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Al Haq Travel has a consumer rating of 4.49 stars from 104 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Al Haq Travel also ranks 2nd among Travel Other sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 85.7%
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Positive highlights

  • I booked my first umrah Package with Alhaq travel and then i got air tickets travelling from London to Makkah.
  • Their customer service was exactly what we needed when planning our first Umrah trip.

Critical highlights

  • My mother and her friends booked an Umrah trip with AlHaq Travel for two weeks.
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Top Positive Review

“Reference Mr. Khurram Ali”

Anwar S.

Khurram Ali is a very good travel agent because he explained to me many of times when i booked Umrah booking.he is very good cool, calm and understanding person. I employ new and existing customers to call for him. And today he is going to home late because he sending me visas, travel ticket. Thumps Up. Also Hafiz Saad he has also helped me aswell bealf of him last wednesday. May Allah bless both with barkat.

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Top Critical Review

“You have been warned! Do not book with Al Haw Travel”

Mazamal K.

Paired deposit Of £1000 in start ofFebruary to Asad in the sales team, early March out break of Covid 19 contacted Asad who reassured me Hajj will still go ahead and to pay my remaining £4,500! Which of course I did not proceed to pay. Have try contacting Al Haw spoke with Hafiz Sahab who promised me a call back within 2 days after speaking to him on 24th June 2020, alhaq will not answer the calls or emails... you have been warned look elsewhere!

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1 review
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July 20th, 2020
Paired deposit Of £1000 in start ofFebruary to Asad in the sales team, early March out break of Covid 19 contacted Asad who reassured me Hajj will still go ahead and to pay my remaining £4,500! Which of course I did not proceed to pay. Have try contacting Al Haw spoke with Hafiz Sahab who promised me a call back within 2 days after speaking to him on 24th June 2020, alhaq will not answer the calls or emails... you have been warned look elsewhere!
1 review
0 helpful votes
December 30th, 2019
My friend has booked a trip from with this company for Umrah. Initially everything seemed fine until they have arrived at the hotel.
There was no reservation for them at the hotel and the hotel has refused to book them in without the confirmation from the agency.
I have myself called the agency many times to sort this problem out as they were stranded with no where to go. The customer service was incredibly POOR, the agent on the phone was soo careless. They did not want to sort the problem out and clearly said that they have to pay for the hotel themselves and will not help!
After about 4 hours on the phone disputing this issue with the agency, they have said that they will book 2 rooms for them via the hotel's website. We have waited another 2 hours and there were no replies! They DID NOT book ANYTHING! This has caused a lot of stress for a trip that should actually be the best trip of your life!
PLEASE DO NOT BOOK WITH THEM! ALL they're 5 star reviews are probably all fake the WORST experience ever that nobody should ever have!
1 review
4 helpful votes
August 25th, 2018
Those people are based in India, run by non Muslim company. They sell you 4-5 star packages but they buy economy ones from the suppliers which is Ahmed travel. You will stay in the worse hotels. Very soon I will put here photo evidence how they cheat people. Avoid them by all means. Do not look at positive review that have been done by them. They are professionals thieves.
1 review
2 helpful votes
January 5th, 2018
Worst company ever. I do not believe they are Muslim. Their call center and company operate from India and also Islamabad or Lahore. They have taken many peoples money. The good reviews on here are fake and made by their own colleagues- fake names, not Muslim actions. Ahmad- fake manager, no refunds, no help, liar, always using Islamic words such as 'in sha Allah' in vein, most probably a non Muslim taking advantage of Muslims!

I hope you enjoy feeding your children and families with Haram earnings!
1 review
2 helpful votes
April 13th, 2019
I AM DISGUSTED. DO NOT TRUST THEM. Never have I been so disappointed with such despicable behaviour. For a company that offers trips to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, their pathological dishonesty is nothing short of criminal and utterly appalling. When we wanted a different place to stay and paid for another hotel in Medina, they gave us their word we would receive the refund for the first hotel. Every single week since then, they would say "tomorrow", "next week", "in two days", and so on. It has been five months. FIVE MONTHS. Not only have they stolen our money unashamedly, they have caused undue stress amongst my family and have betrayed our trust. AVOID THESE CHEATS AT ALL COSTS.
1 review
1 helpful vote
January 24th, 2018
Worst customer service ever from Ahmed the manager and Waqar the senior!
They never return my calls of get back to me
1 review
1 helpful vote
May 25th, 2019
DO NOT APPROACH THIS COMPANY. DO NOT. This company is not alhaq at all. When he seen our review he phoned us and he said he is going to give us the money back that he stole and we have been waiting for two weeks and he has told us all his lies and makes excuses all time. This is Ahmed Latif. If you want to lose your money this is the company for it.
1 review
1 helpful vote
April 13th, 2019
We cannot warn you enough: to avoid heartache and pain, AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE. They have caused too much misery because of the CONSTANT LIES. Would you want to go to the House of God with liars?

My mother and her friends booked an Umrah trip with AlHaq Travel for two weeks. Sometime before flying they wanted to change hotel, so AlHaq told them to pay for the new hotel when they arrive there, and on their return AlHaq will refund them.

FIVE months have past since they returned, and AlHaq have not paid a measly £380 to their client. That's not the painful bit; what has hurt them so much is the CONSTANT LIES AlHaq have conjured over the months. Promise after promise after promise, emotionally exhausting my mother and friends. A promise AlHaq made to refund their customer, and they have constantly led my mother and friends for months: "It'll be paid next week;" "It'll be paid within 5-10 working days."

Because they've LIED so many times, we will never know if at any point they've said anything true. All we know is we have not been refunded a penny of the amount due to us.
1 review
1 helpful vote
October 18th, 2019
These Guys are COWBOYS!
Absolutely worst company. Avoid at all costs!
Absolutely worst company I've ever dealt with. Firstly numerous times they charged us extra money once we had paid for flights. The hotels were changed numerous times and we were promised 4star hotels and given 3stars. By the end of the process they had charged us nearly £300 extra per person. We were blackmailed into writing false reviews of how good their service was and name the person who we dealt with MUSTAFA before our visas were released to us. We got picked up by our transport that was arranged in Jeddah and dropped off to a closed hotel and the driver ran off and left us. We were stranded as a family of 4 and numerous pieces of luggage. After struggling to figure out what had happned, we found out the hotel was under maintenance and were told to try their other branch. We had to pay for our own taxi to get to the other branch with no money on us, had to go to a bank and get the money out. Then once we got to this other branch we once again struggled for hours trying to figure out what had happened to our reservation. All the meanwhile we were trying to get hold of AlHaq and failing miserably with their absolutely terrible service. Once we finally managed to get them to understand what was happening we got told to pay for the night ourselves and they would sort it out. Thankfully the hotel staff managed to sort us out a room and transfer the reservation. However once again these agents said to us we have transferred you to another hotel branch you have to go there. At our wits end having not even done umrah at this point we were told to do umrah and go to the other branch. Once we got back from umrah we enquired at reception about having been told to go to the other branch and were told that branch was also CLOSED! The transport they booked was useless, our transport that was booked to go to medinah was over an hour late becaue the driver was asleep in his bed. This agency is an absolute joke, they have no idea what they're doing, blackmailing people for these false reviews and misleading people, and we were adamant we needed to let other people know once we were back as we booked this agency based on these reviews. Most of all is the terrible customer service, conning people out of money. Please save yourself stress and hassle and money and do not book with them.
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2019
AN ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. Sold the world, delivered 0. Nimra- lied about all the ziarets- Ahmad Latif (manager) - lied about hotel/vouchers/ payments. CEO Mr Ghilani syed- did not give a monkeys. My dates were changed (no problem) but they changed my hotel without any notice or without my consent. Got to Madina hotel with my 2children (4 & 5) my wife and elderly parents and were refused entry to the hotel as they hadn't received any confirmation from my travel agent. Managed to sort it out 3hours later, then was asked to check out the next day at 2, as the agent only booked us in for 24hours. Absolutely horrible experience- Mr Ahmad Latif (compulsive liar) (the manager) did not care quoting " it's not my fault they haven't received payment". Wait a sec I paid the agent, who's responsibility is it to pay the hotel?. All of the ziarets- got told at point of sale we will have someone with us giving us the history of each ziaret- no body was with us and no information from the driver.

Would I recommend this company- STAY AWAY EVERYONE- DO NOT HAVE THE SAME EXPERIENCE AS WE DID. If you choose to go with them- DON'T SAY NOBODY WARNED YOU.! London- ILFORD
1 review
3 helpful votes
October 2nd, 2018
I was initially dealing with brother Ahsan, and felt he had provided me with tremendous services and assistance when I was originally booking an Umrah package with Alhaq Travel for myself and my brother.

I honestly could not complain whatsoever in the beginning prior to me paying for the so called 'Umrah Package'.

Moreover, due to the friendliness of Ahsan, who had sold a group Umrah package to me, and had from the start promised that a religious guide would accompany me and my brother, he was the only person I wished to deal with whenever I would call Alhaq Travel.

The crux of the matter is, despite all of this, myself and my brother have had a horrible experience, I had paid £430.00 as a fee because I previously went to Umrah (which was the only money myself and my brother had collected intending to use as pocket money to buy food and etc while abroad), however this fee was waived by the Saudi Embassy as I was told by Ahsan, and was promised numerous occasions upon calling Ahsan and Alhaq Travel that I would receive this money back, unfortunately I never received this money back.

In fact, I understand there were visa delays at the Saudi Embassy, of which myself, my brother and my family were extremely concerned whether we would still even travel for Umrah. I was not being informed anything and equally so nobody from Alhaq Travel was bothering to go out of their way to reach me and inform me on what exactly was going on. I was having to chase up and call everyday to find an update from Ahmad Latif, Jamal, Hafiz Saad, which is clearly not right, communication is key, Alhaq Travel should have communicated and gone out of there way to update me regarding everything that was going on.

As a result, myself and my brother could not aboard the flight for our initial booking dates, and while myself and my brother had neither of our passports or visas, we were told that I should aboard the flight without my brother(who is ill and had never travelled for Umrah previously) and informed that my passport was ready while no visa was produced nor was my passport returned to me so that it would be rightfully so in my possession.

When the visas finally came through, myself and my brother were not given the customer service we expected Alhaq Travel to provide us with.

Furthermore, instead of Alhaq Travel taking care of us as customers, when surely we were not at fault for the visa delays, we were ridiculously told by Ahmad Latif to pay extra for an expensive package with Saudi Airlines which we had never embarked on purchasing in the first place.

The fact of the matter is, we were bamboozled and deceived, as the £430.00 I had initially paid as a visa fee which was waived, was used towards this new booking, when this should not have been the case.

Thus, myself and my brother had already booked time off work for the dates that were associated with the Umrah package, therefore we were deeply affected by these events that transpired.

Nevertheless, it was agreed that we would continue with this new booking, we were expected by Ahmad Latif to be able to find our way in a foreign land we were not residents of, it was only after we pressured Ahmad to be reasonable and provide us transportation that Ahmad agreed and promised to provide transportation and a contact of the people who would be transporting us and our baggage to the hotels.

We were promised by Ahmad Latif on more than one occasion over the phone that transport would be covered throughout the trip (Madinah Airport to Madinah Hotel, Madinah Hotel to Makkah Hotel and Makkah Hotel to Jeddah Airport) and that the hotel bookings were confirmed, however on countless occasions I had to urge and pressure Ahmad Latif to send their confirmations to me after he had constantly delayed in sending them.

Alhamdulillah we had finally boarded the flight! I must say that the service of the plane was professional, however as soon as we reached Madinah hotel, we were stranded as the people who we were informed would be responsible for our transport had no booking confirmation or knowledge about us. This was extremely disappointing and frustrating, I had to go out of my way to contact these individuals and urge them that our transport booking was arranged, after a substantial amount of time we were picked up by this company and were taken to our hotel in Madinah.

When the time had come to leave Makkah, we were left stunned, gobsmacked, that there was no transport booking reservation covered for us to be transported from Madinah hotel to Jeddah airport, I had constantly emphasised to the people responsible for our transport that Ahmad had certainly agreed and promised to provide transport throughout the trip (Madinah Airport to Madinah Hotel, Madinah Hotel to Makkah Hotel and Makkah Hotel to Jeddah Airport).
Unfortunately, this was completely denied by Ahmad, so reluctantly I was forced to pay 250 SAR (almost £52) out of my pocket to this company for a service that should have already been provided, otherwise myself and my brother would have missed our flight back to London.

In total myself and my brother were supposed to only pay £1,590.00 for a group package that was initially advertised and sold to us. Unfortunately, we were made to pay £2,020.00 (£430 extra which could have made more use going to charity) to travel by ourselves, without a group or a tour guide as promised in the beginning. This amount we actually paid does not even cover any ziyaarat in Makkah or Madinah, as well as no breakfast in Madinah hotel and what is worst, transportation from Makkah hotel to travel in one peace to Jeddah airport and await our flight to London.

In conclusion, I feel it is incumbent upon me to as a muslim believer to warn other potential customers of the traumatising experience I suffered first-hand at the hands of Alhaq Travel to prevent similar mishaps and incidents occurring in the future.

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