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Boca Raton, FL 33481, US
Tel: 1-866-529-3413

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Scammed for over 3 1/2 years. I was sent an email after a small purchase that stated I needed to cancel in 7 days or I would be charged $19.95 per month. 3 changes in my credit card number with this card did not stop the charges from being removed from my account. DO NOT SHOP ON THIS SITE OR OR

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They ask you to create a login/password for the ease of shopping or special benefits, but without making it very clear that this entails paying a monthly membership fee. Once you create a password, you are supposedly on a trail membership, but again this is not said clearly up front. Even when they send you a registration email, they do not say a word about the membership fee until at the very end of a long message such that you do not catch it right away. Unfortunately I discovered that I have been enrolled in a paid membership program after 5 months. The credit card cancelled the last charge for me, but I still end up paying for 4 months (about eighty dollars). This is as if the website is tricking you into paying money by not being very explicit about the registration/membership program.

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Beware.... This Company has been charging $9.95 on my credit card since I ordered some books online. They snuck a $5.00 discount in the sale & without telling me I would be charged the monthly fee....... Stay away from this Company & call your CC Company & dispute the charges.....

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I ordered a book from this company in Jan on 2010. I DID NOT sign up to be a member, they claim I did and have been charging my credit card for $9.95 a month for 15 months. When I called up to dispute and ask for a refund the representative hung up on me - very rude. They said I have to write a letter to their disupte deparment if I want my money back. This company should be taken to court, they are a bunch of crooks and are no doubt steeling from thousands of people. I can't understand how people can work for a company like this when they know they are just downright dishonest.

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This is really a deceptive marketing ploy for a membership.
I went online to see if there was an alternative for discounted books besides Up came the website. No mention of bestbrandvalue until you check out. I ordered the books did NOT fill out the membership for this service and did NOT receive the $5 discount nor free shipping on my invoice. Then I received an email from bestbrandvalue stating that I had an account and they would only charge $1 for 7 days and $19.95 a month after that. had provided all my information to this site PLUS my credit card information. My first reaction was outrage. And my second is to warn others.

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These guys are crooks - but legal crooks. When you order anything, they then sign you up for a "membership." I was lucky in that it was only $9.95 per month. They tell you that you have to call and cancel within 3 days or whatever, but we all get distracted and forget to cancel. The meter keeps on running. And because the charge is low, we overlook it.

I called today to cancel and asked why I am being charged. I was told about the book I bought last September. I told them to kill my membership immediately which they did. Even gave me a cancellation number and when I asked for a refund they gave me two month's worth. But it could reoccur so we got to stay vigilant. These slim balls are within the law but they are unethical nevertheless.

2 reviews
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RIPPED OFF like so many others here.
Sooner or later they will have to change to more honest policies or get shut down. Meanwhile STAY AWAY

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I signed up with another Company ( to buy 2 DVDs at a total Cost of $13.00 and somehow this Company got my Credit Card Information and Signed me up for a Monthly Service and Charged me $100.00 a Month for ...Nothing Services!!

I checked my email replies for the Order and there is Nothing about signing up for any Monthly Service! ALL A SCAM!!!

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I kept on getting charges to my card on a monthly basis from this company and didn't realize what it was until I did a search and found out about this scam! THIS IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE!!! I am so outraged. I never signed up for any club. I called them and demanded a refund of EVERY SINGLE CHARGE. They said that I would get it. We will see what happens. If this happened to you then I suggest you call the number on your statement and do not take no for an answer with these crooks!

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6/23/10,, DiscountBookSale, BestBrandValues all appear to be the same company. The Florida BBB has them as DiscountBookSale, LLC. One of their addresses is DiscountBookSale, LLC, PO Box 810365, Boca Raton, FL Zip 33481. Their main phone number is 1-866-529-3413. The BBB handling their complaints is in West Palm Beach, FL at phone 461-842-1918. I got a partial refund by calling 1-886-707-5858. I faxed the company at 561-989-7401, asking for the remainder to be refunded. The BBB sent a link for me to fill out a complaint form. We need to put these scum out of business.

1 review
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I bought two books at the same time from the DBS Books (Discount Book Sales). I now remember the offer to join "something" pop-up and remember closing it. Somehow my order got messed up and I had to reorder the second book...I actually remember reading and rejecting the membership. But they had probably already gotten me to allegedly sign up for their rip-off desquised as a "savings" program.
I began getting charges for DBS Books after that. It was also at that time that my daughter started college and was ordering books for school. So I did not notice the $19.95 charges right away. After they got almost $100.00 above the book cost they started charging only $9.95. It was 10 months before I realized I had been scammed.
I paid close to $50 bucks plus another $150 for two books. I never got an email or any confirmation during shipping so there's no electronic paper trail. It is their word against mine that I did not join their fraudulent club.
When I finally cancelled, last night, the lady said they would refund me $29.85 or the last 3 payments. That is the only email I have received and it states that it may take 2 billing cycles to complete. I am calling my MasterCard account today to make sure they get no more billings before they allegedly "refund" me.

1 review
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I ordered a used book online and by deceptive means I was joining a club that I have never heard of. They said they emailed me welcoming me to the club. I don't remember recieving a e-mail welcoming me, if I had I would have cancelled it. I was charged $19.99 5 times before I noticed the repeated charges. When I called they agreed to cancell membership and refunded one payment. This used book has cost me around a $100.00. It's sad what some will do for a living. Don't use these people for anything.

1 review
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I bought a book with free shipping and handling and am now being charged $9.95 a month and do not have a clue what it is for. The first charge I assumed they were hooking me for the shipping and handling , now they are just trying to screw me.

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I too like everyone else, purchased a book for $9.95. Just caught the charge within a month for another $9.95. Saw all your jabs on this site and was able to call the number and get refunded the $9.95 and my membership that I too was unaware of was cancelled. Thanks for the heads up.

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HORRIBLE customer service. They make you unknowingly sign up for a montly subscription (19.95/month) with your first order. If you catch it in the first month you'll get your refund. I asked to speak with a manager to rip them a new one but conveniently, one wasn't available. I told them they'd be giving me a refund or they will be contacted by my lawyer. Biggest CROCK of S#!T ever! Hopefully I get my order....still waiting on that too. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

1 review
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It's a scam. Here is the correct number to cancel. The number that they posted says that the party is outside of the country.

THE NUMBER TO CANCEL IS 1 (866) 566-8437.

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5 reviews
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I too have been scammed by BBV. I don't even remember ever ordering from them and have been seeing the $19.95 monthly charge. I've been ill and unable to chase it down until now. I do not recall EVER receiving any email from them. I did not sign up for membership with them. Is there any way to prosecute these scumbags for such underhanded practices? I'm really steamed about this. $20 a month is quite a scam.

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I too was scammed into a membership. Their tactics border on the criminal side. Shame on them for having to revert to these types of actions. If someone out there know who or where a contact is that will investigate from a legal standpoint, please post.

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I ordered a movie in Nov. 2009 and they started charging my account $9.95 - got wind of this because they stupidly sent an email stating my credit card had been declined - called them stating I never applied for a credit card and they said - oh - that's just the wording - it's about your membership - never signed up for monthly charges - they hung up on me 4 times, called back a 5th time attempted to speak with a Supervisor - the Rep starts yelling to talk over me stating he was a Sup (yelling at the top of his lungs is the supervisor??) and finally disconnected to get away from the yelling. Have to dispute the charges through my bank and am including the Attorney General as I saw the info in another blog here - would rate them the absolute worst company I've ever done business with.

No worries - from their reviews - they'l be re-incorporating soon into a new company which is costly and will have to avoid them in the future under a new name.

NEVER - again - NEVER order anything from this company

1 review
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This website was one of the worst scams I have seen online. In good faith, I ordered a book from them. Next thing I knew I had "signed up for club membership" and would be charged $19.95 per month!!!!! I am so grateful I caught this before I was actually charged, however, since it is such a scam, it is very simple to not see what is really going on here. Terrible! I can only imagine the people that could be charged fraudulently for months without having any idea. After charging me for the book, they then informed me it was out of stock indefinitely!! When you call the number they list, they inform you to try to the website! When I finally reached someone and complained, you could tell that she could care less and is there to just shut you up. She must hear these complaints all day long. How is this allowed to happen? It is mind boggling. I learned my lesson and will only be dealing with tried and true websites in the future.

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Did not know there was a 19.95 monthly membership fee when I prdered my 5.99 book!! I was charged 19.95 for 4 months before I caught it!! Beware!

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This is the worst site for books.. DO NOT GO HERE!! I never gave ANYONE permission to charge me monthly.. And when I ordered the books... They took OVER a month to get.. I was trying to get my husband in Iraq a christmas gift... and they didnt come in till after Christmas and it takes 2 weeks if not longer for him to recieve anything... so yeah he didnt get it till mid Jan.. SO NOT COOL.

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On 12/6 I ordered 3 movies in hopes of having them for Xmas, but they never arrived. I received a charge of $9.95.

After Xmas, I received an email saying they were still out of stock, so I asked that the order be cancelled, which they did (after asking them 3 times).

I then received another charge to my credit card and their ensuing responses to my request for a refund were defensive and spoke to ýou signed up for it'.

I have filed a complaint with the Florida Attorney General's office, as this so-called company is located in Boca Raton.

Stay away from this web of deception.

1 review
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I purchased ONE (1) book and now these people are charging my credit card every other day. It's a RACKET initiating in FLORIDA. My credit card company will be notified immediately !!!

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Regarding - The BBB of West Palm Beach, FL 33407 has them as "DiscountBookSale, LLC. I filled out an on-line complaint this week. I received a letter from them today (Friday). In part it stated "We have formally processed your complaint and sent it to the above named company. We will send you a copy of their response as soon as we receive it." I am impressed with this BBB so far. Their phone number is 561-842-1918.

By Rick K.
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