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1 review
0 helpful votes

"Welcome Back to
Let someone get to know you! Answer the questions to provide a little more information about yourself." Why in hell's name do I keep getting this when I log on .I attempted to do some editing on the above question, which didn't take. I repeated the process several times,none of which showed up. By now I was fed up, so I decided to delete those paragraphs and start from scratch,but later, as I needed a break from the site's moroni algorithms. I had a copy of my 'blurb' and a day or so later,managed to edit it the way I had meant it to be. ...and now I am being harassed with the above pop up plus additional popups asking me to resubscribe, even though I still have three months showing on my account balance. What a cheesy site this is! I could add more such as why am I getting 48 year old match offerings when my search options distinctly ask for women between ages 62 and 71? And why cannot the message screen be a normal size instead of that as a postage stamp??

Ask jack about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up yesterday and so far the majority of people on there are scam artists. If I can figure this out in minutes I don't understand why the administrators let them on there. The photos are stolen. All the profiles are worded the same. Be very careful of giving them your email phone number etc.

Ask Kathy about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
1 helpful vote

There are only so many articles you can read in the newspapers about dating sites for the over 50s before you end up trying them out. As a widow without children, I try to stay busy but the main thing I lack is strong friendships, particularly with the opposite sex, and of course Id welcome a touch of romance if it was to come my way. I joined this site as well as one called and ive been using them both quite frequently indeed. Ive already met a few gentlemen around my age and im set to have my first in person meeting on Tuesday. Im going for high tea, which sounds very posh indeed and right up my street! Ive struggled at times with the sites but nothing that I wasnt able to figure out myself. Plus, the fact that ive been talking with people and planning to meet one soon goes to show that im managing the sites pretty well I think. They do cost money (both), which surprised me a little, but the amount is not a lot and you pay monthly, not weekly or daily. Its still early days but im enjoying being an online dater and expect ill be using these services for some time to come, hopefully making some new friends in the process. Give it a go!

Ask Graham about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
2 helpful votes

I'd rather not give this site any stars. It is not user friendly to find the "block" or "report a concern" icons. I got an offensive message from someone and cannot find out how to block him. The photos are thumbnail size and it's hard to upload more photos. I think my only option with this site is to cancel now and lose the money I paid. If you decide to try it, only buy one month to see if you agree with me.

Ask Cindy about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
1 helpful vote

I signed up for a month, and I went into the settings to turn off the renewal. The next month I was charged again. They claimed I did not turn off the renewal setting. I am positive 100% I turned it off, so they ripped me off for another month. I called demanding my money back, they turned a deaf ear to me saying I did not turn off the automatic renewal. Stay away!!!!

Ask Sandra about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been a member on this site for around 5 months now and can recommend it. I met one woman a few times but were both taking it slow for the moment and still enjoying the novelty and social side of meeting other people. Im also a member on and have met some wonderful lady friends there too, so overall I'm very much sold on the online dating idea and would urge anyone who is thinking about it to stop thinking and jump right in, the water is warm!!

Ask Craig about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
3 helpful votes

Terrible site - I have 213 messages and not a single one has written a unique message. All the messages are the prewritten ones you can select. Sounds like a computer malfunction. I can't get my money back

Ask Marilyn about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
3 helpful votes

This website is a ripoff. Once you cancel, they continue to charge you for services. Once you dispute charges, they don't want to refund charges after speaking with them. Further, the quality members is extremely poor.

Ask Antoinette about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
1 helpful vote

Thoroughly enjoying this site. It has lots of good searching options and the ladies that ive had the pleasure of meeting with have been very nice and friendly. Its just what the doctor ordered and ive enjoyed it so much that ive now signed up to another excellent site called

Ask Jari about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
5 helpful votes

No sense in going into all the negative like we all know about. I signed up for a 6 month membership thinking I would save some money in the long run.Not on one week and have a flirt from some guy, then same week got flirts from some younger woman wanting to send me pics to my email. I have had more than my share of someone wanting to send me pics and they are from Soma. I think one star is too many.

Ask Glenn about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
3 helpful votes

I signed up for one month and my cc was charged an additional "service fee", which was not mentioned until after they billed my cc. Impossible to upload photos, contact admin, cancel account, get refund. AVOID.

Ask sharon about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
4 helpful votes

I did a keyword search and there were many profiles with exactly the same wording. This is the worst site I've ever visited. AVOID.

Ask Colby about SeniorPeopleMeet
2 reviews
16 helpful votes
8/5/16 is tied to the OurTime website. I tried SeniorPeople early this year. Sent several messages out to ladies I was interested in - little (aka one) response and few messages from females (could have been my fault).
So, I cancelled my account.
Suddenly, I was flooded with "flirts" and "likes" and "messages" from dozens of women. I was skeptical. But when my inbox reached 140 messages from various women, I decided to activate my account, again. I responded to nearly all the women who had contacted me. And you know what? Not one return response. Not only that - but "flirts" and "messages" that had been coming at 10 per day, when I was not paying for service - became 0 per day after I renewed membership.
There is only one conclusion here, folks. A significant number of profiles are fake and contacts coming from employees at
Do not waste your time on either SinglePeopleMeet nor OurTime.

Ask Richard about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
3 helpful votes

Im getting quite into the online dating scene these days and this is my second review. This is the second mature site ive tried (the first was and that will take some beating) and overall its been a positive experience I would say. I had some initial issues but now im seeing the fruits of my considerable labor! If you have some spare dollars lying around then give it recommend giving it a good try for a month, to see what you think and make sure there are women/ men close enough to your zip code that you can realistically consider meeting them. If youre looking for a younger model, you wont find it here guys, but if you want to meet a woman of a similar age that has things in common with you then I think your more likely to find it here or on primetimelove that on one of the more general sites for all ages. Thanks for reading. Divorced male, 56

Ask Dave about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
5 helpful votes

I approved ! month and got charged for 6 months - WHAT A SCAM

Ask LIN about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
4 helpful votes

They care more about how to extract additional money from you with various add on's than they care if you really can find a match. I paid for a 6mo trial but wont renew. There is a way to remove the auto renewal under account info, but they don't tell you that...I just ran across it. Anyway, Im not pleased with this site and wished I would have done some research first.

Ask Eino about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
1 helpful vote

Interesting site, quite similar to in the way that it has both a high number of members and some really good search options to help you whittle down the masses and separate the wheat from the chaff. Would definitely recommend as someone who has been using sites like this for a number of years.

Ask Matt about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
6 helpful votes

Signed up for 30 day free trial and credit card was billed immediately. In addition to that, my own words were deleted from the site several times and a couple of pictures were deleted. They claim that they did not meet their guidelines, (which I still have yet to find). These were perfectly decent pictures of my hobby which was my model train set. I cancelled on line but I will probably have to call my credit card company and deny the charge. I have been a member less than 2 weeks. I will be calling the credit card company Monday.

Ask Kenneth about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
2 helpful votes

Had my second date this afternoon and wanted to let people know! After my first date (that was on another site called primetimelove) I remember having such a great time that I wanted to write a good review and thank the owners or company behind the site but of course I never got around to it. So today im making a point of writing about my experience so others can see that yes, online dating does work for us silver surfers just as much as it does for the kids!
I met George today at the Balmoral for high tea. We talked a lot, he is divorced with three children and id already seen photos of him with them on his profile. Theyre all grown now and he was telling me more about what they do with their lives and how he sees them less and less. I spoke about my ex a little bit, how he ran off with his secretary (long story) and in person was able to open up to him in a way that I hadnt done over messages. We really had a nice time together and have agreed to meet again on Wednesday for dinner (I guess that means we are getting more serious!) I must say im feeling half my age and cant quite comprehend how different the world is from what I was dating as a teenager, to what its like now. But I think its better now as people have so many ways to meet, as my experience online dating has shown. Im looking forward to seeing George again and hope that others enjoy these sites as much as I do. They really arent just for youngsters you know!! If you have any doubts, give it a try!

Ask Beatrix about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
5 helpful votes

I've been getting "Fave'd Me" once or twice a week from an individual who hasn't logged onto the site in months.I believe that their computer thinks that my subscription has run out and that the website is attempting to lure me back with false messages. I have responded to several messages, fave'ds, and flirts sent to me by other women but did not receive responses. It appears that this website is more than a bit fishy.

Ask Jay about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
7 helpful votes

I found that I cannot get administration assistance, every single man I chatted with and 'met' are scammers.. every single one.. Thankfully I found out before it was too late. I will be making sure that everyone I find who has anything to do with this site is aware of the scam. Thanks for that.. luckily I did not spend a lot of money.

Ask Jan about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
6 helpful votes

Signed up for the trial and, expected good things to happen. Noticed right away the cancel none reoccurring monthly payment button was stuck. Also got taken for another $10 using some stupid attention getting app on the site. It's a very poor traffic site. Custumer services is unhelpful with, the same excuse lines. No phone directly to the actual company. They even lied to my bank saying that I remained a member and billed me after I, had canceled. Just don't get stupid okay? I dispise this company.

Ask Pissed about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
1 helpful vote

Im thoroughly enjoying my online dating subscriptions. I use this site, lovebeginsat, and I use another one that a friend from my local bowling club recommended called Both sites are great and you really do meet some nice people. Im 67 but I feel half my age and now im acting it too! Great stuff

Ask Paul about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
10 helpful votes

SeniorPeopleMeet displays a lot of profiles (Including mine right now) who are not members. They have trouble getting paying members and only paying members can respond. One male told me he contacted them to resign, but was offered a $4.00 a month deal to stay on. My membership is not active, but my profile is displayed. I have just clicked on 20 people who supposedly had "flirted" with me. Each time it told me the person was "on-line." This is not statistically possible at 2:00 pm in the afternoon, so "on-line!" must mean that I clicked on their profile. Yes, I know that...thank you! I joined for one month back in the fall and found that almost none of the men responded to my inquiries. I believe this is because they were no longer members or never had been a member. Any one can create a profile so it looks like there are real members in the database, but many are not.

Ask betsy about SeniorPeopleMeet
1 review
2 helpful votes

My dear husband sadly passed away last year after suffering from a serious illness and its fair to say that Ive been in something of a rut ever since. My son purchased me a one month subscription on Love Begins At as a joke, I suppose, but also as a way of showing me that there are ways and means to meet new people. I enjoyed trying the site even though its not really love im looking for I dont think, as im still a bit raw, but I enjoyed the experience of speaking with people and have since purchased a six month subscription on and even met a couple of gentlemen over the course of the past few weeks from that website. At 61 im hardly looking to sit in the back row of the cinema with someone, but its nice to share things and have that companionship and connection, which I feel is essential for all human beings. My son is delighted for me and im certainly enjoying finding new friends.

Ask Helen about SeniorPeopleMeet
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