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ScanDigital Photo Scanning reviews

31 reviews
680 Knox Street
Torrance, CA 90502, US
Tel: 888.333.2808

31 Reviews From Our Community

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Nicole at customer service helped me re-route my package and also correct my Groupon issue. (in 5 reviews)


Imagine my shock to discover they charged my credit card for 150 "stereo slides & 126 negatives" at $1.58 each. (in 10 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Will never use again, would not recommend. Customer service was poor, communications were slow and also conflicting amongst multiple people. Scared to even look at the quality of my dvd's at this point. Sent in 5 tapes (per Groupon) and one could not be used because it had "mold" on it. Ok that's fine - but don't charge me for TWO additional dvd's since one was over 5 hours, charge me for ONE, and how about a heads up before you go ahead and just take that incorrect charge out of my account?

How about giving me a call to resolve my concerns instead of responding to a negative review? When I asked to speak to a manager everyone was "in a meeting" and no one has reached out, yet someone sure is quick to respond to an online review. Just another example of poor customer service. Still waiting. . .

Ask susan about ScanDigital Photo Scanning
New Reviewer

IMPORTANT. They charged my credit card without my permission and misled me on the estimated cost. They estimated the cost to complete my order and the final charge was $69 more than they estimated. Did they call me to ask permission? NO. Did they offer any solutions when I phoned them to discuss the charges? NO. I believe they are using the Groupon deal to drive traffic/customers...then charge them exorbitant fees to make more $$. It's really too bad as their work is quality, but based upon my one and only experience, they can't be trusted.

New Reviewer

About 10 months ago I sent a videotape to them to have it transferred onto a DVD. After waiting about 2 months, I finally received the DVD and my original videotape. After viewing the DVD, there was no question in the loss of quality in the transfer from the videotape to DVD. I contacted them about this and was told there should not be any loss in quality and if I wasn't satisfied, I should send my videotape back to them and they would rescan it. So I did. Several months later, I hadn't heard from them so I contacted them to inquire about the status of my order. I was told that they had tried to contact me several times because I hadn't returned the poor quality DVD. They never tried to contact me - I check my email daily. I told them I was disgusted with their service, I wanted nothing further to do with them and to return my original videotape. This was 4 months ago and I have not heard from them. They have my only copy of the videotape of my family movies dating back to the 1950s and I can't get them to respond. Stay away from this company!!!

Since I've posted this review I have received 2 phone calls, several emails, my original VHS tape returned, 4 copies of the rescanned DVD AND a request to remove my review on Sitejabber from this company. So the "situation" has been resolved with Scandigital. However, I need to say that the quality of the DVD after the rescan, was no better than the original scan. Case closed.

New Reviewer

Really bad company, We sent in movies back in July 2014 for a surprise 90 party for my Mom, they can't even tell me where they are, just praying they aren't lost. October,2014

New Reviewer

You guys are AMAZING!!! I am so glad I found your service. I just wanted to let you all know how happy I am with my photo disc. The digital images look so clean and I can finally get rid of these bulky photo albums. I cannot thank you guys enough, but I will recommend you to all my friends and family!! My video tapes are next!! :)

Tip for consumers: From reading all of these reviews, I would suggest calling before sending in your stuff or taking the time to actually review their pricing page. I did not use a "Groupon" with my order, not sure what that is, but I can only imagine this would solve your problem.

Ask Yasemin about ScanDigital Photo Scanning
New Reviewer

Totally unprofessional. Three attempts at the same material and still garbage.

I submitted a job to scan slides and they took over two months and came back not to my request which they had agreed; no cropping or color correction. Additionally the scenes were very dark.

I sent them back and they took another month and only rescanned 6 slides.

The third attempt and the scans have a heavy blue cast which is not in the original and they are also scanned too dark.

This service is exceptionally poor and they cannot perform the basic scanning service.

New Reviewer

Using a Groupon, I sent Scan Digital many family photos to be digitized, including several 8x10s. Several weeks later I got back the disk. The photos were scanned improperly so they are all underexposed. But worst of all, they lost my irreplaceable 8x10s and they are not on the disk. Several calls to the company have not produced any result other than they "can't find the photos." This is a horrible company who pretends to give good customer service by including little thank-you notes with your order. Bull$#*!. I am heartsick over this.

New Reviewer

Don't want to bore anyone reading all these reviews but my story is basically the same: sent in 6 VHS, waited forever, got 6 DVDs and 6 VHS back but all were mislabled, unfinished, and one wasn't even mine!! Multiple phone calls talking to different people every time and they never found my VHS. Gone forever!! I hope Groupon knows just how bad this company is and never accepts an offer from them again. Horrible service, practically nonexistent customer relations, and LIES!!

New Reviewer

Though there was a hiccup with the application of a Groupon to my first order (quickly remedied with an email to them), I was very pleased with the service. The quality of the digitization of slides came back clean and crisp. I was impressed with the handling--slides were meticulously returned to the boxes in which they were packed. I received my DVD / slides back approximately within the 8 week estimate range.

Also, I apparently entered a digit incorrectly on my address when placing the order. Not to worry, I received a call on my cell that the package was returned to SD, and asked to re-enter or provide another address. Keeping track of priceless slides is important, to say the least. Even when I goofed, SD had my back.

Nicole at customer service helped me re-route my package and also correct my Groupon issue. Kudos.

New Reviewer

I bought a groupon as well for 100.00 and just got charged 84.57 on my credit card with out authorization - mainly due to additional total footage on a reel. No notification or estimate of cost for processing - I could have completed the pictures on my scanner for $0.00 if I had been told. Was told by the customer rep - "its too late now because they do not know the costs until the order is COMPLETED" and I am stuck paying the cost. BUYER BEWARE - if you send them items - you had better have an exact count of pictures and film footage - otherwise you could end up with a huge bill in the end with no course of action. I will never use them again. There is no reason they cannot provide estimated/actual costs prior to processing unless they are out to intentionally rip you off which evidently they are.

New Reviewer

I also had a groupon and was taken in by their "no need to count or sort, just estimate the box size you send in." So, I send my stuff in expecting them to give me some sort of estimate. I figured the negatives were going to be about $.70 each and I was prepared for that. The next thing I knew, they had charged my credit card $1200 (that is in addition to the $300 groupon I had!). I called and they told me that I "should have used the negative calculator" and they wouldn't give me back my stuff because the work was already done. It took me forever to get a breakdown of the costs only to find out that very few of my pictures were charged at the .70 a picture price. Every time I called, I was told it is clear on the website and it was my fault. When I suggested that they send an email confirmation and estimate for large orders, I was told that they couldn't possible do that. When I finally got the money together, I did get my stuff back and it was good quality. But Buyer beware!!

New Reviewer

after purchasing groupon for $250 worth of services I sent in my film reels about 15 total....6 weeks later i get billed for $400 on my credit card...totally unacceptable....They never once gave me an estimate or let me know that the groupon would not cover the full cost...BUT HAD TIME TO EMAIL ME WITH MORE COUPON OFFERS...TOTAL RIP-OFF....I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN....

New Reviewer


Don’t send your memories to ScanDigital - they lost all of my films! I am absolutely heartbroken. Through unbelievable months of ignoring my calls, employee and facility changes, and a flawed tracking system, the end result is that 30-year old precious movies including my son’s first baby steps and Christmas are ALL GONE!

IF YOU SENT MOVIES TO SCANDIGITAL in the last half of 2012, PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER TO MAKE SURE MY MOVIES WEREN’T ALSO SENT TO YOU - and if you have movies of a baby that you don’t recognize, PLEASE contact Matt Stone at ScanDigital! If you received film containers you don’t recognize, my film containers are the small Super 8 plastic canisters that are bright blue and white. They had stick-on embossed labels from a label maker from the 1970’s. The drive I sent with my order was a small LaCie drive in a black plastic surround.

I had contacted ScanDigital before ever sending them anything to ask if my films would ever leave their facility in California. I was assured all processing was done on site. That was not true! After receipt in the Torrance facility, they shipped my films to Ashland, Missouri. That was in August 2012. I not only sent them my films, but also a portable LaCie drive, as well as a letter listing and describing everything I was sending. When my order #87686 didn’t progress on the website “tracking system,” I started calling and emailing. I was blown off a number of times, promised return calls that never came, and received “pat on the head” emails, until December 2012 when I finally was put in touch with Matt Stone, ScanDigital co-founder and COO.

It took more months to finally learn that the ScanDigital “Essential Tracker System” showed my films and drive were put in a box with other people’s films in California and shipped to Missouri, but were never received there. In a sealed box - Matt told me the other orders in the box were apparently received, but my order was missing. NO red flags went up, NO computer alarms went off, NOBODY noticed an order was sent but not received. Despite my numerous calls and emails, NOBODY went searching for my memories!

One of the first things Matt said was that he hoped somebody didn’t do the unthinkable and trash my films. WHAT? Finally Matt said he notified employees, searched the facilities, and contacted other customers who might have received my movies or my drive in their orders. Had they started searching when my films first went missing, they may have found them - but by the time they started looking, we were months into it, and the original employee who scanned in my order didn’t even work for the company any more.

How could this possibly happen in a system that is supposedly so bullet-proof? I was told every item should have a barcode, and yet they “said” they were contacting customers trying to find my films and drive. And the final outcome? ACCORDING TO THEIR “FOOLPROOF” TRACKING SYSTEM, MY FILMS AND LACIE DRIVE DISAPPEARED FROM A SEALED BOX SOMEWHERE BETWEEN CALIFORNIA AND MISSOURI, AND NOBODY NOTICED.

It is now more than one year later. I have not heard from anyone at SacnDigital for months. To date I have NEVER been offered my money back for $80 Groupon I included with my order, or compensation for my $125 drive which was lost with my films!

The website says “Hundreds of orders shipped daily without a single loss” - well that’s simply not true! I have learned a truly heartbreaking lesson.

New Reviewer

I had a couple thousand old photos to scan and was introduced to this site via Groupon. I bought three $100 and one $250 Groupons, which I applied to three separate orders. The first order went through with no problems-- it took about 5 weeks. The second order did not credit my Groupons correctly, and my credit card was therefore charged $200 more than it should have been. Two months and several phone calls later I am still waiting for the promised refund -- I finally reported the company. The same thing happened with my third order-- I'm still waiting for a $250 refund on that one, too. The third order also was delayed by a couple of weeks-- I saw that my credit card was billed, but I didn't receive the package. When I called, they found that my order had been set aside by mistake as part of another customer's "mail hold" -- she was apparently going on vacation and didn't want HER shipment to sit at the door while she was gone. I have no idea how my order got linked with hers, but all of this points to a company that doesn't have it together. That said, I was happy enough with the quality of the scans, once I got everything back. Now, if only they'd refund my $450!

New Reviewer

Excellent customer service. Excellent product returned. Sent 22 home movies dating back to 1940. Returned my hardrive and a DVD set. Used a $250 Groupon. Kept me informed of status. Asked for expedited service - it cost an extra 10%. I though that was reasonable.

New Reviewer

I bought a Groupon which was to allow me $100 toward scanning old slides. I thought the price was $.68 per slide so I mailed 150 slides. Imagine my shock to discover they charged my credit card for 150 "stereo slides & 126 negatives" at $1.58 each. I went by the prices on their first page and didn't realize they called my slides 2.25 (same format as 35mm). I still had red-eye and the focus wasn't that clear. The best adjustment offer they can give me is 30% off $237. I am not happy.

New Reviewer

After 2 months, very poor customer service (repeatedly delays and deadlines not met, and THEY never called or emailed: I had to call after the promised ship dates and discover "gee, not sure what happened, or why you weren't called" after which NOBODY FOLLOWS UP! Still waiting for my order, so I don't know about the quality. Unlikely I'll use them again - can't recommend. Not a good experience.

New Reviewer

Garbage. Absolute garbage. You will pay more than you expect. You will pay A LOT more than you expect. Bought the $300 worth of Groupon. I sent in 188 negatives and 412 pictures. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THE COST BEFORE PROCESSING!!!!!!!!!!! Would you get work done on your car without an estimate only to be told that it was going to be over $1000 and that they will not give you back your property until you pay? Well that's what you can expect if you deal with these scammers. I had a roll of negatives from my wedding along with 8 X 10 originals. It would have cost $0.68 per picture for the 8 X 10s and I saw that the price for negatives was $0.78 per picture. The resolution was going to be much higher so I figured it would be worth the extra $12. I get an email stating that there was a problem with my payment. I figure the credit card info is wrong. Nope. Thankfully, my bank didn't authorize them to charge over $1000! The actually, without any prior notice whatsoever, charged $4.98 per negative!!! They claim they've never had this problem before (reading the Yelp comments now, I see that's a lie). They will not cancel the order, they will not discount the rate. Their only answer is to allow me to pay the huge bill over time! I expected that my processing fee would be just over the $300 groupon and that I would only have to pay for shipping and a little extra. That's the other thing! They are charging $42 for shipping!!!!!!!!! UPS charges $12! So, I figure, I'm being ripped off for over $800! IMPORTANT: THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU BACK YOUR ORIGINAL MATERIAL! They are holding MY stuff ransom!

New Reviewer

I've never used an online service for scanning before, but I don't have a slide scanner, so...

It was ok. Service was a little slow, but probably better now that the Groupon avalanche seems to have passed. I have two complaints, one, that the scans at their regular resolution are pretty small for this day and age when cameras regularly bost 12 Mp or more; and second, their website was so incredibly slow, even on a fairly modern MacBook, that it was almost unusable. It made checking on order status and downloading files from the online gallery almost impossible.

For a business that is based in tech, that is inexcusable. They really need to take another look at their business model, because they are not up to speed.

New Reviewer

I sent in a bunch of mixed media for my Dad's retirement party and used the "Memory Box" option that cost around $300. I was able to get a bunch of film reels, videos and old slides done for a flat rate of what fit in the box, i saved a lot over the a la carte pricing options when I did the math. The order took a little over a month but that was shipping back and forth to New York, I think they had it for around 3 weeks or so. I got everything onto a hard drive I sent in and was able to edit everything together into a 10 minute movie I did for the party. Everyone loved it, the film was even 720p (I chose the higher option) and I have since copied all the family stuff for my siblings. Seems like my experience differed but most reviews on here have some sort of groupon issue which I am unfamiliar with, I thought the process was pretty straightforward and easy. I would recommend Scan Digital for ease of use and keeping my families materials safe.

New Reviewer

I haven't received my DVD back yet, but was charged $95.00 on my credit card. I bought a Groupon that was suppose to cover 5 tapes. I sent 5 tapes, now i'm being charged $95.00. For What? What a rip off!!!

New Reviewer

Similar to other reviewers, using a Groupon I sent in super 8 movie films with sound, and got a response fairly quickly that they were received and in the queue, but then waited and waited. After 6 weeks I inquired about the status and almost immediately was charged another $40! The return shipping box that I thought was $10 was actually $20 - I could've used USPS Priority for much less, and and they said I sent in more feet of film than I thought. I went by the indicator on the reel, so perhaps it was not accurate. When I finally got the movies back, they had not included the sound - they were silent movies and the quality was only okay. I emailed to ask about the sound, and they informed me I had not sent them sound movies because if I had there would've been a magnetic sound strip on the edge. Of course, they had overlooked that my films had a magnetic sound strip, so I had to return them for a re-do. I'm still waiting. Last time I inquired they were still being reviewed. I'm just hoping to receive my films back and I will not use the company again.

New Reviewer

Ordered transfer of VHS to Hard Drive. Company took 2 moths to screw up the order by not actually transferring it to a hard drive. Inquiries were made and company refused to return emails/calls. Did not refund anything but acknowledge they did not transfer to Hard Drive although that was what the order was for.

Scandigital: You are not the government: You cannot charge for empty promises, you cannot charge for nothing, you cannot take people's money without working for it, you cannot charge for services that are not provided.

New Reviewer

When group on offered $300 coupons for this company, I convinced my family to buy a number of these to have some old family Super 8 film transferred. I carefully read through the website figured out the price per foot and how many feet we had, and then carefully divided up the films among the various family members to make sure that that each person's film allotment was covered by their groupon and no or at least only perhaps only very small extra charges would apply. We got the digitized products back. I can't believe how terrible they are. Some of them have even been cropped so they are missing some of the picture. They have glowing halos around the people and they are so blurry it is often difficult to make out who is in the picture. The contrast is terrible, many are so dark you can't see anything or so bright the features are washed out. When I contacted Scandigital they said that "several reels had noticeable fading, which would contribute to the quality of the DVD being less than fine" I realize these films are old and I expect them to be grainy but this low quality is not the fault of the film. I took my originals and looked at them through a viewer I have and they are way better than what we were given - and that is an understatement. To add insult to injury, this company has charged our credit cards more money claiming we sent in more feet than we did. Every order had a charge for more feet than we sent in - some as much as 225 feet extra. With each foot costing $.38 that adds quite a lot to the bill! Two of the orders were charged international shipping even though they were shipped within the states. I have contacted them about one of the extra charges (I just picked up the rest of the parcels today) and they said they would get back to me. That was 3 days ago. I have sent back the first order in hopes they will redo it properly or refund us the money since their website states they guarantee their work. I would total avoid this company. I feel so terrible for convincing my family to be involved in this project and disappointed with groupon for offering deals from a company that obviously has less than a stellar reputation.

New Reviewer

Scandigital is the BIGGEST RIP OFF ever! I can't believe how ripped off I feel. I used TWO groupon coupons, which should have more than adequately covered the 10 VHS tapes I mailed it (at my own expense), but I was just charged an additional $130. This can't be legal! How do they get away with such awful business practices? I'm also angry at Groupon for offering coupons to such a nefarious company. Shame on ScanDigital and Groupon.

New Reviewer

I wish I had read these other reviews before I got involved with this company. I used a group on for $300 dollars and a submitted approximately 10-15 all ready developed small reals. I hear nothing from them for a few months and then at the end of it they automatically charged my credit card $568.18. I had no idea it was going to cost this much and I had no idea they were going to just automatically charge me. I really wish they would have contacted me with a total billing amount before moving forward, I would have told them never mind because I can't afford that. I called them and explained all of this to them and they said that it is there policy to automatically bill there customers and that they are revamping their web site so customers can more easily find this information. A lot of good that does me or others who had no idea this would happen. I highly discourage anyone from using this service until they do away with this policy. I am now $568.18 dollars in dept!

New Reviewer

Purchased three groupons to try this company. While the website appears to be easy to use, there are several loopholes. 1) They make their shipping label and packing materials sound like something you need to ship your pictures safely to them, while in fact, it is nothing more than a simple box with a small piece of bubble wrap & packing paper (definitely not worth the $20 they charge). 2) The turnaround time to get my pictures back was 6-8 weeks (another vendor turned our pictures around in less than one week). 3) When you are ordering scans from prints, they ask you if you'd like to have 'normal' resolution. Since their price for normal is the same as high def with other vendors, you assume that's what you'll get. Unfortunately, scandigital's normal is low resolution and in fact most of our pictures are blurry if you try to zoom in or crop or use them. 4) Furthermore, scandigital's supervisor- Tracy- actually laughed & was patronizing of me when I was calling to complain and asking for a refund. Instead of politely telling me I should contact groupon for a refund of that portion of what I paid, she acted like I was an idiot for thinking she could refund the monies. Instead, she offered to refund me a portion of what scandigital collected direct from me and only when she was pushed did she say she'd give me a full refund. 5) When you have a problem, this vendor wants to rescan the pictures the same way they did it the first time or make you pay to have an upgraded scan. The other vendor we used automatically scanned low and high resolution pictures at the same price this vendor charges for just 'normal'. While Tracy was willing to rescan the pictures at the 'normal' process, even if they rushed them through, I was looking at two weeks before we'd have them back and then there was no guarantee that they'd be any better than what we got the first time around. Because they were so slow at the forefront in doing the photos, I cannot afford to gamble on letting them make this right, so I am cutting my losses and scrambling to get the same photos scanned elsewhere.

New Reviewer

This company is awful to deal with. You can't talk to anyone live, they ignore repeated emails, and I have no idea what happened to my order. It's been over 2-1/2 months and I can't seem to get any response out of them.

New Reviewer

I am so upset right now at ScanDigital I could literally scream! My sister and I sent them our old reels and a hard drive and have been waiting about a month and a half now. We applied 4 Groupons to our orders thinking surely that would cover what we sent them. My sister informs me today that ScanDigital wants to charge us an additional $723.20!!! Of course I try to reach them through repeated calls and emails and cannot reach anyone. I definitely cannot recommend ScanDigital at this point and I am hoping to at the very least get my videos and hard drive back.

New Reviewer

I was once very happy with the work they did (when I sent my old VHS tapes to be transfered to DVD's). I "tested" them out by sending tapes that weren't so near and dear to me, working up to trusting them for my wedding videos. But it is now 10 weeks later and I still don't have my DVD's back. There was no indication when I sent them in that the turnaround time would be excessive. I contacted them a few weeks ago, and they promised to move my order up in the que, but I still have not received it. 2-1/2 months to do a rather small order (10 tapes) is totally unacceptable, and for that reason I will NOT use them again.

New Reviewer

I was excited when Groupon offered a deal for photo scanning services. I had wanted to scan some of my film photos for some time, but was wary of sending it to out-of-the-USA photo scanning services recommended by friends. The fact that I could send my pictures to the same state made me feel better.

After sending in two orders, the CEO sent an email (probably some form email) that posed these questions (I've included my answers):

- How likely you are to use our service again?
Maybe. I scanned most of the pictures that I want electronic files of, but if I happen to sift through my parents photo albums, I may use your service again.

- Would you recommend our service to your friends and family members? Why or why not? I would recommend the service to people. Many of the photo scanning services used to be outside of the country, and that was scary for many of my friends. I've already recommended the service to several people.

- Do you have any feedback on our pricing options? Were they straight forward and easy to understand? The pricing was confusing and isn't easily understandable from the website. I had to call and get clarification regarding some points.

My only complaints are (1) the backlog and time for processing, and (2) when I received my return order, my pictures were returned in the order I sent them (as I requested), however, they were not packaged in a careful manner. Many of my pictures came back to me bent, which was disappointing. The saving grace for the bent photos is I now have them in digital form so I can reprint a new copy.

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