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60 E. 3rd Ave. Suite 410
San Mateo, CA 94410, USA
Tel: 1465486031
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1 review
0 helpful votes

1 (904) 800-8908 If you see this number it's a scam. English bulldog puppies 500$ and Frenchies...the person says he's in Louisiana because his mum just passed and they are her dogs! Not true these pups pictures are from other old accounts. Please PLEASE don't buy...if the price is to low and they won't text you only email you, and never speak to you on the phone. They are probably scammers...NEVER SEND THEM ANY MONEY! Buyer BEWARE...I didn't send money but after losing our dog and thinking my family was ready for a new pup...just breaks our Again the number is 1 (904) 800-8908 its an App. Number and he has other numbers also and pups all over...please read this before you buy....thank you

1 review
1 helpful vote

Was looking for a puppy and there were several ads by most likely the same person. They want you to send money, they will ship. I caught 2 of them pretty much at their game.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This site is a complete fraud site. Was looking for French Bulldogs, and it will say that the people selling the dogs are in your area but a.) When you write to them they will say they live in a completely different place far away from your location and b.) they will respond and when you respond back right away they will take forever to get back. It may be two days until you hear back. If someone is truly selling something don't you think they would try to get back ASAP. Completely didappointing website. Would not reccomend using it at all.

1 review
3 helpful votes

First, they source their rentals from scam websites like, which ONLY allows listings to be taken down by the person who posted the listing. So let's say someone posts a listing pretending to be the owner of, oh, I don't know, my parents' home. Despite flagging this rental on Oodle twice already, they still haven't removed it.

I believe that this website is probably owned by the same person who runs and other fraudulent websites because Oodle lists these websites as sponsored. Their business model is probably to let people post whatever they want, increasing their web traffic (and therefore ad revenue) by drawing in unsuspecting saps. My parents complain that at least once every couple of days someone drives into their fairly private property. I feel much worse, though, for the poor sap that actually falls for these types of listings and websites.

Besides the usual methods (visiting the rental, etc), one way you can avoid these rental scams is to check if the contact/company's name on the listing matches the name given on the property's tax record. You can do that by going to the corresponding county tax assessor's office's website (search: ______ county tax assessor). It's also a good negotiating tool if, given a legitimate listing, you think the rental price is too high.

The other, more important measure is to use privacy-oriented search engines like DuckDuckGo and stop using Google. I was only able to find out about this stupid website because one of the first rental inquirers managed to tell me about HousesforRent, which led me to Oodle. I imagine that the people who come across Oodle already have their searches biased based on their personal search history. Even after finding out the name of its equally stupid, affiliated website, it took me a long time to find it using Google because I don't have a history of searching for (shady) rentals. By using DuckDuckGo, you have a much better chance of avoiding these stupid, scam-driven websites altogether. (At the very least, if you're going to use Google, go incognito/private browsing and DON'T log into your email or Google account - your internet activity and searches will be tracked and you'll end up causing somebody to write a long review about a stupid website).

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been trying to contact oodles and let people know that this was my ad. I have already sold these pups!!!!! The ad and pictures were stolen and needs taken down, I took down my ad. The number given is 214-856-7670. The reply is to d.ep. do NOT give this miserable creaton your money! This is not his dogs or pictures!!!! Please do not get scammed!!! I would hate for someone to lose their hard earned money to a miserable excuse of a human. Please let people know they can still ur address, your pictures, and scam people.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I got scammed of of 650 total for a British shorthair kitten for my girl friend for Christmas..I reported the guy..he's back sale kittens..don't buy from James S..with a 614 area code..he's still has adds post for several diffrent want get any kitten..and loss your money...

1 review
2 helpful votes

Please please beware! Wish I had listened to these reviews. Just got scammed trying to get a Bichon dog this morning! The seller scammed me out of $600. Claiming to be a pet travel agency. Emailed me staying the dog needed a new crate, then shots. Asians Asians...they have you put the western union in other people's names... Beware of the name Ishia Wallace and Latasha Patrick. There 2 are from Bakersfield Ca! I filed a police report today and I plan to see this through for all of the people who have gotten scammed! Even if it takes years! I have a 1 star because it made me hit a star.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Scammers! My husband called them abt the puppy & said that the puppy needs a anti-retsovaccine because its a new law!! Really?! The guy on the other side was practically arguing back with my husband. My hubby was saying tat customer is always right & tat dude argued even more saying the same crap. Never again!

1 review
2 helpful votes

So I recently been involved in a scam here on oodle. Luckily I didn't give the guy any money but a good tip for those who are on this site trying to find puppies or animals for sale, ask the seller to take a photo of the animal with a piece of paper next to the puppy with the current date written on it. That's when you'll know if you're dealing with a scammer or not. I recently did this with someone and their excuses started to flood out on how they couldn't take the photo. BEWARE of people on here trying to scam you! Always ask for an additional photo before you send ANY MONEY and if they don't provide you with it, run for the hills. It is a SCAM.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Mu son sent money through Western Union then when he was sending the money for the puppy the lady text him more supposed for the insurance has total of three different receipts $460 then the day of the delivery was going to be with Uship the guy call asking for $150 thats when I got involved I called Uship thats when I found out that was a total scam made a report with Western Union,, and police, but unfortunately my son is not getting his $ back,, and the few good reviews that they have i do belive is the same Criminal.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ordered a puppy from a breeder in ATL. Total fraud. This site should be held accaountable!

1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't use this web fraud!!!

1 review
4 helpful votes

This entire website is full of scams. Do not fall for them. Do your research.

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I contacted 4 or 5 different people today, advertising pure-bred kittens at a very low price. Most were charging $500 or even less for these kittens and the photos were showing absolutely adorable, top of the line examples of these kittens. After about 45 minutes, I realized that every one of these sellers were running a scam. They all followed the same formula:
1. I texted one seller who posted that they lived in Brooklyn. This was Awemba, who was selling a Siamese kitten. When I wrote that I lived in Manhattan and I would like to come meet the seller and the kitten, he/she texted back that they were no longer living in Brooklyn they had just moved to the mid-west for a new job. The date the ad was posted was today - they obviously didn't realize I would see that. I was told the kitten would be shipped to me without any extra charge. As soon as I said I would not buy a kitten sight unseen, they dropped all communication.

2. A woman named Cynthia L. was selling a Bengal & wrote that she lived in Trumbull, CT. Again, I texted that I would like to come meet. She wrote feel free to call - when I called I got an announcement that I should leave a message for Juan. "Cynthia's" area code was not a Connecticut number - it was the area code for San Antonio, Texas.

3. Dorothy C. posted a photo of a gorgeous purebred Bengal that every breeder is selling for $2,500, which is the going price for these kittens. She was selling her kitten for $400. She also wanted to ship the kitten, with payment up front.

4. David F. had a similar story - when I contacted him,his name was now Lee Wange (no explanation offered) and he was in Las Vegas with the kittens of his deceased mother so he would have to ship them. These were the terms he sent:
"When you email me the information's,we shall prepare the change of
ownership papers before we do the delivery registration with the
Carrier. and i also note that it will cost you $500 before the kitten
including the delivery and sale fee and you will be making the
payment directly and UPFRONT FIRST to the delivery agency.then you will be
contacted by the shipping carrier and they will tell you exactly the
arrival time of the kitten to your doorstep and I will send all the
paper works for the kitten together with the health certificates and
ownership papers."

I can't imagine anyone naive enought to send money under these terms! There were 2 more cases like this. All had the same method. These are all frauds. I hope this helps potential buyers to avoid getting scammed.

Tip for consumers: Don't send money to any seller who is going to ship the merchandise (of any kind) to you after your check or money order clears. Don't buy any pets on line if you don't get to see the seller and the pet in person.

Monica G.
1 review
1 helpful vote

I read a few reviews that frightened me and I had contacted a seller to purchase a puppy from craigslist where they tried to scam me so I was already concerned. But I am glad I went through this website. I tried to purchase a puppy in my area for the same reason to avoid scam and simply drive to pick up. I met up with the puppy owners and they were such great people, gave us; food, training tips, vaccination records, and a shot that the puppy will need in a few days. Best thing I have done by far. As a buyer you just have to be a few steps ahead and not fall into the shipping puppies deal as much as you want them home with you.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I contacted that person to buy his puppy through the phone number post on the link.
On the link it said $400. But when I texted him he said $100 for shipping. And I'm okay with it. The next day, he send me back with a document of exchange ownership, and I think I can trust him because he even did the exchange ownership, and sending me informations about the puppies. I sent him money through Moneygram, he get the money. And 2 hours later, he texted me back saying there is some problems with shipping, and want me to pay for $480 because of shipping company require. But they will refund the money once I get the puppy.
I feel something goes wrong, because we were both agreed with $400+$100 shipping. And now he said there is problems with shipping. So I asked if he won't able to ship the puppy then return the money. He said he will fly to Hawaii, and he can't return the money. So I told him I will report it to the police, because I have phone#, Name, address, photo of our conversation and the document that he made.
He called me back and ask to give him time. I saying that I will give him 2 days to ship the puppy. He said ok. And 2 days later, I text him. I was so mad when he text "do you want money or the puppy". I asked him again where is my puppy, he didn't reply my text until.
So you guys, I strong recommend you guys should NOT buy anything from this sites.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I posted puppies on in their pet section. The post was there for 31 days, once the post expired on the 30th day, sent me an email asking me if I wanted to reactivate the post and if I did to click on the link below, so I did. On the 31st day they flagged my post as spam or scam, possibly costing me a a potential home for a puppy because I can no longer communicate with the individual. When I requested info to give reason why they have done this to me, all I get is an automatic response email back.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I've tried advertising with Oodle and it's ridiculous. Within a day my ad was flagged and ZERO response from messages to Oodle. Everyone, go elsewhere and stop using Oodle, maybe they will wake up and fix this issue. is a good site and it's free. I wish they had such a thing as negative stars cause Oodle doesn't deserve any as far as I'm concerned!

Tip for consumers: I suggest finding other sites and kick Oodle to the curb.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Yes, there are legitimate sellers on Oodle. I'm one. The only way I've found to repost my ad is to go back and edit it/replace photos. If I rewrite a new ad...even at the end of the previous ad's 30 days, they flag it, I guess as "substantially similar" to the first ad. I understand that they don't want to be spammed by massive submissions, over & over, with the same ad. But really... one a month? If that's their policy, they should state it explicitly. And FORGET getting them to respond to a request to remove a flag. As to the folks getting scammed on pets, for gosh sakes follow the warning Oodle posts: do NOT send money for an animal sight-unseen. Find a nearby seller and go visit! I wouldn't sell an animal to someone I haven't met, and you certainly shouldn't buy one that way.

1 review
6 helpful votes


1 review
4 helpful votes

My add was immediately flagged. When I tried to contact the website's support system, I was not replied to. They "no longer provide telephone support," and I wonder if that is because of the clear problems that they have. I was completely dissatisfied.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I post ads and scammers report them, oodle just remove my listings without wasting time. Why can't you change and use another way to do this. You can put it this way "anyone who reports listings must be a member at least for a year or has an active listing

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Regarding Pet ads: Oodle has definitely improved its means of screening people offering pets. If you are looking for a puppy, just click the light blue box on the upper right of the puppy ad you are looking at. It will take you directly to the puppyfind website, where people offering pets are carefully reviewed to make sure they have healthy puppy raising practices and provide good & loving homes to their adult dogs.

The linkage to puppyfind now makes Oodle a great service for animals; a real asset in helping them to find excellent homes, whether puppy or older animal. Fact is that if people can find a pet advertised in their area, that pet has an opportunity to become a family member of the best home possible.

No matter what, anyone buying a pet needs to see the animal in person before any cash changes hands. I would not pay money for a pet until I had seen the pet. And I would only remit the balance of my deposit when I pick up my pet.

Tip for consumers: Be careful: only respond to ads that are written with concern for and a good description of the pet. Then go and VISIT the pet before you send any money.

1 review
7 helpful votes

This site is a scam, we relied on Oodle for years and suddenly they remove every ad we post about a plumbing services that exists in this city for 76 years. Oodle flags them every time and they are removed. I just want to know why Oodle is doing this, is discrimination or something like that? My phone always is removed from the ads, is stupid, how the costumer go to contact my company?
Miami Broward Plumbing Services Co.
Anthony Caxact

1 review
10 helpful votes

My husband had pay for a pug puppies that was in Texas and told him that we will be getting our puppies in 7-8 hours and we didn't get anything the next they call and say that I need to pay for insurance so I payed then later in the day call again saying need to get a rental cage and was waiting the next day I get another call that I need to pay because he was held in Quantico Idaho and it's was only three hours way from where I live tired to tell I'll go and pick him up said no and the next i get an email saying there was an accident and the 6 pets had die which one of them was my dog and told the was going to get back my money and got an email saying that I needed to pay so they can do the paper work and my husband didn't pay and found someone that is going to help so people can know what other people are doing and it can be stopped.
This is the phone number of the seller 872-210-0793 name Tony Watt
This is the phone number of the agency 430-558-4676 name Eric NGWA
So be careful with these people.

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