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My question is what do you get for let's say The Consular or the Qui-Gon Jinn it's starting price is 154.00 what do you get for that price?

asked by Kevin P. on 11/12/18

7 Answers
Usually the displayed price is an average price depending on what you get with it. For example, if you added one of the sound packages it could be significantly more. So it really depends on what you get with it
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This is my Consular stunt saber from Ultra Sabers. I absolutely it. The picture with the blade on is in a fairly brightly lit room, but because the saber is so bright it looks like a dark room lol! On top of looking perfect, you can also spar or duel pretty aggressively with even the basic blade.
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The base price is for a stunt saber, no you start adding options the prices go up.
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It's a movie accurate prop that is more then worth it. Some say other sites that what you pay for your getting a better product, but I disagree. I love these so much I have bought 3 of might sound like I'm paid to say that but in all honesty, your only hurting yourself if you are spending upwards of thousands on this glorified flashlight. These guys have everything you need. Trust me. Do not fall for the trap of other sites
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The price shown by the hilt is for a stunt saber. Meaning there is no sound just the hilt a blade and led light of your choice.
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I believe all of the prices shown correspond to what they call "stunt sabers", meaning it's a saber with no sound. So if you wanted sound and/or other addons it would be more expensive
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Pretty much an empty hilt? I havn't tested the Qui-Gon, but Too get the best out of anything you have to spend a few bucks. But you don't spend too much after the hilt is your options@, I always go Obsidian sound board because you can download software and change blade colors, sounds on my lap top. Then your just choosing what kind of saber you want.? One just too look at? Or like me bash and slash all over the place. These things if you've chosen right will take one hell of a good beating and still keep on going. I'v put them through the test and I use live blades in sparring. This way is heaps of fun and don't have to put on the armor, safer and can still be used in kata practice if you wanted
So you get exactly what you pay for. $154 probably just the hilt but for$250 you can start creating a good ???????? Piece of Art too look at, collectable iconic star wars saber, or if you really want too you can just about weaponize it where it's made for full contact duelling. But for duelling.... go one with a deep seated emitter where the LED housing butts up against the emitter quick release. Like the Arcon V2.2. So after testing three different sabers. I love the Butcher, Graflex is a lovely piece of Art Arcon V2.2 was best put together for maintenance because anything made too clash, vibrate or constantly move about will need maintenance now and then , decoration if you only want to spend $154 and also for heavy any Saber like the Arcon V2.2 is good for all areas.i'd say the Qui-Gon would be pretty much the same?
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