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642 reviews
Herengracht 597
Amsterdam, 1017 CE, Netherlands
Tel: (888) 850-3958

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We stayed in Hotel Sentral in KL Malaysia about a week ago. (in 436 reviews)


i'm a hotelier and the customer service is ok, in the way they can sometimes take a couple of days to get back to you. (in 125 reviews)


But I agree with some people above, better avoid paying with credit card, I use 3V :) (in 88 reviews)

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1 review
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2/11/16 have a deep-rooted lack of customer care and do not take any responsibility for the bookings made through their website. After 3 months I am still waiting for a response to my letters to their CEO. Think twice before using them - web search " complaints" for tales of woe in abundance.

Ask Norman about
1 review
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I booked a one night stay in a hotel in Spain through which was accepted.
After 4 months informed me that the minimum stay at this hotel was for 3 nights and cancelled the booking.

Nowhere on the hotel site did it mention a minimum stay and I could still book a room for one night at another time.

I don't suppose the cancellation had anything to do with the fact it was Easter and the hotel could make more money from someone else?

No explanation from as to why it took 4 months to realize a booking had to be for a minimum of 3 nights.

Very disappointing.

Ask Mike about
1 review
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Just returned from Corralejo where we used through booking .com. We could not have been better looked after by the local office especially Vanesa and nothing seemed to be to much trouble.Will certainly be using them again.Tony Kelly,Prenton,Wirral.

Ask Tony about
5 reviews
0 helpful votes

It was easy and cheaper than other. I recommend this.

Ask Silvia about
1 review
0 helpful votes
2/2/16 accept customer mis-statements, incorrect facts and outright lies without checking the veracity of comments even when the host points this out to Booking, Com's so called Review Panel. I was advised over the telephone that their only concern is if profanities are used and that bookers can make any comment regardless of accuracy or truth, what a system, I gave them an opportunity to review one such guest, my next step is to seek legal council for libel and threaten the writer, why should I have to go through this

Ask john about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I wanted to up grade my room which I can not do online. Called and spoke to a rep who called the hotel. She got back on the line with me to tell me that she had to call back in 30 minutes to talk with someone in reservations. I took it upon myself to contact the hotel directly. The woman at the front desk said she spoke with the rep but there was no reservation under my name. I also got a better deal booking directly with the hotel with no cancellation fee and they took my AAA membership. Called back and again they had to call the hotel. It's a cluster *&^^ and they aren't very honest. Costumer Service isn't very good. Steer clear from this site.

Ask Erin about
1 review
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My husband and 2 children booked two rooms to attend my mother in laws funeral in Chilliwack. We made the error of booking same day (Saturday Jan 30th instead of the following Saturday feb 6th). I booked through I called immediately to explain what I had done....Monique from called the hotel and explained what I had done. They advised her it was no problem to change my date (as they were not busy) and no penalty or change in rate would occur. I received my confirmation through saying "zero penalty" for change of date. 15 minutes later my visa was charged a $90 "penalty from Vedder river in". I waited 48 hours after leaving a msg requesting call back from the hotel. No comment or communication at all. I cancelled the booking to avoid further charges and was then charged for two rooms at $160 . We were 5 days before checkin. This site claims to charge nothing 48 hours before arrival. I have now paid for two rooms plus a penalty of $90.....and we aren't confirmed to arrive for another 4 days.
No one will return my call.
No one will return my email.
A rep at said they will remove from their trusted list of hotels.
we have put this info forth to Global Vancouver News and have received a call asking for fur info.
Expect to see this on global within two weeks.

Ask tania about
1 review
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I booked a Hotel in Chelan Washington through We got caught in a snowstorm and were unable to reach Chelan, so I called to cancel my reservation about 5pm of the night of my reservation. The policy I booked under included a 51.00 cancelation fee, which I did not realize until I received an email confirming the cancelation. I was annoyed that I had to cancel due to weather and still was charged, but I didn't complain since I hadn't fully read the cancelation policy when I booked. However, later that day, I got an email from a customer service rep saying that even though there was a cancelation charge, they had asked the property to make an exception were not going to charge me! I work in customer service and was totally impressed by their proactive response to my situation!

Ask Lissa about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Im a vacation rental owner and I found out their site just does not cater well for this type of thing even though they say they do. Their internet interface (extranet) which is their booking management system is so complicated and full of errors that you encounter every possible thing that can go wrong: f.e when a customer books, the customer's credit cards would show charge declined, and we are supposed to then press the link on their booking system: credit card invalid so we dont get charged commission for the transaction. The link did not work and customer service (every time a different country!) could not fix, consequence I got charged 15% commission and the guest never paid or booked! I would get a booking, but then the cvc code for the credit card was not displayed for security reasons! Well, how can I charge it without a CVC code? Consequence: you guessed right, they charged booking fees, but I could not process the payment from the guest. On and on. Then they started to accept bookings from guests even though my calendar was messed up due to their complicated calendar system on the extranet (to close up a room - as they call it, you have this really antiquated spreadsheet system and you have to do multiple steps - (close entire room, then close from monday-friday, then the amount of hours or something equally weird), a nightmare to manage!
Dont use these people. I am Dutch and they are a Dutch company but this is such a back to the 90's internet set up that I am ashamed that they are from my country. So old fashioned in their internet dealings! Terrible.

Ask Elisabeth about
42 reviews
119 helpful votes

I used them in the past and I never had any problems with them. I am surprised to see so many negative reviews.

Ask Sam about
1 review
0 helpful votes

i was very happy with the way dealt with me also they advise me about Permits and Visas to the Canada before booking.

Ask rolando about
1 review
0 helpful votes

booked 2 rooms for Christmas with free cancellation option. Had to cancel 3 days after booking due to the health reasons...on 26/12 hotel taken money from my debit card in full amount for the stay...I have contacted the hotel directly and they told me never cancelled the reservation and that's why hotel taken my money. Contacted customer service several times and if I am lucky enough and get answer, it is always the same "we are trying to find resolution but till now we could not"
this is now going on for more than 4 weeks...I have provided them with bank account statement as they asked, but still no resolution.
I have decided to report the case to Fair Trade as well as make a court claim, as I do not see willing to solve the issue.
please be beware of their may lose lot of money with them.

Ask Alena about
5 reviews
1 helpful vote

I have used before but felt I should give them a good review since it is a really good site. I needed to book a budget room in Cartagena, Colombia near a convention I will be attending. I tried other methods with no luck. turned out to have a good room at a great price and I didn't get charged to make the reservation. Two thumbs up.

Ask Marc about
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Have sent many messages to customer service and am being ignored !!!!!

Ask Hayley about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked two studios for next christmas kanada&ma in benalmadena, on 2 january. Despite booking with facility to cancel free of charge, 50 percent deposit was taken from card on 3 january. I immediately cancelled and on 20 january, have not had money returned. Owner refuses to return deposit and booking,com, who i do not trust, wantmy bank details.

They are powerless to help. Do not use this company.

Ask Leonara about
6 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love because you find the cheapest rates here. There's no loyalty perks, such as getting a free stay when you've booked 5 nights, but you do get "genius" discounts when you've booked 10 nights through their site. I go on business trips often and never pay more than $40 a night for a room, although those are 2-3 star hotels which some people may not be okay with. I love how you can book a room without having to pay in advance, and how you can cancel your room up to one day before your scheduled booking without being charged to do so. It's a great site and it may have low stars here on sitejabber, but don't knock it before you try it!

Ask Danielle about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Booked a room in New Orleans 2 months in advance, assuming I would be given the best rates available at time of my stay..... WRONG ... discovered the rates were 59% off when I arrived but was told I was too late for the discount and should have checked with them I was told does not give AAA or Senior discounts .. LESSON LEARNED from now I go directly through the Hotel. When asked for. Proof of rates it did no good either I was just told even though my response was within the 24 hour required I was still too late......

Ask BM about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Booked 3 rooms in niagara thru Did not get a confirmation email so assumed the booking did not go thru. Waited about an hour then redid the booking got a confirmation for this booking. Later in needed to cancel reservations with ample notice cancelled via received confirmation via email. All was good so I thought. I then received credit card statement and I am charged for the 3 room Called hotel they said j had 6 rooms booked and only 3 were cancelled and to call I called them they said they had 2 bookings the first confirmation had bounced back from the server to them as the email was incorrect so instead of advising us of the problem they ignored it. After many phone calls to them they were useless basically stating it was our fault and we were SOL. I will never use there service again buyer beware. There customer service is crap they say they will call u back they never do. I asked to speak to a manager never put me thru to them. They are a horrible service.

Ask Rose about
5 reviews
35 helpful votes

Hey People, Jason Robert from France here...

I like Booking and I was Never disappointed

Ask Robert about
1 review
2 helpful votes
1/19/16 will charge you with hidden rates. Their customer service is horrible. Please avoid this business.

Ask Rick about
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I booked 6 rooms at Mondrian LA yesterday afternoon 18 Jan 15 for arrival 19 and departure 20. It was my intention to book 3 of them for 2 days and 6 for 1 day. I went on the site using an android mobile device. The site changed arrival to 18th. I got confirmation a minute later and immediately called the "Genius" helpline. After waiting on the line for a respectable minute or two i explained what happened and asked to have it fixed. The agent told me this is a recurring problem that sometimes happens when booking using a smartphone. He promised to take care of it and call me back. He screwed up the email and did NOT call the hotel directly as promised. After 5 more call to I received an email this moring 19th when I wax flying to LA from Boston to say tbat I was being charged for 6 rooms. This after 3 different employees had lied to me. I have used hundreds of times. I have stayed at Mondrian and other MHG Hotels many times. I feel cheated and robbed. I would like to put this case to the test. If it is not repaired I will look at suing in a test case. It doesnt matter that the loss is less than 2000 dollars. I will spend a lot more to get treated with the basic dignity any customer deserves. Tom L

Ask Tom about
3 reviews
16 helpful votes

Did a few bookings with them, and always satisfied. only the last time wasnt pretty. Booked a pretty hotel in london. I got a bedroom that wasnt bigger than my bathroom here in spain (not more than 14sqm). That was a bit shocking when the guys at the reception told me that only cheap rooms or rooms no one wants will end up at - that was a bit confusing but so always satisfied. Still can recommend it

Ask Martin about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Booked into a hotel in Santiago Chile with very poor/no internet that they could not fix. Contacted before moving to another property who told me they would take care of everything with the property and process the refund. blames the property and takes no responsibility. I was offered half of the cost as a refund and the whole process took weeks to resolve.

Ask Richard about
1 review
0 helpful votes

My experience with's customer service was handled in a very professional and timely manner. I accidentally booked a hotel in SF that I was not intending to retreat at online and while trying to undo it, I confirmed it! I didn't realize it until I had received an email with a confirmation number followed by my computer error. On the website, if I had done it, a cancellation fee would apply if reservation was to be cancelled and I just did not feel good about it. I immediately called the hotel and explained the situation and they were not able to cancel my reservation, I would have to contact I reached representative ERIC and I cannot be more thankful for his understanding and going out of his way to cancel and waive the fee for me! I was put on hold for about 10 mins and ERIC came back on to apologize for the wait and explained to me that he had to contact three agencies to get them to cancel the reservation without any fee. I was ecstatic and thanked him for going above and beyond! Such a genuine representative! Although the hotel was not for me, I definitely will be using for the one I'll be SURE of this time. And I'll book it properly! (: thank you again, ERIC! We need more people like you in this business!

Ask Khou about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was attempting to secure a reservation, and I had no intention of paying for the motel room until I saw it. Once I arrived I decided it looked to seedy and I stayed elsewhere. When I got home I found that I had been charged the full amount. When booking the website specifically states "No charge – only needed to reserve your room." And further down the screen it again says, "Your card will not be charged — it's only needed to guarantee your booking.
{the motel} will handle your payment." When I called to address the issue they constantly interupted me, she was rude, and continually stated that I had to cancel 24 hours in advance. I made the reservation less than 24 hours before arriving. Fortunately my credit card company has agreed not to charge me, due to the fraudulent claims on the website.

Ask Clarinda about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Fraud and liars. Booked room and then ehen we arrived hotel did not have rooms for us! Then hotel billed us two days later. We never even stayed there! Called customer service was hung up on twice could not understand their accent because they are from China. Awful please do not use this site!

Ask Frank about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I booked a hotel using my credit card. i did not give the security code. We did not reach the hotel. confirmed this and took the whole payment from my bank without permission. This is fraud. No warning. Beware.

Zero stars.

Ask jane about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Very bad service misleading info on website and customer service try to blame me

Ask galina about
1 review
0 helpful votes

I wanted to share my recent misadventures with so that the same thing will not happen to you.
I booked a hotel for Marseille in October 2015. The room booked (Hotel le Vieux port) was indicated as a 2 adults + 2 children room. But, when I arrived, the room was only for 2 adults and one child! I contacted by phone about that issue and their agent admitted the responsibility of She ensured me I would be refunded and found me another hotel (for which I paid again). After a few months I checked my statements and saw no refund. I contacted the customer service, but is now refusing to refund me pretexting that the hotel does not want to refund them!

Ask alexander about
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had a problem with a booking and called to customer service of Hristo Peev answered the call and contacted the property and me several times to solve the problem. He managed to solve it and he was absolutely helpful and friendly. Thank you very much Hristo Peev!!!

Ask Maria about
1 review
4 helpful votes

They do not honor price guarantee even if proof is submitted. Theiving idiots!

Ask Ben about
1 review
2 helpful votes

WORST customer service!

I booked a 5 bedroom house for 14 people in S. Lake Tahoe for New Years Eve, only to arrive and find a building under renovations. "accommodated" our party by finding us 4 separate hotel rooms. At the time of the "alternate accommodation", I agreed to the new lodging at the hotel they found with the thought- I would deal with the monies later. After all, my party had just spent the last 4 hours in a car, in a parking lot, in a wind storm and 13 degree temperature, while I was on the phone with Now, a few days later (1/6/2016) and will only offer a "good will gesture" of $75 refund. I asked to speak to a manager and Andres "the Supervisor" informed me, "they all would say the same thing." I again insisted on speaking with someone else. Andres put me on hold "consult with another manager", only to return to the phone and repeat himself.

It is despicable to me for a company like to think accommodating my party with 4 separate SMALL hotel rooms was sufficient for not being able to stay in our 5 bedroom house that I booked 10 months in advance.

I was even told by a agent that, "it's not our fault the house is under renovations." Surely, it's not MY fault either. The company that the house operated through "Affordable Lake Tahoe Villas" is at fault, but when decides to do business with them and represents them, in my opinion, they ( hold fault as well.

In the end, I am stuck paying a $150 cleaning fee for our HOTEL rooms because "I would have been charged that had I stayed at the house" and I will not be refunded for the difference in the tax rate of renting a house versus the tax rate of the hotel rooms we were "stuck" with.


Ask Crystal about
1 review
1 helpful vote
1/4/16 is a total joke and booking hotel rooms through this site with full payment at time of booking means absolutely nothing. We booked a group of 13 rooms at Lancaster Houston, with full payment at the time of booking. About 4 weeks later we get word from that we DO NOT have the reservations! Even though we paid for the rooms and got confirmation numbers. Do not use this website. It is completely unreliable, undependable and unethical.

Ask Stacey about
1 review
5 helpful votes

how does your free cancellation before a certain date acutally work ?
when do i pay for the hotel

Ask Alan about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Used for a night away to meet up with friends.

DO NOT USE THEM they overcharged us and ruined our stay.

A 'superior double room ' that was advertised was discusting dirty smelly and the hotel room didn't lock properly.

Very disappointed and customer service is terrible.

Use Trivago for all hotel bookings as we will.

Ask Jenna about
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is our story of the really bad customer service of
We booked our holiday to Acapulco (Mexico) weeks in advance to stay there the days before and after new year's eve (887777070). We (6 adults and a baby) all bought our flight tickets and were very excited to stay in hotel. Two weeks before our trip, informed us that our hotel was overbooked and that we could not stay in hotel Mar Azul (5-star hotel). Well, this can happen and they would search for an alternative ASAP. We also searched ourselves and there were good alternatives available. However, we didn't get a call back anymore. Therefore, we called them a few days later to ask whether they have found an alternative. The alternative they offered was a considerably cheaper hotel outside of Acapulco in an area that is known for its drugs activities. We told them that this was not at all a comparable offer. Therefore, they would search for an alternative. In the meanwhile, all hotels had gotten much more expensive because it's only 10 days to new year's. Currently, we have called them 5 times (and every time we got a different person and we had to explain the whole story again). What happened is the following. Call 1: We were put on hold for 40 minutes and after 40 minutes the lady told us that would call back later because she needed to do more research. We never got called back. Call 2: We suggested a fair deal and the lady needed to ask permission and she would call back. However, she never called back. Call 3: Exactly the same happened as in call 2. Call 4: The woman couldn't find a good alternative because basically all good hotels are booked and she just hang up the phone while we were searching together. Call 5: Being more than 30 minutes on hold and again no solution. They offered us a 3 star hotel that is now as expensive as it was when we booked our 5-star hotel. At the moment of booking, the 3 star hotel was almost half the price of the 5-star hotel. Hence, a bit more than a day before our flight, there is still not a fair deal and we don't even know whether we should fly to Acapulco.

Ask Martijn about
1 review
4 helpful votes

We used this site a couple of times and have discovered that they are strictly a place to push buttons and good luck if you ever need good service. Also, we discovered that a lot of these online sites are owned by the same company. Use them to find and compare rates, then call the hotel and you are likely to get as good and maybe a better price. will charge the hotel a hefty commission, so that hotel might just as well pass on more savings to you.

Ask Lynn about
1 review
4 helpful votes

We booked a hotel in Carmel CA. UOON CHECKING IN WE WERE INFORMED THAT BOOKING. COM HAD ADDES $50 per night to cost of rooms rack rate. SHAME ON YOY BOOKING.COM

Ask Robert about
116 reviews
1,324 helpful votes

I hate writing 5-star reviews because they're so similar and untrustworthy to me... But this time I'm not sceptical at all. I don't know what I would do if it wan't for this service. Great choice of accomodation options, fast booking and smooth service. I've never had any problems here, so I'm pretty positive and sure about the 5 stars.

Ask Justin about
1 review
3 helpful votes

My husband and I recently booked two trips at the same time and needed to cancel one hotel room. This was done less than an hour after booking. stated free cancellation but my husband was charged 30% of the hotel room which came out of the account straight away! This was not stated at time of booking but was after booking in an email.... What use is that! seriously need to sort out their website so that it is very clear on cancellation charges.
We have a number of trips away each year and will never use again or recommend them to anyone. Absolute disgrace!

Ask Debbie about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Do not use Go with a more reputable company like expedia.

Ask Jessica about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst Customer service ever! My wife book a reservation in September for a trip in October for a weekend in Chicago. never sent the confirmation. When it was closer to trip date we did not know who we booked through or the hotel. Called several places but said we did not have confirmation. We then booked another hotel and went on our trip. When we returned we were charged for the original reservation. When we called they said they sent us the confirmation. I repeatedly asked them to forward the original email but all they would do is send a current email with the booking info. This company will Do Anything to get out of compensating you for their mistake.
Stay as far away from this company as you can!

Ask Michael about
1 review
1 helpful vote

Be careful when you make a reservation from this site! They will take out your money from card without any information. They are totally piece of crap.

Ask Rosnee about
1 review
0 helpful votes

Prices are not what they say
If you have problem no one calls you back.
The site is misleading says you won't be charged but never put your card details because the small prints says otherwise.
I was charged the price of a night when I cancelled 10 min later!! A total rip off when you call a hotel direct this never ever happens!!
I happened to me twice so never again for me!!

Ask Sylvaine about
1 review
3 helpful votes

What do you think I should do to resolve this situation?
In the last few months my ff and I have been planning a ski trip. A couple of months ago, a few of her friends decided to
join us, and so our budget changed. Excited, we decided to go to Avariaz, a village in France.
We found a hotel called L'Amara, owned by **Pierre & Vacances** (, offering apartments of difference sizes of 2,3 and 4 bedroom.
Looking for the best price, we found the same 3 room apartment on (, and booked it, no before booking our flights to Geneva, all excited for the holiday.
That's where the good part ends.
It wasn't a couple of hours later when I found that the 3 room apartment, is in fact not exactly a 3 room apartment. It was a 2 bedroom apartment, with a living room. Horrified, but not to worried, assuming ( is a large and responsible
company, I called them and asked what to do. I was wrong., initially admitted that the description was wrong,
but jumped on the opportunity to try charging me a cancellation fee, but also said that they would contact the hotel, because it's ultimately "the hotel's fault", and see what can be done. "You don't need to cancel it, we'll sort it out", they said. "We'll contact you back tomorrow".
And I believed them. Nobody called the next day.
I called again, and asked about what happened, but nobody knew, and so I had to tell them my story again. Erdem, the agent, said he would contact the hotel right away and ask them to provide us with the actual 3 room apartment, but a few minutes
later, he said there were no 3 bedroom apartment available, but that the hotel would "help" when one becomes available.
Since I didn't know what "help" actually meant, I asked for clarification. Erdem, then promised to investigate this and call me back the next day.
Erdem never called. And so this time I had to call again, and go through the story in the third time. Francisco this time,
went through the same conversation with me. A 3 bedroom apartment wasn't available, so he would get the hotel to provide us
"Don't worry, we will fix it". he stated.
Francisco, again, never called, and I was seriously running out of options. 5 days have passed, and nothing has been resolved, either way, except a lot of money taken out of my account.
I called again, asking to speak to Francisco, but nobody seems to have found him. Telling the story again wasn't something I wanted to do, but I tried, again, only to be rudely spoken by another adviser claiming none of this have ever happened.
Feeling I had no choice, I contacted booking.Com's PR office and complained. An email came through stating they are sure this would be solved.
I wondered what the law had to say about it, and obviously ( as any other company or even a travel agency, must take full responsibility for its words and advertisements, so what David said was just a "small lie" in his mission to wear me out. I didn't agree with David, and after an intense conversation, David, finally agreed to investigate the option of providing us with another room and call the next day, regardless or progress, just to ensure I don't have to call again and explain things, one more time.
David, did not call until 6:00pm and I was getting worried. I called (, and spoke to another agent, who explained that there was a chance David was actually coming late. I then actually apologized and asked the agent not to message him.
If David was going to actually call, I wanted it to be genuine and not make him feel I was judging him based on his friends. The agent promised not to message him.
Less than 60 seconds later, David calls, pretty angry. Angry ? Yes. He was annoyed that I called asking for him, when he was "going to call", and I found myself defending myself explaining why I called, instead of actually looking for a solution to the mess they created.
David, never called again, but Blunt, another agent, did. Ba lint's English wasn't very good, which was acceptable. His customer service skills were even worse, what was unacceptable. I picked up the phone and the first thing he said was "Hello, it's Blunt, you asked to speak to me, what did you want". I wasn't sure who I spoke to and asked for clarification. Blunt continued: "Hello, it's Blunt from (, you asked to speak to me, what did you want?".
I don't remember ever asking to speak to him, but I assumed David asked him to call even though he never mentioned that and said he would speak to his managers. Blunt, even though he stated David asked him to call me, denied any of what's already been agreed upon. Not only that, Blunt continued and claimed that none of the information I was given was misleading, even though so far, the agents I spoke to, agreed, even though all of them promised to call and didn't. Is that not misinformation ?
Blunt went further and accused me of lying. At that point, I felt so disrespected, I refused to speak to him further.
I then contacted the BBB, and complained. The next day, Maria, a soft spoken agent contacted me. Maria stated that she understood how the way the hotel was described was misleading and explained she would solve the issue, and myself, very frustrated, after hours on the phone and every day stress, wanted to believe.
Within a few minutes, Maria claimed she had a solution, by moving us to another hotel in the same category into a real 3 bedroom hotel. I was so excited !!! that didn't last for long. It turned out Maria didn't bother checking where the hotel was. 150 miles from the original resort, we already had purchased ski passes for. I genuinely thought she wanted to help. My red lights hadn't turn on yet, and they should have. This would have been yet another example of how ( agents provide customers with the wrong information, but yet Maria was shocked and found it hard to understand. "But it says Avoriaz" she said. I think she was using ('s website - where the top results are the actual place, but as you scroll down, additional hotels are available.
Moving on, Maria promised to investigate further once again the option of either getting us a 3 bedroom apartment or an additional room in the original hotel.
It didn't take a few hours, and Blunt, the previous rude guy, emailed me stating nothing would be done for me and that since he noticed I spoke to Maria, he is also emailing on behalf of her. And yet ( claimed to be consistent and responsible, not to mention, sensitive.
I called Maria the next day. Maria explained that there was an internal battle between her and Blunt on who owns this case. Great. Now, not only that my holiday is ruined, not only I have already spent hours on the phone. Not only I was very stressed, now there is another obstacle, and at this point I was wondering whether this was real, or maybe another shady attempt to get rid of me, like David's. And I have given them my credit card details!
Maria and I spoke almost every day since then for about a week, every day, the same stressful conversation, every day, me chasing her up, every day, promises, the next morning, claiming promises were never made. At one point, Maria even claimed she never stated that the information was misleading. Talk about trusting these people.
After a while, Maria claimed she had another solution of putting us in two rooms at different hotel in a lower category, for the same price. Each apartment, she claimed, would have 2 bedrooms. I wanted to see the hotel, and Maria gave me the details: Electra, Avoriaz. Happy (almost) I went looking for the hotel. The description actually said 1 bedroom, one alcove. Not sure what an alcove actually meant, I looked it up. It turns out that an alcove, is actually a corner with a bed, and not a room. Frustration was not a word I that could describe how I felt. Why am I surprised though, it's not like any of these people have bothered up until not to make sure information they provide is correct. I called Maria, who still argued that an alcove meant a room.
At that point I contacted the Office of Fair Trade. I was told that:
A. David was lying. ( is fully responsible for what's advertised on their website.
B. is also responsible for their statements, regardless of whether it was advertised on the website or given by phone.
C. Because of the loss of time and bargain, which means they just wasted a lot of time and as a result I have no alternatives, they need to provide me with an alternative I would be satisfied with.
I then informed Maria, who in a shady move, immediately offed a very small compensation for this. This again wouldn't solve our biggest issue - where to sleep, and whether we're going to have privacy, which we have paid for, and a lot.
I then emailed Maria informing her what I thought, and cc'ed it to the CEO, who infarct, had been receiving my emails, but choosing not to respond. Too busy for customers or maybe just hiding under the table until the storm is gone.
I also contacted **Pierre & Vacances** (, hoping they would have different standards of business conducts. I was wrong, again. **Pierre & Vacances** ( charges paying customers to call customer service. So If you paid and something went wrong and it wasn't your fault, you still have to pay them about 0.5 gbp a minute, almost a dollar a minute, for the honor of speaking to a guy, who is rude. Rude ? yes. I called and first asked if I could have the regular number. "We don't have a any". That wasn't right. Every premium number has an regular number behind it. An honest honest would have been "I am not allowed to give it to you". at least. I then explained that this was a long story and that I had already paid for the room. Mr agent didn't care. "You don't have to talk to us then" he said, and hung up. I take it **Pierre & Vacances** ( does not offer customer care training.
Meanwhile, someone else took over my case. Viktor, Viktor claimed he would sort it out and speak to the hotel. Meanwhile, I had no choice by paying this premium line in a desperate attempt to have someone to sleep. Here's what I found.
Tim, the **Pierre & Vacances** ( agent, agreed that the information was incorrect and promised to resolve this and call me directly. Tim, however, never did, and when I tried calling again, I was treated like a second class citizen.
"You paid through (, so we don't care. Go talk to them". Funny enough they have no problem taking my money, even for this call. I am paying you, even just to speak to you, and so why wouldn't you make an effort to resolve this ? The truth is, they don't care. Maybe if I spoke French?
The story continues on, to misinformation between ( and **Pierre & Vacances** ( claims they have spoken to the hotel and the hotel claims none of this ever happened. A few more agents hang up on me. But the result ?
Failure. Nothing, has been resolved. Yesterday Victor gave me an ultimatum on either taking his alternative or lose everything. What was the alternative ? take the 2 rooms in the other hotel in the lower category for the same price with the additional small compensation. I got to the point where I wasn't even thinking straight because of the stress. I agreed, and it turned out this was another misinformation. The compensation was actually to pay for the different between the price of the hotels (the lower category one actually cost more) and I had to commit to almost 3,000 gbp (having both reservations booked) before anything is done. Currently, I don't know what the the situation.
Over 15 hours on the phone (logged) A giant phone bill, rooms more expensive than the original adversed but not as good, not to mention the stress that has physically affected me, and how unexcited I am for this holiday that turned into a nightmare. This is the experience I am getting in return for over 2,000 USD of my money.
**Pierre & Vacances** (, even though they received a lot of my emails, never bothered doing anything and today told me they did not care, again because I booked the hotel through someone else. When you buy something in the supermarket and it goes wrong, does the manufacturer not take at least a little bit of responsibility ?
You're happy enough to take my money, but when it comes to fix the mess you have created, you are running away from responsibility in the worse possible why. I am not happy. I was moved to a hotel I am not happy with, even though there are rooms available in the original hotel. I am paying, more. You offered a very small compensation that actually pays for the difference for the more expensive not as nice hotel. I've spent hours and hours on the phone and I actually have no choice at this point. Nothing else is available, of course, unless I want to pay a lot more money. You've been inconsistent and dishonest throughout the process. You agreed that the description was wrong, but avoided responsibility. Mistakes can happen, but they're an opportunity to make things better, You don't seem to make things better, at all/
This nightmare does not end there. I called **Pierre & Vacances** ( to book my ski passes. The agent said it would be no problem and that I could book the ski pass any time I wanted up to 24 hour prior to my arrival date.
When I called the next time, all I could hear was "I'm so sorry you can't do that" by a guy who couldn't be more stereotypical French - and hung up the phone when I asked for an explanation on how can a business be so inconsistent and insensitive. Never again. And holiday hasn't even started. Never, never again. Why would anyone book a holiday with a company that cannot even respect it's own words ?
**UPDATE**: Since they cancelled the old booking and issued a new and more expensive one, I was told they would refund the old one and then charge me for the new one. None of that has been done yet, and over the past 2 weeks I have called and emailed 6 times to ask how and when this would be done. No one has responded to my emails and I was promised someone would call and let me know.
Nothing has been done. I spoke for over an hour with a an agent today who found out they actually had the information but that they forgot to let me know, leaving me in the dark, again. When I said this was unacceptable, She promised to escalate it to a manager, not before, agreeing that I won't have to tell my story again. I was on the phone holding for an additional 10 minutes, when someone else picks up the phone, completely oblivious to what happened, asking me to tell my story again, and of course, "did not know who put me through to her", and just to make things really nice, asked me to wait until the original colleague calls me again. Yes, that one who hasn't been responded for over 2 weeks.
So, what would you do ?

Ask Ido about
6 reviews
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Really not much different most other travel booking websites, I just happened to land in their camp first. I've used a few of the others as well with satisfaction. I have received great pricing and their reviews have steered me towards better values. Name brand motels vary in quality with location so the reviews are quite valuable. does benchmark the lowball price and is its own discount resource so other discounts won't apply i.e. AAA or other travel rewards, however usually meets or beats all other incentives. Foreign travel reservations are of course also provided.

Ask Brian about
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Booked two apartments for 8th December in mid October and paid a 50% deposit.
Lunchtime 7th december that rooms were "no longer available"!
Email said they had phoned earlier (which they hadn't, it's a generic email header) then offered apartments in Limehouse, some 30 mins away from where we were staying and dining. Sorry but not acceptable.
Next attempt was a single apartment with two bedrooms, nearer to original but I don't wish to share with a work colleague and his wife.
Then heard nothing so with time rapidly running out I made my own arrangements.
Was then told I was being rude by asking for my money back. Never again! your are rubbish.

Ask Glynn about
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Do not fall for the teaser hotel rate that advertises. I booked through instead of through the hotel's website . This mistake costs me my reward points (which would have been tripled at the time). The room rate was only 5 cents cheaper through

Ask Deborah about
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I booked a room through Or so I thought. Actually it was through where they required my credit card information. But it is no good for payment. Hmmmm seems a little ok, a LOT, fishy to me. IDK what they are actually going to use my credit card information for, but I fear it is for other people to buy things with my money.
And this isn't even considering the fact that the price I paid through "Priceline" was the same price offered by the hotel. So, the purpose of using them? And the inability to pay for the room with my credit card, but the requirement to give the info?!?!?! My advice, call the hotel you want to use and make your reservation directly. Save yourself the hassle of dealing with your bank when your credit card is compromised

Ask Lorinda about
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I've been booking with this service for a long time and I've always had a positive experience. I like the sales periods and opportunities to live in a 5-star hotel at a price of 3 stars. The variety is amazing. The reviews are available, so it's always easy to find out what this place is really like. I've never had any cancellation problems or frozen sum issues. So I don't really understand other people complaining. I guess there are a lot of different accommodation options out there and you can find a lot of poor places and hosts to live with, but that's not my case. So I give 5 stars without any further thinking.

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A: I've never had that happen to me before. I don't understand why it would keep going up as it's supposed to stay at the same rate. I've booked rooms months in advance without it ever going up. I'm sorry you're having that problem.
1 week ago
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