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California Pet Pharmacy reviews

33 reviews
Categories: Pet Meds
3250 Arden Rd
Hayward, CA 94545
Tel: 877-554-4797
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33 Reviews From Our Community

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I used to order from the company that's always on TV for the last 5 years. (in 27 reviews)

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California Pet Pharmacy has been investigated by LegitScript, a NABP recognized organization that vets online pharmacies and has been given "legitimate" status. For more information, please visit the Legitscript report.

New Reviewer

Their lower prices encouraged me to try them in the first place but I was completely disappointed with their lack of responsibility and poor customer service. I will never again do any kind of business will them and do not recommend them to anyone, based on my sad previous experience with them.

I bought my dog's heart worm prevention pill from California Pet Pharmacy but did not hear back from them about the shipment of my order for several days. I had to call them a few times in order to make them follow up with my vet to get the prescription verification and ship the product. When they finally did these steps, I was told that I will receive the product in a few days.

However, a few days later, I was told that the date on their current pills will be expired before I have enough time to use them. They told me that they will receive a new batch of pills next week and can send me then. I agreed but did not hear back from them for the next 2 weeks after that. I had to call them again and a rude customer service told me that they only have the previous batch of pills with the expiration date earlier than the time I can consume them all. I asked them to adjust the number of pills based on the expiration date in a way that I will have enough time to consume them all. To my surprise, they added extra shipping/handling cost to my invoice in order to send me the pills. At this time, my dog was a month late on his pills and I only wanted to get hand on the pills. So, I agreed to get the pills and pay for the additional shipping/handling cost.

Based on my experience, they have rude customer service, poor follow up on your order, and lack of responsibility that creates a horrible experience. I will never ever buy any product from them and do not recommend them at all.

New Reviewer

Cheap prices got me in, lack of fulfillment and broken promises on order #1 will keep me from returning.

Order placed Nov 5, vet confirmed two days later. Received a call yesterday stating the firm needed my vet's name, which was on the original order. I have ordered these online for the last 5 years and get them within a couple days from every company I've tried, with the exception of California Pet Pharmacy.

After speaking to a representative yesterday, I told her that my dog was in pain without her meds, and her mobility should not be made to suffer due to the complacency of the company. I was assured the meds would be sent out overnight by the representative.

Receiving an email this am stating my order went out today (13th) and I would receive the product in 3-6 days. I detest being lied to.

I will gladly pay a bit more to have an ounce of service.

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible experience! I order my dog's arthritis medicine on 10/31 because her prescription expired on 11/1. They informed me that there was a generic medicine that was available for half the price so I was very happy to save about $100 on her 6 month supply.

A few days later they informed me that they would need a new prescription written for the generic. I said that I did not understand that because it's was supposedly the same medicine with the same ingredients, just a generic name brand. I told them not to worry about it and just send me the original prescription as authorized by the vet because I had since moved across the country and would not be able to return to meet with the vet for the new prescription.

They said that since it was now 11/4 they would not be able to refill the prescription. I gave them the order number from my original order on 10/31 and they refused to help even though I submitted my order on time. The whole process was horrible and I will never purchase anything from them ever again because now I have to pay for an unexpected vet visit to get a refill which should have been honored in the first place.

New Reviewer

Great Prices
Great Customer Service
Received Order Quickly

Great prices mean I can really afford the third little orphan I took in.
The Email responses I received were prompt, personal,, and helpful.
I am telling everyone

New Reviewer


Tip for consumers: NEVER AGAIN. STAY AWAY.

Ask MIKE about California Pet Pharmacy
New Reviewer

NEVER AGAIN!! !!! I paid for Priority shipping. They shipped USPS First Class. It took 10 days to receive. I called Customer Service -- they told me they were back ordered. This should have been disclosed when order was placed. I would have cancelled and ordered elsewhere!

New Reviewer

We have used California Pet Pharmacy in the past with orders for flea and tick meds and heartguard. They were pretty good reasonably priced products and shipping was timely. Now comes the bad experience I just had when ordering Comfortis for my dog. I had ordered this in the past from them and it worked out well. This time the comfortis was not in the original packaging instead it was in a plastic vial and the pills were in sealed foiled paks with lot numbers and dates. Our dog became terribly ill after taking the comfortis,..lethargic, thirsty and just plain "OUT OF IT".
I took him to vet and after 200.00 and several shots and fluids he is gaining some appetite and slowly getting better. When I called the company that manufacturers the comfortis, their reponse was that they do not offer any assistance as I purchased the product thru an online pharmacy. So I called the folks at California Pet Pharmacy and they as well offered no compensation or assistance. I realize that the best solution would be buying the product directly with our Vet, no more online pharmacy dissapointments.

New Reviewer

I placed an order for my dog's medicine. She has heart failure and the pain and suffering that she will experience without this medicine is more than she can bare. When I placed my order over the phone, I was given 2 options; Free shipping or Priority shipping. I paid for Priority shipping. They used First Class (Free) shipping and my dog will pay the price for this mistake.

Instead of apologizing for their unethical practice, I was given excuses as they tried to convince me that this was ok in their business. For some cases, this wouldn't have been a big deal. In this case, it's a huge deal and they acted as if they did nothing wrong. This company (specifically the "Customer Service Manager") feels no obligation to hold itself accountable for their mistakes. When a customer pays for Priority shipping, there is NO reason why they shouldn't get Priority shipping. Instead of finding a way to make it right, their only options for resolution would leave me, the consumer, paying for their mistake.


New Reviewer

They are very good and I have had no problem I use pads on her tail and shampoo, ear drops.
I really enjoy the low prices.

New Reviewer

I have used them twice, the first time they completely screwed up, tool forever to send out my dogs prescription after receiving authorization from the vet; I figured it was a fluke and gave them another chance...Bad Idea! The second time I used them, I payed extra for expedited shipping: They called the morning after the order and let me know the vet wouldn't approve the revolution because it was the wrong size, I asked they call the vet back and let them know I measure the flea meds myself, and to call me back if there's an issue...Never received a call, so I figured I should get my meds in a matter of days ( I ordered priority mail, I'm in Cali). Three days later I get an email from them, stating the order has not been shipped and is waiting on authorization! This company is a joke, I will never rely on them again for my pets meds, and neither should anybody else! I asked that they waive shipping, and they said no, so I had them cancel my order all-together.

New Reviewer

I have ordered RX from them three times. the first time went well. the second time was too slow with receipt of the item and the third time was totally obsurd. I ordered on a veterinarian told me the faxed the script to the pharmacy on MONDAY. the PET PHARMACY claims they received it on TUesday. I am in ORegon they are in time difference. I called and spoke to people three times trying to get them to ship my order out as quickly as possible...explaining I had a senior dog that is dying...this is his pain medicine. i was repeatedly assured that it would ship out at the latest within 72 hrs of receipt of the 72 hrs from Tues would be Friday at the latest..but they hoped to get it out on THrusday...allso suggested the 2 to 3 day ship upgrade. NOW it is Tuesday a week later and guess what...they just shipped it out today!!!!!!!! I was livid. I called and they offered to refund my ship! now my dog feels better! allso they sent a letter stating that there had been some availability issues with all the bad weather we were having in the country...OK then CALL THE CLIENT and inform them so they can decide what they need to do so their animal is safe and comfortable...this company never showed and sincere regret...only embarrasment at their actions... I do not reccomend them to anyone that has any time frame they need their meds a month ahead if you choose to work with this highly enept company.

New Reviewer

Deceptive & incompetent is my opinion of this company.

I ordered a product called Premend "10ML" from them early on Feb 25. I paid for Priority shipping. It did not ship for another two days with no notice that the meds would be shipping late. When it arrived on Mar 1, four days later, the package contained a "3ML bottle". Remember this is a medication for my dogs eyes.

When I called them, they made a couple of offers for resolution, including return of the original, none of which helped my dog or that would reduce the time until another package arrived with a return label for the original shipment and quicker availability for my dogs meds.

I would not use this company again.

New Reviewer

I had purchased from California Pet Pharmacy in the past. A few months back, I purchased Trifexis for my dog. She had taken it for over a year. Last month I gave her her monthly dosage. Within hours, her behavior changed. She became lethargic, hiding under the bed, and stumbling as she tried to walk. She also vomited several times. I called CPP to get help, file a complaint and to try and get a refund. Also, when the Trifexis arrived in the mail, it was not in the original packaging. It was in a prescription pill bottle. They told me to call Elanco (the maker of Trifexis) and would not issue a refund. They told me that they could not help me. Great customer service, huh? Even Elanco couldn't help me because the Trfiexis didn't come in the original packaging. It took a couple of days for my dog to become herself again. I took her to the vet as well for bloodwork and a urinalysis. I will never buy from CPP again.

New Reviewer

Never again. Deceptive shipping practices. I paid for overnight shipping since my pet was sick, but I found out after the fact that they wouldn't actually ship overnight unless I paid $55. This is extortion. Customer service lied. Buy somewhere else.

New Reviewer

I ordered a vial of medicine (monthly) which costs me $172.50.
It arrived today cracked and frozen.
They will not replace it. Rude insult.
The best they will do is charge me an additional $86.25 for a new vial ( plus $35 overnight shipping)
Well, NEVER pay them any money or give them any business because you might have to throw your money away in the end.

New Reviewer

Find somewhere else to order from.. I got to pay 35$ for overnight shipping 3 days later I received my vetsulin. That's not all. I ordered syringes and the alpha trac and on day 5 (paid overnight shipping) have yet to receive them. My dog is diabetic and I have rescheduled my vet apt 3x because of these people... I will never do business with them again and will be spreading the word.. I gave them 1 star only because I had to. Ugh.

New Reviewer

I ordered Frontline Plus for my two dogs. I ordered a 6 month supply of each. The frontline did not work at all so i called to return or exchange them for a product that will work. They will not do an exchange or a refund because i used one of the 6 vials. They hide their horrible return policy in an inconspicuous place making darn sure nobody ever sees it (which is illegal - if you have a return policy that differs from the standard you are required to post your policy in a CONSPICUOUS place ensuring that the consumer will see the policy before purchasing the product) They are very rude, you cannot call and talk to anyone, you have to leave a message and wait for days for a return call. If I could give zero stars I would. I have nothing good to say about this company.

New Reviewer

I ordered pet wipes for my bull dog. I recived them very fast. the prices were unbelivable.. very resonable. I paid 25.00 at my vet for these and paid 8.00 from calif pet pharm.. Love this comapny.. will order from them again. Diane

New Reviewer

Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a pet supply company. These people took my order and money, and never shipped anything to me. So after 14 days of waiting for my dog's medicine I finally called them. They then told me that the medicine was on back order. I canceled the order and then two weeks later just to see if it had some in, "because I was still tempted by their pricing" the girl "Jessica" told me if was in stock and they had lots of it. So I re-ordered it and then 20 minutes later she emailed me saying it was on back order. These people are flat out liars to your face on the phone and offered horrible customer service. They did not call to tell me the item was on backorder, and lied twice to me about it being in stock. Fraud and lies. I will NEVER call or order from them again. Go to 1800 pet meds instead.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering here for close to two years and have not had a single issue.

New Reviewer

I live in New York State and ordered flea/tick treatment. The price was very reasonable and the products arrived in a timely manner.

New Reviewer

I have had nothing but positive experiences with this company. Their prices are very competitive, which is primarily why I continue to order from them, but also their customer service has always been friendly and accommodating. I've had items shipped overnight and I have also used standard delivery, which took 5-7 days, as indicated. I recommend this website.

New Reviewer

The first time I ordered I received the order in a timely manner and was happy with everything...I thought the price was great for the prescription I was ordering. When I needed to reorder the prescription they took 10 days just to process the order before finally shipping it out..and that was with me calling 2 times checking on it. My dog has ran out of her medicine and I still have not received the order.

New Reviewer

DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LIVE, BEWARE A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!!! I spent a long time placing an order, putting in my personal info, financial info, my vets info for prescription, etc. and after all that, they accepted my order and then, later, sent me an email telling me they don't ship to my state!!!!! It is terrible that they don't point this out the moment someone lands on their site to avoid people, like me, wasting such time and energy.

New Reviewer

First, let me say that their prices seem more than fair. That is the only positive thing I will say. I placed an order and after 6 days of waiting I decided to go look at my order on their site to see what was going on. I had not heard anything from them since placing the order so I was under the assumption that all was good. Go to the site, order cancelled. When I contacted them about it all they told me to do was refer to the first email they had sent me saying ~thanks for ordering blah blah blah, processing your order now blah blah~ so I emailed them back saying that they didn't answer my question at all by referring me to the first worthless email. after that, they decided to actually give me some real info in saying that they do no ship to my state. the only advice they had for me was to change my shipping address to a state that they ship to.. are you kidding me with this crap? so not only did my order get cancelled, but they didn't even inform me about it so I was left sitting there waiting for nothing. Customer service is a joke.. Do no recommend.

New Reviewer

Specifically ordered RX in original bottle. Received loose count RX.
This is the second time this has happened. Will never do business with this company again. They can't get orders straight.

New Reviewer

I received an order from them and it was incomplete. I immediately called to report I was missing 3 out of 12 items. The packaging employee was not in and they said they would call me back next day. I called them the next day and was told the employee claims the order was complete. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she repeated the same, and said my only recourse was to dispute it with my credit card company. This was an order for two prescription drugs which were packaged. The pro-biotic, which can be purchased on the internet without a prescription, was missing. My total order was over $300. The three missing items were less than 10% of the total order. It was not even the most expensive item in my order! No credit with them was offered or to reship. There are many other reputable pet pharmacies on the internet that offer the same products. Even if I have to pay a few pennies more I will NEVER use this company again. Beware: They do not treasure their customers.

New Reviewer

I ordered a critical prescription for my cat with cancer. I was told it would ship the same day. A week later when it hadn't arrived, I called them and they didn't even have it in stock; it was on back-order and no one even bothered to call me. Not only that, they quoted me one price and charged another on my credit card. This IS the truth. I would definately go anywhere else!

New Reviewer

Great place to buy pet meds. I have been using them for the last 2 years for my 5 dogs. My mobile vet pretty much refers all his clients to them. Living in Florida with fleas can be expensive and I am glad to use California Pet Pharmacy.
-- Janice

New Reviewer

Stay Away! There are plenty of sites that can actually follow-through on a sale.
I have spent sooooo much time chasing and wondering what is going on
First it was my vet's fault then it was my Internet provider....definitely not their issues - they tell you all about their procedures, which is nice, except they can't deliver product.
The day I called was miraculously the day they found the paperwork. Huh?
They can't get the job done and leave you in total silence
Use This site just once to see for yourself!
They are inadequate
Use this once and you'll see for yourself!

New Reviewer

AWESOME! I used to order from another company that I didn't even know was not a licensed pharmacy. I guess you have to be licensed to do this stuff and it was some vet selling stuff out of his clinic pretending to be a pharmacy and got shut down. I found these guys and they took care of obtaining the prescription approval from my vet and even offered me a consultation from a pharmacist. WOW. I didn't think all this was required to sell pet medications but I guess a pharmacy is a pharmacy whether its human or animal.

New Reviewer

I used to order from the company that's always on TV for the last 5 years. I noticed over the years that their prices keep going higher and higher and now aren't too much cheaper than at my vet's. So I started surfing the web and came across this company and decided to give them a try. Not only are their prices lower but service is fantastic! The only problem I had was that they're on the west coast and I'm in New York so the time zone difference comes in to play when I call there. But I'm recommending these guys to all my friends and family!

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Q: I, too, noted the "unverified" status. It notes, "...not had an opportunity to determine whether meets our standards."
The question is:
Why hasn't legitscript taken the opportunity and determine if they do "meet" the standards?????
A: I looked at the legitscrip report, and it does not indicate "legitimate" status. It indicates "unverified".
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