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Zbiddy reviews

129 reviews
427 N Tatnall St # 67128
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
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129 Reviews From Our Community

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I am not sure what the other users couldn't see but the price was right on top of the place i put my Credit Card in. (in 30 reviews)


Cons: Costs up to 60 cents for each bid and it might it could take a lot of bids to win. (in 49 reviews)


As far as penny auctions go this one is pretty good. (in 6 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Well run site, few large items and always the same, a bunch of travel, cruise, vacation items All with restrictions or sending you to a travel agency to up sell you.. no use as you can not simple use as you wish.Even cash wins for travel has restrictions. Very poor selections over all that again don't change.I have won bids only to find restriction I can not use on other then household items. Once again, you will see the same items all the time. I think they are missing an opportunity and happy for you to buy bids on useless items. It takes the fun out of this experience but I'm told all the sites are the same way

New Reviewer

Zbiddy has not allowed me to win an item even if I was bidding fairly aggressively. There are fewer items on this site vs. others and it is almost impossibe to win unless watching it 24/7. I seriously hope you consider refunding me a portion of my $80 due to my complete dissatisfaction.

New Reviewer

I signed up with ZBiddy, paid the $100.00's to bid on items, up to now I have not gotten any bids. then all of a sudden I cannot get the web site that I was signing in on, so now I can't bid any more and I lost my money

New Reviewer

I would never give my CC info for a one cent charge, and I'm glad I checked them out, too!!
I thought I had read over the Terms pretty carefully, but missed this one little part, which I guess alot of other people did, too:

"...Bid credits, referred to as “bids”, are sold in the form of multiple-use packages referred to as Bid Packages. Such Bid Packages must be purchased and paid for prior to a user claiming any item won during any promotional or “rookie auction” or used in specific ULYL auctions or “premium auctions” as determined by ULYL"

In otherwords, those "free" tokens mean SQUAT!! They won't even let you claim a prize until you purchase a Bid Package!!
Not to mention getting SPAMMED from a bunch of other sites... I'm glad all they got out of me was my email address... LOL!!

Caveat emptor!! (Buyer beware)

New Reviewer

They advertised a camera which had appeal so I registered. Of course, no such camera existed despite them saying it had x amount of time before the auction was over.
I asked for a refund twice without response. I'll be going to see my bank tomorrow.

New Reviewer

These people will take your money without notice. They lead you to believe you have to enter your card info to just look. When you do they take money out of your account without your consent. It took a lot of doing but I got my money back, but some people did not get their money back.

New Reviewer

Obviously, this website is a complete scam. However, I seem to have been able to get my money back completely. I literally just did this. I realized what had happened right away, and was on the bank site, this site, and google quite quickly. It only took me about an hour of searching, reading, and talking before getting my refund. Hopefully the refund actually goes through, and it's not just another scam. Also, the phone number for the business is at the bottom.
02:01:46 PM [Ashley] No where on the site did it say that registering would charge me money. There was no confirmation of an order, nothing. I did not want to pay for this site, and I want my money back.
02:03:22 PM [SANDRA]
Thank you for contacting ZBiddy Customer Support.

My name is SANDRA. how may I help you today?

02:03:31 PM [SANDRA] It will be my pleasure to assist you today. May I please have the email address you used to register?
02:03:39 PM [Ashley] ---------
02:11:09 PM [SANDRA] Is your name Ashley -----?
02:11:15 PM [Ashley] Yes.
02:16:09 PM [SANDRA]
When you registered, it is for free but buying bids is not for free. You cannot participate in any auction if you don't have bids. You were given an option when you registered if you want to buy bids.

I located your account and I see you purchased a $79 Bid Package. With 235 Bids I understand you have spent $79 with us already. I would like to offset that cost with $100 Dollars in gas certificates. You will have $100 dollars in Gas and a choice of 1000’s of products, you will truly be getting your monies worth.

So, if that's alright with you, I'm going to send you your gas certificates to ------- . Was that the correct email?

02:18:14 PM [Ashley] There was no information on the site that registering with the site would be buying the bids. The registration was to redeem the item won with the free token.

The only money I have spent with the site was the money scammed off of my card.

I don't have a car. Is there any other option?
02:21:36 PM [SANDRA] I'm sorry but everything was clarified to you. You were given an option to purchase bid package together with the item that you won and you did that it why you were billed.
02:21:44 PM [SANDRA] I would like to see what can be done today to try to help you out. Let me check with my manager. Please hold on for a very brief hold.
02:23:26 PM [Ashley] No where on the site did it give me any option to buy a package. After registering, the next page was a "bundle package" page for hotels, gas, etc, and I skipped past those. There was no option and no confirmation.
02:28:11 PM [SANDRA] We do apologize if you overlooked it. I would like to see what can be done today to try to help you out. Let me check with my manager. Please hold on for a very brief hold.
02:29:10 PM [Ashley] There is no "overlooking" if it is not there. I can't overlook something that doesn't exist.
02:29:41 PM [SANDRA] Let me see what I can do for you so please bear with me. Thank You!
02:32:15 PM [SANDRA]
Great news, my manager said I can leave you with the $100 in gas and I can give you half of your initial purchase back.

So, if that works for you I will be returning $39.50 to your credit card and sending the Gas Certificates to --------. Is that the best email address?

02:34:40 PM [Ashley] You can give me half of my money back? I'm a college student. I tried to sign up for this site in an attempt to get things I need for school. That other $39.50 that's going into your company's pocket could be used for my food to get me through an entire month, or a book that I need for class.
02:35:31 PM [SANDRA] I am sorry you don’t see the value in your purchase today. We are not interested in forcing you to keep your bid package. I will be happy give you a full refund. May I place you on a brief hold as I process that refund?
02:36:37 PM [Ashley] Yes. Thank you.
02:37:11 PM [SANDRA]
I have removed all the bids from your account. I have let your bank know about the refund today and you will see the credit of $79 to your account in the next 3-5 business days. Your confirmation number from our system is 4332554.

Is there something else I can help you with?

02:37:49 PM [Ashley] If the refund doesn't come through in the next 3-5 business days, is there a number that I'd be able to call?
02:38:05 PM [SANDRA] 1-877-924-3390
02:38:25 PM [Ashley] Thank you very much.

New Reviewer

I got to this website through a survey link provided on another website. I was asked to fill a form before I could view the products and I did. Then taken to the next page where I was asked to fill in my card details. I though its because they wanna verify my identity so I did. Boom, I am taken to next page saying you have bought 250 bids fr $99. I was like what. No confirmation before taking payment and nothing was asked to me if I agree to the amount. Then I re-logged in to see what happened. I figure it our the form that I was filling in had apparently advertisement going on which wasn't advertisement but was the package I wanna buy. I called the customer service. I guy gives me a 50% refund and says for the rest we will send you 10 gas vouchers of $10 each. I was surprised and I said do I have to do anything to redeem these. I was told no nothing. I get this voucher and figure out that I have to print a form n send this voucher along. Then they will send me a $10 voucher. I have to fill a gas and send the receipt to them within one week. They will then send me a $10 check within 3-4 weeks. I have to do this for 10 weeks to redeem these vouchers. It was crazy. It was like begging for your money. So I called again and said I do not want this voucher and if the balance could be refunded. Was disconnected thrice and then on a chat was told that this could not be done. I then gave it up. The website is so deceptive. then you go the website and see how bidding works. I am telling you you can be online for the whole day and keep bidding. Never went on the website again.

New Reviewer

Not a real fan of penny auction sites. Seems they work great for some, not for most. In my experience, I fared very well with the $100 airfare travel cheques, $100-200 hotel cash cards and two-for-one companion airfare vouchers. OR SO I THOUGHT!

I happily paid for my deals, went to redeem them and realized why they were so easy to win. There's like a million different black-out dates, restrictions and time restraints. For air travel, your initial ticket has to be over $350 and your trip must include an overnight stay on a Saturday. For hotel discounts, you have to book at least 4 consecutive nights.

Now, I'm on a budget and don't travel often. When I do, it's not for long periods of time. I try to get the best deals on airfare and I certainly try to avoid the most expensive nights to stay in a hotel. I thought winning these vouchers would be a great way to do so.

It was a complete waste of my time and money bidding on these. What a bummer!

New Reviewer

I have seen a user here bad mouthing about the company. I have been a member of Zbiddy since last 8 months and I have won couple of items including an iphone. Guys, one needs a good strategy and patience to win on penny auction sites like zbiddy. Those who blame the site are the LOSERS!!

New Reviewer

This site is no way shape or form an auction its worthless i spent 40 dollars for bids worst thing i could of did. The only way you can save $ on this site is if you have nothing else to do but sit at a computer all day, one item i started watching at 8pm it was in the last 15 seconds it was still going on 24hrs latter . I understand they want to give everyone a final chance to bid but there needs to be a time limit on rebids plus 90% of what they had to bid on was bids if your smart and like your $ stay far away from this site STICK WITH EBAY THATS A TRUE AUCTION SITE plus they also take pay pal zbiddy willnot you have to put there credit card out there

New Reviewer

I've used a number of penny auction sites, including zbiddy. The model works like this: You buy a bid pack, then bid on the product you want. If you're the last person to bid, you win the item. The reason you get a discount is because other people are bidding too, so multiple people are investing in the product. There's some strategy to it, but that's what makes it fun. If you're willing to be patient and learn the ropes, sites like zbiddy can really pay off. I've won several auctions and paid significantly less than retail each time.

New Reviewer

I wish that they had more stars to the right to make "minus" ratings. The live chat popped up while I was checking out the site, I'm sure it was canned posts, but it said I could get 25 free bids. I bid on a $10 Burger King gift card, I won with a penny, I was charged $79.01~

New Reviewer

They put multiple ads on craigslist, then when you respond, they send an email saying they JUST sold the product but... "they found the item on zbiddy for even cheaper and you can too". It’s not OK to play bait and switch. Due to this “deceit” I will never use zBiddy and I will also spread the word that it uses dishonest, unethical tactics in its marketing!

New Reviewer

I have just read negative comments about this zbiddy and unfortunately, I have just joined them !!! HOW do I delete my infos ?????

New Reviewer

This web site is a total scam i watched an auction and the same bidder was bidding on an item that was worth 20.00 he bid 40 times and he won it for 8 dollars. So do the math .60 per bid is 24.00 and 8.00 for an item that was worth 20.00 he paid 32.00, just go to amazon and buy it. Total scam!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have been warned.

New Reviewer

For ALL OF US that have been ripped off by zbiddy or rockybid.

OK So I have done a little background sleuthing on what is going on with zbiddy and other similar penny auction sites.

This Penny Auction Site is a HUGE scam.

zbiddy owners plant positive experiences on here (reviewopedia) and on the Penny Auction Watch forums(PAW) to bait people into playing and buying bid packs or to join their site. Buying bid packs to bid on items? What a joke and scam!

And you thought being ripped off 99 bucks upfront was scandalous?
Pshaw! This is just the beginning of your woes! If you were smart enough to REPORT THIS to your credit card company and cut the losses you really haven’t lost that much.

For those of you that chose to use the bids and descend further into this madness here’s the scoop: It’s not even an auction THEY JUST CALL IT that, it’s more like a lottery THAT IS IF IT WAS RUN LIKE ONE, and IT ISN’T!

Go to Flippa[dot]com and search “penny auctions”

There you can see how these operates by the use of controlled bots on autobid to scam any real people into buying more and more bid packs until the reserve price has at least been met for that item that’s bid on. They aren’t in the business to LOSE money and will NEVER sell an item below value. If not enough real people are bidding on a particular item for a while, they will end the auction to a bot name. They will then list the bots name in the “Auction History” section to make it look as if REAL people actually win and auction is honest & fair.

They cheat you and make a killing from people like you that bought into it. Some will even go as far as to advertise on social networking sites such as “FACEBOOK” and write stories of winning items for $4 and so on to get people to join the site.

In fact they are so low that they will create fake accounts with stolen pictures of REAL people to simulate happy zbiddy customers who just got that new in the box PlayStation or iPod.

I call it their, “Fake Social Environment” where they ask and answer their own questions attempting to create an illusion that they are a reputable business like Ebay or Amazon. For example they will say, “I just won 12 Lap Tops for $40 and they all arrived today in factory sealed boxes! I love this site!”

They also run scripts from third world countries which do nothing but spam YouTube and reviewopedia with precanned responses to any critique, for example it will say:

“I guess you need to understand that any penny auction site requires you to buy bids upfront. You need to read the fine print. zbiddy is legit and has been in business for a year”

Anyone can do this… so easy to make money. What these scammers also do is, they MAKE sure that the server that hosts your scam auction is located outside of the USA so you can get around Federal Gambling Regulation laws. If the heat gets to be too much, then they shut the scam auction down and re-open under a new name. There is no way to do anything about them really, because they just keep showing up under new websites and new banners. For example and and a number of lesser known outfits are all operated by the same people. Both of these um “companies” are under investigation by the Florida Office of the Attorney General

Here’s the copy from their website:

The case file cited below relates to a civil — not a criminal — investigation. The existence of an investigation does not constitute proof of any violation of law.

Case Number: L12-3-1029

Subject of investigation:
Ecom Interactice, LLC d/b/a

Subject’s address:
2200 S.W. 10th St., Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

Subject’s business:
Internet – Penny Auction

Allegation or issue being investigated:
Potential 501.204, Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices, by penny auction site. Business does not adequately disclose its terms and policies. Consumers allege that they are being charged before granting authorization for payment to zbiddy. Consumers also allege that they are attempting to cancel services and/or request refunds and that they are unable to obtain refunds of unused bids.

I tried to post this information on as many business review sites as possible to warn good honest people and I urge everyone to repost to as many sources as you can.

So rememer how I said that rockybid and zbiddy are run by the same crew?

So here’s the final piece of information I dug up before the leads started to go dark, this one is from the Domain Registration site that currently has this information set to private:

Whois info for

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
G&M Capital
Benjamin Grossman
69-42 173rd
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Administrative Contact:
G&M Capital
Benjamin Grossman (
Phone: 718 454 3644
69-42 173rd
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Technical Contact:
G&M Capital
Benjamin Grossman (
69-42 173rd
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365


Both Rockybids and Zbiddy have now hidden this information using whois guard.

Benjamin Grossman appears to be the money behind both of the rockybid and zbiddy operations but a little company named Ecom Interactice, LLC appears to be registered by one Gilboa Merdinger also known as Gil Merdinger. This character is the one behind this ginormous RIPOFF SCAM. He also appears to own a number other lesser known websites that run essentially the same php web template to cheat you out of your hard earned money.

FBI, FTC and BBB have all been inadequate in dealing with this GIANT SCAM so far and I am not holding out my breath. District Attorney Pam Bondi who is heading the Investigation in Florida is my last hope here.

I shall continue to investigate this string of scams, however I urge everyone who has been taken in this Holiday Season to write an email to Attorney General Pam Bondi.


Demand that a criminal investigation be started into Gilboa “the Brains” Merdinger and Benjamin “the Funds” Grossman. The more people she hears from regarding these 2 GIANT SCAMMERS the more chances there are that something is done.

Oh and please feel to REPOST anywhere you like ;)

New Reviewer

please please please don't walk the other way RUN! I don't know where all these people saw that zbiddy was going to charge my credit card $99 but it seems like more people didn't see it then saw the terms and conditions. I am an experienced internet shopper so I am so annoyed that I got taken in the scam but the worse part was as soon I realized and contacted the company via internet chat, I was told I had to call in and they could do nothing for me. Fine, I called in and spoke with a call center (guessing India) and I was told my money was non-refundable, um no, I did not use your service nor did i authorize this transaction. I would never spend $99 to get 250 bids, that is a waste of money. I thought like many of you they needed my credit card to charge me when I made a purchase. Anyhow, they gave me a confirmation number and said I would have my refund within 72 hours, (this is after much debating with managers), well 72 hours came and went. I am now fighting them with my bank so wish me luck. I may never get my $99 back but I sure as heck want to make it hard on them. please stay away from this website!!!!!

New Reviewer

WARNING--Beware of this site!!!! If you register and give your credit card number, your card will be automatically charged various amounts which you can not cancel at the zbiddy site. This is a rip-off--read other rewiews about how bidding on auctions also runs up the amounts you are charged. If your card is charged, call right away to customer service at the credit card company to dispute the charge. These people should be ashamed of themself for such lousy practices!!!

New Reviewer

I wish you could give negative stars!!! This site is a scam. It is obviously run by crooks! I was charged $99.00 to register! They make it looks as though you are just registering. I've never had this happen to me, ever! I'm a furious and will be calling and yelling at someone until I get a refund!!! Or I will file a lawsuit or possibly a class action lawsuit. It looks like I'd have plenty of co-plantiffs.

New Reviewer

it came to my email saying penny auction or something like that. so i went it seemed interesting because very good stuff for so cheap. i registered and i put my card number because it didnt say it was gonna charge me 99$. so i joined then the next page i see is a $99 being charged so i didnt really understand what it was so i went back. and i thought the money didnt get charged in my credit card. i still dont know if it didnt because it happened just yesterday but if i did get charged im going to call costumer service. but im a very quiet person so i dont know how to ask them for my money back.. any advice??

New Reviewer

Please cancel my membership at effective immediately! I was
billed $99.00 and I didn't even buy anything! This site is a scam and I
got to it through, wal-mart, which is a BIG scam. Their site is not even active. Perhaps that is why this happened.
Again, I thought tzbiddy was a free site. My Mother is very sick in the
hospital and I can't afford this charge!!! Please delete this charge
immediately or I will have to call the Better Business Bureau and other
site and report this fraudulent charge. Thank you.

--Bambe' A. Marlin
Marlene Marlin

New Reviewer

All I know is that I was supposed to be registering for free, I should of smelled the rat when my credit card information was asked. As soon as i finished my registration 99 dollars was charged to my credit card. How anybody can call this a good site when this is done right at the outset boggles my mind. I haven't touched the site since and have started proceedings in hopes of recovering my money. Looks like it's going to be a long process.

Expert Reviewer
9/23/12 Said this about
Internet Online Penny Auction Scam Site: Scamming, Spamvertised, Criminal Actions.
Online Penny Auction Scam-Spam includes not only the ever-present 100% guarantee to win, but also the "No Bots" and "lowest price".
- Redirected through Illegal Email and TxT messaging.
- These scammers are only after your Money. The BOTS Will Get Your Money.
- Do not click on links found in spam e-mail messages or these websites.
- Do not become their next victim.
Site is associated with criminals by knowingly violating US Law. Violating the U.S. CAN-SPAM / Do Not Call Act by sending or have sent on their behalf UCE "Spam" / "TxT" to Non-Opt-In email accounts and mobile phones, violating Federal Law, which is a criminal act!
- Site Hosted by a Major Registrar and Domain Name Host.
Domain name:
Registrant Contact: WhoisGuard Protected (
+1.6613102107, 11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90064
Registration Service Provided By:

New Reviewer

First, let me say, if anyone rates ZBIDDY.COM higher than 1 star and gives ZBIDDY.COM a good/great review they're lying and most likely work for ZBIDDY.COM. I, as most on this site, give ZBIDDY.COM what is deserves, 1 star, and 1 star is too many. My experience: went on site and enter my credit card info thinking they needed it to comfirm credit in case I was to bid, but instantly was charged $99. for a bid package!! I was looking to buy jewelry and there was none to bid on. Then I searched PC/Labtops-- there were only two laptops to bid from and you have to wait days to bid on them with 10,0000,000 of other people to bid on that one laptop... it would take me hours, days to stay on one auction and enter 1 penny at a time against 1,000 of others bidding too. REALLY?? who has the time? Then, ZBIDDY trips up the bidding timer with a 15 second rule so more can bid, it's a total insane waste of time and MONEY. Don't be fooled! The advertisement(s) are very misleading!!! I can't believe there isn't a "class action" law suit against I wouldn't tell any of my enemies (well maybe I would) to join this HELL site!! I canceled immeditely to get my initial $99. sign up cost back and they offered to give me $74.25, stating I used their site. WHAT? Clearly, I read the terms and conditions, and it stated that my initial sign up charge would be refunded within seven days of joining as long as I didn't use the sign-up package bids, I DIDN"T!, but blah, blah, blah...I finally had to accept the $74.25, but swore NEVER AGAIN will I get burned like this!! I noticed a lot of people lost $24.75 too. That's a lot of $24.75's that ZBIDDY.COM is stealing from hard working people who are looking for deals, but are getting SCAMMED instead! SO STAY AWAY FROM ZBIDDY.COM

New Reviewer

i clicked onto zbiddy when it showed up on my email. i never clicked on for more information nor did i submit my debit card number. next thing i know, there is a $99 charge on my monthly statement from zbiddy. i call this fraud. tomorrow morning i will contact the florida attorney general' s office and i urge others to do likewise!

New Reviewer
9/8/12 * DO NOT USE! The complaints you read are all TRUE! They take your money for the bids that are basically worthless! I'm sure they have automated robots that bid up the price.

After watching several of the products during the last phases of the bidding one of their robots jumps right into the bidding and WINS the product! What a deal for them, they can sell it again and get all the money from people like me that are paying to bid on the product.

They also have an indicator on the site for "connectivity" and as the bidding gets down to the last few seconds when it becomes obvious they are getting ready to close the bid all of a sudden you get messages "communication lost" "invalid bid" and the connectivity goes to zero. ONLY happens at the end (when they decide the item has been bid high enough) they kick you out so their robots can win the bids! Now they can sell the same item again! I'm sure they really do sell a few items since their "retial" price is higher than everyone. They had an IPad 2 for $499 retail and let the bids run to $382 and you can by the same IPad 2 all day long for only $399 with free shipping from Apple! They charge another $18.99 for shipping, what a deal for you! So I'm sure they do sell a few products where they can rip you off but most are never sold, only bought by their robots so they can have you pay to bid again!

Now to top it off, you are also charged foreign transaction fees! SCAM for sure!

New Reviewer

Raleigh Boyz say kudos to those scammers for finding a way to rip off the dumb sheeple of the internet...Anyone with a brain can see these penny auctions are as safe as going to the casino..yes there are winners but for every winner there are 100 losers...

Craiglist rant &raves is the same way there are 100s of sheeple wandering around addicted to rants looking to be owned by a few smart trolls..the raleigh boyz own many R&R boards, I sure would like to own zbiddy....easy $$$$$

New Reviewer

It's not the's the people using it. I do agree their sign-up practices are deceiving, however the issue is with the number of people using the site. They make their money through the charges on bids. At $.10+ per bid for an Apple Ipad that sells for $350.00 the person winning gets a deal, but the company has accumulated 35000 bides at $.10+ per bid, that's $3500.00 for the item. Even if they pay list...they pocket almost 3 grand. Not bad, whoever thought of this and got people to participate in it is a genius.

New Reviewer

Besides the $99 charge on my credit card I was not anticipating like so many others, I have yet to see (after nearly a month on the site) any signs of the high end camera that was allegedly in the final minutes of the auction they were displaying which prompted me to "register", aka throw away $99. Not only do they not tell you that registering IS buying bids, but customer service will give you more run-arounds than the entire Nascar circuit of drivers go around a race track. The camera does not exist, and never did. The gift card they were going to send me for my aggravation never showed in my email, nor did the hotel card I paid $43 for until I called after waiting 3+ weeks, 4 days PAST when I needed it. Mind you the piddly restaurant cards I "won" came to my email, along with several other zbiddy things, but they insist that those must have gone to spam. Too bad I was searching my email frequently for them and they did not go to spam. I am not done with them yet. The Attorney General in Florida is VERY interested in hearing all about our tales of woe. They will be more than happy to send you an affidavit to sign and have noterized. It may be too late for those of us who were already sucked in, but we can save the rest of the world! (

New Reviewer

it's hard for me to vent the incredible amount of angst that wells inside of me as i consider the 159.00 which was so cleverly snatched from my meager bank account because, like it or not, I have no one else to blame for inputting my credit card... i would love to whine like many of you, but that only makes me feel like a bigger idiot. I have won some very nice gadgets on quibids, for a reasonable price(even after the spendy bids), so i thought i might be able to find success on a newer poker-table and i signed up without READING about the process first. because of my haste, i will have a very dissatisfying experience. I will lose my money here. I will compete against rigged bidders, fuss over staged "tech issues", and watch my hard-earned money dwindle into cyberspace with the rest of you. But i will do it knowing that the only reason crooks like this are able to make money is because people like us are so eager to get "an amazing deal" that we forget to pay attention. All in all, it's more saddening than maddening. In these difficult times, in a country where neighbors barely speak to each other anymore, the last thing we need is a company like zbiddy preying on our intrinsic desire to be a part of something satisfying and exciting. These people could make an incredible amount of money by simply offering penny-bidding without any sort of cheating or trickery, and yet, they still find it appealing to use misleading and exploitative tactics, blatantly overt dishonesty, and filibustering customer service to wrench just that much more money from good people without having to give them anything. i hope that when the owner of this company's day to face judgement comes, he will be charged with unforeseen and unearned misdeeds, given a false sense of security about his fate, and then have to plea for his soul in one-second increments while all of the people who he ripped off tell the truth about his filthy nature every time he tries to make a bid for his fate! So i will eat this money, 159.00 that could have fed my infant for a month, because i didn't pay attention... but you sir, the owner, will eat your own bankrupted morals along with my sh*t every time you look into the mirror. I spit on the name of people like you, who cheat people with great joy. May your sons and daughters not spread the filth that is your teaching, and may god save me if i ever get the chance to meet you.

New Reviewer

The worst customer service department on earth. No one listens, they all want to talk and tell you why your wrong. Supervisors are never available. Hard to believe they can run a business with this set up but they won't have mine shortly.

New Reviewer

There are few people who are falsely bad mouthing about zbiddy. How can zbiddy charge you during registration when you never give any CC info to them? They never ask for credit card while registering. Zbiddy has shipped all the products which I won. Heavens! I really trust this site.

New Reviewer

This penny auction site is a waist of money. The site has little stuff to auction. Most of the items that are offered for auctions are Bid Vouchers and Magazines and a few gadgets . There are just a few items that are worthwhile to bid on. For quite some time now, the items that are being offered are becoming less and less each week. From all appearances,. I believe this site is on the verge of closing down. When you check under the various groups, i.e.- ATV's & Scooters, Electronic Readers, Laptops & Accessories, PC & Accessories, Precious Metals, TV & Video Electronics, Wireless Phones & Accessories, these pages are empty, Currently, there are no items offered for auction in these groups.. The site suffers from frequent hang-ups while bidding. As a result one often looses the chance to win an auction when the clock count down sticks on "Going". and have remained like that for minutes to even hours. I believe this site has a great deal of software problems. My suspicion that the site uses Bots to increase bid prices and also believe that there employees bid on the site to escalate the prices on auctions. My advice. "Stay Away" I would not recommend this penny auction site.

New Reviewer

Glad that I read the reviews before I put in my credit card information. I won 150 bid voucher using free bids sent through an email and decided to check reviews first. Boy am I glad I did I hate to give my credit card information out and it sounds like it would be a good idea not to for this site. They can keep their 150 bids voucher. Buyer beware!

New Reviewer

Actually I came here 1st because of Bing showing me different sites to check a websites review, saw Site Jabber & decided to look into your reviews because this site had the most reviews for zbiddy~1st zbiddy gave me 25 free bids to join, I started filling my info on the registration pg. then all of a sudden it had me at a rookie bidding pg. before I had pressed the join button. I hadn't filled in any credit card info tho, thankful now that I didn't. All before I found out about this site & after they threw me on the rookie pg. & since I had 25 free bids I decided to bid on a 25 free bid voucher, hah I won with 1 free bid then on same pg decided to go for another 25 free bid voucher, also won with 1 bid~wow I thought I just won 50 bids with 2 free bids they alotted me to join, which I never did press join to begin with after winning these free vouchers zbiddy sent me straight to a pg. to PAY for the free bids they gave me on both of the vouchers. Who said it was .60 per bid is wrong it was 1.99 plus the free bid penny I won the voucher with, which came to a total of 4 dollars for something I thought was free. So in fact if the item I won had to be shipped I could understand the charge for the free bids they gave me but since this was a 25 free bid voucher with no shipping I couldn't understand the charge for something they had given to me free. In the USA the only place I know personally that has something FREE is Louisiana what we call Lagniappe, which when I sold items on ebay I always sent a lagniappe with it. So BEWARE of any place that has what alot of us call~To Good To Be True, conditions~it usually is. I'm so very GLAD I found Site Jabber before paying the $4.00, by giving them my paypal or credit card info, because it has saved me alot of heartache & a big headache trying to contact the zbiddy site to refund any charges made to my accounts. So people be forwarned about this & if you don't believe these reviews here then you'll only have yourself to blame once they rip you off. For those who have been ripped off by this website contact the BBB because some people prefer to look into a business through the better business bureau reviews on them, once the BBB gets enough complaints about a company they put a big red flag on them so others can't be taken advantage of. I myself look into a website from my Bing search engine recommendations, thats how I found Site Jabber & now will come here 1st before joining any websites, I want to thank all of the people who reviewed the zbiddy site & gave comments, also I want to thank the owners of Site Jabber for having this website, I truly appreciate all the info here, Ya'll do a wonderful job~Thanks again!

New Reviewer

That's right it doesn't get worse. In the mice type that is so hard to read they exsplain how they are going to rip you off. Read it all. If not you will be angry that you got ripped. And ripped you will get. This site is an absolute scam.

New Reviewer

this site is scam. if you put your credit card number on it, you will be charge > $100 for nothing. We need to report to FBI and BBB

New Reviewer

today i rec'd an e-mail inviting me to their site; not sure why i went, but glad i did . . . i didn't buy anything - bids or products, but i did surf the site, read about how it works, etc. then i watched the bidding . . . oh my, i'm 53 and a banker (yes, a dreaded banker) and i really believe the people behind this site are awful -- this is just not right! if an ipad sells for $30.00, that would be 30x100 bids since they are a penny each . . . the company makes $1800 in bid income at 60 cents a bid!! i really don't see how they remain in business . . . .

New Reviewer

Zbiddy is not a fraudulant website. They're in this business for more than a year now. I had contact their customer support at 1-888-406-6509 to get my issue resolved.

New Reviewer

I won several restaurant .com gift cards and the numbers are bogus. when one goes to restaurant .com they then have to purchase something more and then the gift recepit is deducted from the total amount. Plus 18% gratuity is added to the bill.. Also i believe it is the employees of zbiddy who are driving up the prices on its Auction site, they call it a penny auction. The way the bids work for every penny bid they make 9 cents off of it, and if you win the bid, then you are charged handling and shipping fees, and they don't send anything to your physical address it goes to your email account. and then the set of numbers u need to put in on the site... Please Be warned about these so called Penny Auctions. They are total scams.

New Reviewer

Zbiddy is the best penny auction site. I won several items including an iphone. You need patience and strategy to win on such website.

New Reviewer

I received an email from someone stating the product were so cheap to bid on because its a new site, and not many people know about it. You have to buy a certain amount of bids. Once any item gets down to 12 seconds, so many people (or generated people?)start bidding, no one ever wins. Or at least I never saw anyone win anything other than more bids. I spent over $85 on bids. In 2 1/2 hour and couldn't win anything. Wasted hard earned money.

New Reviewer

First of all I don't work for this company. I have a tip for everyone. Sign up at the cheapest level first. Then, call them and say you didn't know you had to pay to play. They will immediately start giving you discounts. I said no I want my money back 10 times and each time they offered me something more. When it was the same deal the 9th and 10th time, I knew I got the best offer. They charged me $99. I got them down to $26 via a refund, got to not only keep all bids purchased but they gave me 200 more and a fee $25 card.

Site Experience: I have purchased 3 $50 cards. It seems they don't have their employees bidding on this deal if what people say is true. I got the cards and they really are worth money. You use the cards to buy vouchers to save a crapload of money at restaurants you want to eat at. So, for $10 you get $35 or really $25 off your dinner.

WARNING: Do not buy magazine subscriptions, even for 37 cents. They charge a "delivery fee" that exceeds the cost of the entire subscription.

I have yet to win any other auctions but I have been told that if you login at 430AM on a weeknight, it is the best time. I have not done so but have heard you can get stuff way cheap as nobody is bidding.

TIP: Best deal is bid for gift cards. Even if you pay $22 for a $25 gas card, you saved money. I have seen $25 gift cards go for as little as $11 for Shell, Mobile, Olive Garden, etc. However, still not sure if its just the employee's bidding it up until everyone quits.

Final Words: Jury is out on this but I have won cards for really cheap. I paid $1.90 and $3.24 for $25 cards. So, there is something to this regardless of all the people who seem to hate this website. Be smart about it but know it can be a big time waster.

New Reviewer

This is not a penny bid site, each bid cost you .60 cents. If you bid on something and loss you do not get any of your bid money back IT'S GONE.

New Reviewer

WHAT A SCAM!!!! I purchased bids only because they were half price. I had a total of 95 bids(most were given because I called and complained). I won 2, what I thought were resturant gift cards. I not only paid for the bids, it cost me $17.?? plus the other was also $17.??. No they arent gift cards like you win on Quibids, but you have to go the a website(they have to mail you a code) you then print it out and take it to a resturant in your zip code(has to be a participant) and if you order $35.00 (example) worth of food the $25.00 I won can be applied to it!! What a joke!! Stay away, I don't know where these people are that spend $.60 per bid on lets say an IPAD and you win it for $351.00(example but they do get up very high), You pay very close to what you can buy one for. Quibids never goes over $100 for Ipads and many are way below. Everything on Zbiddy is 4 times the price you should win something. I go SCAMED!!

New Reviewer

This a dubious business site. They clain you can win a deal, but in fact, you probably spend as much if not more.
My main objection is that the spam email they send has pre-defined codes that trick you in buying a $159 initial bid-package ( 250 bids, or something like that ). When I called to say that it was a mistake, and please cancel it, they refused to cancel it. Instaed, they offered me $100 GAS CARD. But when I received the GAS CARD, I found out it is not a CARD but a $10/week Voucher program with very dubious 'fine print'. this is how they have set it up work :

1) They will send me a $10 voucher after registration ( who knows how long it will take)
2) I have ONE week from the date of issue ( what is there to prevent them from mailing it 5 days after issue date so that by the time it gets to me to me it is already passed it's due date !! ) to buy more than $10 worth of gas ( what if my tank is still full ??? )
3) Then I have to send it back to them with the original gas bill ( what is to prevent them from accidentally losing it or displacing the receipt or claim it never got to them ! ) .. there is no replacement voucher as per their 'fine print' instructions .....
4) then I have to wait 3-4 weeks for the next voucher ( per the fine print )
5) If the voucher and receipt were to their satisfaction, they will send me a $10 check
6) After 3-4 weeks, when I receive the NEXT voucher, the game restarts again ( from step 2-5 )
7) And all this is to happen in a 27-week period ( based on their own estimates, if it takes 3-4 weeks to process each voucher, it can easily take 40 weeks to process the 10 voucher )

This is clearly setup to mislead and confuse. IF YOU CALL THEM, MAKE SURE YOU RECORD THE CONVERSATION. It can be admitted in Small Claims Court ( hey , if Honda can be sued in SCC, why not these guys ! ) .

My suggestion ; Stay Away from this site !!! It is not worth the hassle ( and no, you do not win much unless you get very lukvuy and have lots of time on your hand !!! )

New Reviewer

You spend money to buy bids and then get in bidding wars that either make the item you are bidding on not much of a bargain or you never win!!! The screen refreshes and moves the bids around so you have to keep looking to see where the things you are bidding on have moved to, the bidding goes on for HOURS since every 1 cent bid refreshes the time for another 15 seconds. If you keep bidding the cost goes up and you don't forget to check for "transaction fees" that are added to the cost or the item ( you have to click on the item and scroll to the bottom of the page to see this charge) , and remember you BOUGHT the bids, so bidding wars also push up your price of the item plus you need to consider that each click to bid costs you a bid that you BOUGHT! The Bids are gone wether you win the auction or not!!!! But if you wait till the last second to put in a bid so you are not wasting your bids in the fruitless bids - you get invalid transaction and don't win anything! So you either spend a fortune on bids to be able to stay in the race and drive the cost of the bid item up so it isn't such a great price or you don't win anything because last second bids are always "invalid transactions".

New Reviewer

I was sent to zbiddy from another site I was on. It said "free registration," so I signed up. It went directly to a page asking for my credit card info, which I entered, assuming that it would be kept on file, as on other sites, for when I decided to make a purchase. I do admit that I wasn't paying attention. I did not notice the tiny bar at the top of the page stating that I had bids. I didn't realize they were costing me anything, until after bidding on a bunch of different things, I received a text message from my bank about a recent purchase. I hadn't made any purchases, so I checked, and sure enough, had taken $99 out of my account. When I called their "customer service" dept., they offered me $100 in restaurant gift cards. Restaurants??? Hmm... wonder if I can send those in with my car payment... think they'll accept them??? I didn't think so either. They were rude, snide, and amused at my expense, and I will do all I can to recoup my $99. Unfortunately, they told me I was speaking to the only supervisor in the company. That sounds likely. They would not give me the name of their boss, who is supposedly the owner of this disgraceful company. This supervisor spouted a lot about ethics. What a joke!!! HATE this site, owners should be ashamed of themselves.

New Reviewer

This site is a total ripoff! I too was charged over $100 on my credit card when I thought I was only entering my card in case I won something. It is very misleading. I just joined right before Christmas and they sent me an email 2 days ago that my bidding credits will expire...only 2 days notice!! This is an outrage. DO NOT join this site. I have never ever in my life posted a negative review of any site whatsoever but this is just not right. They need to be shut down.

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