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7 Reviews by Catherine

I placed an online order with J Crew paying 140. HKD for delivery in 7-9 business days. When the time frame had passed and my order had still not arrived I contacted them. I was told even though I had placed an order with them and my contract was effectively with J Crew I had to contact the courier company myself as they had no means to contact them. I was told the courier had attempted to deliver the package but on the time frame given I was at home and no card had been left in my mail box. I also contacted my building management company who record all attempted deliveries and attempted deliveries and even checked the cctv but no courier had visited my address. I contacted J Crew again and the delay was now being blamed on the protests in Hong Kong but they had previously claimed a delivery had been made and Hongkong Post and UPS had been able to deliver mail. Ironically they blame the protests but the previous weekend they sent out a 20% discount code for use in their stores in Hong Kong which nobody could get to and to use online but they are stating they cannot deliver due to the protests so what was the point? After sending a further email to J Crew customer service and receiving no help they left me with no other option than to pursue the matter with my credit card company but I received a threatening reply telling me if I chose this route I would be blacklisted and unable to order from them again. After a further 1 week I got hold of the courier company who again were insistent the item had been delivered I explained this was not the case and if they were insistent I would have to involve the police as I was being made out to be a liar and thief. I sent an email to the courier company and J Crew informing them of my intention 5 hours later the package turned up at my address. I wrote a formal complaint to J Crew and the courier company and ironically after contacting J Crew and them stating they had no means of contacting the courier company I was copied into an email that J Crew sent them. This is a despicable company that treat their customers with utter discontent and after being made out to have committed a criminal act they had not had the courtesy or good manners to reply. They have already closed 2 stores in Hong Kong and when I read of the trouble this business is in it is hardly surprising based on the customer service provided. Avoid.
• Updated review
I received a message from French Connection on the 22nd January 2018 stating a would receive a response; two weeks later I have just received a threatening email from French Connection in Hong Kong and I am appaulled and disgusted and some what frightened by the tone of the message. How dare they tell me who to and not to contact. I am entitled to contact who I want, when I want and I am entitled to freedom of speech and I feel the shareholders of the French Connection Group (FCCN) are entitled to know how they portray their name. I have been threatened with regards to dropping this case and I am now making making a complaint with the police in regards to threatening behaviour whilst there is an ongoing court case.
I will be passing a copy of my reply and their message onto The Small Claims Court in Hong Kong and the shareholders of the French Connection Group (FCCN) as this type of threatening behaviour is not acceptable.
Avoid This Company; Selling Faulty Goods and Show Utter Discontent for Customers!
• Previous review
I advise all customers to avoid this brand due to the poor quality of their goods and the total discontent they show to their customers and reading many of the reviews below I am not the only customer to feel this way.

I purchased a womens black jacket from French Connection in Hong Kong. The price of the item was $799.00 HKD unfortunately, I no longer have proof of purchase as I paid cash for the item and disposed of the receipt but as I am a loyalty card holder for this store then my purchase details should be held on my account. I would also like to add when I purchased the product I asked the sales assistant for a brand new jacket not one that had been on display so I assumed that the member of staff would have checked the product before bringing it out to me before I paid for the garment. This item had not been worn and all the tags are still in place stating the name of the company and the price of $799.00 HKD but when I took it out of my closet to wear it there is tear down one of the sleeves. I certainly would not have expected this from a company such as French Connection. I returned the item via registered post to FCUK in Hong Kong and asked them to investigate the matter but even though I have tried to resolve this matter with them they refused to deal with it and were insistent in returning the faulty item back to me. I heard nothing from them so I sent a further letter via registered post and as I still heard nothing from them I made a claim with the Small Claims Tribunal Ordinance and forwarded the documentation advising them of this; I received no acknowledgement or reply. Then with one week to the court case I sent them a further email giving them the opportunity to bring this matter to a close by accepting an exchange even though I had requested a refund but again I received no acknowledgement or reply. Three days prior to the court case I received via email a copy of their defense stating that the company cited in court is incorrect and the company does not exist; even though their name is on the tags attached to the garment and at the bottom of all the correspondence I have received. When we got to court it became apparent they are operating under different companies and choose which one suits them to which they operate under. They also stated in their defence that this item could have been purchased elsewhere but as the tags on the item state the FCUK name on it and the price was in Hong Kong Dollars so this was proof it had been bought in Hong Kong and could not have been bought elsewhere. As a loyalty card holder I believe this transaction would be on my record against my telephone number and would act as proof of purchase but as a customer I do not have access to this; I am unaware if the transaction has been recorded or could have been intentionally moved. I asked for a copy of my account records at the hearing but my request was refused by FCUK. The court case was then adjourned as the Judge requested FCUK locate proof of my loyalty card transactions and send it to me. This was subsequently sent to me but the details did not relate to me; this can be proven by the visas I have been issued by the Immigration Department in Hong Kong. Ironically no details relating to my loyalty programme have been provided, all the details that have been supplied in the statement relate to a period prior when I was residing elsewhere. Ironically the email address provided was not correct and this can be proven as this is the email address FCUK have being using to communicate with me; this was raised at the next court hearing. The adjudicator asked the representative from FCUK to confirm if the fault on the jacket was a manufacturers fault or part of the design; she confirmed it was a manufacturers fault. The court asked FCUK to go back to the manufacturer and come up with a resolution as the FCUK representative had admitted it was a manufacturers fault but they now state the manufacturer is no longer in business. I have asked for the name and address of the manufacturer they claim is no longer in business so I can do my own checks but they state they do not have to give it to me. At the next court hearing they claimed they no longer had a connection to the store I purchased the faulty item from but on again my own investigations the reason they gave this excuse was because that particular branch had closed down on the 1st December 2017. On the 16th December 2017 in my frustration I sent an email of formal complaint to Mr. Neil Williams the Chief Operations Officer and I received a reply apologising that I felt the need to contact him and he would investigate the matter and get back to me; six weeks later I am still waiting on that reply. Throughout this whole process I have continually been given false information by FCUK. I advise all customers to avoid this brand and their products as my situation is clearly an example of the utter discontent they have for their customers because if their Chief Operations Manager cannot have the courtesy to respond and allows his companys reputation to be dragged through the courts along with the costs they are incurring it is hardly surprising that for the last nine consecutive years French Connection have made a loss. I have been more than amicable in trying to resolve this matter even willing to accept an exchange rather than a refund but FCUK have acted obstinately in my attempt to resolve this matter. I recommend customers spend their money where they are made to feel like a valued customer.
I purchased the faulty garement on the 23rd November 2014. On the 23rd March 2017 I had to return 2 faulty garments back to Surfstitch one a Rip Curl Mimosa Dress purchased on the 24th April 2014 and one the Billabong Alyriah Skirt - Indigo; neither item had been worn, still with the tags attached but had clear faults. I subsequently received an email confirming the Rip Curl Mimosa Dress purchased on the 23rd November 2014 had been refunded to me in full. I then received an email confirming they could not refund the Billabong Alyriah Skirt - Indigo as it was returned out of their return policy even though the Billabong Alyriah Skirt was purchased after the Rip Curl Mimosa Dress which I had received a refund for. I have asked the company to offer an explanation but they will not give me a definitive response apart from below:

I am unable to process a refund on this item that you sent as the Rip Curl dress was not meant to be processed on our end, and lucky for you that it was :)

There is no consistency in their returns policy. I have asked to pass this matter to a superior but the person I have been dealing with refuses to pass my details on. I have now raised a complaint with the Consumer Council in their state.
I returned a faulty garment which my husband purchased from them online as a gift for me. The company claim they have no trace of my husband placing the order or receiving the item back even though the faulty item was returned using the printed label which had the order number on the front and an electronic barcode. The package was also sent via registered packet and it was delivered and signed for by a member of staff so it has either gone missing or been stolen. I have received nothing but dismissive, rude and unhelpful customer service and even resorted to emailing the CEO but the assistance and the response I was received was nothing more that discourteous and uncooperative.

I will never shop with them again and advise others to do the same.
I purchased a piece of knitwear from DKNY, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. When I took it out of my closet to wear and I went to remove the tags I noticed the garment had started to fray along the side and had a large hole. I went to return it to the store but it had closed down two weeks previously but even now after notifying DKNY they have not removed it from their website. Instead of wasting anymore of my time I chose to send the item via registered packet at my expense along with a covering letter and proof of purchase to their head Office In New York, USA. Upon receiving the item I was contacted by a DKNY representative telling me that there was no receipt included. I can assure you the receipt was wrapped in the faulty garment. I was offered a repair; the garment was not repairable and under Cap 26 of the Sales of Goods Ordinance in Hong Kong as the item was sold to me as brand new the item has to be clear of defects (including minor defects) and should be faultless but DKNY did not feel they had to adhere to this. They offered me the sum of $25.00 USD which I refused as this left me $273.00 USD out of pocket. DKNY then chose to repair the item anyway and post it back to me via FedEx but I did not receive the registered package. I then had to go through numerous abusive, rude and threatening emails and in one telephone call from their representatives who were insistent that either myself or a member of staff in my building had hold of the package; which we didn't they reduced me to tears with their behaviour. I even resorted to contacting their CEO who doesn't even have the courtesy of acknowledging, responding or to pass my email on to a member of staff who can reply on his behalf. After numeous months of dealing with DKNY and no resolution I contacted the Division of Consumer Protection (DCP) in New York; who's first response from DKNY was that they should not deal with me as I do not live in the USA even though they are happy to take business and money for goods from people living outside the USA as well as FedEx to investigate the matter. It appears the package had been delivered to another address and FedEx were unable to recover it. On enquiring on how I recovered my costs for the lost item it appears a member of staff at DKNY had fraudulently declared the item as only costing $10.00 USD; I was not aware DKNY sold anything costing in the region of $10.00 USD. The Division of Consumer Protection (DCP) in New York and FedEx continually contacted DKNY as they had been refunded the $10.00 USD they claimed the item was worth and the shipping costs but I had been refunded nothing. Eventually I received an email from DKNY offering me $200.00 USD to bring this matter to close; I accepted although I did only recceived $192.00 USD as DKNY requested I picked up the processing fee not them when transferring the payment. FedEx agreed to pay the additional $98.00 USD so I was not out of pocket. At the time I was suffering with a severe illness and going through treatment and DKNY were aware of this but still ignored my requests to resolve this matter. Now it have been resolved and proved that I was not a liar and did not have the package I have requested on two occassions in writing for a full apology but they do not have the courtesy or manners to provide me with one.

I advise others do not buy from this company they sell faulty goods and have despicable customer service.
I returned two faulty items to Revolve which I purchased from them online along with a copy of the receipt attached. One of the items had not even been worn and still had the tags on the garment and one had been worn once. I have had other problems with this particular brand when purchased from Revolve but never when I purchase from the company direct which makes me think they are selling rejects.

I requested a full refund due to the poor quality of the items and I would have even accepted accepted a store credit but I was told by the Customer Service Department to either contact my credit card company for a refund or the company direct. I pointed out this was not correct as my contract was with Revolve; I heard nothing from them so I contacted them for an update on my returned items. I was told they had been returned to me but what Revolve had failed to do was return it to the correct address. I had emailed them on the 30th March 2017 to tell them of a change of address but they posted it to my old address on the 8th April 2017. Even though I have forwarded them the email advising them of my change of address thy state they have not received it and when I forwarded it to them they accused me of amending the email. I have now made a complaint against Revolve with the State of California Department of Justice.

I advise all customers to avoid this company and purchase from elsewhere. Their clothes are of a poor quality and even concerns me that they are rejects. Their Customer Service staff are rude and unhelpful with after care lacking; spend you money with a company where it is appreciated.
Update: After providing a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase and being promised a full refund Swell have issued me with a credit note for the sum of $14.28 the last listed price of the item, leaving me $33.32 out of pocket. I again advise others to avoid this company.

I returned the Billabong Dreamy Skies Dress which was purchased online. I enclosed a copy of the receipt as proof of purchase. This item had not been worn: I packed it away for my summer vacation and on taking it out to wear I noticed there was a thumb sized hole in the material at the top of the back of the dress. I was thoroughly disappointed as I loved this item and I certainly would not have expected this from a company such as Billabong.

I contacted Swell on the 26th July 2016; a copy of the correspondence attached to enquire how I returned the item for further inspection but you they failed to respond so I took the decision to return it back to them

I then received an email from a member of staff name of Tatiana confirming I would receive a refund but even though I have email confirmation of this it has now been retracted. I am now going to escalate this matter to the Better Business Bureau. I advise others to avoid this company.
Philip R. – SWELL Rep
Hi Catherine- I'm sorry for the service you were given. I would be more than happy to assist you. I'm on vacation right now but will be returning on the 24th. Please email me your information and I will look into your order and have this sorted out. My direct email is
Thank you

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