Are You Shopping Red or Blue? Sitejabber Partners with Goods Unite Us to Reveal Businesses’ Political Loyalties

How much do you know about where your money is going? While the election isn’t until November, if you did any shopping recently, you likely voted (unknowingly) with your wallet.

The team at Sitejabber is proud to announce a new partnership with Goods Unite Us. Spending thousands of hours researching data on corporate political donations, Goods Unite Us extinguishes the smokescreen between business politics and consumers. Goods’ mission is to allow consumers to make purchases based on political beliefs, pave the way for business political transparency, and put an end to corporate political donations. 

You might have a list of brands you swear by. You can now check if they align with your personal political beliefs by searching for the brand on Sitejabber–the results may surprise you!

Shop all in one place? Take a look at Walmart. A coffee connoisseur? Check out the Starbucks rating. An aspiring athlete? Goods secured perhaps unexpected findings from Nike. If a company’s political information is missing, you’ll find a button to immediately request the business get reviewed by Goods Unite Us.

Today, when you bought a coffee on your way to work, gassed up the car, and stopped by the grocery store going home, you involuntarily voted with your wallet. Voting with your wallet means profits made off your buying decisions support not only the company but their political party contributions as well. The average shopper will make three times more political donations from daily purchases like grocery runs than directly contributing.

Using the profits gained, companies you shop at give massive donations every year to political campaigns you may love or hate. The problem is most people don’t know companies’ political affiliations. Sound like an uncomfortable notion to you? We think so too. Our partnership comes in to provide direct access to these political party leanings for thousands of brands, as well as spread our shared vision of business-to-consumer transparency.

The next time you’re shopping and want to research reviews on Sitejabber, you’ll also find the political leanings of a business. At the top of each Sitejabber reviews page, you’ll see the Goods Unite Us icon within the Corporate Values section. The icons indicate which political party your brands are donating to:

To achieve Goods Unite Us’s perfect score, companies must have a Campaign Finance Reform Score of 100, which consists of the company refraining from significant political contributions to either party and the donation percentage to progressive candidates. When more companies choose to make this change, money is taken out of corporate politics, shifting the political focus from corporations to serving the consumer majority.

Each icon includes a link directing you to Goods’ deep-dive of the company’s political activity. From Donald Trump to Hilary Clinton, you’ll be able to see which political figures they donate to most. You’ll also be able to find a breakdown of where the donations are coming from: senior employees or the company itself.

We’ve partnered with Goods Unite Us to address a long-neglected divide between business politics and consumers, as well as return the power of influence to the consumers. The next time you’re about to click buy, go to a Sitejabber reviews page or download the Goods Unite Us app to check if you’ll be backing your vote with every purchase you make.