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I ordered 3 items a few days ago. One has been shipped to the correct address, the second it's been shipped to a wrong one, and the third, who knows what will happen. How is it possible?! I got the 3 items ordered together (so one shipping address!). FedEx said only Dot&Bo can change the shipping address, but there's no customer center phone number to call, only email. What if I don't get a reply on time?

asked by Simona A. on 8/22/16

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Hi Simona,

Thanks for reaching out! We've located your email case and informed our Customer Relationships team. We will have a member of this team reach out ASAP to work with you on this.

Very best,
The Dot & Bo Team
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Good luck with that - terrible customer service. I do not recommend this company because of the service and the very poor quality of products.
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How is this company still in business and why are people still buying from them after reading all of these horrible reviews!?
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The # is 800-693-9937 for customer service. Press prompts as if placing an order then you will get a human (sort of) Good luck! This is hands down the WORST company I have ever purchased from! They don't have any of the items in stock, they are just middle men who charge out of control shipping and horrible customer service!
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Call their phone number, act as if you are a vender and they will answer the phone.
This doesn't mean they will do anything. This was my way to actually talk to someone.

I had to dispute my purchase which I had canceled due to non delivery. PayPal came thru.
I suggest no one purchase from this company.
Get your payment method involved
Frankly I don't know how they are still in business
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The only way a got a solution from them was to walk-in on their "secured" office... that it happens to be a block from mine.
Their customer service is horrible. Endless emails and don't get it anywhere.
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The only way I got any answer to my month-long delayed order from Dot&Bo was to lobby a negative review on sitejabber. The next thing I know, my order finally arrived! I wonder if I'd still be waiting for my order today or for any info whatsoever in its status had I not given Dot&Bo a negative review! If I were you I would lobby a complaint at sitejabber to see if that helps or I guess since I'm responding to you on this matter you already have. Otherwise looping through their inefficient system to get help in a situation like this can feel very fruitless indeed. Their lack of efficient tracking, or making themselves available to their buyers, not to mention the inexplicable position you find yourself in with them makes their business dealings/practices seem shady to say the least. I think they're ready to take one's money but heaven knows what will happen after that. They were quite accommodating once I got their attention (aka complaining where the public and their possible future customers could see!) but who has time to complain, track and worry about an order when the company itself should be professional enough to be keeping the customer updated (especially when there is a problem!) like Amazon does for example. Their glossy inticing website is attractive and luring but I won't do business with them again.
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I actually had a good customer service experience. I think you should definitely email them and ask them to rectify the situation. You might also request some other type of compensation (free shipping, etc.)
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