have to check a box stating they obtain rights to continue billing it. There is NO opt out. It should not take agreeing to automatic payments simply to modify or remove a payment.

5) DOTEASY has grandfathered some of the original $0 basic hosting services while arbitrarily discontinuing others regardless of whether or not the domain in question has been associated with you for many years and even if that domain has never been developed. DOTEASY does not roll-out TOS changes uniformly, and there are no clear dates or deadlines via email or on a pop-up when you login to "agree" to unsolicited changes. Their emails concerning mandatory hosting changes read like "offers". If you should ignore them, that gives them the right to conclude you have consented.

6) DOTEASY, if you fail to specify a current email, will send all renewal and service notices to a defunct email account. If you make the mistake of asking them to send notifications to an email they host, and that email should be deactivated by technical difficulty (storage limit exceeded due to massive daily spam inflow) or by the fact that you have lost the rights to that domain name, DOTEASY will not use any of the information you entered at signup or for billing purposes to notify you when their notification emails begin to bounce. You MUST maintain an active non-DOTEASY hosted email account on hand and configure each and every email account you have hosted with DOTEASY for an alternate. They won't propagate any alternate information you have provided previously across the entire range of services you may have signed up for. if you don't know about changes to your service because their email doesn't arrive, that's your fault. No refunds. Period.

7) DOTEASY makes renewals for domains and renewal notices for hosting services look superficially similar when they arrive to your specified email account. They will bury notices of term changes in emails that seem, per the subject lines, to be nothing more than annual reminder notices. If you don't read them and respond, that is consent to bill or accept any proposed changes! There is no option to have DOTEASY email TOS and service plan summaries to you on a quarterly or monthly basis. If you make the mistake of logging in to the DOTEASY home page only to do annual registration renewals you will eventually begin to miss important TOS changes and/or fees. DOTEASY will not prompt you, if it has been some time since your last login, to review TOS changes. They do not make use of "opt out" options, only OPT IN. If you need to cancel a service you must do so in writing. There is no a la cart "deactivate" option in your dashboard.

My advice? Do not leave any payment methods on auto-renew and make sure that you read their email notices carefully because they may contain information much different than their subject lines alone imply. Finally, if you have already entered the payment method and wish to avoid any billing surprises later, I urge customers to remove it. And if you can't find an easy way to remove a payment so that it is not on file until it expires for DOTEASY's unlimited access, complain to DOTEASY that removing payment methods, as well as unwanted services, must become a straightforward option that the user can administer without the added requirement of being forced to write in before recurring charges will be stopped.

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DOTCON. NEVER use Doteasy. I live in Ireland, and they are based in western Canada. I used to do website design and at one stage had about 30 domains hosted with Doteasy. At the early stages they were good. After a few years however, I noticed that whenever I lapsed a website they started to charge my credit card for totally bogus services for LAPSED websites (the usual charges that everybody complains about, such as spam filters, domain locking etc) These websites were not even on the web!. Negotiations are impossible as they only offer in house "credits" and will not properly explain how they charge and will avoid giving direct answers. They told me that they will not make the name of their managing director public, so I cannot write to their manager?! They get away with this because they are based in Western Canada and know that they are almost untouchable (by myself and many others). I am starting a campaign online shortly to expose their cheap scam which must have net themselves millions.

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Doteasy engages in illegal billing and business practices. They will charge your cancelled account without consent. They do not follow Icann policies be warned. I worked there, and I was Disgusted at how I had to lie to customers and basically make excuses on why we cannot transfer their domain name.

If a customer changes their contact information on the domain, they cannot transfer the domain away from Doteasy until after 60 days. So basically, you are Forced to renew with Doteasy. If you want to transfer your domain name before expiry, they will keep the ball rolling until it expires, and then tell you it has expired, so you can't transfer it and you are required to renew, which is a 60 day lock.

If you attempt to dispute charges via your bank. They Will charge you a hosting chargeback fee.

DO NOT HAVE ANY BUSINESS TO DO WITH DOTEASY. Oh and once your domain name is expired, if you are on their FREE plan after 40 days they will start to bill you $1.95 / month for webhosting without your permission.

They will judge you based on your level of English, the country you are from, and many more factors and your gender. They will put notes all over your account not to do business with you if you ask too many questions or ask for help at all. They will note you as a troublemaker and basically hang up the phone on your or ignore your emails for help.

There servers are not secure, like any "shared hosting" company, you cannot rely on them. You will get hacked into if one site gets compromised. Their managers and supervisors will laugh in your face and ignore your request to speak to them.

They also do not care about BBB ratings or ICANN, they are not scared of them. They will find any way to screw you over for your money and take away your business.

Dont even try to register a domain name that's even close to popular, you register your name, and happen to be a celebrity or a major corporation they will take your domain for you and take ownership on it and make you pay quite a large sum of money to get it back, basically kidnapping your domain and your business until you pay the ransom.

They also hide under different aliases of companies. Just do your research.

Also, if you purchase a domain name on a promotion, you are not entitled to transfer domain services. You have to pay a substantial cost to get your domain name away from them.

Trust it from an employee. Do NOT do business with them. Go to GoDaddy or HostGator who will treat you like royalty.

Read their terms and conditions word by word before you sign any contracts with them.

1 review
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I'm having issues with Doteasy refusing to release my domain name for transfer to another registrar and host. I logged in and got the authorization code & initiated a transfer of my domain before it expired. I got a notice from the new registrar that the transfer was successful, followed a few minutes later by a message saying the transfer failed due to a lock status. I messaged Doteasy about the domain lock, but they did not reply until after my domain expired. I clearly checked the lock status of my domain when I was getting the authorization code and it showed to be unlocked. After the transfer failed I checked again and it showed to be locked. Doteasy refuses to unlock it now unless I pay their "domain release fee" which is the same dollar amount as renewing and hosting for another year. I've already paid for another registrar & host and do not want to do business with Doteasy any longer. Repeated messages to support & a phone call have failed to resolve this issue.

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Dot Easy again recently charged my credit-card when I am not longer the billing party for the domain.
Nice to stupid to review their own records . They want me to get a refund from the new domain owner. When they claim the website changed hands months ago. They charged my account Last week.
Thanks Richard from customer disservice/EasyBox
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NOTE: If you believe this Case has been completed, please consider to Close & Rate This Case I am in need of cancelling the charge for renewl of the domain. The Church has indicated they were to remove my credit card info as of Last year. I am no longer afiliated with (7)Case #627761-981938060Domain Name:
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Mark Cook <>Mar 07 09:27 AM (3 months)
DoteasyTo: Mark Cook <>Mar 07 03:25 PM (3 months)
Mark Cook <>Jun 18 07:30 PM (3 days)
DoteasyTo: Mark Cook <>Jun 20 08:46 AM (1 day)
Mark Cook <>Jun 20 03:20 PM (1 day)
What information in addition to the date of the withdrawls by your company
do you seek?
My last email gave you the date and amount and the name the account was
under. Do you have more that is required? Since it is your company doing
the withdrawals WITHOUT permission"Should I need to forgo the contact
tomorrow for fraudulent and unauthorized use of my card?
I will do so with the bank and the FCC fraudulent web division as you seem
unwilling to look at the Doteasy transactions.
Let me know asap. I am leaving at 10am tomorrow for my new job and will
start the process with the bank and federal communications,at that time.
Please be aware any and all time and moneys incurred as a loss will also
be deemed as recoverable expenses.
Mark Cook
DoteasyTo: Mark Cook <>10:18 AM (11 hours)
Hello Mark,

My name is Richard and I am the Doteasy Customer Support Supervisor.

Until April 19th, 2011, this account was under the name of Mark Cook. All payments were processed according to our "Service Terms & Conditions". For the US$45 hosting renewal fee, we have sent email notifications to your email address ( in January and February. And for the US$25 domain renewal fee, you subscribed to domain auto-renew option in 2009 when you signed up for this account.

At the moment, Sarah Weisiger is the new owner and the credit card information was also updated. To resolve this billing issue, please contact her or the church to get reimbursement. We are unable to offer any refunds for these payments.


Doteasy Customer Service
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Mark Cook <>09:30 PM (0 min)
Contact to the Federal Fraud division of the FCC has taken place. Tomorrow
I will be contacting my bank for charges against your web site for the
previous noted charges as of JUNE 17th. You have fraudulently charged my
account . NOT IN FEB but just last week. Can you not review your own
company records. Can there be no one with the authority and insight to
READ what has been documented to you?
Please refund the moneys or your new client will be also charged with
aiding in the unauthorized use of my funds.
Mark Cook

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