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WiseSales reviews

44 reviews
1475 Rodenburg Rd.
Schaumburg, IL 60193, USA
Tel: (800) 916-9473

44 Reviews From Our Community

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I immediately received an email confirming my order. (in 35 reviews)


Wise Sales must have been buried under 20' of snow b/c I finally received my snowblower yesterday (3 weeks later). (in 7 reviews)

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1 review
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4/10/2015 - Site showed the Honda EU2000i Combo Package in stock and available to ship. My credit card was charged.

4/13/2015 - Charge was posted.

4/21/2015 - Queried their "customer service", and was told it was "backordered".

5/5/2015 - Queried again, and was told it was backordered.

5/15/2015 - Queried again, and was told it was backordered until end of May. I told them to cancel the order, and requested a refund.

5/19/2015 - No sign of refund, tried calling, but phone line busy, so I sent email to their "sales" addee.

5/26/2015 - Continued to call from my cell, but the line was always busy. I called from another phone number and got right through. After extended time on hold, a surly man told me my refund was processed. He said it was processed on "Thursday". I asked him for the date, and he did double-talk. Finally pinned him down to 5/21/2015, but I received the confirmation email while on the line with him. Out of curiosity, I called back from the same phone number I reached them this morning, and now it's gets "number not in service". So, it looks like these ass-clowns block you to keep from contacting them.

Ask dM about WiseSales
1 review
0 helpful votes

Just like so many reviews on here, mine is very much the same. I ordered a Honda generator, they took my money and told me 2 weeks for delivery. 3 weeks later I called and they said end of week i would have my product! A week later I called and they said there was a back order and I should have received an email stating that (which I did not). Then I spoke with another person telling me to cancel which I did, they never processed the refund but told me it would be done within 72 hours, 8 days later I spoke with the manager and nothing had been done. I hope that people read these reviews and dont buy from them. They will blame all their issues on Honda, Port strikes, back orders, but never take one bit of responsibility! Be smart, Dont buy from Wise Sales!!

Ask Caleb about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

I order a honda 7000 watt inverter generator. Was told it was in stock. Paid for it and 2 weeks its been one lie after another. This company is a joke and I will be reporting them to the BBB. Its false advertising and the people will answer the phone and they are so good at saying....I'm sorry!!!!! I wish I had read the reviews before I sent them $3999 because that was all of the money I had to start my buisness and now I guess its going to take me weeks to get my money back...even if I can. How does a company manage to rip people offlike this and get away with it. Reading all of these reviews have discouraged me even more now. Please do not buy anything from these people..... for over 2 weeks I have talked to 6 different people including the manager Dorothy. She was nice and pretended to understand my frustration but she's just like the rest of the people there.....a bunch of liars! Really needs rated a negative number but I had to chose 1 to leave my review

Ask Tammy about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a Honda generator on March 28 and got my confirmation right away. That's where all communication from Wise Sales stopped. A week and a half later I called and was told it would ship early the following week and I would get an email stating it shipped. On April 17th, still no email and no generators on my door step so I called on April 17th. This time I was told it was shipping on April 21 or 22 and that I should've got an email telling about the delay. On April 25 I still haven't heard from them so I called again. This time I was told they were shipping in mid May! I cancelled the order.

To the guy that thinks the bad reviews are from competitors or whatever, consider this. You ordered 15, maybe the folks ordering in bulk Zaire getting prefferential treatment. In the meantime, I'm being told that my money has to be returned from "the county"?

Ask Bill about WiseSales
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered a toro electric snow blower for my parents. It shipped within the hour and they had it 2 days later. Easy to put together.

Ask laura about WiseSales
1 review
4 helpful votes

I placed my order for the Honda 2000i & 2000i companion on 1-10-2015. My credit card was charged at that time for the full amount. I started calling about the order 3 weeks ago & have been lied to time after time. "No inventory", "my boss told me they will be shipped out today","its on the dock & will be shipped out today or tomorrow". Thats what I was told last friday, 2-13. Today, 2-17, I was told they were expecting the 2000i's to arrive today or tomorrow & my order would be shipped out. I suspect what they are doing is using our money instead of theirs to purchase the merchandise. That saves them a considerable amount of finance charge. Wise, in my opinion, has the worst customer service ever.

Ask Steve about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

How can a company do this to customers and stay in business.Bought and payed for honda generator for $1020.99 Dec.14 2014 .Called week later on Fri.they said would be shipped Tues. Wed. Know status on shipping call back they said was in a warehouse in had to go get them, they said will ship in three days, never shipped I called again they said bad weather.never shipped I called they said Honda only shipped twenty five.called first Dec. 29 they said just finishing up with Nov. Orders now I would get mine.Tslk with Lady Mrs.Dorthy twice very nice but still no generator and she really couldnt tell me when I would be getting it.So six weeks was long enough l called and cancelled my order.I payed buy pay pal .my wise sales acct.status showed confirmation number for a refund all but of $18.73 less than what I had payed .but its Feb 14 ,2015 and still no refund.they kept this amount for AJUSTMENT FEES.FOR WHAT? Unbelievable I wouldnt buy my last breath of fresh air from these people .They told me lie after lie.I turned it a complaint , not item received to pay pal resoultion center to get all my $1020.99 back every last dime.Their nothing what their ad says.Their name should be this review is all the honest truth I have a wittness.

Tip for consumers: Dont buy nothing from this company,

Ask larry about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst. Order a couple of honda generators. After a more then a month. I called them and they said two weeks. After two weeks they said one week. So I canceled. After two weeks still no credit

Ask Chris about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

Did just receive an email confirming the cancellation, finally. Now we'll see about the refund. However, the cancellation notice included my purchase price minus a $16.71 adjustment fee from GeneratorSite?? Let me see if I understand correctly. They want to charge me because THEY were unable to fill an order? REALLY? I'm sure that they think I will just be happy to get back most of the money and will not pursue the matter. They are in for a surprise.

Ask Michael-Melba about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

Wish I would have found this site earlier. Order Honda generator from generatorsite. Com and getting the same line each week after waiting 4 weeks. I will be canceling my order next week. After calling 1 more time and Being subjected to same comments of
shipping next week . I believe 5 weeks is ample time for any dealer to ship, back logged or not.

Ask Mickey about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

I can't even give them a star but I have to give them at least one to post a bad review--how messed up is that!! This is ridiculous--can't cancel orders, orders take 3-6 months to be refunded to your credit card? This is absurd. This company needs to be shut down. I've had enough of their lies. HONDA SHOULD DISCONTINUE selling to them. Honda Generators are the best and they are cheaper but at this point cheaper is what you pay for. There's only 3 weeks of hunting season left and we needed a generator quick- told me 7-10 days that was more than a month ago and they haven't gotten any more in stock since then. I'm writing to the better business bureau and anyone else that I need to. This is a horrible company to do business with.

Ask Jeff about WiseSales
1 review
5 helpful votes

This place came highly recommended by a good friend. I placed an order for a honda generator EU2000i on November 24 for a Christmas gift. My card was charged on November 25. I was told it would ship out the following week. I have called in every week since then, with the same response of "it will get shipped out next week". Today I talked to Andy, who was the worst customer service person ever. I asked to talk to a manager, and she refused to transfer me and instead suggested she would be "very glad" to cancel my order. I had not thought of canceling the order until she suggested it. Order cancelled. My 1000 purchase will go elsewhere. Thank you Andy, for your wonderful suggestion, and thank you WiseSales for hiring Andy. I would hate for her to be working for my company.

Ask Dk about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered a Honda EU7000 inverter generator on 12/1/14. The web site said "in stock" and it still does to this day. They've never had them in stock. They charged my cc on 12/1/14, and I've called them 3 times since then for status, and every time they tell me "We sold more than we had, but it'll ship out next week." BS!! After today's call, I called my cc company, disputed the charge (I thought companies weren't supposed to charge your card until it shipped), then called Wise Sales back and told them to cancel. They cost me $200, because 12/1/14 was the last day of the Honda promotion for $200 off. Yes, I'm mad, and I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone! Wise Sales is not trustworthy!

Ask Joe about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

If I could give this company a negative rating I would! This has by far the worst experience with a company I have ever witness! (Aaron) your customer service isn't even a afterthought - you flat out don't give a f...k!!!!! Once you purchase the product I hope there isn't a single problem because you'll have a better chance getting hit by a plane then getting a call back!!! TERRIBLE customer service!!! 10 thumbs down

Ask Jojo about WiseSales
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I ordered a Honda generator. Big mistake. At 1st they told me they were backordered and would have more in this week. I called at the end of the week and they said that it would be 3 more weeks. They had charged my credit card already. I cancelled the order and got a generator from generator depot instead w/ no problems (they are an authorized Honda dealer). Its been a month and still no refund form ( a Wise owned co) .I've been calling them almost daily to try to resolve this. I finally had to turn it over to my bank c/c dispute dept. What a headache.

Ask S about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

One star is one too many. This outfit has terrible customer service. I ordered a Honda eu2000i generator three weeks ago and it still hasn't shipped even though they charged my credit card immediately. Their website said and still says that the generators are in stock. What a bunch of BS. That was three weeks ago. I've gotten nothing but the run around on the phone and they have not responded to e-mails. I'll never do business again with these folks.

Ask Bruce about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered 2 items, Earth Digger and Auger Bit. One arrived on time but the other turned out to be out of stock although the sales rep. assured me both were available just before I ordered.

I called the company to give me status on the other item and was told they are still out of stock.

I had scheduled a plan to use this tool but had to cancel.

I felt misled by the sales rep.

I can not recommend WiseSales to other prospective customers.

Ask Primo about WiseSales
1 review
0 helpful votes

I can't say enough good things about this place. I was skeptical because the price was so much lower than other places. I'm glad I didn't see this bad reviews until after I had already received my item, or I might not have purchased it through them. I had absolutely no problems with them. The people on the phone were courteous. The process was quick and efficient. As I mentioned, the price was excellent (10% less than anywhere else I found). The item arrived 2 days after ordering it, and it is exactly what I ordered. New, and in proper packaging. The only negative (and it's a small one) is they charged me $14 for boxing and insurance. They didn't tell me they were going to charge me for that. I consider that a little shady, but that amount was insignificant compared to the cost of the generator I ordered. Overall, I am very happy.

Ask Gumby about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bailed on my purchase at the last second. There were several red flag. The attitude of the people, the need to collect as much personal information from me as possible and the blatent mis representation of some of the items on their site. As it turns out, there have been complaints about them both at the state and federal level. Be carful!

Ask Site about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a Little Wonder Edger on 3/8/2013. I read the reviews of the company which were mostly negative but, because of the low price I ordered anyway. I called rather than order online to check stock and because I was skeptical. I was told the item was in-stock and would ship that day. . I was promised an invoice via e-mail. I did not receive an invoice so I called back. My e-mail address had not been entered correctly. They did then send an invoice. Expected ship time was three days

As of today, 3/14/2013, five business days later, still no edger. I called and was placed on hold for quite some time. Finally, I was told the edger would ship today and that it should arrive in two days. I am not holding my breath. This is a gift for my wife. Gotta love a woman who wants an lawn edger for her anniversary. Anyway, it is not likely to arrive on time which is disappointing.

So, order from these folk if you wish but, believe the negative reviews. Some people got lucky I guess. Their prices are good but prepare to be disappointed.

Ask Steve about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes
4/3/14 make phony sale on Ebay with free shipping, they ask people to make offer. So I made a reasonable offer on a dethatcher for $1250 and got accepted with an email confirmation. As an Ebay policy, once the offer is accepted I am obligated to buy the item and the seller has to sell it. Then I called their store in Chicago to see how long it takes to ship to Seattle. Usually people sale people answer the phone are nice but there was man so rude. He accessed to the Ebay and told me he has to rejectect it the offer because It cost more to ship the item to Seattle. Then he asked me to pay more for the item if I want it. I thought this is violate to the Ebay policy so I called the Ebay. Guess what? the Ebay said there is nothing they can do. Ebay wrote all kind of bull$#*! policy but don't apply to the sellers but the buyers.

Ask Thai about WiseSales
1 review
3 helpful votes

Like the other buyer, one star for these wisesales guys are too much. I called to check for Honda snowblower in stock. The rep told me that we still had one left in the box. I asked him to set aside so I could come and pick it up in an hour. When I got to the store, I saw one sat on the floor for display with the tag sold. I assumed it was for me, but I did ask the sale rep for the one in the box. He told me that they just took it out from the box and set ready for me. The model I bought was with the electric startter but there was no power cord. He said it didn't come with it. Well, I believed what he told me. But I was skeptical when I got home, got on the internet to check other places. I found one place on the internet, much cheaper and the power cord came with it. This morning, I went out to start the snowblower. I checked it, It looked like this one was either been used or sat on display for along time. There was a lot of scratches. I called up the manager and told him that i needed to return it. He told me that he would charge me for 25% restocking fee. I was asking him that he gave me the display one or the one been used already. Why would he charge me for the fee......He is such an a.. ho.. on the phone. I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from these people. Just take your money else where..Please take my advise...Thank you..

Ask Anhminh about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a commercial back-pack blower. The web site said it was in stock. I immediately received an email confirming my order. Within two hours I received another email stating that my unit was in shipping and provided me with a UPS tracking number. Within 24 hours I received another email that my package had been picked up by UPS. That same day, I received an email from UPS confirming their receipt of the package and confirming the original tracking number. My package arrived two business days after my order was placed. Both UPS and Wise sent emails as to when to expect delivery. The blower arrived in good condition. Within 20 minutes I had the blower assembled filled with fuel and running. The unit worked perfectly. This was a no hassle purchase and could not have gone better and the unit price was excellent.

Ask Doug about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

First of all, one star is too many for this sorry operation. However, given its definition, it's appropriate. DO NOT do business with these people! Pay the tax and go else where. On 6/27/13, I received a damaged $700 Honda lawn mower. After speaking with Dorothy, she asked if we could work out a deal for me to keep it, "Anything but sending it back to us." I got the impression they knew it was damaged the moment it was shipped. After several phone calls and emails, I received a return shipping label. (They never return phone calls or emails.) The lawn mower was received in their office on 7/9/13. A month later, my credit card company notified me that my card was suspended due to an unpaid balance. These idiots never credited my account. I spoke with Gary at Wisesales today (8/16) and he said they had "30 days to take action" and implied the box had not been open and inspected until today. He suggested that I should have read their policy. I asked if he could count, and he said he could. I asked, how many days had gone by since 7/9? He was speechless. I asked Gary if he was a God-fearing man, and he said, "God has nothing to do with this." Adding, "This is business." Absolutely amazing. What Bible does he read?

Ask Jack about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered a Honda generator. My friend ordered the same day. Both of us got different price. She got it for $50 dollars less. I called again to adjust the price. they said no. Bad business practice. The rep was very rude as well. won't buy from them again. Stay away.

Ask Sivaa about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a toro mower, ,she said it would ship monday, I called for a track number, she says oh it goes out tues, I call back tues she says oh its on back order, he says 1 week, I call back 1 week later she says end of month now.

They knew they were out of stock when ordered they didnt tell me, then they string me along, I cancelled order and went to speedway motors.

Ask Joahn about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote
7/10/13 tax and free shipping...but it's been a week and a half and still not item shipped. Ordered on Sunday, said it would ship next day. Nothing. Again promised on Tuesday it would ship next day. Nothing, Again promised the following Monday it would ship in 2 days....still waiting. Not impressed. You get what you pay for i guess.

Ask Ace about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

I placed an order for 15 Honda generators. The price was the lowest by far of any other dealer in the US. I paid my money and the product was shipped. It actually arrived ahead of schedule. The service i received was first class!!! These guys were great to deal with. I have a funny feeling that many of the negative reviews on this site are phoney. There are probably a lot of other honda dealers jealous of the great business these folks are doing. Today i am ordering another 15 generators

Chris Power

Ask christopher about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered a Yamaha EF2400 two weeks prior to when I needed it. Their site claimed it was "In stock/immediate delivery." My charge card was billed immediately and the online status of my order said "In Shipping." Two days later, their site said, Hurry!Only three left. Ten days later, with no response to email inquiries I began calling. When I finally reached a rep, I was told that "all Yamahas were on back-order and should be in in 2-3 weeks and then would be shipped immediately. I canceled the order and was told it may take a few days for my card to be credited. Three hours after I canceled, I received an email stating my order had been shipped and included a Fed-ex tracking no. Considering their time zone, this took place after after normal business hours I might add. Fed-ex had no record of the shipment until later the following day. To not further tax my blood pressure, I decided to just throw in the towel and and accept delivery, which took place after the event for which I primarily ordered it. This was a rare case where I did not check independent rating sites before ordering, a mistake I will never make again. The Yamaha is fantastic. Wise Sales just sucks. I wouldn't buy a spark plug from these sleazy liars. BEWARE!

Ask Don about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

An awful customer service experience. I purchased a Honda lawnmower from a big box store but needed warranty work done on it. Honda's website listed Wise Sales as the closest authorized repair facility to my house so I brought the lawnmower in to get checked out. The first thing asked of me was if I bought it there, which was a fair question. After telling him no, he responded by telling me "I'll be honest with you, then. You're at the back of the line. The wait is about two weeks before I'll look at it.". He then goes on to say how their customers come first, and if I would have bought the mower directly from him, he'd put me at the front of the line. Now I'm all for taking care of your customers, but talking to a potential customer like that is not going to generate new business. Simply telling me it's a two week wait would have sufficed. If you want to tell a customer who bought a mower from you that they will get priority, that's fine too. I decided to get my mower serviced elsewhere....

Ask Mike about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a dishonest and sleazy company. Their website shows many items in stock... this is just a fantasy. Very little is in stock. Their business model is to debit your credit card immediately and then try to talk you into a more expensive model, or into something that they actually have in stock.
I've talked to Ed Zawalli, one of the owners, and Dorothy and Pat and just got lies and distortions. After ordering a $3000 Honda snowblower, and having my AMEX account drained of my money, and after six telephone conversations, and still no shipment, I decided to start an AMEX fraud proceeding against Wise Sales. Beware!!! Do Not Do Business With This Company!

Ask Stephen about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a Honda HS1332TAS snowblower from this place back in May. When the snowblower arrived, it had a half tank of gas in it. That was my first red flag, so I put the blower in my shed, immediately drained all the gas out, and covered it with the Honda snowblower cover I ordered. I haven't even had a chance to really inspect the blower, 'til a week ago. That's when I noticed paint coming off of the fuel tank. I thought I may've been seeing things at first. But, upon closer inspection, there actually is paint missing on the fuel tank. Well, I called Honda first, they told me to contact the dealer. I contacted wise, and got someone called 'robert' on the line. After explaining the problem, he told me to contact Honda. So, after many back and forth calls to Honda, they told me the dealer would have to handle this.

At this point, I'm understandably frustrated by all the back and forth. When I call 'robert' back at wise, he pretends not to recall who I was, and to "refresh his memory". At this point, my irritation reaches its zenith, I truly couldn't believe the way I was and AM, being treated. I emailed 'robert', explaining how I have cell video proof of how the fuel tank got damaged. It looks like one of the wooden crate studs was lying flush up against the fuel tank, which is in the exact location where the paint is damaged. But, I got NO response to that email. The next day I called 'robert' to tell him about my sent email, and his response was an extremely rude, "yeah, I got it!"

After that conversation, he sent me an email stating, any/all future correspondence would be via email, and that once he heard back from Honda he would contact me. It's now been one week, and I've heard absolutely NOTHING!!!! I'm extremely frustrated and disappointed by this situation. Neither wise, nor Honda, have worked with me to resolve this. I purchased this snowblower in very good faith, mainly due to Honda's reputation of being the best in snowblowers. Well, I hope the performance of the machine is tops, because customer service is absolute rock bottom.

If you're considering purchasing equipment from wise, please re-consider. Yeah, they're great to deal with, when they're taking your card number. But, once you have a problem arise, they're the most rude/obnoxious/unprofessional people you'd ever come across. If people are this miserable, why are they even in business?!?!?!

All I want is a simple resolution, NOT to be treated so rudely, as if my business means less than nothing!!!

UPDATE: I received a replacement fuel tank in the mail from wise sales. That said, I wasn't contacted AT ALL prior to shipment. The box was sitting on my porch for at least a day, and it was raining. Even with the plastic bag that was covering the box, it was still pretty wet. When I opened the box, there was NO paperwork whatsoever. The fuel tank was wrapped in bubble wrap, but there was no gas cap, just the actual fuel tank. I find that a bit bizarre, to be honest. A fuel tank with no gas cap??? I'm not completely satisfied, but I guess it's better than nothing.

Ask Bam about WiseSales
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

"Awful!!!!!!! We ordered a generator before the Sandy storm and paid a huge amount to have it shipped overnight and they didn't even ship it out until three days later and it showed up a week later!! They blamed Fed-Ex saying they lost a shipment because they didn't scan any of the boxes into the Fed-Ex system. Really? Do they think people are that dumb to believe that. When I told the lady from Fed-Ex what they said she laughed and said "no our workers are not allowed to leave without scanning every single box in". "I" not the company actually put a tracer on the package and come to find out that's why nobody could find it.. ...THEY DIDN'T EVEN SHIP IT OUT YET!! So needless to say it was a little to late when we already got hit with the storm and lost all of our food and had no power. I refused shipment when it finally did arrive and had it sent back for a refund. Also if you email them and want a response GOOD LUCK they never answer your emails. I emailed three times asking where the generator was and nothing!! When I call they rush you off the phone and they say they will take care of your problem but the funny thing is they didn't even ask for my account number or order number... so how can they take care of it when they don't even know what order to take care of!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Telling you now BEWARE!!!
UPDATE: I just finally got a response as to when I will get my refund....TWO WEEKS ...REALLY??? It takes 14 days? Absolutely ridiculous. I have never had a company take 14 days it's always been three or less. So if you need your money back fast.. don't shop here!! Had to dispute transaction with credit card company so I wouldn't get charged interest. Today is 8th business day since they received my return and still no refund. Credit card company will take care of it if I don't get it by 14th day....already been disputed!!!

Ask Rachel about WiseSales
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I ordered a Honda EU6500is generator( In Stock, according to web site and Dorothy, who took my order on phone) and some other items including liftgate and insurance totaling over $3800.00 on Feb.3rd. I decided to mail them a personal check to save the 2% and avoid using my credit card online. I was told the order would be placed "On Hold" for 7-10 bussiness days, however my check was cashed on Feb.8th. After waiting 10 bussiness days I called Wise and talked with "Dorothy" to inquire when my order would ship? She told me the Honda generators were "now" on "back order" and Wise would have it by Feb.26th. and would ship on the 27th. I called them Feb. 27th and was told 2-3 more days...4 more days and still no email confirming my order has been shipped. I work hard for my money and hate to be told things that are not true. I'm hoping that they will send my generator or refund my money, but I will NOT order from them again.

Ask John about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

The employees at wise sales are very rude and cannot be trusted. They are very nice when making the sale, but are not ready to follow up the promises. I bought 4 generators for my children with the understanding of returning them if not pleased. My total was $7,749.98. I talked with 2 employees that were so rude and told me if I returned 1, which I am keeping 3' they would charge me $468.00. They were too busy to listen to my view of the promises made when I bought them. I will never buy from them again and will share this story all over the web. Unhappy in alabama

Ask Cheryl about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered a Briggs and Stratton 30207 Generator after 2 months of research and searching after two separate weeks of no power in CT. The site product photo showed an older version and concerned me, but they said it was the newer model as I wanted, and it was as they said.
Originally ordered it from Drillspot because of the reviews, BUT Drillspot dropped the ball and Wise Sales was the only other supplier I found that had it in stock. They were excellent! Polite, helpful, and did everything they promised. Delivered by FEDEX freight as promised. I declined the "insurance", with no pushback from them. Would definitely buy from them again.

Ask Tom about WiseSales
1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought and a Honda EU6500Si generator (top of the line), and a 10 circuit transfer switch kit ($4600.00 total). They said I had to buy insurance and a liftgate service for $50.00 extra. OK I can deal with that I guess if it makes the process smoother and more efficient. They said it would be delivered in 1 week by Fed EX freight. Sure enough 1 week later Fed Ex (who did a wonderful job) showed up with my generator. I asked about the transfer switch since it was listed on the packing slip. The driver only had the generator. I called Wise sales ( specifically ED the owner) and he said " It will probably be there in a few days, as it is shipped separately. I waited a few days and no switch kit. I called back and talked to Gary who was my original salesman, and he said that they were back ordered ( red flag- why would they not tell you that up front) and had just come in and would be shipped out ASAP, and said he talked to the shipping dept. and made sure that my order would be expedited, and I would receive an Email with the shipping info. 3 more days nothing. Not even an Email. I call back again and I get a general office worker, and I ask if my order has been shipped and if I could get a tracking number. Her response was " I don't have access to that info, and we are so busy with calls because of the huge snowstorm out east I can't help you. I am sure your item has been shipped and you should be receiving an Email with shipping info." It has now been 3 weeks + since I placed my original order, and nothing. I had an electrician sheduled (6 weeks in advance to get on their schedule) to do the transfer switch install and of course nothing for him to install. I now have to wait until Dec. to get him back out to do the installation. I wonder if I will have my switch by then. Once these people get your money, they don't give a flyin' f #%^*# at a rollin' donut whether you get your stuff or not. Their prices are good and their sales people are fairly friendly for the most part, but you will be incredibly disappointed with the service, and all of the lies and deception tactics they use to cover up their lame and feeble attempt at being a legitimate sales operation. I does not get any worse than this. Run like hell away from these guys !!! Just another example of the weak and pathetic condition of our society as a whole, especially when it comes to taking pride in your work.

Ask Phil about WiseSales
1 review
1 helpful vote

Was out of power after hurricane Irene and found wisesales on the web. Ordered a Honda Handi generator @1pm ET with overnight shipping (pricey but necessary) and got it the following morning. Wisesales came through beautifully and in the clutch- price was competitive too.

I'd definitely buy from them again (thanks WiseSales).

Ask Eyebe about WiseSales
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Well I've been researching Zero turn mowers. The Timecutter series got great reviews. Found a GREAT deal with WiseSales. I was reluctant to spend so much over the internet, but the deal was too good to resist. Free shipping, Free tailgate service, 3 year 0% interest? No one locally could match it so I jumped on it! Their phone people were very helpful and the transaction went smoothly. 6 days later the mower arrived at my doorstep. The ABF driver even put it in my garage with his pallet jack! The hardest thing about this whole deal was getting the mower out of the crate! It was in great shape and ran flawlessly. Thank you for a pleasant experience!

Ask Bruce about WiseSales
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After doing research for months I finally decided what snowblower I wanted to buy. I started looking locally but found out the model I wanted was sold out just about everywhere. I looked online and found Snowblowers Direct but they were out as well. After a quick google search I found the model I wanted at and it was even a couple hundred dollars cheaper than anywhere I had seen and shipping was free. This is surely too good to be true I thought, but it was late and I ordered it anyways (1/27/11).
A few days later I hadn't heard anything so I called in, after being on hold for 10 minutes they found my order and I had given the wrong billing address, once that was corrected they said it should ship Monday and only being 8 hours away they told me it should arrive in 2-3 days. Well the next couple days the Chicago area had the blizzard of the century. Wise Sales must have been buried under 20' of snow b/c I finally received my snowblower yesterday (3 weeks later). Just in time for the heat wave we've had as there is currently no snow on the ground anymore.
I'm very happy with the snowblower and had one to use while I waited but if you need one 'now' I'd look elsewhere.

Ask Ron about WiseSales
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Wisesales can't be trusted. I ordered a Toro 726 Snow blower for $1,299 on their website on Friday, January 28, 2011. I called them the next day to confirm that they had the item in stock and was told it would be shipped on Monday, February 1. On Monday I noticed that their website advertised the same snow blower for $1,599 and claimed it would be ready to ship Tuesday, Feb 2. I called Wisesales again and spoke to a manager and was promised they had them in stock and that mine would most likely ship on February 3 or 4. I called again on February 8 to confirm that it has shipped and was told that it was back ordered and they wouldn't be getting any more in for the season. They asked if I would be interested in buying a different snow blower for $1,699. This is outrageous. They should be shut down for price gouging and illegal business practices.

Ask Janice about WiseSales
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I ordered a product 3 weeks before my dad's birthday. They charged my credit card the same day I ordered, and I got a confirmation email. Two days before my dad's birthday, I called to check on the order because I still hadn't received it (the website said shipping would take 3-7 days). They told me they would not be sending it out until the next week (3.5-4 WEEKS after I ordered the item). When I told the guy I needed to chancel, he said ok, and hung up the phone. I called back, and explained what happened to another woman. She finalized the cancellation for me, but she never even apologized for the shipping delay, lack of communication, or the guy who hung up on me. I will NEVER use this site again.

Ask Angie about WiseSales
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When I called the owner, he thought it was no big deal there info was wrong, offered me 20$ off an item. What a joke. By right every person who bought a Honda 1 stage snow blower from wise sales with the belief that the factory warranty was 3 years should have the last year covered by wise sales( they claim 3 years it's only 2). As far as the blowers anyone who has bought a back pack blower from them should demand a refund or a large amount of cash back for false advertising.

Ask Robert about WiseSales
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Awesome business! I ordered a trimmer/edger/saw combo (for very cheap price) on 6-15 and received in on 6-17. No tax and no shipping!!! These guys are great. I will order from them again.

Ask john about WiseSales

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