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I'm a writer. My first novel is now finished, and I've begun my second.


Cats, nature, living in the countryside, growing organic foods, reading, writing, living at peace.

13 Reviews by Madeline

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Ruth Rafferty is the worst psychic ever. Not only was she totally inaccurate, she bullied me with constant texts after the call. I had to end an hour-long reading that I paid $150 for after only 10 minutes. Then she continued to harass me with text messages. Her text messaging was so bad that I told her if she messages me again I would call the police, and she STILL continued to harass me. She has not offered to refund my money either.
Do not trust this psychic. She is obviously being controlled by dark spirits and delivers lies instead of truth. The fact that she hasn't offered to refund me also says that she's a liar and a thief… all traits of one who is controlled by the devil.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away. Stay far away. This woman delivers lies. She's not accurate in the slightest. The fact that she tried to control the whole reading and wouldn't let me ask questions says that has no customer service skills at all. You will waste your money if you have a reading with this woman.

Products used:
I should have had a psychic reading but I didn't get one.


You can't express what you know on LifeSite.news without your comment being deleted and you being banned. LifeSite.news is obviously controlled by people who are fast asleep. Sheeple who cannot see or don't want to see the truth.
I posted a comment on one of their articles about how the White Hats went in and took control of the Vatican. They used the Covid virus chaos to cover-up their raid of the Vatican. They arrested and executed about 80 Bishops and Cardinals who were involved in human trafficking and pedophilia, including the Pope. Don't believe me? Research what their red shoes are made of if you don't already know what goes on in the Vatican (they are made of the skin of human children).
Then after the arrests and executions, 650 plane-loads of treasures that had been kept under the Vatican were shipped back to Washington D. C. This will become a well-known fact after the release of the GESARA funds to humanity occurs in 2021. Even though not many people know about the events going on at a vaster level at the moment, they will in time. Just because there is very little news on these things at the moment, doesn't mean that my comment isn't true.
You can't speak the truth on LifeSite.news... despite how they make out that they are bringing truth to people. Bull$#*!. They are involved in controlling what people think. They decide what they want you to know. They are either blind to what is really going on or they do know and are censoring the truth.
My comment was made under an article about the Vatican.

Don't donate to this site. The people running it will censor you if you challenge them with something that they think is impossible or that they know is true and they don't want other people to know. Your comments will be censored and you will be banned if you release information that condemns those in power. The admin at LifeSite.news are Nazi fascists. If they genuinely don't know about the big picture, they need to wake up and realise that their knowledge of the world and what is going on is limited. If they weren't so quick to censor others, they might indeed learn something.


A tardy, tattooed young female who served me today at Warrawong store gave the worst customer service ever. If her behaviour is any indication of the training methods of the managers at Aldi, their methods need upgrading immediately.

She was rude and unaccommodating. Mind you, other tellers have been very pleasant, but this dark-haired, pit-faced woman who had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and tattoos across her chest that could be seen, even with the buttons done up on her shirt, had such an arrogant attitude it was enough to make me never want to go back. I certainly won't stand in her line again.

Aldi, the service provided by her was of a very low quality. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, I imagine.


I was very impressed with Sabamedispa video that came up in my facebook feed, and I made an enquiry about certain procedures. The person who answered my facebook enquiry suggested that I buy the treatments on credit, which I politely declined as I intend to buy the service after I have the funds to cover it, rather than buy on credit. I then asked another question and the person who answered me pushed to get an appointment out of me to see a dermal therapist to answer a question that the photos that she or he sent me already answered without having to see someone. Not only did this admin person - could have been Saba herself because she answered me at 10pm on a Sunday evening - not acknowledge that I had already told whoever was replying that I don't wish to make an appointment until I have the funds to pay for the service, but she blocked me when I told her to listen to me when I explain my situation. I was no longer able to reply.
Whoever is answering the facebook enquiries is pushy and disrespectful. Unfortunately it has left a muddy smear on my opinion of Saba's organisation.


I am a seller on fiverr and I have just had 24 hours of abuse from a client whom I did a reading for. The guy is gay and his ex-boyfriend left him and blocked every avenue of communication possible. When I told the client that his ex wasn't coming back he became abusive. Poor guy, he needs a psychiatrist, not a psychic. I would say that the ex-boyfriend ran away as fast and as far as possible, considering how insanely obsessed my client is. Anyway, asking for the assistance of admin is like banging your head against the wall. I am getting nowhere.

Just because the client cannot handle the fact that the ex-boyfriend no longer wants him does not mean that I should have to tolerate his abuse. There is no protection for sellers at all.

Fiverr sucks.


If you want to get a great discount on the things that would normally cost you much, much more, this is the place to shop. Wonderful value and savings!


If you don't wish to have constant emails harassing you to fill out a survey when you join the mailing list, don't bother signing up with this lot. I replied to the emails saying to stop sending them because they were harassing me to fill out a survey, and if they don't stop sending them I'll remove myself from their mailing list. The Director, Camilla Novotna sent back a nasty email telling me that she's not sorry to see me go. Her dumb survey was likely something that she would have used as a marketing tool to try to get me to buy an ecokit plan. That wasn't really necessary, because when I am ready I would have bought anyway. I just wanted to be on the mailing list to receive notice of posts which would remind me who to go to when the time is right for me to buy a plan for an eco house. So this woman's nastiness not only lost me from her mailing list, but also motivated me to leave this review here.

Feel free to ask me to forward you the email exchange between us if you need confirmation of this information.

I note that she has left a reply to my review. Camilla has lied in her reply. I asked three times to stop requesting that I fill out a survey. But no, she didn't listen. The hashtag notsorry was completely unnecessary.

She's also trying to justify herself saying that she had a bad day. So does that excuse the notsorry hashtag that she sent me? No way.

What she really doesn't like is the fact that I have put this review here. I only leave honest reviews. If my reviews reveal how people have acted, it's their problem if they don't like it. They should perhaps behave better so that there is no need to leave a review.

Stay well clear. The woman is nasty. Spend your money with someone who isn't like her.

Tip for consumers:
Don't sign up for the newsletter. It's not a newsletter. It's a marketing tool to pressure you into buying prior to when you're ready.

camilla n. – Ecokit Rep

Madeline has subscribed to our newsletter on April 24 when she got an introductory email. She replied "Thanks for sending me an intro email. I look forward to reading more." On May 9th another email has been sent to her as a part of our automated campaign to which I have received following reply from her: "I will remove myself from your mailing list if you don't stop sending me these stupid emails asking me to tell you what I want. I'M NOT READY TO DO THAT. STOP HARASSING ME." I have tried to explain we don't harass people only want to understand our clients (it was a survey). Her reply was: "Obviously you don't want to keep this client. So I'm unsubscribing. Your harassing emails can go bother someone else." Yes, as I stated to her I was sorry to see her go. #notsorry

Madeline has done 5 reviews, with 3 of them with 1 star, nasty reviews. Everyone has a bad day sometimes but some people just have a bad attitude permanently. What else to say? We do care about our clients but obviously you can't please everyone.


This is a wonderful method of restoring your looks. The creator has spent ten years learning what is needed to exercise the muscles in the face, and her exercise routine is amazing. You will definitely get results. I couldn't be happier.


This company does the architecture work on houses that are built partly underground. Their email communication is courteous and timely, they provide excellent service and are good at what they do.

If you are seeking a home that will withstand all kinds of weather conditions in Australia, and be safe from fires, this is the home to get.


If you want to know how to grow your own food, or look after your animals, or pickle or store your food once it's grown, this is the site for all that you need.

The mailing list articles are fantastic. The service is awesome. Marjory does an amazing job informing people of what they need to know.


Dr Sandra Cabot provides great service and care, with a mix of holistic and traditional medicine. She really knows how to treat ill health the best way possible, and restores health using nutrition, which is the only way to go. Totally recommend her work.


Trusted Psychics is a UK based company where the office managers want you to keep clients on the line for 15 minutes or more. If you don't, they will tell you you're a fake and won't want you to work with them anymore. I don't work like that. If a client has his or her questions answered in less than 15 minutes and they are happy with what I've told them, I don't drag the call out just to get money out of the client. This is not the right thing to do. I have over 250 five star reviews on fiverr.com so I am good at what I do. Also, the pay at Trusted Psychics is lousy compared to what you get in Australia. It's best really to work for yourself and set up an attractive website, and then have someone do SEO work to market yourself. Then you don't have admin from any company telling you what they want you to do, at the expense of the client. I give value for money and am accurate at what I do. I don't need people who aren't even psychic or clairvoyant telling me how to do my job. The stars that I have left are ratings about admin, not the service itself.

Tip for consumers:
Set up your own website if you're a clairvoyant / psychic, especially if you're good at what you do.


I'm a psychic and I want to give you my review of Bitwine. Firstly, we're expected to work for free for the first three minutes with every client who approaches us. Excuse me, but where in the world do you go to work and deal with clients and not get paid for what you do? Nowhere. There are free psychic reading pages on facebook if I wanted to do that. But no, I signed up to do readings that I expected to get paid for. Secondly, if a client becomes abusive, there's no support from admin. In fact, admin acted like they didn't need me. My message to other psychics: Steer well clear of Bitwine. You can make much better money on fiverr.com

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