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The website stated all prices are in CAD (will be processed in USD) but my card was charged of the same amount in USD. When I noticed their fraudulent activities on my credit card a couple of hours after placing the order, I immediately sent them an email asking for a full cancellation. They have since ignored me; could get through on their phone line either. I'm contacting my credit card company to dispute the charges. Avoid this fraudsters like plague if you don't wanna be conned!

Tip for consumers:
They will overcharge your credit cards; it’s done manually so the processor will know all your card details. Yes your card will be compromised!

Products used:
Canceling my order


Kijiji has fallen to the very bottom scum when it comes to customer service (nonexistent to be exact) and your private information.
Their help desk agents are unprofessional, unhelpful, condescending and plain rude. They remove your legit ads arbitrarily; when you ask them why, their answer is that it's their 'internal policy' which is whatever they say as there's nothing mentioned in their terms and conditions:

Evil Grant
Frank, I can see the ads were removed for the reason of linking01:58:08

Can you point me to the that policy on your website? 01:58:56

Evil Grant
Frank, this is an internal policy 01:59:45

As you can see Evil Grant believes his words are law and he's above the law himself.

Because I questioned his action, he then locked down my account, ie I can no longer edit or delete my ads, respond to other ads or be contacted by other kijiji users, or remove my account altogether. It's a direct violation of Canadian privacy act - the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). I encourage all kijiji customers exercise their rights to privacy and proper use and protection of personal information by complaining to The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) at


The Co-op Deer Valley store is known to sell expired products; I have personally experienced it a few times and back in this July, I became severely ill after consuming some frozen seafood I bought from the Deer Valley store; it turned out the product had already expired at the time of purchase. After contacting the Co-Op, the store manager * 'solution' was a pathetic $25 gift card which included the refund too, and kicking the ball back to the manufacturer for 'quality' checks. So help me understand why the wrong is on the manufacturer while Co-Op was the one selling expired food products? Is this how Co-Op treats its members by brushing off all responsibilities? What's sickeningly shocking was that its corporate office is behind it all. I escalated my complaint all the way to the head of communications * and VP Marketing and Member Relations only to no avail. They even blocked my attempt to reach out to the Coop Board of Directors by refusing to release their contact details or forward on my email! You know what; I also refuse to let the evil beat justice! I will contact them when the next board election brochure comes in my mail box which will have contact details of all candidates!

Do you know there's a new No Frills across the street from this insidiously run co-op store? Not only No Frills is much easier on your wallet, but they do price match too. Let's face it; economy hasn't been great in recent years and Calgary Co-Op has done nothing to sympathize with the general public who's suffering, still the same high price with the hype of 'local'; local produce as far as I know is still highly sprayed and loaded with chemicals. During the ongoing financial hardship, ditch this Co-Op store to make your hard earned $$ go further through price match. Contact me if you need extra saving tips on grocery and everyday items.

Do you know all stale/old produce and groceries items from Calgary Co-Op go straight to the landfill? That's why you will never see anything on quick sale/clearance there. They don't care about either their customers and members (that's why they sell expired goods), or the planet. Shame
On you! If you care about mother earth and want to leave the nature as clean and pristine as possible to your kids and grand kids, stop shopping
At and supporting Calgary Co-Op NOW.

Do you know about most store made items are of very low quality? Next time when you're there, be sure to check the ground meat packs - if you
Examine VERY closely, you will see tiny black speckles both on the surface and mixed in. I thought it was one off but have found some every time I check. Trust me you don't want those nasty little things to accumulate and wreck havoc inside you or your loved ones. Extra tips available on getting high quality food such as meat with no growth hormones or antibiotics at very affordable price if you're interested.

Here you have it; that's what Calgary Co-Op is truly underneath its shining logo.

*Personal information redacted by admin


I purchased the Quantum Foot & Calf massager in Nov 2016; it was not only a faulty product (heat not working) but bruised my uncle's calves. When trying to return it, I was shocked to find out that I could only get store credit. Some online research revealed that Quantum is ShowCase's own brand, and their return period is 30 days for exchange or store credit only, i. E. no refund. I cannot believe it's still legal nowadays but can see it makes total "sense" to the business as it only carries cheap, low quality products like the one I bought. Allowing returns will only bankrupt Showcase immediately! Stay away!

Tip for consumers:
STAY AWAY; they're thieves with no ethics, concerns for your shopping or product experience.


Samsung stopped software updates for my Samsung smart phone bought 3 years ago so many apps don't work.

Samsung stopped software updates for my Samsung smart phone Galaxy Discovery bought 3 years ago. It's still on a very dated Android 4.0 so many apps cannot be installed or updated; in fact there's been no software update since mid 2012! According to CSRs at Samsung Contact Center, that's their business strategy to limit updates so to force customers to buy new phones. One rep even said 'that's how Samsung stays in business... do you know how many new phones Samsung released in the last 6 months'. Samsung only cares about profit not consumer rights; I bought a smart phone and nobody told me it would become a 'dumb' phone after 3 years. A word of caution: all Samsung smart phones have a maximum lifespan of THREE years only and they will NOT update OS ONE year after your phone purchase!.

Samsung's excuse was 'hardware limitation'. Extensive online resources point out it's up to the cellphone manufacturer to develop and release new OS versions to existing phones, nothing to do with 'hardware'. Samsung is doing exactly the opposite of what they should do to force new sales. Very insidious business strategy! Stay away unless you want a 'dumb' phone after 1 year!


I shop online alot but this is the WORST online shopping site ever!

It claims to have good quality products but all products I ordered so far are all flimsy and cheaply made from overseas. I was thinking it was maybe my bad luck but subsequent orders confirmed the worst case scenario; they're all equally bad!

Another pitfall is its slow shipping. Normal waiting time is around a month(think about it; they need their overseas suppliers to ship to them first). And they keep pushing out the shipment date.

***Now comes the #1 lie of the century***: I reached out to the customer service enquiring about my order and was told it was just shipped. But Canada Post tracking only showed 'Electronic information submitted by shipper', which means 'the shipper has created a shipping label for this item and has sent us electronic information. However, if no additional updates are showing in Track, it means we have not yet received the item. We will start tracking the item once it is provided to us.'

So in 1 word, BTR just created a digital label, and NO goods were shipped with the post service! The timestamp showed the customer rep just created the electronic label while he was chatting with me! After I exposed their lie, I received this in an email:

'Please note that all orders shipping from our Montreal warehouse destined to BC, AB, and SK are now being transferred in this method. Once your parcel reaches the Calgary facility, your parcel will be scanned into their system and your tracking number will then become traceable. Please note that this process can take approximately 7 business days from the date shipped on our website. If this timeframe is ever exceeded please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can investigate on your behalf. Once a parcel has been issued a tracking number, it unfortunately cannot be cancelled or re-routed.'

So basically they argue tracking is not available until the item has reached my city; of course it's not available as NOTHING has been shipped out yet! Also which post service offers no tracking of REAL shipment, if there was one, until it has reached the destination city?!

***Lie of the century #2***: BTR offers order cancellation within 10 days but their estimate shipment is around 1 month, which means it'd be far too late once you realize you have nothing coming or they have pushed out shipment date again, after they've taken your money!

I suggest everyone do the following:
1. NEVER shop at BTR;
2. If you happen to have fallen their prey, ask your credit card issuer to dispute the payment;
3. Complain to regulatory bodies, e.g. Best Business Bureau(BBB), and consumer protection agencies in your government, e.g. Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) in Canada (your province should have something similar too)
4. Complain EVERYWHERE online on every forum you can find so to alert other consumers who might become BTR victim otherwise.

Tip for consumers:
1. NEVER shop at BTR;
2. If you happen to have fallen their prey, ask your credit card issuer to dispute the payment;
3. Complain to regulatory bodies, e.g. Best Business Bureau(BBB), and consumer protection agencies in your government, e.g. Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) in Canada (your province should have something similar too)
4. Complain EVERYWHERE online on every forum you can find so to alert other consumers who might become BTR victim otherwise.

BeyondtheRack B. – Beyond The Rack Rep

Hi Frank,
Thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback here on Sitejabber.
We sincerely apologize for any negative experience you have encountered with us and for any confusion.
We also cannot apologize enough if the merchandise you received was less than expected. We never want our members to have this sort of shopping experience. Our buyers work very hard to ensure a great selection of merchandise for our members. Here at BTR, we do take product quality feedback very seriously. If you can kindly let us know which items you have received which were subpar.
Also, it’s true that we do take a bit longer to ship out our orders. Typically, we ship our orders at 2-3 weeks. While we know it can take long at times, we do hope that our great brands and savings make up for the extra time.
We charge your card when you order is processed as these orders are placed directly with our suppliers. This is one of the ways we are able to offer you such discounted prices. We only authorize our suppliers to send us their merchandise once the event closes, at which point we know exactly what to order for our membership as a whole.
As a private shopping club, we're actually ordering select merchandise on your behalf. Working this way helps us secure great prices and selection for our members on an ongoing basis, which is what BTR is all about.
Upon receipt of your order, our suppliers ship the purchase orders to our warehouse for inspection and inventory confirmation of the merchandise. Once completed, we prepare to ship to our customers.
In regards to your order, please rest assured that is has been shipped. We apologize if you may not have been aware of our shipping processes. For orders that ship from our Montreal warehouse to the west coast, it is normal that you will not be able to track your parcel until it reaches the hub in Calgary. Orders are first transferred to the Calgary hub to ensure a speedier delivery. Once the parcel reaches the Calgary facility, it will then be scanned into their system and your tracking number will then become traceable. This process can take approximately 7 business days from the date shipped on our website.
Also, we apologize for any confusion in regards to our cancellation policy. An order can be cancelled and a refund applied (in the same manner of payment) before an event closes or prior to the item(s) being shipped, whichever occurs first.
The reason for this is due to the fact that we’re ordering select merchandise on our member’s behalf. We do hope this clears up any confusion.
If there is anything else we can do to help, or if you would like us to check on one of your orders, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Please know that we’re always here to help.
Thank you

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