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PrettyQuinceanera reviews

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23 reviews
Categories: Shopping
Tel: +1.678 6436792
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23 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

This company does not provide quality products. I ordered a white dress that delivered with a large yellow stain in the from center of the dress. THIS COMPANY has a return policy posted on their website that says to contact them within 2 days of delivery if looking to return - I followed this policy as written with pictures and requested a refund - all I keep receiving is emails from china and from the individuals managing this site telling me to wash the garment and will not send me a return address or return instructions!

Ask Jaime about PrettyQuinceanera
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

The only reason I'm giving this company a 1 is because I have to. They were all happy to answer my questions BEFORE I ordered the dress. The dress did come but it had a yellow stain on it, the bodice was sewn crookedly, and the beads were falling off the dress. I took it to a local tailor and they said they only thing to do is to remake the dress. I put in a refund or remake request to the company and they have totally been ignoring me. I emailed them repeatedly but nothing in response.

So far they haven't done anything except ignore me. So now I have a dress that can't be worn and still need to find a wedding dress. Completely avoid this company. The only thing they will offer is a 'big discount on the next purchase'. Needless to say, I will NOT be making a repeat purchase.

Ask Juliette about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

They had confirmed the order with me, but when it arrived I received a cheaply made dress with measurements off and tulle on the dress when description or indication that I wanted it on there. There were also jewels that were cheaply glued and falling off the dress. Angry I messaged them and I am forced to pay the money to do alterations. They argued that it has tulle on it from the picture, yet the doesn't give that detail and it looks like plain satin, not tulle. They refused to not only fix the measurements, but remove the tulle. They give robotic responses and don't care for your needs at all.

Ask Janna about PrettyQuinceanera
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I recently ordered a dress for my daughter when I placed the order they did call me to confirm the sizes and the color since it was a custom fit and everything was correct they sent me a pic of the color that they had and it was the correct color which was a mint green well I received the dress two days ago IT WAS NOT MINT GREEN NOWHERE NEAR MINT GREEN IT WAS MORE LIKE HUNTER GREEN!!!! I called them immediately upon receiving the package they told me to email pics and thru would respond in 24 hrs!!! I emailed the pics with the dress they sent next to a piece of fabric I had that was the correct color there was a huge difference and their response to me was that they could give me a $20 compensation and I could order a new dress for $145 in the correct color!!!! I have emailed them back demanding an address to send the dress back to and recieve a full refund I have yet to hear from them!! The dress itself was like the picture it's really pretty poorly made but for the price I would have been satisfied if the color would have been right so now it looks like I'm gonna be stuck with this $200 dress that is a horrid shade of green so people just be very careful you will probably get the dress but the colors they use are way way off!!

Ask Bernadette about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

the dress we ordered came from i had to do the rhinestone work but fully expected to, the fit is fine and quality was great and shipment time was really fast given that is was a custom size and color combination, i ordered it that way so i could be sure that the dress would have to be made custom, communication from the seller is not all that great but the product was more than i expected

Ask Sonia about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
2 helpful votes

I got my dress from Prettyquinceanera and I am so happy with it. Actually I have consult them about 1 year ago. I like to prepare early. However I was not able to pay it at that time. The customer service were very patient and still offered the discount price they have promised around 6 month ago. If you find the dress you love on Prettyquinceanera, you can't miss it.

Ask Carly about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought the dresses from are ununique and look like simple dresses. Almost every dress looks similar and doest have many designs.Finally,I have to buy another the dresses from uu sh ouse company!

Ask Leslie about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
5 helpful votes

i ordered a quinceanera dress for my daughter from this site, i am very happy with the dress, my daughter loves the dress so much, i'd like to recommend to all of my friends, wonderful!!

Ask Jacqueline about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

the dress was NOT what was on the picture. the reason I bought this dress was because of the belt, and on the dress I got the belt is no where close the elegant and beautiful one I saw online instead it is horrible and miss-shaped.
I cant even walk in the dress there is no leg room! I regret the amount of money I spent on it

Ask avanty about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
4 helpful votes

These people are wonderful! This I is our fifth dress we have ordered. They have NEVER missed a deadline and their dresses are just gorgeous!

Ask T about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

scam they missed the delivery date twice and here 2 days from my event still no dress and when you call they don't even call you back

Ask liz about PrettyQuinceanera
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

Priscilla has his first Quinceanera in his wonderful quinceanera gown he received from Pretty The live support were wonderful knowing that some boys like to have quinceanera celebrations too. They said he would be beautiful in his dress they made him and they were right. I had live help talk to Priscilla making sure we got him the right dress and so it would fit him very well and he was very happy the way they treated him with his gown request. To other Moms, don't be afraid to ask live help for your boys when you want to get them a beautiful dress. The support is very understanding and will send you a wonderful dress for your boy. His Quinceanera gown looks just darling on him.

Ask Priscilla about PrettyQuinceanera
3,844 reviews
5,550 helpful votes

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Ask Mai about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask Megan about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

My daughter has a event this week and they just emailed me when is event date? We need time or refund your order. I am almost in tears. My little girls has had cancer and heart surgery and has made such triumphs to get to this point. The week of her parade to wear her crown and dress there is no dress. I sold her only other dress last week.

Ask Laurie about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
2 helpful votes

Well, my daughter placed a prom dress order before i had a chance to check things out... i was very nervous, i even called, emailed and demanded my order cancelled. A rep called me around 7pm to reassure me, and so we gave them a shot... We ordered 1-2-13... the dress arrived today 1-10-13, so 8 days later. The company called a few times to verify measurements and waited while i took the measurements again. The dress is BEYOND our expectations, it is stunning, fits like a glove, and i am very happy and super impressed!!! i will order again for her sr prom next year if that is where she finds a dress she want.

Ask Melissa about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a custom made dress online for my daughter's pageant and paid for rush delivery. The evening of my order they emailed & called me to verify all the measurements I made and also had me make a few more and give them to them over the phone, once again verifying them by email. They called the day the dress was shipped to give me the tracking number. I received the dress in plenty of time for the pageant - one week ahead of when I requested it. The dress is beautiful and fits my daughter perfectly! The color also matched the sample I looked at on line - which I was a bit worried about, just because it was a photo/online - but it looked exactly like I expected it to. The smile on my daughter face when she looked in the mirror says it all! Job well done!

Ask Lori about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
2 helpful votes

they have dozens of bogus websites and domain, but one thing in common, they are all registered in China and they have no physical store in the U.S.A, for contact all they have is a free email address like gmail, hotmail. Are you kidding me?

You have to be careful of what you are buying, you probably don't care if this company is infringe other company's pictures and sell you something similar and of course it is cheap.
It is cheap because of numerous reasons. The first thing is the lack of quality control, most of these cheap dresses are made with toxic contaminated material from the fabric to the dye (some of them are also extreme flammable) . If you can recall some of the news on TV, you maybe remember from big stuff like toxic dry wall to small tiny toxic McDonald toys, and the infamous toxic clothes. I will not jeopardized my health to wear this or let anyone you care about to wear it even for one time, if you keep in in your closet, things will be even worse, it will contaminated the whole room thru air.
I will not bother to go thru the rest, people should have common sense about counterfeit product. Go with a company located in the U.S.A with reputation like Davinci, Moonlight, Marr'ss Bridal, if anything goes wrong I am sure you are not just getting your money back, you can sue them!!!

Ask becky about PrettyQuinceanera
2 reviews
16 helpful votes

Wow! Unbelievable, this wesite is trully a fraud! I ordered a dress in February and it is almost the end of April and still no dress. "I have contacted the company via their only means of communication, e-mail, and they respond after 2-3 days: " Don't worry, the dress will be shipped soon! They use the phrase:
"Don't worry" all the time.
I wish, I had read these reviews before wasting my time and money. I learned a lesson for sure, it is a FRAUD company is if they don't provide an address and valid phone number. Always read the reviews of a company that you've never dealt with before.

Ask Rocio about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered a Dress for my daughter. The Dress that was sent to my daughter was not the one I ordered. Requested a full refund and receive a response back. This is the response I received -
"We are very sorry for that. Thanks for the picture. We have already checked it very carefully. Our dress is not the original one, so there must be a difference between our dress and the original one. We hope you can understand that. By the way, from the picture you sent to us, we found the dress is quite delicate. Why not just wear the dress? And the dress is one of our best sellers, many girls ordered the dress from us, they like it very much.
What do you expect us to do?"
I just sent them an email back letting them know I expect a full refund and a return shipping label from them. Ordering from here was a big mistake the dress in the picture was beautiful the dress I received was poor quality and did not look like the picture at all. Please do not make the same mistake that I did.

Ask T about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a quinceanera dress about which they promised to deliver in 4 weeks tops! the week I was expecting my dress I decided to email with a request for status of my order, since I hadn't heard from them since... So 24 hours later they reply to my email with a very brief response, saying they couldn't deliver on time and they had already cancelled my order and they would refund my money in 48hours! WTF! with no prior notice! If I hadn't requested a status, When exactly were they planning on letting me know of this cancellation! Extremely unprofessional site! I would never recommend to a friend or family.
Crystal G. ~Los Angeles, CA.

Ask crystal about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
2 helpful votes

Website seems to be a scam- they have a few colors in the web site but in fact, they use a totally different chart of colors, resulting in obtaining a totally different color of what you ordered. The make is great and well sown together, the delivery process was ok, but after obtaining the dress in a color that is not even in the website it has been a REAL HEADCAHE to even try to exchange or communicate with this people. SCAM !! Is the only way I can describe it. No contact other than e-mails... I am still debating this purchase...

Ask edna about PrettyQuinceanera
1 review
1 helpful vote

PEOPLE, IF YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOOD FOR YOU STAY OFF THIS SITE AND DON'T PURCHASE YOUR DRESS WITH THEM. Or order it 5months before your quinceanera because that's how long it took to get my dress. There is no phone number to contact them and all you will get in response to your dress are real brief email's that say " a few more day".

Ask Karina about PrettyQuinceanera

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edna s.
on 2/17/11
alina m.
A: i just ordered a dress from this webb site ,please if any one have good or bad thing to said about ,please let me know!!!
on 11/15/10
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