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Kayak reviews

390 reviews
7 Market Street 

Stamford, CT 06902, US
Tel: +1-978-451-0771

390 Reviews From Our Community

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The first customer service rep i talked to said he wasn't able to refund my money. (in 32 reviews)


I work as a concierge and marketer at Hotel Maison De Ville. (in 74 reviews)


It scours a ton of travel sites to deliver optimal combinations of itineraries and low prices in an easy-to-use display. (in 10 reviews)

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2 reviews
6 helpful votes

My husband bought a flight ticket from We waited till the next day without receiving a confirmation, receipt, itinerary, anything etc...nothing. I found two methods to contact them. Both were useless without having the information we needed from the confirmation. The bank showed two tickets were booked, but did not show by whom because the ticket(s?) were pending till the day before the flight. I finally called the airline and they were able to provide us with my husbands itinerary, receipt, etc..that should have provided us to begin with. Never! Ever! Again, will I waste my time with this search site.

Ask Susan about Kayak
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Kayak always come handy when you want to book for hotels. They make the entire process very easy and flexible.

Ask Frederick about Kayak
21 reviews
5 helpful votes

Great comparisons. They do provide what comparisons one is looking for but many times other sites make less expensive options available.

Ask terrie about Kayak
18 reviews
5 helpful votes

Kayak has become my go-to site to find airline prices. Very quick and efficient!

Ask Andrew about Kayak
6 reviews
0 helpful votes

Very helpful

Ask Thea about Kayak
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

very efficient

Ask Ongwen about Kayak
15 reviews
37 helpful votes

I have used this website to find hotel deal quite a few times and have never had a problem. It compares many companies that don't always show up on other sites and I found some good deals. Never had a problem, no complaints here, will use again and recommend.

Ask Smiley about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

not going to use it because of all the Spotify ads. Going with expedia

Ask Tom about Kayak
6 reviews
11 helpful votes

I bot an hotel via this site and when I arrived the hotel was not even close to what the pictures shown in the web site.
I called and they said they couldn't verify my card, which doesn't make sense as my card was already charged. I asked for my money back and they said at least 5 buisness days. I believe that they could sell the room for more so they cancelled my trip 3 days before. Then I had to rebook with the hotel and it was double the price. When I called to ask questions I was hung up on 3 times and when I finally talked to the manager he kept saying I need to talk to my bank. I asked why the money was off my card if they couldn't verify it. He kept saying I need to talk to my back. I said he needed to answer the question but never did.

Ask Frank about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes


Ask bassem about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a hotel for all star weekend 3 days before my trip after my credit card was charged they sent me a email saying it was cancelled. I called and they said they couldn't verify my card, which doesn't make sense as my card was already charged. I asked for my money back and they said at least 5 buisness days. I believe that they could sell the room for more so they cancelled my trip 3 days before. Then I had to rebook with the hotel and it was double the price. When I called to ask questions I was hung up on 3 times and when I finally talked to the manager he kept saying I need to talk to my bank. I asked why the money was off my card if they couldn't verify it. He kept saying I need to talk to my back. I said he needed to answer the question and he replied with. I don't have a answer for that. I wasted a hour of my day on hold with them and I am waisting more time Reviewing them. Horrible buisness. Do support them ! Don't stand beside wack. We as consumers have the power to take down any corporation!

Ask Alex about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

Just to warn you that this is the worst service ever. They do not have any responsibility for nothing. My husband bought a ticket fly using this website and suddenly he ended up booking with the company directly which is American Airlines and they didn't give any confirmation of this transaction. We thought that it was not a purchase made cause we haven't been charged so we bought the same flight ticket from American Airlines to Flight Hub where it went well..then 5 days after we found the charges that we made using Kayak and when you go through its privacy terms, there is no way to get a refund. We spoke to American Airlines cause we have double ticket flights and they say we can't get a refund cause is a non refundable ticket. We explained to them the issue and we didn't receive any notification from them but AA say that they only can give us credit for 2 years, what the heck!..Very disapointed of both Kayak and AA , they have the worst service ever and I won't buy any tickets from them even though they say they are the cheapest..Be aware !!!

Ask Catherine about Kayak
44 reviews
18 helpful votes

been traveling for months and kayak always had the best to offer, most especially the hotels. Cool!

Ask Brianne about Kayak
13 reviews
20 helpful votes

I have never found a good deal on here... when I go straight to the hotel or airline sites... they are offering the same deals! So, why give them a chance to screw up my reservations? !

Ask M about Kayak
8 reviews
47 helpful votes

I like combining searching for cheapest tickets with other websites. Sometimes they do find the cheapest options, but most time they don't

Ask Olivia about Kayak
49 reviews
489 helpful votes

Sometimes I find the lowest prices here and sometimes I do not. I use it as one of many sources to check for travel prices. Do not limit yourself to just using Kayak.

Ask Mike about Kayak
26 reviews
5 helpful votes

Most sites tells the cost info with margin, but this site tell me right information.
That good. Also good experience

Ask Saud about Kayak
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

Don't list all airlines, e.g. Southwest. Also fares sometimes appear more comparable than they are because some carriers (such as Spirit and Frontier) have additional charges, like luggage, which aren't mentioned.

Ask Lewis about Kayak
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Kayak works with a Their performance in helping me rebook a canceled flight was below average.

Ask Art about Kayak
118 reviews
1,583 helpful votes

Kayak is the best. For flight searches - simply unbeatable. The user experience is simple and powerful.

Ask Justin about Kayak
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

really helpful site

Ask maureen about Kayak
1 review
2 helpful votes

Had a family emergency come up, needed to cancel a hotel reservation I had made. Was told I could not have it refunded, not even a dollar. Asked to speak to a manager and held firm, not even a partial refund. My advice is to stay far away from this group. Wish I had read the other reviews I am now seeing on this site. Buyer, beware!!!

Ask Mary about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hawaiian Monarch Security is the worst. Well two in particular. Cause I've had great interactios with others. This evening i came back from a run went to lower lobby to the gym. Two security guards came out the door and closed the door behind them. I asked them to open the door and they said i have to go up through the lobby and down the elevator to get to the gym. Ive been living here for three years and I am fed up with this place. Dont stay here!

Ask Gaius about Kayak
8 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love this place. Used several sites trying to do what Kayak does, but they are mostly so bogged down with ads and fake prices it makes me sick. I haven't seen anything listed on here that I couldn't pick. That alone puts them at the head of the pack for me~

Ask Anthony about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

I used kyak to make hotel reservation and their website stopped working while I was submitting my application, I resubmitted and was subsequently double charged for a room. Good luck trying to get reimbursed from these scam artist.

Ask Scipio about Kayak
5 reviews
7 helpful votes

we can get better price if they show some other website too to compare airfare.

Ask robhin about Kayak
11 reviews
6 helpful votes

useful for travel

Ask Saleem about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

I made and paid (pre paid) for a reservation on # 1102520083COUNT) on 28 August 2015. The booking was given to Alamo at CDG Airport.

When I went to collect the vehicle on august 29th at CDG Terminal 1, they asked for a fraudulent amount of EURO 750 as a deposit guarantee for only a 3-day rental !!! so I decided to cancel the reservation but of course the merchant didn't accept to proceed with the cancellation so I was forced to pay the rental even though i didn't use the car. (Booking Reference Number: 552233553). are still refusing to refund me or even attempt to investigate my complaint (online or by phone).

Seriously poor service - NEVER AGAIN.

my email :

Ask Edward about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently rented a midsize car from kayak. When I got to the dollar counter they said the only vehicle they had was a silverado pick up. Not crew cab, a single cab. Well there were 3 people with luggage. That just wasn't going to work. I told the dollar representative that I ordered a midsize car from Kayak and they said I needed to take it up with them. They were not very customer focused. The guy rudely said, I had three choices. Take the truck, do an upgrade that would cost me 15 more dollars a day or not rent at all. Unfortunately, my hands were tied and I took the upgrade which was a compact care. I called Kayak and they said I had choosen the special car which meant they could give me anything they wanted. The type of car popped up and said it would be a toyota camry or nissan altima. What a joke that turned out to be. So, I will never rent from them again. If you do make sure you look at you email reservation. When I got the email it said the special car and not the midsize I thought I ordered. So, they said it was my fault. I thought the special car was just another way of saying the same thing I ordered. So, Shannon at Kayak was rude I thought when she preceded to say I had to prove I ordered the midsize car. So, that was impossible to prove that it had popped up and said which kind of car I was suppose to get. So, beware when you rent from kayak.

Ask Deborah about Kayak
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I live overseas. I have friends and family on literally every corner of the globe. Before I found Kayak, hunting for the "cheapest airfare possible" was the equivalent of "root canal". Tiring, painful, and depressing, I felt like I spent days and days searching just to find that one plane ticket that didn't have three fat zeros attached to the end of it. With Kayak I'm able to do one quick search through hundreds of airlines, finding the cheapest possible ticket everytime. With Kayak I've found non-stop flights from Brussels(BRU) to Chicago(ORD) for $500USD even during holiday seasons. Their online site is well formatted, simple, easy to use, and their app is even more convenient for searching on the go.

DISCLAIMER: I've only ever used Kayak for their flight search. I can't give an honest review on their entire company as I've never used their hotel or rental car search feature. That's why I give and overall company rating of 4 stars.

Ask Gabrielle about Kayak
1 review
2 helpful votes

Don't book at KAYAK! Book at the hotel website!You won't get a refund even if you try several days before your booking starts. I'm putting this out on my social media to warn
Everyone I know.

Ask Nancy about Kayak
2 reviews
92 helpful votes

Cheap flights, hotels and travel deals.
Compare hundreds of travel sites at once to find cheap flights, the best flight deals and cheap airfare. Used it to book the cheapest flight tickets for direct flights, last minute flights and business travel.

Ask Leo about Kayak
5 reviews
11 helpful votes

Kayak is the first site I go to for air travel. If you have time, go to as many search sites as you can. If not, Kayak is your best bet. Great interface on both computer and phone. Great results.

Ask Joe about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

I booked on 6/14/15 for 6/20/15 and the weather is keeping us from making it on the trip. I contacted them on 6/18/15 to either try to move the reservation to the next weekend and was told that I had to cancel before 6/14/15 or be charges $210 . That would be the exact time and day I made the reservation so basically they have no cancelation optio. Sorry way of doin business and I will never use kayak again and hopefully keep anyone I can reach from using them also.

Ask Jeff about Kayak
29 reviews
27 helpful votes

This was the best travel service out there. But now that they got bought out, I hope they stay that way. However, if history and past experience is any indicator, most big companies buy the smaller "great" companies to either drive them into the ground and wipe out the competition, OR to skin them alive, take out the best parts, and dump the remainder. The big company will NEVER try to remake itself in the image of the smaller, better, company.

Ask Walter about Kayak
2 reviews
20 helpful votes

On many a trip in past years, I used and got some pretty good deals. Then all of a sudden the ad's on tv stopped for Kayak and then it was, well...they all either have the exact same software or something else is up. I'm not sophisticated enough to figure it out, but the good deals are far and between now on Kayak, and yet I can get some good deals, albeit occasionally on sites LIKE Trivago. Considering I am extremely cheap when I travel and the fact that I like to stay in nice hotels (I know...), I am searching multiple sites from the ones mentioned to to the actual Marriott or Hyatt ($#*! Hilton) sites trying to find a deal that makes sense with price, promotions, points, etc.) It really gets down to where you're going. Deals are out there you just need to shop multiple avenues to get the best deal, never just check one site like Kayak or any other.

Ask Simon about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

I booked a car on kayak thinking I got a great deal. Upon searching for the deal, choosing the car from Budget Rental, and entering my CC #, NOWHERE was there mention of possible charge for miles ontop of the rental. No mention of it, did not lead me to look for it after receiving my confirmation email. Had I seen anything that said, here is the estimated price and cost per mile is such and such, I would not have booked the car. Neither Budget or Kayak is taking full responsibility for what feels like a surprse charge. Kayak is willing to cover some of the cost, which I appreciate, but I still feel like they mislead me in what I was getting. I use them to find flights etc, but honestly, $300 is not cheap and I will never use them again!! So disappointed that a company could do this. It should say next to each price offered, but instead they blame Budget and Budget blames them. No one is actually looking out for the customer! Bad business!

Ask M about Kayak
3 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have used KAYAK for flight comparison and have used their companies, without
any problem. However, recentely I booked a flight through one of their company,
Bravofly and the price was £945.57, but their confirmation showed £1,075.75. They have taken this amount from visa debit card.

Now I wish to request KAYAK to get me a refund of £130.18 as I find this to be unfair, and it is one of the companies on their website, which would give them a bad name.
Booking ID 363998579‏

Tip for consumers: Well look at this. I have not booked through KAYAK, but this is one of the companies on their price comparison website. I feel they should be responsible for this.

Ask Balwant about Kayak
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I used Kayak to help find my spring vacation. At first, the amount of pop up windows frustrated me, and I was not convinced I had been given a good deal. However, I spent an hour or so looking online on my own and the best deal I found was through Kayak originally. Definitely worth using.

Ask Jamie about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

Miles Motel in Mesa Az, at 5911 E. MAIN ST. Husband and I arrived into Mesa tired from our drive and spotted the miles which looked nice at first glance. We gave the manager $100 and filled out the usual paperwork . The lady hands us a key ,then drew us a map to some dumpy apartment complex 2 miles away from room, apartment was a dump with a filthy stained matress. We went back to ask for our money she refused and said no refunds , set us up in a room there and worse than the first, nothing but filth. She still refused a refund gave us a 10 dollar key refund and pocketed the rest . She was rude and used stabbing words.

Tip for consumers: Health department should board this place shut.

Ask Tina about Kayak
14 reviews
14 helpful votes

Perfect place to compare flights, hotels, or cars.

Truly a one stop shop. I'm so sick of popup and other ambiguous travel sites. Kayak's price predictor is top notch and the interface is bold but simple.

I like that you can set up alerts for price points

Ask Nick about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

My husband and I accidentally booked 2 rooms last night for the holiday inn winter haven. I used kayak and he booked through the hotels website. The price was the same amount. So when we found out today we both booked a room I called to see about canceling my room. And I spoke to a Teresa on the phone who said kayaks policy was that I can cancel the room but they would not give me back a refund. What am I going to do with 2 rooms? That's a lot of money to waste. I'm very upset that I cannot get this room refunded to me. My husband is calling the hotel now to see what they can do to help. Needless to say I will not be using kayak for anything ever again.

Ask Nicole about Kayak
4 reviews
6 helpful votes

Always the cheapest flights posted

Ask JOSEE about Kayak
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

I always use Kayak for my flight plans and car rentals

Ask Steve about Kayak
5 reviews
20 helpful votes

Good website to compare prices and saves money too!!

Ask Mai about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

In Nov 2014 I booked a room at a Palm Springs hotel for 1 night (Jan 17, 2015) at a price of $88.18. KAYAK replied with a confirmation #.

I arrived at the hotel at 6:50pm on Jan 17, and was informed they had NO RECORD of my reservation and had NO VACANCY!

I phoned KAYAK and spent 90 minutes on the phone and was told at least 4 times it had been resolved and I would indeed spend the night at that hotel as planned.

After 90 minutes, I was then told it might be another hour and still may not get me in, so I hung up the phone and had to seek any available room for the night.

It was then past 8:30pm on a holiday weekend. I ended up spending $167.24 to stay at an absolute dump down the street.

They obviously have no follow up to live up to their end of the deal and should NEVER be trusted.

Ask Ralph about Kayak
1 review
1 helpful vote

Use Kayak to search for flights BUT NEVER EVER BOOK THROUGH KAYAK. WHEN YOU PUSH THAT BUTTON YOU ARE HEADED FOR BOOKING HELL AND A COMPLETE RIPOFF. Just went through this. Somehow got sent to AA for UA flight one way and the return on Alaska. I discovered 30min after booking that I was overcharged $300 compared to booking directly with those airlines. And of course AA refused to cancel reservation when I called back in less than an hour. Kayak's response was that "AA must have a data feed problem".
Insult to injury is that every leg of the trip was difficult because of different locator numbers, inability to choose seats, etc.

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE THEM

Ask David about Kayak
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Always the best deals and easy search feature to get you what you want and where you want without the high prices!

Ask Dipesh about Kayak
1 review
0 helpful votes

This company also goes by Vayama

Tip for consumers: This site is a scam as I found out - do not use them!
I booked what appeared to be the cheapest ticket. When my itinerary changed, I had to shell out $1200 to make a change in the tickets. I paid the money and they sent me an itinerary with the cities mixed up and asked for another $1200 to fix their mistake.
I will never do business with them again - if you see this stay away from them. I will tweet this to my 7000+ followers as well.

Ask A about Kayak
5 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have been a regular user of Kayak reviews and I would like to say that it is excellent and more useful. As far as I am concerned it has provided me a lot of knowledge on my inquiry and given more assessment to the questions that I used to raises. So it’s useful and directive as well.

Ask Jamesy about Kayak
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