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Emile Braunplein 18
Ghent, 9000, Belgium
Tel: 5759911982125

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Cant say im the biggest fan of this site personally. Nothing in particular just never really believed in all there marketing Twoo and after using the site for 2 months now im still single. Going to try as ive heard from real people (friends of mine not just TV ads) that it is a better option. Will report back on how it goes but it sounds more up my street.

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

Hi my name us vushal.sometimes back i opened my twoo account and paid for premium membership,but next day Without my knowledge and intimation twoo deducted 20 us dollars ATM account.I wrote several emails but they never replied.Overall a big forge company. Be ware of TWOO frauds.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Spamming me. Never heard of them. Am 100% sure my relatives did not register with the, but Twoo are spamming me that my "friends" have sent me messages. One is over 70 and happily married. The other is over 60 and happily married.

1 review
2 helpful votes

If your reading this and your not using Twoo already then what are you playing at? It's to single people what cheese is to wine lovers! I mean if your looking for a hidden gem of a internet dating site id say check out one of the great 'under the radar' sites like but if your thinking of using Twoo to look for love but havent tried it yet then get on with it already!! In fact better yet use the two sites together...that's what I do! Ha!

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I haven't been actively using it because of my active membership on Mingle2day and POF which I am really satisfied with,. However, I've checked it out and it looks totally legit to me. Some fake profiles though (remember that is part of the dating game).

1 review
5 helpful votes

I'll start by saying internet dating worked for me, I met my new girlfriend Sally just over a month ago (was on a different site called and weve both cancelled our various dating site memberships now, including Twoo. So this isnt one of these typical negative reviews. But Twoo is where I started probably like most do and I gotta say its a professional site with a lot of women (I should know I probably talked to every one of them in the SoCal area!). If im unlucky enough to be single again in the future id go back and give it another try, but I hope I aint unlucky!

1 review
13 helpful votes

I have never signed up for the website and I receive spam mails saying I did and I've got messages from some random people. Also please be careful when you receive mails from this website. There's a small text at the bottom which is really unnoticeable and it says "By clicking on --> , you agree to create an account with twoo". I was like seriously? Isn't that like a violation of some kind!!!!!!

1 review
9 helpful votes

I have never created an account with Twoo and yet started to get unsolicited, fake contacts from 'members'. I'd love to know where Twoo got my email address from.

8 reviews
43 helpful votes

Average rating of 1.5 stars?! I was curious how bad this dating site could possibly be after checking all the negative reviews. Suprise, Surpise, it's not! Typical case of what I call 'Wrong Expectations'! Twoo seems to be a legit dating site and even though I haven't met anyone I see how this dating site will make it happen if you invest a little time and patience. I think it has not as many members as other large dating sites like Mingle2day and eHarmony but I think it is a good alternative if you weren't lucky on other dating sites.

1 review
1 helpful vote

No knight in shining armour yet...but I live in hope
I have one friend that who me that Twoo is the best and another who recommended I went for Twoo because its the ads are over the TV and subway but im not really getting anywhere yet. Maybe I should have gone for both but I hoped id only need one membership, maybe in hindsight that was a bit lazy. Anyway, it's a good enough site and ive had a couple of date invitations so maybe things will improve soon. Heres hoping. Karoline x

4 reviews
17 helpful votes

I didn't sign up. I received spam messages in my gmail that i have unread messages on twoo. I l clicked on it, and i saw that I had like 20 messages. I read them, and i saw that i replied to some of them with a "hello".
But i never used this site before, so how did i send a reply to these guys?
Next to my "hello" i saw that it was an automatically generated message. wtf.

1 review
12 helpful votes

Twoo keeps sending emails to my contacts stating I've sent them a message, when I never did that. As soon as I found that out, I removed every detail and photo of my account and then canceled account. The photos' URLs are still public to everyone (and on emails sent) and they don't collaborate on emails to support.

1 review
3 helpful votes

It's obvious as soon as you sign up to a dating site like Twoo why its so popular. It's addictive and fun and allows you to get all self indulgent. But after a while if you end up with no dates then you might as well be in an old school internet chat room. I've decided to give it up and go 'old fashioned' again for a while. If I have no luck ill go for something else, ive heard is meant to be as good as Twoo or better so that will be my next port of call. Hopefully I dont need it though and ill be the one singleton in society that doesnt need to date online. I can dream.

1 review
2 helpful votes

When I blocked someone their photos still came up every time I log in with the words CONTINUE or UNBLOCK I dont want to unblock this person and seeing his pics everyday wont change this There is no way to delete him. Otherwise the site is so far so good.

1 review
16 helpful votes

Even after deleting my account with Twoo, they have sent unsolicited emails to *everyone* in my address book, stating that I have sent a message to them from Twoo. *Everyone* includes my siblings and child. And marketplace. I have got replies, embarassing, from people and organizations.
Please, dont even use their site.

2 reviews
21 helpful votes

I have NEVER signed up to Twoo, I have NEVER created an account with them, until today I didn't know who they were or even that they existed.

Yet today I got a message from "Maria" who wants to connect with me. This is spam and I do not dare to click on the "unsubscribe" link for a service I never signed up for, they'll probably use the "unsubscribe" as e-mail address confirmation and spam me to despair.

Despicable growth strategy used by a despicable company, stay well away from these pirates.

1 review
4 helpful votes

As far as im concerned, im sorted for my online dating needs for the forseeable future. I've been combining twoo with and thy compliment each other nicely. I'd say im busier than ive ever been since I started this online dating lark back in the day. All set for a date tonight with a definite prospect, she's had me killing myself laughing over text so let's see if we get on as well in person eh? wish me luck haha!

1 review
5 helpful votes

Moderators on this site for some reason or another will ban users and profiles who actually are legitimate. I met someone on this site, very real and genuine who I regularly Whatsapp now and she suddenly got banned for no reason. She wasn't a scammer, nor a bot, nor a gold digger. Pretty sure a lot of profiles of women on there are fake or bots, but nooo, those don't get locked or banned. Ban the real profiles is the name of their game! Meh, good riddance.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This site has grown on me a lot over the past few weeks. I used to think was the only trustworthy dating site out there but having given this a shot now id recommend it to any singles out there that are looking to dip their toes into the murky waters of online dating.

1 review
4 helpful votes

First, let me mention the positive features of Twoo:

The siteis free to join and it claims to have over 10 million users from almost 200 countries.

The cons are pretty clear;

You need to buy credits because your search options are really limited with the basic membership.

Conclusion: I'd say it is an average dating site. I have used it and I did not find it special in any way. I have seen worse though. Compared to Mingle2day, Chemistry, and Match I'd rate this as ok.

1 review
7 helpful votes

All guys will tell you, they are either in the military, or they are widows with 17 year old daughter. Then they have to travel due to their job, if they're not overseas already, and they all end up asking for help with money. Or for you to request a leave from the war zone to come see you, but you would have to pay for the fee. Don't worry, it's flactuates between $500.00, and $2,00.00 just enough for them to live a nice vacation while you wait for someone who will never show up.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Probably the best dating site going. A few mates said is getting them quite a few ladies, but ive not bothered with it yet cos im doing fine with TWOO. If its not broke dont fix it, thats what I say!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I think its to be expected that a dating site will have it's fair share of fakes and scammers. What i don't expect from a dating site is a complete disregard for their paying customers. Six weeks ago I was offered and granted a 7 day free look and full access. During that time i had tons of replies and EVERYONE at least saw my posts to them. A few days after the free trial ended i decided to pay for the service so I could keep in touch with all of the ladies i met. 30 + posts and a month later not a single lady has even read a post from me. No replies whatsoever. Even women I was chatting with in other socail media verified that they saw nothing from me even though i was messaging them there. I complained but get very little as far as a reply or customer service. My advice would be to run from the Twoo dating site as fast as you can. They even still want to charge me for a month of service that yeilded ZERO results. And just now they had the stones to email me asking for my verified info again. WTF!!!

1 review
18 helpful votes

Somehow one of my contacts got into this scamming loophole that is twoo 2-3 years ago, so i unsubscribed then. Now the spamming came back and i clicked in the email on "Unsubscribe", soon afterwards i got the E-Mail with my login credentials. I thought they are kidding me but nope, they SERIOUSLY created an account without ever me asking for permission to do so. So i thought "ok let's stop this now once and for all", and i logged in to this epically useless crap - and tada! without my consent, it sent ALL of my contacts e-mails (including to myself), that i left them a message.

I proceeded to deleting my account, which was covered with BS with the intention of "you should learn how to use twoo properly to enjoy it, come on give us a try pleeease" before you are allowed to do so. In the reason comment box i left them a notice, wishing them to die because of cancer. This is a hefty scam, and i think they got all of their "millions of users" in the pretty much same way. Go die in a fire, please.

Tip for consumers: Put their mails to the spam filter where they belong, avoid visiting their page/app at any cost.

1 review
12 helpful votes

They charge your credit or debit card every month without your permission!
Beware!Not possible to find details of your "contract" with them.

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