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40 reviews
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40 Reviews From Our Community

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Additionally, we've always had good experiences with Customer Service. (in 9 reviews)


We were free for about a year and finally became lifetime members and love it. (in 10 reviews)


Too many people look at it as a dating site, its NOT. (in 22 reviews)

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I think the poor reviews on here are largely nonsense. Take a look at all the helpful votes the bad reviews get. Even the one that is so badly misspelled as to be gibberish got eight helpful votes. Yeah, right. I think this is frankly people with an agenda or who had a bad experience that are trying to slam the company. IMO

No, it's not a perfect site. But I have met four couples from the site that are very real. I have chatted with numerous people who are obvious fakes or flakes. Welcome to "the lifestyle" folks. I find the forums very useful. Yes there are trolls there but generally they are kept in check by the community. If you have a serious question you will get a sincere and thoughtful answer.

There are some odd quirks. They have used filters for their chat rooms that are laughably inaccurate. They automatically block website names but get much weirder. For example to limit incest and pedophile chat they banned words like son and daughter. So someone with the name Christenson couldn't even use their name! They fixed that but it did earn them some ridicule from members.

One other quirk is that they have lifetime members rather than staff review profiles. This leads to some inconsistency. The comment in one review here about race preference being prohibited in profiles is completely false. There are many people who say things like "Sorry fellas but we're not interested in black men. Just her preference". To be sure there are plenty of women seeking "BBC" and not a few who are exclusively interested in African American men. That review is simply wrong on that point but it is possible that this stems from the above noted inconsistency in the review process.

Their messenger system is not the best. I was actually suspended temporarily for encouraging people to chat on Yahoo because the messenger works so much better. They said this violated their TOS by "promoting another website". I didn't really see it that way but I complied and they reinstated me. So the nonexistent customer service comments are also not true.

On balance I don't know of a better site in terms of actual real members, expense, and number of overall members giving you some local choices. Consequently I'm rating them pretty high because its an apples to apples rating. Would love t hear of a better site if there is one.

Ask John about SwingLifestyle
1 review
0 helpful votes

The two guys that represent this website, Ken and Brian.....what a joke. Met them at a swingers party and they were there representing SLS Florida. Followed my boyfriend and I the whole time even though we were not interested in them at all, and they kept making tasteless remarks. Every time we turned around they were there and I felt as if they were being too pushy. We are newcomers to the scene and I believe they were trying to take advantage of us. Disgusting creeps is what they are and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Ask Lady about SwingLifestyle
1 review
1 helpful vote

We've had a Lifetime membership since 2008 and can always manage to find others on SLS to play with. We don't devote any time to dating other couples with the intention of creating wonderful, lifelong friendships with benefits. Rather, we enjoy the anticipation, the fun and the excitement of meeting new people for the purpose of having sex with them. We know that Free members are those where the woman hasn't given permission to put the membership fee on their credit card because she hasn't agreed to play with others yet or she's decided that she's no longer interested. We just avoid the Free members and arrange playtime with those who are genuine. Additionally, we've always had good experiences with Customer Service. For us, it's a perfect site and helps us to find exactly what we're looking for in the lifestyle.

Ask Ess about SwingLifestyle
1 review
0 helpful votes

Swinglifestyle or SLS if you prefer.
All in all best navigated as a free member or at very most a month to month.
Customer Service is NON-Existant and at best self serving.
If you pay the one-time fee to be a ‘Lifetime Member’ lifetime is defined as how long they’d like you to be there. Put up too many pictures, chat too often, whisper between two consenting adults, all grounds for irrevocable termination. No warning, no second chances.
What they are offended by , who knows, but you can read about many of their ‘no no’s’ in their stories section.
Kinda pot calling the kettle black no?
Anyway forewarned is forarmed. 

Tip for consumers: Stay a Free member or at very most a month to month. Once they've locked you in and semblance of 'service' goes by the way side.

Ask hawk about SwingLifestyle
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had pretty good luck meeting couples and singles at home and on the road. It takes a lot of "bush beating" to generate results but I do get results. Yes there are lots of out of shape members but there is no law against being overweight. there are plenty of fakes that you need to sort through as well as members who are not committed to meeting people. Customer service has never been a problem for me. On 3 occasions they have been very helpful

Ask P about SwingLifestyle
1 review
2 helpful votes

My husband and i enjoy this site, been in the lifestyle many years, it appears Helen W is self promoting her website and not giving a relevant review on SLS. Anyway we love the party pages and clubs, because we can always stay up to the minute on the local swinger scene and parties.

Swinglifestyle is a great site, -take it form a couple -Nancy Graham

Ask nancy about SwingLifestyle
1 review
1 helpful vote

I like swinglifestyle, i found them on a blog through twitter and me and my husband love the site, Mike Hatcher is knowledgable

Ask drake about SwingLifestyle
1 review
6 helpful votes


This site has major security and privacy problems, and grossly outdated technology. They lie to their members about it all, and have even banned Lifetime members who tried to discuss the problems constructively. Their "Customer Service" is an absolute travesty. 

The most recent of many security/privacy lapses came to light earlier this month, when it was discovered that supposedly "private" member photos were easily accessible to anyone. The potential for this breach was known to SLS for years, and their response was not to fix it, but to squelch anyone who talked about it. For details, search on Reddit for Swinglifestyle. 

They have now assured their members that the problem is fixed, and responded to customer concerns about credit card privacy by claiming that they don't retain CC data. Which is not very credible, since their membership options offer monthly-recurring automatic renewals on credit cards. 

I would not believe a word these people say, especially about technology. The site is constantly experiencing glitches --sometimes major ones-- and the fixes often take months. The email system is circa 1995. The photo-handling and approval part had major problems for over a year; the forums suddenly had huge formatting problems that made them almost unreadable, and took many weeks to fix. Friends of ours tell me that they routinely receive emails from single-males, even though their profiles are supposed to be invisible to single male members. We used the privacy settings to block our profile from viewing by free members, yet we receive emails from free members who apparently can access our profile after all. 

SLS shows contempt for their customers by deleting reports of these problems on their website discussion forum, and even by punishing or banning members who report the glitches. We have heard numerous horror stories from friends we trust who had the misfortune of dealing with the "Customer Service" woman. She apparently is both stupid and vindictive, and she has unsupervised authority to treat paying customers like crap. 

The security breach of private pics was made worse by SLS adopting a policy a year ago, of plastering its own logo on members' pics whether the members wanted it or not. Several members complained about this practice in the website forum; no SLS person even responded to it for many months, and even then completely ignored the privacy concerns its members had expressed. Many of those posts expressing concern were simply deleted. We now refuse to upload any new face pics of ourselves, because we don't want our face pics (with a swinger-site logo superimposed) floating around. Especially, when SLS cares so little about privacy and security issues. 

We have been members for five years and have met some nice people, but can no longer recommend SLS to anyone, even though it still is the largest. There are now much better sites, that don't have a policy of $#*!ting on their customers like SLS does. 

Ask T about SwingLifestyle
1 review
5 helpful votes

The site is hands down the best you will find out there! We have been a member for about 6 years now and have had a very positive experience. If you notice most of the bad reviews are single males and probably cheating single males. Wanting everything for free and complaining everyone is fake because the don't want to is because you are either a jerk or not atractive to them. We were free for about a year and finally became lifetime members and love it. Have met sooo many great people from the site. We block free members because if your in it for the right reasons you will pay. Don't pay attention to the negative posts. There is a very good reason no one wanted to waste the time to meet them.

Ask Scott about SwingLifestyle
1 review
5 helpful votes

We have been on this site for 6 years now...we are for real members of the lifestyle. This has been the best site we have used by far. Met lots of people..yes some have been fake. But those are normally the free member accounts who are just fishing. Let's face it if your in this for real and to meet real sls people then you will pay for it. We are lifetime members and have enjoyed the perks of being such. we havent had any privacy issues at all. Just a great place to meet for real members of this lifestyle. Met great friends in and out of thr bedroom! And its not the sites fault if your significant other is using it to meet people behind your back! The real sls members are not cheaters and dont tolerate it.

Ask donna about SwingLifestyle
1 review
3 helpful votes

In the past I have had problems with my guy signing up for sex finder type websites... however we have addressed this issue and it's been a year since any incidents and I THOUGHT things have been going well... until yesterday I'm going through the emails and find a "welcome to swing lifestyle, thank you for joining" email, followed by another email the next day and every day after saying they can't approve his profile due to lack of content.... I'm wondering if this is SPAM or if he really legitimately joined! Whenever I have called him out in the past on this behavior he has never once lied about it.. this morning when I called him out he seemed genuinely as shocked as I was and swears up and down he did not sign up for this. Then I looked at the computers history and I found nothing, the computer wasn't even LOGGED on at all that entire week that he supposedly signed up~ I'm wondering if it's possible since he's used those types of sites in the past that his info was sold to an affiliate and that's their way of tricking him into joining (by logging in with the username and password) OR if he's really up to his tricks again... which will make or break the status of my relationship because LAST time was the last straw and now I will have to stick to my bottom line if this is true. I just don't know what to believe, but I wish sites like this weren't out to play with peoples LIVES!!! If he wants to sign up, fine, provide the service... but don't ACT like he signed up if he didn't, because now you're messing with sasquatch! Anyone have a similiar experience?? I know on the complaint board there are several complaints about doing this.. making up dummy accounts and spamming people and ruining marriages.. I just didn't know if this particular site does that too, or if he's working on ruining this by himself... any input??

Ask Jessica about SwingLifestyle
1 review
6 helpful votes

UPDATE: BEWARE of your personal info!
The people who run this site read all emails between members and have a sneaky little line hidden in their terms of use that allows them to "display" any information that they find.
They refuse to say what they do with this information but if you exchange names, phone numbers or email addresses with other members, be aware that someone is reading those emails and they believe they have the right to use that information!

We are a fun attractive hwp professional couple (not married but longterm committed relationship). We joined as free members to check it out and things were fine. We were ready to jump in so we joined as paid members and within a couple of weeks we received an email that our profile was being changed to a single male. No explanation no anything. I emailed and asked what brought this on and explained that we were in fact a committed couple. No response at all. After 3 or 4 more emails complaining and finally requesting a full refund we received an email telling us to "check the terms of use" We did and we didn't come close to violating anything on there. Finally I got another response that said "due to the content or lack of content in your profile it has been denied" then they shut off the profile entirely and refused to refund anything. Now our profile was as straightforward and as normal as you are going to find on a site like this. We are your typical suburban professionals looking for a little discreet fun on the side with other professional normal people. That's what our profile said. We had pictures (PG rated) of both of us on our profile as well.
All I can say is that I feel like it was a total SCAM. Took our money and shut off our profile with absolutely NO explanation at all despite multiple attempts.

Ask Mike about SwingLifestyle
1 review
4 helpful votes

Horriable site no one is whi they really are its all a joke

Ask chad about SwingLifestyle
1 review
4 helpful votes

Can't believe all the negative reviews. We're sure that the lifestyle varies with your location. Been a lifetime member since 2004 in upstate NY and have had nothing but good luck. Don't blame the site for wanna bee swingers, there are fakes on any site. Been to SLS sponsored events, parties, cruises, trips to hedonism. As far as support,,,, never had any issues with the site.... there is no way that any site can monitor couples / singles to verify that they are real...... That would be a huge violation to your privacy. If you don't like the site, try another,,,, we have and they really suck!!!

Ask Duane about SwingLifestyle
5 reviews
13 helpful votes

I had no success communicating with any chics and I'm not bad looking. Site itself is laughable. Looks/works like it was designed by elementary school students.

Ask Barack about SwingLifestyle
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

oh lord hands down the single worst LS site on the net. out of date, admins are so rude and cliquish it's pathetic. they DICTATE what you can say on your profile (every word of it). say if you are into black men only (even if you are a black woman) and put that on your profile you are called a RACIST and they REFUSE to allow your profile to be active. the only benefit to the site is the calendar, yet it's always the same people signing up for the same events and they sign up for multiple events in one night so you never really know who will be there.

they majority of their groups hosting parties such as (d-spot, g-spot, lyons parties) are ALL GHETTO CHEAP PARTIES with OVERWEIGHT SLOPPY WOMEN in CHEAP MOTEL ROOMS/dirty apartments and they are charging out the ass for them.

interracial-kink hosts parties through this site at his home (only nice thing is HIS HOME) the parties are a joke, very OLD WOMEN very FAT UGLY WOMEN and any man who is willing to pay 100 to get in. the host himself spends the majority of the night in the garage getting high instead of being a good host

trust SAVE YOUR MONEY this site will be a waste of it

Ask raw about SwingLifestyle
1 review
6 helpful votes

Customer service is horrible on this site. There is one person who runs it and she is a down right $#*!. No one monitors her. She shuts down profiles for dumb ass bull$#*! and gives certain people preferential treatment because of affiliate money that they bring in. It really isn't about tos- it's about money with sls. You can do what ever you want if you are a vip or promoter.

Ask Lisa about SwingLifestyle
1 review
4 helpful votes

Good and bad times. Some great people on there but so many people acting like junior high school drama bs. Many many cheating husbands. parties close to prostition hotel parties with fake profiles to lie to get in single men and take their money $30 to $60 per single guy. But yet they call it a donation... the group called... times wasteing open your mind. Some people have 3-5 profiles for one person. Lots of game playing on this site. Best to meet people at the events and use your judgement if u get threw the high school bus!

Ask sweet about SwingLifestyle
1 review
4 helpful votes

been a member for 4 years now,, new owners or whoever is there now, they really suck, worst site ever now,, used to be good but now,, sorry to say is worse than craigslist

Ask eddie about SwingLifestyle
6 reviews
6 helpful votes

Well, The site claims to be free but there are way to many restrictions, limited e-mails and profiles views. Also if someone contacts you and send you a image, you cannot view it unless you are a paying member. Also if you are out of e-mails which is 5 per day, you cannot even respond to that person who is a paying member. Nothing but a scam to get money out of you. The website sucks.

Ask Real about SwingLifestyle
1 review
4 helpful votes

Like anything else in this world, it is what you make of it. It is a means to meet people who POSSIBLY have like interests and desires, but the same as anywhere else, it is up to YOU to find out who is real and a good match. No different on SLS than another dating site, meeting someone at a bar, or getting hooked up with a buddy's blind date!
Now, the free profiles are very limiting and frustrating, so naturally the perks are for the paid members, but because you plop down a few bucks guys think it is a key to the Playboy mansion and they will have an endless parade of beauties waltz through their doors.
Sadly, my guess is most who complaint about SLS or swinging in general, bring very little to the table. I have met people of all shapes and sizes, some gorgeous some, not so much, but most very kind and respectful, and very willing to share!

Ask T about SwingLifestyle
1 review
8 helpful votes

Once you are a lifetime member they don't give a $#*! about you. In fact its like they want you to go away and come back and pay for another membership. They censor you what you say about how they really are, which is crappy. They offer zero customer service, the site always has something that doesn't work and it is FULL of FAKES, POSERS, and LIARS! so DO NOT PAY for this site, EVER!

Ask Us about SwingLifestyle
1 review
6 helpful votes

We have been lifetime members since the day we first joined this website and we have also been ambassadors to this website by enourageing more than 500 couples to join this website all at OUR expense. However as of todays date the website has revoked our lifetime membership privildges because we send out too many "HELLO WELCOME TO SLS" emails as well as too many emails welcoming anyone and everyone into our home at OUR expense at which time you can the chance to meet several other SLS members. We regret all that we have done for this website over the past 5 years and highly encourage any/all swingers to be so warned that this website it not worth spending your money to become a paid members as they can revoke those priviledges anytime they want to (which surely should not be legal). Please feel free to contact us anytime if you need or want additional information about how the SLS staff has been treating us lifestime members. Our screen name is joepaula on their site.

Ask Joe about SwingLifestyle
1 review
3 helpful votes

Been a free member, joined for 3 months - I like that it is not an automatic renewal. Then I was given a free year of membership when they were running a promo, which was great... Not everyone is Barbie and Ken, But I have met people through the groups. You need to physically get out of your house to meet people! Stop waiting for them to respond, check out some meet and greets and you will find the serious people.

Ask L about SwingLifestyle
1 review
6 helpful votes

We have met some great people on the site, but the forums and chat are very scary places for those that are not used to being abused in a public arena. The owner apparently does not pay attention to how their staff is running the site. A moderator is needed but the owner is to cheap to invest in one. Wayne (profile review) has some serious mental health issues, and after listening to his "thoughts" on things, it explains why the site has serious issues. This site is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Ask Sue about SwingLifestyle
1 review
3 helpful votes

Have been a paying member for almost two years and have met a number of genuine people. The "service" provided, however, is severely lacking. At this moment the site is off the air and I have received no explanation even though the managers have my email address with which to contact me with an estimate of when service will be restored. So...members, for the most part - good; service - lousy.

Ask Dan about SwingLifestyle
1 review
8 helpful votes

Hands down the most shady swinger oriented site on earth. They have existed for many years based on the "backwoods" nature of this lifestyle. Swingers are a social bunch, SLS is more of a wife swap message board. No tech support, customer service or assistance of any kind once you pay for a membership.
In three months my wife and I have seen the worst of the worst racist banter we have ever seen. This is due to the site offering free memberships to whomever. It was a complete waste of money due to the lower class of people that seem to gravitate to this site.
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR...just go to a swinger event and mingle, ask questions and inquire. It has been our history that very few real swingers belong to any web based site at all. The reasons we heard were much of the same as we concluded.
We did attend a popular resort and found two days into this trip we paid twice as much as we should have. SLS seems to jack up prices for the novice new members. Lesson learned and allow us to provide this Warning: The people who control and moderate this site are very racist and make no excuses for it whatsoever. This was a discovery we made when we complained about a Rant in a chat room. The nature of this rant was so offensive we tried to complain and even saved the screen to show them A moderator from Florida replied and told us they agreed with the member and if we did not like what was said, block him.

Just beware and never join this silly site, rely on your better judgement and investigate any website before joining. Thank Goodness for SITE JABBER....just wished we would have checked it before we joined sls. Grrrr

Ask Marcos about SwingLifestyle
1 review
3 helpful votes

We have had a couples membership on SLS for about 10 months and have met several great couples and some respectful, energetic single guys. SLS does seem to have a lot of couples who either are not serious swingers or who are very, very picky, but we've gotten pretty good at figuring out who they are and avoiding them.

The site has a feature that lets you add brief, private comments to member profiles so as you scroll through them you can read your notes about them - e.g., "single guy posing as couple," "messaged them twice with no reply," "rude response," "a nice couple for potential future meeting," etc., etc. That feature helps jog your memory. Also, there is a personal member rating system and all your email history is readily available on a profile with the click of an icon. Another icon lets you read other peoples' "certifications" of profiles you are interested in. We find these features very useful.

I recommend this site for couples. It offers free memberships, which work with some limitations. We got a lifetime membership because it was relatively cheap and we have more freedom to see pics, exchange messages, etc. and not be bothered with recurring billing. SLS has been very reliable for us so far. There are a many, many members on SLS and the search engine works well when you get used to it.

SLS is probably not a good site for single guys looking for single women, but for single guys looking for couples it probably isn't bad. I don't know of any swinger sites for single guys that might be any better however. As I said, we have met several reliable single guys on SLS, and there always seem to be plenty of them available for couples seeking a third for a ménage à trois.

It's probably best to create a free member account on SLS and try it for a while, then buy a membership if you think it's working for you and you want more features.

Ask James about SwingLifestyle
1 review
5 helpful votes

Yeah, just another unsatisfied lifetime customer. Everything is good until you need support. They really aren't motivated to help you when you pay the entire fee up front.

Ask Unsat about SwingLifestyle
1 review
4 helpful votes

My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for over 6 years and we've used this site along with one other since the very beginning. SLS is by far our preferred site. It is very easy to navigate and it offers some useful tools to personalize our profile. We especially like the way we can protect the privacy of our pictures with one easy click and allow viewing to only those who we decide to share with one more easy click. There are lots of members and we have found that it is one of the easiest way to meet people. We think you'll like it! :-)

Ask Les about SwingLifestyle
1 review
5 helpful votes

My husband and I have been lifetime members for a while now. We haven't had any problems. Of course there are the flakes and fake profiles. The pic collectors and the guys who only wanna webcam. In our experience it has been the single males that are the worst at it. Either they just want to collect as many pics as they can, or want to cheat on their wives and use this site to do it. The few single men we have actually met with have been gracious and very respectful. We have also met great couples that have become close friends in our vanilla life. We do like going to house parties and things like that, so yes, the site is great for that as well. Too many people look at it as a dating site, its NOT. It is a site for swingers that want to meet other swingers. We love it!!!

Ask Gina about SwingLifestyle
7 reviews
3 helpful votes

I like it me and my husband have been members for 5 years and met several great couples.

Ask jessica about SwingLifestyle
1 review
5 helpful votes

technically speaking the site offers decent value for the money. However the members on the site preach "honesty" and "trust" yet I've rarely met any of them that will be truthful or honest. Most people never respond to an email and the few that do, suddenly drop off the end of the earth after you open up your photos to them or after exchanging an email or two. It is clear that the best use of this site is for those people who frequent Swinger's clubs/parties to arrange their get-togethers. If you are not part of the "in-crowd" it is very challenging to get in on the action.

Ask Sam about SwingLifestyle
6 reviews
11 helpful votes

So far so good. The members are average looking for the most part but are actually real as far as I can tell. I know one member in my area is real for sure as she is a local adult film star and prostitute. Most replies from members are polite too so far...

Ask D about SwingLifestyle
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Have been a member since they offered lifetime memberships in 2006.
THIS SITE JUST BLOWS !! CHOCK FULL of FAKES, FLAKES, INTERNET HOOKERS ( most of whom ALL are "free" ), WEENIE WACKERS that are too butt ugly to even pay to get laid.
We have me (are ya ready for this ?) JUST 3 LIGITIMATE COUPLES and ONE SINGLE FEMALE in 5 Y-E-A-R-S of "membership".
THe site has done NOTHING to improve the quality of the members and it should come as NO SUPRISE that they are here for NOTHING MORE than COLLECTING FEES.
IF you even THINK that being a "member" is going to "spice up your sex life" YOU sex life is already IN the toilet and all this site will do for you is WASTE YOUR TIME.
SAVE YOUR MONEY for a decent looking street WHORE, in the LONG RUN , MOST LOOK better and it's WAY cheaper !!

Ask Dave about SwingLifestyle
13 reviews
46 helpful votes

If you're looking for adult dating options save your money and check out There the only limits on free members are you're only allowed to view 50 profiles and/or to send 5 E-mails per 24 hour period, (tho strangely, you're free to join chatrooms and IM) and you can't view pictures that have been classified as "nude". And contrary to popular belief, it's not populated solely with swinging couples, there are lots of singles. (Mostly male but some females).
Check it out!


Ask JustMann about SwingLifestyle
1 review
8 helpful votes

I had a great time on swinglifestyle for 2 years, still a member with the wife, don't know what other people are complaining about, other than maybe they are a competitor? SLS is great

Ask john about SwingLifestyle
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have found this site easy to use even though my computer skills are minimum. Free and they mean free, same great site, simply restricted use as a free member.

Ask Jan about SwingLifestyle
1 review
3 helpful votes

Was a free member and was a paid member. Same old group running the show on there. They latch on to new members and then as always, diss them off. SLS does not care about complaints for lifetime members. I have been verbally attacked and I reported, nothing was done.

There is a lot of bull$#*! on there. Alot fo people acting like they meet but really dont. this site sucks. if you think your gonna sign up and find sex, FORGET IT! Take it form me. As a matter of fact i got so fed up with it I cancelled my paying membership

Ask terry about SwingLifestyle
1 review
6 helpful votes

Swinglifestyle's poor and biased customer service - Having been a member of this site for over five years I have seen the customer service at this site sink to new lows. Apparantly they care little about fairness. All they seem to be about is making money. If you have a complaint about other member abuse or how things don't work on the site, your member profile can be removed without notice. They seem to tolerate racial and ethnic insults or slurs in their forums. Certain members seem to be able to say or write anything they wish but others do so at the risk of suspensions or bannishment from the site. Customer service is very biased. They care little about members once they have your membership fee. They only are interested in obtaining new paid memebrs. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on sites who treat their paid members equally. This site does not.

Ask l about SwingLifestyle

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