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Linden, NJ 07036, US
Tel: (732) 201-4131

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I would stay away... FAR AWAY from this company. I gave them a chance, and they failed miserably.

I purchased a Canon 5D Mark IV camera from them through eBay. I received an email saying that my shipment what is on its way only to receive a phone call a day later from the salesperson, Steven.

He told me that the camera I purchased was an "import model" and was highly suggested that I pay $300 more to get the "US model". He was fast talking and aggressive (bear in mind that by making the switch, the sale was then removed from eBay, thus putting them in a position where you could not review the kind of service they gave you that would ultimately change their rating.

Instead of going with my gut on this, I agreed to give Steven a chance and told him so.
I was told my camera would be delivered to me the following Tuesday.
On Wednesday when I still hadn't received it, I called only to find out that it hadn't shipped yet. At this point, I was speaking with Kevin, who has an accent. He treated me with an attitude like I had done something wrong because I was questioning why my camera has not been delivered on Tuesday as promised. I was going to cancel the order and then he said I'll have it over-nighted to you by tomorrow.
All along with a terrible attitude. Again, I should have gone with my gut But I didn't. Shame on me.

I received the camera the following day as promised.

I used the camera a couple of times and all seemed ok.
Then, I did a lengthy photo shoot eight days after I had received the camera.
At this point, this must have been just enough shutter actuations (clicks) to show the factory defect. -(I had gotten a Camera from another company prior to this which had a factory defect -verified by Canon- so as soon as I saw it in editing I knew I had a problem).

The other company, -who by the way Steven trashed their reputation during our conversation when he was trying to upgrade me to the US model, (again go with your gut -no ethical businessman puts down another company)... At any rate, when I sent a photograph to this other company via e-mail showing them the problem, they immediately said that it was a factory defect and sent me a label to return the camera. NO questions asked.

When I contacted Deals All Year about the problem I was having-- (I had to call them because they set it up that way forcing you to make contact with them to get something called an RMA number to be able to return). They do this to try and bully you to save their shady deal.
During this conversation, it was with Kevin again, I told him that I needed to get the RMA number to return the camera, but I wouldn't be doing so until the end of the week because I had a death in my family.

He immediately told me that I'd had the camera for too long a time and I need to return the camera now.--Mind you...this was day 10...I had 30 days to return my camera for any reason...let alone a factory defect.
Never once did he acknowledge the fact that I've said I've had a death in my family and was going out of town. He couldn't have cared less. He then told ME to return it -meaning I should pay for the return postage. I questioned that practice due to the fact that I was returning something with a factory defect, but since I was rushing because I had to leave to go out of town, I decided not to argue at this point & just go and pay UPS to return the camera. -He also implied that I would have to wait a week or more to get my refund. Making comments like the camera had to be checked over for tripod scratches or any damage that I may have caused to qualify for a refund.- Mind you, this is a factory defective product -that he sold me- that we are talking about here. The refund should have been 100% unconditional.

When I got to UPS I was told with insurance it was going to cost $60. Since it was so costly, I called PayPal to verify that I would be reimbursed through the return postage plan that they have. When I outlined the situation they told me that I should call the company back and request a label since this was being returned due to a defect.

I called back, again speaking with Kevin, and told him that I had been told to ask for a label from PayPal.

Well, when he heard that I had contacted PayPal this guy went NUTS. He was screaming, telling me I was trying to cause trouble, and acting as though I had done something wrong. It was so obvious that they had something to hide and didn't want to be "red-lighted" to PayPal. I told him I've never been treated this way by anyone I've ever done business with & with that he tried to turn his insane behavior around on me saying that "I like to argue".

At this point I was so stunned I put my telephone on speaker so that two clients in my office could witness what this man was doing. He was berating me for having the audacity to expect a label to return my factory defected purchase. Then, started going crazy saying "Oh sure, now you're going to buy a camera from someone else!!." I told him that I had no idea what my plans were yet. Then he began implying that it could be a software issue with MY computer, not the camera & started going on and on about how much money this transaction had cost him already. Again I stated on three occasions during this conversation that I could not believe the way he was treating me and that I've never been treated like this before.

This guy was being called on his poor business practices and couldn't handle it. His lack of self-control was startling. In the end, he agreed to send a label but again was implying how much time all of this was going to take.

I hung up from this conversation completely stunned and shaken.

Next thing I know I am receiving a sugary sweet email & text from Kevin about the label and saying that he would put a rush on my refund when it got there.

Right then---I knew the game. He would literally berate & abuse me on the phone...but then act as though he/they are professional & amenable when it would be IN WRITING so he could prove if need be he was doing the right thing.

I was livid when I witnessed such brazen unethical behavior.

When my camera got there, a day later I texted & emailed stating that I had been notified by UPS that they had received my return the day before, & that I had been told via text that my refund would be expedited. I left no stone unturned. I knew that they were trapped by their own words so they had no choice but to comply.
Within minutes after my email- through PayPal- and a follow up text, I had my refund--because again it was now 'in writing' what they had promised AND PayPal would be able to see all of this.

I will tell you this. I believe with 100% certainty that they are finagling someway to keep that rating on eBay. In my opinion, there can NO way all of the people that deal with them are walking away as thrilled customers. They are slick characters, & I'm not buying it. -Not after the kind of outrageous behavior, I and two other people at my office witnessed. No one is going to tell me that that guy who flew off the handle like some kind of a crazed animal on the phone with me, has not...does that -or some other terrible practice to others.

I surmise that many people are talked out of the eBay purchase like I was, and then do a direct buy with them either via credit card or PayPal so that they cannot report their behavior to eBay (hence lowering the rating that both Steven & Keven brought up at some point BOASTING about). At least I knew I had protection from PayPal if nothing else.

Think long and hard before allowing yourself to be sucked in by these two thieves. They are NOT on the up and up, & obviously looking to scam as many innocent victims as possible. There are enough "truly reputable" sellers on eBay who have 'honestly' earned their rating to work with.

I would run, not walk, away from this company as fast as you can!

Response from Deals A., Deals All Year Representative
We live by the motto the customer is always right. In this instance, this customer previously purchased a camera from another company, claimed it was defective and returned it. The customer then purchased from our company, two weeks after the camera was received we were contacted saying the camera was defective with the same issue they had with previous purchase from the other company. After troubleshooting, we explained to the customer there has to be something wrong with the software they are using. The customer did not want to listen, we were bombarded with demands and distasteful attitude. We tried to explain there is a process with returns, with defective items we offer free exchanges at no charge with a free shipping label. The customer claimed they did not want an exchange, and wanted to return the camera which means the customer pays for the return shipping. The customer claimed it was too much money to pay for shipping to return the camera and threatened to do a PayPal chargeback on the transaction while they still had the merchandise in their possession. After conversing with the customer (which was not easy), we decided to cut our losses and give the customer a free return label which cost $60, and a loss on the $149 overnight original shipping label to get the camera to the customer. When we received the camera back it was not in good condition, we can no longer sell this camera as brand new with a shutter count and obvious use. We are now going to have to sell this non-defective camera as used which is another $500 loss. In the end we took a $710 loss to please this customer, we gave the customer a courtesy text and email when we received the package back and refunded them in the full amount. In the end we sell a lot of 5D Mark IV's daily, this is a very rare instance that has never happened to us before -- this was a problem sale from day one. If you read the book this customer tried to publish you can see that it doesn't make sense, if you read between the lines we tried to help the customer and we were still being talked down too. It seems this customer is used to talking down to people and from our end we refused to be belittled. The customer has now taken a personal vendetta against our company. The one thing that bothers our company with this review is the fact that Kevin and Steve work extremely hard with every customer they deal with daily, our reviews can attest to this statement, they are not made up, nor fake. If anyone else has ever had an issue with our company like this we would definitely like to hear from you. In the end we know who we are as a company and we are no way shape or form anything close to what this customer has described. We will continue to give the best service and offer the best price on the internet. We want to thank all our previous customers that purchased from us and appreciate what we do over here, we urge you to call us today and see what the difference is between us and the other companies out there.

Thank You & Happy Holidays

- Deals All Year
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I decided to try ordering from Deaslallyear because of so many high rated reviews across the Internet. I purchased 5d mark IV on Ebay from Dealsallyear and could not wait to receive it. But in two days their supervisor contacted me and suggested to purchase another version camera with US warranty for a higher price. I said that I do not need a camera with US warranty and am satisfied with the 1 year warranty provided by the seller. However, he insisted that the cameras are not identical and this version has no GPS and has limited video recording. I was disappointed because I should have already received it and been able to use it but no luck. On Ebay, they described that this is an identical model but without US warranty, so, after that, I decided to ask a question through Ebay contact system, and they refused, and said that I MISSUNDERSTOOD, and that they did not tell me that the cameras were not identical. Luckily, I have a call recorder on my android, so, I listened to our conversation twice, and I could clearly hear that they did mention those differences. When I told them about call recorder they apologized, and now, they said that I was MISSINFORMED... They stated that I can purchase it with confidence and when I agreed to finally buy it, they again contacted me by PHONE and offered a little discount for US model urging me to pay more for "another version" because this one is not as good as another... They did not want to explain things clearly by Ebay contact system and insisted on contacting me by phone to explain their concerns, and they, actually, did call me several times... In the very end I requested an order cancellation... Beware!

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SCAM WARNING ! These GOOD reviews are all FAKE! NO email confirmation is sent after purchase. Though the item had a logo next to it saying, "in stock and ready to ship", you get a phone call telling you shipping takes 3 weeks from over seas unless you pay $86 more for expedite, and the warranty is only 1 month unless you pay extra. Then when you say you want to cancel, Steve will yell, "I KNEW YOU WAS GUNNA DO DAT!, I KNEW YOU WAS GUNNA DO DAT!!"

Response from Deals A., Deals All Year Representative
Customer purchased a camera and expected to get it in one day without paying for expedited shipping.
We ship from multiple warehouses throughout the United States, customer assumed we were shipping from New Jersey and claimed free shipment would only take one day.
When we told the customer the price of overnight shipping the customer was very livid and we agreed to cancel the order with no issue. Our good reviews are not fake nor fabricated. We appreciate all of our customers that acknowledge great service and customer satisfaction. Thomas, we still wish to speak with you and possibly work with you one day in the future.

Thank you

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