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Review of Venere

Venere reviews

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33 reviews
Categories: Hotels
Via della Camilluccia 693
Rome, Lazio, ITA
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33 Reviews From Our Community

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4 reviews
12 helpful votes

I'm surprised to read the negative reviews about Venere, though majority of the reviews were written in 2014 so I'm assuming the company may have made improvements. I've booked through this site several times in the recent months and have found great rates. They also have discount codes (just google Venere promo code) every now and then-the 15% off codes are a great help. They don't apply to all hotels but do on most. User interface could be better but overall, this site has been good to me!

Ask Sara about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

BEWARE! I was looking for a hotel room in NY city for 3 people who needed 3 separate beds. Venere was the only one of the on-line services that found me one. I booked it; they took my money. It was not cheap. Except such a room did not exist in the hotel. I had to share a bed with a colleague; exactly the situation I had wanted to avoid. Extensive communication with Venere customer service (some called "Melanie Peer") showed only that Venere holds only contempt for their customers and that their business practices are fraudulent. Never again.

Ask Katerina about Venere
1 review
7 helpful votes

Never again this online service!

I booked hotel for my wife and daughter in Barcelona from 11th to 13th of October 2014.
The booking was complete on 8th of October 2014.
Credit card details were provided for the booking, validated and confirmed by e-mail from with reservation number.

Below is extract from the confirmation on payment/cancellation conditions:

Method of payment
You will pay the room price (including VAT / Sales Tax) and City Tax, directly at the hotel in local currency (EUR). Payment is required either at check-in or check-out, depending on hotel policy. Prices shown in the table above are calculated in the currency chosen at the time of booking and are subject to change depending on the exchange rate at the time of payment.
How to change your reservation
If you’d like to make any changes to your reservation, you must cancel it and then rebook on Venere. Check the Cancellation Policy section in this email for any cancellation penalties or restrictions applied to this property.
Please access your reservations at the following address:
Insert your registered email address and the password you received and follow the cancellation procedure.
We will not accept cancellation requests sent via email, even if the request is sent before the cancellation policy expires.
Cancellation Policy
Free cancellation up until 1 day before check-in (2014/10/10 - 11:59). Late cancellations are possible and are subject to a penalty equal to the amount of 1 night. No shows are charged 100% of the stay.

Again, I just did reservation for my wife and daughter. The stay would be paid my wife with her credit/debit card or cash.

On arrival to the hotel (on 11th of October 2014) my wife was informed the booking was cancelled by

I contacted customer service of and got explanation. They checked balance on my credit card late evening on 10th of October and found it is insufficient to cover cancellation costs. They cancelled the reservation and sent e-mail. Indeed there was e-mail with the notice at 09:04 pm 10th of October 2014.

I have verified once more their terms and conditions and found no indications for customers on such rules.

Ask Anatol about Venere
1 review
5 helpful votes

They are deceptive in their advertising and give you a local telephone number and then when you have to call them you end up in INDIA with a person on the line who is extremely unhelpful and inflexible sounding like Little Britain "Computer says NO". RIP OFF !!

Tip for consumers: Book direct with the hotel - just not worth it

Ask Cory about Venere
1 review
5 helpful votes

I enjoy your services for more than one year and tonight I had my only bad experience.
I made the reservation from the internet for the Hôtel Hotel Le Chantereigne for 8th august, 2014.
We arrived at the hotel around 22h and nobody were at the reception.
We knocked and nobody showed up.
I demand imediatly the cancelation because the Hotel closed the doors berofe the expected time.

Ask Danilo about Venere
1 review
4 helpful votes

Your company is dishonest and not professional. You scammed Me and over charged my credit card.

Ask kirk about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

I booked a hotel in spindale nc through venere It was suppose to have pool breakfast ect it had none of these. I don't know where they got the pictures to put on line but it was not from the hotel I was in. I called to complain they said e mail them no response. I will never use there web site again j.m

Ask j about Venere
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Booking was easy, but I was missleaded by them and booked a hotel 45min away from Atlantic City instead of the centre, as there are two hotels with the same name and they used the wrong picture for the hotel thats further away. I ended up booking two hotels instead of one because there was no way I could go to the other hotel due to my bus connection to New York the next day. Not cool!!

Ask eddie about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

Scam!! I booked through Venere because of the lower price on hotel. They booked me in the WRONG CITY! Florence, KY instead of Florence, SC. I did not notice this until I printed off the reservation sheet to take with me. So I called Venere - of course the guy didn't speak English very well - and since my reservation was non-refundable, the guy said "he wasn't sure if they would accept my cancellation, but he would try" if he was doing me a favor! So he found a room for me in the correct location -for $50 more- that I had to agree to BEFORE he would cancel the wrong room. When I got to the hotel, the guy at the desk said that happens all the time with this people in the wrong city. Which tells me it's a scam to get people in at the lower price, then change reservations for a higher rate.

Ask Shannon about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

told when cancelling a room that I would get a full refund ,they return about two thirds of what I paid, they advertise to respond to emails within two working days ,I have sent four the 1st being 15 days ago and to date have still not had a response. have just spoken to them on the telephone,only to be told there is a glinch? in the system and to ring another time. absolute waste of time.

Ask rob about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

Avoid at all cost. I had booked through at the time of booking, i was never told about the hidden charges of the hotel ( extra 35euro's for cleaning) for which there was no mention on the booking not in the fine print.I called their call centre. addressed the issue to them and I was told by the agent to claim it back through the customer service email address after i have completed my stay at the hotel. I have attached and requested my refund as i was instructed by the call centre agent, It has been now almost a year and never heard anything back from them. sad thing is their is no where we can further take our complaints to get these issues resolved.

Ask GHULAM about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!! Please avoid this site, i booked a room through them for a hotel in Dublin, a week later the hotel ring me directly demanding full payment for the room. I rang Venere who were totally disintersted - 24 hours later the hotel have cancelled my booking and Venere failed to call me back.
For sake of not spoiling you break away book through someone else to avoid disappointment.

Ask Stephen about Venere
1 review
4 helpful votes

The single worst travel site ever! Good luck if you have an issue as you will be directed to one of a multitude of off-shore call centers in India. A total joke

Ask Gerry about Venere
1 review
4 helpful votes

Horrible experince and victimized. Credit card was overcharged by 25% for no reason. Never deal with this company again.

Ask Krish about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

I would not recommend booking with Venere. You can match their prices with other such agents as, lastminute,com and Expedia and get much better cancellation conditions. I made an error with dates and they refused to change. I spoke with the hotel and they said they wouyld change if the agent would. The agent refused. This is a greed based company with no integrity. Avoid.

Ask Paul about Venere
1 review
4 helpful votes

This establishment is disgusting! I would NOT recommend this to anybody. I booked a B&B in september for one night and received a confirmation email which was a totally different date. The invoice said it was a non refundable policy so i rang the B&B which i booked and the woman on the phone was no help she was just happy that she now had my money. I have sent numerous emails to venere customer service which seems to be non existent and can not seem to get through to them on the phone. Venere should be publicly shamed. Looking at other reviews it seems i'm not the only person they have done it to i am struggling to find any positive feedback. STAY WELL AWAY!!!

Ask josh about Venere
1 review
4 helpful votes

They charged me the wrong rate, admitted it, asked me to write a complaint to their complaint department, which turned out to be a black hole. Long story short, they don't respond to complaints. Don't waste your time.

I just cancelled my reservation with them.

I highly recommend avoiding these guys.

Ask J about Venere
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Not a good choice for short stay. Could have been better. But I just don't want to stay in the past.

Ask Jillian about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

May 9, 2013 booked a Embassy Suite with them. They were to give me two bedrooms and even verified it only to find out it was actually a 2 room suite period. The person on the other line assured me there would be two bedrooms and the living area. I have been working with American Express since June when I actually called the hotel to ensure I had two bedrooms. WRONG. I turned it over to American Express immediately. It was disputed, of course, by Venere stating they had not heard from me nor have I cancelled. We went back with data on all of my calls, names, times, dates, whereby no response. This took a lot of time to call and be put on hold half the time knowing no one was coming back, or they were trying to find a manager. You cannot cancel these type of transactions. American Express took my data and went forward. They are now as of 9/21/2013, cancelling my debit and awaiting for a reply from Venere which gives them till Oct. 11 to reply. This company needs legal action taken as to how they present their offers to customers. Most people would probably back down, but I did it for the principle not the money. Do not USE THEM.

Ask donna about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

It is a scam. Credit card go hit for a charge of $600.00 that we didn't make!

Ask Shelly about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

As dozens of website and blog postings have suggested, is a fraud, and needs to be investigated by legal authorities. My experience has been similar to many others who have been ripped off by Venere. I've spent the past six months trying to get a refund for a Sheraton Hotel in China that I booked through Venere and had to cancel for reasons beyond my control. The Sheraton Hotel did not charge a penalty, but Venere refunded only half of my money -- despite a very clear and unambiguous statement on its website that it did not charge any cancellation fee. Venere has sent numerous e-mails designed to delay and deceive. Clearly, they have no intention of refunding my money. Do not, under any circumstance, use Venere. Expedia should be ashamed of itself if it is still Venere's parent company, and hotels and other travel vendors should simply refuse to do business with such a dishonest company.

Ask James about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

They just cancelled my booking, claiming that I canceled it… . No response to my email. Slightly annoying.

Ask gregor about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

I book one room for one night, one time in my whole life and now I am subjected to daily SPAM. There is an "unsubscribe" button. I click it and they say they will send me email to confirm the unsubscription. So I get this email, but they lie and there is no place to click to "confirm" the unsubscription. Nor is there anything on their web page for "contact" STAY AWAY FROM THEM. I see there are lots of other complaints, more substantial (credit card fraud etc.) than my complaint.

Ask e about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

"fraudulent activity on cancellation"
One of our company's directors traveled to South America and made his hotel reservation through At the same day as he went to hotel he decided to cancel it and move to another hotel. The hotel manager agreed with cancellation and contacted customer support and cancelled the reservation with no condition and with full refund. For last ten days we are contacting and waiting on the line for long period of time regarding the refund and they are giving us nonsense answers. We sent all their email communications to legal authorities for further actions.

Ask Amir about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

We booked a one night stay in B&B Relais Sul Mare via Venere in Naples in october 2012. Everything was fine until we returned from the trip and I noticed that the B&B had made fraudulent transactions on my credit card (which information I had only insterted to worth 1200€. When trying to solve the mess I also contacted and they said it's been a mistake and the B&B will return the money. I never saw the money again and finally the credit card company continued solving the problem. However, Venere is well aware of the frauds the B&B is doing yet they still have this B&B in their listing. I would never use Venere again because you really can't trust the company. They will give away your credit card details and they don't care if the companies they do business with are frauds or not.

Ask Kristiina about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

I booked a hotel for 2 nights in Germany 2 months in advance.
6 days before the stay I received an email from Venere telling they acknowledged my cancellation! However neither did I cancel the booking neither did I access my reservation details. The hotel subsequently gave my room to another person so I ended up without a place to stay, and unable to book somewhere else as it was a busy week end. In spite of multiple emails, the customer service never got back to me.

Ask david about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've booked my accommodations at, which forwarded it for some reason to, as their affiliation partner. So in my case there should have been nothing between myself and
Since there were issues in my order (overcharge + failing to stand behind "Price Match Guarantee" policy), which I tried in vain to resolve with, I have forwarded my request to, even though I didn't hope for anything, as they were a 3rd party with no business transaction between myself and them.
Imagine my surprise when they were kind enough to get back to me (more than once), approve all appropriate overcharges and credit me accordingly, within days from my trip. And this is even though my booking did not qualify for their Price Match Guarantee! (due to the fact that while dealing with the last room was booked, and this made me ineligible for the refund, according to their terms and conditions).
And this is after horrible experience with which didn't approve any of the above, even though THEY were liable for all the hassle.
Chapeau bas! This is what I call a GREAT SERVICE. I would especially and personally would like to thank Stefania from the customer service for her dedication and speedy handling.


Ask Gary about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

Recently my elderly father-in-law who lives in Spain was rushed to hospital. My wife immediately booked a flight out from London to go and see him the next day and she booked a hotel in Torrevieja for 4 nights using They sent an email saying that the reservation was confirmed. After a difficult journey, she arrived at the hotel in the evening only to be told that they had no knowledge of any reservation and that the hotel was completely full!

Fortunately the hotel was very helpful and managed to find another hotel not very far away that did have a room available and after a time the problem was solved (although it did entail a long walk with a suitcase). However it was a very stressful time for my wife.

When I found out what had happened I wrote to Venere for their comments but they ignored my email completely.

My recommendation is that if you want to be sure that there is a room waiting for you when you believe that you have a confirmed booking - do not use Venere as a booking agency.

Ask Brian about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

I reserved two rooms for Hotel Roma and unfortunately had to cancel. I read the print out from Venere and duly emailed them on their "" site and asked for confirmation that the reservation was cancelled. I have now written them 3 times and have yet to receive my cancellation confirmation. I will try to contact the Hotel directly and cancel. Beware, if the service is not any better than this.

Ask Lou about Venere
1 review
2 helpful votes

I booked 2 rooms with for the San Agustin hotel in Cuzco about a month ago. I immediately received a confirmation on the hotel from them. Due to a change in plans, I had to cancel one of the rooms and did so by the cancellation deadline. Never did I hear back from them. I even wrote them twice asking for confirmation of my cancellation and nothing.

When we arrived at the hotel, the hotel said that they could not find my reservations. Thankfully, the staff at the San Agustin Hotel was able to accommodate us. They asked for the confirmation email from and luckily I still had it. I even passed them the cancellation email that I wrote to them and San Agustin was kind enough to acknowledge the cancellation without any fees.

I would advise against using for any kind of bookings. If you already have, please do keep all of your correspondence with them so that the hotel has this information.

Ask suzette about Venere
1 review
4 helpful votes

On 24 April 2011 my wife and I reserved a room in hotel Cantagrel in Paris for 20-26 June using the site and received a confirmation from Then on 15 June I sent an email to the hotel to verify our reservation is OK. The same day I got a response from the hotel that everything is OK.

Can you imagine my surprise when on 17 June in the evening received an email from that my reservation is canceled? I called's customer service and they told me that my reservation was canceled and they don't know by whom. They didn't bother to offer us any alternative. Actually they ignore my emails.

It was a high season and I was incapable of ordering another room. As result we cancelled our vacation and lost the cost of our plane tickets and tickets to the Paris Air Show at La Bourget.

I hope that my example will help others to be more cautious making their hotels reservations with

Ask Leonid about Venere
1 review
3 helpful votes

I booked a room over the phone with their 800# for The Bayside Inn and Marina in Treasure Island FL on Sun.May,8th,2011. When we arrived on Fri.May 13th for a two night stay with our small dog we were told they did'nt have our reservation! They said that venere never sent them our booking. Well lucky friday the 13th for us they had a two bedroom apt. at Sunset Beach a mile away and we stayed there at Ships Haven for the same price. I have'nt received a reciept from any one for our stay and I'm not happy with the service or lack thereof I received from Venere.They just sent me a survey about my stay at The Bayside Inn and Marina. I can't answer because I did't stay there.I was pleased with how they handled this problem by giveing us a nice place for the weekend. I feel the people at the resort were very helpful and nice but I will call them at their own number next time.They said my rate would be less also.

Ask Glenna about Venere
1 review
6 helpful votes

Looks like a nice site at first glance, but I went ended up booking a hotel through this site and then upon arrival at the hotel had a very bad experience with their service, so much so that I didn't want to stay there anymore. I paid for one night's stay, and left disappointed. I later went back to Venere to write a review of my experience, but Venere wouldn't let me, no matter how much I asked. It seemed they wanted to protect the hotel instead of the helping the mistreated customer! I would be very cautious about the quality of hotels on this site - the reviews on there are not at all objective since Venere seems to screen them quite carefully

Ask Al about Venere

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A: Dear Sir,
Online reservation and booking code Nr. IHR17886828 was confirmed twice ! !
The rate of EU 29.00 was on top of special deals of Rome Hotels published by Venere , chosenen, booked and credited with my personal privat card.
A mail signed by Manuel Libertucci-Executive Director, is blaiming Venere misleading me -the end Customer. Offering me the same room for 229 or 219 (no currency?) is incorrect (understatement)
Sincerely yours Ariel Atzil e-mail: Tel. ++972-523829912
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