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Review of Northerner

Northerner reviews

19 reviews
Categories: Ecigarettes
Mobelgatan 4
Molndal, 43133, Sweden

19 Reviews From Our Community

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I placed an order for Jakobsson Melon and got it in 3 days together with a coupon with discount for my next order. (in 18 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been ordering from this company for awhile. My orders usually came within a few weeks. I last ordered March 28 2015. They finally sent me a shipped email April 6 2015. Today is May 15 2015 and still haven't received my order. I emailed them twice. The first response they said, did you check with Customs? I'm a government worker in Japan and have connections in a lot of places. I called Customs and they told me no shipments from have enter the country besides my previous order. I emailed again and told them my findings. I got a second response asking, did you contact your post office. In Japan I need to pay a $70 duty on packages from so there isn't any way for it to enter the country without going through Customs. Why would it be at the post office! They are so quick to accept your payment yet offer no tracking or proof of receipt that they sent it. Perhaps they never sent it and I lost my money or the U.S. Postal Service stole it, don't know however without tracking it's hard to trust any company. I give up on this company. Maybe if they offered tracking I would keep doing business, after all they do provide a pretty good service. Use caution with or any company not using a way to track what has been paid for.

Ask Scott about Northerner
1 review
5 helpful votes

dont buy from them if you live in canada. you will get it checked over at the border due to the company not caring about trying to keep it secret from our customs. you will pay out the ass for the product. my bill was 321.76 for duty. i told the post office to send the package back. thanks but no thanks. i will stick to my other service. it may be slower but it works and i get package everytime. no duty owing.

Ask lee about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

You know before ordering from this website I read nothing but bad reviews. But I decided to place an order anyways. And I'm glad I did because it got here exactly when it said it was supposed to and I didn't have to wait around all day for it (because you have to sign for it). I am pleased with this company and definitely will be ordering from your website again. Very easy to place an order and excellent shipping service.

Ask Christopher about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

I received an email saying my order was received on March 25th, it is now APRIL 21 and I still don't have my order and they said it was shipped out the day I ordered it... This is ridiculous.... Unless you want your order to take a month to get to you then I don't suggest this site at all. I will never order from them again. EVER.

Ask Brandon about Northerner
1 review
0 helpful votes

i ordered a shipment on march 12th, its now the 29th and i still haven't received an email saying that it has even been sent out yet. the money for the order was taken out of my account, and the one time i ever heard back from customer service they told me "we don't have any order in your name, give us the order number.'' after providing them with the order number multiple times, i have not heard back from them in over 2 weeks. I'm VERY frustrated with the lack of customer service. How can the company take the money out of my account, but then say "we have no order in your name". Still waiting to even hear if my order is being sent or not. Thought id take a shot in the dark and order from this site but that won't be happening again if this is how ill be treated.

Ask alex about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

I am appaled by the lack of business sense of this company. I've made an order on 23 of december and since that day it is has been "processing". Now i am not an unreasonable man I know those day were close to holidays so i didnt bother with at first. On 31st i opened the ticket on the status of my order. On 3rd of january i updated my ticket again. Today is the 6th and i've been waiting more then enough so i have opened yet another ticket to cancel my order. I bet i wont see my order or my money ever again. To sum it up horrible company, horrible service, horrible customer care. Stay As Far As You Can From
This Site!!!

Tip for consumers: Don't bother buy somewhere else.

Ask Fatih about Northerner
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

The website is so glicthy, slow, and poorly designed it is almost impossible to use. Items are completetly missing from their proper categories and search parameters. It emptied my cart numerous times, including just for logging in. Finally when I tried to pay, their third party credit card processing service declined me without explanation and of course my cart was totally emptied again. When you contact their help desk you get an immediate bot reply that they are "currently experiencing a high level of emails." How much do you want to bet that they are always experiencing a high level of emails? If you want to torture yourself try placing an order with them.

Ask Rusty about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

Placed my first order with Northener last Friday. Had the delivery with me yesterday! Really smooth and quick service! Thank you

Ask Richard about Northerner
1 review
2 helpful votes

Simple. Bad service, slow service. overpayment, split-up orders sent because of low inventory , thus adding to shipping and handling. stay clear of these incompetents.

Tip for consumers: stay clear

Ask mike about Northerner
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Living in the UK i took a risk placing my first order. After 20+ days the order finally arrived. Now its been 25 days, still havent recieved my order. The help desk said 'call customs, we shipped it, so we have done all we can do'. $#*!ty customer service. WIth no tracking info to prove the shipment was actually sent, all i can surmise is they just took my money and never shipped anything.

Ask nick about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

first time i ordered from theme it took 6 weeks to get my delivery, the 2 time i got only a portion of what i ordered and after contacting them keep getting the same answer ,its on its way ,it has been 2 month now and still nothing ,stay away from this bogus getting my snus now from snusline ,always on time and free shipping ...sorry to say that but the northerner are ripping off people ....

Ask tawfik about Northerner
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a package of 20 cans Grizzly wintergreen over $60. The order was placed well over a month ago, and I sent in a trouble ticket with my concerns about the package. All I got back was that my package was on the way. It is to my understanding that they have no way of tracking there shipments or they just do not care. There was never any talk of reimbursement. This establishment is unprofessional and hands down the the worse company I have ever used.

Ask Dean about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

The site must have had some kind of hickup at the time of the bad reviews here. I have used Northerner in 6 months with fast flawless deliveries and responsive customer support.

Ask Andrew about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered General snun with free shipping to my US address and got it the same week without any hazzle. Friendly customer support!

Ask Fred about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

This is a total ripp off. Very simple.

I ordered a package of snus at and payed immediately. 2 month and 7 messages later it is obvious that the company does not want to deliver the snus. All I have heard up to now are ridicolous excuses.

Don´t ever buy there. It´s a scam

Ask Axel about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

The worst company i ever dealt with! I will never order from them again, and I suggest no other human being buy from them unless you want to set yourself up for big trouble. No reply back on the "help desk" tickets. I have now sent 7 tickets with no reply and they have my $150. They have the next day delivery option - but never ship out within 2 weeks - so you pay 60 dollars and get your package 2 weeks later if at all. Currently waiting for my beginning of December order. Enough is enough! Dont order from them!!

Ask mattias about Northerner
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

They charged me for an order but neither the order is shown in 'my orders' nor the shipment has arrived. They also do not answer to opened tickets about this issue. They practically robbed me.

Ask oytun about Northerner
1 review
1 helpful vote

I placed an order for Jakobsson Melon and got it in 3 days together with a coupon with discount for my next order. Definately satisfied!

Ask Fred about Northerner
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered snuss tobacco from this website which needs to be kept in fridge because it may go wrong. I paid them to get it delivered within! 3 days. I did not received it after 4 days. When I emailed them to cancel order or resend new stuff I was told to wait for this delivery because there might be some delays. After a week I found out that they put wrong delivery adress. They even change the delivery adress in my profile on their website that they can blame me for putting wrong adress. Now they don't want to return my money back. i have never had a problem before with delivery.
I will never ever be shopping with them again.

Ask Tomas about Northerner

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