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Review of SSENSE

SSENSE reviews

73 reviews
Categories: Clothing, Fashion
333 Chabanel St., #900
Montreal, H2N 2E7, Canada
Tel: +1 877 637 6002

73 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I love it all!

Ask M about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

Recently ordered a Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag from SSENSE. Processed within 2 working days and delivered to my house 2 days earlier than the expected arrival date. Thank you SSENSE and UPS!

Ask Bargainer about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a Alexander McQueen shoe from ssense, it's a sales item with spike design on the shoe. After receiving the parcel and wearing the shoes out for only few hours the spike actually fall off and I am so so disappointed with it. I didn't expect a shoe that cost me SGD $680 to spoil after wearing it less than few hours.

Please email or call me asap to settle this issue. I don't mind changing to another design if not please refund me.
And I suspect you guys are selling a faulty good as sales item. Please if you guys are not going to handle this issue properly I will never ever shop at SSENSE again and I will inform my friends as well to never shop at ssense too.

Hear from you soon.

Ask Leslie about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

When ordering an item you would expect it to be in stock. It took up until the day before my guiseppe zanotti trainers were meant to arrive for them to notify me that they suddenly ran out of stock. All they offered was a petty 10% discount. I am disappointed and outraged by such poor service.

Ask Naz about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

You can snag a good deal from Ssense however if your buying from UK or Europe the following should be taken under consideration: On the website they do inform that import duty/tax may have to be paid what they do not inform you about or educate their customer services about is that the items could be held for anything up to 1 month or more in a central hub until the local revenue customs agents have checked the goods, and then calculated from the shipping invoice what duty has to be paid, if there is a huge back log of items they have to check there is nothing to be done until the all clear is given and your sorting office has written to you to inform you about the duty to be paid before arranging delivery.
So if your ordering an item for a gift for some one or your self unless your prepared to do the ground work and wait up to a month,do not order from this company.
Customer services do not know anything they cannot even answer a simple question of what agent their local shippers/courier use in your country to receive information.
There are other sites whom use DHL, UPS etc for delivery either local or international where at least you no your items will be with you a lot quicker than Ssense.
Would I use them again or recommend them no its just not worth the hassel.
My Ssense invoice was £297, with an additional import UK duty of £59.70p..

Ask Victor about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

SSENSE sells their products in Japan.
But they do not even have customer service agents.
The customers do not even understand what they ask to do because the messages are written in English.

They are not even capable to hire Jp, they never make efforts, this Jp friends gave up buying their products.
GOOD CHOICE, I am proud of you !

Ask J about SSENSE
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Im reposting this review because ssense has trying to reach out to me by sending me a private message but i didnt register a name so i am unable to view her message to me.

Customer Service - I didn't like the product that they've sent me so I went on to their website to get a pre-paid return label for the return. I shipped out the return package, and it was untraceable and it's been 2 weeks so maybe the package was lost according to SSENSE. After multiple emails with SSENSE about the return, they would just ignore your emails all together, so I had to call them after not hearing back from them for 4 days. Now they would need me to create a claim with UPS, but UPS said I would have to be the sender who created the return label, which I am not. I am confused because I haven't done this before, and SSENSE customer service is as confused as I am because they didn't even want to help me with this case, only to keep telling me to contact UPS about the lost package. I asked them to please contact me in case the package might still be in transit to SSENSE warehouse, but customer service (Benjamin) keeps insisting that it should be lost because it has been 2 weeks.

Katrina reached out to me and told me she will have a rep to contact me to help me find a solution. After that message from Katrina, Benjamin emailed me that same day and said he will help me call UPS for a follow up and claim. After everything, Benjamin told me that they will refund me the money, and Paul was the one who helped me with the refund and updated me every step of the way and ensure that I will be getting back my refund. But note to buyers, make sure how much your item is, if it comes with free shipping or not because sometimes they will deduct the shipping even though I had free shipping with my order so I mentioned that to Paul and he refunded me for that too.

Ask Lil about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought a pair of giuseppe zanotti's for my boyfriend's birthday and I originally ordered them for $555 but then 2 days later the shoe went on sale for $379. I called customer service and they gave me the sale price and the difference went back to my card. I will definitely order more from their website because everything was easy and customer service was nice.

Ask Cherese about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

Received a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti, Valentino Open Sneakers and a Kenzo pullover today. The items are so lovely and in perfect condition. The only issue is that International orders take longer to process as they require a security check on international credit cards. In terms of customer service, email responses are extremely slow. Best and fastest way to communicate with customer service is via phone. All in all, I'd still take it as a positive shopping experience.

Ask Yuen about SSENSE
1 review
1 helpful vote

I didn't like the product that they've sent me so I went on to their website to get a pre-paid return label for the return. I shipped out the return package, and it was untraceable and it's been 2 weeks so maybe the package was lost according to SSENSE. After multiple emails with SSENSE about the return, they would just ignore your emails all together, so I had to call them after not hearing back from them for 4 days. Now they would need me to create a claim with UPS, but UPS said I would have to be the sender who created the return label, which I am not. I am confused because I haven't done this before, and SSENSE customer service is as confused as I am because they didn't even want to help me with this case, only to keep telling me to contact UPS about the lost package. I asked them to please contact me in case the package might still be in transit to SSENSE warehouse, but customer service (Benjamin) keeps insisting that it should be lost because it has been 2 weeks.

Ask lil about SSENSE
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I had kind of an amazing experience..! The online reviews were pretty rough so I had to share my great experience with SSENSE.

At first, I was really unsure about the site since I'd never heard of SSENSE but I was dying for this Alexander McQueen peplum sweater and it was cheaper by $150 than at Neiman's. I took the plunge and ordered the sweater from BOTH sites knowing that I could return the one to Neiman's if SSENSE actually came through with an authentic product and on time shipping.

They MORE than delivered! DHL shipped the sweater from Canada to Washington DC *overnight*. It was in better condition than the one from Neiman Marcus (SSENSE sweater was flawless and the Neiman's sweater had the MCQ tag detached in one spot and the item had clearly been handled in a store).

The sweater is 100% authentic. There's no faking this level of quality and fit. It's identical to the one from Neiman's, just in better condition, so I'm quite certain it's the real deal.

My only recommendation would be that SSENSE should put their items in sealed bags inside of the cardboard box. With the absurd amount of rain we are getting on the east coast, a soaked box would mean a ruined product :( It was left on my doorstep but thankfully it was a rare sunny day and the box was in perfect condition.

Ask Jessica about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

So i ordered a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (shipping is free) and i got them in less than 24 HOURS!!! Since i am from Ontario the shipping is quick because it is near Montreal. Excellent first experience and will most DEFINITELY buy off them again. THIS IS A LEGIT WEBSITE. INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

Ask Christian about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

I love ssense they sell quality items service is really great especially Katrina is absolutely wonderful always helpful and friendly.They ship items really fast and all products are quality items and if there is a problem they are always willing to sort it out.Regarding return shipping these guys are still young company and still working on things and not all onlince store got return shipping labels but they got many other good things!!!!!

Ask Aiste about SSENSE
1 review
0 helpful votes

To cut a long story short:

Bought Costume National jeans on final sale (20/5/16)
their policy states they will not accept returns on final sale items (no mention of faulty goods in this statement)
cost -£196
On arrival i found the zip to be faulty - broke in other words
Informed Ssense within 1 hour of receiving the item
Asked to send photos by them - I did
their resolution? to offer me a 10% discount on a faulty item - thats £19.40 on the £196 i has spent!!

irrespective of whatever reply they post BELOW i have received no other satisfactory offer or resolution! AVOID!! AVOID!!! AVOID!!!!

UPDATE: thanks to the lovely Katrina i have now had a full refund and my faulty good was returned free of charge. My review now reflects this - nice to see a business listening to its customers.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst experience ever, sites like ASOS is way more better.

The sizing chart is super confusing and when I ask for returning, the return delivery fee is not covered.

I won't buy other things from this site again.

Ask Mark about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

ssence website appears to be great until you want to return an item.
I purchased a pair of Saint Laurent Lolita boots in my usual size and received them they were beautiful but far too big (although the size guide advised to take your usual size) I had to unfortunately return them and then realised ssence do not provide any returns service from the UK so had to send the item back through Royal Mail at a cost to me of £70.
Be cautious when purchasing from the uk!!!!

Ask Caroline about SSENSE
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

I have been a loyal customer ,SSence always stands by there products every order I have placed,It's been a success ,I hope they will open a Store in Los Angeles, we need this Quality of shopping Excellent prices and selection... And of course great Team especially Katrina..

Ask R about SSENSE
1 review
9 helpful votes
2/3/16 stated that i would have FREE shipping (because order was higher than 250 eur). But when I ordered, a couple days later i got a bill of DHL of 180 euro (200 dollar) for taxes and import costs..

Really disappointed, at least they couldve warned that there would be additional costs..

Ask M about SSENSE
1 review
10 helpful votes

I purchased a Faye small bag in red and I received it with defects, I sent pics thru email and asked them for a replacement, they told me tho color already sold out. When I called them, the guy who answered my phone said actually they received addition stock, and they told me they gonna put aside for me, I was so glad actually, but I waited for one whole, I haven't gotten more responds from them, so I made the phone call again, and the lady told me the addition stock already gone, I was like wtf? You suppose to keep one for me, but she said oh I contact to the person who works for the stock department, but he's too busy to see the email. $#*! U ssense, $#*! u

Ask qwer about SSENSE
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Purchased a Thom Browne tie which came with defects. Contacted customer support who in turn replied with a 10% discount as a courtesy.

Told them that their offer was a bad joke, to which they said I should take that 10% to use at a tailor to fix the tie.

Are you for real? How do you guys have any business in this day and age? Mr. Porter, END, every other online retailer in this space has CS far superior to yours.

Get it together SSENSE. Or don't, I'm staying the hell away in the future.

Tip for consumers: Don't expect good customer service.

Ask Calvin about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed my first Order for a pair of zanotti shoes on Monday and reached Dubai on Thursday which was great.
after then I have placed 2 orders that were delivered fast within 2 days only.

I haven't experienced their return . great company to buy from

Ask Moe about SSENSE
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

What I like:
First, I cancelled my order in Ssence a number of times, and I was not charged once. Unlike some other places, I still get charge even when my order was cancelled.
Second, customer service on the phone was not bad for me, it was a very straight forward return request.
Third, I received my refund 2 days after Ssence received my return, that was the quickest online refund I ever had. And this matters the most for me.
Forth, they are duty free with some really good prices for Canada, considering how hard it is to buy some of the luxury items in Canada.

What I thought was cons:
- Ssence bags never have tags attached.
- Their price fluctuate a lot, feels very much like a person who can't make up his mind.

Ask Jess about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

I recently purchased a beautiful Balmain Tshirt and can only say good things about Ssense. I shop online a lot from Luisaviaroma, Farfetch, Revolve Clothing, Yoox ....and this was just another nice online experience. Definitely, I will shop on Ssense again!

Ask Daniela about SSENSE
1 review
4 helpful votes

I made a purchase Dec 8th, 2015 for the Valentino White Camo High tops for my boyfriend this Christmas for full price retailed at 1044 with taxes, the product shipped December 9th, and a few days later after it was shipped the price dropped a low 664!! I received the shoes on the 14th, 5 days with weekends! That was a great surprise. I called for a price adjustment all though one of their requirements for an eligable refund are that there be at least 1 pair in same size and colour left in inventory (I purchased the last pair) but when I called customer rep, Michael made an "one time"acception for me though I'm sure it had to do with the fact that he changed his mind after I suggested if I should return the shoes for FULL refund instead then repurchase for the price drop lol. Once they arrived I had them in box untouched till then only to find out I have purchased them in female sizes which means they are 3 sizes too small for him, and 3 sizes too big for me. So attempted to get in contact for a return form, or whatever but then they went on holiday break for a few days extending this process of mine and now it's no longer qualified for a refund. It's not even a refund we were really looking at, but they don't do exchanges not to mention the shoes are now SOLD OUT. I highly doubt this will get resolved seeing all the other horredous reviews.

Updated review:
I've bumped up 2 stars to whopping 5! Here's the email I received.

Hi Diana,
No problem, you can actually return the sneaker for a full refund, as we do not process store credits.
Please follow these instructions to return your package:
If you look directly below my signature, at the bottom of this email, you will find a PDF file link. Download this file, which contains your return label. Print the label, attach it to the outside of the shipping box, and drop it off at a Canada Post location.
While we do not put a time limit on the return package while it is in transit, we do ask that you ship it within 1 week from today. Returns shipped past this time frame may be rejected at our discretion.
The merchandise must not be worn, altered or washed. Merchandise must be returned in its original condition, and accompanied by its original tags. Please note that footwear must be returned in exactly the same packaging it was received in (i.e. if each shoe was packed inside a bag within the box, please ensure that it is packed the same way for return). Additionally, footwear must be accompanied by the original shoe box in its original condition. Merchandise returned damaged may be rejected and sent back to you at the discretion of SSENSE.
We will email you a refund confirmation within 5 business days of receiving your package at our office. Please note that your bank may need extra time to put the funds back on your account.
Best regards,
SSENSE Customer Care
Toll-free: 1-877-637-6002
English: 1-514-600-5818
French: 1-514-700-2078

Tip for consumers: Maybe take these reviews into consideration. Maybe my experience is a lot better because I'm in Canada or maybe I'm lucky, but thats two problems resolved with one order. Their service is pretty spot on in my opinion.

Ask Diana about SSENSE
1 review
2 helpful votes

They took the order and debit from the account, and couple days later got an email said the order was cancelled!!?? Very bad service either online or/ phone with the representative!! Worst experience EVER!! Didn't want to gives star but must at least pick one :(

Ask jon about SSENSE

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A: Hi Ishaan - Thank you for reaching out! For orders going to India we do not cover the cost of duties and taxes.

I hope this information encourages you to continue shopping with SSENSE.

Thank you
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