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Categories: Wholesale Clothing
Suite 11-12, 6/F, st james house Pendleton way, Manchester M6 5FW, UK
Manchester, Manchester M6 5FW, UK

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Customer service was good and they have good quality clothes. (in 136 reviews)


definitely recommend jollychic to others and order from them again. (in 608 reviews)


The items I bought shipped very quickly, and I am very happy with the clothes. (in 282 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought a few nice clothes thinking that I would get free express shipping to India. It then took OVER A MONTH, with them wasting my time by asking for a photo of my credit card, and a different shipping adress.

Then when I got the clothes, they were all TOO BIG, and ugly. Poorly made and the wrong colour.

Now I'm trying to return them, and customer service will not answer. Disgusted.

Ask Emma about JollyChic
1 review
0 helpful votes

Its a good site . I always injoy in it when i doing my shopping .

Ask Ahlam about JollyChic
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 5 dresses, when they arrived, 2 of them were the wrong model. It takes ages to get anybody from their customer support service to get in touch with you and then you have to pay for the returns to China (even if their mistake!) which costs more than the items themselves!

Ask Peggy about JollyChic
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I went on line to order a lime green backpack, at the time they showed 4 colours pink ,pale blue, lime green and black, but they all said green!! I clicked on the lime green bag, and my confirmation order said green. When the bag arrived it was light blue, so I went back on line to check that I had not got it wrong, it said Green, I have complained and they said that I had got the right colour that I ordered, since my complaint they have changed the colour of all the bags to blue because blue was the only colour they had stock of. I have looked again and now the blue is not on line at all. I have asked them for the postage to return the bag but they refuse but offer bonuses, that you can use unless you spend so much per bonus I tried to spend one on this bag but it would not accept it on my order.
They are just playing a came with their answers about this bag. How can you call a pink bag green or blue!! I will not shop again with Jolly Chic as I have had trouble with previous orders. My advice to anyone is do not shop with them.

Ask Grubbie about JollyChic
1 review
0 helpful votes


Ask salwa about JollyChic
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a bunch of clothes I received them all except one. When I asked them to send it or return me my money they said they can't trust me. This is really unprofessional for a company.

Ask Ana about JollyChic
1 review
2 helpful votes

I made my order on February only to be told my order would take 7 days preparation and 7 days shipping to delivery. I was patient only after 11days to receive an email that some orders are out of stock and they credited my Jolly account of which I don't know how to use this money as until today the items are out of stock.

Ask Ris about JollyChic
1 review
0 helpful votes

Popped up a dress I want #080252105. Love it. It only comes in a 2,4. What's up. Show something that has all sizes


Ask Constance about JollyChic
1 review
5 helpful votes

Im really upset! I ordered alot of items and i paid extra charge for deleivering so i get them fast as it says with 15 days! Max! Untill noe im still waiting and I wanted to make another order but really im afraid since i didnt get my first order yet! That is so annoying !! Plus i couldnt find any tracking number it is not showing !!!

Ask Maram about JollyChic
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered several items from JOLLY CHIC. They are birthday presents for my sister, whose birthday is on the 2nd of April. Today it is 22nd March and the order status has been PREPARING for two weeks now.

It is really awful that it takes so long to prepare and that they do not communicate with the customers when preparing takes this long. They should be proactive and explain the customer why the delivery is being delayed and when they expect it to arrive to destination.

Definitely, if they ruin my sis' birthday and the items have not arrived by 1st April, I will never, ever, place an order with them and I will make sure none of the people I know ever buy something there.

They have good prices (quality still to be checked as this is my first order), but the stress the delivery puts on you is simply not worth it.

Ask Monica about JollyChic
4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I ordered my items on 19th of Jan 2016 I was offered express delivery waited until March emailing every day only to be told it will be with you in 3 to 5 days then being told some items are out of stock so I said send me what you have they said on then got an emails on 8 of March 2016 to say the item are coming with 3to 5days you will get a confirmation with in 6 to 12 days to with your tracking number then on the 14th of March 2016 I get an email to say refund given no communication nothing I am so so so so so disappointed I am going to make sure I tell everyone I know about this website never to shop on it never again

Ask Denise about JollyChic
1 review
3 helpful votes

Dear Jollychic,

I suggest you guys to give some training for your agents on customer service. They just repeat the same thing again and again. I ordered many things for my sister's b'day. Its been 15 days and they say the order is still being prepared. I want it to be delivered now. I don't understand why the managers don't reply for any of the emails.

Ask Mallika about JollyChic
1 review
2 helpful votes

If you read my previous review, you know I have been waiting for my post refund from them since October, 2015. Funny enough, I got my FIRST call from them yesterday March 8, 2016. They offered me my refund if I came on here and said I was getting my refund. BUT! I can't get my refund until I do this. I will let you all know. Yes, my refund held hostage, as before in Pay pal.

Update: March 12, 2016
I DID receive my refund through Paypal. After every other mode of contacting them daily, weekly and so on, and asking for my refund since October 2015, Sitejabber is the ONLY thing that made the difference! Thank you Sitejabber!

Ask Melinda about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered off this site once and it was great. Loved what i got and came fast.
I recently put in another order and I paid for the express shipping.
my order has said "undistributed" for some time now and I asked customer service about it and they said preperation will take 3-4 weeks.
Not impressed after I had paid for the express shipping.
The customer service agent then just said, "give me your order number and I will cancel"
I will never order from this app or site again.

Ask Rachel about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

The customer service number does not work nobody has replied to my emails or live chats I haven't received my order id rather just cancel the whole thing! My order number is M2016021704291019 please refund to my credit card acct asap.

Ask Jazmin about JollyChic
1 review
2 helpful votes

Very bad and unproffessional website. I had order my order on 19.Jan.2016 and paid for it and ite mention that it will be shipped within 1 week and up to now i recieved nothin and each time i chat wth customer service they say the same over and over "We'll urgetn your order and it will be shipped within few days" these few days take more than 40 days and yet didnt recieve it... Its un acceptable and I'm quitly upset and unhapp... I dont think I will deal with them again...

I don't advise anyone to order from their website. I'm sorry for that even they have nice items for all ages..

Ask Matia about JollyChic
1 review
3 helpful votes

Placed a order on the 23 January and to date I keep receiving the same response that my order will be delivered soon to 4 emails. Today I recueved a email to say my order has been cancelled and the money is in my jolly chic account to place a order! So disappointed what can be done as I've waited for so long items that should have been delivered in 3-5 days

Ask Alisha about JollyChic
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have removed my review of as they have offered to refund my money if I do. If money not refunded I will be back.

Ask Janet about JollyChic
1 review
3 helpful votes

There costumer service was terrible. They were so rude. It couldn't get worse from that

Ask Makayla about JollyChic
1 review
1 helpful vote

she was not so nice to me online

Ask adria about JollyChic
1 review
3 helpful votes

I placed an order for several items, and paid expedited shipping in order to get them before a specific event...the extra $15 I paid for the shipping was a complete waste because it took WEEKS to get it even after countless emails and online chatting with people who clearly didn't speak english and just said the same thing over and over. Once i received the items they were nothing like the pictures, the sizes were all over the place, they were just plain ugly! I requested to return the items and was told that I had to pay for shipping, when I went to ship them back i was told that the cheapest i could ship them back for was $65!!! This was basically 80% the cost it was just to buy the items in the first place. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS PLACE THEY ARE A TOTAL RIP OFF.

Ask Alexis about JollyChic
1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered many items nd they sent that one item is not available nd they refund to jollychic account .
I sent so many emails to cancel the order i proceeded the order on 1st of Jan .. And asked to canecl but no reply and thier number dosent work.
They are cheaters
I will complain abt it ..cant keep quite for these people.

Tip for consumers: Thank you for your response , I got the cancelation email yesterday ,
and I have got the refund confirmation email today , I will be waiting the money to credit it in my account .
I guess if I have not kept my review here I would have not got and reply from the customer service .
Waiting the updating from the Bank .. lets see and then will be updating my review .
Thanks .

Ask Alia about JollyChic
1 review
5 helpful votes

Do not order from this site!!! The order took over a month to receive and when I did finally receive the quality of the items were terrible and looked nothing like the pictures! Don't waste your money!

Ask Heather about JollyChic
1 review
7 helpful votes

Hi guys, I'm from Nicaragua and to be honest I was a Little concern about buying through this page, because the store is in China, but, fortunately everything that I bought came to me without any problem. I will give them 3 stars because of the waiting time after buying, because I did wait like a month to get my things, but it was worht it :) I totally recomend it. Also the customer service via chat is working fine, and they really help you with your doubts. The quality of the products are good and they look just like the picture they have on their page. :)

Ask Heidi about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

Order NO. B2016011804492193
please send my order right away I have sent nuremous emails and tried to call the customer service support line, with no help. I placed my order Jan 18th 2016 and order was suppose to ship within 2-3 business days.

Finally got this issue resolved....thank you for shipping my items

Ask Zina about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

It's a chinese company, orders don't ship out for at least 3 weeks after an order, customer service representatives are non-excistant, and I just got a notice saying that my final order might be a different size than what I ordered. For this kind of service, they honestly shouldn't carry anything for more than a dollar. Nowhere on the website did it say it'll take a month for delivery (If i'm ever going to receive it, the tracking number they gave me doesn't work, and the website they linked me for tracking doesn't seem to be working either). That's what I get for ordering online without researching the company though. UGH.

update: I received the product, and although the size is completely off (i'm guessing its around 4 sizes too small), it IS a well-made beautiful jacket, so I've updated my review. I still think its ridiculous that there is no mention of the extremely long wait time on the site, and I did have to leave about 10 threatening messages on their live chat service before anyone responded to me. Had they been honest with the wait time on the order form, I might not have minded, but this whole process left me feeling ripped off. There is no way I'd return the jacket for another size, it would take a year!

Ask Nouela about JollyChic
1 review
3 helpful votes

My order status says delievered but i didn't recieve anything

The other one I don't know why they canceled it

Ask Amal about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

Order several items one didn't come in. I emailed them and they said it was out of stock. They want refund my money. I have been sending emails since December. If they do this to several customers they are making a lot of money and committing fraud. Taking people money and delivering no product. Stick with an American company. Never again

Ask collins about JollyChic
1 review
9 helpful votes

I am writing this in the hopes that a public request will garner more attention than my 6 kind email requests, which have been ignored. I ordered items on the 7th of January & have not received them. I would like a refund. My order ID# is B2016010712341993.
If I walked into a store in a shopping center & paid $$ for some clothing only to be told to leave without the clothing, the stre would likely be run out of business. This is exactly what JollyChic have done. I have no issue with simple mistakes or unexpectedly busy trading seasons that make deliveries late but what I cannot accept is JollyChics inability to even answer a simple email.
Do not buy from these people. It will be you leaving the store without the goods you paid for sooner or later. Shame on you JollyChic! I would like my money back!

Ask Melody about JollyChic
1 review
6 helpful votes

I think I have to contact BBB. Is one month allredy and no one contact me or tell me what is happening with my order. Bad service.

Ask Manlia about JollyChic
1 review
6 helpful votes

I ordered 5 items over a month ago and since then I have called Asia 5 times and e mailed them 25 times with no response or items delivered !!! Never ever ever ever order from this site. Be warned !!! Honestly please do not order from this site ever ! They took my money immediately and never delivered my stuff which was a Christmas present from my mum . My mum is older and very upset that she didn't get me a present !! It's now February and no present . Never trust these people ever !!!

Ask Kelly about JollyChic
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had ordered 4 items from jolly chic but 2 out of 4 were out of stocks after my PAYMENT done!
I didn't receive my rest of the products non any refund to my credit card!!!
I have followed up so many times no response yet.
This is my order number B2016020115131814.
I called up the customer service number million times but no response, I also sent them email, no response! Tired of this jolly chic service too!!!

Refund the money and delivery my products ASAP PLEASE!

Ask STAN about JollyChic
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I am an octogenarian pensioner. A month ago I paid $81.96 in full for four items, intended as gifts for my granddaughters I have still not received my order. I have sent many emails of complaint but have been completely ignored. I would be grateful to hear from any other customer what recourse to take in this situation. I shop online a lot and have never had such difficulty. When I receive my goods shall give Jolly Chic a better acknowledgement!

Ask Dorothy about JollyChic
1 review
0 helpful votes

Fourth order went great. It takes longer to ship than from US but prices make it worth it. You have to get used to sizing. I am usually a size 6 Us but here I am a large or size 8. Clothes run very small. I will order again

Ask Jane about JollyChic
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered enough to reach the minimum for free shipping. I have been outright lied to that it had shipped then later given ambiguous reasons as to why my order is "still processing". It has been almost a month. Agree with other reviewers that you will not get a straight answer. Just don't order! Thanks for nothing Jollychic on order B2016011714232814.

Ask Sheri about JollyChic
1 review
5 helpful votes

Please do yourself a favour and give them a miss!! Can't comment on the quality or sizing of the clothes as never received my order!!!!!! No correspondence, in fact they seem to like to ignore you once they have taken your money! How this company is still trading I will never know. Awful, awful awful!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Liesl about JollyChic
1 review
7 helpful votes

I had ordered 4 items from jolly chic but recieved only 3 items.
The product worth 43 dollars still not arrived. I have followed up so many times no response yet.
I called up the customer service number million times but no respose. Tired of this jolly chic service.

Ask Arpitha about JollyChic
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

I purchased a dress on November 27th 2015 and still have no product or answer...They responded to a message I sent them and said i should be hearing further in 24 hours..NO RESPONSE...I sent them another message 5 days ago and once again NOTHING....I had the same experience with Zalful and after complaining enough the thieves actually refunded me my money which told me they had never even attempted to send it to me....this company I expect the same outcome, that they never sent my product ever....take the money and run....BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Ask Ilene about JollyChic
1 review
9 helpful votes

After 3 months I haven't received my order. After 5 chats with them I still haven't get my refund. They keep saying my order seems lost...what a scum!!!!
One of the chat below:


after 3 months I have never received my order
Sorry for the long time. May I know your order number please?


this is my fifth chat with you
Sorry for the long time, hold on please, let me check it for you

the only thing I want to hear is that you refund me NOW

you kept my money for almost 3 months
I am sorry for this long, but it seems there is no one inform the shipping company to check, I will inform them to check the status as soon as possible, and this is night here, hope you can understand.




I bought winter clothes that I don't need anymore!!!! It's almost summer here!!!!
We will email you within 2 days, is that ok? I will inform them to check it tomorrow, but we still need some time to waiting for the solution.

We will refund you if the package is lost, but we need to check first.

do you understand what I said???
I have no idea but only can inform them to check and tell us the solution.

your colleagues told me the same thing already!
We will check it and email you as soon as possible. I do not know how many person you talked, but this is my first time to know about your order.

you should know since it's tracked
I heard this already and no one emailed me!

Tip for consumers: just buy on ASOS

Ask SARHA about JollyChic
1 review
8 helpful votes

Never buy jolly chic again. LIARS and CHEATERS
they lured me to buy more by promising free "express" delivery if I purchase over 100$.
What was to be 3-7 working days is now over 26 days with no one giving me any clear answer about an expected date for delivery-if it's ever going to happen.
All they mention in response to my frequent requests is that they're sorry.
I told them about the distress they caused for my little 3-year-old daughter waiting for promised red booties. One of the items was supposed to be a birthday present for my mom. Her birthday was yesterday and I had no present to offer.
I think there's a whole industry of cheating or money laundry maybe. They take our money in advance and God knows how much interests they make out of freezing this money over a whole month.

Ask H about JollyChic
1 review
8 helpful votes

Dear Jollychic lovers,
Unfortunately I must say, that at my first try of ordering with this company it went as wrong as it could be, or almost.... Basically I ordered 2 winter coats on 11th of December, one of them was supposed to be someone´s christmas present. Today it is 25th of January, and still nothing. I contacted their assistants several times, and was only told to wait. How long can one person wait??? My Christmas was ruined, I had to get another similar coat for present, and now I am told that I will only get a refund when the package returns to china. Considering that last tracking shows that 2 weeks ago it was in London (13th of jan.), I feel like I have to wait for another 2 month to get my money back. After all of this I amthe one to can read my today´s conversation with assistant today. Hope nothing like this will ever happen to any of you.
Kerry: Hi.Welcome to Jolly chic,this is Kerry, may I help you?
Visitor: Hi Kerry, I would like to cancel my order
Visitor: Order NO. B2015121016323079
Kerry: May I have the reason, please?
Visitor: It´s been almost 2 month and i still didn´t get it, so, as winter is over in my country (and I ordered 2 winter coats) I don´t want them any more. Plus, I am very dissapointed with the service of Jollychic.
Kerry: Thank you for your information,please hold on for a minute, I will check for you now
Visitor: thank you
Kerry: Jan 13, 2016
12:10 pm
Customs releaseZJS International
Kerry: Your order is in transition now, could you please wait for a few days?Visitor: no, thank you, I have had enough
Kerry: Could you please refuse to sign your order when your order delivered?
Visitor: ofcourse
Kerry: When your order returns to our company, we will give you a full refnd.
Visitor: I don´t think so
Visitor: It is not my fault that it is taking 2 month to deliver such a small thing,
Visitor: it was not my delay, it is yours. On your website it is said that the delivery takes about 2 weeks,
Visitor: if a company advertises something to a customer, it should comply, and not ask me to wait another 2 month to see my money back
Kerry: No worries, once your order returns, we will give you a full refund
Visitor: i dont want to know
Visitor: what do you mean no worries?????
Visitor: it is your transporter, so deal with it, why do I have to wait if it is your problem with delivery agents???
Visitor: I wish to have a contact of commercial department of this company please
Kerry: Your order is in clearance , so there is a delay
Visitor: I don't want to know
Visitor: I ordered on 11th of december, it should havebeen here before christmes
Visitor: so, not only you ruined my christmas gift for my sister, you also tell me to wait to get my money back, as you failed to keep promices?

Ask Lana about JollyChic
1 review
8 helpful votes

These people are time wasters, no order for close to a month and lord knows if il get my money back. It's a huge scam. Their stuff are appealing however the service is horrible!!!

Ask Ama about JollyChic
1 review
5 helpful votes

I placed an order in December for some parties and still haven't received any of them,the parties have now all come and gone,when I checked the tracking today it's telling me they have not been found !!!!! Sooooo angry will be telling friends not to order from here,I now think it should be shut down !!!!!!

Ask Lisa about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

Absolutly dissapointing ! Ordered something for my wife .. Paid extra for fast shipping .. Needed the order for a party .. 3 weeks pass still no order and wrote 3 emails .. Not one damn response !!

Ask Fred about JollyChic
1 review
11 helpful votes

Hi all, I tried to order on Jollychich twice and actually I experienced a very very bad service: after prepayment with PayPal my orders were never processed. For more than 2 weeks I tried to contact their agents and wrote 5 complaints, but no reasonable answer was given. (Every time I received the following feedback: "we're sorry about the delay, your order will be shipped within 24h", which actually never happened.) So at the moment my order is still pending and nobody's answering me! No comment, at the moment I'm just angry and think that I'll sue them.

Ask Iris about JollyChic
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I received a couple of things from them and they are just wonderful...and today I received 8 more jackets for my mom...can't wait to go home and let her try them and see them...i highly recommend thenm they are so good and their clothes are just wonderful and chic and great quality and sizes. :) I am a very satisfied customer :)

Ask Sereen about JollyChic
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered 5 different things and I only satisfied 2 of them. first, I ordered a sweatshirt size EU38 and shoulders didn't fit. second it was a jacket, I ordered EU40 but it was 3XL. I think they need to know European girl's shoulders are bigger than Chinese and EU40 DOESN'T MEAN 3XL! the other ones are two hanging bags. I ordered same two bags but they weren't same and one of them was smaller than I thought, sizes were real actually but pictures made me think it's bigger. other hanging bag was bigger then I ordered. so I can't afford to return them. I'll keep items and never shop and pay 15$ for shipping again (It took a month to have them)

Ask Oya about JollyChic
1 review
2 helpful votes

Orders comes slow, they promise you with two weeks delivery, but they let me down in holiday season , stating that they got a lot of orders? Then why you still accept my dear? For money? Well here is my twi star rating then!

Ask Na about JollyChic
1 review
4 helpful votes

This company can not be trusted! I have been battling with them for over a month about getting money back for cheap, damaged, items, and wrong color of items sent. I spent hours trying to get money reimbursed for shipping costs (nearly $70) BEFORE I sent the product back. Finally, they said they would reimburse me 50% of the shipping costs considering the items were defective. After a month and a half, I finally saw a refund (a balance on jolly chic) for my products, but nothing for the shipping. I then spent hours on their online chat trying to get my money back! After essentially being called a liar, I finally said I was going to report them to BBB, and then they finally said they would give me a credit to their company...which is how the entire refund came. I did not want to ever shop at this company again, so I asked for the refund to put onto my credit card. They said they would do that and it would take 8-15 days. I then get an email that says I have a balance to be used with their company! I have emailed the company, no response, called the company, no response, and have been lied to by their online chat people. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Very disappointed in both customer service and the quality of the products...super cheap. Would not recommend this company to anyone.

Ask Michelle about JollyChic
1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought a trench coat on this website. Easy to put the order through via the website. Received a confirmation in my inbox almost
straight away and was advised again when the parcel was despatched. Delivery happened within 10 days. The coat was not expensive and I was pleasantly surprised by its quality when it arrived. Fits well too.

Ask Sabine about JollyChic

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3 days ago
A: Greetings! Thanks for your question . After payment ,we need about 1-4 days to prepare the items before shipping. About delivery takes 3-7 working days.So total about 12 days after you pay for your order.Anything else needs help, please feel free to email to or contact with our online chat. Best wishes! Jollychic Customer Service Team
2 days ago
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1 week ago
A: Greetings! Thanks for your question . All items on our website are true to the pictures. You can check the customer reviews for each item for your reference. If not ,please contact us aftersale,also take picture about item you got. After we checked ,we will give you reply.Anything else needs help, please feel free to email to or contact with our online chat. Best wishes! Jollychic Customer Service Team
2 days ago
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