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Herengracht 597
Amsterdam, 1017 CE, Netherlands
Tel: (888) 850-3958

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We stayed in Hotel Sentral in KL Malaysia about a week ago. (in 239 reviews)


Great site that is very customer service oriented. (in 71 reviews)


I recently needed to change my credit card information with (in 58 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I made a reservation at Hotel Cervantino using When I arrived at the hotel, the receptionist had my reservation but claimed there was no record of my payment. The hotel also claimed that their credit card machine was not working. They required that I pay in cash. Since I had just arrived in Mexico, I did not have enough pesos with me. They sent me out on foot to find an atm machine. Once I paid for the room in cash and got to my room, I found the hotel had already charged my debit card. When I reported the problem to, they required my bank statement and copies of my receipts from the hotel before they would even make a call to the hotel to resolve the issue.This level of customer service is unacceptable. I will never use again.

Tip for consumers: Don't use Their customer service is the worst on the planet. No company with service this poor can stay in business for long.

Ask really about
New Reviewer

I won't be using them again because they sold me a room that the hotel did not have when I arrived and it was not because they sold out of the rooms the hotel did not have them period! I will call and book direct from here on out

Tip for consumers: DONT USE BOOKING.COM

Ask Jonathan about
New Reviewer

I booked a Euro5,000 holiday to Megeve for a week for my family in a "new" ski-hotel called Chalet Salomon. I searched it on TripAdvisor and did not see any reviews so I spoke to They said because the apart-hotel was new, so their were no reviews. The "hotel" had sent me the booking forms to confirm the reservation, but I decided to search for press coverage of this new hotel - nothing, Then I realized that the whole hotel was a FRAUD.
I contacted to tell THEM that they had a fraudulent hotel on their site. They were still taking bookings!
I was furious (although thankfully had not confirmed or paid for the booking), I insisted that find me an alternative.
Now for the really maddening part - they made another suggestion - this time a legit hotel. There are 6 of us, my husband and I and our four children. The apartment-hotel they suggested looked good and when I booked the site gave us the option to have one double bed and four singles, or three double beds. I clicked on the four single bed option. Confirmed and paid the deposit.
The hotel just emailed me to say that the website ( misrepresents the room and actually it is only 2 double beds that cannot be split. The third "bed" is actually the sofa in the living room!!!!!
Yes you are reading all of this correctly. is THE WORST booking agency I have ever come across and I cannot imagine how many people are experiencing miserable holidays because of them. DO NOT USE them without complete and full understanding from the actual hotel about what you are booking.

Tip for consumers: Make sure you contact the actual hotel directly as totally misrepresent the truth.

Ask Catherine about
New Reviewer

The room rate given to me when i made the reservation was fair, but when i arrived at the Ramada East in Houson they made me wait 2 hours before putting me in the room. There were 7 of us in our group waiting for 2 hours for vacation to start. Why? because the reservation wasnt sent to the hotel. They had no reservation for us at all. Thank God i brought the paperwork. Then they put us in the dirtiest most dilapatated room ive been in. BULLET HOLES IN THE GLASS DOORS! black mold in the bathrooms, and broken everything. Ugggh. next time i may have to go back to trip advisor. This sucked.

Tip for consumers: Just book the room yourself or go through trip advisor. Easier. Faster and at least you will know you A.) wont die from gunshot wounds. & B.) Will have the room you thought you reserved when you arrived.

Ask Lori about
New Reviewer
12/15/14 gives all your credit card information to the property owner!!! What does it mean? it means you are giving your card information to people you have never seen and you do not trust them. I experienced money fraud from my account after using AVOID THID TERRIBLE WEBSIE; otherwise it cost you a lot....

Tip for consumers: AVOID BOOKING.COM it is really TERRIBLE

Ask Philip about
New Reviewer

Overpriced the hotel. Had problems with abuse of credit card used to hold booking. Money refunded eventually. Stressful and time consuming experience, never to be repeated.

Tip for consumers: Check hotel web site on prices/offers before using

Ask Itm about
New Reviewer

A totally useless site. I booked a room through this site for the first time. Just fell into the trap of them advertising cheaper options. first got a booking confirmation then say booking could not be processed due to problem with the card. and top it all it says booking cannot be cancelled without losing all the money.tried calling up their number not in use. called the hotel to confirm they say ask Tried calling next day and highly accented guy says will take another 24 hours to tell u whether its confirmed or not and then while am still talking to him says thanks and hangs up on me!! N I still dont know whether the booking is there or not.whether i shall try booking any other hotel or not.
guys just spend lil more money and go the hotel website itself and book. atleast u can be assured of a room.Not wasting precious time calling up outright rude people.

Tip for consumers: Just don't use this site..go to the hotel website and book. maybe lil more expensive but definitely peace of mind

Ask Ruhi about
New Reviewer

One of the worst services. I booked for the End of the year family stay at Atlantis Dubai.
First booking got canceled and when I called there representative (Anna) promised to come back to me about the reasons for booking cancelation.
For 3 days they never came back and when I called them again, they informed that now rooms for the earlier prices are not available and they can not do any thing.
I feel cheated.

Tip for consumers: Please be careful with them whilst book as I have heard similar stories from other customers

Ask Hifzur about
New Reviewer

Dear Hotels around the world.

I am the owner of the hotel who need to express my feeling after using service by selling rooms onlines has a VERY RUDE SERVICE from Elegant Staff ESP.Customer Service.staff and Credit Control staff.

Why ? : they NEVER prove the situation although we have an evidence.

ex. Mr.A did NOT check in but they judged Mr.A checked in because Mr.A said he checked in. So we ask more information about check in time, room number, check out time and receipt. They reject to give more information and ask for commission although we have evidences which can prove. I think this is called " CHEATING ".

I feel like the elegant staff who trained from Huge Company like NEVER care the hotel. Because they always think they are big.

I will tell you this is a high profile company but give LOW services, LOW investigations LOW hotel partner protection by LOW people they trained elegantly for service industry. also has a Problem with Review Investigation.

They never know the truth but Liar can write a misleading message on the hotel page without the best investigation from them ( ). I mean the best responsibilities and compensations ???

Anyways I think, Many thousands agent sites which ALWAYS READY TO WELCOME HOTELS as below CAN SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS IN THE BETTER WAY and this is not gonna be the problems for hotel marketing if hotels will not care same as they did not care to hotels.

Some of Distributions Channels :

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and More +++

I hope solve these problems in an effective ways !

Why ? : Because works with hotels not slave partners.

Tip for consumers: Dear Hotels around the world.

I am the owner of the hotel who need to express my feeling after using service by selling rooms onlines has a VERY RUDE SERVICE from Elegant Staff ESP.Customer Service.staff and Credit Control staff.

Why ? : they NEVER prove the situation although we have an evidence.

ex. Mr.A did NOT check in but they judged Mr.A checked in because Mr.A said he checked in. So we ask more information about check in time, room number, c

Ask Booking about
New Reviewer

Totally dishonest service. They clearly say that your card will be not charged
and they charge you at short as you add your Credit Card.
I was on troubles with my Bank and on unhautorized Overdraft.

Please avoid this service. Go to Xpedia or other provider.

Ask Max about
New Reviewer

i just love i use it for all my travels - around the world! i reached some kind of Genius level and it gives me even more discounts. very pleased.

Ask Tori about
New Reviewer

Worst experience ever, this is the first time I use this website, and it tells me my booking can not be cancelled. I was not aware of that at all!

Ask Eric about
New Reviewer

do not book with this company.800 pound has been taken from my credit card and i do not go to hotel well 30th went out on 4th nov and as still not been refunded ,they keep threatening to return it but its been 2 weeks and its still not returned.nobody should be able to take money without your card bill is due for payment today so interest will go on this anount .customer service is nil its like speaking to programed robots they dont want to know when anything goeas badly wrong,so 4 phone calls 3 emails later still not goy my money not book with this company bad

Tip for consumers: do not book with this company no customer service if anything goes wrong

Ask sheryl about
New Reviewer

it's easy to find hotel with them but not cheap, I traveled to London and booked through found good hotel but letter I found the same hotel more cheapest.

Ask Joel about
New Reviewer

This is the first time I've booked a hotel through and it has turned to be the worst nightmare ever. After making the bookings, I received an email from 5 days later to say that I have to make changes to my credit card details. I did so immediately and also called the hotel and to confirm. A hotel personnel returned my call and informed me that he will wait for the changes to be updated on their system. Since then no more correspondence was made to me from the hotel or so I thought that everything is confirmed. 2 days before going to the hotel, I received an email from that my reservations have been cancelled. This really made me upset because I've made all the arrangements and knowing that I'll still be charged for the bookings. When I spoke to the personnel of, she mentioned that it was my fault for not replying to the email which I have obviously done so. She mentioned that there's nothing she can do about it and again said that I did not reply to their email. Only after I threatened to take legal action did the lady call the hotel to reinstate my booking. However after putting me on hold for 30 mins she said that she'll have to call me back as she couldn't get any answer from the hotel. I immediately called the hotel myself and spoke to the manager. He looked up the system and told me that they did not receive the updated credit card changes from Within 30 mins of him sorting out this mess, he finally managed to reinstate my bookings which I'm really grateful for. Let this be a lesson to me and to others not to trust or any other online companies to do the bookings for you. The best thing is to book it with the hotels directly. Avoid 3rd party transactions.

New Reviewer

Have been using for many, many years. I have never had a problem with their web site. I always compare their price with the hotels price. I find the hotel descriptions and amenities are generally the same. Also the extra information that provides has certainly been a help. So far so good and hope that it continues that way.

Tip for consumers: Always do your homework. Once you check the information on the web site I always check the information on the hotel's web site, if the price is the same and policy is the same than I book directly with the hotel. Many hotel's do not have a web site of their own and that is when comes in most handy. No problems ever.

Ask Phil about
New Reviewer

This is a website for booking hotels online. I am writing this review after they put up my rating while strangling my review of the place they trapped me into booking. The problem is, the line between salesmanship and con-art is absent with this business. When I tried to book a hotel online, they showed one particular place as the cheapest option, and that there was only one room left. Once I booked, there was still one room left at the same price. When I made he trip I realized it was the crappiest possibile place to stay and other reviews confirmed that.
There was still one room left at the same price on the website!

The booking site is crappier than the place, because while the website would not allow me to change the booking without paying a large amount, the receptionist told me that it should not be a problem to change it as long as the booking agent was fine with it.

A few days after I checked out, they sent me a mail for review and today I got a confirmation that my review was published. I go to the review site and realize that they have erased the contents of my review and put "There are no comments available for this review", which confirms that their business tends more towards conning.

Tip for consumers: this site may be useful for getting the addresses of the possible places but by all means avoid booking through this site and go directly to the website of the places you have chosen.

Ask prince about
New Reviewer

This is the worst site I have ever used. I will never recommend it. I made a reservation, use the website to cancel it and it wasn't cancel according to the customer service representative. The strange thing is that when I look the cancelation online it says that I could make the reservation again (meaning it was canceled) I call customer service and told them about this and the lady said that their system didn't have the cancelation, that she was going to send me a link so I can send them the page where it says that I could make the reservation again. I used the same link 5 minutes later and know the page said that I never arrive at the hotel. This is a ripoff. I will never recommend this website, and I will make sure that every person I know will know how this company works. You earn 84 dollar, but I will make sure you lose more business than that stupid 84 dollars you made. This is the first time and the last time I will use this website.

Tip for consumers: Dont use it at all.

New Reviewer

The hotel has charged us more than was confirmed in our reservation through While we stayed in the hotel the assured us that we should just take the payment invoice from the hotel and then they will reimburse us the difference. We sent the invoice to booking, and now they are saying that the hotel has charged us the OFFICIAL RATES and that they cannot do anything. Seriously? then everything written on is just a bull$#*! and you can just go the hotel and get a rack rate. Never ever use the again. Lots of friends around with (double charge, problematic cancellation even though rate is fully refundable, etc).

New Reviewer

Watch the small print. Tried to cancel my hotel reservations 24 hours in advance, as per hotel policy. However, hotel told me since I booked through I had to cancel through them but it would be "no problem" since I was canceling more than 24 hours ahead. Well, lo and behold had no options but to cancel electronically and they charged me the full cost of all four rooms booked because I didn't cancel 48 hours in advance. I attempted to call the customer service phone number listed but the call kept dropping and I could get no help. Moral of the story, I won't book through them again. Had I noticed they were out of the US I wouldn't have done business with them to start with.

Tip for consumers: Tip, don't use

Ask Paulette about
New Reviewer

I put one star only because there's no option of 0 stars! Anyway, I was in some Canadian city and I had to stay the night there and head back to my city the following morning.
1. I booked my room at round 9pm and received confirmation email of the same.
2. arrived at the hotel around 12:15 am, with my wife and the two kids sleeping in the car
3. was told there's no booking under my name and the hotel was already sold out
4. called from the hotel and was told they would contact the hotel, to verify, and if it's true, what I said, it's the hotel's mistake but they would find me a hotel nearby.
5. after at least an hour and half they found me a hotel, and the truth I had already decided to drive the night to my city.
6. I told them they should accommodate me for free now since damage's already done but they say I can request this after my stay at the new hotel.
7. I felt insulted and followed through with my decision to head back to my city, which is 3 hours drive.
LESSON LEARNED. Stay away from

New Reviewer

In october I made reservation in hotel Mirabeau,Bellagio Como lake. from 21.06 to 23.06.2015.It was free cancellation room before june 2015. I got confirmation booking number is 198415742.Later we noticed that the whole price of reservation was charged from credit card and contact the customer care service,send them bank statement..We spoke with the owner of the hotel who told us that he recharged the money and booking com. should refund us.Several e-mails send to customer relation service by they don't reply to us any more like we didn't exist

New Reviewer

Don't go there booked.a.hotel through them and ended up in a another part of the city.this was in September have sent numerous attached but keep getting told.they haven't received the pics!!, amazing when I've sent the email to 3 different people anf they didn't have a problem receiving it!, disgusting company and customer service. What was supposed to be a surprise birthday present for my fiance turned into our worse nightmare

Tip for consumers: Don't use these people

Ask Lynn about
New Reviewer
11/17/14 absolutely is not functional anymore. I'm genius customer and I am making near 4 reservations for month however last week I booked hotel in Baku they say they are overbooked and booking did not help us to solve this problem, we spoke with hotel and try to stay there. And two days ago again I did reservation in Chisinau again hotel was overbooked and I call to customer service 6 times to solve this problem. (They have just international customer service number so you have to pay 2 euro for each minute) They even did not help again. They offer awful hotels which is not in center. Again I found another hotel and stay there.

Ask huseyin about
New Reviewer

I used for my trip to Israel in November of 2014 and i should have checked tfull review of this site before using them. I booked a double room through them at En Gedi kibbutz and their description of the room booked was not what i say when i got there. They stated that i would be getting a room with a seating are over looking a garden but i got a jail cell box. Please see first two pics. For my stay in Jerusalem they said that i would get room with a mini bar and a fridge but all i got was a room with two single beds and a tv. Attempts made to contact them proved futile see third photo. Clearly there is no mini bar or fridge.

Tip for consumers: DON'T use your real credit card;instead use a disposable one that way if there's no money on it they can't charge excess. Use the site to view but call the hotels or Google their name and book through them

Ask Yvette about
New Reviewer

I just went on a trip and used Booking for some of the rooms. Once home I am being charged for rooms where I did indeed stay as booked. They are saying I did not stay there. I have provided time date stamped pictures inside the room, and much more info. Nope not good enough. In reply to the email telling them I paid cash as requested by the hotel (It was in Mexico) they asked again for a CC receipt.. Don't do it, use another site. This is a scam.

Tip for consumers: My tip to using this site is DON"T!! If you do keep every receipt, as they will settle for nothing else and I am not sure that would even work, I have read where it won't.

Ask Kim about
New Reviewer

I recently used to reserve 6 nights at what they referred to as a hotel on their website. It was actually a condo and gave the condo apartment owner my confidential credit card information. Although a one night's deposit was not charged to my credit card, as per the information on the website, I noticed the listing was removed from I called to ask why and they said the lister chose not to deal with any longer. Seeing there were no reviews for this property, I asked if anyone had stayed at this property to date, to which they replied no. Then I asked if my reservation was still good and they said yes and told me other people also had future reservations for this place. I became suspicious and decided to cancel. A few days later I called my credit card company to make sure no deposit went through and to my surprise they informed me there was a fraudulent charge for over $300 for a Target purchase from New York. Guess where the listing I cancelled was for-- New York!!! It appears because gave my personal credit card info to the person who had listed their condo unit, this person was able to use it to make a purchase!!! The property was Laguna in New Jersey. Is there anyone else out there who had this experience and if so can you write about it here as well. Thanks

New Reviewer

Worst site ever...cheaters. Dont trust this website. They actually dont give you any discounts. I recently booked a hotel in dubai thinking that discounted price was lesser than the hotel rate but when i went to the hotel i found out that hotel rates including breakfast was more cheaper than the rate i had paid for booking.coim which didnt even include breakfast nor any free cancellation policy whereas booking directly at the hotels is much more cheaper and can be cancelled any time and free upgrades too. I even checked at many hotels with their rates and they were actually more cheaper than So dear all please book your hotel rooms directly instead going through I will never ever book through this rubbish fake site. I wil make awareness of my experiences with to the entire world throughinternet, newspapers, magazines and word of mout. Pls share this message with all u love so that they wlnt be cheated too like how i was.
For any proofs please email me on

New Reviewer

Booked apt with cancelled within 24hrs and have had nothing but hassle trying to get my refund apts say they never charged my account but they took £356.96 the day after it was booked and are still saying they didnt are a nitemare to deal with you get cut off or put on hold and no one helps i have sent all the proof to them that they asked for
confirmation of it showing on my credit card statement email from paypal that it was paid and all i get is wait another few days money has been out my account since 23rd oct this is now 10th nov and still nothing i have never had such a terrible experience with a company before an would never go near them again so be warned

New Reviewer

I booked a hotel (Gasthof 't Zweerd in Ypres) via

It turned out that the hotel was not as described on the website (dirty, smelly and damp). Obviously I had no choice but to find another hotel and so agreed with the manager that we would not stay.

On return to the UK I discover that the hotel had taken monies from my bank card (because had given the details to them). have completely failed to safeguard my family from an unscrupulous hotel that not only isn't as it describes on its site but has stolen money from me.

Avoid this company if you value support and online safety.

Tip for consumers: Be aware that give your credit card details to the hotel directly! And that if anything goes wrong will not help you.

Ask Tom about
New Reviewer

Terrible. Booked a hotel for 4 nights for November. Cancelled 24 hours later. Received cancellation note. 6 days later they took my deposit money. Despite my complaints they have not returned it although full refundable as they cannot find the booking. Even though they have all details, emails, names, dates I just cannot find the reservation number. They have had my money for 5 weeks. Never again. Still waiting for the money back.

Tip for consumers: Don't.

Ask Samantha about
New Reviewer

We have booked our hotel last Oct 31,2014 at Toyoko Inn Tokyo Shinagawa-eki Konan-guchi Tennozu, and we cancelled it today Nov 05,2014, for how many days can i expect the reversal of the charges to my credit card. Your soonest reply will be highly appreciated.

Maureen Ablaza
Booking Date: Jan 22-25,2015 for 1 family room.

New Reviewer

I made a reservation for 9 nights at the hotel Apart'Observatoire Saint Jean in Lyon through
On the website the apartment seemed to be for 4 people . I booked and paid 290 euros as a down payment by PayPal (I received a paypal invoice from the hotel) and then when I received the confirmation I found out it was for 2 people. When I called the hotel they told me this price is for 2 people and any extra person is 30 Euros per night. I told both - and the hotel that I can't afford it, it was not clear on the website and I want my money back (more than a week before the dates of checking in and the next day I paid.
Both, the hotel and booking refused to refund me. This is a scam and I want my money back.
Despina Tunberg

Tip for consumers: Avoid this website. You can loose your money as I did. I will NEVER use them again

Ask Despina about
New Reviewer
11/4/14 are amazing. During a stay in Thailand, our hotel had an emergency close down of their pool. made the process so easy. Not only were we upgraded to a 5 star hotel, they also called during our stay to make sure we were happy and also have us a gift of 2 x hour massages at our hotel spa (which aren't cheap). Thank you to the staff @

Ask s about
New Reviewer

Almost always dissapointment with this website!
The main negative point is that when you book a hotel with them they give your card details directly to the hotel. So the have it printed at the hotel in their files. Is not the safest way. Hotel can do with your card whatever they will want, and then to solve the problem you have to live the hell!
TExactly this situation happened to me now. And probably is the last time I book anything with that site. There are other sites, that dont give your card details to hotels, so if problem happenes, it is more easy to solve it. With you will solve it forever. Geting mails from their employees, that write like robots, but not humans and only ask and ask more and more details.
I booked a hotel in China, Shanghai. Reservation was non-refundable. So they charged my card, that is ok. BUT thats not all, they also blocked the same amount of money on my account. Price was 280 Euros approx. So, they took 280 and MORE 280 they just blocked. A employee was explaining that they first block money and than they charge from this block. So he said me to wait couple days. I was waiting for more than a week, nothing was unblocked. Totaly it is 10 days i have 280 euros just blocked on my account, that i cant use. now wants from me million documents, my account balance. I sent it. BUT its not enought! It must be in currence of the hotel. But how?????? I have czech crouns and I was charged in czech crouns too. So i think i will long have this money blocked still..... Thanks to!!!

Tip for consumers: use another websites if you dont want hotels to play with your card. and if you want to safe time from solving problems and sending documents that you hardly can get, to prove that you are not the idiot!

Ask Evgenia about
New Reviewer

I used to make a reservation at Comfort Inn Gaslamp San Diego, and a day later I had to cancel it. I clearly remember clicking on the link to cancel the rooms, stepping through the transaction, and hitting the final 'confirm' button. After my trip, I noticed that Comfort Inn charged my rooms to my credit card, even though I had cancelled my stay and had not used the rooms. When I called in, claimed I had never cancelled, and in fact, the hotel had informed them that I apparently called at 5am on the day I was supposed to check in to say I would be a day late. I never called the Comfort Inn. My guests never called the Comfort Inn. We were in the air with our cell phones off when this suspicious call came in. The hotel could not give them a name or a number of the person that called, nor were they willing to admit someone had written the note under the wrong reservation. After calling me a liar repeatedly, both the Comfort Inn and refused to refund me the full amount. According to them, that call meant I had never cancelled, so I was charged $470 for the rooms.

-Update: After this review, I was contacted by They reopened my case, but were ineffectual as negotiators. I supplied call records and flight itineraries proving that I never made the call to the hotel, but the hotel refused to provide a refund, claiming I forged everything.

Tip for consumers: There are many websites like it. Choose another.

Ask Christina about
New Reviewer

Booked in to this filthy hotel on sat could not have slept in the allocated room it was disgusting iv never smelt anything like it asked for money returned was meet with a very abrupt receptionist/manager 3 star I wouldn't give it 1 waiting on to answer why this slum is on there web site

Tip for consumers: Beware do not book this

Ask frances about
New Reviewer

My partner and I booked our hotel room in Kandi, Sri Lanka, from the capital, Columbo, via yesterday morning.

When we arrived at the hotel last night we were presented with a bill for approximately double the confirmed price. Naturally we questioned this and were told to take up the matter with

Upon calling them the agent was rather unhelpful up until the point I sent him an image of the confirmation page we received after making the booking, when he became extremely so and rather rude.

We booked our rooms in "Rs" and received a confirmation also in "Rs". After seeing the confirmation page the agent put me on hold to talk with his supervisor, and after several minutes returned telling me he'd resolved the problem. The "Rs" mentioned were Indian rupees which are of a higher value than Sri Lankan rupees. He went on to say that we must have chosen this denomination. We did not.

He went on to explain in a brusk manner that on their website they use "LKR" to denote Sri Lankan rupees and "Rs." to denote Indian rupees, so if you understand this there would have been no confusion. However, when you go to currency conversion websites, Indian rupees are never indicated in this way, rather they are denoted by "INR".

The agent went on to explain in a patronizing way that many countries use dollars as a currency, so the type of dollar must be specified, which I accept but if you're going to do this you can't just make up your own system of codes and expect the rest of the world to understand it!

Also, if you're in the US, Australia or Hong Kong, where the dollar is used, it is assumed you mean the local currency and not one or the same name but of a higher value. That's called fraud.

The agent said on more than one occasion that he was "perfectly capable of handling" the matter on his own. Clearly this was not the case and even his and his supervisor's efforts were deficient in resolving this simple issue.

You may have a reasonable experience booking through these people, but if, like us, you want to simplify your holiday and take things at face value, go to another site or better yet, book directly with the hotel.

I will never use this company again and will take great pleasure in advising others to do the same!

Ask shelly about
New Reviewer

I booked a room for an adult and child (my daughter) on the website. It came up with Sidney Hotel SW1
We arrived to be told the room was for me only- no child. The attitude of the hotel was appalling . It was the only room available and they said right there and then "you can stay but not your daughter" !!! Yes unbelievable! or we would have to find another hotel. After much fuss I said okay can you refund me and I'll try somewhere else. They refused. Phoned and they tried to get me a refund. Two of the agents said they ( had many problems with their own website recently and they sympathised with me and confirmed the terrible attitude of the Sidney Hotel. One of them admitting the hotel could'nt do much about it regs rules etc. Clearly the booking made at the website had mutated to a single person when it went through to the Sidney hotel.We left and after much trauma and walking around we found another hotel. Tonight 20/10/14 I asked bking ,com to get me a refund on this A very unsympathetic agent said he thought I had booked the wrong room and that was that. I pointed out that on this website ( you can make the search RIGHT NOW for an adult and a child it it still NOW comes up with that hotel as a possible option room for an adult and child...Never again. I do book often for many people and everybody I know will now never book through them ... they'll lose more than the £85 I did. Unbelievable

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Got reservation confirmation 3 days prior to my business meeting. When I got To The hotel, They DID NOT Have ME Listed At all.
We drove for 8 hours to the destination. No rooms within 40 miles. Hotel clerk told me that it is very common with both Expedia and not to inform hotels. They offered to reimburse me for gas driving 40 miles each way every day AS LONG AS I PRO I DE THE WITH GPS RECEIPTS IN TIMELY FASHION. Crazy....

Tip for consumers: Do not use them

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The email with the price I reserved is lower than the price I am being charged by the hotel. The customer service rep said that the reservation they sent to me doesn't reflect all of the taxes. As I was talking with the customer service rep, he repeatedly interrupted me.

Tip for consumers: Don't use this site.

Ask jo about
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So so bad made a booking with them on the strength of the pictures and info online by them only to get to the place check in and find the rooms to Be Not As Described And not fit to use I contacted and thay told me it was the hotel at fault but the hotel told me it was booking.coms error last time I looked it was the seller's responsibility to confirm the info not the consumer don't do it stay clear!!!!

Tip for consumers: Don't do it read the other posts stay away or ring the hotel yourself!!!!!!!

Ask ronald about
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Absolute he'll, worst experience I have ever had. Staff made huge mistakes with change of booking even when we rang them direct. I will never use them again and they should be taken of the booking sites. So stressful, they obviously don't care as there is a huge number of
Complaints Already!

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I am so relieved that I have just taken our hotel off the site. I have never had so many problems and have had to deal with so many arrogant and useless people.

This organisation takes 15% on the hotels income (or their portion of it) but does nothing to resolve problems and is actually usually the cause of the problem. WE have a great reputation rated 5 out of 5 on tripadvisor etc but feel working with will tarnish this and be detremental to our long term success. I dont want to be dealing with problems due to lack of information, up to 18% cancellations and the resultant disputes. We want people to stay and enjoy themselves not be in disputes with them.

Goodbye, it really wasnt nice meeting you

Tip for consumers: Book direct, you will often get a better price, upgrades, freebies as the hotel will see you as their customer.

Ask David about
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DISGUSTED with this company. I am an apartment owner and it was nothing but terrible service from the first booking, which was a scam booking, although they still tried to charge me commission. Terminated my agreement with them but said I would honour any bookings already made so long as clients paid in full. One cancelled - still trying to charge commission. When there was a problem with an apartment their customer service was awful, and just got some woman shouting down the phone at me. Yet they are not meant to interfere the booking is between myself and the guest. Offered guests a partial refund, even though they threatened my property manager, and yet took it upon themselves to give said client a full refund and then try and charge me for this plus commission.

Tip for consumers: DON'T

Ask Rachel about
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EXCEPTIONAL home from home experience!!..My husband and I stayed in Kalyves, Crete in the most amazing accomodation - DIMITRA apartments and Studios.This was the most wonderful warm , comfortable, clean and homely place anyone could EVER stay in.Dimitra is a bubbly, vivacious, caring host who has charmingly created a beautiful,spacious, refined apartment to stay in.Not one thing was missing.WE not only enjoyed our stay, but made new friends.I shall most definitly recommend her glowingly to everyone who wants to stay in Kalyves, or the surrounds.Its a special experience.

Tip for consumers: Room 5 is with great view, little seating area with books in the front part of the apartment,seaview is spectacular and easy access to the pool.

Ask amanda about
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Simple, intuitive and flexible: in most of the cases you don't have to pay at the time of booking
Maybe for this reason Booking is the site number one when you are looking for an accomodation wherever in the world
Maybe the could improve the map because sometimes it doesn't work properly...

Ask Ale about
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Very disappointed in, will not use again and recommend you don't either. My daughter booked a weekend in Stockholm. Then Air France went on strike and it was impossible for her to get there. Apparently this doesn't matter, the situation becomes a great way for to take your money! The hotel said they weren't able to refund since the reservation was through and Booking .com refused to refund the money. A 20 year old learned early not to use this service. Shame on you, hope you enjoyed the money, you wont be getting any more from this family!

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I was shocked. Many times I booked hotels with and everything was ok. Until recent case. I booked a hotel again, confirmed that the room is booked, but a few days later I got an email that the booking is canceled!
I was lucky that I didn't miss this email. Because when after that I started to reed reviews and found that the situation is very typical! People who missed such an email often arrives to hotels after confirmation from and they don't have a room! I understood how lucky I was that I didn't miss the email. I understand, everything can happen, but they could at least call! Not just send an email!

Well, then it became even worse. I called and asked what happened! The person I talked to, Artur Skornikov, was extremely rude, then I asked him how can I talked to his manager, he replied that he has no manager, he is the main manager I can talked to, then he said that he has no interest in talking to me any longer and hanged up!! I see now, this is a typical reaction to any client problem!

What I would like to do now.
1. Find manager of Artur Skornikov and ensure that he receives adequate discipline action
2. Find a way how to get compensation from for such totally unacceptable behavior.

I would highly appreciate any advise how can I achieve these goals.

Tip for consumers: Never use it! Find hotel web site and book directly!
I will never ever book anything using

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Very unimpressed with I booked 2 rooms at a hotel in Eastbourne 6 weeks in advance of the date. At 8pm the evening before we were due to go I got an email saying that the hotel was over subscribed so we had no rooms. They offered alternative rooms which were £88 more. They did offer to pay the difference but having already paid in full for the first booking, I then had to paying full for second one too. They then needed proof from me for all payments even though it all went through them, before they would refund. Very unimpressed,wdon't be recommending them or using them again. Avoid at all costs.

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Q: When I left Crossroads Best Western Motel in Indianapolis in I gave the hotel a good rating, other than the average breakfast. When my credit card bill came I had been additionally charged $219. for a room I did not use. They first said their auditors would look into it. Nothing. Then they said it was a problem. Nothing. I called back ten days or so was told he would look into it. A third call with anger in my voice got action. I have been refunded my money. It took too many weeks and calls by me. All the manage wanted was to get his $20 fee back from Booking for the reservation, and put my need at the bottom of his list. Was it indeed a mistake? You took the blame.
A: We booked a 4 star hotel in brugge through booking .com on arrival at hotel and after sitting around for over 2 hours we were told the hotel had over booked.The recepionist then called another local hotel which we had no choice but to stay in even though it was a 3 star in not as good a location for the same price.Surely we are entiltled to a full refund?
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