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Is Servicing Stop a scam or a legit company?

asked by Dan O. on 6/6/20

7 Answers

Whatever it is, if you want to go through hell of an experience check there service once.
Worst service ever. Yesterday they picked the car at 11 am which was supposed to be picked by 8:30- 9:30. And was supposed to be delivered same day by 6 pm. But it is not yet delivered. They do not give direct number to the person who is picking and delivering or who is working so that we can know the status. And the garage closed at 5 pm. Yesterday we waited for any update from them that the car will not be delivered. We waited till now. But nothing from there end. We called the customer support after 30 minutes waiting time we got into the line. And they were asking what's the status.
We really do not know if they will deliver our car today also or not. And we do not know what they might have used our car for the whole night. What if they are doing crimes using our car. It's our biggest mistake that we used this service. Never believe this service please.
The statements they are using in there site like ‘if not delivered same day it will be free' is totally rubbish. Yesterday at 5 when we called they charge 120£ and asked us to pay that much money, else they won't deliver. We did paid that much money and still waiting for our car to be returned. Forget about servicing what they might have done we really don't know. We are not getting our car plus we are spending money in cabs plus so much stress we are going through. If the car will not be delivered today by 5pm we have to inform police. Because God knows what they are using the car for.

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Review of Servicing Stop

B. O

27 reviews

An hour ago

Patronise this company at your own…

Patronise this company at your own risk! These company is a rip-off! I should have read previous reviews. They scammed me of my money and did not service my vehicle.

Booking Reference: 1244191
Service paid for: Servicing of Vehicle and MOT via servicing stop.

My vehicle was booked at SAI MOT CENTER
113a Hardy Road
SW19 1JB

My Complaint:

1). I was expecting the driver to collect my vehicle between 8am -10am as per your policy. No one turned up.

I got a phone call at 09:54am and a staff from the Garage stated that the driver who should have visited fell sick. So my vehicle got picked up at 11am.

2). Chris from servicing stop phoned me around 3pm to update me about my vehicle. This guy was very RUDE, disrespectful and kept speaking in a hurry. He could not wait to get off the phone and I told him several times that he was speaking too fast for me to hear him. He ignored and carried on telling me that my vehicle did not pass MOT so l need to pay £1,350 for it to pass.

I asked what is the money for? He rudely answered me saying: l already told you want it is for; or better still l will send you an email.

This staff was absolutely rude and disrespectful on the phone. At the end of the conversation; l still did not know why l should pay £1,350 pounds for, so l asked that my vehicle be returned immediately.

3). I asked Chris if my vehicle was serviced and l did not get a response to that question. So l paid for servicing and MOT yet my vehicle was not SERVICED?

4). Despite calling servicing stop to make a complaint, their phone was engaged all day; so I phoned the Garage (Sai mot centre) and the guy told me that my vehicle will be delivered back to me.

My vehicle was supposed to be delivered between 4pm and 6pm as per your policy and agreement. But the driver turned up at my door at 7pm, an hour late. No apologies, nothing from him. He dropped the key through my letter box as l was opening the door.

I opened the door and asked him for receipt of servicing my vehicle. He told me he is just a driver and that he does not know anything about it. The Garage also claimed they do not know anything about it.

So apparently no proof that my vehicle was serviced? No email from servicing stop to show receipt of servicing and what was serviced in the vehicle?

L am appalled at how this company has deteriorated and the way customers are been ripped off their money.


1). I want proof of receipt of the service that was done in my vehicle. I want details of what was actually done in it via email.

2). I will be escalating this to the financial ombudsmen services if this complaint goes unaddressed in the next 3 working days.

3). I will be leaving a detailed feedback on all review site so people do not get ripped off by your organisation; as l believe that l have been scammed of my money.

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In my experience a scam. No other company would operate the same standard of customer care as these cowboys

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I've used them 3 times but this week they have been terrible and wouldn't use them again

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They operate like a legit one, but act as scammers.


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Based on my experience it is a scam- avoid them. Pay a bit more and go direct to a reputable garage.

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It's definitely a scam. They overcharge you at payment point and add fraudulent items to the bill. The site and serviceeahohlld bee avoided at all costs. Surprise they are stillallowed to operTe

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