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Review of DresSale

DresSale reviews

433 reviews
3-2 Hua Qiang Road, Tianhe District, ROOM 2401
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

433 Reviews From Our Community

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the customer service is not that bad as the reviews above lol x (in 84 reviews)


I got my wedding dress from here, and I am delighted with it! (in 48 reviews)


I stumbled across Dressale looking for a prom dress I had seen pictured in multiple other places before. (in 16 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

They sent me a dress from jChina, with no size tags, or tags of any kind! No receipt, just post marked from China. The dress was way too small, and I cannot get an address to return it. I am having my credit card dispute this. What a hassle , this company should be turned in to the better business bureau. In fact, I think I will do just that.

Ask Roxanne about DresSale
1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could give no stars I would. Worst customer service ever. Ordered dress according to their directions and it came back too small. Asked to return and followed their many emails back to me. They offered only 5% back on dress and that they did nothing wrong. My advise, never order from a company that is based in China.

Ask Valerie about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

This company is not honest. Their clothes are not what you see in their adds.
I ordered a dress for a wedding and after weeks it arrived too small and not looking at all like the add.
I cannot get an address from them to send it back so they have my money and I have a dress that is of no use to me.

Ask Catherine about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

Pleas save your money people the are false advertising everything.. Your purchase will not look as shown on pictures... It is a big scam and these people need to be shut down for good!!!! Sons of $#*!es!!!! And please be aware that 3-5 day shipping means 3-5 weeks instead!!!!!

Ask Drea about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

The company is a total rip off! They are not custom made. They won't ship until they get your measurements and then when the dress doesn't fit they say it is a standard size based on their designer charts. I would have no problem returning the dress for a refund, but that isn't an option with Very hard to communicate with any representatives. Don't waste your time or money! Rating 1 star because NO stars are allowed by this site! Buying American made only from know on!

Ask Cara about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

I AM NOT affiliated with Dressale. This is an honest review. I stumbled across Dressale looking for a prom dress I had seen pictured in multiple other places before. I ordered, because it was on sale, put in custom measurements, and the same night, received an email telling me that things were confirmed..blah blah. It was set to arrive on March 3rd. I ordered Jan 29th.
1. The emailing is sketchy. I do agree that they are not always clear, and they have trouble understanding. Keep your emails simple and they should reply wholeheartedly.
2. PUT IN CUSTOM MEASUREMENTS. I can not stress enough that the extra $20 is worth it. Do not trust sizing on sites if you have the ability to be specific. My dress came in and fit my like a glove. If you want to order it bigger to have it taken in if needed, then add a few inches to your custom sizing, but do not choose a preset.
3. Getting insurance is up to you, but remember they are shipping from China, and since some reviews are not reliable, there is no way of knowing whether or not your dress is stuck somewhere in an alley or in the ocean. They might snag you with the "you can not return it after 7 days" bill.
4. Don't get your hopes up. Sure, what is pictured may look really good, but that is not you standing in the dress. Do not expect yourself to look like a model, you should expect just a well made dress that flatters you in the right areas. (I'm shocked that people bought wedding dresses on this site.)
5. Give it time to process and ship. I waited a whole month. My dress arrived the 29th of February, earlier then expected.
I hope these little tips helped, but remember that not everything is as it seems on many of these sites. Be careful with your money, and make sure you read up on reviews before ordering-always!

Ask Brianna about DresSale
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a dress with customer measurements and color. Prior to placing the order I wanted to confirm the material of the dress I was purchasing. The online chat representative confirmed it was satin however, when I received the dress it was chiffon. There was an option for gold or silver beading. I choose gold and instead of beading received an awful sequins. Also, the only thing tailored to my measurements was the length. I reached out to them with proof of my order and the confirmation from the rep prior to my order as well as an email confirming what I ordered. They insist on me keeping the dress because, I quote " We have no use for it." Initially I asked them to send what I ordered and they continue offering me discounts in 5% increments insisting I keep the dress. At this point the occasion has passed and I will like my full refund and the return address to send the dress back (which they will not provide after asking multiple times.)

Ask Louise about DresSale
2 reviews
22 helpful votes

Oh sure, the pictures on line look nice but...
I, as the Mother of the Bride, ordered a dress from this company. In the picture online it looked nice. I ordered it 2 sizes larger because I had a feeling it would be made small and I could just get it altered if need be. I'm a 10, I ordered a 14.
When I received the dress 2 months later, it was stuck in a cardboard box, inside out and was so stiff, very unlike how it looked in the picture. When I went to try it on I could not even get my arm in it. I have no idea what size this was, but definitely not what I ordered.
I emailed this company 4 times regarding this problem and they never replied.
I then went to their "chat" online and they gave me an email address for support.
When I explained the problem they said I was too late to return it, that I only had 7 days...whaaaaaat????
Then they told me to measure the dress and take pictures to send them. When I did they said I was sent a 14. Then they told me to keep it!
I don't know who these people think they are to treat a customer this way. I originally had no idea it was coming directly from China. If I had I would not have ordered it in the first place.
This company claims to be in Kentucky, not China. There products are less than acceptable and their customer service even worse. What a scam...I
I'll reporting them.

Ask Judy about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered dress as a size 6 (cause that is my size) and I received it in the form of a Barbie doll dress! It was so small, no one would of fit in it! They absolutely will not exchange it for a different size! GORGEOUS dress, but I am not a size 0! If I cant have it fixed I will call my credit card company and dispute it! They are the biggest scam artists I have seen on the internet, and they are the reason I hate to buy stuff on line!!

Ask Wendy about DresSale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I recently ordered a dress from this site and it was fantastic! The dress looked EXACTLY like the photo from the website. I truly recommend this site, especially because everything is super cheap and affordable !

Ask fatima about DresSale
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

This website fraudulently steels consumers money. Even if you cancel your order before it ships or even processes, they refuse to refund your full money. They do not comply with what their own terms are for refund unless theyre scamming you into deducting a million fees and returning only a portion of your monies for no items recieved. They dont readily disclose the amount of processing time each item takes before they even ship it so they are misleading consumers on their website. Ive beem trying since the 29th of Nov. to get my money back with no success. I opened a PayPal dispute and tomorrow Im calling my bank.

Ask Ileana about DresSale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I received the dress and it was cheap and stiff and too small; and they will not give me a refund. they said "Please understand"!!!!!!! as the reason they can not refund, Do NOT buy from this site!!!!

Ask Lois about DresSale
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

they have the worst service and plus I am going get marry next month i order on Oct 19. i told them right of the bat I need the dress whole thing white the mess it up. I get a phone call this last Sunday that the mess up. He wouldn't give me reason what happened. I told the company i want there phone number everything they said they don't do that. I said i want a refund. they gave it back like 1 day then took it back. then I get a message that they send it to me I don't want it at all. they have the worst Custer service. I try to talk to be people before I never been treat like in my tired life every. I think they need to refund everyone money. They treat people unfriend. plus i try to talk to those people and they would even talk to me on the chat windows at all they would hang up on me all the time or stop talk to me also I thought that would total rude. i would say are you there hello no one would answer back. they did that to me 4 times . I of those Lady, Men was tell me you never pay your bill she said you order 2 of them i said what are you talk about i never order 2. I had to prove that I pay it, she was treat really rude to her I told her I wanted my refund she told me they would call you 12 hours they never did. before that Sunday night they say they will get in touch with you 24 hours i never heard from the company also at what so ever. this is why i want my money back they don't even tell you what they are doing. This is another reason they should have a phone if some going on they should give it to you if some going you can get in touch with them. Instead of this stupid chat window and get with this rude people don't know what going at all they are very rude in the first place. They didn't even listen to me. I don't want nothing to do with them they have the worst site i ever been at in my life. i think everyone shouldn't ever go there again. Report them. Get them off then they will get lose there site and total and they will not be on busy no more. they will have better company that will help people that them. we don't need people who rip off people and wont refund your money at all. You never get your dress or they mess them up or mess them up. We need to take them down. They have did the worst for me. I need my money back for real. I know there been other people Complaint on them also. i want them taken care of thank you for my time. I am only 5 foot tall.
Spend over 254.95 on my Wedding dress. They do have a lot fraud. In there company. they wont help you period. Let me show you what this.RayLynn : 178458 I need my money refund
Lucas: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
Lucas: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
Ray Lynn : Lucas if you guy don't send me my money back
Ray Lynn : I want a full refund of my you all own me
Ray Lynn : from my wedding that order
Ray Lynn : Lucas i know you still there
Lucas: Please email to, write down your order number and problem ,we need your email to confirm and as record My colleague will confirm the problem and solve it ASAP
I have don't this. they don't listen at all.
Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'sandy'
Chat InformationHi, friend. How may i help you today?
sandy: Hi,this is sandy
sandy: what can i do for u plz
Raylynn: sandy your company sent me a dress with 2 codes 1 being 178458 nbut go0t chargesn for it
Raylynn: I also told you im as as a hobbit . Im 5'0 how can you help me please send me a refund of both purchases i have the purchase numbers for you 88326 and 151110 . i can tell you if your company is sham you will be hearing from my lawyer who happens to be my son in law thanks you.
sandy: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
sandy: let me check
Raylynn: excuse me sandy, I am a very unsatsfied customer. saying yull be with me in a second means nothing i need a response asap or my son with file charges , because this is not a B.B.B company. so please get back to me .
sandy: As i checked,you have sent us the email to our customer service,my colleague will hanle with you
Raylynn: that is not satisfactory, my wedding is december 11th i will need a full refund of both purchases, and a package and label fully paid so i can send the dress back to you thanks.
sandy: The dress has shipped to you
sandy: have u got it?
Raylynn: yes i have recieved it. which is why i responded to you. so far have not gotten one solid answer. its been rep after rep. so please let me know asap. thank you
Raylynn: I told you i have the dress already
sandy: colleague will handle with you
color may vary by monitor
This is a finished dress tailored and photographed by All rights reserved. Copying or otherwise reproducing this image is strictly prohibited.
Transaction ID: 2KC42133C3493674P
Hello Ray Lynn Sylvester,
You sent a payment of $254.95 USD to DRESSALE. (
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
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Shipping address - confirmed
Ray Lynn Sylvester
222 partridge lane
mesquite, NV 89027
United States
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Dressale Purchase
Item# Receipt-178458 $254.95 USD 1 $254.95 USD
Subtotal $254.95 USD
Total $254.95 USD
Payment $254.95 USD
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *DRESSALE"
Payment sent to
ID: 1-178458
plus they charge me for 40.00 ups also.
if you want there true address pm I have it.
Customer Service:
For questions regarding order status and other after-sales supports, log in to My Orders and click on the order you need help with. From the detailed order page, you can easily review order details, track order progress, and request help by Submitting a Customer Service ticket. You can also email us at We will respond within 1 working day.
If you need information before you buy, you can start a Live Chat with our online sales representatives. If you are not comfortable with real time chatting, you can also email us at We will respond within 1 working day.
Our Office in The United Kingdom is SAIR LIMITED. The address is Third Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH.
Our Office in HongKong is JARDE(HK)LIMITED. The address is UNIT 04, 7/F BRIGHT WAY TOWER NO. 33 MONG KOK RD KL, HONGKONG.
For copyright issues and the other legal issues, please email us at We will respond within 1 working day.
I have notice where you order your dress they have different website. they don't keep there word also.

there address if you want have it

they called me today and told me that they don't know how to refund me my money on the credit card. They have no ideal how to do that. That is another reason you don't want to go thur

Ask RayLynn about DresSale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a wedding dress that took forever to get to me, and was evidently coming from Japan and stuck in customs. When finally received (after the wedding) we tried the dress on, it was sewn in an odd type of measurement. sleeves too tight, breast area huge, trunk of body extremely small and belly area in front bunched up and was as if sewn for a pregnant person. I tried to return it, and I could not get a return address from the first-name only people responding to my emails. They repeatedly cut and past the same message to me stating that I am not allowed to return the dress. They stated that I am basically stuck with the dress, and they do not accept returns just because I am unhappy with the dress. then they insisted that I try the dress on and send pictures to them. I don't even know where these people are. They also said, do not send to the japanese dress, as it will just be lost and I will not get any money back. I AM LIVID!!!!!!! I WOULD SUE THEM, BUT I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!! The only people that I dealt with besides this first name only crew, was the shipping company. Very odd company and very odd apparel. I am stuck with a $150+ dress that would not fit any normal human being.


Ask Melissa about DresSale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a veil and needed for a wedding today. Their site said it will arrive by today and it has not. I chatted with a rep at Dressale and they said it will be here soon. They said it left Hong Kong and it is on it's way. I told them to cancel, and they could not help, told me to email customer service. I would not recommend them at all, don't waste your time, just get what you need from a US company; you can't even call them. Total waste of time and their service is horrible.

Ask michael about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a dress that did zip however the fit was completely unflattering and the beadword was not shown well online and was very gawdy. The neckline doesn't rest against my skin in floats an inch over my shoulders. They refuse to issue a return as they believe "the dress looks nice with me" clearly English is not their first language. The dress was also lined with awful foam padding that made the dress boxy and heavy.

Ask Samantha about DresSale
1 review
1 helpful vote

Couldn't understand the woman from China's messages when she called very early in the morning and then they had the gall to say it was out of stock, and gave a separate excuse that it was too complex to make in the measurements 35-28-35 and for a person 5 ft 4 inches. Offered an exchange and requested a full refund immediately so I could buy a dress from a reliable source! I also said I wanted and accept no other offers besides a full refund. We will see what their response is and keep updating.

Ask Kristin about DresSale
1 review
1 helpful vote

Do NOT use this company. Dress was very different from the picture they stole from another vendor's company. Their Customer Service is even worse than the dress. There is NO RETURN POLICY despite what their site indicates. I went through PayPal and was able to get my money back.

Once PayPal returned my money they THEN wanted the dress back. They couldn't use the dress as "handmade custom for you special from fine material" (since when is hot glue a fine material??) and returning the dress would be "waste of dress maker and time money."

They now wanted the dress since they weren't being paid and they threatened to have "black credit record done to you" which would "do bad to your life" because the didn't want to "harass you as well!"

They also keep changing their site name and change bad reviews on their site to 5 star.

Ask sam about DresSale
1 review
2 helpful votes

Ordered a dress that looked nothing like on the picture. You could tell it was meant to be the same dress but it was quite different. I tried to return it and they wouldn't take it back. Terrible company. Terrible customer service.

Ask Marilyn about DresSale
1 review
4 helpful votes

Buyer beware! Dressale is nothing but a rip off! Questions about your order.....don't expect any help!

Ask Vicie about DresSale
1 review
3 helpful votes

I Bought a dress from Dressale. As stated by most reviewers they don't know how to make a dress, nor do they have any standards or customer service to fulfill an order correctly. They steal your money and have you emailing back and forth to no end.. Now that I have returned the dress directly to their sweat shop in China (Address and Account is on the label when the dress arrives - save the shipping label) I have an insurance company writing to tell me that someone has submitted an insurance claim for the exact amount I paid for the dress I ordered from Dressale. NOW what do you call this? Someone has used my name to submit a claim to an insurance company for the exact amount I paid Dressale for a dress that was returned back to them, which was made WRONG and NO good to me! I am seeking further action. BE AWARE!

Ask L about DresSale
1 review
5 helpful votes

My dress was ordered one size larger than I normally wear. Still does not come close to fitting. I have been emailing them back and forth now for ten days. Their response is very rude and belittling. They will not issue a return ticket telling me it is my fault I ordered the wrong size. I ordered a premade size....not an individually tailored piece. If someone has the address to return please let me know as I want this dress to go back to them! I've filed a dispute claim with both my credit care and PayPal. Do NOT do business with them....this has been the biggest hassle ever!!

Ask Tami about DresSale
1 review
3 helpful votes


Ask Irma about DresSale
1 review
4 helpful votes

i buy a dress and when i got it it was too small and i did not get my money back so i would not buy anything more that come from and i did not know that it did not make in the usa it make in china and i pay a lot of money for it

Ask sonia about DresSale
1 review
6 helpful votes

Got a dress complete disaster. No way I could wear to a wedding. Top part did not align with the bottom part. Slit was too high and way out on side. Terrible customer service. Asked was to get it fixed locally. Nobody locally would even touch dress to fix it. Never order from them.

Ask Ela about DresSale
1 review
6 helpful votes

i ordered a dress two sizes too big to make sure it would fit and when it arrived it was two sizes two small. I emailed the company and they said to lay it flat and measure it and take photos of it which I did and they said I didn't do it right. They also sent the wrong color so u wouldn't wAnt it if it did fit. They won't exchange it or refund my money. They said they would give me a discount on another dress but I don't want to take the chance of it being wrong again. So now I'm out $226 and have no dress. They didn't label the size on the dress or even include a packing slip in the box.

Ask Donna about DresSale
1 review
4 helpful votes

This is the worst shopping experience I have ever had. DON"T DO IT!! I sent my purchase back. The emails back and forth for 3 months are so irritating and repetitive on their part. I give up trying to get my money back.

Ask Tasha about DresSale
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I feel so stupid for not reading these reviews before using this company. The dress I ordered did not show up in time for my event. I tried to cancel the order and was told the dress was made and I couldn't cancel it without a BARRAGE of fees which were nearly 3/4 of the cost of the dress. I had countless email exchanges with them - they are the most crooked company I have ever dealt with. When the dress finally showed up it was the WRONG color!!! When I told them that they said I was wrong and to look at an attached color chart, but there was no attachment. I sent them photos of the dress which was supposed to be dark green and it was a teal blue. I sent them a copy of my invoice which showed my order to be DARK GREEN, and they still will not do anything at all. I am SO furious and feel SO frustrated that I am just stuck with this $185 dress that I will never wear. I will take it up with PayPal but I double I will ever see my money or the correct color of dress I ordered. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE - THEY ARE FRAUDS!!!!

Tip for consumers: DON'T DO IT!!!!!!

Ask Cianne about DresSale
1 review
11 helpful votes

Company has no HONOR! Ordered a dress with major issues. Followed the directions for a return..23 emails back and forth with their Customer Service with they can refund me 10% for my troubles. Still fighting - Return Order # 173105. This return situation has gone from being an annoyance to MORAL IMPERATIVE.

Ask Chris about DresSale
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Came upon this website by accident. Pictures of the dresses very deceiving. Checked the return policy before I ordered. Guaranteed return if damaged - what a joke. First, the dress was 6 weeks in coming (from off the rack -- not a custom job). Finally received it only to find that the zipper does not move, up or down. Tried everything I could think of to move the zipper without ripping the dress. Attempted to return the item as damaged. Sent pictures. Was told by customer service that "from the pictures the dress looks fine." How can you tell that a zipper doesn't work from the pictures? Spent way too much $$$ for something I will never be able to wear. Do not waste your time here.

Ask Dianne about DresSale
1 review
9 helpful votes

Well I got a piece a $#*! from this people with one sleeve longer than the other . after them giving me a million excuses and not accepting my return and offering me only 20% . I dwny and I started a claim with my bank. I had to submit evidence of the emails and pictures but hey I got all my money back.and now dressale is harrasing me to send their dress back and telling me I have to paid for shipping. Which they can suck on it because I don't have to do anything. So if you are in the same situation go to your bank. Don't let this people steal your money.

Ask david about DresSale
1 review
10 helpful votes

If you would like to keep your sanity, just run away from this website. Ordering a dress for perhaps the most important event of your life should be enjoyable and exciting. I ordered a dress through dressale to save some money but I didn't check reviews for the company before I did so. Which was completely irresponsible. The morning after I ordered I came across this site and immediately went to dressale to cancel my order and get a refund. Their policy is a full refund if cancelled within 24 hours. I cancelled in 17. I won't get into the nitty gritty details of my numerous messages to them as after a week of arguing with them I did get a refund. They will not honor their policy, so just do yourself a favor and order elsewhere. I finally got my refund because I went to my bank and filled out a "disputed charges" form that was sent to Dressale. Make informed decisions about those you are giving money to for a product or service and protect your assets and information.

Ask shelly about DresSale
1 review
7 helpful votes

This company has been the worst to deal with. After the dress showing up way to big, I have gotten no where with trying to get a return address. After reviewing their website, it says they pride themselves on having a REASONABLE return and exchange policy. When you try to open then link, the paged has suddenly expired. Trying to deal with the customer services incorrect grammar and limited insight into how bad they return policy is, has been a miserable experience. Do not order from this company as it will likely be a miserable experience for you as well.

Horrible company. Horrible customer service. Stay away from this company.

Ask Teresa about DresSale
1 review
7 helpful votes

I ordered a 3 piece champagne outfit and got a 2 piece yellow strapless outfit. I bought through Paypal and am still fighting for a credit. Return shipping charges are mine to bear - roughly half the cost of my purchase. Don't buy from them!

Ask Jan about DresSale
1 review
9 helpful votes

Please do not buy from Dressale! They will send you $#*!ty merchandise and then if you want to return it you'll have to pay hundreds of dollars. I can't believe I didn't research more before buying--this has been the worst online buying experience of my life. Customer service was terrible and now they are threatening to SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. Filing a complaint with BBB. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! I guarantee any good reviews are being written by their cheating, scheming, horrible employees.

Ask Kristina about DresSale
1 review
9 helpful votes

I already submitted my review, but I want Pay Pal to get involved. They told me in a phone conversation that if there were enough negative reviews, they would not work with this company. Ok, I think these reviews say it all! This company needs to be shut down! Worst ever!

Ask Lori about DresSale
1 review
8 helpful votes

The measurements I provided for a custom made dress were apparently ignored. The dress does not fit and I contacted DresSale for return instructions and got nowhere. They demanded "powerful evidence" photos showing the dress measurements, so I sent photos to them on several occasions - each time receiving absurd, illiterate replies. It's my own fault for not realizing DresSale is in the country that sent us poison formula and dog food, and rotten sheetrock. Bottom lines is that all sales are final regardless of whether or not they send you what you ordered.

Ask Kelly about DresSale
1 review
11 helpful votes

Please contact PayPal and issue a complaint about this business! I called and they are holding payment and refunding me! If Paypal gets enough complaints maybe they will not allow Dressale to do use them anymore. This will hurt their business in a very large way! In the US call 1-800-221-1161 outside US call 1-402-935-2050. Please everyone do this! Lets shut them down!

Ask Jennifer about DresSale
1 review
7 helpful votes

Don't order a dress from, no matter how good the price is. No matter how much proof you have that they have made a faulty dress, they will not refund it at all. I emailed them around 20 photos documenting with a tape measure, and they still wouldn't refund the dress.

The dress they made for us was too large in the bust by 2 cup sizes, they said this is to be expected. The neckline was visibly crooked, they did not scale the proportions of the dress at all. Meaning, the model of the dress was a woman who was very tall, we had the dress made for my daughter who is at least a foot shorter and they did not scale it. So my daughter looked like she was playing dress up in clothing 2 sizes too big.

Ask Sarah about DresSale
1 review
4 helpful votes

My mom found this website and I found a dress that I really liked, so not thinking anything I just went ahead and ordered and after receiving a weird email that looked like a computer threw together it scared me so then I went and looked at reviews. I was stressed out for 2 weeks until I received the dress. I bugged them like every 2 days on live chat! I'm happy with my dress, it fits and looks great. The beading does look different on the dress then it did in the picture but it still looks great.

Ask Cierrah about DresSale
1 review
9 helpful votes

I am so sick and tired of fighting I am going to every website that has complaints on them and pasting my complaint and any info that I have on them to shut them down and have people to stop being scammed and cheated by them.

Li Yin

Floor#2 Building49 Changhuajituan,Huqiu Road NO.58



Jiangsu Province, 215000


Telephone 15151501502

Ask kymm about DresSale
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered a satin evening jacket which is very cheap looking and does not fit right. I have spent so much time trying to find out how to return it. I have submitted 3 so-called tickets, had online chats, and sent multiple emails, along with photographs that they insisted on. The final straw was the email I received this morning. They sent me detailed directions for how to take multiple measurements of the jacket. I have filed a complaint with the FTC but am pretty much resigned to accepting the loss. I am just so angry but cannot waste any more time trying to resolve this. Seems like that's their strategy and they have succeeded.

Ask Roberta about DresSale
3 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have NEVER had a worse online buying experience!! Please RUN don't walk from this company they are a TOTAL SCAM!! It is a sweatshop in China and that is THE TRUTH!! I ordered a dress from them with a month to spare that arrived a week after my event. i would not even call what arrived a dress, it was a satin NIGHTMARE that in no way shape or form resembled the dress i ordered! YOU CANNOT RETURN their dresses (that is using the term "dress" VERY loosely) because they put NO RETURN info in the shipping BAG that comes from somewhere in China!!!

Ask Dawn about DresSale
1 review
9 helpful votes

I bought a dress that looked absolutely gorgeous in the pictures.When it arrived I was horrified. The dress looked nothing like it did in the pictures! The material felt extremely cheap and the fabric looked like it was thrown together in a hurry. The worst part is that it was delivered in a box with no papers at all so I cant even return it. Biggest waste of money I have ever spent.

Ask Kelly about DresSale
1 review
10 helpful votes

I just purchased a lavender dress and it was supposed to be a thick flowy polyester fabric. ......BUT IT IS BLUE SATIN!!!!!!

RUN MY FRIENDS RUN away They are scam artist tryna to feed off the insecurities of American women!........I probably will never see my money again but I will warn ppl!..


Ask TARA about DresSale
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4/9/15 is the worst company I have ever dealt with concerning purchases online. Although their return policy states that they will return for problems, it is completely not true. The item I ordered was a totally different color than the one they sent. It is for a wedding, and so must match. It is not the color of the swatches that they say to order from, but they will do nothing to help, exchange or refund the item. They offered a "10% off coupon" for my next purchase. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! They really think I'm going to continue to order from a deceitful company who will not stand behind what they make or send? DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I just wish I had looked at the reviews before I did! I wish the ratings options included a "0"!!!

Tip for consumers: My tip for others---Don't use this site!!!!

Ask Leslie about DresSale
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I was worried because of previous reviews.. They are all crazy! My dress is fabulous. Well made... Thick quality material. Fits like it was personally made for me. Well beyond my expectations . Seams are tight, zipper is perfect and jewels are amazing.. I'm telling everyone. I didn't need to talk to customer service.. Dress arrived on time as expected, even though it was Easter weekend,, nice surprise

Ask Susan about DresSale
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I order a lot of stuff online, including clothing. I have never had someone refuse to let me send the product back. When I got the dress it was made too small, couldn't even get it zipped. The shoulders were not even so the dress would not lay down - and the lace they used was so itchy, even if it did fit I would be miserable all evening at my daughters wedding. I tried working with customer service and their only answer is ' it passed their quality check' - I would hate to see the ones that don't pass their check.

BEWARE - do not order from here as there is no way to return if it doesn't fit or isn't what you thought you ordered. The price may be cheap but I'm stuck with a dress that I can't wear.

Ask Diana about DresSale
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They sent my dress, I honestly had no issues with it. Months went by and I got a strange email saying they reimbursed my account (which they have not) and now want me to mail the dress back to China. I have now received three threatening emails that they are going to post my personal info on social media if I don't mail the dress back. FRAUD!!!!!

Ask Liz about DresSale
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BEWARE!! I made a big mistake ordering from!!!!! The dress looks nothing like the picture. And I asked Benny several times if the dress had sequins. I was told there would be NO! sequins! This dress has rows of cheap, ugly silver sequins!!!! Also, I ordered a IVORY dress!! The dress I received is WHITE!!!! Horrible!!! Benny responded to my frantic emails about the sequins and continues to tell me the dress doesn't have sequins.....I'm looking at the ugly dress!!!! IT DOES HAVE SEQUINS!!!

Tip for consumers: DON'T USE THIS SITE!!!

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