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I was with Mozy, what a rubbish product Carbonite Safe is in terms of a replacement. I tried to cancel, but it is impossible to stop these guys taking your money as support just sends template emails. I have had to report Carbonite to my bank to prevent further unauthorised use of my card.

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Years subscribed to Carbonite and the very first time I needed was useless. I need to order a hard drive containing my files to be delivered but no one told me that I needed to return before a deadline or be charged $147. Carbonite assures that they sent a email warning me about this but I never got that email. They never warned me on the phone either. The only warning was in the box containing the hard drive that I opened when back in town a month after the deadline passes. I called and they say they will never return the charge. Useless.

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I have been using Carbonite for several years. From time to time, I get an email telling me that there are vast numbers of files backed up. I had never received a notice about any problems.

If you've used Carbonite, you know that there's an icon to indicate when a backup is pending. I've noticed many files "pending". But hey, there were lots of green icons for "backed up".

Anyhow, one day, Windows notified me that my hard drive was dying. "No problem" I thought. I'll just log into my Carbonite account and download onto a new hard drive. This is when the surprises began.

It turns out, there were tens of thousands of files "pending"--including several years of family photos. I called tech support. First, they told me it was bandwidth. After this was ruled out, they changed the story. According to tech support, my account only backs up the C: drive.

So, if you happen to use an SSD for program files and a standard HD for data, guess what? None of your data will be backed up.

I asked why the files showed as "pending" if they were never going to be backed up. Apparently, my software was out of date. But, I had never been asked or told to update it.

Curiously, the FAQ page on the Carbonite sales page says the most basic account will back up "all the files on one PC" (see attachment). When challenged on this point, tech support sent me to a link somewhere else on the site that states otherwise (see attachment).

I don't want to suggest that you can't back up your files with Carbonite. But if you do, you'd better keep a really close eye on them, forever. (I did keep a close eye on mine in the beginning. But, it seemed like a waste of time after a while.) For me, this defeats the purpose of a "set it and forget it" backup. And, I can't help but feel mislead by the website.

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Backup so slow that number of files increases, 10 days ago I had 12,000 files to backup, now it is 17,000 and this is without adding files, just normal photo editing, using Lightroom.

Tech support blame your computer or bandwidth, no help advice on what may help speed the backup. Despite him seeing that I have 18M upload speed we spent 45 mins arguing about whether it was working or not and final comment was that I should just wait for it to complete. Couldn't seem to grasp that if the number of files just increased, that was never going to happen.

Backup Process. Follow on issue with slow backup is that backups work in alphabetical order, according to tech support. So if you backup C:User\Appdata and the backup is so slow that Appdata is changing, as you work. These updated files will be added to the backup ahead of any files further down the list, so photos\music\videos will NEVER be backed up. They could have been sitting there for days\weeks and will not be backed up.

Continuous backup doesnt work. In STATUS it will tell you that all your files are safe and its been idle for 45 mins, but look in Settings and it will say x thousand files pending backup. So its lying about the files being safe and despite having thousands of files to backup, is doing nothing.

Backup Now in settings there is a button saying Backup Now. Press that and you think it will immediately get to work on all the waiting files. No, minutes after doing this it is still on Idle, or it won't start at all.

I downloaded a trial of iDrive after 5 days of this issue, in the next 5 days it backed up 600Gb of data over the same internet connection, from the same computer. According to Carbonite though its an issue at my end.....

Tried to check my backup files on Carbonite website - got a message saying they were not available and I should try later. Does not inspire confidence in the Always Available Anywhere slogan.

I removed thousands of files from Carbonite backup list to get the number down and it is now backing up at a reasonable speed.

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Very frustrating experience with this product, does NOT do what it says - in over 7 months less than 1 TB of data was backed up, this is INSANELY SLOW, you will never have all your files backed up therefor Carbonite is RIPPING YOU OFF. Carbonite will AUTOMATICALLY DELETE your files in 30 days if you do not continue plugging you external hard drive into a computer - this is a waste of my money since I need to make sure my files are backed up NO MATTER WHAT. When I tried to explain my dissatisfaction with the product and request a refund they wasted my time twice asking to "fix" it. Josh told me that he couldn't give me a refund and all the managers had stepped into a meeting. When I told him I was recording the call he said 2 managers might be available and put me on hold. Brandon who is the "Consumer Manager" came on the line and was not listening to anything I said but repeating the same few lines back to me like a robot. "Sorry because this is outside of the 30 days return policy I can't give a you a refund but we can try to fix it." He wouldn't give me his last name or an email address when I asked for one. He said that Anna the "Group Manager" will have to give me a call back. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY. I purchased BACKBLAZE which I highly recommend as a QUICK EASY SEAMLESS SOLUTION THAT WORKS ALL OF WHICH CARBONITE IS NOT!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY .. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE, I JUST WANT A REFUND FOR A PRODUCT THAT DID NOT WORK FOR ME. I asked for the CEOs name and was told it was Mohammed Ali. Mr. Ali if you're reading this, please train you customer service people to ACTUALLY LISTEN to the customer and offer a REAL SOLUTION

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After the trail not work the way the trial did. Support team just wanted me to delete the software and reload another copy. It never worked again and I was told my 30 days was over so I could not get a refund. You must need the hundred $ more then I do. I will make sure as many people as I cab reach will be safe the problem of doing business a their rate company.

Tip for consumers: I changed to another sevice and everything is great now.

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It was OK for a while but when I needed them, I found out they discontinued their "Mirror image" backup option I was paying extra for. They kept charging me the extra fee but never told me that service was no longer there. I also found out they lost a lot of my files and my basic backups had stopped. I still have 10 months left on my subscription and they tell me they can't do anything for me and won't refund if I cancel.

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I signed up with Carbonite for home use for the mirror image backup. Now they're discontinuing it and asking me to spend $500+ for a 'business' subscription to keep the image backup facility.

This is outrageous. I'm requesting a refund of the remaining pre-paid year's subscription. We'll see what happens...

John F.

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Carbonite recently lost 950,000 files (yep almost a terabyte). I caught it in time, but after 7 months of back and forth about where the files where, they finally admitted they deleted per their 30 day policy - this was after being assured by two techs that my files would be put back into the proper folders. I lost 15 years of work, and about 2 days arguing with the company. This is after spending roughy $1,000 for backups. At the end I asked that they ship me a disk copy of my remaining files, for which the charged me $280 dollars. Talk about insult to injury. In addition to all this there system is clunky, slow and is almost impossible to get your information from - it is pretty much a repository and even that doesn't work sometimes. Stay away from them, there are faster, cheaper, more flexible options out there that don't just delete 950,000 files.

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After 5 years of paying Carbonite dues, I finally needed to access the files due to a computer failure. I was asked to do a password reset and subsequently asked security questions to which the service refused my answers. I called on tech support to help but it was like talking to a wall. I have since paid for someone to pull my files off the hard drive and I can now keep them on flash drive or google drive where they are always available to me. What this means is I have been paying for nothing for the past five years. To date, Carbonite still has not given me access to my own files.

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I used Carbonite to back up appraisal files. Last month they decided, without contacting me, that a different computer should be backed up rather than the one I contracted for. Poof! All my files were purged. They were probably 6-7 years of files that were lost. I am growling silently because of this f--- up!

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Do Not use this service. There customer support is terrible. Their product does not restore correctly. It was double downloading all my files. It is very slow although they would have you believe it is your band with. They create additional data use age when none is required once a drive is restored because there system doesn't recognize the new drive even though it is named the same. Find another service.

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I have been kicked off Carbonite four times in the last several months. I do not know why, nor, more importantly, do they. After calling them for the third time, I requested a pro-rated refund because they were not providing me the service I had already paid for. I was refused the refund, so I spent another hour on the phone while they tried to fix their problem. After the fourth time I was kicked off, I once again requested a pro-rated refund. This time I was told they will not refund my money until they determine they cannot fix the problem which, they now tell me, requires two more "escalations". They did not "escalate" me after the second and third call.

This company has proven itself unable to provide me with the service I purchased. They refused to refund my pro-rated fee until they are satisfied they cannot fix the problem. Of course, their achieving satisfaction is completely subjective while my satisfaction is irrelevant to them. They want me to continue to act as their guinea pig as they try to fix their problem at the expense of my time, any more of which I refuse to invest. Who knows how many more hours I have to spend on the phone with them until they are satisfied that they can't fix the problem. Apparently three previous calls to them for the same problem was not sufficient for them, nor was my investment of time during those calls of any interest to them.

They have no problem keeping my money and not providing the service, even after four identical incidents wherein their service failed.

My opinion, based on their actions, or inactions, is that this is a bad company with a horrible business plan. Avoid it like the plague.

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TERRIBLE company......Was having issues with deleting files as our limit was reached, and Carbonite just STOPS backing up your files, and customer service just gives you a run around and says "you need to buy more space" when the files that were backed up actually just were double and triple copies and needed to be deleted!!
Then, as everyone else here says...NO REFUNDS after we canceled service!!!
The worst customer jerks....and terrible backup service!!! AVOID CARBONITE!!!

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Horrible company. Deceptive promotions. Ever-changing refund policy. This service DOES NOT do what it claims. Ignorant and rude people answering the phones.

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Unbelievable. I have been using Carbonite over the last year. Due to my computer crashing I lost the backup program that runs on my computer. I contacted Carbonite online via chat because their phone support was not available on Saturday evening.
I was told by the chat representative to uninstall the program then go to their website, log on and then reinstall.
PROBLEM: Carbonite would not accept my email in the logon screen telling me that had no record of my email
ANOTHER PROBLEM: This chat person assured me that the email address I was using was correct and I should just go ahead and log on
ANOTHER PROBLEM: He obviously was not paying attention because I told him clearly that the address was not being accepted.
I went around in circles with this guy. He refused to get me a manager. He told me I would have to wait 2 DAYS!!!! to hear back from their customer service department to assist me. Can you believe that!!!

An error on their end is costing me valuable back up time. I cannot back up any files until I hear from them.

WHAT I DID NEXT: After an hour of stupidity I logged off the chat, and tried again, hoping I would chat with someone who might actually be able to help me. NO!!! Same thing, different person. EXCEPT: After I threatened to begin lodging complaints about their company they promised me I would receive an email in 2 hours with the password reset imformation. AGAIN, I'd like to remind you that this problem was on THEIR END only and I am a PAYING CUSTOMER who has put my total trust in their service.

NEXT PROBLEM: Did I get the email???? NO!!!!!!

WHAT I DID NEXT: I went back online today and demanded they send me the email that was promised to me. Again I'm told by the chat person that it will have to wait until tomorrow. WHAT KIND OF A COMPANY PROMISED THINGS TO ITS CUSTOMERS BUT REFUSES TO DELIVER AND MAKE GOOD ON THEIR PROMISES? What else is Carbonite up to? What are they doing that we don't know about with our files we're entrusting them with?

ANOTHER PROBLEM: What is the point of 24 hour chat support if they can't help you with a log on malfunction that is on their end?????

FINALLY: They make you wait to get answers on the chat screen while they are helping who knows how many other people, even if they are the ones causing you inconvenience. Carbonite needs to hire the right people who know what they're doing. Not just someone who has been trained to say "the right things" .

I'll be looking for another backup company and suggest if you are considering using Carbonite, that you do the same.

All I can say is that they will need to reimburse me for the amazing amount of inconvenience and frustration I 've experienced with them.

29 reviews
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Carbonite is fine if you only have a minimal amount of data to backup. If you are a person trying to backup like a Terabyte well forget it! As soon as your trial period ends whatever you have yet to backup is going to start backup up at a ridiculously slow pace because they throttle your upload speed way down right after your trial ends. (ironically that's right after they hit you with there NON-REFUNDABLE fee.)

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I have a copy of Carbonite, a separate disc included with a Serif product I purchased. I've been trying to install it since Dec. 10 last year to replace an earlier subscription that has expired I was unable to transfer that product to my new computer). However, I couldn't install the new one because, according to the set-up dialogue: "The Activation Code you entered is already in use." If so, I told a technician, they're induclging in a scam and in a follow-up message another technician replied that there was a mistake and told me to find another number. After the 6th back-and-forth email exchanges yet another tech told me that "We have reviewed your email and related history and believe that due to the complexity of your issue, we would be much more successful and quicker resolving this issue over the phone or by chatting with us." I responded that if they could not resolve the issue by email when they have all the time to study it, how much more difficult would it be with the phone or chat when everyone is obviously under time pressure. Anyway I complied but until now there is no resolution to the situation. I have since decided not to waste my time anymore. Although the techs were polite and many surveys came my way to give an opinion of their service, I'm still holding an empty bag. Has anyone encountered this kind of problem with Carbonite?

By Dionesio G.
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