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Etsy reviews

325 reviews
Categories: Art, Crafts, Gifts
55 Washington St., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Tel: +1.7188557955
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325 Reviews From Our Community

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We have loved everything we've ordered and received great customer service from all sellers on this site. (in 46 reviews)


(so no seller can steal your money without a punishment, and so no one does.)
(in 179 reviews)


I usually shop through the jewelry but its great to support an artist whos selling their own stuff. (in 123 reviews)

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New Reviewer

After two smooth transactions through Etsy, I was not worried about ordering 2 pairs of earrings from Janet Galla at TrinketsNWhatnots. When the earrings did not arrive after 2 weeks, I wrote to her asking where they were. Supposedly lost in the post. We had a cordial exchange in which I said I would be happy to wait for a new pair. Then she supposedly had trouble sourcing some stones. I still waited pleasantly. Then she stopped replying to my emails. After 3 emails, I made a complaint to Etsy and Paypal. But wait,You CANNOT make a complaint to Paypal after 45 days and Etsy after 60 days. This buyer strung me along, knowing full well that I would be impotent to get a refund--OR EVEN GIVE BUYER FEEDBACK--while I waited with good will for my earrings. She robbed me of my money and both Etsy and Paypal will do nothing to back me up. Terrible terrible customer service from every angle. STAY AWAY!!!!

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware. Etsy will not protect its customers. You can easily be robbed.

Ask Gillian about Etsy
New Reviewer

I joined etsy as a seller last year, i designed and created my own jewelry, it went well for a few months until i realized etsy is a cutthroat site where you compete with other sellers..
i started getting notices from etsy support regarding my items, it seems other sellers were afraid of the competition and started accusing me of stealing text and designs, and that was never true.. you need to realize that when you sell on etsy you are competing with others who at times can be very cruel.. and it seems etsy takes the side of the veteran sellers, leaving us newbies out!! and to contact customer support is a nightmare.. takes for ever for them to reply, if they ever reply.. my advice is that if you ever plan to sell your crafts online! stay away from etsy, i now sell on artfire and its great...


Ask eric about Etsy
New Reviewer

Terrible customer service. No help for missing items !
Etsy says as long as the seller puts it was shipped - too bad if it goes missing.
I bought something over 6 weeks ago and shipping says it never left USA. I live in Australia.
Etsy help team said too bad, seller says shipped so we wont help you. So im out a birthday present and money !!!

New Reviewer

I was afraid to use etsy in the first place but a co-worker encouraged me so i took the plunge... and boy do I regret it! I spent money on jewlery that i am assuming will never arrive. I am very disapointed and sad. I was so looking forward to a few of the peices I ordered. STAY AWAY DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

New Reviewer

great site!!! all products handmade or vintage!!! great prices! unique products! very friendly buyers from all over the world! custom orders! security system!!

New Reviewer

I bought a baby shower gift from this site, and never received it. My friend specifically picked it out, so I bought it. They took the money from my account, which I do have proof of this. It was promised to arrive on July 17 which was almost a month later, but it never arrived. I cannot get a hold of anyone to return my money, in which u can not get a hold of anyone. At this point someone else has hand made these items, and I must add their product looks alot better then the original. I have to call it a loss now and I'm out of pocket nearly $60.00. This is horrible business practices and I will never recommend or order from this site again.

New Reviewer

BUYERS BE AWARE ,,,STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. Purchased a statue that came distroyed 4 days of emails to seller go unanswered. after several hours Etsy called me bac and read their 7 day policy. which is a joke...7 days for seller to answer you then 7 more days for etsy to investigate before you get your money back....STICK TO EBAY THEY GET YOUR ISSUE DONE IN A DAY!!! THIS IS ALL WHILE THE SELLER CONTINUES TO SELL TO OTHER VICTIMS AS ETSY DOES NOTHING!!

This is day 4 still no response from a seller and just got another policy read to me by etsy...they can not even give a admin number for you to call or an address...says alot about ETSY.

New Reviewer

Oh dear. Please do not trust all sellers on Etsy. If you aren't sure what you are getting, don't purchase it. Too many buyers complain about what they got from those "mystery" purchases with a random shirt or sweater and don't end up liking them. I'll admit it's great to find nice handmade stuff and it's great for artisans. I appreciate handmade work and help supporting Etsy shops.

However, I encountered so many bad sellers, I was quite disappointed and didn't want to buy from this place again. You would charged $11.95 to have them ship a pair of pants that aren't even heavy denim. $12?! Not only that, but I got ripped off so many times, it was crazy.

I asked a seller to ship me a pair of high waist jeans with 1" cuffs. She sends me a pair with 0.5" inch cuffs and the cut-off area keeps showing which was NOT what I wanted. I requested another seller to sell me a vintage sweater that was black. When I received it, it was a dark navy blue and it was very scratchy!

Afterwards, I purchased a ring that says it was handmade but it was actually a mass produced product from Asia and it was only obvious after I saw 4 sellers selling the exact same item. Then, I purchased a cardigan and a vintage bag from a seller. When I received the item, the cardigan was not "soft" and comfortable as she said. It was very stiff and uncomfortable. The bag she shipped me was in great condition the first time I gently used it. The strap broke off on its own after storing it nicely!

A lot of sellers are always like "contact me with questions". When I did contact one of the sellers, she took FOREVER to reply and I felt like she was playing the bargaining chip while giving me an attitude at the same time. It's either that, or they think as a buyer, you're being annoying.

As another reviewer said, always double check and research the item you want to purchase. The ring I originally purchased that was NOT handmade, was $20 and $4 shipping. After a few months, other shops sold the same exact ring and charged only $9 per ring.

Etsy in theory is great, but I never made a sale there. I listed a ton of items and wasted a ton of money and sold NOTHING. Be careful of sellers. At the same time, be a reasonable buyer. I respected a lot of no-return policies from those bad purchased. Sadly, almost all the items were either donated, given away, resold or thrown out. Advice from experience: Don't be tempted to buy trash or get charged retail price for clothing that are three decades old.

New Reviewer

I am very satisfied with the stud earrings I bought from Lavanta Bay :)) Nice gemstones and
smooth finish.
Owner is very willing to answer to all your questions and needs!

New Reviewer

Etsy is absolutely terrible. I ordered shirts from there two whole months ago, never received them. I tried to contact the sellee, never replied to me. The sellers will create fake accounts and post good reviews to make themselves look good, but in reality, they suck. Most of the sellers are scam artists in this and will take your money and either not send you your item, or will send you something totally different frok what you bought. STAY AWAY FROM ETSY. IT IS TERRIBLE.

New Reviewer

Etsy is the worst! They have done as much as they can to destroy the quality of sellers that they host by allowing mass produced junk products from China or elsewhere. I know artisans on there, that have had their designs stolen and massed produced in China. I opened my Zibbet stores October 2013 when they announced that they were going to let mass produced products to be sold on Etsy. Yes I was one of the masses that left for Zibbet. In a couple of months of being on Zibbet, I made more sales and special orders than I did the years on Etsy. Etsy doesn't give a s**t if you complain to them. If you do, your stores will be booted off Etsy. They have become just like ebay. Tons of fees. When you need help and contact the admin for help, an autobot sends an email saying that they have received your email. Then they don't do anything. OH! Also don't forget that they will target individual stores and mess up the programing of the store just for giggles. That's what the CEO Chad used to do before he came to etsy.

New Reviewer

I ordered two items from this website. The items arrived at my house 2 days after I ordered them. I had read some bad reviews before i purchased the items so i am really glad everything came out okay. Everything was in great condition and I am very happy with the results.

New Reviewer

Very disappointing..... NEVER purchase a website built by redklovers( I wasn't informed about not being able to transfer to another site and I'm stuck with wix... Which I HATE! Spent $650.00 and didn't receive all that was promised with the purchase and It took over 2 months to complete...And esty doesn't care as long as they make their money.........

New Reviewer

If you were renting an apartment, and were set to move in the first of the month, but were able to start moving in the last day of the previous month, would the landlord charge you the full previous month's rent? Well, they do this at Etsy. No pro rating here. If you open your shop in the last 2 hours of the last day of the month, you then pay the full month's fee. I also think the search is still bad - takes too much time to look through everything when searching for a particular item. Wish I could find a good alternative to the site.

New Reviewer

NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SELLER: Felicia Bowman! Please contact me for to see the picturess of what she sent me. I have all the emails back and forth as well as pictures of the results! HORRIBLE. I ordered this for my 8 year old daughter that wears a size 6 in girls (and she knew that) and I received something that I cannot even fit on a baby doll!!! And I paid and extra $22 to have this dress shipped by an overnight carrier, I have proof and pics that it was sent USPS! She is refusing to refund my money and says this will fit my daughter. IT WILL NOT FIT A BABY DOLL; more like Barbie doll. Please contact me for proof: DO NOT BUY FROM Felicia Bowman: SJFlowerClipsandTutu!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I have been selling on Etsy for just over a year. It is the first online place I started selling my art, and it was well received. I've had over 1000 sales, and I have had problems with maybe one or two buyers only (I think those two were angry at life, rather than my art), but other than that, it's been pretty smooth sailing.

I've had a few issues along the way (a button/link not working properly, etc) and I was always able to get help, first immediately through a forum, and then second through a follow-up from staff which replied to my forum posts and gave me an email address.

Etsy has catapulted me into life as a Full Time Artist. I am really thankful for all the exposure, and the income I have made.

I have purchased some things from Etsy as well, and all my experiences have been great. I generally appreciate chatting with a seller a little before hand, or at least browsing through their shop and sales and reviews to get a feel for the type of energy they provide.

I know that not everyone has had great experiences, as evidence in this thread. Perhaps my experience is unique, in that it really has been 5 star. In any which way, I would encourage other artisans to try it, or something similar out, simply because you never know if you never try, and I didn't even know I was going to be a full time artist, and now here I am, working my dream job.

Etsy works when two people put in effort, both the buyer and the seller. Be kind to each other. Make purchases because they are things and practices you want to support, and items that bring you or someone else joy. Sell things that you love making. Compassionate business practice is, in my opinion, the best way to go about it.

All the best.

New Reviewer

I got ripped off and etsy and the seller can do nothing about it!
Run Run Run Away from this site- there is no buyer protection or ability to leave feedback for the evil sellers if you purchase without an account set up

New Reviewer

I am currently a seller on Etsy who works hard to come up with new designs and sell high quality hand made products. Lately the website is a joke. Many sellers are not honest and use retail products that they sell as handmade and up the price on. One way you can spot this is through the pictures. Try google image searching items before you buy them. If they take you to a retail site then that is where the seller gets the products they send to you. Do not fall into the "Handmade trap," be aware of what you are buying and dont just trust store reviews. ETSY REMOVES BAD REVIEWS to maintain stores images and their own image..

New Reviewer

If I could give Etsy negative reviews, I would.

Don't trust online reviews from Etsy. Not only will you encounter problems with surprise customs fees that are not mentioned anywhere in conversations between you and the seller, you will likely never receive your item, and the seller will hold your money hostage until you give them a false positive review.

No point going to Etsy management to mediate the situation; they condone false reviews, stating that "you can change your review at a later time."

You will never see your money again, Etsy will not lift a finger to help, and you will only be left with feelings of rage and frustration.

This didn't just happen to me; it happened to a friend as well. Just a heads up.

New Reviewer

If a seller wants to scam you there is nothing stopping them, I lost £400 to Etsy scammers. I think this is a very hit and miss website (mostly miss in my experience), it all depends which sellers you are dealing with, some were very kind to me while others simply had their shops set up to scam people.

I did buy a variety of things. I bought some nice things but most were overpriced and not what they were worth. A lot of items from a variety of sellers were were misleading, claiming to be what they were not. One tine I bought what I was told were real freshwater pearls but were really just plastic.

Another time I again ordered a rather expensive necklace, I received it in an envelope with no protective packaging, the beads were chipped the pendant smashed, I could not have worn this it was totally restored, I promptly messaged the selling the sellers response was that I must have worn it to go to bed in or maybe I accidentally fell asleep wearing it, she was very angry and rude to me, she was not willing to apologise even when I sent her photos of what I received.

Many things I ordered and was charged for never arrived and I was never refunded.

On these occasions and many more, I was not refunded and Etsy did absolutely nothing to help, I tried so much to get in touch with them but never any reply. I was scammed out of about £400, I will never use again.

New Reviewer

I gave a 3 rating because I am not sure based on the reviews. I was looking for places that might be enjoyable to sell my handmade crafts or art, whatever they may be. After spending a year earning to buy my supplies and several months of learning more about my craft, getting supplies and spending several months creating, I must say I am beginning to think "why bother". After reading reviews on Artfire and Etsy and doing all that research as well, it seems to be a waste of my time. There are nothing but bickering reviews and disgruntled buyers and sellers, that may actually be the competition just slamming each other. At any rate, it is nothing but headache. It isn't very inspiring and seems like it is more trouble than it is worth as well as cutthroat people with which I may not want to associate or deal with. Discouraged before I even got started is my review.

New Reviewer

Horrible. Etsy has combined my two addresses for some unknown reason. So things I purchase always get returned. I then have to pay extra shipping to get the item. I have tried and tried to fix the problem. Even deleting the bogus address, to no avail.
There is no phone number where you can speak to a person so the problem can never be resolved. Going back to ebay.

New Reviewer

My sister got 2 dresses size 8 for my daughter and niece. They couldn't get the dresses past their chest. They were 2 sizes too small so shesent them right back and was told that the dresses were in horrible condition and it's her fault she ordered the wrong dresses even though shehave 2 small 8 year old girls. She took pictures of the dresses balled up and wrinkled up and they were no where near like that when she sent them back. Windmills and Bubbles horrible

New Reviewer

I left Etsy because of their horrible treatment of sellers and it has continued to get worse since then. I refuse to shop there. They are allowing (not just ignoring, but outright allowing since the beginning of the year) factory made items to be listed as handmade, which is nothing short of a scam. There's other sites where I KNOW what I am buying is truly handmade and I stick to those.

New Reviewer

I ordered an iPhone 5S phone case from one seller.. who ended up sending me an iPhone 4S phone case. The phone case was also very different from the picture shown. Not impressed with this seller/site.

Overall, considering this was a gift for someone, I am very disappointed.

New Reviewer

This is a bit of a nitpicky review, but I have to say it. Etsy is a great place to find some awesome crafts, but they don't do anything for quality control. its a buyer beware situation...

New Reviewer

Etsy does not answer phone calls. They keep taking out money and charging me fees for a shop I closed several months ago. Dont give them any bank account number or debit card information. Dont' sell items here since they do charge miscellaneous fees for a closed account. Nothing was sold, nothing was bought and they keep dipping into my account. Beware. Seriously. You cant get help because they don't answer their phone number or email back.

New Reviewer

when I pleaded for etsy' s help and showed them documentation that their team , so called "trust and safety" says they have read (I have that in writing too). how one of their sellers stole 1212$ on 1/19/14 from me and has been hustling for months now (all in writing and read by etsy so called,"trust and safety" team) now one more day and we are in June, five months the seller has taken over one thousand dollars from me and has been conning me and absolutely refuses to give me my hard earned money back - 1212$ all in writing and read by etsy. etsy does nothing except stand by its seller and to this day that seller is still on the site stealing from good trusting people like me. the only little thing I could do (i thought)is leave the seller a bad rating and write a brutally honest review of my experience not only to let the seller and etsy know that what they are doing to trusting people buyers, who wanted to just pay for goods and got conned and swindled instead it was my one little opportunity to let others know what etsy is really all about= not taking any responsibility for anything at all and totally supporting a seller that to this day that they have written proof of lying, cheating, and stealing from me, and the shop is still up and running. so I leave my review on etsy and then I am informed that my review was removed and there is no other opportunity to leave a review ever again, since: because their 'fight club' rules and regulations are that I cannot write about etsy in any way or even mention their name on the review. the seller also, with etsy's in writing acknowledgment that the seller stole $1212 from me and will not give me my money back and there was never any item in existence, let alone sent, this crooked seller is still protected, no truthful bad reviews allowed, still on etsy's site. I know there were good sellers on etsy. my experience for a brief time was a good one with good small artisans. but please good small artisans: find another venue. etsy is a bunch of thugs that totally stand by any crooked people that blatantly and in writing lies cheats and steals from you. then you can't even give them a bad rating or review. it is really disturbing for me and others to know how horrible and unjust and bullying and crooked they are. etsy is as guilty and maybe even more guiltily of stealing my 1212$ with no merchandise in exchange ever, ever(and written proof of this) just as if not more guilty of stealing my 1212$ as their crooked con artist seller is and this has got to stop and this should not be tolerated. I am happily assisting in generating a class action suit against etsy now. they should not be able to get away with supporting their extremely (in writing) illegal sellers as well as etsy's own extremely unethical and inhumane business practices. buyers, honest good legitimate sellers, potential buyers of any potential etsy stock shares (as all analysts will also be informed of our experiences as well as any pending class action suit against etsy) please all decent honest law abiding ethical people beware, please beware . etsy will not be in business stealing money from people and doing their best to silence people for much longer. time for the truth to come out about etsy.

New Reviewer

I have been selling on Etsy for over a year now and have found it to be a great market place for selling handcrafted Items. As a seller Etsy is what you make of it, if you offer good customer service with a quality in demand product you will be successful.
As a buyer you must be smart about who you purchase from just like you do with any other market place. Check reviews, read policies and contact the seller with questions before your purchase and you'll probably have a good experience as well as a unique product not to be found anywhere else.

New Reviewer

I purchased stained glass from karenmiles who struck me at first as very helpful... until the product did not arrive. After calling, emailing, trying to get any indication at all, it is six months and I figure it must all be some sort of con. I would NEVER use this site again. As one reviewer put it, you are on your own if your seller simply disappears as happened to me. I should have never trusted her since she just kept the money and because she kept delaying and delaying (perhaps on purpose) it was long past the period where one can even post a review. Stay away from karenmiles and the etsy or buy at your own risk. It is really disappointing that people pretend to be professionals like this and then act like criminals.

New Reviewer

I want to give this site a zero.. But here is why a 3 I have had a few good experiences but recently I had one that is making me consider ever using this
Site again. My boyfriend ordered me a "handmade" print for Mother's Day. The shop owner gave him a timeline of when it would arrive (before Mother's Day) it NEVER ARRIVED. He then contacted the store owner and she stated
It had been mailed and she didn't understand why we didn't get it but would send a new one. Sounds to me like she never mailed it. Another week and half went by and today I received her "handmade" print. She printed something off
Her computer... It's on computer paper. WOW!!! I could not have been more disappointed. If I were you I would NEVER order from COLORSANDMORECOLORS

New Reviewer

As a seller its a NITEMARE!!!! They treat you like S#@t and you can not get a reply out of them when you email them with a problem but when they want you for something its a different matter, they are straight on your case. I really don't understand why they do this? Customer is the main priority to run a business and they just haven't got a clue! Very Very Very poor :(

New Reviewer

I HATE THIS SITE!!!! I email etsy support to solve my problem but no one answer my email .......... I always email them almost everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

New Reviewer

I use Etsy on a regular basis and I have never had any issue with the site or the service. I love all he variety available.

New Reviewer

I used to be addicted to ETSY, now I've had it. I had wonderful experieces until recently. I've had two horrible expereices where sellers take advantage and ETSY sides on the seller, not to buyer, whom makes them the money BTW! I've had it with that website and will not be on there again, NEVER!

New Reviewer

My name is Gloria and this is my experience. I ordered 3 items thru Etsy using seller RAWEARTHSTUDIO. The seller made me wait over a month for the merchandise, and NEVER answered my emails asking for the merchandise, I contacted ETSY and opened a claim asking for a REFUND...all I received from ETSY was generic email responses. After a month and one week I finally received the merchandise that ended up not being as described, bad quality, cheap material, frustrated I mailed everything back to the seller thru return receive request and registered mail, the seller are not answering in reference to my refund and ETSY is telling me that I didn't following the proper procedure with the seller before mailed everything back to her. My question is how could I? the seller never responded. I never received any help or support from ETSY before were too late... I have mail a letter to ETSY Director if he have more common sense than their Safety Trust Team. I am very disappointed from this Corporation and please if you are reading this feedback DO NOT BUY anything from RAWEARTHSTUDIO and her owner that has all the licences by the way expired she is not reliable, she will stay with your money and know how to manipulate the system and ETSY looks like its part of the SCAM.

New Reviewer

My order never arrived, the supplier did not communicate and gave no support or have any method for redress. In the end thankfully PayPal was able to arrange a refund, but I would not recommend using the Etsy site as they are simply connecting buyers and sellers but offer no back up or support when things go wrong.

New Reviewer

"Purchased a $250 custom Disney cosplay/Halloween costume from etsy seller Sherryval (AKA "Imogen Valentine" SherryImogen and ImogenVal) in Sep 2013. Sherryval agreed to ship costume in time for Halloween. After failing to ship the costume on the agreed date, there was no way it was going to arrive for Halloween. She never made my costume, lied several times about having made it/shipped it and after many delays and excuses eventually admitted that she had never made it and would refund my money. She told me she processed the refund several times and lied about why it hadn't gone through. (She never initiated the refund.) She stopped replying to my e-mails asking her for the status of the refund.

I found that she opened a new shop at When I contacted her through the new site the seller was openly hostile and refused to refund me, stating she shouldn'thave to foot the bill for my mistake and "buyer's remorse" (I paid her for a costume, never received anything) and that she does not do refunds?! Not sure how she would be "refunding me something she never sent, let alone made. As of Apr 2014 I still do not have my refund. My belief in her multiple lies caused me to be unable to report this to etsy, paypal or my credit card in time to initiate a chargeback.

Etsy can't help me because it went past the reporting period - I think this is a problem specific to etsy's allowing sellers to do custom listings. The processing time can take so long that by the time someone figures out they are being scammed it is too late to get $$ back from etsy, paypal, or their credit card companies. Etsy needs to put better processes in place for custom sales.

Discovered that this seller is now operating outside of etsy under several names, including Sew Smitten Commissions, Sew Smitten Creations and Sew Smitten Seamstress, among others. Even with insistence from law enforcement, this seller still refuses to refund my money. "

New Reviewer

I'm hooked on this site lately! Beautiful unique handmade items of all kinds! I always look there first before going anywhere else!

New Reviewer

Ordered a masquerade mask from a seller for my daughters prom and it was never shipped! I found out the day before the event that the seller had debited the funds for the purchase but did not ship it. Her response? She no longer had the item, we could get a different one instead. Really?!?! I got to pay Amazon 4 x the amt to have a different mask shipped the day before prom. I'll never do business with that site again.

Apprentice Reviewer

I love the idea that this site is giving small businesses (mainly artists) a venue to sell their art. I had a very good experience with my first purchase (a magnet board) and would try it again. Although, I bet your experience would vary based on the artist that you purchase from.

New Reviewer

The Etsy website has a very comprehensive cache of custom products available for purchase. I was able to find perfect custom invitations for my son's first birthday that will stand out from the rest, for sure! My transaction was completed easily and my order was sent to me the next day. I will definitely be shopping via again.

New Reviewer

I really like this site because I can get unique gifts for my wife. The site is pretty easy to use. I've never had an issue with any purchase I've made through them.

New Reviewer

I had a store with etsy for about 4 months. I was making about $7,000 on sales per month until a $#*! called Kaycie from "integrity team" suspended my account.

I appealed the suspension and she denied it. One night, I got an email from her and she called me " damn guy" and replied and asked why she was calling me like that and she pretty much said " haha I suspended your $#*!ing store".

I do not understand how a company like etsy can have a person like her working on the integrity team. I have never ever in my life received an treat like that.

I was in shock when I read her message. I still have that message if anyone would like to see it. The message came from integrity at etsy . com

Poor company and stuff.

New Reviewer

I purchased 50 mini-tubs from TheChalkFactory ( via Etsy. I spent $85 on the product plus shipping. It arrived quickly and upon opening the box, I found that several of the tubs had exploded inside the box all over everything else, staining the paint brushes and other tubs. I contacted the seller, and she said "not my problem - take it up with the post office". I opened a case with Etsy, and they said "not our problem, take it up with the post office."

So, the seller on Etsy did a lousy packing job, blamed the post office for improper handling, and now it's my problem to deal with, and I had to rush order other items from What a waste of time and money!


New Reviewer

I hired someone who owns StudioForThree for my business cards for letterpress with two colors with printed edge. And it came out with no printed edge and misplaced alignments and wrong size. He admitted all his mistakes and willing to print out again with no charge. But the trouble started from that point. I sent him a file with bleed lines for (cutting and safe line) I told him that clearly. He made the cards with all bleed lines included but then he blamed me for sending me the file. Second cards came anyway by paying for the second plates but to make long story short I had to correspond over email with him over 100 times. It was such a nightmare to make simple business cards with this guy. Very un professional and unpleasant attitude. He even sent all his son's photos of surgery when he was asked why the replacement never comes. I never had anybody so unprofessional and in a small box thinking person till this guy. I would never recommend this to anybody. He even posted my business cards with my artwork on the website and claims that he own it?!!! He wont deleted when I asked him to. SUCH A NIGHTMARE ! NEVER NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS WEBSITE OR STUDIOFORTHREE. THEY HAVE STUPID POLICY.

New Reviewer

Horrible customer service. Ordered 2 items and seller tracked both items in one tracking number. I only got 1 item. seller emailed me saying she has no idea what she sent or what I ordered, but etsy still sided with her. You can never get a call back from a person, no one must read those emails of "i don't know". Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!!.

New Reviewer

Zero stars! Ordered an item a month ago- never arrived. Impossible to contact ANYONE at Etsy. They're like eBay in the bad old days. Filed a dispute with the credit card company.

New Reviewer

Bridesmaid dresses ordered on Affairyland were delivered to an incorrect address. They were shipped from China, so it took a long time to figure out that they were delivered to an incorrect address. Affairyland refused to generate a claim with UPS for reimbursement, and they refuse to reimburse me. Since it took so long for this to come to fruition, it is now too late to "Report a Problem" on the website. I now have to pay for another set of bridesmaid dresses. Very disappointed.

New Reviewer

STAY AWAY!!! I ordered a dress from Angledew through Etsy that came to me COMPLETELY different from the photograph, which the company denies even when I sent a photo, no way to get reimbursed, Esty washed its hands of the affair. Lost $60
never order from CHINA!!!!!!!

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