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4 Reviews by A

I am flabbergasted that one of your airline partners, Alaska Air, somehow has the magical ability to offer connecting Aer Lingus international flights, and yet Aer Lingus' own site can't do that. To top that off, I just spent close to an hour with your chat support getting no help and no support. Your agent answered literally none of my questions. Every time I asked a question, I would get a random, irrelevant answer. If I asked what color the sky was, your agent would tell me what he ate for lunch. I asked about connecting flight abilities through your site, and your agent responded with not being able to confirm airfare prices. Uhhh, what? I never once asked about prices. The entire convo went on like that and only left me feeling utterly frustrated and determined to never fly with Aer Lingus. I...I'm just flabbergasted that it's 2020 and your system can't show me connecting flights, but your partner's website can show me connecting Aer Lingus flights. And I'm flabbergasted that I just spent so much time out of my day chatting with your "support" only to be led in circles endlessly. And the actual response time? There was one point where I waited TEN MINUTES for him to reply, in the middle of our chat. Did he take a break? Go to lunch? Fall asleep? I don't know, but you'd better believe that when he actually came back to the chat, he certainly did not answer my question for me. Such a huge disappointment. Why can't your site show connecting Aer Lingus flights when your partner's website can show connecting Aer Lingus flights? And for the record, I'm seeing the exact same flights on both sites, it's just that Alaska offers to book it as a connection under one reservation, whereas Aer Lingus does NOT offer connections and requires you to book 2 separate reservations. It makes no sense. When traveling with animals and family members, having separate reservations becomes a MASSIVE hassle and headache. Not to mention traveling with animals under DIFFERENT reservations. Do better. It's 2020. Your partners are outshining you on your own flights. And train your chat "support" employees better. I never once felt like I was taken seriously, that actual thought and time was put into answering any of my questions, or that I was any sort of concern to your chat support. I felt entirely brushed off. Your employee did the absolute bare minimum, which is not acceptable. When I contacted Alaska Airlines online chat support, they answered every single one of my questions quickly, promptly, and professionally. No one disappeared in the middle of the chat. No one gave me vague answers. No one gave me answers to questions I never asked. Just do better. It's sad when your partners outshine you on your own flights.

Tip for consumers: If you use their online chat support, just be forewarned that they may or may not be able to answer any of your questions. It was a massive waste of my day trying to get answers that I was never given.

There is so much crap on this website. It's a lot to take in and digest. I think Zulily could do themselves a favor by being a tad more selective as to brands and items they resell through their site. It's quickly becoming like Amazon, except way less effective than Amazon has made themselves to be (for the most part). There are just too many things to have to sift and wade through on this site. I usually just give up because I'm so overwhelmed by the vast results. What makes it even worse, is that most of the results are just subpar crap. Not anything I want to buy, and certainly not items I want to waste my time sifting endlessly through.

Now, that being said, you can score some really great deals on Zulily from time-to-time. No rhyme or reason as to what or why or when though. Patience seems to be the key. The savings are usually (but not always), significant enough to tempt me to buy.

Now the cons... For the average product listed on Zulily, there is an average of 1 picture to show the item. That's crazy. Even the furniture sometimes has 1 picture only. And they're often low-quality pictures. I'm not sure how pictures are being selected and uploaded onto their site (does Zulily do it, or does the original seller upload items? I'm not sure), but it can be a problem. I'll give you examples. Just this week, I saw in my email an ad for women's clothing staples, which I don't normally look at, but the picture was of a young woman wearing a really cute, over-sized sweater. When I looked at the actual listing on Zulily for that sweater and clicked through the pictures, all of them were somewhat low-res, and some of the pictures were repeated, except they showed various edited versions of the same picture. Meaning, whoever edited and photoshopped the originals saved multiple versions of different photoshop versions of the same pic, and somehow, those various versions all got uploaded together. So when clicking through the pictures of the model in the sweater, you could see all the little things they'd photoshopped. One picture was of her original neck, while the next picture was of a photoshopped version of the same model with a much thinner neck. Why? Idk, her original neck looked fine, but okay Photoshop wizards. Continuing on, one pic had the collar of the same sweater looking a bit fuzzy, wherein the next picture the collar was photoshopped and pushed in. The hair moved around from the photoshopping, etc. It's just extremely unprofessional, and item photo issues happen with enough frequency that I feel the need to bring it up here. Zulily, this is cheapening your brand big-time.

The biggest issues for me (and this seems to be a reoccurring issue with other reviewers) are their shipping and returns. Their shipping is ALL OVER the place. I get that they are a reseller and that only some items are actually in the Zulily warehouses, whereas, other items, Zulily has to wait for the original seller to ship the item to Zulily and then Zulily ships it to the buyer. Or, the original seller bypasses Zulily and ships directly to the buyer. It's all over the place. The cost and timing is anyone's guess. You'd have better luck shaking a Magic 8 ball to divine when and how you'll get your package. I've literally waited months to receive some of my items.

The quality of the items is also all over the place. A lot of subpar crap. Sometimes it's good though, but often, it's not.

Now, the return policy. My biggest bane with Zulily. What the heck even is that policy? IT'S TERRIBLE. Revamp your return policy ASAP, because it's obvious that a lot of customers are getting fed up. Zulily charges YOU to return items. Like...what? It's not okay.

Now, with that being said, I recently received a pair of shoes I'd ordered off Zulily that were the wrong shoes. Not wrong size--I mean they were an entirely different pair of shoes nothing like what I'd ordered. But hey, at least the shoe size was correct. I emailed Zulily alerting them and asking them how I should go about sending the shoes back to them (because--ahem--I was not going to pay to return an item that was the wrong item and their mistake). I was very pleasantly surprised to get a speedy response back from an employee (Jamaica), who was very prompt and polite in her email. She let me know that they were just going to refund me for the shoes. I didn't even need to send them back. That was very surprising to me and kind of them. However, now I have these shoes I'll never wear and I'm hoping someone I know might want them. I'd hate to waste them.

Overall, if Zulily could perfect their shipping, returns, quality of item descriptions/photos, and the overall quality of items they resell, this company could really be a major hit for me and a lot of other people. I'm not saying that they're not already successful, but there's always room for improvement, and these particular issues could help improve their quality, brand, and functionality significantly.

Tip for consumers: ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK reviews for items listed on this website! If there are no reviews on Zulily's website, google the name of the item and read other reviews for that same item sold elsewhere. It's saved me a lot of grief. There is just so much for sale on Zulily, and without due diligence, there's no way to know if you're about to buy a total dud item. And good luck returning it! Ha! Yeah right. I've bought some really good stuff on here, but I've also gotten a lot of bad too.

I am beyond upset at the recent service I had with POS Indonesia. I recently spent several months in Indonesia. Before leaving, I used the POS Indonesia office in Ubud, Bali, to mail a large package home to the United States. It costs me nearly $300 to mail it by cargo ship, which took almost 3 months to arrive.

There are SO MANY problems with what happened.

1. I brought all of my items individually and carefully wrapped to keep them protected. This includes wood carvings, expensive masks, small metal statues, etc. After I dropped my stuff off at the POS post office, I was told by the POS employee that I was not allowed to pack the box myself. THIS IS A LIE. I didn't know that at the time. You absolutely can pack your own box, so I was flat-out lied to by the employee. You'll find out why below... So all of my hand-wrapped and protected items were then UNWRAPPED and simply tossed loose into the cardboard box. When I received the box in the USA, all of the items were smashed together and half were broken. Metal statues had torn holes through clothing and gifts, as well as gouging holes into wooden items. The very expensive, hand-carved wooden masks I purchased were ALL broken. The masks alone cost several hundred USD.

2. Half of my items were STOLEN. I am missing close to twenty different items, including personal items I did not need with me, so I mailed them home, as well as numerous presents for friends and family for the holidays. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box right before Christmas, and half the Christmas presents I purchased had been stolen. Super fun. I'm missing items and gifts such as lotion, perfume, a metal tin container, essential oils, makeup, international power converters, a USB drive (luckily nothing was on it), skincare items, and random gifts purchased from all around Indonesia, not just Bali. So...that's really nice.

3. When I contacted POS Indonesia, they responded very quickly (one tiny plus for them). However, they completely blew me off. They said in the email that when I'd "previously" contacted them, they'd extended "apologies." Uh, no. I've never contacted you before this, and no, you've never extended apologies, and lastly, I'm not looking for an apology. I paid hundreds of dollars to have my items shipped safely, which the POS Indonesia post office guaranteed me. On top of that, several hundred dollars worth of items were STOLEN.

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. And then POS Indonesia just goes and blows me off. Truly, I expected it. But nevertheless, I just want to put a word of caution out there to anyone reading this and thinking of mailing something back from Indonesia: DON'T.

Also, side note--I also recently mailed a large box to the USA from Viet Nam. I mailed back (taking quite a risk, but willing to try), a ton of handmade ceramic items from Hoi An's pottery village, including ceramic wind chimes, spoons, drip coffee sets, children's ceramic whistles, bowls, etc. Just like the package I mailed with POS Indonesia, I hand-wrapped every single item to make sure they were protected. In my previous business, I used to make and ship delicate, fine jewelry all over the world, so I know how to wrap things to get them safely from point A to point B. Long story short, literally every single fragile, ceramic item from Hoi An made it to the USA in perfect condition. It was also sent in just a cardboard box through Viet Nam's postal service. So it's interesting to me that POS Indonesia would unwrap every item, dump then into a box, steal half the stuff, and then not care at all when the box arrives damaged with everything broken. Really, really disappointing.

Tip for consumers: DO NOT USE POS INDONESIA. Either only bring back what you can pack directly in your suitcase, or hire a legitimate, international shipping company that charges by the square meter.

Postmates is such a MESS and the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Did I say worst? I'm sorry, I meant nonexistent. I can't even count how many times they screwed up orders. We've been brought the wrong food several times, they constantly ignore directions (i.e. dressing on side, or add cheese), their menus listed online for local restaurants are often incorrect and there are usually a lot of missing items from the regular menu, we've had food delivered to our neighbors on multiple occasions, we've been charged the wrong amount, we've had tips charged multiple times for the same exact delivery, so many times we'll be in the middle of an order, get everything submitted, and click order only for a dialog box to pop up saying "Restaurant Currently Unavailable." REALLY?! THEN WHY IS IT LISTED AS OPEN?! The absolute worst though, is their complete lack of customer service. They have NO NUMBER to call. Who does that? You have to click through a crap ton of options in order to submit a complaint or error, and you can only submit it ONCE. So once you click on something as an error, you can't go back into that order and ever contact them again. You may wonder why this is a problem? Well, one time a delivery was over an hour late so we contacted them saying that it hadn't arrived. We received an automated reply saying someone would call or email us. Another hour went by and nothing. At this point, it's been hours and we're starving. Finally, we're like, "f*** this," and I go to cancel the order, but low and behold, nope, can't do it because it's being investigated. It took days for them to even get around to refunding us.

Screw this company. The one good note is that most of our drivers are really nice, but the corporate/admin side just makes me want to punch a wall in frustration. Don't use these jerks.

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