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I'm currently a professional web designer, graphics designer, and professional photographer. I love to work with/test new tech and I love taking things apart and putting them back together again. I like building things from the ground up. But I also love a lot of the more physical sports (Boxing, fencing, and MMA).

How I Can Help

I have a lot of insight and resources available to me to find sites dig up useful (good or bad) information and would be a valuable asset when trying to figure out if a site is legit or not.


Web Design, Graphics Design, Professional Photography, MMA, Boxing, Fencing

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I like this site overall, it's got a pretty basic, (maybe slightly static-ey look to it, not quite sure).

It's a site for a local car business that I stumbled upon (literally I was using StumbleUpon lol). I think there are a lot of things that could be better with this site, but it's got a good concept and the owners are honest in there dealings from what I can tell.

Although since they are geared towards the locals -- in their general area (do not know how far they will travel as of right now), would not suggest buying from these guys if you live to far from Southwest Iowa.

It's very important that you know that these guys are not a corporation, they don't have a (I will use Chevy for an example) Chevy dealer in every big city. They can't just ship the car you want to buy online to the dealership nearest to you and you come pick it up.

In fact one of the really good things that I love about this site, that give me a big feeling of honesty from these guys is that you actually can't purchase the care online. They want you to come test the car, see if it's right for you, ect. So what that tells me, is that they aren't some rip-off site looking to screw people over, because they want to meet their clients face-to-face.

Overall I think this site deserves a 3 for their company, concept, and how they go about running their business. As for the design of their site, I think it is more in deserving of a 2. But that's just the design. =p


This is a very helpful site. The man who made this Mr. Alex Hall should be given an award for it. It has very useful widgets and tools that are very usefull in website creation. Between a meta tag generator, to a site rating tool. To help you find mistakes in links, images, and titles of pages.

It has a great balance between content and space, plus a very attractive design to the whole thing!

Those tools at the beginning are just the beginning too! There are links to another section of his site that contains about 20 different plug-ins/scripts and css styles! As a web designer, this guy and his entire site is priceless to me. And it's probably one of the most useful things I've ever found on the web.


This is a great site!

Between the massive collection from the users at the site to the ability to successfully re-size any image (that you find that you like) to fit your screen for a perfect desktop background.

This site flares in awesomeness when it comes to computer background. You know you've got to have to coolest background on your computer when you log in next. You don't want to be sitting there all sad-eyed at a background that almost brings a tear to your eyes (until you realize it's just those onions next to you and you scoot yourself away. ;) )

I've used this site so many times, if nothing else this is a great site to get some great inspiration for a project you've been thinking about starting. They've got one of the most massive selections of images ever! And guess what!? It's all user submitted!

That's right! You can sign up for an account yourself and start making backgrounds for the world to find and use! =o and it's all free.

That's bout all I got to say on this subject for now. If I edit it I'll let ya know lol.


This is a great site to be honest! I love it! I've used this site so many time it's unbelievable.

That's how I'd pretty much summarize I how feel about this site.

Despite having to pay to utilize the majority of the photoshop/web elements I think it is a great site to find unique things!

The major focus of this site is photoshop elements. (ex. Brushes, vector graphics, etc) But the guy who made this site also made several web elements/interfaces (including a few web templates) that are downloadable.

Overall the price for it isn't that much, there are thousands of web icons, photoshop brushed, web elements available here, and it's always being updated. It cost about $7 a month. I think that's a perfectly reasonable price for the sheer amount of STUFF you get a hold of for free (technically lol)! He has a few things from time to time that you can download for free but no where near the mass amount of stuff you can if you pay.

There's no limit to how much you can download in a month. So technically you could pay him $7 (or so) for the month download everything on the site and then be done with it. But that would be pointless, because he's ALWAYS adding new things for you to download.

Everything on there (in my opinion) is of the highest quality material that I can find. I have seen several places that advertise single elements for 3x this price for 1/3 the quality. I think everything on here is utterly worth more than the price that he asks.



THANK YOU._____________________________________________________

PERSONAL OPINION OF THEM/THEIR SITE_____________________________________________________

Alright on the surface this site is pretty plane jane (normal). This site is tied hand in hand with BestPriceElectronic.com. If you click on the electronic's link you'll most likely get re-directed to bestpricephoto's site. It's a little wierd... It's quite easy to navigate, sometimes even a little awkward. In my opinion as a web designer I think that this site is quite unappealing and in places sloppily put together. But that's just me.

CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SALES____________________________________________________________

But the thing is with the customer service, they can be a little awkward sometimes lol. For the most part these guys are spot on. They are nice, helpful and overall they know about what they are selling.

The thing about these odd sites where you can't find to many reports are you don't want to look at the good ones, you always look at the bad reports. In my research about this site, this place had a lot of good reports with few bad ones. (like any other site, everyone has a few bad reports from time to time).

Out of the bad reports about the site, I would rate them as pretty serious. Most of the bad reports are about customer service but there are a few that caught my attention as being pretty bad.

Most likely after you confirm your purchase you'll get a phone call "confirming your order". I think there is nothing wrong with this. I have visited several sites and purchased from them, without problem, that will do this. But I have heard of reports, and read a couple other reviews (from other sites) about them also trying to sell you things that might go with your purchased item/that might interest you.

Now I see no problem with this to an extent. That extent in on the site. To work as a store clerk. To help the customer get everything they need to prevent them coming back in an angry whirl yelling at you (ex. "why didn't you say i might also need a memory card?!?"). But it is utterly unprofessional and not good practice trying to sell things over the phone when you are supposed to be confirming an order.

Another bad thing about this site is, slight false advertising in a sense. They give you a "money back guarantee" and a "satisfaction guarantee". Plastered on their home page in colorful "splats!". They will be completely fine with you if you decide to exchange your product or what not, but when it comes to returning your product they will most likely charge you 10%-30% for a restocking fee. For some of the more expensive products that can add up fast.


Now this is where these guys shine as they do and where I would recommend this site to you if you didn't plan on returning you product.

These guys will generally ship this to you in a very timely fashion. They will process orders, returns, and exchanges quite quickly. Their shipping costs is quite affordable and added to the deals that they most often give on their site can save you plenty of money and well as getting you product quicker for a bit less.


If this was a 5 star system I would rate these guys a 3, but seeing as its not it gets a 2. But I would recommend the site depending on what you are looking for when you go to buy something online.

I would say these guys are completely safe to buy from but maybe just a little annoying at times with how they go about things.

PERSONAL RATING__________________

Prices: 8/10
Customer Support: 4/10
Delivery: 8/10
Ease Of Purchase: 8/10

*****TOTAL*****: 6/10


I think this site is quite trustworthy on a Legitimate factor. Several sites that I shop/frequent have direct links to this site and that's usually quite a good sign.

They have generally good deals all around on items, as well as giving quite good sales, when they have them. They don't always have the LOWEST prices around but they are quite close and sometimes they will have some of the lowest prices you can find on quality products. (depending on what you're shopping for of course)

They may not always have everything you are looking for from a particular manufacture, but they have a good majority of their newer/mid-new products at a fairly competitive price.

Their shipping cost is about average, but sometimes a bit more, and to all states but NJ they don't charge a sales tax.

Overall I think this is a good site and would recommend it to a friend.


A new site created through godaddy.com on December 2010.
At the bottom of their homepage they list numerous affiliations, including authorize.net, BBB, verified by Visa, etc. None of the links work. Not a good sign.
The site is sloppily put together, with portions taken verbatim from getitdigital.com and numerous typos. Their phone number area code is based in Florida, but good luck trying to figure out where they are located from their site.

They list a Cannon Rebel T1i (w/18-55mm + 55-200mm lens kits) for $529 on their site. You will not get this camera and lens' for this price, refurbished or new, you just wont, end of story.

If you try calling them they will most often be somewhat rude, and you always seem to get the same guy (not a good sign at all). They generally say it will take about 3-8 weeks (depends on product) to ship from JAPAN but then they try to sell you the "USA" version for $100+ more.

If you ask for a confirmation email, they will say okay and say they will send it (most likely within the next 24hrs). Don't be surprised if you never get that email. If you are persistent and hound them about it enough you might get it. (usually on your 3-4th try)

They have reviews posted on nextag and a couple other places (I think). They aren't BBB (Buero of Better Business...).

Web Sites do not get much fishier than this. I highly recommend you stay away from these guys. They are bad news, and they can't be up to anything good at all.

That is all.


This is a great site for students all around (as long as you can provide proof of academic eligibility). Personally I think these guys give a pretty decent response time if you have a question or if you send them an email. It's pretty standard.

One of the huge things I love about this site is that when you're looking at a specific type of product (I'm going to use graphic tablets for an example) they sort them by the manufacturers of the products. So, say you try to only buy tablets from the Wacom Bamboo company (good choice btw lol) you can scroll down and it will have a header that says "Wacom". Then it sub-divides from there. (between the accessories, too bundles, etc.)

They have a MASSIVE amount of products of their site. (again, going to use tablets as an example) They have somewhere around 90 different products (between the different manufacturers, bundles, etc.). Not only is the product range massive, but they carry from the beginner level to advanced higher-end level products. Providing a wide range in price for all types of consumers on all types of different budgets.

Be sure to look at how much you're saving though, (this is not purely the sites fault more the manufacture) not all products will have a HUGE slash in price. Some things may only have a few cents off, whereas some items may be 85% off.

I would recommend this site to any student who is able (and willing) to provide proof of academic eligibility. My only recommendation past that is (and this applies mostly to software but sometimes other products too) that I would urge you to check the manufacturer's site before you commit to the buy. Sometimes they will have even better deals (most often the same though), or like in the case of the Autodesk company (striving in 3D design and engineering software) they have a student center where students may download the full product (for over 200+ products or so) for free (activation codes, product keys and all, totally free, no student edition with limited abilities, full products for free)

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