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As a buyer things are alright. Could you possibly tell me how it is as a seller? Are more items UNSOLD rather then SOLD? I ask this because quite often the items I attempt to sell are overlooked or not bid upon. :/

asked by Paula J. on 2/29/12

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Depends on what you are selling. Yes, a lot of items go unsold in the jewelry and accessories categories... as well as others.

Coach and Michael Kors and other designer brands, not much goes unsold, because here's the catch - - you pay fees on the starting bid. TH wants everything to start at $1. So you get punished if you start higher as to not get screwed by a low purchase price.

Say you buy a designer bag for $120. If you start that bag at $100, you're already paying over $10 in fees. **IF** you can manage to sell it for a profit, there are still the commission and bank fees.

If you start it at $1, you're barely paying any listing fees but it might only sell for $80 (or less!). So, less fees, but you lost your ass on the item.

It's messed up.

Most sellers have put in their time to see if they can make a profit or to see if TH will change, but they all seem to end up leaving.

I'm convinced the only ones who stay to sell there are the counterfeit or crappy quality sellers who are buying items for next to nothing, because that seems to be the only way to make a profit there these days.

I would go the ebay route if you're looking to sell.
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If you're doing featured auctions, the fees are 50 cents if it gets scheduled, whether sold or unsold + 10% commission. Partner auctions are now $2 / item +30% commission. Tophatter nickels and dimes you to death, and if you question ANYTHING they do ( with their insatiable lust for changing the rules and the site every week) then you will only get to sell 1 or 2 items a day, if you're lucky. We ( hubby and I) have been selling there over a YEAR, brought in decent money ( in our eyes) but the greedy goobers figured our money isn't good enough, because we're not selling at 80% sell thru rate or $20 / item, so they pulled us out of partner auctions and now they tell us we are not a good fit for their company! So they pretty much told us to pack up and LEAVE!
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I left TH quite a while ago because it was ridiculous. I recently resigned up a couple weeks ago to see if things have gotten better. They have not.
If you want to know what it is like to sell on TH, try this:
1. Get all of your items in a box
2. Take it to your local supermarket and set up a table.
3. Pay people for taking it from you.
Unless you are paying a dollar or less, you are not going to have a decent profit margin after listing fees and selling fees.
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Do not sell they rack you with costs and fees. In the Beginning it was nice 2 yrs ago then they got greedy
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VERY WELL SAID ~ papa p.
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Nooo! Most certainly! Do NOT go to Ebay to sell. Don't take THAT advice. I was a seller on Ebay since at least 2001. And their fees and seller protection is AWFUL! Crashed my bank account I don't know HOW many times, people stole from me, harrassed me. You name it... I sold mainly cars and everyday items... so no. Stay away from them!
As far as Tophatter goes? I can honestly tell you. I am new at selling here myself. I have been a buyer since 2003. I have been happy with the items I buy. I usually go for the designer & luxury goods. But am smart enough to wait for a decent bidding price that fits my budget. I see things go ridiculously high there as well... guess it depends mostly on the time, # of attendees, how many auction rooms are going, what you are selling. Etc.
I started out with just random extra things to test the waters... I have been fortunate so far myself. I was able to sell my items for a fair price and my buyers were very happy :) I liked that. But yes, you must start everything out for $1 at least.
Unless you just have $$ to burn, you also must tally in your shipping costs. Which, in most cases, the least with tracking is $2.53 per package. Even with jewelry.
Buyers pay via credit card... therefore, the credit card company charges you 2.9% PLUS. 60 cents fee. PLUS Tophatter charges. 50 cents per auction schedule insert. THEN charges 10% of final price, not counting supplies you need. Bubble wrap, envelopes, gas, etc... so here, just to sell an item for a $1... you must start the item out at least $7 to make it worth your time at all:/
Some items I have seen go through... no way I would give that much for, but they sell. But, just because I don't like it, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't. I personally would NEVER give so much for mere "purses" like they do there, but I do enjoy shopping there for other items. Because there are just as many deals as well:)
Items I sell, I make sure they are at least the value I need to retrieve from them. If I think the buyer overpaid... I throw in a free gift. I believe in being fair too.
Most complaints you see here are either 1. Buyers who are upset because they paid too much for a cheap item ( this being a direct result of the price THEY bid on and willing to pay for it). 2. Sellers who were unaware of fees or have taken a loss... due to their own negligence of not reading... because the fees are actually listed online :/
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