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I cannot even leave feedback to my last customers.

I closed my Etsy shop - they treat their sellers like cr@p.

Sent conversation to the seller asking about the item and no reply.

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New Reviewer

closed my shop without proper notice. 1 email in 7 days saying they are over whelmed this all over a perfume bottle,

New Reviewer

I'm a seller of my own handmade jewelry on Etsy. The problem is that there are so many shops now that they claim their merchandise is Handcrafted but, if you Google some of those items you will find them on Ebay for chipper than Etsy and the worst thing is that they are mass produce in China. It's very disappointing to see that Etsy is just looking to make a buck and don't care about all hard working people.

New Reviewer

rather than 5 stars for etsy this is for felicesereno who sells the most amazing vintage items. Great customer service. i am a repeat buyer and he always send out a small gift

New Reviewer

Etsy Harbors Nutcases

I've had some woman who sells only "baby items" in Etsy message me via the Etsy conversations to tell me she will be reporting every item in my shop as she also sells vintage and that my items are not vintage.

I've had no dealings with this woman, I don't even know who she is, she never bought anything from my shop.

Keep in mind I sell only vintage and I have 100% excellent feedback.

The next day I can't log into my shop cause Etsy suspended it with no reason.

I responded by emailing (Etsy) to at least have them tell me which items they have an issue with and I will remove the item/s since I can easily sell them at other marketplaces with no fuss.

It's been weeks and they haven't responded as yet and I'm sure if they reinstate the account I will have to pay again to relist all those items, all because of a nutcase seller.

Why deactivate every item if you only have an issue with one or two?

If an Etsy seller can cause trouble for another Etsy seller without proof and Etsy doesn't have the balls to at least investigate this seller to see if she/he is lying because of hatred or whatever underlying reason, I guess I can return the favor too and sit in wait, buy something from this seller then later leave them negative feedback as payback.

Must I stoop to such a lowly act?

Etsy is harboring some real monsters who have nothing better to do than to cause trouble for other sellers.

I may simply shut down my account and move to another marketplace as I don't have the time to participate in such negative behavior.

Etsy is childish and so are some of these other retarded hateful sellers.

New Reviewer

I had recently sent 3 seperate sellers emails about their products. I received NO responses in 10 days!! I even purchased cardstock and it was 7 days ago and have not received any communication from the seller. I am unfortunately not happy with my experience. I am planning my wedding and I am willing to give people my business, it just doesn't seem like they want it.

New Reviewer

I was looking for some unique Christmas gifts and a friend referred me to Etsy. While browsing on Etsy I saw a shop called Bead A Little Bead. The shop has a lot of different jewelry pieces in it. I had ordered some angel earrings and a necklace as gifts. The jewelry was mailed out the next day with a delivery confirmation number so I could track its progress. It was well packed and came with a free gift. I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking for some cute inexpensive handmade jewelry pieces.

New Reviewer

There are many talented artists on Etsy but also tons of resellers who make the front page every day. Big sellers bully smaller sellers and get away with it regularly. I've had both good and bad experiences buying and selling there. Bottom line, get your own website if you are a seller. Etsy owns their site and your store. NOT you. I don't know why sellers don't understand this. As a buyer, I would rather deal directly with a business on their own website and not have to give Etsy any of my money. Tons of sellers copy each other and accuse each other of doing. The sellers sound petty every time you visit the forums. Doing business there reminds me of being in high school.

New Reviewer

I suppose that your experience with Etsy might depend on the people who sell the specific goods you want to buy. Personally I have only had really good experiences with Etsy.

I have mainly bought small pieces of jewelry for my teenage daughter, who loves the types of handmade things that are offered on the site. In that respect, they are better than eBay, because they are more "boutique-y." Every single thing I've bought on Etsy has arrived quickly and has been even better in-person than in the photos.

I think it's a nice alternative to eBay, and generally I have found their items to be high quality.

New Reviewer

I'm kinda "Meh" about Etsy. There is so much just crap that people claim is handmade that I can tell is being pumped out of a factory oversees.
I have bought two things from Etsy and one was great and arrived and the other one the seller closed their shop and Etsy pretty much told me, "Oh well sorry no refund".

New Reviewer

I just read a couple of the reviews on here and I can't believe there are people from Etsy commenting on peoples bad reviews trying to defend themselves! That right there should show you what kind of site they run! Anyway, my experience. My friend ordered customized bracalets from here for me for my birthday, it was supposed to say something to the effect of best friends and it was two bracalets that when connected spelled that out...simple right? WRONG. They stamped a t where there was supposed to be an i and then just dotted it....okay, so I get it they made a mistake, but then my friend let her know about it and asked her to just send a new half...she recieves the new half, GUESS WHAT, THEY DIDN'T EVEN FLIPPIN LINE UP! ISNT THAT THE POINT OF A FRIENDSHIP BRACALET? My friend then emailed Etsy a THIRD time saying hey I'll give you another try ya know make a whole new one and ill send you back these and do you know what they responded to her? They told her no they wont try again told her to send back the bracalets and they would refund her full price! THEY WERENT EVEN LIKE SURE WE WILL FIX THAT FOR YOU AND REFUND OR SURE WE WILL TRY A THIRD TIME TO KEEP YOU A CUSTOMER, they straight told her to send it back and they will refund. Are you FU*KING KIDDING ME! NOW IM WITHOUT A BIRTHDAY PRESENT THAT I LOVED BECAUSE OF THIS POS BUSINESS!!!!!


New Reviewer

Etsy is an amazing site. It has the best products especially for military family's. Orders are always completed in a timely manner correctly and respectfully. Orders have exceed my expectations.

New Reviewer

Etsy has allowed me to leave my job and become a full time work at home graphic designer. I've had great experiences from my customers. Good communication is key! Thank you Etsy!

New Reviewer

First, I am a seller. I have had only postive experiences in my over 200 sales. Every customer is so complimentary and easy to work with. I am paid immediately and have never had a problem in 4 years.

I have loved every item I have purchased on etsy. When buying, check sold section to see comments from other buyers. Communication with seller is easy and custom items can be accomodated. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

New Reviewer

My wife ordered: Alphabet Set -Wooden Letters -Alphabet Wall-ABC Wall- Unfinished 12" to 6" letters various thicknesses from aworkinprogress off The product was promised to be shipped no later than 10 weeks upon purchase. The company NEVER initiated any contact to inform us they were behind schedule. It has been 23 weeks since the purchase was made. Each time we asked about it we were told another 4 weeks or another 2 weeks. Needless to say the third time we again had to contact them and were pushed back even further. At this time, we canceled our order and requested a refund. Sherri the owner of the company was rude, and unprofessional, in one email she told my wife “to get a life”, Every time we contacted her she was rude and made excuses as to why they didn’t have our order ready. They are not only way over priced, but you may not ever receive your purchase. If you like this product it would be in your best interest to find a more reasonable vendor! They are sold at Michaels for a reasonable price!

Veteran Reviewer

If your looking for handmade items its great.
if your a seller then its ok , ok in the terms thats listing is cheap , but the site has little traffic , so your not going to sell a whole lot unless you have been on a while or have MANY things listed , i admire those people who sell more than 5 items a day .

New Reviewer

well ... cannot even give stars ... if negative stars allowed

ETSY has no support for sellers. They send lots of messages remind you to pay bill ... but when it comes into HELP ... no reply.

ETSY loves to suspend sellers's shop without any message ... but if seller complain about buyer, they said they cannot help/

Poorest selling site ever used. I rather stick back to my ebay(although a bit expensive), and Dawanda //

New Reviewer

I've been selling on etsy for about a year, have over 3000 sales 100% positive feedback. I didn't realize I have a few items (about 8 out of my 400 listings) have infringment problems! Without warning, my shop was shut down. emails or convo take 3 to 5 days for them to reply and it is short and copy directly from their "DO and DON'T" which is sometimes hard to understand. They don't even have a phone number to call if you need help. Even ebay has a customers service hotline. When I try to ask advice in the forum, they shut me down immediately! Horrible service!

New Reviewer

Zero seller support from Etsy itself. They shut down our shop over a $6 discrepancy without any notification and refuse to respond to emails begging for an appeal. No info, no response, they just ignore us completely. We were top sellers last year, and they don't seem to care about the profit loss for their company or the fact that we may be on the street in a month because they completely eliminated our sole source of income. How nice is that? This is a pretty common story, apparently.

Apprentice Reviewer

I LOVE ETSY! So many awesome handmade items. I've had nothing but Positive transactions from Etsy. Highly Recommended!

New Reviewer

Etsy is a website where you can browse and buy mostly handmade and vintage items from various shops.I love this website and can get quite lost looking at all the very unique and amazing items for sale. If you're looking for one piece of jewelery or decor that is unique and not everyone has then this is the place for you. The only issue I've ever had with Etsy is that I had to self-ban myself from going on their website because I spend too much money. Etsy does accept Paypal (or at least all the vendors I've purchased from) and I do recommend you pay through paypal, because similarly to Ebay, I'm sure there are dishonest vendors on Etsy as well, however I have never run into it. ll in all, I think it's a great website, although quite addicting and if you're like me you may have to lock up your wallet somewhere.

New Reviewer

I would give this site 5 stars if it wasn't for the abusive admin. and infantile, unkind behavior of the sellers. There are random, unpredictable rules being applied, sometimes with dire consequences, creating an extremely tense and stressful atmosphere. A jealous competitor can report your items on whim causing admin to close your shop and ban you from the site without warning. There is rampant copyright infringement by handmade sellers going on all over the site but Etsy is preoccupied with the relentless harassment of the vintage sellers and turns a blind eye. If you go to Etsy and put Chanel, Fendi, Hermes, Prada, YSL, etc. into search under handmade you will see what I'm talking about.
You can buy a blank tee shirt, write Chanel on it with a sharpie, list it under the handmade category, put the trademarked name Chanel in the listing title, and even though it is illegal, it's fine with Etsy. But if you list a purse that someone reports as being 1 year shy of vintage they will shut you down.
Make a category for items that are not vintage or handmade and put an end to all the ridiculous nonsense that goes on over there once and for all. We are all sick to death of hearing about handmade vs vintage vs mass produced. Grow up Etsy admin, start behaving like professional adults and run this site like a business instead of a kindergarten.

New Reviewer

This site needs more restrictions. I bought clothing off Thaisaket several months back, they lied about shipping from the USA, I needed the clothing for a gift. I left a negative, The shop owner was rude and threatening about me taking it back. They accused me of not liking Asians. Etsy didn't seem to care after I complained to them. They said I had to work it out with the seller. I also ordered earrings, they were shipped from the same Thai address, I thought I was ordering from a different company, FakeGaugeOrganics, they fell apart in a few days. They wanted me to pay shipping to send me a replacement. Apparently, these people don't make anything, I found them on etsycallout several times. Their feedbacks indicate poor service and cheap merchandise. I have had ok buying experiences on Ebay, but etsy has been the worst. I quit buying there. It is supposed to be a site for artists, but I don't think so. Same stuff on Ebay.

New Reviewer

I heard about etsy & gave it a try. The company I purchased from is Cute Tees; they are awesome. The service is Fantastic , the feedback was the best I've ever had from an online company & even better than a lot of stores I've frequented.
I bought the most adorable birthday tees ( child's name & age on the tee) for my niece & nephew, they loved them. Fantastic product, kids love things with their names on them.
Cute tees you definitely have a satisfied customer who will return many times.
Thanks for making this shopping so easy.

New Reviewer

It was horrible never ever again would I waste my time and money. It's a scam a scam. Beware and for Leigh don't even get me started. What a joke I will be reporting to BBB asap

New Reviewer

Not sure about Etsy from a buyer perspective, but from a seller's point of view - the site is hard to get noticed on and the fees don't take long to add up. Wish there was a better alternative, but am working to learn how this site works.

New Reviewer

As a buyer, I absolutely love the artisans and the items they show in their stores, well, except for those that rightly find themselves on Regretsy, but even that serves me well. ;)
I had no idea how problematic the sellers' situation was, but having sold on eBay, can relate.
I'll keep buying, if you keep selling.

New Reviewer

The etsy webite suckers people who cannot sell effectively on ebay by using the 'artists' ebay idea. They charge you small amounts to tell you they will advertise for you while showing you no proof.

If you violate their very vague TOS they will shut down your entire store, even if you have 100 items in the store and only one was in violation. They clarify all the vague nonsense in their poorly written TOS by informing you that they can shut down your store for ANY reason at their descretion. Any. Their words.

If they remove your storefront for ANY reason you will be responsible for all relisting fees and for all lost monies invested into advertisement and reclaiming your store is no easy task.

Example: if you sell 100 rings, and one of those violates TOS then they remove your entire store. In order to get it back you must email or call them and go through their process which is inept and tedious. Then you must actually ask them to return YOUR store as well as explain why you deserve it back, lol. I have to laugh at that I'm so so sorry. Then you must relist the other 99 rings, paying the thieves twice for the item to list.

There is NO to LITTLE consumer security and every transaction is an at-risk transaction. Every single one.

Buyers and sellers have no idea they are placing their monies and lives into the hands of some people who cannot effectively maintain security on their site NOR handle the amount of artist traffic therefore not supplying promises regardless if consumers have PAID.

Overall...go back to eBay. At least, though overpriced, they are secure, professional and trustworthy. my opinion.

New Reviewer

I have been looking for authentic Native American beaded barrettes. I was fortunate to have found three in the last month. The work by the artists were to perfection. They packaging was superb and like getting a birthday present in the mail. One was even wrapped with a ribbon and a little crocheted doily on it. Packaged with care as the beadwork and quills are delicate. I highly recommend ETSY! I have also purchased miniature tea sets from them and again each little piece was packaged individually and arrived in perfect shapy.

Veteran Reviewer

I reviewed this site because I was searching for something nice for a special friends birthday. Because she likes simple things I wanted to get her a pair of earrings that where different but just very simple. Since she is Polish I found a pair of Poland map earrings that where very unique. They where round and hanging off of what I thought where silver wires. When I inquired about them on the site I received an e-mail saying that they where not sterling silver. I also noticed while reading the order and shipping agreement. That Etsy would not be responsible for any damage during shipping. Also they would not replace or take them back. I could not believe that they expect a customer to take a chance like that. I think that this is not the way to sell merchandise if you can't back the order. This is insane for them to expect the customer to eat the loss after paying for an item. I found a better site that I am doing a review on that does back there products. Make sure to read about Sherry Truitt studios on my review of that site. I hope all that read this review ask questions before placing an order with this seller.

New Reviewer

I love Etsy! The site helped me find some of the most thoughtful and unique gifts this year! Everyone loved them and I felt great about helping out artists. It's just such a cool community.

New Reviewer

I am a former seller on Etsy...very successful and longtime seller, I might add. I had 100% feedback from all of my customers! I went to check my messages one morning, only to discover my Etsy Shop was gone! I went into my email to see if I had missed something only to find a very generic message from Etsy stating they closed my shop. No reason included in this message! Prior to closing my store, I had received NO WARNING, NO COMPLAINTS & NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! I immediately emailed Etsy for explanation, waited over a week and received NO RESPONSE. I emailed again and it's been over TWO MONTHS AND ETSY STILL HAS NOT BOTHERED TO EXPLAIN WHY MY STORE WAS CLOSED!
Prior to Etsy Closing my store with no warning, I had been a very dedicated and hard working seller since 2009. I feel that I am at least owed an explanation! Additionally, I lost all of my sales records that I need for tax purposes, lost all contact information with current customers, lost all conversations needed to complete orders that had already been paid for and several sales that I was close to "sealing the deal!"
As an experienced online seller, I highly recommend sellers stay away from Etsy! They have turned into Ebay! Really Sad!

New Reviewer

I adore this site as an online shopper. A good place for handmade gifts, particularly jewelry. It is also a good outlet for metaphysical supplies, which is something I previously struggled with. There are some things I believe shouldn't be sold (legally), and some items are just silly (as far as price goes). I'm a little surprised at the lack of restrictions. Like I said though, as a buyer, this site is handmade heaven.
As a seller, however, it is more complicated. I signed up not realizing the price. I have had a lot of trouble cancelling my store, and the payment plan is set up so that you are automatically charged everytime the site needs a payment. This, mixed with the difficulty I had cancelling the account, led more money than I would've liked being charged to my credit card. Even after "cancelling" it, the site continued to charge me.

New Reviewer

I ordered fabric on Etsy. I did not receive the fabric. One would think that is a clear cut case. Etsy sided with the seller because the seller could prove that they shipped the fabric even though I never received it. The seller did not insure the package so I was out the money. This is not the way real businesses are run. Plus when you ship something, it is between the seller and USPS, not the buyer. I could not have filed a claim even if it was insured. The seller still refused to do anything. Etsy's response was that it is between the buyer and seller and Etsy is not legally responsible. Apparently you agree to these terms when you sign up for the site. I do not believe this as it was Etsy's rule that the seller used so that they could keep my money. Paypal also sided with the seller even though their own rules state if you don't receive the package, not if the seller can prove they shipped it. I do not recommend using Etsy or paypal. Stick to reputable businesses.

New Reviewer

I love this site. It's so great for buying handmade and vintage. I've only been a member for a short time, but so far I have picked up some really beautiful jewelry and a lovely organic silk-screened tee. It's one of the best sites for shopping because you know you're going to get something unique that's been a complete labour of love. It's also a great community and a way to stumble onto new things you've never considered before. Plus there's the bonus of supporting local sellers. I can't believe how many shops are based where I live! I definitely recommend Etsy.

New Reviewer

Don't buy from SWEET DIAPER CAKES the product you will receive is POOR the presentation EMBARRASSING this seller should be a shame of the poor work put into their gifts.. and want to talk about price GOUGING this shop definitely dose that if you want to throw money away, then buy from this shop..If you want a great quality gift with nice presentation and worth your money DO NOT I SAY DO NOT buy from this shop!!! Beware of SWEET DIAPER CAKES the images of gifts in sellers shop are ok the product you will receive are more hideous then the photos..I actually bought from this seller because I felt sorry for this seller as I seen seller doesn't sell to often I SEE WHY.. My own fault for trying to be nice..

New Reviewer

I don't usually leave comments about anything that I order and I don't know about any of the other sellers on this site but I ordered a glass from braintees and was more than satisfied. Not only was the quality great and the glass exactly what I ordered but it came in a timely matter. Inside the larger shipping box was a smaller, form fitting box along with a nice "thank you for ordering note" and a bow to place on top when I was done wrapping. Great service with this person! I would definately order from her again.

New Reviewer

I have order many times from this website and not run unto a problem until recently. I purchased a tea tree oil face soap and after 3 days I realized, I have not received a shipping confirmation. I contacted the seller, whom after two days contacted me back and stated that the paypal account was having issues. The money still was there but the seller had not taken the money out. The seller stated I would have to send a money order after they got the total. The soap cost $3.50 but there was no shipping cost. She tried to charge me $7.00 for shipping. That is doubled the price of item and I immediately canceled. The website is a handmade website (not all), the sellers are individuals and have a store front where they sell there unique items. You can also find vintage items on the website and very few commercial items but everything is one of a kind. Its a very reputable site.

New Reviewer

Love the huge variety here - I shop for gifts here for my sisters, aunt, and mon - the variety of stuff is endless and beautiful.

New Reviewer

I have had both good and bad buying experiences on etsy. But two of them have just put me over the top. Sellers are not being truthful about their shipping times. They agree to one thing and then either "forget", or "the package came back to me because of not enough shipping on the label"...I ordered a Halloween costume for "bellabowgirls" on etsy, and it was shipped late, even though she agreed in her communication to ship it by the date I needed. I ended up having to go with another coustume for my child for Halloween night, even though I placed the order 5 weeks before Halloween. I am not pleased obviously. Even though there is lots of cute stuff floating around on Etsy...buyer please beware that the shipping and communications, and lies do exsist. These are not big company's, but individuals trying to make a killing off of their marked up merchandise. I could make most of this stuff myself if I wanted.

New Reviewer

I like it overall. Nice place to hang around and enjoy all those creativity there. When they started allowing vintage, I was a bit disappointed, as I prefer all handmade goodies. But it has nice tools and large variety.

New Reviewer

Etsy has turned into a mass produced product store - selling products that are not hand crafted but shipped in from overseas by the thousands. I sell there - or should I say - used to sell there. My small handcrafted items just get lost in the factory mess in search there now.

New Reviewer

The good: lots of unique handmade and vintage items
The bad: If you are not living in USA, you pay lots for shipping (many of the sellers are from USA). Many are handmade so they took a long time to make (beware if the items take too long you will no longer be covered by Paypal - 45 days after purchase rules). So if you never received your items or items are damaged or not as described and 45 days have gone by, you cannot file a complaint and can not get a refund. My advise is to file a non delivery to paypal if you have not received items after a month.
The ugly: Bought some items from etsy seller. 2 months gone by and no delivery (not knowing the 45 days rule of paypal). Sent conversation to the seller asking about the item and no reply. Waited a few more days and sent another email to seller. Finally told me she never got the email (which is weird since I sent through Etsy conversation box), and that items cannot be tracked because it's first class shipping (i did not know this since i am not from USA). That's her only explanation and no other communication after that. I was upset obviously. Especially because of her lack of response and her zero effort in rectifying the situation. After waiting for another week and still no communication and no delivery, I finally gave her a negative feedback stating the truth: Items did not arrive and lack of communication (which is normal if you buy through sellers via amazon or other online shops). Except with Etsy, the seller has the audacity to give me negative feedback stating that she is not responsible for missing items and that she has warned me that first class shipping is not trackable if lost! (no where in our conversation previously did she mention this to me). Besides, what professional merchant will literally give negative feedback and blaming customer for items that the customer has paid and never received? I did not even ask for refund. I felt insulted. Never in my whole life i had such a bad experience from a shop. There are other good sellers in Etsy but this one just upset me too much for me to want to come back to buy again. Stick with reputable shop that will not insult you if they do not deliver. Do not trust the positive feedback you see on etsy. Buyers tend to give positive feedback even if not good to avoid conflict like mine or they give neutral feedback instead. Also, sometimes seller can cheat and cancel the transaction so that they can avoid negative feedback. Beware!

New Reviewer

I'm a buyer on Etsy (i.e., not a seller or shop owner). I used to love Etsy and could spend hours there shopping all of the unique, high quality items for sale. I don't mean to be unkind, but there were always some untalented artisan sellers there. But you could just skim over their stuff. Now when I go there, it is almost impossible to find unique items that also get me excited. Everybody seems to just copy each others designs on there. Boring! Untalented. As a buyer, I'd rather look at quality mass production items than just some handmade beads strung together in an untalented manner. But if I'm going to do look at mass production, I'll go to retailer like Nordstrom.

And it bugs me I cannot search by "most viewed items" anymore. Etsy quit allowing that functionality early on. Here's a perspective from a buyer: when I search for earrings, I don't want to look at 1,000 pairs of earrings, I want to start with ones that other people have found extremely interesting. There's usualy a good reason a large group of buyers have found a specific item or seller extremely interesting on a site for handmade items: talent. I could tolerate the loss of "most viewed items" at first when it was only 1,000 earrings, now it's 10,000 earrings. Yuck.

New Reviewer

I have ordered from several different etsy members and I have LOVED everything that I ordered.

Wonderful people and wonderful merchandise!!!!1

New Reviewer

I absolutely love this site! I've bought about a half dozen items on this site, mostly inexpensive jewelry and craft supplies, and I've never any problems. I have read that they have problems with their treatments of sellers, and I hope they resolve these. I enjoy supporting small business people, getting something unique, and BUYING AMERICAN!

Apprentice Reviewer

I love this place, you can buy original hand craft goods of any kind. If someone has made it, it does exist out there on the internet! Etsy has a way to sign up and talk to the people who create a ton of artistic items such as paintings, jewelery and even clothing. If something is out of stock you have a way to get in contact with the creator/maker and see if they can make one specially for you. I've had a lot of amazing original pieces and jewelry from this site. I highly recommend it!

Veteran Reviewer

I have read some of the past reviews and I can only say that I'm lucky I haven't run into any disputes with sellers or buyers and haven't had to contact the Etsy staff for anything in my approximately 5 years or so of using it. HOWEVER, I did have words with one seller, who I was looking at the switchplates she decorated in her store (which I also had started making switchplates.. I was a beginner so I was looking around Etsy to see what techniques other people used to make theirs). ..I asked her what she used to seal her switchplates with. That's all. And she FLIPPED out on me...saying that she sees switchplates in m store and she knows I'm going to copy her, and shes reporting me to Etsy and all these horrible things.. So I basically tore her a new one, to put it nicely. She apologized because she realized what an ass&*$% she was being, and told me she was having a bad day. Whatever. But that's the only problem I ever had. Other than that, the sellers and buyers have been friendly. I love this site because it's so incredibly inspiring, I could spend hours looking through the stores and items...and spending way too much money on stuff! I sell also. It's just a really fun, really unique website. I couldn't do without it.

New Reviewer

August 2011
Etsy prides itself on specializing in hand crafted items and true vintage items but Etsy staff will just close down your store arbitrarily without reason.

I've been selling on Etsy for almost 2 years when all of sudden, they closed my shop without notice. Apparently, someone thought my items weren't vintage, but they are real vintage, and I have documents to prove so. But Etsy staff didn't ask me. They just closed my shop because one person thought differently. I don't know who that person is, whether Etsy member or an Etsy staff.

Regardless, I've talked to other Etsy sellers about this, and apparently it's very common. Etsy will abruptly close your shop without cause or notice. Extremely frustrating if you're a seller.

More frustrating is, there are tons of new items, be it designer handbags like Tory Burch or cheap made in China stuff that you see on eBay, but those sellers are allowed to stay (because those new items get sold quickly on Etsy in mass quantities, which means Etsy makes money off of them) while true vintage sellers get pushed to the side.

Where's the justice in that?

And good luck if you're a buyer and don't receive your items. Etsy doesn't want to get involved in buyer-seller disputes, so they make you duke it out with the seller directly. This means you can't call Etsy customer service to complain (phone number was un-listed for a long time and now that people know Etsy's phone number, they don't answer it). And you could email Etsy for help, but they don't respond. You just get the automated response....."we'll invesitgate this further." But nothing happens.


Veteran Reviewer

This site offers handmade and vintage products. It is set up somewhat like ebay except that everything is a buy it now product. I ordered a cute hand painted sewing basket and had no issues with the seller I purchased from. Again you have to be careful about who you buy from just as you do with ebay. Check feedback of sellers. It is fun to look at the vintage section on this site because you see alot of things that will remind you of when you were young. You can also set up an account to sell on this site and I believe the fees are cheaper than ebays. You can also order custom made items if offered by contacting the seller. You can usually find coupons for different stores on etsy at

New Reviewer

I love - there are SO many wonderful quality items to buy and the sellers I've bought from in the past have all been so helpful and wonderful to do business with. There is one seller, however that is definitely the worst of the worst. Not only does she have overly priced items, she reports that they are in perfect condition. After making the mistake of buying one of these items and having it shipped to me in UNWEARABLE conditions - i'm talking 20-40 1-4"pulls on polyester no less (can't hide that!) I did not write any feedback. I wish I had.

I asked Cloudninevintage not to send me any more emails about sales or new clothing because I didn't think the clothes were special enough to be so expensive.

The reply was "Well, I think you have your head up inside a very dark place, for you have not clue one (obviously) how difficult it is to maintain and endless cycle of eye-catching vintage. You're a rude, self-absorbed person and karma sucks honey bunch."

Not exactly professional. After reading the few negative reviews on the feedback page I see that I'm not alone. I can only imagine how many buyers didn't write any feedback because they didn't think it would matter (like myself). It DOES matter. The person who replied to me and the other negative reviews is so unprofessional I can only imagine it is a 13 year old girl writing from her bubble gum pink lap top.

Use Etsy as a fantastic resource for gifts. Use the feedback page to write about the seller!

Do NOT use this buyer!

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