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Review of Getaroom

Getaroom reviews

103 reviews
Categories: Hotels, Travel
3010 LBJ Freeway Suite 1550
Dallas, Texas 75234
Tel: 800-468-3578

103 Reviews From Our Community

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It was the best deal I could find, Istanbul Hotel Dedeman 5*, made the reservation, no problems at all. (in 73 reviews)


I had the best experience with because of Lori in customer service. (in 24 reviews)


I browsed the site for a few minutes and decided to call for the same day reservation. (in 41 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

We booked by getaroom Gloria Yassad Apartaments in Dubai. When we arrive (2 at night) we had no reservation int the hotel - my credit card was charged. We had to pay for the first night and the reservation was confirmed in the afternoon the next day. We didn't get the first breakfast as we booked on getaroom. So I do not recomend getaroom.

Ask Ewa about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

I made a reservation with the Marriott Spring Hill in Kissimmee.Fl. When we arrived the hotel was closed for renovations.Imagine 11 people including children with no place to stay. After spending 5 hours on the phone with get a room and driving around for five hours we went to the Hampton Inn next door to see if they had a room the manager told us that he thought the hotel in the back of the Marriott was making good on the reservation so we went there and yes they were. Don't you think 5 hours on the phone and the employee of get a room should have realized we checked in and get a room refunded our money. in the mean time when it came time for get a room to pay the calypso cay where we stayed their card was rejected for payment. calypso cay charged us over $300 for a cancellation fee and get a room refuses to pay them. When they pay we can get our money back. well the bottom line is they refuse to pay calypso cay. So we are still out over $300 dollars..This was truly a very stressful vacation .Please never use get a room.They have no idea what they are doing Making reservations at a hotel that is not even open.

Ask PATRICIA about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

Getaroom website showed types of rooms and prices. When we got to our hotel we were given a different room than requested. When we called getaroom we were told that room types were not guaranteed. There even could have been a possibility of getting a smoking room and are non-smokers

Ask Steve about Getaroom
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked a room for $74 dollars and ended up with a total bill for $112.14
Wasn't told that the "service" fees would be half the cost of the room..
Avoid...deceptive practices..I was also billed by and
the hotel...Avoid. I see a nightmare for everyone here.

Ask P about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

Desonest, indifferent to customers, and are a scam at worst. That is what I think of a company that hide cancelation and modification policy terms. They share cancelation policy in the email and website, but only on their website and 30 terms below of cancelation they have "more terms" to cancelation and changes .... What?!?!? I've called on time to make some changes to my room dates. I tried to cancel my last night of my 3 night stay well within the cancellation window for the hotel.I didn't buy a packet, I bought a nighty rate and should not have been a problem, it was never a problem with other sites ... I was told that in order to do that, we would have to cancel the reservation entirely and re-book... with a totally new price. When I also mentioned that it was an absurd policy, they offered nothing except to say, repeatedly, that it is "impossible" to change a reservation.

Ask Sanan about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

I see that many others have had a bad experience using get a room. I however, had a different experience. I had planned a weekend trip to DC that I was forced to cancel because of the severe winter weather of 2015. The lady on the phone couldn't have been nicer. She was extremely helpful in canceling my trip. I also got a 100% refund back into my account the very next day. I will use them to book a room again.

Ask Kristyn about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

Apparently, it is impossible to change your reservation without getting charged, no matter what their policy says. We tried to cancel the second night of our two night stay well within the cancellation window for the hotel. We were told that in order to do that, we would have to cancel the reservation entirely (thus incurring a charge for the first night), and re-book...making one night cost the same as two no matter what. When I mentioned that it was an absurd policy, they offered nothing except to say, repeatedly, that it is "impossible" to change a reservation. At best, they are indifferent to customers, and are a scam at worst. Go to a more reputable site to make your third-party travel reservations...these guys are not worth it.

Ask Brian about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

I booked a room and within 4 hours tried to cancel, and their refund policy was that I had to cancel the day BEFORE I even booked the reservation ???(Not sure how that is even possible) so they charged me for half the reservation amount. It would have been a great deal. But I will never use this site again.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Don about Getaroom
1 review
1 helpful vote

NO STARS !!!!!


Totally agree with majority of others - I have just had a similar experience & have written their customer services the following - why as others have said are Trip Advisor still allowing them to use their site is beyond me! I shall be sure to contact our hotel booked to make sure the reservation is still in place - GetARoom needs to be run out of town - total scammy rip off merchants!!


I searched on Trip Advisor UK for 3 rooms at Jurys Inn. BIrmingham UK - went to Get a Room - another UK site - I was quoted on the site the price for the room in UK£s which was the same price quoted on UK Trip Advisor site.

The page then went straight to entering the payment details - at no point does the page or site indicate there will be a US&$ conversion rip off exchange rate.

Calling the helpline to try to resolve the issue & cancel the booking is not at all helpful when I had to speak to a nasal, condescending call operator who suggests I didn't read the small print - 'James' you donut! There was no small print to read - booking a hotel room is straight forwards (thankfully the calls are recorded or so you say for James to receive additional training in that department.

GetARoom - you are a rip off - your charges and conversion are not transparent & if you are having to resort to underhand techniques like this no doubt you with any luck you will soon go under - fingers crossed on that one!

Tip for consumers: AVOID - SCAM - DONUTS & COWBOYS!! RIP Off

Ask Kim about Getaroom
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the worst site I have ever used to book anything. When I had gone through the checkout it had said that the final amount was in canadian dollars but when I looked at my Visa bill the company had charged me the rate in USD. I had called the company spoke to 2 different people and a supervisor, all confirming they in fact were an American company and they could not do anything for me. I was livid. Why would a site claiming to charge me in Canadian dollars charge me in USD. The site we looked at had 2 price amounts one in US the other Canadian, obviously why would I pay for a canadian hotel with my canadian dollars in USD when I knew there would be an exchange rate?! By far the worst customer service and the morons on the other end just did not understand where the problem lied. They kept trying to find an excuse to keep their asses off the line. NEVER book with this site.

Tip for consumers: NEVER book with this site.

Ask Adrianna about Getaroom
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have used on most of our recent trip to central Europe and have made at least 8 bookings for different cities and was very pleased with the outcome. We did not have any issues at all when we arrived to these hotels. My advised to anyone who will be using this site is make sure that you take a copy of your bookings as the hotel asked for verification. I found that if you ring them (getaroom) and talk to their customer representatives, they can quote you better and cheaper pricing. I generally had a pleasant experienced dealing with them and will likely use it again.

Ask Tina about Getaroom
1 review
7 helpful votes

WARNING!! Do not use this site under any circumstance if booking outside of USA. The price they quote is a scam and exchange rates are a lie. You will be charged in US dollars and face a hefty fee from your bank for paying in a foreign currency as well as the exchange rate being completely different to the one you are quoted. The customer service is rude and unhelpful. Avoid at all cost (literally)!

Ask Stell about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

The only reason I even know about is because linked me up when I was trying to book a hotel room.
I had a couple of website glitches and was told that the the reservation couldn't be confirmed, did I want to try again- so I clicked retry. I did that twice (I have had connection issues with Kayak before so I didn't think anything of it), after the second time, I checked over my information, everything looked fine, I clicked retry and THIS time, it said "Oops, looks like that room is sold out".
And then I got an alert from bank letting me know that I had 3 charges from for the same amount all in about 5 minutes.
I called the phone number for and asked about it. I said I didn't actually have a room because they were sold out, and I had no confirmation number, so why was my card run three times- I had 3 pending charges. The gentleman I spoke with was SUPER nice and told me to speak with my bank and told me how to handle it. He said when charges are pending they can take 24 hours to a couple of weeks to clear. One charge, I probably could've waited on, but THREE? It wasn't a cheap hotel, it adds up.
After speaking to my bank about what I needed and how to go about getting the charges cleared, They couldn't take them out of "pending status" until they had a release code from the site letting them know that the charges weren't actually going to go through, so they could clear them. They gave me two ways to do that- I could just get a release code, or I could have the customer service rep call my bank in a 3 way call setting so everything could be verified with me on the line and they could clear it without the release code.
I called the customer service line.
This time, I spoke with Lisa.
Right away she basically called me impatient. After I explained the situation, she sighed heavily and said "You can't just wait for them to clear on their own? They take one to three business days"
I told her what the guy had said and she said he didn't know what he was saying. And then I explained that if it didn't get cleared up today, Friday, the second business day, then by waiting until the third business day, that actually pushed me over to Monday. And then the whole weekend that I had planned is ruined because my budget was screwed up due to these charges.
She then told me I had to call my bank again and get a fax number and call them back. I told her that I asked my bank about the fax number before because that's what the gentleman had told me, but they had given different options and they needed to go about it differently.
And instead of trying to help me find a compromise, or even just saying "I'm sorry, we can't do it that way" or using a nice tone, she was rude and dismissive. Everything I said was met with a sigh - and I imagine an eye roll.
It's rare that I feel the need to write negative reviews and call out someone by name, but she was the least helpful customer service representative that I have ever dealt with. I don't know if she was having a bad day or if she is always like that, but that was really unacceptable.
I will not be using because I can see from other reviews that I am not the only person who has received poor customer service.
I wish I had written down the gentleman's name I spoke to the first time, because he truly was very nice and very helpful and I feel like maybe he's an odd duck from the things I've read in other reviews.

Tip for consumers: DON'T

Ask Veronica about Getaroom
1 review
18 helpful votes

I booked a hotel one person, one night, one room. They charged my account twice. I asked them to rectify their mistake. I sent 3 emails, all answered with a identical replies, that they are not going to respond to any email. There appears to be no way to make them even respond, much less to reverse the charge.

Tip for consumers: DON'T DEAL WITH THAT MOB

Ask Werner about Getaroom
1 review
10 helpful votes

My credit card company emailed me about a suspicious charge. (over $800,00) It was for a hotel room in Cape Town, South Africa!! I live in California and have never traveled abroad (and if I did it wouldn't be to South Africa. It was booked through! My credit card company closed my account, refunded the money and sent me a new card. She also told me that was a fradulent website. Be Aware!

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site!

Ask Pamela about Getaroom
1 review
12 helpful votes

My so called' confirmed' room did not exist. The uk hotel had no record of my booking, had never heard of Get a room booking service either. Do not use them if you want a bed for the night!

Tip for consumers: Don't bother

Ask fran about Getaroom
1 review
9 helpful votes
9/16/14 is the absolute WORST!!!
I have spent HOURS on the phone with them because the first hotel I booked was apparently sold out, so they relocated me. Then thank god I noticed they never sent me a new email confirmation (when they said they would), cause when I called, they told me the second room they put me in was sold out as well!! They never called me to tell me that either!! Customer service is horrible!! Very condescending, and unapologetic. What a nightmare!!! Then when they were relocating me for the second time, all the hotels they were giving me were garbage!!! Nothing like the original hotel I booked. Save your time and stress and book with a reputable agency.

Tip for consumers: Avoid at all costs!

Ask Cassandra about Getaroom
1 review
6 helpful votes

TERRIBLE NEVER USE THEM. I didn't get the type of room that their confirmation email promised me. The hotel told me it is not a guarantee but a best effort situation. I also got delayed so missed my first night in the hotel and called Getaroom to have them inform the hotel. They told me it was not necessary and I should be fine, but I could just call the hotel myself if I wanted. I did so and the hotel told me that they would have sold my room if I hadn't called. When I called to report all of this to Getaroom they told me they would email me with a proposed compensation for the terrible experience and I have heard nothing.

Tip for consumers: don't use it.

Ask Cheyanne about Getaroom
1 review
8 helpful votes

Getaroom,com is a scam, I booked a room with two double beds at a luxurious resort when I got to the hotel they said they didn't have any rooms with double beds and no roll away beds either. . My kids were going to have to sleep on the floor. The hotel said I could upgrade to a suite for an extra 200 dollars. It ended up costing me more money then if I would have booked with the hotel. When I called to complain to they said oh well we don't guarantee the room. Of course they don't tell you that when they charge your credit card and give you confirmation on your reservation.

Ask Cyndi about Getaroom
3 reviews
698 helpful votes

what a scam! they had never heard of me at the hotel I booked for me and my fiancee. who knows where my moneys gone

Ask Douglas about Getaroom
1 review
8 helpful votes

Buyer Beware! My husband, who I admit is not the most computer literate person, somehow booked through them thinking he was booking directly with the hotel website. This ended up costing us about $150 for... nothing.

They are actually "Consumer Club Inc", dba and they have developed their own proprietary software that links to hotel websites. I guess they are good at making money because they were touted as "Entrepreneurs of the Year for 2014"(

Tip for consumers: Don't use!

Ask Vjaggatur about Getaroom
1 review
6 helpful votes

BEWARE ... Ordered a "non-refundable" room at a NY hotel with a "king-size" bed. The reservation confirmation came back, moments later, stating that the room I ordered had two twin beds and that I had selected "king-size" bed as a preference. (Not true!) The confirmation amount was for the less desirable bed configuration, too, not the one I ordered. The confirmation notice also included a clearly visible disclaimer (first time shown) that GetaRoom cannot guarantee the kind of bed you get. I called the company immediately and said this was "bait and switch." The customer service person first tried to tell me that I had hit the wrong button, but when I went back to the still-open webpage, the correct "order" button was still highlighted. She called the hotel and they confirmed they had no more standard rooms with king-size beds. She got them to agree to refund me my money, but I would have to wait "5-to-7 days" for the credit to hit my bank account. Meanwhile, I was renting a room for early this coming week! So, I'm stuck. Don't make the same mistake I did. (The customer service person was helpful, but said her hands were tied.)

Tip for consumers: Know that, despite the bed configuration you select and pay for, the site does not "guarantee" you will get what you ask for, and, moments after you think you've reserved it, you will get a reservation confirmation adjusted downward (via tax, in my case) if the bed configuration is cheaper, but you won't get what you wanted and you won't get your money back for "5 to 7 days" if they even attempt to get you a refund.

Ask Jon about Getaroom
1 review
6 helpful votes

NEVER use They are part of but far from service orientation as you can get. Here is the scenario: I called to get a room in Peabody, MA late afternoon on the day that I wished to stay. The agent was quite helpful but when I asked him for the address of the Peabody Marriott, he indicated that he would send it to me via email to my phone. No such email ever came. No confirmation number. Nothing. I found the Marriott in Peabody, went there and they had no record of my reservation. Since it did not come to my email address, I assumed that they had dropped the ball. They booked me at another Peabody Marriott. My credit card bill came today. I am being charged for staying in two different Mariotts for the same night. When I called today to, they indicated that their records showed that the reservaation was made online by me. I asked for the email address that they had for me. They could not produce that yet they insisted that it was made on line and not by phone. When I asked the person if our telephone conversation was considered to be online there was a long pause and then they stated that the reservation had been made on line.. Runaround. Never will they admit that their agent that I talked to did not send me confirmation. Never agian will I use They are not customer oriented.

Ask michael about Getaroom
1 review
7 helpful votes

DO NOT USE! This is the most scandalous company I have ever used. I booked a room through them and had to check out due to poor room conditions which include Saturated mattresses. I checked out a day early and in fact have the invoice in which the hotel I was in only charged them one day not the twos I originally booked and they still will not refund me my money. They are so unprofessional and I hope someone will investigate them.

Ask April about Getaroom
1 review
9 helpful votes

Absolute SCAM, dishonest people and terrible customer service ! Do not use. I can't believe TripAdvisor refer to them..

Ask Dane about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

AWFUL!!!!! Do yourself a favor and DON'T USE THIS SERVICE!!! If you have a question or need any assistance, you are on your own, as they are NOT HELPFUL at all. We paid for a room and then had to adjust the arrival time, so they cancelled the room and still made us pay. Seriously poor customer service and management. If I could give negative stars, I would.

Ask Deb about Getaroom
1 review
6 helpful votes

well i booked 2 rooms with, and i asked 1 room needs to handicapped, for my mom, and i need a room right next to her, well we went on our car trip went to s.d, and wanted to stay at the Harrah's, well I did call 1 week rior, and they had no record for my request the guy never put it in the system, so the lady I soke to said she would , well we get to the hotel it was a zoo, my room was in a different tower and it the elevator to the rooms is like a 2 mile walk, my mom cant walk, they did not say anything, the room was not handicap,and it was right next to the pool, w/loud parties going on, so we went and complained they gave me a room down the hall, they wanted to move my into a smoking room (not), they said they dont have another room for about an hour or so, so said no and I dont want to stay here at all, i was crying and very,very upset, I will not go here again, and will not book thru getaroom again,

Ask cathy about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

Horrible!!!! You dont get to use your rewards points, but they dont tell you that. They tell you that you have to talk to the hotel about it. Then the customer service peole and not knowledgable, they put you on hold then hang up on you.

Ask kelsey about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

Horrible experience!!! wish I had read reviews before booking with them. We were going to Hearst Castle and I booked a room through their website. When we got there, receptionist told us that they have no vacancies, nothing in their records shows that a room was booked on my name. We wasted over an hour while a hotel manager was trying to help us...Luckily, we found another hotel nearby. Called getaroom next day, they offered NO APOLOGIES whatsoever, spent another hour with them on the hear later that some Victor can't reach anyone in a hotel (a lie! anytime I call - they answer right away). That Victor promised to call me back same day after he talks to a hotel's receptionist. He never did! Now I have to get on the phone to waste some more time with this company in order to get credit charge taken off. DON'T DEAL with this company. It's a total scam. Hotel people told us that no rooms are ever booked through this site.

Ask Natasha about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

I found them last year while booking a trip to Montreal for the weekend of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Having found no luck finding a room, they seemingly located a lot that other sites didn't. I booked, and paid, but remained skeptical. So, I called the hotel in question and they not only had no record of my reservation, but they had that weekend booked for months. So, I had to deal with cancelling the transaction through my credit card co.

Fast forward to this year, while looking for rooms in France. I went to Expedia and found a room. Upon checking out, I noticed that it instructed me to go to if I wanted to cancel. That raised a red flag and I promptly emailed the hotel in France. As expected, they didn't have my reservation and they, too, were totally booked.

Apparently, has zero relationship with these places, takes your money, with intent on booking manually. If the place is full, they just keep your money and you can't recover it in the event you show up and the hotel doesn't have your reservation and it's after their cancellation policy.

These people are frauds.

Ask Patrick about Getaroom
1 review
7 helpful votes

When I booked my room I thought I was booking directly with the hotel. I was quoted a price of 109.00 plus tax. The agent was going to email me a confirmation. I never received the confirmation and when I checked in I was told I did not book through them and they could not give me a receipt nor could they tell me how much I had paid. When I called the company I was told I paid 119.00 plus tax and that there would be no adjustment to my account. Had I received the confirmation I would have know it was an overcharge. The company was deceptive in it's practices. I will make sure I never book with them again

Ask patti about Getaroom
1 review
4 helpful votes

1. they the site is no help/good (filters) you have to call in
2. they still have no info on rooms
3. double charge my credit card
4. I was told it looks like that one of the charges will fall off ... both charges posted
5. Call back to inform them that both charges posted REP act like something was wrong with phone and it hung up .... I called back and they are still saying that one of them was cancelled like I can't see that both of them posted then the REP said the money will be back in my account in 30 days....

Ask Keisha about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

These are cowboys. Avoid. They offer you a price on the screen immediately before confirmation in one currency, and then, after you confirm, the prices switches to US dollars, so you get hit by currency conversion fees. Their customer service is appalling.

Ask Martin about Getaroom
1 review
7 helpful votes

I wish I checked these reviews before I used them!
Firstly the site quoted me in AU dollars (which I wanted) but then charged me in US dollars which cost me an additional currency conversion fee. Secondly after I was quoted the price in AU dollars, I entered my credit card details to pay, and then the receipt received showed an addition $200US admin fee that was never previously disclosed!
When I arrived at the hotel I was told that the booking had been made for 2 single rooms for one night, when I had actually booked 2 double rooms for 2 nights. Luckily the hotel accommodated us.
And finally I have been emailing complaints to getaroom over the last 4 weeks. at first the first 3 responses were cut a paste standard responses from their manual, even though it didn't address my actual complaint! After about 6 emails I was finally put through to a supervisor who is still disputing my complaint, saying they did everything correctly, site quoted in US dollars (i have screen print showing quote in AU dollars) and them saying they booked the correct details with hotel. NEVER again will I use this website

Ask michelle about Getaroom
1 review
6 helpful votes

If I could put no stars I would have. These people are the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. My boyfriend and I booked a room for The millennium hotel in Glasgow, when we got there I handed over my confirmation email and the first thing the guy says is he has never heard of (lucky him). He says we are not booked into hotel and that the confirmation number isn't one of there's and the cancellation policy also isn't there's. The cherry on top was that there were no rooms left on that night so we couldn't even book another room. The hotel phoned getaroom and they were told getaroom hadn't sent over the confirmation of our reservation!! The hotel did what they could and we got put in an alternative hotel however we were downgraded and wasn't what we paid for.
Emails to getaroom have proved fruitless, their response was we were to pay for another room and if there was availability we could upgrade for free to an executive room. When I emailed back to say this wasn't the response we were looking for they didn't even bother to reply. 5 emails later and they have completely ignored me, they are the worst service to deal with, unhelpful and appear quite happy to take money from people without honouring their promises. I will never use them again an I really urge no one else to use them either.

Ask Mary about Getaroom
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've used Getaroom without any problems a few times in the past. My inly complaint is I wish the best rates were posted online. Someone who reviewed before me had a problem finding the right number, this is the one that I called: 855-419-8187 with no problems booking or checking in.

Ask Nicole about Getaroom
1 review
7 helpful votes

Total scam of a company!! Do not use this company EVER!!
Booked the Pearl Hotel in NYC back in Oct 2013 for a 7 night stay during Jan 2014.
They offered what I thought to be a fantastic rate for that hotel.
A few days before my visit, I called the hotel direct to check that my booking was confirmed.
I was not booked in and the hotel had no knowledge of my booking!!
Called customer service number ( same company as ) only to be given a total run around!
Despite having an email confirming my booking with a booking reference number, they tried to convince me that I had booked a different hotel!!
It took me several calls ( from the UK ) before they eventually confirmed that they had made an error and booked the wrong hotel.
I can accept that people make errors, but the service I got after that was simply unacceptable.
As I was not due to travel for several days, I simply asked them to honour the booking and correct their error.
They refused point blank to do this, saying that the Pearl Hotel could not be booked for the price I had been charged when I initially made the booking?
When I pointed out that it was their web site had offered that price and ( in my opinion ) their confirmation email was a binding contract they simply blanked me completely.
I was forced to cancel my booking and rebook the Pearl Hotel using Expedia.
This new booking cost me an extra $573.
I was eventually refunded my initial charge of $1318, but as I live in the UK, I lost out to the sum of £93 GBP due to differing currency exchange rates.
I approached the company again, asking for compensation and after several emails they agreed to repay me the $20.99 booking fee they charge, plus a $100 "gesture" payment.
However this money has never been refunded and the company has stopped responding to my emails! I now realise that I am never going to see any further payment.
As I live in the UK, it is virtually impossible to sue a US company, so will have to give up on this really bad experience.
Had I lived in the USA, then I would definitely have sought legal advice in order to recover all my financial losses.
Keep away! You have been warned.

Ask Jim about Getaroom
1 review
5 helpful votes

Customer writes:
To Whom It May Concern:
I spoke with one of your representatives at today about a refund for confirmation # R....... for my wife at the Travelodge Sacramento, June 19-27. My wife stayed only one night, June 19, which the attachment from the hotel confirms, because the room was not as ordered and was in very unsatisfactory condition.
My credit card was billed $532.44 for the entire stay on 5/6/13. I was told a refund was not issued because the hotel did not send a receipt. They would not give my wife one on the morning she checked out because they said it was an online booking and the receipt had to come from there.
My phone number is 970-.... Billing address: ...
Please let me know if you receive this, and if there is anything else I need to do in order to receive a credit back. Thank you.

I sent the above to Getaroom on Aug. 23, 2013 - today is Oct. 24, 2013, so I sent the following:

Hello. It has been more than two months since I sent this, and I have heard nothing. We paid for NINE days at the Travelodge Sacramento through your website, and stayed only ONE because the accommodations were so poor. The attached receipt from the Travelodge -- which both they and I sent to you on August 23, 2013, documents that my wife, daughter, and granddaughter stayed just that one night. We have not received a refund on our credit card. The last time I spoke with one of your representatives, someone from your company said they were corresponding with the manager of the Travelodge. I asked that you contact me if there was anything else needed and have heard nothing - yet still no refund. Is this your normal practice, hoping the complaint will go away and you can keep the extra $400? I would hope not, but without a response, what am I to think?

Before I (and Travelodge Sacramento) sent the attached receipt, someone left a message on our home phone that we needed to respond within a certain period of time. I immediately called one of your representatives and sent this receipt -- and was told that the escalations department was handling the request. Has a determination been made? Would you do us the courtesy of a response, please.

Ask Jack about Getaroom
1 review
6 helpful votes

I am a new reviewer, but please take this post seriously! This is a completely unbiased view of

I read some very mixed reviews, but found a great deal for a hotel, so decided to take the risk. Since the website offered a full refund for cancelling (no cancellation fee either since I booked online) I figured it would be safe. There is a cancellation fee if you book it over the phone, but they do clearly state this on their website. SO people have no right to complain about that.

HOWEVER, I do believe this website is some sort of scam. I believe it has worked for a very few number of people out there, and they probably just got very lucky. Basically, their system doesn't connect to the hotel you are booking until 24 hours before you need it. Therefore, the hotel could technically be sold out, or give you the worst room possible. This is NOT the hotels fault- websites like Expedia etc connect you within hours, and your room is booked. Here's the catch- the full refund is unavailable on those last few days! How convenient for getaroom...

Anyway, I called the hotel to see if my room was booked, and they had no confirmation or any records at all from getaroom. I phoned getaroom and they tried to lie to me over the phone, saying the hotel had the records but lost them etc etc. I called the hotel multiple times, and this is a 5 star hotel so I side with them on this one. I was very unhappy, and cancelled my hotel. Legally, I am entitled to my money within 5-7 business days and I hope it arrives with no hassle.

If your room has a full refund cancellation, and you are willing to take the risk of finding out some last minute bad news, go for it. Maybe the deal is so great you can't pass it up. But I would advise everyone out there to stay away from this website. You will end up disappointed, and even if you don't, you will be worrying until the last moment that something will go wrong. Pay a little more and book directly from the hotel, or trusted sites like Expedia! Hope this helps!

Ask Carrie about Getaroom
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ok, the website is not working like it should and some wrong phone nr on the top, than I used the one on the bottom. I had to call a few times, but no troubles. Finally I arrived at a call center in the US. It was the best deal I could find, Istanbul Hotel Dedeman 5*, made the reservation, no problems at all. Hotel fine, service at the hotel perfect,... no worries

Ask Tania about Getaroom
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SCAM, FRAUD, this $#*!ing site charge you full amount when booking and have a blinking cancellation button on top of the confirmation. Once you click it(one click, no confirmation at all), your nightmare will start. They will give you no refund. yes, they charge me $1200. now they give me no refund. When I ask them to rebook my hotel. no replies. Raised chargeback to VISA. VISA says their cancellation policy stated, you will get no refund when you cancel your reservation.


Ask kai about Getaroom
1 review
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This is a SCAM !

DID NOT CONFIRM BOOKING. Then charged my credit card !!!!!
Confirmation sent after 2 weeks !!!!!!

Ask Veron about Getaroom
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9/19/13 is a scam! beware. means misery and headache for you. Do not do business with them! They put a hold on my account for the same amount three times! This is three times when I did not even book a room with them. Save yourself time and money. Don't even give your credit card number because they will try to get your money even though you did not authorize and did not complete your transaction with them.

And the people that work there needs a good overhaul on customer service and relations. They act like you are supposed to be grateful to them for helping you on your complaints.Well, of course, when they charge your credit card three times for the same room that you don't even get.... there will be a big complaint for them to resolve.

Ask Menchu about Getaroom
1 review
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Waste of time... I used this site to save less than $10 and it cost me over an hour of phone time with useless customer service.

This is a division of Expedia except they use foreign operators that are not helpful. (I say Expedia... since I got transfered to Expedia when I asked for help).

They booked me in a smoking room but I reserved a non smoking room. The hotel got the reservation in a fax from "GAR" but could not accept it as they had no smoking rooms. Hotel called me... I called GAR and they told me they would take care of it but after many calls and promises... they never delivered.

The best they could do for all the wasted time was a $5 discount. SAD...

Ask DL about Getaroom
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BOGUS & FRAUD website, your money will doom down the drain. They don't know what is customer service, hotel called in front of us to these website people and told not to book any room for their hotel in future. Something with website people take money from customers and don't pay the hotels. When customer arrives at hotel, customer don't get room. Do NOT use this website to book anything.

Ask mita about Getaroom
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the most horrible experience ever.
the point of booking a room online its because you want a hassle free procedure
unlike what happened with, i booked a hotel in Tokyo for 6 nights i payed the full amount it was around 800$ . when i called tokyo to make sure my name is listed i was surprised that they told me they have no record !
i had to call international call to they kept transferring my call and told me my booking is confirmed and its nothing to worry about and they will fax the hotel to update their system. i called tokyo the next day still same answer no record of my booking ! i called for the 4th time and still same answer we will get back to the hotel !
it was such a nightmare how i kept calling them to know what was the issue with my booking as it says its confirmed !
i didnt get any help i needed and it was frustrating and confusing they kept telling me will update your record directly with hotel give us max of 2 hrs and it took them 24 hrs and still no record at hotel so i called AGAIN to see wat is it exactly with them but as expected no straight answer !!!!! they transferred the call again asking same stupid questions wats ur billing address and wats ur booking ref.
so i had enough and requested for refund am not sure if am gonna get my money back i just had the stupid and annoying experience today

plz watever you do DONT USE !!!!

Ask Alia about Getaroom
1 review
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We've requested a room for 2 adults and 3 children. They was supposed to be a sofa that a child could sleep on. They said they couldn't even put up a coat. One child slept on the floor. They did offer an up-stairs room but we needed handicapped.

Ask Susan about Getaroom
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7/26/13 would get no stars if possible. In desperate need of a hotel room, we called this number looking for a room. After several attempts, they lied about the bed number and charged us double the price of what the hotel would have. They refuse to be of any assistance or give a refund. Do not use this site!!!!!!

Ask Victoria about Getaroom
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After trying a room closer to where some meetings were being held but were booked, the super friendly rep told me of a place that he said wasn't exactly where I wanted to be but was maybe ten to fifteen minutes away. I knew the area in Vero Beach, FL and what he was describing was an area a little south of where I was looking but still close to US 1. I booked two rooms for two nights and when I got my confirmation I checked out the address on my GPS and found the property was another fifteen miles away, out next to the interstate. I immediately called to cancel and they said it was too late to cancel the first night but they would refund the second night. The time it took to retrieve my email and check the GPS was a matter of an hour or two. The "super friendly" sales rep had screwed me and even American Express hasn't successfully contested the charges. They said they have the reservation on tape and what the rep said but haven't produced anything so far. They lied, cheated and trapped me and are getting away with it!

Ask chuck about Getaroom
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Double charged CC for hotel room, will not respond to emails. Do not use this site, do not book through Kayak either, they book via getaroom. and they do not respond to emails either.

Ask Kevin about Getaroom

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Q: Thankfully I read this website before deciding to book anything. After all the above scams, how come your trading standards people let them continue to practise ?
A: hi friends, unfurtunatelly my husband had bought yesterday a room to stay in Dubai, i tried to get to our reservation page we can not find any reservation. so i sent a email asking why such and the reply is that-
~Elia Compton, Apr 15, 8:02 AM:
Dear xxxxxx
Thank you for contacting Customer Care.
The reservation was just booked yesterday for arrival Wednesday, Jun. 10, 2015
Depending on your arrival date, in some cases, your name may not appear at the hotel until 72 hours prior to your arrival date. Rest assured, guarantees your room is booked from a pre-negotiated block of inventory.

I sent a confirmation to email address:
You can also access the reservation on Click on the reservations link and enter the information to look up the reservation. Enter first and last name, and the confirmation code with the letter R in front of it. Once you access the receipt you have the option to print the receipt for your records.

Kind Regards,
Elia Compton
Well, friends hope we are not wrong and everything goes fine in Dubai.
1 week ago
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