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TextBroker reviews

62 reviews
Categories: Business, Freelancing, Writing
9484 West Flamingo Road, Suite 270
Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA
Tel: 1-702-534-3832

62 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I love textbroker. We used a service for our blogging and social media and it was expensive and of poor quality. Since we started with textbroker, we get quality material with little to no need to edit, quick turnaround and headache free content sourcing. I'd recommend textbroker to anyone looking to build an attention grabbing and seo friendly blog for their business.

Tip for consumers: Go 4 star! It's well worth it.

Ask M about TextBroker
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've used TextBroker on and off for several years but "took a break" a couple years ago since the content wasn't what I was looking for quality wise. This week, I decided to give it a shot because I needed some work done in a pinch and over the course of 10+ articles every one of them was exactly what I was looking for both in terms of editorial quality, style, and research. I'll definitely be using their writers more often in the future!

Tip for consumers: Be very clear in the instructions as well as providing links / references to what you are looking for. This has dramatically improved the results.

Ask James about TextBroker
1 review
0 helpful votes

They redesigned and the new design is so horrible, that it is barely usable. So many bugs and frustrations, I am planning to start using freelance sites rather than this. Paid 20K so far for content, the customer support is either not responding or rude and ignorant as hell. I know other people got similar issues as well. This is not how a business should be run.

Tip for consumers: Check for other alternatives instead.

Ask John about TextBroker
1 review
1 helpful vote

When I first started my career in freelance writing, I began at For a new writer, the pay seemed okay, although certainly not enough to pay the bills, and the articles that were ordered covered interesting topics. After adding several other similar writing sites to my arsenal of work sources, I saw that Textbroker is one of the lowest paying companies for writers. They have not improved their pay rates at all since I joined them five years ago.

Over the past couple of years, their clients who place direct orders and team orders are increasingly needy, unnecessarily nasty in their communications, and they all promise "tons" of work that never materializes. There are always chances to apply to write for specific teams, but after being accepted to join numerous teams, 99% of them never posted any work. I recently was accepted to a team, was unable to begin writing immediately, as in that very day, due to another writing project commitment, and was dropped from the team less than a week later. I guess they expect people to be satisfied with making only the pennies that Textbroker pays without taking on outside gigs. I have a direct order client, who I will be dismissing soon due to his poor communication, who has been sending me messages that he is sending work "on a couple of minutes," then "can you start today?" (when I had already stated that I was available on that day), then "I will send work tomorrow" and here I am still waiting. His instructions for assignment number two, which is the one I am waiting for, contradict his rewrite instructions for assignment number one. He must have liked my rewrite of assignment number one because he accepted it, rated it highly and paid a substantial bonus for it - the least he could do since the article took much, much longer that it should have due to his strange demands. Finally, I do not like being asked to write material that is either unethical, misleading or downright incorrect, which seems to be too frequently at Textbroker. From what I have read, clients for whom a writer has never written before can blacklist the writer - based on what reasoning, I have no idea

The forums seem to have no moderators, and so they seem to be hotbeds for nasty attitudes and pointless snarky comments. This is not the case on the forum where I do most of my content site writing these days.

Finally, the article topics on Textbroker have become more trivial and ridiculous than ever. 90% of the titles are just little product description blurbs. Gone are Textbroker's days of writing informative articles about relevant topics, it seems. Where health topics used to cover illnesses or treatments, they now want product descriptions for supplements and rehab clinics.

I rarely write at Textbroker anymore. I have held on to one client who is pleasant to work with and provides interesting and enjoyable topics, and I will give a new direct order or team order client who approaches me a chance. I would not recommend this company to writers these days. Even as an entry level writer, there are other sites where you can do significantly better.

Ask Kitty about TextBroker
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site is disgusting. It's bad enough that they pay you a penny per word, which even a fourth grader could do. But it's even worse when you consistently turn in articles which you KNOW are of good quality, and they never move your rating up, so you can never make any more money. And clients will send back work 4-5 times on stupid little things that don't even make any sense, when they should have put it in a different star category if they wanted perfection. And I can never make it over 19$ a pay period because even if I write 30-40$ worth of articles, they wait until after payday to review them so they don't have to pay big payouts to people. This whole outfit is unworthy of even the worst writer. Writers, even if you are beginners, DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! This company sucks ass. They treat people like s%*# because that is exactly what they are.

Ask Mork about TextBroker
1 review
2 helpful votes

Sadly, this company appears to be in a slide and they were once super responsive and great to write for. Worked for them on and off a few years, right now poor staff author response now and other mischief. Till they work out their slide in services and author response, you might want to give this company a miss.

Ask T about TextBroker
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been using for about a month and the service and support are amazing!

For great quality content, this is the solution.

Ask Scott about TextBroker
1 review
10 helpful votes

First, it took Textbroker at least 10 days to even look at my writing sample. When I inquired, they approved it later that day with an apology. They also accepted my article samples. But later, after giving me a 4-star rating, they took my article links down, saying my byline was against policy. I hadn't realized that, so I understood. But why accept them in the first place?

Besides this, which was a mere frustration, the rates are poor at best. I've written professionally for almost 20 years, drumming up freelance on my own, and Textbroker rates are CRIMINAL, even for beginner writers. Four-star writers receive around 6 cents per word, if that. Even the lower paying assignments I've had with various companies and websites have paid 20 cents more per word than this text mill, at the very *least*. If you want to work hard (writing can be tough) and provide valuable content that clients will profit from much more than you will, then go for it. Work for Textbroker if you need a start. Even a bleak one. But if you value yourself and your work, don't.

You're better off approaching companies, websites and organizations on your own, without this middleman to rip you off.

Ask Meredith about TextBroker
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have spent the last 15 years as a professional writer. Blogs, print and also have worked as an editor. I'm no slouch at writing.

After literally hundreds of blogs for these people over three years, hundreds, all rated a "4" - all of them - ONE client rejected an article (after asking for changes that I made per his instructions) and, not being a mind reader, (apparently I didn't get what he meant in his 15 word email) he rejected it. After three years, hundreds of blogs and ONE unsatisfied client I was reduced to a "3" with a congratulatory email -no kidding, it read: "Congratulations!!! You are now a 3 star writer."

Wha????? 3 star writers have a more limited pool of choices for blogs (and they aren't that great to begin with!) and less pay. Because on ONE unsatisfied client.

Actually, that's what cut if for me, although I really should have moved along long before. These people are clearly idiots. Often you find yourself writing blogs that you normally wouldn't because the pool gets so limited. Your "pay" can be sort of decent (it is NEVER good) and don't believe anyone who says you can make a living at this!- but also can be quite paltry. Quite. You are not in control of that either. Many of the blogs ask for "from a Canadian point of view" or such that will discount it for US writers. Many blogs are $1.50 product descriptions. Some client's instructions are filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Some are unclear. Some clients are good ones, but some want "War and Peace" for $6. And TB will expect you to do that. They ask you to include all sorts of things that are not in the realm of "writing". You're actually better off flipping burgers or working at the 7-11 and working on your own blog or novel. Trust me. It will be a lot more dependable.

Ask Kate about TextBroker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been a writer with Textbroker for three weeks. I started as at 3 star level and after submitting my first five, they jumped me to 4 star rating. My first 40 articles was accepted with no issues. All of a sudden, I got a revision request because I did not have "voice" in my writing and I had too many facts. First of all, the client instructed to do research so of course I'm going to put facts and evidence to support my claim. After already taking hours of researching to insure high quality finish work I became extremely frustrated. It was a 940 word article so I wasn't getting anymore than $13 to write it. It wasn't worth it. I cancelled it. I was absolutely not going to revise anything after I took so long to write it in the first place.

Clients expect so much for so little pay. Im going somewhere else that will pay me what my high-quality research and writing is worth. Good-bye text broker.

Ask AMber about TextBroker
1 review
5 helpful votes

I see a lot of horror stories from writers on here, and I don't get it.

I'm currently on Textbroker and working on moving up to better clients. I've been 4 star my entire time, never had an issue with reviews. As for the complaints like, "They blocked me accepting other articles after a coupe of weeks, so I couldn't pay my rent," they mention the five article block for new writers, and you are getting paid 1.4 cents a word or less so this isn't something you should rely on for money.

Clients that complain about keyword stuffing or word count inflation, this is what you get for 1.4 cents a word. A lot of the orders on the site come from clients that don't care about writing quality, they just want their keywords in a piece of an acceptable size. This leads to writers trained to focus on those aspects and not on creating quality writing.

I'm fine with writing on Textbroker for now. It's been a source of extra cash while I build better habits in myself. This isn't a long term writing solution, but it's good enough for the first couple of months.

Ask Ryan about TextBroker
1 review
2 helpful votes

I just started writing for Textbroker and I've already had my first bad experience with my first article! I wrote about a 250 word description for a client and received a hyper technical critique from a proofreader. I felt like I was being graded on a college English exam! I don't mind constructive criticism, but, this was ridiculous! I don't believe for a minute that the average person landing on the website page that my article was intended for would have had any problems with it. I was rated as a four star author going in so, to someone at Textbroker, at least, I was worthy of four stars. But, this uptight proofreader felt differently and literally stated in the critique that, "This order needs to be reworked for quality. There are too many errors present in this order for a 4-star order."
First of all, there was nothing wrong with the "quality" of the article. I used the same sentence structure and grammar rules in this article that I used in my writing sample that garnered me the four star rating. The "problems" mentioned by the proofreader were technical in nature.
If I'm going to have to deal with a different temperament every time a turn in a simple article for a measly three bucks each time then they can count me out!

Ask Gary about TextBroker
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been picking up orders from Textbroker and receiving my weekly pay promptly since June, 2014.. If there is a concern or issue, I call customer service and it is handled effectively. Feedback is welcome and received. Textbroker was very clear about their guidelines when I started. They did not offer any false promises. All information about rating and pay has been transparent. I am satisfied with the clients and the editors at Textbroker.

Ask Karen about TextBroker
1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been an intermittent user of TB services. I've found the quality average even for the top quality service level hence haven't made heavy use of their service.

I've this month had a demand for a significant payment from TB because I haven't placed a recent order! Would you believe, they expect me to pay to stay on their list of possible clients! I know of no quality company that does this.

In my view that is outrageous so I have removed myself from their list and will not use them again as a matter of principle.

Sorry, NO STARS., but that's not an option on this site so 1* given.

Ask Ray about TextBroker
1 review
23 helpful votes

I worked for Textbroker for about four months and wrote 37 articles with one rejection. In energy received any article reviews from Textbroker editors until months later. The one rejection was because I couldn't figure out the company's hyperlink mechanism. I received rave reviews and continued to write at a level 4 hoping to advance to 5. At the 37 article textbroker all of a sudden gives a review of all my articles and reduces my level to 3. A professional company would review articles as the writer presents them so that whatever faults textbroker finds can be changed and the writer's work enhanced. I am a seasoned writer. The problems Textbroker found with my work are unjustifiable. Don't waste your time.

Ask P about TextBroker
1 review
18 helpful votes

They don't give their authors enough information to write appropriate articles.

And their automated approval process means that you give them a window for delivering and have to watch your email closely to discover when it is delivered so you don't miss the reject or rewrite window.

Waste of time, effort and money.

Ask Eloise about TextBroker
1 review
18 helpful votes

Textbroker is synonymous with exploitation. Enough said.

Ask Charles about TextBroker
1 review
13 helpful votes

At first i thought i could gain great writing experience on textbroker with supposed reviews and all but while it was exciting at first i came it see it wasnt all its hyped to be. First off my first short article i had to write to recieve a grade put me at 3 stars which I remained for months until they reviewed my first 5 articles they bumped me down to a 2 and never reviewed any more again. How am i supposed to improve or even know if im improving when its been almost 5 damn months of no feedback there are hardly any 2 star orders mostly just 4 star so you cant become a better writer and you cant make real income its just a waste of time on both ends really dont bother wasting your time TRUST me

Ask Laura about TextBroker
2 reviews
9 helpful votes

I have hired these writers a few times for web content but the last time was just ridiculous. I selected one of the higher levels of quality and what I got was complete garbage. Seriously... it was obviously written by someone who was just trying to stuff the article with words to max out the budget.

To give you an example. The assignment was to write an "about us" paragraph. The first line was "we are a co-ed group of professionals" <-- as if that matters at all. A completely dumb statement to add about a company in my opinion. Have you ever heard of a company that was strictly men or women? I complained and rejected the article but apparently the fine team at thought that it was a great article because I was told that my complaint wasn't valid and the article was accepted on my behalf!!!


Tip for consumers: GARBAGE QUALITY. STAY AWAY!!!

Ask Jean about TextBroker
1 review
13 helpful votes

When I started I was rated a 4. They stopped me without warning for 2 weeks and caused me to lose my apartment because I could not write. They then reduced me to 3 stars which effectively reduced compensation by half. The justifications they gave actually showed that my writing was at least at the 4 star level as that level is defined by them. They also promise to review and rate work on an ongoing basis and they have yet to rate any more work. They really are committing fraud here.

Ask KIRBY about TextBroker
1 review
8 helpful votes

I would like to add that money should not be our main concern. Our main concern should be if we find fulfillment in what we do. Anyway, I still have my doubts about Textbroker and would not outright recommend it. God bless. :)

Ask Madeleine about TextBroker
1 review
12 helpful votes

I worked for this lame company for 1 week. They hired me for a coordinator job and had me editing. They didn't provide any training to me for my position nor did they have a computer that was up to its needs and updated with the proper software needed to do my daily job! Total waste of time!!!

Ask Jessica about TextBroker
43 reviews
25 helpful votes

Textbroker now requires writers to re-verify their accounts by sending a photo of themselves showing their faces completely while holding a picture of their ID cards that is easy to see in the photo too and if you don't comply within a day, they permanently close your account. I'll try to find a better site that lets you write for clients and is likely to last.

Ask Todd about TextBroker
1 review
8 helpful votes

Company pays their writers peanuts, so you really get what you pay for. If you want cheap, blah material, go with them. If you want something quality, use a company that pays the writers for what they actually do.

Ask greyson about TextBroker
6 reviews
34 helpful votes

The following site is the definitive expose of the iWriter scam and the information there applies to many other freelance writing sites as well.


One of the biggest online scams right now is in the "freelance writing" area.
The biggest company in this area is called iWriter and it is maybe the biggest online scam period.

Ignore all the fake positive reviews and fake websites recommending iWriter while pretending to be independent, they are all a part of the scam.

 Iwriter is not just a huge scam, it is maybe the biggest of all the online scams.

There is an awesome website that uncovers the whole iWriter scam in great detail. The site is hilarious and extremely well-written.

It's also very thorough and comprehensive, maybe the best resource available yet on the iWriter scam. 

That website shows clearly how fraud is not just peripheral to iWriter, but on the contrary, EVERYTHING at iWriter is fraud and scamming. 

iWriter needs to be exposed to everyone until the iWriter scam is finally shut down.

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