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Will I ever get my package? It's been 60 days already

asked by Gabriel R. on 11/13/15

11 Answers

No, forget about it, ask for your money and buy it elsewhere. Everbuying is a scam

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After a few orders i found that Everbuying often doesent have items on stock.Not so sure anymore about Everbuying

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I can't give an answer to Gabriel's question whether he receives or not. Hope you get it. I gave up hope of getting the phone, but surprisingly I have received my phone Ulefone Be 2 Touch last Thursday 11/12/15.It could be a result of the site review at Site Jabber. So far the phone is working and it in good condition. Do I order one in the future...?

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Do not wait any longer. Go get back you money!

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You need to open a complaint to paypal or a credit card company for a full refund within 45 days. That is usually their time limit. Everbuying should be NEVERBUYING!

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I wish I could say yes. And that ordering from an online store, who gets your personal details, in China, is also safe. But it isn't.

I currently, after a bad experience, took over a router of there's (Akamai Tech) to monitor what happens.

Yes, some people get there items, and there's good reason that they do.

However, to receieve your item, means this scam company now has, your home address, your phone number, your name as well as the payment methods you have quick access too (if you didnt buy a mobile phone)

So what's the scam?

Well, its a long and drawn out campaign. In total, there are now over 11 deliberately built, "sister" websites, with more being added on an, almost, monthly basis.

Each other website, believe it or not, uses the same, 1 of 4 people, to answer your emails (yeah, they're all blokes, Hassan, no matter what they tell you, they're lying)

I don't want to bore anyone, if you want further proof of what I have, simply email this profile.

And after hearing all of that, you would think, well how are they going to scam me?

So, you have an email account, that's obviously active and being used by you. You also have a payment method attached to that account right? Did you use the same password for your email client as you do for logins elsewhere, coz these people know that, and you shouldn't!

And if that doesn't work, they're emails they send with there specials, when clicking the link, you are being redirected into there server and everything about you has just been caught in the opening of the new window (background process, PHP script on landing page)

To top it off, there mobile devices all have intel gathering scripts used to gather Data. Not to mention all the specs are faked they place them in files within the Android SDK.

Thanks to Androids design, they're modifications to someone elses ROM build (which they use cause they cant script for the SDK themselves) have to be labelled as its exact job, before its allowed to be added to the modded kernel.

Now, you have a camera which isn't 13MP and it doesnt hold 16GB ROM or even have 2GB of RAM like it said it does (only 8GB ROM/512mb-1GB RAM max!), and even though you have just found out that all these details where faked by means of checking there ROM build there's still more to come.

Lets have a look at there listening scripts. My word, there are over 7 of them. And they're needed for things like your GPS, your speaker sound control, Data connection management... Good luck deleting them from the kernel and hoping to have a use-able device afterwards.

What you need to do is ROOT the device and do an FOTA update to cancel out there crap. But they don't allow ROOT access for that reason (Every legitimate Android device has no things to hide from us, hence the ability to have ROOT)

Let me know if you got scammed, I can see where your money is at the very least.

I can't take it however, that is illegal.

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What you need to do is when you buy from this site is to buy the expedited shipping and not the free shipping. There is every possibility you will get your item but you need to follow up with them on the site and get an update, if you havent already. That said, I purchased 2 phones with dual sim cards and they were hopeless. I bought them because they were unlocked and one was nearly $200UD lets just say, you get what you buy.

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You've lost your money.

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Hi Gabriel,

According to my experience, delivery (to Spain) takes around 3-4 weeks. I think that 60 days is too long time.

Have you checked the status of the order in your account? If it is "processing" it means that you are on time to cancel the order, they send you back the money in 2-3 days. Sometimes when they are out of stock they don't tell you, and the order remains as "processing" for very long time.

However if the status is "shipped" it means that probably Everbuying cannot help you, they will address you to the transpor agency...

Have you tried to open a Ticket and ask about the status of the order? I have used it 4-5 times with good results.

Good luck.

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How did you pay for your purchase? If you went through Paypal, let them deal with it. Most of the time, the arrival time is long. China by containers to L. A.
Hopefully you will receive yout item.

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I fineally got what I ordered.It took about two months for me to get what I ordered so since you wrote in it should be there soon. I will never order from them again though.

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