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1 review
4 helpful votes

I was just about to join until i read the reviews. Thank You for your reviews i will NOT be joining now.

Ask John about xSocial
1 review
3 helpful votes

First of all Joanne isnt my real name but its what I use on xSocial and HookupHangout (joannemc_69) so im sticking with it here! I joined xSocial years ago but stopped using it when I got into a relationship with my ex. We split a few weeks ago and I was surprised to see that its still going, so I joined up again and noticed not much has changed. Its still a good way to meet guys, I use 2 or 3 dating sites for this and it just makes sure that when I am in the mood for a good seeing to, I have a better choice theirs nothing worse for us girls than deciding we want a night of excitement to end up meeting a total arse. So I like to make sure I have plenty of options and the best way to do that is use more than one dating site (my tip if you do this is set up a new email though as you get so many messages that it ruins your usual email account). Anyway, Id say this is a good site and one ive been using for a long time and think its one ill always come back to whenever im single and fed up of relationships (probably forever then!). Thanks for reading x

Ask Joanne about xSocial
1 review
5 helpful votes

I had two ladies contact me both wanting me to go onto another site to see their derails and so I would have forked out more money

Ask Martin about xSocial
1 review
7 helpful votes

Well, compared tonewer sites like it seems to be tougher to get in touch with women. I have joined 4 weeks ago and have not met anyone yet. I will keep using it but for now I guess I am going back to CD69...

Ask Roy about xSocial
1 review
6 helpful votes

For some unknown reason it just blanked out tent login cant reregister nobody will send you an email on password change your information it won't accept a password paid money for a piece of $#*! like this if you read this save your money go anywhere else but this site

Ask Robert about xSocial
1 review
3 helpful votes

Not happy. Decided to cancel membership as ive been paying for three (POF upgrade, and this one) and one of them had to go. The site is fine, easy to use and everything but ive had more hook-ups with the other two sites so made the decision to ditch this one. Found it really hard to cancel my membership and eventually had to phone customer service, wait on hold for ten mins and then put up with some dumbass trying to talk me into staying longer despite me making it very clear that I wanted to leave. Eventually got it done and better not get charged next month or there will be trouble.

Ask Anthony about xSocial
5,090 reviews
4,446 helpful votes

NEVER heard of this site until some SCUMBAG spammed me with it! ANY site marketed by SPAM is garbage!!

Ask warren about xSocial
1 review
7 helpful votes

Just like other reviewers here I have had no much luck using the site. I've been chatting with few real girls (which was quite challenging), but it has never gone any further then just naughty chat. I've had more fun using and AFF... I'll keep my membership on xSocial for another week or two, but it doesn't look promising

Ask Tommy about xSocial
1 review
3 helpful votes

What an awful scam...these parasites need to be exposed and taken down.

Ask Dastin about xSocial
3 reviews
26 helpful votes

I can't agree more with "Abhishek": CasualDating69 is the "#1 place to hook up". Sites like xsocial did not deliver it for me. You will find plenty of "fake" profiles and it is very hard to get in touch with real members.

Ask Matthew about xSocial
3 reviews
26 helpful votes

This site does have its ups and doens but the site itself is ok, but still not as good as

Ask Andrew about xSocial
1 review
2 helpful votes

Girls that supposedly live in my town I've never seen before leaving me messages saying they read my profile and seen my picture and liked what they saw?! I might be flattered if I actually had a picture uploaded or even put anything on my profile! So sad that this site even exists and if anyone wants to know if it's legit, it's not at all!

Ask Sedrick about xSocial
49 reviews
499 helpful votes

Never got lucky with this site. I don't say it is bad or good, I'll probably give it a bit more time, but so far other hookup sites (like hookuphangout, aff or flirtydater) worked much better for me

Ask Mike about xSocial
8 reviews
31 helpful votes


Are you clever? Are you seductive? Are you intelligent? For some women online, it makes no difference. These are the women with fake identities who never read your emails. They only send out pick-up lines calculated to keep you coming back. When you write back, they never acknowledge anything you said. They may refer to your profile but respond saying, hot pic or attracted by what you say, generalities that could apply to everyone. They never take time to address you using your screen name.

And why is this?

Here is why: They are online with fake identities and are being paid by the number of replies they get from the men they contact. They are the female catfish or the hired trollers who make men miserable while they gain recognition and earn hard cash.

Here are some of the fake personalities that I have spotted on

blondangeluv Foster, KY
Lucygamx Brooksville, FL
goldentuch33 Cincinnati, OH
VERYWET20 Cincinnati, OH
Sportiigirl Cincinnati, OH
DustyGirlSexy79 Goleta, CA
sassy33398 Covington, KY
Playfulgue Cincinnati, OH
dustiekisses Cincinnati, OH
Yahira57 Santa Barbara, CA
letmesuckit4u2 Trotwood, OH
Nilckax Columbus, GA

Q1. So how does one spot a false identity?

A1. If someone never makes reference to the content of your emails, you have the right to be suspicious. . . . Then you might try sending something like this:

Some of the "virtual women" on this site have no more reality than what their programmers designed them to be, like Samantha in the recent Spike Jonze film "Her."

So, as a reality check, please include the words "first kiss" somewhere in your next email. If I dont find these words, I will know that you are not a real person. . . .

your FreeSpirit

A2. If the words first kiss do not appear, then I write something like this:

Im frustrated. You may have noticed that I have been reaching out to you with multiple emails. You, in return, send me generic replies that ignore my emails entirely. It appears that you paste a one-size-fits-all response to all your "favorites" from time to time by way of drumming up interest, but, in truth, you are hiding behind a mask. I even suspect that your profile pic is a fake as well.

Why would you want to do this? It's a cruel and heartless business. . . .


A3. If this does not prompt your virtual woman to come clean, your next step would be explore the block and report buttons found in the lower-left portion of her profile. The report button allows you to share your frustration with someone who can do something about it. Be sure to ask management to send me an email telling me what you are doing as a follow-up on my complaint. Keep a copy of your complaint for possible future use. The block button allows you to prevent further frustration for yourself.

Some dating sites do allow for false identities and they offer paid users some way to identify them. You have to read the fine print on the contract to learn this, however. So I would call this fraudulent. They, of course, would protect themselves by saying it was my responsibility to read the contract.

I am not aware that officially allows false identities. On the other hand, I have no evidence as of yet that closes down those known to be using a false identity. Lets be frank. It may be in their interest not only to allow but to deliberately overlook false identities. . . .

Ask Aaron about xSocial
1 review
5 helpful votes

It's funny. I signed up then looked at then Googled the pics of some of the women "in my area" only to find their profile pics were hijacked from various other internet dating sites, facebook profiles, porn star blogs, etc. Tells you everything you need to know right there...HUGE SCAM.

HOW do you Google pics you ask? Simple. Using Google chrome browser, right click the pic & in the drop-down menu, select "Search Google for this image" and more often than not you'll get a LIST of sites using that same pic.

If you don't get that selection from the drop-down menu as described above, right click on the picture first then select "Open with" on the drop down menu and choose "Google Chrome" and THEN right click on it again in the new opened browser page & you'll get the search google for the image option.

Even if you don't like Google (like me) it's useful to have the browser for this option alone. Good Luck!

Ask Jay about xSocial
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

It's a total scam their getting rich by ripping you off it should be illegal I don't know how this is not criminal. How the can not be facing criminal charges against they is beyond me!

Ask Rick about xSocial
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

This is TOTAL B.S., and the "women" on here? Paid sluts, that do NOTHING BUT TEASE...don't waste ur time...or loot...go to ur local bar, buy some ho's a drank, u'll have better luck "hookin" up!

Ask Chizzy about xSocial
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

Everyone keeps saying they cant get there money back..this is what i did.i told them i was going to my bank and file fraud charges.i recieved no i went to bank ..they looked up my account.. called the number on the billing..talked with them saying i was fileing fraud charges.
The bank gave me back my money....
Next thing you no after my bank filed fraud charges on them ...they sent every penny back..
So theres your proof...yes is all not real.

Ask sonny about xSocial
1 review
7 helpful votes

Yes this site is very questionable, originally they got my profile from or meeting. Com
without my permission and yes most profiles are fake ...use with caution. I'm sure some females go here thinking it's legit but don't pay to respond and if left any weird email address that's not a well known one(like Gmail , yahoo etc) you'll get spam saying go to another site to contact them .These people trying to get you started on new datingsites that are very questionable too , they bug you for years even if you ignore them. Always put any email in Google search with review after it and it'll tell you if it's been reported as spam or a scam.

Ask TJ about xSocial
1 review
6 helpful votes

This is a total scam site, my experience suggest you that do not pay

Ask Trong about xSocial
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

This site is a total scam. Received two word-for-word posts from two different providers. And if you want to reply, you have to pay. Really?

Ask Dennis about xSocial
1 review
10 helpful votes

This person is completely fake. Was just being a bit to friendly once I actually thought someone was going to message me... let alone by my email instead of the sites message server.


After I had to erase my credit card schist, I wanted to do some investigation work to see exactly who is "sxyluv30" and what kind of woman is ditzy enough to do something criminal if she claims she works in "Government: Office/Shops" on "". The trail had burned out.
The next day she emailed me saying she wants to meet up for drinks and a bar...

...initially, I thought FREE MIMOSAS 4 TONGHT!
in quick retrospect, I rethunk and asked her when could i pick her up...time and day since she claimed she was off next week.

Then the day after around midnight, she emailed me reinstating that she tried to send me earlier but failed and that she wants to check the time, then promised R-rated pics from a "" link.

All this link does is "redirects" you to MORE scam sites ["freelifetime$#*!", "", "", ""]

***Notice how all of these sites end in ".com":
When most people hear .com the jump to assumption that it's an all-clear site...
I MUST Warn you that those who think this way Are...GRAVELY MISTAKEN...
from an IT perspective; All that .com means is that it's widely used by Businesses of ALL WALKS OF LIFE. . .


Surfers please Do NOT swim past eight o clock due to: sharks, mines, sickness, and/or DEATH....

You have been advised...

Ask Caleb about xSocial
1 review
12 helpful votes

Just got my email from Margaritagrl off of directing me to and when she said she lived near by I mentioned places in the area she lived and she rolled over the subject. She sent me a more generalized message but acted totally interested. Said she wanted to stop all the chat stuff and just meet this next week she had time. However she now sent me to another website called your cupids And look for sxyluv30 promising me we could communicate better and that she would have more photos naughty ones that I might like. The sites are all alike I have seen the same girls pictures from different cities with different names. Keep your credit card in your pocket where it is safe because these sites will bill you over and over again and the cancellation of them is a lot harder than you think it is. I have had to cancel credit cards in two different places and have new ones reissued to keep from getting billed over and over again don't waste your money.

Tip for consumers: Once you give up your credit card number to the site you might as will have a pair of scissors handy because you're going to need to do that to keep any more money in your pocket.

Ask John about xSocial
1 review
7 helpful votes

I believe I got its link via craigslist. So ... I checked for reviews on the site. Stay away! If a site doesn't even take PayPal it can't be legit.

Ask Bill about xSocial
1 review
2 helpful votes

As mentioned in previous reviews, there is no doubt that this site which is located outside of U.S. is a total scam site. The women do not exist, no one know where they get the pictures from and as they themselves reveal in their terms of use, they could be fictitious and non-existing. Once you give them your credit card, you've lost your money.

Ask john about xSocial

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