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297 reviews
Categories: Art, Crafts, Gifts
55 Washington St., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: +1.7188557955
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297 Reviews for

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I cannot even leave feedback to my last customers.


I closed my Etsy shop - they treat their sellers like cr@p.


Sent conversation to the seller asking about the item and no reply.

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New Reviewer

I am an artist Myself and all I do only original painting, honest and true art, never repeat the same painting second time and do not complain at all! Etsy is a great place tosell real art and I agree there are many "fake:" artists,,, You just need to read more about artist, can write emails... If you buy art you will never buy factory garbage... There is a real art too for people who knows how to find art.
Mys tore name is OriginalOnly

New Reviewer

I am a Top Rated Seller on Ebay with 100% positive feedback on over 800 sales. However, Etsy closed my shop erroneously and will not allow me to reopen it, even though I had 100% positive feedback. My craft is whole some. yet a member of their staff has a smut nudity shop on Etsy. How can they justify this? I hope they go bankrupt. I won't buy anything on Etsy and will never recommend it.

New Reviewer

Store name: Pinataville.

This lady is a scam artist. She doesn't meet her ship deadlines, then when buyers leave her negative reviews on Etsy, she has them removed. She lies to customers - period. Do not buy a pinata from this woman, no matter what she promises.

New Reviewer

I've been working with Etsy for awhile now and not doing too bad. Last month I needed to send a box to London. (I'm in the US)I needed to add $$ to my account to purchase the shipping labels ($154.00) After 3 attemps (2 were mistakes) I finally did it correct on the 3rd try. I then cancelled the 2 mistaken shipping labels, knowing that I would eventually receive my money back.
Well USPS returned my moneys to Etsy, But Etsy will not return it to me.
They are KEEPING my $154.00 and said it will be put on my credit.
I don't know what else so do.

New Reviewer

As a former seller on etsy, I am vehemently protesting their corporate decision to allow mass manufacturers on the site. Unbelievably, they have decided to change the definition of "independent handmade" to include items designed and put together in a far-away factory that has not been vetted for child labor/sweatshop conditions. There are other sites that support independent artisans and have some ethics -- BOYCOTT ETSY.

New Reviewer

Too many changes and rules now apply after Etsy used sellers to build their site, NOW, they want to eliminate most of their sellers who are trying to make it. It reminds me of Obama himself trying to do his best destroying this country and trying to take over the world. Well, I guess Etsy made enough money that they dont need most of their sellers anymore. The woman who has only been selling on Etsy for only 2 years who made that video I think she's trying to take over but, I know Etsy will lose many sales over this but, that's up to the CEO. That's OK because one day the rich will fall and I guess that lands Etsy in that category too.

If there was a place where I can leave only 1/8 of a star rating, that's the rating I'd leave for Etsy.

New Reviewer

In a word, dire. Of late they've resorted to allowing the sale of mass produced goods. It's lost its way and is a shadow of itself several years ago. Constant changes to the interface and procedures leave sellers and buyers alike confused and frustrated. We're closing our very successful store after the latest announcement and will not be returning. The current CEO wishes to take the site down what the vast majority of sellers (those who haven't been institutionalized) believe to be a very stony road. Hand made? Don't sell here, you're a bit late for boom time.

New Reviewer

Worst ever experience with etsy , they closed my shop , I am a craft-man i design and make bags originally but without any info Etsy closed my shop and they are not responding to me
Worst ever business tricks they use

New Reviewer

I hear everyone disliking Etsy, but as a buyer I was fairly pleased. Shipping time varies and sometimes it's a little pricey, but that's what we pay for custom jobs. I have bought several things from several different people and I have been more than satisfied with each one. There was even one that caught an error of a tank top they made me before they even shipped it and just sent me both for no extra charge. It's really a matter of reading the reviews of the seller first rather than the website.

New Reviewer

Overpriced MADE IN CHINA, be smart there are millions of websites selling online same items cheaper price.

New Reviewer

I bought a product from these two stores . and paid a good amount for the two mask I bought for my High School Prom. As I was browsing through online I found the same sellers on Ebay and Amazon selling it for Half the cost I paid for it. I was Furious!! This website is a scam these two stores are not real artist they are SCAMMERS and should be banned for being dishonest to customers. BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM ETSY they do not protect us customers at all. They only care about making their millions and no customer support at all.

New Reviewer

I have been a seller on Etsy since the beginning and for the last 2 years I have seen the implementation of a dictatorship like system, the coming of Chinese resellers with mass produced junk, muzzling of complaining sellers by repressive measures like banning from the forum and shops arbitrarily taken down.
Favoritism is rampant as well and if your are not part of the "privileged cast of sellers" you will suddenly and helplessly see your livelihood and years of hard work go down the drain with 60% or more of your monthly income disappear. Etsy manipulates your store visibility and control what you sell to the dollar. YES, THEY CAN AND THEY DO!!!
The new search engine is an enigma. The admin's favorite sellers are mysteriously and ALWAYS more relevant than the others in the search results, establishing an obvious dominance and by the same token enjoy the advantage of a free promoting tool while most sellers become invisible, no matter the "relevancy", quality and number of items in their stores. A bias search engine with an agenda?
These same privileged/favorite sellers can also infringe copyright laws with impunity and Etsy turns its head the other way.
Customer service/support is inexistent and limited to email but if and when you are lucky enough to be granted an answer to your inquiry, it is a condescending and/or mean one.
Recently Etsy has removed the dual feedback system and implemented a one way and arbitrary star review, leaving sellers at the mercy of dishonest buyers.
The last five months Etsy has multiplied its testings on thousands of unsuspecting stores and many sellers have seen their income slashed to nothing while the "privileged cast", under the Etsy protectorate, is enjoying an exponential multiplication of their sales.
For the past 2 years and particularly for the past months Etsy has taken away the livelihood of many, ruined families and destroyed lives without even a flutter of hesitation.
Etsy has become a heartless entity devoid of compassion and moral ethics. It has fallen to the level of the big corporations where bribery, corruption and repression are prevalent.
Wouldn't it be time for a class action lawsuit?

New Reviewer

Uses hard working artisans as a front for their resellers and drop shippers. Many front page items are mass produced and found on Alibaba and DH Gates. Staff is immature and imconpetent. Valid concerns are dismissed. No customer service and I mean none! No one to call, emails are rarely answered. Often complaint issues are brought to the forums Etsy solution is to remove these concerns. They now deem every issue as against their TOU. They have a staff member named Rob White who shuts down threads on a regular basis with no seeming justification other than to save face for Etsy. Etsy has dessicated small shops owners for pointing out system/security flaws and administrative blunders. Fascism lives and it's new home is Etsy.

New Reviewer

It was an ok experience. For the most part all my items were great. I did have someone scam me out of $150 and they refused to help me. All they did was close the person's shop in an attempt to make them talk to me but the never did. I had to go through my bank to get my money back. If you need a refund, don't count on Etsy to help you. They're just a middle man who doesn't care much about their consumer base. They need to implement better protocols for these issues, or at least preventative measures.

New Reviewer

Etsy is nothing but a tidal wave of mass resellers selling factory pieces from China. Non-existent customer service, Nazi-like treatment of sellers, punishes sellers for free speech and even just asking a question. Bold face LIES. Etsy promotes Factories and ignores Handmade Artists. The new star system is broken (buyers can't leave any feedback since the change) and Direct Checkout Scam are just the iceberg we all needed to leave. Leave Etsy now if you are a handmade Artist. Leave them with the Chinese Factory crap. Indiemade and Zibbet are waiting for you with open arms.

New Reviewer

Stay away from Etsy!!!. I have been a seller or should I say had been a seller since 2009 and was growing my little side business slowly on Etsy until one day I could call it my full time job! This made me so happy that I could finally do what I love.

Well this all ended 3 weeks ago when they shut my shop down without even letting me know. I send multiple emails asking for help and received a response that I need to pay my bill and my shop would be reopened. I was so embarrassed that I had forgotten to do that and apologized and paid it right away. Well I have now sent over 15 emails saying that I paid my bill and they to this day have never sent anything back or reopened my shop.

I truly feel that Etsy is playing God and has no remorse as to what they do to people and their source of income. They are changing the way they do business and I no longer wish to be apart of that. I predict that this site will in the future only sell supplies and no truly handmade items.

Never open a shop with Etsy as if you do you will never really own your business, they will always own you!!!!

New Reviewer

Too many unneeded changes and poor customer service. No phone support, not late night support, poor communication with sellers.

New Reviewer

The Untold Truth about Etsy Etsy Inc. is NOT BBB ACCREDITED!! DO NOT BUY OR SELL from ETSY!!! YOU WILL REGRET FOREVER!!!! Etsy was a place to shop for handmade items, however, lots of things have changed since the day they opened in 2005. Lots of people has been experienced that Etsy has either shut down their shops or deactivate their account. They said they sent emails to you regarding copyright issues or no reasons at all. However, they never did, but they will never listen to what you have to say, no matter what. There are more than 30,000 items on Etsy as the same thing as they accuse you of copyright; however, they still allow those 30,000 sellers selling the items. WHY?..... Because most of them are resellers that make lots of sales by reselling items from China, India, Asia, etc. The more sales those resellers make, the more money Etsy will make. WOW, Etsy can't even match up on what their web site is for - HANDMADE NOT RESELL!!! You can't even call them either. There is a phone number on the website; however, there is not even a live person to answer your call, only the recording. You can leave as many messages to them. They will NOT return your calls at all. You can only email them - they will take FOREVER to return your email. You can send a email to their CEO - Chad $#*!erson ( but will never get a reply at all. He may be only reply on those who want to interview him and DO NOT CARE for his customers at all. WARNING: DO NOT open a shop at Etsy; otherwise you will never know when they will SHUT YOU DOWN!!!! They don't care this is your only job and only income to support your family for food, to pay rent etc. They will just SHUT YOU OFF FOR NO REASONS GIVEN!!! WORST WEBSITE COMPANY in the whole world. DO NOT BUY OR SELL THERE, you will regret FOREVER!!!! When they close your shop down, they don't even allow you to buy from them. Wow, they really don't want customers at all. If you sell there, how can you get more customers?? You can't even say anything bad regarding Etsy on their Forum on their website, they will mute you means you can't participate in the forum or they will shut down your shop to shut you off. Wow, can't even have your own opinion!! Just do a search on Google on "Etsy Complaints", you will see too many of articles regarding them. You can report those shops violate the "Etsy Policies", however, if they are power sellers - mean they make many sales, Etsy will not care, it will just let it go since Etsy is in it for the money not anything else. Here are some of the websites of many complaints and there are many more:
Please file any complaints regarding Etsy to the Attorney General in New York:…
Or with the Better Business Bureanu

New Reviewer

I am quite happy and satisfied with Etsy. I haven't bought much though....or rather I should say that I have till now bought hand made jewelery from one seller.

She is good and offers authentic stuff. Shipping too is on time, stuff is nicely packed and all jewelry comes in gift boxes (an extra bonus!!).

Her shop name is myglitteringworld and she also recommends few shops to buy other stuff like painting, paper decor, etc. Since shopping has been a good experience so i guess has some good sellers too.

New Reviewer

I was a seller, up until they instituted star ratings, released my buyers' information publicly, and decided to try to kill all payment options with the exception of DC.

I'm not a seller now. I moved on to a much, MUCH greener pasture--I built my own site from scratch. Namaste, Etsy.

New Reviewer

Ask me a month ago, and I was a prophet for ETSY. They made it easy for me to list my products, arranged my payments, brought in customers, and I could print my shipping labels from the site itself. I was okay paying their fees, because it was less work for me. I was a sucker.

I had a shop for nearly 2 years selling hand made crocheted items. I had 100% positive feedback, used all my own images for my listings, shipped every item and worked with my buyers to handle my own refunds so they would not bother etsy. Like all other shops, I paid my bills on time and really caused no trouble. I got a notice that one of the items in my shop was deactivated for copyright infringement (a white cat hat with big, colored eyeballs, but I put a red bow on it) from Sanrio. It's aggrivating, because I never used the search criteria for hello kitty, and my hat looked nothing like the cartoon character (it was modeled after my nieces cat, a hat I had made for her birthday!). Other searches for Hello Kitty brought up 1000's of listings. It was the red bow, I was told, was what was copyrighted. Shortly afterwards, my entire shop was deactivated and I was to provide proof, receipts and photos of my work in a certain amount of time. I provided all that they asked, and still never got access back to my shop.

I got tired of waiting, and created a sub account for myself to relist all my items on again, and within 24 hours, the new shop was suspended. I used a completely new email, new shop name, new credit cards linked to a new address, new paypal, everything. I even changed my name, to my married name rather than maiden like my previous shop. I was set up to being a whole new shop and lose my customer base and standing with ETSY just to be able to sell again. I got an email from legal that I had broken their terms of service and am now seemingly banned from both buying and selling on ETSY. There's an upcoming lawsuit against ETSY for using tracking cookies, and now I fully believe it. I left no trace that the two accounts were similar, even new IP addresses, because I did not want this to happen.

I will be taking my shop elsewhere. I could have set up my own shop on my own domain if I knew it was going to be this much trouble.

New Reviewer

Etsy permanently terminates your shop without considering 100% positive feedback or your great selling stats, with no specific amount of violations given. This site is not worth the effort to list on. Etsy will charge listing fees, then terminate your shop with no refund or hope of reinstatement.

New Reviewer

For the most part, the people I bought things from on that site were talented, professional, and kind people, However, the one time I had a problem with someone I was very disappointed by Etsy's ability to help at all.
I had ordered two custom made clothing items from a buyer who had originally contacted me asking about the sizes and such, which was normal.It took quite a bit and so I wrote back to them to ask if everything was going okay. This was last August, and they replied several weeks later to say they had a family emergency and that it would take a little while longer. After that I never heard from them again.
I had gotten notice that it shippped in December, but it didn't have a track number like any of my other orders, and it never came in.
I sent a complaint explaining what had happened to Etsy to ask for help, but they said after a certain amount of time after the order, there is nothing they can do. I went back to their feedback and noticed other people had been having that problem too.
So, basically, Etsy is a fine website as long as you're careful about who you order from, and don't expect any actual help from Etsy.

New Reviewer

They closed my store without any notice or explanation just before the holidays. I had excellent feedback too. They never responded to my emails asking for an explanation of why my store was closed. Now I have received emails from someone pretending to be a buyer on Etsy but I found out it wasn't true. Someone from Etsy is sending out fake emails pretending to be a customer to spy on you and your activities.

New Reviewer

Never do anything with this company. It is scam.
They are just collecting money, no phone number,
no contact address . They will take you money and
You will receive empty box. They are unprofessional

New Reviewer

Etsy could have been amazing. But it is run by very young hopelessly immature kids.
I had an etsy shop for a year - I did really well! But one day they sent me an email, accusing me of not hand making my stock. My shop sold vintage textiles, and had the word vintage in the title - it was absolutely clear as day that it was in the vintage category. You would have had to have pretty severe retardation not to realise that...but I had to explain that anyhow...they imediately wrote back accusing me of stocking non vintage items, and closed my shop forever. No matter that there were thirty other sellers selling the same thing - no problem with them, just me.
I begged them not to put me out of business, asked them over and over to tell me what I had done wrong - They wouldn't reply. I had a 100% positive feedback and a great clientele, with not a single complaint.

I suffered considerable hardship as a consequence. A year later, I asked if I could have my shop back, and if not - please, please tell me why???

They told me, they had reviewed it and would not reopen my shop. They would not give a reason. I just don't get it.
They are quite happy to have hundreds of sellers who openly violate their terms of understanding blatantly.
Once, their CEO made a 'Treasury' (etsy speak for an individual's choice of a themed collection of etsy picks) called 'welcoming our new overlords' it was a collection of robot themed stuff - and every one of his choices were obviously mass produced crap from China. It was as if he was flipping the bird to all the hard working crafters out there.

Please don't even think about selling on etsy - you WILL have you heart broken eventually. They do not care about people. They have no principles at all, and whats more they enjoy playing with peoples lives - what happened to me has happened to many, many unfortunate sellers. They are like cruel children, pulling the wings off flies - just avoid them.

New Reviewer

Never do business with a company that refuses to post a phone number for you to call for support. Do your research, if you have an issue you are forced to email them or post in the forums, there is NO PHONE NUMBER you can call for help. Plus, don't post anything in the discussion forums that is even slightly negative towards Etsy or they will close your account unannounced (which is what happened to me). It doesn't matter if you have an order pending with a shop, your account is deleted and there is no trace of you on their site. My mother went to open a shop to sell some of her pottery about a week after my account was closed (she had no clue what had happened to me). She was charged listing fees for all of the items and then Etsy closed her shop not even 24 hours later. I guess I had once logged into my account from her computer and Etsy saw her IP address was connected to me so they refused her service, but they refused to refund her money for all of her listing fees...even though they closed her shop less than 24 hours later!! This company is very crooked and will not help you in any way!! STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

I ordered a trifle bowl from MaggieBelles in April, included a pic with the order and requested the same. They sent n email stating that they did not what colors. I clarified that I wanted blue exactly like the picture on their website. My bank was debited in April. I still have not received the bowl. I asked for a refund last week and have had no response. It was a gift so I have already bought something else. First problem I have EVER had ordering online!

New Reviewer

Etsy SUCKS. i am a new seller. i have a buyer buy my item and not pay for it. I found the buyers phone number in I called them up. they were complete $#*! mother$#*!ers. a married couple in thier 50's. $#*!ing rude American White Trash. The next thing I a get a negative feedback from these losers and they want me to cancel the transaction. $#*! this company. they did not respond to one of my emails. $#*! this company there is no phone number. $#*! this company I had to pay the final value fees on my item that was not even bought to close my $#*!ing account. $#*! you Etsy you stupid $#*!ing losers out of $#*!hole Brooklyn NY

New Reviewer

I love love love I love browsing through the unique products that I could never find in a store. Would definitely recommend Etsy to anyone who is on the hunt for an amazing present or something special for yourself!

New Reviewer

Etsy pretends they will support the purchaser, but look closely at their rules: you have the burden of proof; you can't get a refund if you purchase via PayPal, and they encourage PayPal; you can't complain in their forums, but the forums are the only way to get answers.

I suspect there are good vendors in Etsy, but the ones I found were crooks, plain and simple, and Etsy did nothing about it.

New Reviewer

Etsy is awesome. I often find prettier & more unique items on etsy than on regular retailers. I guess the only thing is the experience sort of depends on who on etsy you buy from, but so far it's been good! :)

New Reviewer

Don't waste your time or money on this site. Another seller that never shipped the item and never responded to emails. provides zero support.

New Reviewer

Etsy does nothing about sellers that scam customers. I bought an item that was blatantly NOT what seller claimed it to be (she even inadvertently admitted so when I asked to return it -- her reply "maybe you can fix it") but Etsy did nothing to hold this seller accountable. I guess the site doesn't care about its reputation. Also the process to deal with these issues is time consuming and confusing. Horrible experience.

New Reviewer

I ordered a phone cause from etsy because my previous one had broken...the website told me i would receive it in 5-10 business days. I received confirmation of shipping on July 19th...I still have yet to receive my phone case and i have been waiting approximately three weeks for it.. I spent a good deal of money for a phone case that is taking an extremely long time to get here. I know for sure I will never order anything from this website again and I would absolutely not recommend it to anyone.

New Reviewer

I recently purchased some stickers for my baby's nursery through Etsy. The product was as described and arrived at the time promised. The website is cool and there is a wide variety of products. I only wished that the shipping was free, since I spent a lot of money on the product.

New Reviewer

Etsy was once well known for giving artists the ability to get their work noticed. This site has become a safe haven for individuals selling works that blatantly infringe on copyrights. I do not want to open a store on their site if they can't even protect well known copyrights from being infringed upon. Etsy's policy allows the company to turn a blind eye to completely obvious copyright infringements. A user can even come forward with information that Etsy should care about, but the site's stance is they will not move forward on the matter unless contacted via SNAIL MAIL by the original artist. This means, as long as the original artist or copyright holder never finds out, then Etsy profits.

New Reviewer

So much better than Artfire. At least if you order from this site - you actually get the merchandise you pay for.

New Reviewer

My wife and I ordered from this shop on etsy called "funfashionsetc", a shirt for our sons first birthday. We received confirmation that the order was complete and the bank account detailed that payment had been taken out but the woman said that she never received the payment and she was not giving us anything in return, no money, no shirt, no nothing. Although we sent her the verifications of the payment taking place. It is a shame that because of her our son cannot have wear something birthday related for his first birthday since it was so close to his birthday in finding this out. A decent human being would have approached this situation differently seeing as how we had proof that the payment in fact took place.

New Reviewer

This shop "Fabulous Rocks" on Etsy, is a liability to their entire site, sellers like this should be taken off is all you need to know, just read the feedback they leave for their customers here

New Reviewer

I love to make crafts and sell them online. This is the most popular site for selling crafts and is great if you are shopping. As a seller though, it can suck. It is hard to get started and they charge you for everything. I am not pleased.

New Reviewer

I have been a buyer on for some time and have probably purchased over 200 items there. In general the sellers are nice entrepreneurs running their small businesses in a friendly and fair manner. Beware though, there is NO back up if you run into a dishonest seller!!!!

The Etsy team supposedly backs up buyers if there is a claim and the site even boasts that
Etsy will refund money for buyers who order items from sellers who don't ship them or if the item doesn't match what you order. NOTHING COUND BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!

If you happen to purchase from a dishonest seller on ETSY my experience in both cases where this happened is that the ETSY staff did not support me (the buyer) at all and I ended up with a financial loss in addition to not having what I ordered.

The latest issue I had was that a seller there, Cultural Display ( sold me an antique heavy glass jadeite bowl. It arrived as shattered glass which I could hear clinking when I lifted up the box. I went to the post office and asked for help in collecting the insurance in the package which the seller had paid for. USPS opened the box in front of me and found no protective padding around the, now shattered, glass bowl. I obtained a receipt from USPS stating that they would not cover the insurance because the merchant had not used protective packaging on the item and was advised to 'refuse delivery' so that it would return to the seller.

The seller was really angry with me that I could not get USPS to cover the insurance and refused to give me a refund. So... I submitted a dispute claim to ETSY. Here is their response:

"This is Eva from Etsy's Trust and Safety team. I have reviewed this case, and it seems that the items in question have been damaged by the shipping service.

Unfortunately, in this scenario, we are not able to mediate this dispute using the case system. For this reason, I am going to close this case. "

So... the situation is that
1. the seller made a mistake in packaging resulting in a broken item
2. the post office will not cover the breakage since it obviously was not their fault
3. despite proof in the form of a USPS receipt and letter the ETSY team still found them at fault and decided I am the one that is stuck with this

Buyer beware on ETSY!!!!! And one of the sellers to stay away from is Cultural Display.

New Reviewer

My daughter's store was shut down for no good reason. She has followed guidelines and knows how to give good customer service. This store is her only livelihood and no one at etsy will respond to her emails and there is no phone number. I believe from all of the complaints I have heart that etsy is making money off these sellers then yanking the stores and that is that. It's pretty shady. I think all the sellers who have had this problem with etsy should get together and sue them for a class action suit. I have advised my daughter to contact a lawyer. She is upset as she has orders still to fill and has no way to contact her buyers. This is ridiculous. And word of mouth is the best advertisement, I have nothing good to say about etsy.

New Reviewer

Etsy needs to be taken down in the worst way possible. They have absolutely no regard for their sellers and shut down shops without notice or reason. I have spoken with dozens of ex shop owners whose shops were shut down without notice or reason and were never able to make contact with Etsy. There is absolutely no way to contact them other than e-mail and they hardly ever answer. They allow people to sell things such a ivory and taxidermied endangered animals yet they will shut down a shop who has one item that has the smallest chance of not being vintage (item stopped production within 1 year of being considered vintage but was made for almost a decade before that). When I sent them an e-mail they literally treated me like a criminal, putting me and my shop down and acting as if I were dirt, not a hard working shop owner who's profits were her sole form of income. Please, do not sell through Etsy, they are cold-hearted rotten money suckers who only care for themselves. There are plenty of other online marketplaces who will be much kinder to you.

New Reviewer

I had a store on Etsy. I made handmade hemp jewelry, headbands, beaded jewelry and recycled old magazines and made them into buttons, keychains, bottle openers and compact mirrors. Explained in my listing that the pictures are from old magazines and that I was "upcycling" them. In each listing, I went on to explain that I was not the owner of the picture and that they were from old magazines. However, Etsy said they received way too many complaints about the pictures, I received a total of 3 emails from Jason about the pictures, they closed my store. I reopened it with new store name, new shipping information, etc. I received an email from Jason stating that they closed my store, without notice because of my previous store and all the complaints that were received.

Contacted my attorney who looked at a previous listing and said that since I explained that since I added this, "Note, all photos have been cut out of old magazine issues as a way of recycling them. I claim no credit for any images posted on here unless otherwise noted. Images on here are copyright to its respectful owners. If there is an image appearing in this listing that belongs to you and do not wish for it to appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly be removed" I was pretty well covered. We both then tried contacting Jason, through emails, asking for all of those emails that were sent complaining about the pictures that I had listed and have not heard from him. I never had a problem with being a buyer or customers, just with Jason. Guess I will be looking for a new site, any suggestions out there?

New Reviewer

I got scammed! Etsy doesn't require sellers to send tracking info with shipping confirmation! I have been waiting 5 weeks for an item and the seller keeps giving me the run around! Etsy has no phone support just email, which does little to no help. Bad site.. Stick to ebay!!

Apprentice Reviewer

This is a hard one to review because shipping, pricing, items, are all the sellers doing, not the site.
So with that said, the site ETSY.COM itself is rather user friendly (until you get to paying). The shopping cart feature is nice to store stuff so you can keep shopping instead of doing 500 one-off purchases, you can come back and go through what you've added and remove what you don't need (or when your husband puts a limit to how many Doctor Who pillows or prints you need).
Four stars for the site because at checkout, if you are using paypal, it will not allow you to toggle between your payment menthods easily. It's an additional 10 steps which gets super annoying.

I wish they offered some type of rewards program for buyers to get points or discounts, but they dont.

New Reviewer

I order a custom made table by HomeByHandChic that arrived broken, poorly assemble, poor quality. I contact both etsy and HomeByHandChic, send them pictures and explaining my issue. Etsy told me to try to resolve my issue with the seller first. The seller will not reply to my e-mails. Etsy closed my case without any notifications. I attempted to log in into my account and was not able to. I even wrote an e-mail to the support system without results. Etsy does not support their client at all. I will never buy anything from this website

Apprentice Reviewer

Etsy is run by jerks! Jason Seger, one of the owners and in charge of Legal has no brains and no integrity. The Integrity team is just set up to hassle sellers and ignore buyers. I was a seller until 10 days ago with three shops and making a full time living off of Etsy. I bent over backwards to help my customers. Etsy allows customers to leave negative feedback for items a shop can prove were received with no recourse for the seller.

Etsy shut ALL of my shops down with no warning in two of them because they claimed was complaining I used their name in listings for jewelry. I had Pandora write to Jason Seger at Etsy legal giving me permission but Jason will not even respond. He left all my shops closed and even pretended to have further complaints and to 'remove' offending material a week after the shops were closed. He will not answer emails at all and the Integrity team will not either. I cannot access my orders to fill those that had paid before I was shut down abruptly.

I had someone 'complain' my items were not handmade and had to go through a huge process of taking pictures while making some lace gloves with a deadline on EASTER!! Finally the rude person closed the complaint but she was so stupid, she did not understand enough about sewing to know I was making the gloves by hand even with 47 photos.

As a buyer, Etsy will not help you if you do not get an item. You have to file a chargeback with your bank. I had two shops shut down and never got a product but Etsy did nothing about it. They are very dishonest and do not follow up with good customer relations both for buyers and sellers.

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I have been dealing with a scam artist store on Etsy named NEOLE. She promised a dress delivered with plenty of time for my daughters prom at the tune of $165. The dress arrived the very day of my daughters prom, of course we had to run out and buy her a new dress the day before knowing it wasn't going to arrive in time. I refused delivery and the post lady returned the dress, the post office shows that she (NEOLE) received the dress and signed for it, aside from the insulting, harassing and abusive messages she has sent me she is saying that she never received the dress and her "attorney" is looking into it. Still no refund. Oh and she has lied to the admin telling her that I sent the dress back to the wrong address and that she has never received it, I contacted the post office and they sent me the paper that she received AND signed for it. The admin has already told her twice to refund me but so far nothing and only her refusal to do so. Her shop is still up and running. Unbelievable

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