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Herengracht 597
Amsterdam, 1017 CE
Tel: (888) 850-3958
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New Reviewer

I was looking at hotel options for Indy yesterday on TRIPADVISOR... I never made any reservations, or proceeded looked further into anything!!... Then today I get an email from telling me they had confirmed my room on April 28th, 2014 in INDY for $2,249.oo... They provided a booking number and a pin code and that I had until Aug.6, 2013 to cancel... 2013!?... Neither the booking number or the pin were recognized when trying to access them to cancel... So I replied back to their email, telling them to shove this up their ass... It bounced back non-deliverable... Damn the internet

New Reviewer

I booked a rent a car through at Fox Rental in the Seattle area. I specifically unchecked all the fees associated with the rental, which of course were checked prior to checking out, and they charged me despite this, costing me an additional $82. This made the daily rate even more expensive than Hotwire! Stay away from these guys, they are scam artists!

New Reviewer

Booked an apartment in Dieppe France and arranged to meet the owner to get the keys. She didn't show up and charged me anyway. They have now said that she was just late (We waited on a dirty pavement next to a busy road in a not salubrious neighbourhood with my 5 year old son for 30 minutes) and that I cancelled my booking. I did not cancel it - they did I couldn't get it!!! My bank are disputing the payment so that may be the way to go...we'll see. Wouldn't trust them though

New Reviewer

As a hotel business owner this site has been a bad experience for us. I would advise ther business owners to not list with this booking site.

The customer service is shocking. They do not reply to emails, are slow to send bookings information to our email resulting in double bookings on occasions.

Most frustrating is they have a lowest commission band of 15% which used to be 12% but they put it up.

They do not take guest payments and in any dispute are on the side of the guest booking and not the business.

There is no oppertunity to reply to reviews and unfair reviews are not removed.

They never reply to emails.

The change your listing with no warning and when this results in an incorrect booking do not claim any responsibility.

I am removing my listing.

New Reviewer

I have been using for few years ,I always been happy with the choice and service until the latest booking really disappoint me and I feel rip off by two parties.

1. Booking a apartment in Amsterdam through on 21st march 2014 for one night originally for present for my daughter birthday , she and her friends one to stay one night in Amsterdam . However due to flight changes and unavailability, I have to cancel the booking straight away and that was 25 minutes later . confirm the booking cancelled. I assume all cancel that I don't have to look at further about the confirmation. These are on 21st march 2014.

But then upon checking my credit card statement on first week of April 2014 as monthly check, I am shocked to find out I was charge full amount of the cancelled booking. Although communicated with regarding this apparently there is nothing they can do, as it was Living Capital the Amsterdam company charge me.
When I email them, I did have response but they too can't refund me because it already been charge.

Question is: why am I charge full amount on booking which cancel 25 minutes after booked.,it wasn't even 25 hours, and the booking was for a month later.
Apparently this is a policy to avoid cancellation. What do trading standard think about this.

So it wasn't FREE cancellation , I can understand if I cancel 48 hours or perhaps a week before checking in.

Beware of booking with and Old West Area Apartments. It's s scammer although Old west Area Apartments charge me ,the will get the commission too. Both parties are working together as scammers.

New Reviewer

I booked a hotel in New Delhi for a one-day week-end trip. They didn't provide any information about what kind of document I have to carry for identity. The room was most ordinary, not as it was reflected in site. Even in the hotel they didn't provide a bottle of drinking water. All those were still okay. But I doubt this site doesn't keep their clients data confidential, recently I have lost 8K INR from my credit card which I used to book hotel from this site and surprisingly the hotel charge I paid in cash when I checked-in. I didn't share my credit card details anywhere other than The travel agency who Cheated the amount is another fraud it is So friends better stay away from this site, especially in India where there is nobody to protect the consumers.

New Reviewer

Long delay to honor best price guarantee. 2 of the times I have used this site to book a room, the hotels booked, used this site to circumvent the policies of their chain.

New Reviewer

Used before to book several hotels and the most useful thing is that you can book with no advanced payment and there are lots of hotels.

However we are currently staying in London and feel like we have beem scammed. Arrived at this hovel of a hostel to be told that price quoted by was incorrect and we needed to pay VAT on top.

The quality of this hostel was just about forgivable at the price we have been quoted for two nights but with VAT on top which quite frankly feels like them taking the mick we're not paying much less than we would to stay somewhere nice. t+cs state that all prices inclusive of vat but they cannot be held responsible for pricing inaccuracies.

Buyer beware - will probably go direct from now on To avoid ffuture mishaps like this.

New Reviewer

I booked a room in a B&B in the Venetian lagoon for my wife's birthday. The owners canceled due to illness the day before we were to leave. offered to refund the difference in cost between the canceled booking and another comparable one. The only other place on the island is a well-known, expensive locanda.
On our return home, I contacted about the refund and, after jumping through some hoops and about three weeks, the refund was in my account.

I would give five stars if the refund process had been easier -- five or six emails and several phone calls seem excessive -- and more prompt. I do give them four stars for communicating well about the reservation and alternatives and for following their published policy despite the large difference in price. I will use them again.

New Reviewer

Booked hotel in Cookstown as a gift. Was so bad my daughter and partner left. Paid for superior double room and got a rubbish room, old,scruffy and smellie. Hotel said they only had one type of roo and this was it. Dreadful

New Reviewer

This company is terrible. The associates are awful, horrible human beings. I have the terrible misfortune of happening to know one of the project managers at this site and I would never do business with this company for that very reason.

New Reviewer

We wanted to look at canceling a hotel in Paris as our son could not travel with us.
Before we could find out what the cancellation fee was sold our "cancelled" reservation. Instead of having an extra hotel room we ended up with no
room and the $1037 full price forfeit versus just enjoying the hotel at the agreed on price.. has enough market power they can do things like this with impunity.
Be very careful using Book directly with a hotel if at all possible.

New Reviewer

TAKE IT FROM AN INSIDER yes, the prices are cheap but truth is, if you book directly from the hotel is cheaper! The have to pay a commision, so they actually charge you a certain precentage so they dont lose that much money. I suggest you look at for the price then call the hotel themselves and ask for that same price! Especially if you are staying at a bed and breakfast, it is a lotbetter to book directly with them so they get to know you, like what you want for breakfast or what you are celebrating, or your plans! Dont lose that personal service, and book directly with them

New Reviewer

I booked a room in London £40 for two nights, in May. I thought I had a great Bargain (and it wasn't a typo) because there were various other prices available and that price was also available in June so I booked it twice (May and June) and cancelled a pre-booking for another hotel I had booked in June at £50 per night.
I had an email this week to say that the (£40) price was wrong and that I had to pay £120 per night or have it cancelled. Now, (if) I chose to re-book the other cheap hotel, I can't because its fuly booked so now I'd be even more out of pocket.
2ndly. Booking .com state Best Price Guaranteed
You are getting the lowest possible price at the time of booking – guaranteed.

Not only that but on the T & C's it sstates: By making a reservation through, you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the accommodation provider at which you book.

So what's that all about?

New Reviewer
3/26/14 Guarantees best rates according to their website:
"Whether you’re staying in a city, by the coast or in the countryside, guarantees to offer you the best available rates" It further goes on to say "We want you to pay the lowest price possible for your stay. Should you find your accommodation, with the same reservation conditions, at a lower rate on the Internet after you have made a reservation through us, we will match the difference between our rate and the lower rate under the terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee."

I had booked my hotel stay to Dubai. Next day, I found the same exact hotel $400 cheaper WITH free breakfast included, on Orbitz. I contacted and they stated to provide proof. I walked the agent through Orbitz site and they agreed! They requested that I send an email to their 'Customer Service Escalation Team'. I did. They replied saying that since the hotel does not have free cancellation, they cannot offer the refund for hte excess rate. I had sent couple of emails and they DO NOT STAND by their word. This will be the LAST time i use I have warned all of my family and friends and this surely is a CHEAP SHOT! TALK ABOUT FALSE ADVERTISING.

I also sent the escalation team a copy of their own term/condition along with the copy of the flights i had seen on Orbitz. Definately a cheap shot by the company not to stand by their customer. True case of Bait and Switch!
This is in regards to my earlier message in which "Andrea" from Customer Service Team responded.

First of all, I appreciate you have replied. Not many company actually take the initiative to do this.

Based on your suggestion, I went to the site and I realized I had described and matched every requirement EXCEPT for:

""4. The conditions of your booking with us still allow penalty-free cancellations and modifications.""

My reservation was not penalty-free cancellation.

If my reservation is or war 'PENALTY FREE CANCELLATION', I myself can cancel it and DO NOT NEED a guarantee from a business in which they promise 'Best Price Guarantee'. Exactly what is the point of this guarantee if a reservation is penalty free cancellation and I can cancel it?? It is definately a marketing ploy and hence I will say its a case of Bait & Switch. This is what really upsets me.

Andrea, if you can help me (as suggested by you), can you please work with me and the hotel to try to see if they can cancel my reservation and give me FULL refund?


New Reviewer

I have a small hotel in Central America and we signed up with these people. After some time we asked if we could become unaffiliated with them. That was ten days ago and we are still not free of them. They have taken a presence on our TripAdvisor site and we cannot get them to stop. They are showing that our rooms are booked up all the time and they are killing our business. They do not respond to my emails and we don't know what to do at this time. I can see by this site that they have low rating and now I know why. If I can ever get rid of them I will never return as a hotel on their site. Be careful booking with these toads.

New Reviewer

I expected that my reservation was for a hotel. AFTER making the reservation I found that the reservation was for a B&B and the pictures and information was false on the site. The room was not available because "there was a problem with the booking" as stated by the B&B. I had to find another hotel but was charged 2 night by the B&B anyway. refused to help in any way. This is a very dishonest website.

New Reviewer

Stay away from

During a visit to Argentina in January I made a booking through at the Hotel Los Naranjos in Ushuaia. The price showing on's website for a single room was US$90 per night, which on my budget was reasonable.

After inserting personal and credit card details I then clicked through and was shocked to discover had deducted double - US$180 - from my Visa account.

When I checked in, the hotel receptionist said this happened before with customers. As recompense the manager offered me a "free" breakfast, which was not included in the price, and transport to the airport. I declined both.

For the last month I have been completely stonewalled by who refuse point blank consider a refund of the US$90 overpayment unless I can provide them with a screenshot of the web page when I made the booking.

How can I possibly produce a web page from many weeks ago which vanished into cyberspace's ether the moment I clicked to make the booking? And who prints off or saves the original web page anyway?

I have pointed out to that Hotel Los Naranjos today still only charges US$90 per night maximum. This price is stated prominently on the desk in the hotel lobby.

Also no-one would choose to pay US$180 per night for what frankly is a very modest hotel in the remotest part of Tierra del Fuego.

After decades of consumer law I am astonished companies like can use such stalling tactics to fob off customers in the hope perhaps they will drop their claim for a refund. Shame on them.


New Reviewer

I have been using booking since last year for most of my traveling. But with what I had experienced today, I will no longer deal or recommend to anyone. I have reserved a hotel near JFK airport and based my request on JFK airport along with airport shuttle. After I made my booking I found out from the hotel that they do not provide shuttle to JFK. Furthermore, after making my cancelation I called Booking and the representative did not handle the complain properly for that I have escalated the issue to her advisor. Who needs such headache. From now on I will not deal with and I wish others will either be extra careful or not use it.

New Reviewer

I booked an apartment with no reviews and immediately received a request, by email, to pay 30% up front by wire transfer. At no time was it stated that a wire transfer was required. I reported this to as possible fraud but they actually insist that I make a wire transfer or pay a cancellation fee. It's disgusting that they are promoting what is very likely fraud especially considering that they will not reimburse anything if I get ripped off.

It would be fine if I agreed to this when booking, but nothing about a wire transfer was stated in the listing. I'm really astonished that is trying to bully me into wiring hundreds of Euros to a no-review apartment based on a fraudulent listing.

New Reviewer

We have been using for the past few years.Our experiences have always been conclusive especially this last trip.We have just came back from the Philippines and had booked 2 hotels in Puerto Princesa.Did the first part and then when we moved to the Microhotel ,I had made the mistake of booking it in MANILA.!
The hotel accommodated us last minute and I immediately called booking 24hrs number and they did all the leg work to cancel my reservation for that day in Manila and even got them to waive the cancellation charges!! Koodos for booking ,all our other reservations went smoothly .We will continue to use

New Reviewer

We are a small agency that runs a few properties on the coast of Barcelona. The commission this company charges us and our customers is a total rip off. As we are promoting our properties on our own and other websites it is a frustrating experience for our customers to discover that they are being overcharged.
We had some problem with an overbooked property (We assume it was our fault, we did not know how the system worked) and they asked us to find alternative lodging for the customer. We spent lots of time looking for alternative properties and found some properties at the same level. After all the time, they charged us their commission, anyway and, what's more, they also charged the customer the commission for the other property: double win! after countless calls got to talk with somebody who told us to ask for a refund of the commission explaining that we had acted in good faith. I did, but nothing. Agencies, stay away.

New Reviewer

the problem with is that THEY DO NOT ENSURE that the details they display about the hotels are TRUE. Hotels simply submit censored photos & description which do not validate in any way (as I assume this will hit the revue they receive from the volume of bookings through their website). I used tem for Utrect, Holland and ended up in nothing more than a potential death trap should an emergency occurred.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Despite my confirmation from, the hotel did not have any record of my purchase. The hotel was sold out but after one hour, they were gracious enough to find me another room. DO NOT USE THEM!

New Reviewer

Beware the so-called Price is garbage! If you call them and query a booking you get some strident American woman on the phone who argues with you that the conditions are not the same or the room description is not the same. DO NOT expect them to honour their guarantee! Use them to find the hotel you are looking for and then book direct with the hotel.

New Reviewer

Reserved a hotel about 3 weeks before the actual stay. It said it will charge the card right away. Did not check if it actually charged a card the same day. When coming to the hotel, the receptionist told us that it wasnt paid yet but yes it was reserved and they honored the price. The next day checked with the bank, didnt charge the card. pretty much weird experience... at the hotel we were told they have been having such issues with this site, recommended using expedia or orbitz.

New Reviewer

I booked in a Apartment/hotel from, It said that I could have a free cancelation but within 7 days before arrival. I tried to cancel but I couldn't at all, And contacted them with an email they said they would respond as soon as possible. exactly 7 days before the official arrival. No one responded to my emails, and today tried finding ways, I finally found the center call number for in Italy because thats where Im booking from and live at the moment, He told me that I will have to pay the amount of apartment, I mean I really don't get it when I tried contacting the company no one responded now I have to deal with consequences, these hotels/apartments must respond very fast to avoid these complications. Im trying to cancel it without paying at the moment since I have proof of emails that I contacted them in advance.

very annoyed about this situation, Never had an issue with till now.


New Reviewer

I think the word will spread that are not a company to be trusted. I have been waiting over a month for the refund they promised. Numerous emails and telephone conversation and always they promise that the money will be paid in 5 days or by the end of the week but still no action. It is just talk. They will promise to investigate the matter further. I can see by their responses to previous reviews on this website that they use polite customer service tone to make you feel reassured that they will investigate the matter further. Warning be very wary of this company. Try someone else or just book with the hotel direct.

New Reviewer


I would just like to say in response to RE: The hotel requesting copies of my credit card and ID, THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS NO IT’S NOT OK!!!!

I had a phone call from my bank on Saturday asking if I was in the United States trying to make a cash withdrawal - The answer to this is NO, I was in sunny Wandsworth in London. Somebody had made a copy of my card and decided to go on holiday with it. Luckily my bank caught it in time and the card has been cancelled. PLEASE BE AWARE WHEN YOU ARE BOOKING WITH BOOKING.COM NON REFUNDABLE, THEN THE HOTEL ASKS FOR CC COPIES AND ID - ID CONTAINING YOUR DOB, ADDRESS WHERE SOMEBODY CAN EXTRACT POSSIBLE PIN NUMBERS.

Take care
Many thanks,

New Reviewer

They should recive even no star because they dont deserve. But I could not i must select at least. I took lawyer against them. They just canceled my trip with my family for Sheraton hotel over 2200 Euro just few days before my trip. Even I did pay one momth ago. They are unprofessional and I nver ever recomend them to any one.
They dont care about any customers , very bad services. be very carful

New Reviewer

I canceled a hotel reservation but still got charged. Called and they said their records indicate my call was to have my confirmation resent. BS! They are dishonest, unprofessional and operate out of the Netherlands. Stay away from

New Reviewer

Booking confirmation was never received. Just received the noshow cancellation cost. 503 euros out the window. No reminder was sent either. I used for 4 other reservations and was very happy.

New Reviewer

Due to the arrogant and rude manner with which a young male dealt with my telephone queries, I have just cancelled two separate bookings for accommodation I had previously made with For the majority of us, dealing with customers in a polite and courteous manner is common sense. Clearly, needs to train its staff to behave like this.

New Reviewer

Booked the hotel Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport
thru This site misrepresents
the hotels. This hotel is not a 4.5 star
Property. It is dated and dirty!!! The
Description is not accurate! Very
Fraudulent misrepresentation!!! Use
Hotwire or Kayak or the other sites.
They are truthfulp

New Reviewer

I didn't wanna give them any stars! Horrible customer service and the website describes the rooms completely different...was suppose to be in a double queen suit and ended up being in a standard room double queens but somehow on there reservation screen it says standard room but my paper work says suit...I must have changed it...DO NOT USE THIS SITE!!! Such a rip off.

New Reviewer

Terrible customer service. Firstly it took months for them to load my hotel details onto their system. After several follow-ups, there was still no progress in terms of us being loaded onto the system. I had a technical problem when doing their reporting online. I sent customer services email asking for assistance and they never assisted me. Now they have billed me for stays that were not fulfilled. I have even provided the proof that I requested assistance and now they refuse to take accountability. They claim that customer services was ccd in the email and therefore were not obliged to action the email yet evidently they were a direct recipient of the email. It is ridiculous as they have de-activated my account and are insisting I pay before they can activate it, yet NONE of the nights were fulfilled.

New Reviewer

Website Tricked me into commiting to a reservation, then charged a large cancellation fee almost the cost of 1 night. I refuse to use companies that intentionally deceive me in order to increase business, I will never use again. Once you give your credit card number, you are doomed with

New Reviewer


I’m due to stay at the Reservation Hotel Exedra Nice on the 9th
March (something special for myself and my boyfriend for my
birthday) and am slightly concerned about my booking now for two

1) I booked it through, now from what I have read about
them seem slightly shady in the way they earn their
‘no fee’ business. This booking I have made if non-refundable, and
if I cancel I loose 167 Euros.

2) I have received the following poorly written bizarre email from the hotel:

Dear Madam / Mister,
We thank you for your new reservation at the Boscolo Hotel Exedra
I am send you attached the credit card debit form to complete and
to send us back with the copy of your credit card (both sides) and
your ID, within 24h, in order to charge the prepayment of your stay.

Without any answer within 24h, your reservation will be
automatically cancelled.

We remain at your entire disposal for any further information you
may need.

Best regards,
(i’m not going to put the persons name, I think that is abit mean.)


I had to double check with the hotel as I thought it was a scam
email from africa, asking for ‘zeee monies’, so they are asking to
send copies of my CC card both sides and ID, only ID I have is a
passport, essentially I’m assuming to make a NON SECURE
transaction, or just to perhaps keep some of my most important
details: my CC and passport details on record?! I’m sorry but who
in their right mind would supply that information NON SECURE,
when we live in a time that fraud/money theft is rife and we have
10 million passwords for everything we use etc also when I have
been through a SECURE transaction payment process online, using my
passwords etc. I’m disappointed about this
already, as I’m not even sure that is legal?

So I have been on the phone to and to France twice
(from the UK), costly and not how I want to spend a Monday night. Slightly annoyed
at because they did the whole, “It’s not us it’s them”...type
thing. They did not make any of this clear on their website.

So I have spoken to France, expressed my concern/annoyance etc, and
the poor boy on the phone was very nice and helpful, and said I should
send and email saying that I’m uncomfortable about sending this
information, which is fine, I did. Then I speak to
(sighhhhh) again then they advise me that I just have to respond with a
confirmation that I authorise the CC payment, which is what I
thought I did when I PAID and entered the tiny numbers from my CC
card online. So this has all been very long and boring and not what
I wanted.

The hotel say:

Dear Madam

Due to several stolen credit card used to make a room reservation on different websites , in order to secure the payment of the non refundable reservation , we need to receive the authorization completed and signed by the credit card holder with the copy of the both sides of the credit card

This process is requested by the different bank company to avoid non valid transactions

We are sorry to add another step in the process of making the reservation and we look forward welcoming you at the Boscolo Exedra during your next stay in Nice.

Which makes no sense. I’ve never booked a hotel in this way. This was not made clear on at all.

I just don’t see why it’s been made so difficult, all I want to do was pay for the room, SECURE ONLINE
arrive on the 9th check out. Now there is this 24 cancellation thing of a none
refundable reservation hanging over me, how convenient, for both the hotel and

Now I’m not sure about the hotel, looking at reviews, it doesn’t seem to be up to the 5 star
standard they say it is.

So apparently I still have the booking even though I have not sent them my CC detals, but i’m a little anxious now that there will still be some problems having read other reviews, like ‘sorry you didn’t send your CC
details so we cancelled your booking’, or because you have been perceived as being difficult because you won’t give them all your most important data “here is your broom cupbard of a room”. I have totally lost faith and slightly dreading the 9th, just because I don’t know what I’m gonna get and I’m minus 167 Euros!

AND BTW there was also no point in booking with becuase there was no difference in the room rate, I checked the hotel website. Actually don't book at this hotel, pain in the arse!

If you have any problems push it onto the hotel, blame policy, which already has your money so they don’t care.

Many thanks for you eyes.

New Reviewer
2/7/14 refused to refund me after having made a total hash of an amendment they were making for me. Instead of changing my booking from one day to another day, they booked me for 2 nights, neither of which I wanted. They admitted it was their mistake but would do nothing about it!

New Reviewer

Well they listed an apartment in Medellin Colombia---Apto. 401 Balcon de la Castellana. Go to my review. The place cost 620.00 for six nights. It was filthy and the sliding shower doors were missing WHEELS and the top brackets in two showers were unsecured, My friend was almost seriously injured when he tried to open the one sliding glass door and it fell off the track and the top bracket came apart luckily I rushed in to assist. That was just the start. reply--"we're sorry" we will let the owners know. If you wish to see how filthy and poorly maintained the place was I have pictures of it. Email me at and iI will gladly send them to you.

New Reviewer

WARNING! WARNING! Never use this website- so unpleasant and unhelpful. Name of her is Katy - what a horrible and abrupt person.

New Reviewer

I have used three times in the past year and have been completely satisfied each time! I have had no problems what so ever. I was slightly hesitant at first as i chose the option to pay on arrival at the hotel and felt really weird about the fact id apparently booked a room flown to get there and yet to pay. But time and time again its been a pleasure and its the only site i go to now to book my hotels or apartments.

New Reviewer

Our company has been a faithful user of for a good few months now for our corporate bookings.

During one attempt to cancel the booking for London Marriott within the free cancellation window, it was immediately reflected as [CANCELED] on the site and we safely assumed it was cancelled. We did NOT receive any cancellation emails (as we would have, considering the previous bookings/cancellations we have done). We safely then booked another hotel in view of this cancellation around the same vicinity.

HOWEVER, a week into the stay-period, we are shocked to have been billed a hefty NO-SHOW fee for London Marriott (which is cancelled then on site) and when we logged back in to check (it amazingly shows NO-SHOW, instead of CANCELLED!!).

I do not know if it was on's rep's part that they failed to cancel promptly this Marriott booking and thus caused this big penalty fee but it is atrocious to blame the customer for (double-booking, according to the Customer Support) for your site's technical error and failure to confirm via email to us. We have always received confirmation/cancellation emails previously, but there was NONE for this.

The customer service (female, obviously I didn't bother to ask for her name as it would just be an alias) was pretty rude when she attended to my questions with sarcastic comebacks and all she could say was she'd forward a refund request (but according to her system, there were no cancellation requests ever done) to the hotel in respective and "get back to me" with the hotel's refund response.

Acting on behalf of a corporate entity, we would strongly advise the readers to book directly with the hotels themselves instead of agent. It's extremely saddening to know how actually middlemen agents like works to earn their keep.

Extremely disappointed.

New Reviewer

Absolutely disgusted with made a booking with them for January 27th for st David's in Cardiff. Checked my bank today and had booked something in our name using our card for the 4th February for the same hotel. Luckily hotel was very understanding and understood the freadulance in this and refunded me the £115 back. Called the customer services for who were very UNHELPFUL. Continuesly interrupted me and basically we're very rude. There was not even an apology for the inconvinience. I was also on hold for the majority of the phone call. Asked for a complaints department. Customer services then advised me that there is not one!!! Which is ridiculous! Spoke with a manager in the end not very helpful either. I recommend NOT going with them!!!! be careful of fraud.

New Reviewer

I have read some other reviews of I seriously strongly feel such sites need to be disbanded in customer interests. I had made a booking at Apartment k, Reykjavik. The condition of booking was that a one day tariff will be charged for confirmation. The card was declined. And one assumed the booking is cancelled because the necessary condition of reservation was not complied with.There was no correspondence for next almost two and a half months,no one day rent was debited to card, no phones, nothing, and suddenly a debit of 1000 euros lands told me that they sent one mail, just one, saying even if card is declined, the booking is on until I cancel it.Like so many mails they send, this too landed in spam, and I realized it only when I went looking for what they call is their confirmation. This raises serious questions. If debiting one day tariff is not a condition for reservation, then why debit so many people. Indeed if a reservation made months in advance does not get cancelled with no money transaction or guarantee, then we should all give wrong card details,and enjoy cheaper tariffs. Afterall it does not seem that the booking is dependent on charging card for one day stay.
Any reinstatement of booking by definition needs customer consent. To say that you made a booking, it did not go through, you have not paid money as a guarantee for booking, but we will still debit you,does not stand test of common sense or justice.
Then comes the role of Very conveniently they say its a policy of hotel, they have nothing to do. Then why be the interface and make money. Lets all start booking direct with hotels only.

New Reviewer

Deceptive advertising. The room category that I booked at the Chalet Suisse in Valberg France was not the room I was given. I was given a much lower category for the price advertised. After discussion, I was given another r)room ( larger) but still not as advertized. I wrote a review on my stay at this hotel but my review was printed incompletely and presented in an inaccurate manner. User of this site BE AWARE and careful: You may not get what you are supposed to get and thre is no compensation for your lost disappointment.


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I have received an email on 27/12 from and tell me about I didn’t ceck-in to Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel and no show penalty EUR 599.25 will be debited to my credit card. The email stated that I have made this reservation on 29/10. At that moment, since I didn’t carry my notebook and can’t really check my booking record when I was still in Rome, so the only thing I can do is to reply to that email directly, and claim that I must check my record and I am sure I have cancelled the booking, and asked them don’t charge to credit card not until 2 Jan until I figure out what’s going on.

When I get back to HK, I checked my email record in my email box and contact to customer service directly by phone to clarify that I have never received any order confirmation regarding to reservation of Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel. I have made several bookings on 29/10, but I have well received the order confirmation for other bookings, but not this hotel. I remembered that I have reviewed this hotel but not “BOOK” this hotel. With NO order confirmation email nor reminder email, the first email I have ever received is the no show penalty email.

I have contacted to several times both by phone and by email, they insisted that their system have sent out the email successfully and they don’t send any reminder email to customers. Plus have charge $0 dollar during the transaction, all penalty are debited by property directly, they can’t do anything on this and ask me to contact to the property directly. When I have contacted to Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel, they said they charged the penalty payment based on the T&C of and if I have didn’t received any reminder or confirmation, I need to negotiate with booking agents directly.

That’s total ridiculous and totally rubbish when they are pushing the responsibility and liability to each others. Without single 1 notification, the first email I ever received that is the no show penalty email. Both and Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel were ignored my reply on 27/12 and debited to my credit card on 29/12. Even though I have provided my email record to both parties, hotel said I should contact to, said they don’t charge a single dollar from me. Both parties evade the responsibility they should bear.

As a purchaser, have the obligation to notify consumer what order they have made, that is the reason why purchaser must send the order confirmation email once the order have made successfully. The reason of a reminder email is to MAKE SURE at least more than 1 notification have been sent to consumer, to remind them what order they have made and minimize the possibility of missing email.

But now the first email I have received is the no show penalty email which I have NEVER received a single email before about this booking have been made. What is the different from a fraud transaction if no confirmation is received???

Even I bought a T-shirt, I do have at least 7 days of time period to return it after payment have been paid, furthermore I have never book this hotel and never stay to this hotel, why do I need to pay for a transaction I didn’t made? This is a big sum of money for me, both parties replied to me they don’t have the responsibility to refund to me? What the different from fraud then???

According to the T&C of at point 7 –

“an email which we ( may send you shortly prior to your arrival date, giving you information on your destination and providing you with certain information and offers (including third party offers to the extent that you have actively opted in for this information) relevant to your reservation and destination,”

Obviously is failed to do so. This is total useless to make the complaint to customer service, they just keep telling you they are sorry, but they ARE KEEP TELLING YOU BASED ON THE T&C, THERE ARE NOTHING THEY CAN DO TO HELP YOU. This is absolutely ridiculous that passes the blame on the hotel. The hotel passes the blame on NEVER NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT TO USE BOOKING.COM. WHEN ANYTHING GO WRONG, THEY JUST SAID THEY CHARGE ME NOTHING DURING THE TRANSCATION. AND NOTHING THEY CAN HELP YOU WITH.

Guys, I been debited for EUR599.25!!!!! and has said to me they have no obligation since they are not the party who charged my credit card. I must deal with the hotel directly which I have already did so. Hotel passed the blame back to The critical thing is I HAVEN'T RECEIVED EVEN 1 NOFICATION / REMINDER EMAIL ABOUT "CONFIRMED". EVEN I CANCELLED OTHER RESERVATION THROUGH BOOKING.COM WHICH MADE ON 29/10. MY BOOKING.COM NEVER SHOWED BOOKING / RESERVATION OF Eurostars Roma Aeterna Hotel. HOW CAN I CANCEL IF THERE IS NO INFORMATION AT ALL!!!!!!!!

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I booked a room for my fiancee. I used my card but put the reservation under his name. I have done this before from other websites and had NO PROBLEMS with him being able to check in. however, has it set up so that they have to have MY license and MY card at the hotel at check in because booking never goes directly through me. An hour later, the hotel is telling me they will have to charge my card again so that he can sleep there and I had to fax them photo copies of my license and card. Just an AWFUL hassle. I use travel sites a lot and I will NEVER use this one again or recommend it to anyone.

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First time using Very impressed with the variety of lodging available. Will definitely be using again when I am looking for lodging.

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