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AliExpress reviews

492 reviews
26/F, Tower One, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852.22155100

492 Reviews for AliExpress

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New Reviewer

AliExpress allowed a preferred sell to cheat me out of $321.56. The Samsung S4 I bought was tied to AT&T. It wouldn't work in Thailand where I live. The seller, Hongkong Hi5 mobile agreed to exchange the phone. I sent it back and they received it. NO exchange, no refund and they won't answer emails or messages.

Plain and simple fraud. I think AliExpress helps the thieves.

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress - when it came it was ugly, and I wanted to return it. There was nothing in the package to help me do that. I wouldn't order from them ever again!

New Reviewer

Disputed Order NO: 62725134086325 (Dispute Case NO:4001320005)

Case :-
- Seller send defected goods
- Buyer complain to seller
- Seller agreed his / her fault on the defected goods
- Seller offered 2 solution to buyer 1- Return & exchange but seller only bear a fraction of shipping amount 2 - Refund a small fraction of the price & buyer keep the goods and repair him/her self.
(Both no good for buyer because 1- shipping back is very expensive 2 - the product cant be repair)

Aliexpress steps in to resolve :-
Refund 50% of the price & buyers keep the goods. The reasons given was seller did not state cover cost of shipping back if goods are defective.

Fraudulence (loop holes) :-
-Seller buy defected goods at A NO COST PRICE!(Seller did on purpose because the defective is clearly seen)
-Seller sell it to buyers of a country far far away (so that shipping back will be impossible)
-When buyer complain, seller offer solutions to buyer which will benefit the seller anyway.
-Seller know that if end up in dispute he / she still gain....

My conclusion :-
Aliexpress saw the evident buy chosen to benefit the seller unlike ebay any defect is fully refund. No one wants to buy a defected goods and go to repair.


New Reviewer

We ordered stainless steel jewelry from YIWU BAIHUI JEWELRY FACTORY. The stainless steel jewelries were inferior quality and sub-standard stainless steel, because they broke after only one day of use or within one week. The factory did not want to acknowledge their faulty stainless steel jewelry and did not do anything to fix the problem. Customer representative were very rude. Please do not attempt to buy from them because you will be sorry dealing with pathetic company who just want to make money. There are no after-sale customer service. Our company was out of pocket and we can not even sell these inferior stainless steel products to our customers.


New Reviewer

I purchased 10 different shirts from a few different vendors. The first order arrived yesterday and was supposed to contain two identical shirts. However, the package only contained one shirt. I initiated a dispute and was told a refund would be issued. I would have preferred another shirt to be sent my way, but that option was not offered. I don't know if I will ever get the refund, but that is not the troubling part. I submitted a photo of the customs form that was on the outside of the package. It clearly noted the package contained one shirt. The vendor responded by saying they always mark the customs form as containing one shirt to avoid customs fees regardless is there is one shirt, a dozen shirts or 100 shirts.

New Reviewer

I am a frequent buyer on AliExpress and the Buyers Guarantee safeguard you against faulty goods or non-delivery of goods. I am 100% satisfied with all my purchases on AliExpress.

New Reviewer

I wish I had read reviews here before I wasted my money there. It is set up to support sellers ripping you off and a lot of them do. The way the scam often works is they send you something other than what you bordered- something cheaper or whatever style/color they had as opposed to the one you selected or the quality is really poor (because of course everything looks better in the pictures, which are sometimes not the actual item). For example I ordered a woman's Chanel knock off watch and I received a Lacoste knock off man's watch. The seller admits it is their error- apparently some man out there has my "Chanel" watch. The only way I can get my money back or the right watch is if I PAY $20 some USD to ship their mistake back with tracking...for a less than $10 watch and they are the ones that made the mistake? (All returns have to be with tracking and it is very expensive to ship to China that way!) Same deal if you get defective item, you have to pay to ship it back with tracking to get a refund/replacement. Face it, the way it is set up they can intentionally send you defective or wrong merchandise and you are not going to spend more than the item cost to return it so you are stuck with it. The other big scam they have going is after you buy you find out everything pictured is NOT included. After the fact I found out the box and case shown with the umbrella I ordered was NOT included, but they are shown in the photos and nowhere did it way they were not included. If I want them they wanted an extra $10- WYSWYG does not apply at Ali Express! Oh yes, another deception they have going on is they will have photos of some celebrity with the actual famous name brand item, but of course you are buying a knock off so if you think yours will look like the celebrities', well think again. Some of them even say it's genuine stuff- yeah, right LOL! Photoshop runs on overtime there too. It's all fakes, but hopefully folks should know that by the price. DO NOT - I REPEAT DO NOT - GET RIPPED OFF BY ALI EXPRESS' CHARLATAN MERCHANTS!

New Reviewer

I purchase jewelry cost over 156; from Alisa's Jewelry DIY Store , am hook not OK , he asked me to return, after he received them item's thisAlisa's Jewelry DIY Store refuse to refund my money back.up till now

New Reviewer

I read the reviews and like most people, I had the idea to only spend what I would not care about . I ordered from three different stores, similar item, totaling less than $120. I received the first item in less than two weeks (perfect and as advertised). The second item arrived a week later (as advertised). The third item has not arrived (4 weeks and counting), but USPS says item is in the system here. I agree with the idea of checking the sellers rating.

New Reviewer

If giving zero stars was an option, they would get it. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM ALIEXPRESS! No matter if you use different sellers, no matter how many people on YouTube tell you to order from there, DO NOT!

Aliexpress will steal your money and give you faulty products. If you are looking for a cheap wholesaler this is not the place to find it. All of their sellers are con artist and the company has no ethics.

I beg you please save yourself the time and money and DO NOT SHOP ON ALIEXPRESS!

New Reviewer

i will never order from this site again. i got an email stating that my package was signed and delivered to me but guess what i didnt even sign for it, so my package is missing and my money was basically stolen from me.

New Reviewer

I ordered from aliexpress before I read the reviews, so I after I placed my order and read the reviews, I was sure I lost my $22.00. Boy was I wrong. I ordered look alike shorts from American apparel from aliexpress. After reading the reviews I figured the shorts would arrive in about 2 months. My shorts arrived in 2 weeks and the shorts look AMAZING and even were from AMERICAN APPAREL, which was a pleasant surprise. The shorts fit perfectly and are gorgeous. I would order again.

New Reviewer

This company and their labyrinthine process to get any refund is a joke. File complaints with FTC and get their sick company off the internet.

New Reviewer

Experience Poor. A year ago I ordered some products to be shipped to a motel we were staying at. Cameras arrived, cam corder arrived(poor workmanship-unusable within 1month), memory cards arrived, but TABLET never arrived. Set a few messages to supplier, by end of holiday product DID NOT ARRIVE, and we did not have access to internet. Never received ANY REFUND-Buyers protection??

It's now 1 year later, I have access to internet, and tried in vain to get refund. I was sent in a loop. From Eva the robot...until, finally, tucked under ALL THE LAYERS, I could "Chat" with a person. I tried and tried in vain, no-one came up with a "Hi", as per instruction. There are NO EMAIL ADDRESSES, NO CONTACT US FORMS THAT ONE CANE COMPLETE. NOTHING!!!

Buyer protection, I say :NONE!

New Reviewer

You send your money into a black hole.

It take ages for items to arrive (many times over two months), many purchases did not arrive, most of the sellers do not respond, you have no person or customer service to communicate with. the dispute process is long. in one case the dispute was approved, and i did not get the money back yet (40 days), in another case they did not accept my claim, although the item did not arrive. the process is not friendly, they sent me to check with my post office, did not notify me by email and allowed me 3 days to respond (not business days), and of course there is no address to respond to.
the few pennies that you may save do not wroth the waste of time and frustration

New Reviewer

Some of suppliers are OK, but if there is any problem don't expect money back or any other solution to the problem. Definitely stay away of this site.

New Reviewer

If something goes wrong, Right now I'm rolling my eyes

Let me put it this way: Some sellers are great, they are decent people and good, honest businessmen. I've done business with this one guy - many transactions - and everything has gone very well, and I would and will do business with him again.
BUT, if something goes wrong - and 2 other transactions from 2 other sellers did - The resolution process takes a long time, and there doesn't seem to be any way to contact Ali Express yourself. Yes, you can contact the dishonest sellers, but that doesn't do any good.
Ali Express's resolution process takes a long time - so long that your ability to put the charge into dispute with your Credit Card would expire if you were to wait.
This is what has happened to me. I put the charge into dispute with my Credit Card Company because the process was taking such a long time. Now I am told by Ali Express that "my order has been frozen due to you claim a chargeback to cardholder bank". Again, this is an "automated response" with no way to respond to them.
So thank goodness I did what I did, and I hope my Credit Card Company decides in my favor.
Out of 3 sellers I have bought things from: 1 seller is good, and the other 2 were not.
Proceed at your own risk. I will continue to do business with the 1 good seller.

New Reviewer

very very very very bad experience with this ali express its a night mare ali express is a fraud company just stay away from this company they will never refund your money they are thieves stealing people hard earn money in the name of coupon and vip members.

New Reviewer

NEVER BUY FROM Online Store 735573 ( Makeup Store ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received broken item and i mesaged him not once , but 5 times while he/she was online. I'm being totally ignored. I warned him/her that i was going to warn people on the internet. no response whatsoever.

NEVER BUY THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Product was as described. Price was right. Delivery quicker than expected. Weeks away from ordering more when my Credit Card company informed me of an $865 charge they had declined from........Aliexpress! Thought I had found a gold mine....but you will be sorry one way or another! If you aren't scammed by the seller, the marketplace will steal your payment info and try and screw you! Stay away!!!!!

New Reviewer

i ordered 2 Samsung Cell Phones - i never received the phones or my money back. Do not order from this site.

New Reviewer

75 days and still I did not receive my order. no: 61855384298970
From aliexpress
Even No Local tracking details !!!

New Reviewer

goods never received and refused to refund my money. opened a complaint with my credit card company and they refunded my money, so put that in your pipe and smoke it aliexpress

New Reviewer

i have ordered a Mannequin Dress Form online with aliexpress paying USD 108.70 in the month of April 2014 and today its 30th June and still the item is not received. Complained many a time and aliexpress does not interfere or question the buyer. Buyer keeps extending delivery time unilaterally despite me asking them to cancel and refund. The site days delivery within 15-30 days! Dont buy from aliexpress as their customer service is very very poor. i am now taking up this issue with my credit card issuing bank

New Reviewer

Stay away from this site unless there is a return shipping label. They are scam artist. I did not recieve what I ordered and when I tried to return the item it cost over 200.00 us dollars to return an item that weighed less than a pound and when I responded back to their request I got no response to this date and they would only refund 25.00 us dollars on an item that cost 175.00 dollars.

New Reviewer

To all negative comments:
The bottom line is you get what you pay for and you take certain risk when ordering from China. They are selling black market or imitation items, but try their best to satisfy customers with what they have. Aliexpess needs more stringent selection of its vendors, and you guys need to select more durable goods to purchase. In other words, avoid items like clothing or electronics, because too many things can go wrong on those items.

New Reviewer

if you get any nike shoes or nike products some of their products looks like they edited their pictures to take off the nike swoosh. i wanted to know if they have or dont have a nike swoosh. can anyone help? thanks

New Reviewer

I have bought many items from many different sellers. (Mostly jewellry)

All you need to know is.
ALWAYS READ TERMS OF SHIPPING. (You normally need to spend over 10$ for free shipping.)
ALWAYS KNOW HOW CUSTOMER PROTECTION WORKS.(this is most important.) You will be given a certain amount of days to receive your item. YOU must watch this as aliexpress gives no warning when it is going to run out. If you have not received your item b4 the timer runs out, the day before it ends ALWAYS OPEN A DISPUTE.
until your item arrives and is in perfect condition. NEVER cancel a dispute until you have your item or your case has been delt with and you are happy with refund or replacement. NEVER cancel a dispute because the seller hounds you to do so.( And he will, always) then you get no replacement or refund.

Reason for this is, the seller never gets paid until you have informed aliexpress that u have received your item and it is as described and fit for purpose. Aliexpress holds your money until you tell them you have it or the customer protection runs out after which the seller automatically gets paid.

Out of maybe 50 sellers I have only been done 1 time. This was because I did not know how customer protection worked and let it run out b4 I got my item. Never received it either and got no response from seller.
I have found most sellers friendly and helpfull and a pleasure to deal with and for most part received excellent quality stuff for 1/3 of the price here.
It can be a great place to shop if you are armed with the knowledge of how to buy properly.
In general I would advise against electronic gadgets or very expensive purchases.
It's great if you are lookin for cheaper alternative knockoffs but ALWAYS do your research.
I have given you the know how now go enjoy shopping.

New Reviewer

There is no costumer service and buyer protection is bs.
I bought something and it wasn't as described they returned only one quoter of the price. When I wanted to return it for a full refund, there was no answer. I wrote emails but with any respond. Watch out there is no Customer service.

New Reviewer

I bought a long evening dress from this seller from aliexpress for 225 US dollars. When I recieved it I had to pay extra 30 for customs tax and when I opened it the dress looked like $#*! and not only that but it was made shorter than I had ordered!!! She told me to return it and she will refund my money so I paid another 40 to return it and its been three months she hasn't refunded my money!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY :

other sellers are okay but this was the worst I dealt with. She doesnt reply to your emails and is extremely rude!!

New Reviewer

I bought a Chinese smartphone that worked for three days and died. All my attempts to reach the seller or Aliexpress proved futile. Not recommended!!

New Reviewer

I have made 105 orders with
My first 2 orders were refunded to me because the seller was not "Legit" but I was refunded my money in full, approximately 5 days later.
I have received everything that I have ordered, this far and I must say that I truly enjoy shopping online with Aliexpress.

New Reviewer

I brought something from Aliexpress a couple of months ago. I didn't have any problems with the product or shipping.

I did get a phishing Postal fail delivery notice scam at about three weeks in with all my shipping details in the email. Then after a month my credit card got fraudulently used. I told Aliexpress and closed my Aliexpress account. Not sure who was to blame (Aliexpress or vendor) but does it matter when it comes down to your personal financial security????

New Reviewer

Ali experience....Maxin's store
Although I do not have much experience with e purchase I am very pleased with the cooperation with Maxin's store
I carefully chose the sellers with good grades and believe that I was wrong. I was very pleased with the service.
All praise and site security as the payments business.

New Reviewer

hi, i buy cellphone when i receive that was faulted i complaint many time they did not gave me any response. they are money sucker and they dont have customer service.
dont buy any thing from them.

New Reviewer

Items brought weren't of highest quality but were what i would pay for what i got! got here in the time schedule it said and am satisfied with buys (:

New Reviewer

Stay away from seller Sam Tang, the package never reached in my home and Sam Tang told me that he can't give me a refund.

New Reviewer

I have order numerous things from this site and have nothing bad to takes long to receive order but that is Mexico postals fault. I have read the complaints and my answer to those of you who bought electronics and expensive stuff is why would you...if your looking for warranty and genuine items ordering from internet not the place...want cheap underwear or novelty items this is the place if a deal goes sour and your out 10 or 20 bucks then lesson learned move on

New Reviewer

We order about 1 to 2000 pounds of goods a month from here and only had a problem with 2 suppliers one of which was customs fault. start small find a good supplier and if you talk to them they can pretty much get you the other goods that the other suppliers sell anyway oh and always check there feedback ofc :)

New Reviewer

I have been using Alixpress for a number of years now and have never had any problems. The site is well run and the few disputes I have had have resulted in a full refund. I can't understand the number of negative posts here.

New Reviewer

WARNING!!! shop name Luxury Brand Jewelry Shop Store 416183
I did order 2 necklaces worth 5.70$ (Each)
And after awhile they don't anymore respond to you....
And when I come up of canceling my order,,,they didn't answer as well.
I have been waiting and waiting...I am just happy I didn't not order that big amount on them.. Until now,...I haven't heard any confirmation or refund on my orders. Buyers I advice you to stay away from this store. They suck money and you won't hear any news from them after.

New Reviewer

Do not order from Rosa Zhang! She is rude and has terrible customer service. She is nice until she tries to swindle you out of money. Her customer service is horrible. Here is the link to her company STAY FAR AWAY FROM this place. Buyers beware.

New Reviewer

Filed a complaint.. waited for 30days+ still disptue in progress. Buyer Dispute Takes 30+ Days at Aliexpress. 30+ Days and still counting....Would you dare buy Anything there?´╗┐

New Reviewer

I bought a CH745 bow from one of the suppliers, Longbowmaker and contact name is Whitte Yan. The bow cost USD 230.00. The bow arrive not as promised and cracked on the very first day of trying it out. I requested for a replacement and after over a month, the supplier told me that it was not possible. If I still like to have a replacement, I am required to pay USD115.00 (50% of the original cost). Where isthe guarantee as promise by Aliexpress. If this is the case, stop sending me your stupid promotions to my email.

New Reviewer

bought a phone form a "Good reputation" seller.


He sent me detective phone and refuse to refound. The aliexpress refound process never gave me an answer,

the seller said to me:
Mandy Chen : Since you want to buy cheap phone ,Why hope it will be same like oringinal one.we will not return even $1

New Reviewer

I placed 2 orders. The small one went through ($1.50) the larger order ($70) did not, they said I would have to supply them with a copy of my ID or Passport among other personal information. I prefer to keep my identity from being stolen. Lmao, how stupid would I have to be to give that out online.
The Customer service is also terrible, the site is confusing and there is not protection for the buyer. Who doesn't like a good deal, but on this site you are looking to just give your money away.

Also, reading other reviews, looks like you won't get what you ask for or likely something that doesn't work.

New Reviewer

Aliexpress makes disputing a received item impossible. I got two MP3 players, neither of which had a battery that could take a charge a d neither of which could sync with iTunes. After filling out the request for refund, it was required that I provide VIDEO EVIDENCE of the defect.

The other avenue is to correspond with the Aliexpress robot. You might as well be corresponding with a penguin.

New Reviewer

On the 24th of May 2014 I purchased Peruvian lose wave 24,26,28,30 which is a total of $287 from luxy ailluxy store number 710432 order number 62293772253925 on the sellers police it states that if hair is not as described the buyer can refund the item and the the seller will pay the return postage so on receiving my order I noticed that the hair was shredding a lot and tangling the hair is not human hair, after opening a dispute th seller is refusing to pay for the item refund. She has been harassing me on phone calling me at odd hours and emailing me to leave good feedback and trying to bully me now the seller is not willing to pay for the return postage and I am now left with very bad item and lost money as well so please can can you ask the seller to honour the promise of a full refund policy as I am now very scared of buying anything on this website. I fee like I have been defrauded and scammed.

New Reviewer

Ali express here to help , sorry they don,t just forward you on i have been trying to sort out a dispute for some time and where is Ali express hiding

New Reviewer

i bought this dress

It looks nothing like the picture, i ordered the smallest size and its wayy to big on the bust around Double Ds or Es and way to tight on the waist the sequins look cheap and nothing like the picture the colour isnt champagne it is yellow and the material is cheap!! Waste of MONEY!

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