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Kayak reviews

142 reviews
7 Market Street 

Stamford, CT 06902, US
Tel: +1-978-451-0771

142 Reviews From Our Community

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The first customer service rep i talked to said he wasn't able to refund my money. (in 32 reviews)


I don't recommend using only kayak for hotel booking. (in 59 reviews)


One time my flight was cheaper buy renting a car at the same time, so check out their deals. (in 45 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Always the best deals and easy search feature to get you what you want and where you want without the high prices!

Ask Dipesh about Kayak
New Reviewer

I have been a regular user of Kayak reviews and I would like to say that it is excellent and more useful. As far as I am concerned it has provided me a lot of knowledge on my inquiry and given more assessment to the questions that I used to raises. So it’s useful and directive as well.

New Reviewer

I was directed to an airline website from kayak to purchase a flight package. I submitted my ticket purchase on the airline website and a phishing note came up from the bank that issued my card requesting security info on my credit card. It is made to look like you have to fill out the form to complete the transaction so I did (stupid me) and the total came up as the original price listed on kayak without the additional charges I incurred for my tickets so I knew I had been phished. Kayak opens a new tab when they send you to the airline site. I would close down the kayak tab at that point or better yet, not use kayak.

New Reviewer

Friends - My strongest warning to you in doing business with Kayak and recommendation that you utilize a different service such as Priceline. I booked a hotel through Kayak and received confirmation on it; however, the hotel did not receive the information as Kayak and the 3rd party it utilized did not send it. I attempted to contact Kayak but their phone support was closed. I wanted to contact the 3rd party but it was an international number to Singapore and would have cost me $2.90/minute to call. I wrote them an email but did not receive contact so I had to pay again to the hotel directly (otherwise I would have to leave at 10pm at night and look for another hotel or hope that a miracle would happen and the booking go through). Both workers asked if I used Kayak and then stated that Kayak is non-reputable/inconsistent and to utilize other services such as Priceline as they handle all bookings themselves and actually have a phone number you can call for support 24/7.

Ask Stephen about Kayak
New Reviewer

No accountability or responsbility of the websites they have listed. Booked a fare through the site they listed "" which has No customer service, you need to communciate everything with email plus very rude and unprofessonal. I had a change request for my travel date, their website said " 350 + difference in fair", sounds fair enough !! But when you get the quote its "350 + whatever they want to charge" as the new quote was more than the ticket available on their own website. When I asked fro explanation of "differrence in fair" I did not got any response, just a plain blunt "take this or u will lose all your money". Reached out to Kayak, but they simpley said "its not their business" and have nothing to do "Even though they acknowledged they had recived complaints and they should explain what is the difference in fair"

Tip for consumers: No accountability or responsibility of the websites they have listed. Booked a fare through the site they listed "" which has No customer service, you need to communicate everything with email plus very rude and unprofessional. I had a change request for my travel date, their website said “350 + difference in fair", sounds fair enough!! But when you get the quote it’s "350 + whatever they want to charge" as the new quote was more than the ticket available on their own website.

Ask Luv about Kayak
New Reviewer

Book a room for the same day and was transferred to Easy Click Travel when I wanted to make the reservation. Was charged $95.20 for one room at Super 8. Super 8 accidently also charged my account since they didn't realize I had booked through a travel site. Super 8's charge....$71.40!! It would've been cheaper for me to book directly through Super 8. Will never use Kayak again! What a rip off... Tried calling Easy Click Travel to get an explanation and they said Super 8 must've made a mistake. Super 8 debited my account with no questions asked.

Tip for consumers: Stay away from Kayak and Easy Click Travel

Ask Becky about Kayak
New Reviewer

this site worked ok for the first few times - then we hit one of their listed websites and received nothing but a rubbish run around - no confirmation of flight and no reply...lucky we could cancel one of our credit cards...then we got a call!
.stay away from this site.... with any of these sites remember to check for budget lines like ryanair that dont take part....

New Reviewer

I am very disappointed when booking through this site. I booked three hotel rooms at what was supposedly the best rate. I found two rooms exactly the same on the Marriot website for more than $100 cheaper. They would not budge on my rate, or refund me the difference because the rate did not show up.

Tip for consumers: read the fine print. They will not budge. price guarantee is really not

Ask Meg about Kayak
New Reviewer

This is my favorite travel site!!!!!! It's so easy to use and you really do get the best deals! I have probably booked 10 or so trips through them. One time my flight was cheaper buy renting a car at the same time, so check out their deals.

Tip for consumers: Make sure you check out surround flights and different days to get the best deal.

Ask Leah about Kayak
New Reviewer

I booked a car rental at Enterprise at the Tyler, TX airport. I got the booking confirmed and a confirmation number. I drove all the way to the airport and Enterprise told me they had no cars. I showed her my confirmation number from Kayak and she said, "What are you and idiot? Do you think we really care about reservations made through Kayak. It's worthless."

Certainly my last time using Kayak

Tip for consumers: Don't believe it when they tell you that you have a reservation.

Ask david about Kayak
New Reviewer

I can get the same price quotes from the airlines websites as I can from the worthless Kayak and Cheapoair etc. No discount from them. what a f##king waste of time.

New Reviewer

We are deciding to planning a trip to malaysia.Then we are went to the travel trip site for the travel guidelines and tips. They gave map, climate details and other details like expense, vehicles, tourist place, food and cottage etc.But we are very struggling for reaching and staying there because of the bad guidelines and the trip advice.

New Reviewer

I went to kayak to look for hotel rooms, after I found the hotel and price I liked I clicked on it & it automatically connected me with Since I thought I could trust kayak I made my reservation through them and fully pre-payed for my room.Fast forward to my check in date- I showed up with my family and was told by the manager of the hotel that this company had not been paying their bills for the past 3 months and had stopped doing business with them. In order to stay I had to pay with another credit card. I was told by that they would refund my money however they wanted to return about 20% less than what I payed. I had to contact my credit card company and initiated a dispute. Still waiting for my money. I would never use them again!!!

New Reviewer

I booked a room through Kayak and cancelled within 10 minutes of arriving at hotel because they said it could take between 30m and 1hour for the reservation to hit their system. I was so tired that I decided to pay a bit extra and checked in through the front desk. I received an email from Kayak stating the room was cancelled within the allotted timeframe for a full refund. The problem is the refund never showed up. The email instructed me to contact which handled the reservation through Kayak. I have contacted them three times and sent them the email showing the time and date and the refund has not been credited close to a month out from the cancelation. Get-A-Room now tells me they have issued the credit but it could take two (2) billing cycles to hit my bank. I called Kayak customer service and the customer service rep looked up the reservation and said that was close!! As if to imply that somehow I could have avoided this by not canceling so close to the deadline even though it met the criteria for a full refund. Unbelievable! She informed me that Kayak is a meta-search company and does not take responsibility for what their partners do. Buyer beware :))

Tip for consumers: Be careful when canceling reservations. While you may meet the criteria for a full refund, if it doesn't come Kayak will inform you that they take no responsibility and that it is between you and the reservation company that your room was booked through. Sad but true :(

Ask Rick about Kayak
Veteran Reviewer

Wow I almost used these clowns . . .
There is a HUGE amount of angry customers here. NO WAY would I use them!!

Tip for consumers: run away!

Ask warren about Kayak
New Reviewer
8/24/14 commercial with the teacher who shaved the back of his head advice...find a new advertising company cause that commercial is a TURN-OFF!

New Reviewer

I wish i saw this website before.

kayak is the worst so called service provider.

I have a problem with tripsta a company they recommend, they havent responded to me so ive got in contact with Kayak they have basically washed there hands and said its not there issue. Yet we are there customers???????? We have used there website for a service surely as a reputable company you would expect them to know what shoddy companys there promoting!!!!

So unhappy!
Disgusting customer service

New Reviewer

don't book through kayak. I was scammed and they took no accountability and didn't even respond. I booked a hotel for 6 nights through them. I showed up at the address and it was not a hotel ! It was an apt. building and the woman in the kiosk at the entrance said they were not a hotel and they had had other people show up with the same scam and they had also booked through I called the phone number for kayak and first I was disconnected 3 times (or hung up on?) and then left on hold for one hour and 7 minutes. I literally left the phone on hold for one hour and 7 min. after "James" had said "I would like to help you with this, let me put you on hold for a minute while I look into this." He came back one time and just repeated what I had already said and said again, "let me put you on hold while I look into this.". After one hour and 7 min. I hung up. I also emailed the company and got no reply. Meanwhile, I had to call my credit card company to cancel the credit card because the hacker had my card info. and I called my neighbors to alert them that some hackers may have been searching for addresses of people who were out of town to rob the house. I am wondering if kayak is run by scammers they way they responded !

New Reviewer

I recently used Kayak to secure a hotel reservation in Greenville SC. The Kayak site reviewed the hotel as reasonable and a good buy. Nothing was further from the truth. The owner of the hotel had let the site go down hill and it was disgusting. The hotel employees were empathetic and offered me a refund. When they found I had bought on Kayak, they let me know I was out of luck. This is a sham and should be outlawed. This is outright theft and Kayak and the hotel owner should be prosecuted. When I went back to the Kayak site to post my review of the hotel, I was not allowed to post a review.

New Reviewer

Absolutely awful customer service! They use third party booking service so you never know who to complain and all they do is point fingers at one another. They change your flights, has happened to me twice already. I booked my flights on a set date and once I receive the confirmation email the date is different and there is no way around it because they have a no refund policy. Also I booked a non smoking hotel room through them once and they never passed on the message of smoke free room on to the hotel staff. Terrible, kayak is full of scams! A bunch a thieves and they must be stopped. Stay away!

New Reviewer

Don't book hotels through Kayak. You will regret it.
Kayak provides the worst customer service in the industry. Modifying reservations is not allowed (they hide that detail by having a cancellation policy and not a word about modifying reservations).
Kayak also uses 3rd party companies to complete the booking. They say that only at the last stage of the booking. You'd think Kayak would assist you if there's an issue, since you are making the reservation through your Kayak account, but nope! Not at all.
These 3rd party companies are very low level. You'd never do business with them had they not been masked by Kayak branding.
Sorry. That's the way it is. Proceed at your own risk...

New Reviewer

I absolutely hate kayak with a passion now. They ruined my whole entire trip, to the point where I was crying because the customer service was horrible over the phone and they wasted one hour of my time helping in NOTHING. I requested a none smoking room, but apparently on kayak they only put it as a preference not securely. Best Western offered to transfer me to another hotel as long as they transfer the payment but kayak wouldn't transfer the payment and said i would have to cancel and rebook but they would not give me the same rate. Therefore i had to stay in a smoking room. Best Western gave us free drinks (beer, wine, etc) to compensate for the lack of service from Kayak.

New Reviewer


This is the absolut worst way to plan your trip!! horrific experience, unprepared staff, hour-long calls without being able to get any help at all.... our tickets we recieved an mail (money had already been debited) stating that our tickets had been cancelled and that we would have to take a different airline (about 14 hours longer , because of longer connection times) and paying a lot more money. This was completely unacceptable and we are still thinking of a lawsuit against this company..however, sadly, that was only the begginning... it started off really bad because after we bo about 45 days BEFORE OUR TRIP we tried to change the departure date (we had very flexible dates and practically any day within a 10 day period worked for us) however, VAYAMA staff kept telling us that we had to call the airline directly, and then they said that no dates were available, we just kept recieving emails (automated responses) stating that our requested changes were not possible and so on. It was really frustrating, HOWEVER, after all these try outs, my husband had to have and unexpected spinal surgery, therefore it was a MEDICAL EMERGENCY, and regardless of how well I explained the situation to Vayama (I offered to send medical records, hospital surgical report, dr´s medical letter, and anything else I could possibly think of- or Vayama could possibly ask) and still, the only thing we received was a standard- automated response ( the same we had recieved before) stating that our change was not possible. The whole thing happened again when we tried to change our return flight (calling several times after being told to call different numbers, airline directly, and so on) but ultimately not being able to do anything at all.. also important to state that we were never asked whether we wanted to use VAYAMA, to which off couse we would have said NO, but we were automatically redirected through KAYAK. Its really unbelievable that we recieved so little help and support, considering that as I told them, my husband had recently had cancer and undergone surgeries, chemo and radiation and therefore we had to have extra care with his spinal surgery and really needed to change that flight. We ended up taking the risk and flying because we did not want to loose USD2500 which is what we had payed for our tickets.

New Reviewer

I booked a reservation the same day I needed the room. An hour later my scheduled changed and needed to cancel the room. The first customer service rep told me I needed to speak with the specific hotel. Then patched me over to the wrong hotel. I called the right hotel and they told me I needed to speak with I called them back and they said I could cancel my reservation but would be charged the full amount. It had not beer more than an hour since I booked the room. Total scam. Never using either sites again. Stay away

New Reviewer

I used Kayak to find a good rate on a hotel in Los Angeles. I was able to book a decent rate and all went well until I had to change a date on the reservation. There is a big disconnect between Kayak and its affiliate Kayak at this time can't update your trip record with anything changed on Kayak still displays the old cancelled reservation with the title of the new reservation. The information between all these entities is not updated. The problem with a site like this is all the middlemen touching the reservation. Me -> Kayak -> -> Hotel. I had to call the hotel directly to make sure the reservation existed because I didn't have a valid confirmation number from any system.

New Reviewer

Oh my, I'm not sure why I couldn't find this site before booking with them, but BAIT AND SWITCH IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE CALLED, if I could give a minus one, I would. That is illegal, isn't it. I made one reservation based on THEIR reviews that must be MADE UP, because when I reviewed it on another site it said EEWW!! stay away.. so I cancelled that reservation, and made another, which I reviewed prior to making the reservation they did have the best price and it was a holiday weekend so the prices were quite high as it was. But, I've been having a lot of financial troubles for the past 2 years, and haven't been able to take my son on a vacation for 2 years. So we made the reservation for 2 nights at Pensacola beach.. At the Best Western Blue Angel, had great reviews on and off their site, and great pictures on many sites.. so ok we had a reservation. I got up at 3 am to drive down. I was going to go directly to the beach but something told me to swing by on the way to the beach at the hotel even though it wasn't check in time. They immediately handed me a fax from kayak and said that they had received a phone call, that they made an error and they would have to send me to another hotel. Days Inn in Pensacola 5 miles away. When I called them they said I could cancel the hotel altogether if I wanted, they were giving me an UPGRADE?, after driving 7.5 hours to another state, holiday weekend, I decided to take it. It was getting later, so I decided to go on to the beach and deal with the hotel later, I mean we had an upgrade, right and sometimes the Days Inn are nice, not typically nicer then a Best Western but you never know. I was on vacation right?
After a few hours at the beach, we (my 10 year old son and I) to head on to the hotel, not wanting to be overly burned at the beach. When we got there, we were sorely disappointed. The lobby was DRASCIALLY DIFFERENT then the other hotel, the Best western had a couch set with carpet and floral garden, we had to use the restroom which was great. NOT DAYS INN, it was a sterile small standing area approximately bathroom sized. The breakfast that was supposed to be a full breakfast at the Blue Angel Best Western the Days Inn was going to be cereal and yogurt up to 9am, if we woke up on time, we were planning on sleeping in... but it was a room right? So we checked in anyway, it "was" a room on a holiday. We got up to the room, my son noticed in the bathroom that there were splashes of poop on the wall, the tub was dirty, to room smelled like something? mold something. the carpet was falling apart, there was a 10 inch TV. My 10 year old said he wasn't going to shower even with sand in the bottom of his bathing suit. Outside I didn't notice when I pulled up was scary... I read a review on that hotels website that said. Eeww!! It was described pretty accurately "Crack house Haven". I was afraid my car would be vandalized or bedbugs were a great possibility. So I called the kayak people to get a refund, but I was tired, if I wasn't getting a refund I was going to crash there anyway, I was exhausted.. My son was hungry but the fast food in that area was pretty nasty looking, so while I'm on hold, I looked for a new area for him to eat a fast food, while I'm holding for kayak to get whoever needs to authorize a refund, the girl said she'd get someone who said she was from the escalation department. after 35 mins.. another 25 mins, later she said yes, check out from this hotel and they "would" refund the "entire amount". another 10 mins later I'm on the way home.... after I told her I was in the middle of checking out when I was, she said, she called the hotel and because I had checked in and been in the room for an hour they wouldn't refund my money.. she told me to check out.. she knew I had been on hold for an hour and they are keeping my money. I'm sure the Days Inn re-rented my room, it was Memorial day weekend. So no room, no money, no fun!! I got home about 1:30 am after being up at 3am for the trip down to FL. 1st vacation in 2 years

New Reviewer

From our complaint to Kayak:

My girlfriend and I realized that instead of starting our vacation in Athens, that we should have started in Hungary/Romania. We looked to see if we could make this very simple switch and saw that according to your policies it was possible. When I called, not only did I find out that it was not possible to switch but that the tickets were completely non-refundable. The man on the phone said that we were completely locked in and there was nothing that we could do about it. If we had booked directly with the airlines, we would likely not be in this position. Because we made the mistake of booking with Kayak, one which we will NEVER repeat, we are completely screwed, as your representative so callously pointed out.

They have not responded. Bastards!

Apprentice Reviewer

Anytime I need to book a business trip, kayak is the first place I go to compare rates. They've always delivered exactly what I booked/needed. I have no intentions of discontinuing my use of them.

Apprentice Reviewer

I use this mainly for airfares. It is usually my starting place to compare different airlines. The only down side is that it does not capture ALL airlines, most notably, Southwest does not come up. That's why it gets only 4 stars.

New Reviewer

This has been the worst experience I have ever had in booking a flight in 20 years of using the Internet. My flight has changed at least 10 times since I booked the flight in November for a June trip. Everytime the flight changes I have to call their so call customer services. It usually two to three calls of 30 minute hold time before I reach a person who doesn't understand English and then I'm on the phone for another 30 minutes before they can re-ticket my flight. Sheer incompetence. If I could give them zero or negative stars I would.

New Reviewer

I rented a car from enterprise at the Denver airport through Kayak. We arrived at the airport location only to find that Kayak had reserved a car at a different location. I guess this happens more than we would like to think. We had to take the bus back to the airport and then a $40 shuttle to the other Enterprise location. I rented another car for April, and now that I had this experience, I checked my reservation and sure enough they did it again. So, clearly not just an accident. Enterprise said the outside sites like to be able to post the best rates, so they book you elsewhere. Be careful!

New Reviewer
3/3/14 compares pricing of a variety of flight information for you and is convenient in that aspect, but the navigation of the page, the prices offered, and the overall quality of the experience was less than stellar.

New Reviewer

I agree with everything said on this forum. I booked flights through Kayak for my family and me for a trip this June to the World Cup. Booking the tickets was easy enough. Everything was very simple until I received an email from Travelocity that my flight itinerary has changed and to call the Customer Support Center to confirm the changes. It took me five phone calls each lasting over 30 minutes to fix my flight itinerary. The first four times I was told by "Dennis", "Katie", "Ricky", and some other made up name for their overseas support person that they could not get through to the airline to fix my flight. Finally, on the fifth try, I was able to arrange my return flights so that they worked for my travel dates. Great! Done! Now I can get on with my life!! Except, when I get the confirmation email the next day listing my new flight itinerary, I notice that they also changed a flight on the last leg of my outgoing trip so that I am now missing a connector flight to my final destination. This was never reviewed with me during my five phone calls so I have no idea why they changed it to begin with. Now I am in the process of getting this flight fixed. I'm two calls in. The first time, I got the same response, "We're having a hard time connecting to the airline. Please call back." This morning, I just got off a call with "Nancy" where I was on hold for over 30 minutes before my call was picked up. When I explained to her the situation, she said that I'd need to contact the airline directly. What?!! I was very adamant that I would not be doing that since this was their mistake and that they need to own it until it's resolved. After a few minutes of back and forth, "Nancy" finally realized that it is indeed an issue that they need to fix. So, she calls the airline and guess what? She's having a problem connecting and I'm asked to please call back in a couple days. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER WILL I BOOK THROUGH KAYAK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

recently booked an overseas flight with this web site. Had to make a change due to an unfortunate accident and I will NEVER call them again for the following

1) Kayak books thru after over a dozen phone calls and folks who lied and tried to extort an additional 350 dollar change fee found out they had listed us as a no call no show, even tho we had emailed prior to the deadline after speaking to an agent who advised us to do so
2)airlines folks where rude, non truthful and most definitely trying to scam us wide range of stories and excuses.
3) you can not actually get to speak to a rep from kayak
4) still on going but legal action to be taken to get back well over 1500 dollars in scammed fees

New Reviewer

I made a hotel reservation on Tuesday, 2/18/2014 and on Thursday, 2/10/2014 tried to make a change and was told that no changes were allowed. I would be charged 100% penalty. Outrageous...stay way.

Apprentice Reviewer

i planned a great trip using kayak, it gives you great cheap options on hotels and flights. the app is great too!

New Reviewer

Found a hotel on Kayak and entered all the info to complete the booking. The last page showed the terms which were never get a refund for any part of the booking if you cancel. I never check the box to accept those terms and they processed it anyway. I immediately called explained the situation, ask for supervisor in total spoke with three people got transferred etc. In the end they would do nothing except take the money. There whole booking system is set up to cheat you. There is no reason to ever make a reservation through Kayak. There bordering on crooked.

New Reviewer

Booked a hotel in Pacific Grove, CA for 2 nights in May of 2014. This was booked in mid January 2014 and they charged my credit card immediately. A week later I found out that I could not go on this trip so I called the number that they gave me to cancel, and yes they canceled the hotel stay, but to date they have not refunded my money. I think Kayak believes this is now their money, thinking there is nothing I can do.
After reading reviews of Kayak here and at other places I am resigned to the fact that the money is gone, that I am just one more victim of fraud, deceit, and just plain theft.

I did find this on the internet

Chairman of the board of Kayak
Terrell B. Jones
930 Tahoe Blvd Suite 802-390 Incline Village, NV 89451

CEO Steve Hafner
they guard his email and contact info pretty well but I found an email address through his Dartmouth Alumni

I will give this a shot, then of course contact the BBB and any other agency that may help.

For now, I will just have to be satisfied to tell as many unsuspecting people as is possible that NOBODY SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH KAYAK-THEY ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS.

New Reviewer

Why anyone would want to walk into a travel agents or use other sites for flights only is beyond me. Kayak filters everything down and is far easier to use and quicker than Skyscanner. You can also adjust to your own preferences if you have a favourite airline, or just browse with approximate calendar dates. The site makes it clear what are the cheapest seats available at any one moment.

New Reviewer

I've seen better customer service in organized criminal conspiracies. We had to cancel a trip because of a family emergency and later tried to rebook. If you're in this position be prepared for hours on hold and a truly masterful runaround. And, finally, they say, "There's nothing we can do." Except, of course, keep your $617.60. Never, never, never again. How stays in business is one of the great mysteries.

New Reviewer

We made a reservation for a car rental through Kayak with Dollar Rent A Car at Cancun, Mexico. The price Kayak initially provided was COMPLETELY different of the price Dollar tells you when we picked up the car.
We booked a FULL size car through Kayak for 6 days; the size car Dollar gave us was an economy size, which it should cost less. Also, the price provided by Kayak for all 6 days was $390.40 (including taxes & fees) however, Dollar tells you that Kayak doesn't include insurance so they charge you another $337.00, for a total of $727.00. What did Kayak do? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!
Basically Kayak does nothing for you, not refunds or even taking your claim seriously. They are not going to contact the 3rd party to make sure this won’t happen again, just plain simple: Kayak doesn't care. They tell you that you should have read their terms of conditions and because they are not the ones who made the final transaction, they cannot be responsible for what the car rental company does, etc.
We, the customer are completely unprotected by thieves and Kayak let them. They mislead the customer through their website (which is just a search engine!) offering different prices but more importantly they should be responsible because they are selling other companies products and services, remember: THEY ARE MAKING MONEY every time they book travel or rentals for others. STAY AWAY, do not use Kayak, book your services directly with trustworthy companies and do not let Kayak throw you out to the sharks.

New Reviewer

Stay away!!! We booked our flights through Kayak which actually was through an agent called Airfare. What a nightmare!!! We need to change the departure flight for one passenger (we're a family with a three year old), and the customer service was horrible. They have a complicated regulation that does not allow you to change your flight within the next 8 days of your original flight and you will have to change your return flight too if you change your departure!! And they claim it's the airlines regulation where it in fact is not. Yes, we crosschecked with the airline. What a scam!! Don't EVER EVER EVER USE KAYAK! And beware of a company called Airfare, they're scammers!!

New Reviewer

DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT THROUGH KAYAK.COM!!!! The worst customer service I have received in a very long time and I have worked in customer service for the last 10 years. I found a great deal on their site a week ago and quickly booked it. Fast forward a week and I check my credit card account, only to see that I had not been charged for the flight. I quickly call customer service and they tell me the booking was cancelled because of an error (hmmm is this sounding familiar? What is with Kayak and all the "errors"??). What the error is, who knows, because the same exact flight is still available on the Kayak website. The woman I spoke with told me they sent me an e-mail telling me this BUT THEY DID NOT! I checked every inbox I have, including my spam and promotions folder, as well as my deleted folder. So I check their site for the same flight and lo and behold, IT IS $150 MORE EXPENSIVE. Does the customer service rep care? Not in the least, and tells me there is nothing she can do. I start to ask for her name and she HANGS UP ON ME while I am mid sentence. This irritates me beyond belief so I go on the site to send a complaint, only to be e-mailed back with basically the same response, that there is nothing to do and "it is my decision if I don't want to use them again." I will NEVER use again and I will tell everyone I know that they should not use it again. There is no excuse for such terrible customer service and horrible policies. PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM! Use their site to find the best deal, then go to Priceline or the airline site which are always the same price. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I wish I could give negative stars.

New Reviewer

I had a really unpleasant experience with Booked a FLY ticket, NEED to reschedule and .... there was nobody to help me. It is useless to talk with their agents at all. They do not care about anything. When I asked to connect me with the Manager - here is the same story - I was waiting the manager for more than 15 minutes and finally was told that he is busy and he would give me a call back later. Guess what! Nobody called. I call myself a stubborn person. I honestly tried for two weeks!!! But the Manager is always busy and NEVER called back! I do not trust KAYAK.COM at all. And you will also loose your time and money with them. I checked it personally!!! I strongly recommend Never Deal with them.

New Reviewer

Nightmare! This was my first time booking airfare with kayak. I will never use them again. After I booked my flight I received an email from globebusters with my reservation information but no confirmation. I called globebusters requesting my confirmation. I was told it would take awhile. After trying for several hours to get my confimation I was told that my credit card had been declined and the new fare would be an additional $150. I informed the sale rep that I had checked my account before booking and the funds were there. He put me on hold and when he came back the he informed me the fare had gone up $300. I told him I would book somewhere else because this did not sound right. He put me on hold again and when he came back rhe increase was back down to $150. I again stated I would book somewhere else. Was put on hold again and upon his return he stated he would try sending my card in again at the original price. The card went through but still no conformation. I called again and was told my confirmation would be issued in ten minutes. One hour later still no confirmation. I called back and the same sales rep told me that I told him I didn't have the money earlier to pay the $150.00 increase and I would have to pay. I can't remember everything I said but he gave me a five digit number and I was able to go to the airlines website directly to get my confirmation.

New Reviewer

I had never used Kayak before this weekend. My experience is a nightmare and it could end up costing me thousands. They quoted me one price and sent me my booking. Then, the travel site they linked to sent me the booking. The itinerary was correct. I later found out that they had made an error and the site they linked to rejected the booking. accepted all four legs of the trip while the travel site they linked to only supports a maximum of three legs per booking. My world cup trip is ruined! Trying to get the right flights is impossible, and certainly not for the price we were originally quoted. The deal on the flight was the basis for the entire trip. I think it is very important that everyone heeds my warning: do not use this site. You will be stuck with any problems in the end and they will skirt all responsibility through fine print. It is amazing that they could get away with this!

New Reviewer

Kayak and their partner "Get a Room" are horrible. They charged my debit/checking acct 4 times due to a website error and depleted my checking account. That's not right. Obviously these guys don't know how to put proper safeguards into their software and process flow to prevent these types of simple mishaps, anyone using their site is at risk based on this experience.

New Reviewer
11/25/13 reviewed several travel sites. In a 2013 rate comparison between and, BTC beat Kayak on 85 out of 90 rate comparisons.

Both sites claim to search 100s of travel sites. But Kayak results tend to only post the large travel booking sites such as Expedia and Priceline. BTC searches more sites and posts better rates.

I still use Kayak to check rates but BTC is usually a better option.

New Reviewer

Hi guys,

i am here with a request from you. I would like to know if Kayak send the invoice trough email?
- needs to be requested separately?
- included in billing address?
- invoice included in confirmation page or email?
- printable? ability to save invoice in pdf?

i will really be happy if one of you can asnwer . Thanks a lot

New Reviewer
11/6/13 deserves a 0 for the worst customer service on the face of the planet. I used to book a room at the Willard InterContinental in Washington D.C. and soon after booking found out I wasn't able to go. After calling trying to cancel a full month and a half before my check-in date they said no. So I called the hotel explained to them and they said there was nothing they could to do, but if I had booked through them they said i would be able to cancel. I took my case to the Better Buisness Bureau and after 3 days of complicated transactions from to me the BBB said they couldn't make the company give me my $621.73 back. So now I'm out $621.73, running out of time, very upset at, and never plan to use the travel agency again.

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Q: I booked a two night stay at hotel through kayak and it is a dump. Is there anyway to get my money back?
A: I did a direct search to the actual airline sites, and I found a flight cheaper than 100 bucks , so is it just me or does kayak only list flights up to 100 bucks and up ?
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